Saber ShadowKitten's Worshipers

"Dorkhead? You lash me with your words!"
-Xander, What's My Line

Saber's vacuuming acolyte
Who worships and adores the key-board you write with.
I am but a humble weed next to your imcomparable rose.

Worshiper at the Shrine of Saber
(supplying the prolific Goddess/O' Great One/Wonder Woman with choco covered Spike's)

Humbly Yours,

Worshiper of Saber Shadow Kitten: the prolific Goddess without who I would be really, really bored.

High Priestess of Saber

A humble chanter of praises in the temple of Saber.

Lady Farcly (Dawn)
Saber Servant
I am but a lowly servant to your fiction. You are the goddess.

Priestess of the temple of Saber. Supplies the ice cream with naked Spikes and Angels on top. Yum!

The Fawning Acolyte of the prolific genius that is Saber Kitty

The Quasi-Moron & Court Jester

Singer of hymns in the temple of Saber

Who subs to -way- too many mailing lists and deletes all the mail 'cept for Saber's stories

Groundskeeper of the Saber temple and Servant of the almighty Kitten

Composer of great symphonies in honor of the Goddess Saber

One of those incredibly intelligent people who worship at the feet of Saber ShadowKitten

Giggling fawning fan

Priestess in the Saber Temple
Who devotes herself to Saber's fic and occasionally asks for new ones

The worshiper whose always coming up with annoying facts and no labour saving ideas but who'd look right at home in Sunnydale library.

Princess Daria
Defender of the Great and Powerful Wizard of GreatFic, the One, the Only, the Unstoppable (like *anyone* would want to) Kitty the Magnificent! "Oh Great Shadowy One Bestow us lowly readers with your Most Excellent Fic!"

Psycho Dru
I love your site, you are a goddess, I worship the ground you walk on, yadda yadda yadda.

Awestruck frequent repeat fanfic addict who has to have her daily fix

Worshipper of the almighty godess Saber ShadowKitten, who is one of the few blessed enough to see past Angel and into the arms of the all-hot Spike.

Slayer #101
Oh prolific Kitty, you are The Godess of all Fanfiction. Please don't hurt me for writing really sucky fanfic...

Master Kitty, I grovel at your feet, and await your command.

Nothing but a meer worshiper of the Fic Goddess we all know and love... Saber ShadowKitten... "ALL HAIL THE KITTY!!!"

Dancer at the temple of Saber Shadow Kitty to appease the Goddess and invoke her blessings of fanfic.

Bearer of Limes and lemons to offer at the altar of the Great All-Wise Kitty. Visits the temple EVERY day.

who stands in awe of your powers, wishing only to bask in the magic of your glory and eagerly awaits your command

Saber's fanfic is like a drug, if I don't get my daily fix, I go through Spike withdrawal. You are a goddess, Saber.

Addicted! Praise the mighty pretty kitty

Your humble servant

Who lit 3 & 1/2 cigarettes in a fic to Saber

The pixie who causes so much mischief

Lowly blind one, who did not see the all-beautiful Spike until the Goddess Saber opened my eyes to his magnificence.

Worshipper of the Kitty and crier of tears everytime she walks by

Wanter of more Willow/Angel fanfic by the great and wonderful Kitty and bower- down to the General and Red

the blanket over my puddle of happy tears every time you walk by

Silly crackheaded one who admires Saber's sense of humor

Humble worshipper to your sheer brilliance of character

the tiger who guards Her mighty self, so that she may always be free to write more scrumptious fic

I groval at your feet, oh Great One, you are the Goddess of all fanfic. I stand in awe of the Kitty, and humbly bow at your alter. To just touch your keyboard would send me into convulsions.

To the All Mighty and Powerful Kitty, whitout which I would not know the complete joy that is Spike.

A Water Tiger who bows her head to the wonderful talent of Saber ShadowKitten. Long may you write.

Saber has done me the honor of her assistance in a fic, and she has the guts to write what I REALLY can't without giggling.

A simple worshipper who kneels at the feet of the great goddess in hopes of more Willow/Spike fiction. And who is not above groveling for it.

Unworthy Minion of Saber and Guardian of Saber's Nutella provisions

Who hails your Creative thought process, no matter how naughty it may be

I'm elbowing my way to the front of the line. I bow before you oh greatest writer of my favorites, Buffy and Spike. I declare myself your number one fan.

A devoted fan

~Trina O'Leary~
All hail Kitty! If I can't read your fic at least once a day, I can't wake up for the next. Supreme Spike-withdrawal.

Your humble doormat. I gladly let you walk over me again and again so we can see more Will/Spike fics.

A simple fool who is not worthy of kissing the ground she walks on, but does anyway and could not live without fic in all its Sabery goodness. (Buffy and Spike forever)

who thanks the Kitty for Intro-ing her to UC couples, mainly the joys of B/S and W/S I found your site and haven't looked back since!
All hail the Kitty may her fics receive lovely feedback!!!

Ratio at Bideford
Grovelling on my hands knees.... battyowls pays homage to the spikey fiction...

Andrew E.
ohh lowly one who brings the great goddess of Fan Fic her slippers on his hands and knees

Defender of the Shadow. Long may She rule!! Most humble of admirer's to all that Saber professes about the badass blond that is Spike.

Little Pinky
a mere composer of songs and melodies de(a)dicated to The Allmight Kitty and her glorious fanfic!

I'd like to offer a toast in thanks....To Saber ShadowKitten who has ruined me for all other Buffyfanfiction, may she write forever. And now, I kneel and offer my allegiance.

I'm just a pathetic, crazed, saber shadowkitten fic addicted vampyr. :)

I bow to the great one who is Saber ShadowKitten without whom I would never have become as twisted as I am today. Thank you.

I bow before the Mighty saber, without whom I would not have finally allowed Spike to say I love you to Angel. May your days be long and your fics be the first part right, Hon!

~Vamster~ Says
"All hail to the Slayer of stories: SaberShadow Kitten!"

Simply a humble-ish, semi-sane mortal with an incurable Saber-addiction...and a fetish for spoons

Great praise goes to Saber for allowing me to indulge in my never ending fantasies about the sexiest vampire ever, Spike!!

Lady Vampress Daae aka Saber (but that name's already taken *sigh*):
The girl who watches for inspiration, the giggler of the funny fic, and the blusher for the smutty stuff and is just there to write her own fic, while giving small smiles to Saber. Also the Goddess of Abnormally Long Job Descriptions.

-Thanks, Athena!

I want to be a worshiper, too!
Just send me your name and some sort of description, like those above, and you can bow down to the prolific kitty, too.