What I Did On My Summer Vacation

by Saber ShadowKitten
Abracadabra 13

Part Seven

"Come," Angelus called through the door at Willow's knock. She smothered her naughty grin and opened the door. As she entered, she saw him standing next to the tall, metal bedpost similar to the one in her room and mentally thanked the fates for putting him in the perfect position.

"Hello, Angelus," Willow said in a low purring voice. She shut the door by leaning back against it, her hands behind her.

She watched as he slowly ran his eyes down her body, taking in the sheer, metallic silver top similar to the one she wore two Halloweens ago, the super-short leather skirt and knee high, laced, leather boots. Her red hair was pulled back in a single braid, with her eyes done up in heavy charcoal liner and her lipstick the same blood red as she'd worn before.

"Well, little girl, what can I do for you?" Angelus asked, his eyes predatory.

Willow slowly walked towards him with an exaggerated sway of her hips. When she was less than a foot away, she raised her head and licked her lips. "I was wondering," she said, reaching her hands forward and running them gently up his shirt. "If I could have a minute of your time."

"Depends on what for, little girl," he answered, looking down at her.

"I have a name, you know," she said with a pout. "It would be nice if you used it."

"And what will you do if I don't?" Angelus asked with a sneer.

Willow curled her hands around the shirt, her lips curving into a sly smile. "This," she said, then twisted her body with all her strength, ramming his head into the metal pole as she let go. She jumped up on the bed behind him and grabbed the back of his hair and smashed his head three more times before he slumped unconscious. "I'm sorry, General," she said, pulling him onto his back on the bed. "I hope you forgive me when this is all over with."

She quickly and efficiently stripped all his clothing from his inert form, then locked the metal shackles to his wrists, a thick, magickally reinforced chain about a foot and a half long attached to both bands. She hooked the chain to a longer, free one, then tossed it through the ring in the ceiling. Pulling on the other side, she raised Angelus to a standing position, his arms stretched above him and hooked the loose end.

Stepping back, she ran her eyes appreciatively over his nude form, then shook her head. Opening the chest which she had filled to her liking earlier, she removed a riding crop that had a small, leather tail at the end. She looked at her list that was taped to the inside of the lid, mentally reviewing the order in which she was going to proceed. Later, she was sure to be teased about her organization for a BDSM game.

Angelus moaned slightly and she dropped the lid, then grabbed the chair and sat it near the ring on the floor. She magickally locked the door so as not to be interrupted, then leaned against it, arms folded, riding crop held loosely in her hand.

When he raised his head to her, his eyes opening, she let an evil smile cross her face. "Welcome back, Angelus. You had me worried."

Angelus immediately snarled at her, pulling at the chains. "When I get my hands on you, little girl, you will be sorry."

"I told you I had a name," Willow said, walking forward. She brushed her body along his left side as she made her way behind him. "Why don't you say it?"

His bark of laughter was all she needed to get started. She raised her arm and hit him twice with the crop across the shoulders, then stopped and waited. "Is that all you got, little girl?"

She did it again, this time lower on his back, then stopped. "Fair warning, I will continue until you say my name."

"This is child's play. From a child," Angelus said over his shoulder. Willow smiled and raised her hand. This time, the blows were rapid and punishing, her superior strength aiding her as she started back at his shoulders and continued down his entire back, over his buttocks, then down the backs of his legs. She stopped again when she reached his heels, and walked to the front of him.

Tilting her head, she looked up into his still human face. "What's my name?"

"Little girl," he sneered. She ran her eyes down the front of him, her lips curling when she saw his erection.

"Did you like that, Angelus?" Willow asked, running the crop lightly over his cock. "Say my name, and I'll let you cum." He ignored her, the mocking sneer still on his face. She raised the crop again and brought it down hard against his chest, marking it with red lines as she continued over his stomach and abdomen. He winced with each blow, his shaft growing even harder.

"What's my name?" Smack. The blows continued down one leg, then the other including the tops of his feet. "You can say it, Angelus. I know you can."

By now, he was panting from the abuse, his game face prevalent. Welts and rivulets of blood criss crossed his body as he snarled at her. She ran the crop over his erection again. "My name?"

"Never," he growled. She smacked the underside of his shaft, then waited. No answer. She did it again, this time on the tip and he growled loudly, his whole body pulling back away from her, yet he still didn't answer.

"Say it," Willow demanded, raising his cock out of the way. He pressed his lips together. She flicked her wrist and hit his sac. "Say it." She did it again, three times in quick succession, cutting into his nuts and making him scream out in pain. She looked up at him and smiled, bringing the crop between his legs. "What is my name?"

Angelus started down at her with his yellow eyes reflecting he was on the breaking point for this round. She shook her head. "Very well." With that, she snapped the crop up with all her might, cutting into the underside of his balls and the super sensitive area between the sac and the anus.

"Red!" Angelus screamed, his voice hoarse and distorted from pain. Blood flowed freely, dripping onto the floor between his legs.

Willow took a step away from him, letting go of his shaft and watching as the erection throbbed and twitched. "Very good, Angelus. You know my name. However, I want you to call me ‘Lady' from now on, is that understood?"

He nodded, but didn't say anything. Willow knew that this was far from over. She only made a small impact on him, that he would try to overcome her as soon as he could. But she was ready.

Tossing the crop to a corner, she unhooked the large chain, then kicked him sharply in the back, causing him to fall forward onto the floor. She hurried forward and pressed a knee in the back of his neck as she removed the longer chain from the shackles. With her mind, she levitated a shorter one out of the chest and attached it to the ring on the floor, then once again to the chain separating the shackles before getting up. He was able to maneuver about two feet, but not do much else.

Willow walked over to the chest again, took out a thermos and brought it to him. "I can't have you getting weak on me," she said, unscrewing the cap and holding it to his mouth. Angelus drank, his yellow eyes never leaving her face, until it was empty. She recapped it and set it on the single dresser in the room, then sat in the chair next to him, her legs crossed.

"I think my boots need to be polished, don't you?" Willow asked sweetly, bouncing her one leg in front of his chest. "Lick them."

He glared at her, not moving, so she shot her foot up and kicked him under the chin. His head flew back with a snap, the chains preventing him from falling backwards. She smiled at him when he returned his gaze to her. Slowly, he bent forward and began to lick her boots. Mentally, she congratulated herself. She got through the first item on her list, having him acknowledge her and was currently on the second, which was a combination rest period for both of them and putting him in a subservient position.

When he was done, she smiled and patted him on top of the head. "Good boy." She then reached to undo both buttons holding her shirt criss crossed over her breasts, then pulled the material apart. "I still remember that night you came home. You left me very unsatisfied." She bent forward and unhooked the shackles from the chain to the ring. A dangerous, but necessary move. "Fondle my breasts, but don't bite, or you'll pay," she instructed, leaning back in the chair.

Angelus knelt between her legs and leaned forward, capturing one nipple in his mouth. He began to suck on it, flicking his tongue over it and rolling it between his teeth. She groaned, her body tingling with excitement as he moved on to her other breast. Suddenly, he struck, just as she knew he would, sinking his fangs into her and grabbing her waist.

Willow grabbed the back of his hair, forcefully lifting him up and away from her breast, then stood, his hold on her waist no match for her spell cast strength. She threw him at the bed by the hair, snatching the short chain and stomping over to him. He had turned over and lashed out with his feet, but she dodged, grabbing the shackles and hooking the chain into place. She pulled him up with her left hand at the same time she struck out with her right fist, catching him across the face, dazing him. She quickly climbed on the bed and chained him to the ring above it so he was kneeling, then jumped onto the floor.

Moving to the chest, she picked up the cat-o-nine-tails, then returned to the side of the bed. "I warned you," Willow said in a sing song voice, before whipping him repeatedly across the back ten times.

He hissed in pain, shrinking forward against the blows. After ten, she dropped the whip to the floor and pulled out a strap on dildo from the chest. "You are going to learn who is in charge, Angelus," she snapped, removing her skirt and top, then attaching the sex toy to her body. She climbed up behind him and grabbed his hips as he tried to squirm away. Holding him steady in her punishing grip, she rammed the unlubricated fake cock into his tight hole, the nob by her clit rubbing against her, making bolts of pleasure shoot through her body. She pulled out and rammed forward again and again, delighted in the sensations that wracked her body with each thrust. "Do not cum, Angelus. Not until I give you permission. Understand?"

"Yes, Lady," Angelus hissed as she continued to thrust into him. Suddenly, she exploded into orgasm, pushing the toy as far into him as she could as she writhed on the button near her clit. Her whole body shook until she collapsed back onto the bed, coming out of him as she panted. She looked at his backside, noting the tender flesh and frowned. Then she saw his huge cock dripping with pre-cum, begging for release and she grinned. All was still good.

Sliding off the bed, she removed the strap on and dropped it to the floor, as well. As she bent to take the next two things from the chest, she giggled quietly when she saw herself. Naked, sweaty, and with knee high boots on. And here she was, enjoying herself as a dominatrix. Life on the Hellmouth was just too weird.

Willow walked back to the bed with her two, new prizes. The first one was something she was surprised to find when she went shopping for this part of her plan. It was shaped like a dildo, but had two, covered wires running from it to a controller. She leaned forward and slowly shoved it up Angelus' ass. "Turn over," she commanded once it was in.

Angelus turned over onto his rear, his arms stretched above his head, his eyes burning gold. She ignored his look of hatred and went about attaching the cock and ball ring to him. When she touched his erection, it twitched and she felt herself becoming aroused again.

"Angelus, who am I?" Willow asked when she finished, running one hand lightly over his abdomen, the other holding the remote.

"Red," he answered, his hips lifting as he sought her touch.

"Wrong," she replied with an evil smile. She pushed the button on the remote after she removed her other hand. Angelus arched up off the bed with a scream as an electric current passed through the mechanism into his body. She flipped the switch to off and tilted her head. "Who am I?"

"Lady Red," Angelus said, panting from the pain.

"And who do you answer to?" Willow asked. She waited for two seconds, then hit the button again. His howl of pain rend the silence of the room to shreds before she pressed off.

"Lady Red," he gasped out, his chest heaving.

"Very good," she said. She crawled over his body and straddled his face. "Pleasure me, Angelus."

Willow groaned as his tongue flicked out and hit her clit, which was throbbing again. He ran it along both folds, then inside her and her muscles clenched around it. He went back to her nubbin, lavishing it several times before latching onto it. He began to suck, using his jaw in a repetitive pattern as she slowly started to rub against his mouth. Her second climax came suddenly and she threw back her head and yelled in pleasure.

After she had calmed, she moved down his body and over his shaft. Not touching him, she hit the button on the remote, making him howl again before shutting it off. "Are you going to cum, Angelus?"

"Not until you say, Lady," Angelus hissed, his sharp teeth clenched tightly together.

Willow nodded her approval and lowered herself on his hard cock. It had been a month since he'd last been in her, and she reveled in the feel of his size filling her hot core. Slowly, she began to grind against him, moving her hips in a circular motion, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. She brought her free hand up and touched her breast, cupping it and flicking her thumb over the pert nipple.

She watched Angelus as she rode him. His eyes were tightly closed, this fangs biting into his upper lip, his head thrown back as he tried not to cum. Pleased, she sped up, dipping her hand between them and rubbing at her clit again. Her power over him was exciting and arousing her again into a frenzy, and with a final rub, she fell over into her third orgasm of the night with a loud scream.

Willow literally collapsed on top of Angelus, her entire body going limp in pleasure. The leather boots were sticking to the sweat on her calves as she lay there, her heart pounding. After a few minutes, she rose up off of him and grinned. He hadn't cum. "Excellent, Angelus," she said, removing the cock and ball ring. His eyes were still squeezed shut and he was panting with the exertion of following her orders.

*Poor guy,* she thought as she undid his shackles from his wrists. *Time to finish this.* She lowered his arms, then lay on her back, legs spread, the white remote still in her hand. "Angelus, look at me."

Angelus turned his head and opened his yellow eyes. When he saw her position, he growled deep in his chest, his cock twitching again, but he did not move. "Yes, Lady?"

Willow smiled. *Perfect,* she thought. "You may cum in me."

He was on top of her in a flash, slamming his huge shaft into her body, one arm under her hips, the other supporting his weight by her shoulder. Willow wrapped her legs around his waist, granting him easier access as he thrust in and out savagely. "Lady," he grunted near her ear.

"Yes, Angelus?"

"May I draw from you?" he got out, still pistoning in and out of her body.

"Right here," she instructed, bringing her free hand to touch the top of her shoulder where the muscle was located. "But only when I tell you."

"Yes, Lady," he grunted, moving faster than ever. But he did not try to bite her. He was accepting her dominance.

"Permission given," Willow said. The words were barely out of her mouth when she felt his fangs sink into her shoulder. He climaxed instantly, his entire body quivering with the intensity of the orgasm. He fell against her, his weight pleasant on her chest as he released her shoulder. He lapped at the puncture wounds with his tongue, soothing them.

After a few moments, she spoke, "Angelus, please move next to me." He did as told, the twin wires crossing her body as he lay on his stomach next to her, his tongue still tracing patterns in the blood on her neck. Then, he began to purr.

Willow couldn't believe her ears. *He's purring,* she thought in amazement. *I made Angelus purr.* A smile spread across her face as she thought of the implications. They lay there together for awhile until Willow began to feel sleepy. She forced herself to sit up and finish what she started out to do. She carefully removed the white dildo from Angelus, then moved off the bed to the chest. When she left the bed, the vampire stopped purring. Dropping it inside, she looked at the last item on her list.

*This is where I get to see if I am completely dominant over him,* she thought as she slid on her skirt and mesh blouse. She picked up a magickally reinforced leather collar with a four foot magickal silver chain attached to it. "Angelus, come here."

She watched as he rolled to his feet from the bed, all six feet of pure masculinity with marks from her whipping still adorning his pale skin. He walked right up next to her and stopped, his demonic features hidden once again behind his handsome human mask. "Kneel," she instructed.

Angelus did not hesitate. He knelt down on the hard floor, his head bowed slightly in submission. Willow grinned as she snapped the collar around his neck. *Yes! I did it! This is so cool,* she thought excitedly. She moved to his dresser and pulled out a dark red, velvet shirt and a pair of pants. She draped them over her arm, grabbed his boots, soap and a towel, then took up the end of the leash. "Shower time," she told him as she undid the magickal lock to the door. She stuck her head out first, making sure the coast was clear, then led him to the bathroom. She didn't want the others to know of her usurping the top position yet. Tomorrow was soon enough for that.

She removed the collar to let him shower as she stood outside the curtain and waited. When he was dry, she handed him his clothes, had him kneel yet again and replaced the leather and chain. This time, she cast an invisibility spell over them both before leading him from his end of the northeast wing to her room.

Once inside, she made him kneel again and wrapped the chain around the bedpost. She stripped out of her clothing and boots, wrapped a towel around her body, grabbed her soap and went to clean herself up. In the shower, she began to hum the Mission: Impossible theme, grinning the entire time.

Angelus was as she left him when she got back to her room. She ‘re-locked' the door silently, put on an old T-shirt to sleep in and unhooked the chain from the collar. "Strip, then by my feet, Angelus," she said as she climbed into bed.

Angelus removed his clothing, then climbed up by the foot of the bed, curling himself slightly like a big cat. She looked down at him and noticed no hatred in his eyes as he looked back at her. She smiled. "Goodnight, Angelus."

"Goodnight, Lady," he said quietly.

Willow closed her eyes briefly, proud of her accomplishment, then decided that she needed to reassure Angel of her love, even if he was Angelus at the moment. She crawled down the bed, reached out her hand and began running it through his hair. As hoped, in a few moments he began to purr once again, the low, pleasant noise filling the room. Happy, she stayed there for a little while longer, then returned under the covers and went to sleep.

Part Eight

Willow walked slightly behind Angelus, her hand on his lower back, the silver chain around her fingers as they entered the rec room the following night. Dressed once again in leather pants and the red, shell blouse she waited expectantly for him to begin.

"Everyone, listen up," Angelus called out to the vampires scattered around the large room. They fell silent, eyes turning to him. "There is a new vampiress in charge around here. You may address her only as ‘Lady' and obey her every command. She has given me permission to make sure you follow through on her orders and I only answer to her."

Willow almost giggled at the wide-eyed looks the vampires gave him. She could imagine the thoughts running through their minds.

"Lady, they are yours to command," Angelus said, stepping to the side and bowing his head in submission.

"Thank you, Angelus," Willow said to him. She took a step towards the group, letting them see the chain in her hand that led to the collar around his neck - her show of dominance over him. She snickered at their almost collective gasp. Even the others in the inner court looked at her somewhat petrified. If she wasn't careful, this kind of power could go to her head. Luckily, deep down, she was still willowy Willow.

"I do not wish to be bothered with trivial things," she began. "Any pack problems, go to Angelus. He will also be relaying my instructions to you. Right now, I wish to speak with the members of the Master's inner court. The rest of you, dismissed."

The minions couldn't scurry out of the room fast enough as Carter, Matthew, Richard, Linda and Jordan came over to her. "Yes, Lady?" Carter was the first to speak, his chin touching his chest, not daring to meet her eyes.

*Probably terrified because of the way he treated me when I first got here,* she thought, looking at each of the bowed heads. "Tell me of the Master's plans. I wish to be knowledgeable before I meet with him."

"We know nothing, Lady," Richard said. He was the one directly under Angelus. "The Master only instructed us to find new fledglings that meet his standards."

"If I may, Lady," Angelus spoke up, raising his head to look at Willow. His eyes still held cunning and power, but not malice towards her. "Only the Master's right hand is privileged with that information. I am willing to share it with you, but I am not at liberty to speak in front of the others."

Willow was beginning to feel like she was in a mediaeval soap opera with all the long, perfect sentences. "Ok. The rest of you may go," she said. They practically bolted. She let her laugh go at this, the sound echoing in the empty rec room. "Alright, Angelus. Spill."

Angelus arched an eyebrow at her words, but complied. "The Master may have found a drug that would allow vampires to go into the sun."

"Are you sure?" Willow asked as she led him towards the southwest wing.

"Yes, Lady," he replied.

Willow cursed under her breath as they arrived at the guarded door. She almost got a laugh because of the surprised looks on the guards faces as Angelus opened the door for her, then let her pass through. She told him to lead to where he was due to meet the Master before going out to hunt. They ended up in what looked to be a small conference room, with vid-link televisions lining one wall, a computer console set into the table and a multiple line phone.

Choosing a seat midway down the table facing the door, Willow sat down to wait.


"Hello, what have we here?" Jonathan said as he entered the room precisely at 9:00. His eyes roved over Willow's combat boots propped up on the table, to the silver chain hanging in front of her chest from her hand, to the vampire attached to the other end who kneeling at her side. His brow shot up when he noticed she was petting his hair like he was a dog.

"Hello, Master Jonathan," Willow greeted, a sly smile on her face. "It's a pleasure to see you again."

"Someone has supplanted Angelus," Jonathan said. "I'm impressed, Red."

"Thank you, sire," she replied, then got right down to the reason she became involved in Willow's Stupid Plan to begin with. "I have been briefed by Angelus and he says that you may have found a drug that would allow us to go out into the sun?"

Jonathan took a seat on the edge of the table opposite her. "Now who would have thought the meek little girl would go and take control by skipping over the others and going directly to dominating my right hand. That takes balls, Red. Female or not, you have some mighty big ones. I like that," he said, leaning forward to punch several buttons on the touch pad. The television screens flickered to life. "With you as my right hand, getting this drug should be a piece of cake. Here's what I know."

Willow's eyes flicked to the screen, memorizing as much of the information as possible. "When do you plan on having us try to acquire this drug?"

"Tomorrow night," Jonathan answered. "I have received confirmation that, as Angelus has told me, the second Slayer has just left town. We shall strike the facility at midnight, full force. I expect everyone to be well fed and prepped before hand."

"It will be done, sire," Willow replied.


After the meeting, Willow went with Angelus on a hunt, then had him return to the old school, sans chain leash, to reinforce his own position within the pack. She went on to her house to eat some people food and ended up learning, to her relief, that her parents were staying for a two week vacation after the seminar ended on the thirtieth.

She also needed some time alone without worry to try to come up with a plan. *If this drug does what Jonathan and Angelus thinks it does, we're going to be in deep doo-doo,* she thought as she washed her dishes. She only had one day to not only stop the drug from getting into the Master vampire's hands, but to defeat him as well as the forty or so other vampires that made up his pack.

"Willow's Stupid Plan is right," she muttered as she shut down the house to head back to the school. "Next time, play dead...er."

She arrived at the school to see Angelus had everything under control. If you call Richard being screwed like a pooch being in control. She shook her head as she walked by, continuing down to her room. Once inside, she closed the door, but did not lock it.

Sure enough, there was a tapping at her door a few minutes later. "Come in," Willow called out. Angelus entered the room and closed the door behind him. "Hello, Angelus."

"Hello, Lady," Angelus said, walking over and kneeling on the floor next to the bed.

Willow reached out and touched his cheek, a loving smile on her face. "All this time, the mighty Angelus is nothing more than a big kitty for a woman with balls enough to tame him." She giggled both at her joke and the expression on his face.

She leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the forehead before standing and leading him to sit opposite her on the floor. "It's been fun, Angelus, but it's time."

"Time for what, Lady?" Angelus asked curiously.

Willow shook her head and mentally locked the door. "Take my hands," she instructed, holding hers out, palms up.

Angelus put his hands in hers and frowned. "What are we doing?"

"Shush," Willow scolded. "Just sit still, I need to concentrate." He nodded. Taking a few deep, centering breaths, the Witch began to cast an new spell.

Guilt he will not feel
for he was not in control;
Now I need Angelus viciousness
with Angel's soul.
Memories restored
before the demon was free,
I ask gods and goddesses
so mote it be.

Willow waited patiently, hoping to notice some difference in the man sitting across from her. Finally, she asked the one question that would determine if he was still Angelus or if his soul was back. "Want to hunt with me?" He flinched slightly and she smiled. "Hi, Angel. Welcome back."

"Lady," Angel said, smiling at her. "I don't think I want to know why you set my demon free, but I do have two questions."


"I didn't...kill anyone, did I?"

"Nope, I just made you think you did," Willow replied. "All your meals are alive and well."

"Good. Although, for some reason I don't feel guilty about it," Angel said. She smiled sheepishly. "Another spell."

"Yup," she nodded. "What's the other question?"

"Are you a vampire?" Angel asked slowly.

"Why, do you think I make a sexy vampire?" Willow asked, activating her glamour.

"Actually, you do," Angel replied. "But I need to know..."

"No, I'm not a vampire, Angel," she said, putting him out of his misery. She let the glamour fade. "It's just an illusion, as is why you can't hear my body functions or why you couldn't tell that my body temperature was human."

Angel took a deep, unneeded breath and released it with a sigh. "That's a relief. I was worried. I mean, even though I have my soul back, my memories are crystal clear of the last month and a half. You make a pretty convincing vampire, and a perfect dominatrix, Lady."

Willow blushed, which didn't show because of the spells. "Did you like that?"

"Did I ever," he confessed, looking down at the ground. "I...uh, that is, I'm feeling much...freer than before, not guilty or remorseful or scared of hurting someone. In fact, I really wouldn't mind hurting someone, especially Jonathan."

"That the spell I just cast," she told him. "I needed you to have your conscience back, but I still need you to have all of your demon's strength and cunning and...well, viciousness. It's not like Angelus would have followed my orders to not get the drug and to kill his fellow vampires."

"I don't know, Willow," Angel said. "I was ready, willing and able to follow your command no matter what it was. You had the demon quite whipped."

Willow grinned, then turned it into a frown. "Who gave you permission to call me ‘Willow'?"

Angel smiled. "My apologies, Lady."

She arched a brow at him and stood up. Grabbing the silver leash off the bed, she hooked it onto the leather collar. "Crawl," she commanded as she opened the door.

Angel's eyes widened. "But Willow...Red... Lady, don't you think..."

Willow whirled around and kicked him across the face. "You will not disobey my orders, Angelus."

Angel's head snapped back, the combat boot catching his lip, cutting it. Surprised, but instantly aroused, he looked up at his fiery red head. She was glaring down at him, her eyes flashing. Inside, his demon cowed to her, actually liked being submissive to her, wanted her to hurt him, to dominate him. And his soul, his conscience was catching onto that fact and was excited and exhilarated.

His apology must not have been quick enough, because he suddenly found himself naked and chained in his room again, just like he had been the night before. *She's powerful,* he thought as Willow came in the conventional way and slammed the door behind her. He ducked his head submissively. "I'm sorry, my Lady."

"Too late," Willow ground out, picking up the cat-o-nine-tails from the floor. She raised it up and brought it down hard across his back. He danced up on his toes, his cock jumping to full attention. She did it again, this time striking him across the back of the thighs. He growled loudly, his face transforming at the pain.

Willow stomped around to the face him. "Who am I?"

"Lady Red," Angel answered.

"That's right," she snapped, raising the instrument and hitting him across the chest with it. "And who do you answer to?"

"Lady Red," he hissed as blood started to run down his chest.

"Now, who are you?" Willow asked, standing in front of him with her arms folded.

"Whoever you say, Lady," Angel replied, his eyes to the floor.

Willow dropped the whip, unhooked the chain and threw him onto the bed on his back. "That's right. You may know right from wrong now, but you're still a demon. And this Witch has found that she likes being in control, that the demon liked when I was in control. I've changed over the last month, Angel. I've had to live like a vampire, including the hunt, even though I didn't kill anyone. I found that I like the power I have and I'm going to keep it. You are hereby warned that weak, mousy Willow is no more, especially where you are concerned. That doesn't mean I won't want you to be tender and take care of me, but overall, I'm in charge of this relationship. Got it?"

"Yes, Lady," Angel said. "Permission to speak?"

"Granted," Willow said, climbing up on the bed next to him.

"I understand completely and I want you to know that I want to have a Dominant/submissive relationship with you. I never thought that I'd ever be involved in that integral part of vampiric life again. Being with you has made me a better person, but I still have a demon inside of me always trying to break free. That demon needs to be dominated, I need to be dominated now that you have brought my darker side closer to the surface. I love you, Willow and I trust you. And I'm glad that you have grown into the fiery, possessive, loving, intelligent, domineering woman you are right now."

Willow's face lit up with a smile. "Really?"

Angel chuckled. "Yes, really."

"Good. I mean, very well, Angelus," Willow said, then leaned closer to him. "You don't mind if I call you Angelus at times, do you?"

"Not at all, Lady,"Angel replied.

"Ok," Willow said, then sat back up. She looked down his nude form and slowly smiled when she saw his erection. "You cannot cum unless I give you permission, understood?"

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