Power Play

by Saber ShadowKitten
Series: Abracadabra alternate ending

Part Four

Willow was firmly entrenched in her position of power in the pack. She never realized how much responsibility that position carried until now. The ‘children' came to her about everything, from permission to make new fledglings (which she denied) to wanting new toys for the lair or money.

Jonathan also demanded her time, having her work the computer to gain control of the companies. What had surprised her was that he intended to do it legally, buying out shareholders and planning corporate takeovers. He was acting like a human businessman and that caused the notion that vampires were not evil, only guilt free, to embed itself further in her brain.

Her relationship with Angelus flourished over the weeks, as well. He was anything but the vicious, cruel killer she'd met two years ago. Granted, he didn't read as much as he once did, but he also never brooded. He really was the ‘General' who came out to play last winter break, confident, yet caring about her and those who were his friends from the group.

Sometimes, just to make sure he remembered his place, she'd make him kneel on the floor near her chair when she'd be on the computer or while she was watching TV and run her fingers through his hair as if she was petting a dog. If they were alone in the southwest wing where her office was located, he'd lay his head on her knee and purr like a big, lazy cat. He was always in game face when he did it, completely relaxed and trusting. It made her feel good that he would consciously choose to do that. Before, he'd only purr after a serous lovemaking session and then only if he'd bit her when he climaxed.

The rest of the time when they were together was just like a normal relationship. They'd talk and joke and make love, sometimes tender, sometimes rough, but on the whole it was the same. She even called him General and allowed him to just call her Red. She'd relaxed around him, allowing him to relearn of her powers and about the Hunters. He'd gotten somewhat violent when he learned about them, swearing to rend them limb from limb if they tried anything.

He didn't know, however, that she was still human. The spells she'd cast over herself when she first decided to pretend to be a vampire would not reverse unless she chose to have them gone. He also did not know that when he fed, he did not kill because of her illusion spell over him.

On the whole, she was happy being the leader of the pack. She loved the power she held and the work she did for Jonathan. She also loved the effect she had on her still nightly trips to the Bronze. With Angelus at her side, the girls were doubly jealous of the attention she got. On the dance floor, she moved freely and gracefully as if all those years spent as a wallflower had never existed.

That small part of her that should feel guilty that she was basically the ‘mother' to a large group of vampires and that she no longer prevented any of them from feeding save Angelus had pretty much been vanquished. She controlled the pack with an iron fist, not allowing them to wreak havoc on Sunnydale for no reason.

Everything she'd studied and read had been wrong when it came to the undead. Vampires were like lions or wolves, where it was a matter of survival on how they fed, not that they were evil. Sure, a few wanted to take over the world, but they had the same ambitions when they were human, like sociopaths and criminals. Others were only showing off their position of power and dominance, like Angelus had been with Acathala or Spike with the Judge.

Jonathan, however, only desired to amass large amounts of money and be in control of several companies. He did not wish to destroy anything and she'd found out through conversing with other master vampires throughout the world that they held similar desires. They were businessmen with a bite.

Summertime was nearing an end, but Willow had no plans on ending the charade or going back to her old life. She liked what she had accomplished within the pack, such as reopening the kitchen and getting the vampires to enjoy eating human food, updating the dormer style bathrooms and combining bedrooms to make larger ones for those who had mates, hers and Angelus' being the nicest. She'd even assigned jobs to everyone to keep the old boarding school where they made their home clean and livable, as well as starting a library and putting those that showed aptitude for computers to work for her.

But somehow she'd forgotten about the fact that Buffy, Xander, Cordelia and Giles were going to return.


"See you when you get here, then," Willow said into the headphone clipped over her ear. She disconnected and stretched, the short, black cut off t-shirt rising high with the action, barely keeping her breasts covered. She grabbed the apple next to her touch pad keyboard and took a bite, the juices exploding in her mouth. That was one of the perks of being in charge - anything she wanted was super fresh and delivered in the same day.

Munching happily, she hit a few keystrokes and studied the monitor in front of her through her pink tinted computer glasses. After spending the amount of time she did in front of a screen, she'd gotten a pair of the specially made lenses to ease her eyes and made the others do the same. None of them had to worry about vision damage, but it did make the long hours more bearable.

She touched the phone pad and quickly dialed a familiar number. "David? Red. Sell the Five Loquito shares and buy sixteen shares of Amterlin. Thanks," she said over the line. She hung up without saying goodbye, already changing the information on her screen to the next line of business.

"Red, are you going to come out any time soon?" Angelus asked from the doorway to her office.

Willow looked over at the vampire leaning casually against the doorframe. Dressed in his leather pants and a tight, white, tucked in t-shirt, he looked like a devilish rebel straight out of an old movie. "Why, do you miss me?" she asked coyly.

"As if," he sneered. She rolled her eyes, ignoring his male posturing. "I just wondered if we were going to the Bronze or not."

She glanced at the time on the bottom right corner of the computer screen. "When have we not gone to the Bronze, General?" She hit several keys, then logged off. She removed the headphone and stood, taking another bite of the apple. Her lips tugged up at the corners as he stared at the juice on her lips. "Wanna bite?" she said, holding out the fruit.

"Of you, maybe," he replied, straightening. He took two steps forward and captured her mouth in a bruising kiss. When they broke apart, he added, "Tasty."

"Come on, lover boy," Willow said, moving past him and out of her office. They walked down the hall and past the guards out of the southwest wing to the main rec room. Several of her charges were lazing around, watching television and playing pool. She saw Juanita reading one of the new romances that just arrived and grinned. "Juanita is such a romantic."

Angelus snorted, but she knocked him down a notch with her look. They continued through to the east wing where all the rooms were located. Once inside their bedroom, Willow took a final bite of her apple, then tossed it in the trash. "Is there a cover tonight?"

"Yes," he answered.

She nodded and dug some money out of her dresser. She was the one who wore the pants in their relationship. Although, right now, her pants looked like a pair of black, cut-off shorts. She quickly stripped them off, giving Angelus a good look at her thong panties, then slid on a pair of very tight, red jeans that skimmed her legs like second skin. She put on her strappy, black, thick heeled shoes and twisted her hair up in a bun. "Ready?"

"I was ready twenty minutes ago," Angelus replied. Willow scoffed at him, then led the way out of the building where they made their new home, the red head pausing to say a few words to the vampires scattered in the rec room.

The Bronze had a live band playing that night, Black & White, and their indie/hard rock sound bled out into the street. Willow could already feel the beat pulsing into her veins and she gave her companion a wolfish grin. After paying the cover, the two entered the club, cutting through the crowd easily. Angelus stopped on the edge of the dance floor and leaned against one of the metal support columns, watching as his lover lost herself to the music.

Several songs later, she saw him stiffen and turn abruptly out of the corner of her eye. Continuing to dance, she turned her attention in his direction to find out what was going on. A smile crossed her face when she saw who it was, and she blew a kiss to him when he met her gaze. Weaving her way through the dancers without stopping her own movements to the beat, she arrived next to her lover with a warm smile for the newcomer. "Hey, you got here fast. I only got off the phone with you about an hour ago."

"Yeah, well, that's the neat thing about technology, pet," Spike said, holding up a cell phone. "It saves you time for more important things, like feeding or killing or both."

Willow shook her head, then stepped forward and gave him a surprised hug. "How are you doing?"

"Not bad, luv," he replied. "How about you and pumpkin over here?"

"Watch it, Spike," Angelus growled.

"Angelus, shush," Willow chastised. "And we're doing just fine, Spike. Been working on a new program that you might be interested in. Oh, and I wanted to thank you again for your help on that DePaolo situation."

"No problem, Red," Spike replied. "Anything for a friend, especially one as beautiful as you."

"Oh brother," she said, rolling her eyes as Angelus growled another warning.

Willow had been talking with Spike for close to a month, ever since she took over as head honcho of the pack. She needed some help down in Brazil and had his number from when he'd been in Sunnydale the last time around Prom. She'd told him pretty much the same thing Angelus knew, that she was the pack leader under Jonathan and that his sire no longer had his ‘soul.' Spike, of course, had been dying of curiosity to find out how that had happened, but wouldn't press as long as he didn't try to destroy the world again.

When she'd told Angelus about her communiques with the blond, the look in his eyes was all she needed to see to get Spike to come up for a visit. She knew how he felt about Spike and, after a bit of prying, found out Spike missed the way things were, especially since Drusilla had taken off for Europe without him. So she conspired to bring the best friends back together again. Plus, it might lead to something she'd been wanting to try but not with the vampires under her control.

And it didn't hurt that Spike was a hottie, either.

Part Five

The band at the Bronze started a new song and Willow felt herself wanting to be back out on the floor. With an impish grin, she reached up and shoved Spike's duster off his shoulders, turning him and pulling it off in one fluid movement.

"Hey!" Spike protested as she tossed it on a pile of coats.

"Spike, it's hot outside, you don't need to wear that," Willow said, grabbing his and Angelus' hands. She dragged them out onto the dance floor behind her.

Dropping their hands, she moved between the two vampires and began dancing enticingly. Her hands wove above her head and her hips slowly rocked to the beat. Purposely, she brushed back against Spike, startling him enough that he grabbed her around the hips. She raised her gaze to Angelus and gave him a sexy smile as she leaned back against the blond and started to get down and dirty.

She saw the glimmer of desire spring up behind Angelus' eyes and she licked her lips, bringing one hand up to caress Spike's cheek as he growled low in throat near her ear. Angelus stepped forward until she was almost squashed between the two old friends, his hands snaking out to cover Spike's and pull her hips against his.

Spike raised his head to give Angelus a questioning look and was rewarded with a smoldering gaze that made him butt up against Willow with his instant arousal. The red head wiggled back against him and he groaned quietly. Lowering his head again, he brushed his lips over her neck, his tongue darting out to taste her.

Angelus saw what Spike was doing, then shifted his gaze to Willow. She had a part pleasurable, part naughty smile on her face and he knew instantly this was a set up. With a growl, he bent his head and captured her lips in a hard kiss.

"I think we'd better go someplace a little less public, pets," Spike said only loud enough for the two of them to hear. "Before we get kicked out for public indecency."

"Since when did you start worrying about what other people think?" Willow asked when Angelus broke the kiss. Spike swatted her behind as he moved away. He walked off the floor to retrieve his coat, leaving Willow and Angelus still pressed close together. "General, why don't we take this show on the road?"

"You are one wicked woman, Red," Angelus replied, rubbing up against her once more before taking a step back. He looked over to where Spike was waiting with lust in his eyes. "Remind me to thank you properly later."

With that, the trio left the club amidst the stares of the patrons who witnessed their actions on the dance floor. But it was three sets of eyes that were the widest as the door swung shut.

"Ok, tell me I didn't just see Willow practically screw Angel and Spike out on the floor," Xander said, staring at the spot where the three in question just left.

"You didn't just see Willow practically screw Angel and Spike out on the floor," Buffy replied. "They were closer to fucking."

"Did you see the leather on Angel?" Cordelia asked. "And what was Willow wearing? If those red jeans got any tighter, they'd be spray painted on."

Buffy exchanged a worried look with Xander, then looked back at the door to the club.


"Welcome to our humble abode," Willow said as she led the way into the old school. There were several of her charges in the rec room as they emerged from the west hallway and she held up her hand as one of them went to speak. "Whatever it is, no."

She continued straight across the room to the east wing, talking over her shoulder to Spike. "Don't kill any of my family while you're here, or you'll have to answer to me. There is a full- service kitchen with people food, a library and the offices are in the southwest wing. I'll introduce you to the guards later so you'll be allowed to pass. Bathroom is here," she said, pointing to an open doorway as they continued down the hall. "And I had a room assigned to you which I'll get someone to show you later. But right now," she paused to look back at the two vampires standing behind her, hand on the doorknob to her and Angelus' room. "I think we have something much more...pleasurable to do."

She opened the door and walked inside, then was practically accosted before she even made it halfway across the double room. Angelus grabbed her up in his arms, smashing her body to his as he claimed her mouth. She could feel the evidence of his arousal pressed firmly against her sex and she moaned into the kiss, her hands snaking up to wrap around his neck.

Spike shed his coat once again, then leaned back against the closed bedroom door, watching with avid interest and arousal. Willow was set on her feet again after a few minutes and she turned to him with a beckoning smile. Angelus moved behind her, his arms around her waist as he licked and nipped a path up the side of her neck.

Willow latched onto Spike's shirt when he came close enough, pulling him roughly to her with her magickally enhanced strength. She crushed her lips to his, tasting him for the first time. Angelus' hands left her waist and grabbed onto the blond's hips, pulling him flush against her as his own hands skimmed her bare sides under the cut-off tee.

She broke the kiss first, lowering her mouth to lick the hollow of his throat. Spike growled, his eyes drooping to half-slits as Angelus raised his head from her neck to look at him. Suddenly, his hand shot from Willow's waist to grab the back of Spike's head, forcibly crushing his lips in a long pent-up kiss over her shoulder. She turned her eyes upward and saw this, her vaginal muscles tensing in desire as the two vampire continued to plunder each others mouths.

With a wiggle, she slid out from between them and began to strip. They stopped kissing at her departure and both looked over at her with blatant desire. "I want to see some skin," she told them, her voice hard, yet sultry. She wondered when she'd become a wanton woman, but pushed away the thought as the two vampires started to quickly undress at her command.

Licking her lips, she let her eyes trace over Spike's body, feeling the flush of excitement rising in her. *Much better than the picture,* she thought, taking in his lean, muscular torso, hard, corded legs and very prominent hard on. Her glance darted to Angelus and she saw that he was staring at the blond hungrily, his own erection standing out proudly. His gaze turned to her and she gave him a nod before walking over to Spike and running her fingers up his chest.

Angelus came up behind her again, his shaft pressing against her buttocks as he cupped her breasts. He slowly began kneading them, catching her nipples between his fingers and thumbs. He rolled and tugged on the hard peaks as Spike dropped to his knees in front of Willow. He brushed his erection against her as she arched her hips back because of what the blond vampire had begun to do.

Spike inhaled Willow's arousal as he separated her feminine folds with his fingers. He glanced upwards and saw his sire's hands caressing her breasts, arousing him fuller. He leaned forward and flicked her clit with his tongue, eliciting a gasp from the red head. Slowly, he traced all around her throbbing center, over the entrance to her hot core, lapping the juices that began to flow from there. Then, he suddenly latched onto her nubbin, sucking and licking it as her fingers wove into his hair, holding him to her.

Willow moaned loudly in pleasure as Spike worked his magick with his mouth on her pussy. She arched her head back, allowing Angelus to capture her lips again in a passionate kiss. The action with his tongue mimicked what the blond vampire was doing to her and she keened. His hands continued to pinch and fondle her breasts and she felt herself going over the edge into orgasm. She tore her mouth from his with a loud cry as she bucked against Spike's face.

Angelus swept her up in his arms and carried her to the bed after Spike had let her go. Setting her down, he reached out and snagged his childe's wrist, yanking him to him. He pulled the blond into a kiss, tasting Willow's juices on his mouth. Their hard cocks brushed against each other and he growled in excitement.

Willow broke the kiss between the vampires by reaching between them and encircling both of their shafts with her hands. The men both gasped and looked down at her. She returned their gazes with a hungry one of her own and she moved away, laying back with her legs slightly spread.

Spike looked at Angelus for permission to screw his woman and the older vampire nodded. He not-too-gracefully crawled across the bed to Willow, parting her legs fully with his knees. He grabbed her up into a powerful kiss as his hand went between them to position his shaft at her core. The red head wrapped her legs around his hips, arching her pelvis up to accept him and he thrust into her as far as he could.

Angelus opened the night stand drawer and dug through its contents until he found what he was searching for, then turned his attention back to the action on the bed. His one hand circled his cock and he stroked it as he watched Spike pounding into Willow. Deciding to join in the fun, he climbed onto the bed and put his hand on the blond's back, halting his thrusts.

Spike stopped moving, his mouth breaking away from Willow's to trace a path down her neck. He felt a lubed finger enter his tight hole and he moaned, his blunt teeth nipping at her ear. A second finger was added as Angelus prepared him and he could feel the red head's muscles clenching and unclenching around his shaft.

Willow watched over Spike's shoulder at what Angelus was doing. She saw him smear the lubricant on his throbbing member and position himself behind the other vampire. Her whole body tightened with excitement as she heard Spike growl in pleasure as Angelus slowly entered him. A new rhythm was set as the blond began to move in her again, pushing back into Angelus as he pulled out of her.

Spike began pistoning between the two lovers, being filled by his sire's cock while he thrust into Willow's tight pussy. Angelus' hands were on his hips, aiding him as he lifted his head to recapture the red head's mouth with his own. He could feel the climax building in him with the tightening of his balls and he knew he'd be cumming quite soon.

Angelus' eyes rolled up into his head at the tightness surrounding his shaft. He moved in rhythm with Spike as the younger vampire thrust in and out of Willow. It had been so long since he'd felt this pleasure non-forcibly, and that combined with his childe fucking his woman was enough to bring him to orgasm.

Willow was the first to scream suddenly, her mouth ripping away from Spike's as an orgasm shook her body. Seeing her lover screwing another male while that male screwed her was implanted in her brain and the feeling of someone else's cock pounding into her didn't make her last very long. Shaking, her climax wracked her body, her muscles clenching and unclenching around Spike's shaft.

Spike felt Willow grasping his cock with her vaginal walls as she climaxed, sending him over the edge as well. He let out a loud shout, burying himself within her wetness as far as he could, spilling his seed. He knew better than to dare to try and bite her, though maybe later he'd get a chance to taste the sweetness that he could smell under her skin.

Angelus felt Spike and Willow cumming, heard their shouts of release and he quickly pounded into the blond as his childe bury himself fully into Willow. His own orgasm followed rapidly and he snarled loudly as he came, shooting his cold semen into Spike's tender hole. He grasped the other man's hips tightly as he climaxed, bruising them with his fingers.

Angelus was the first to pull out of Spike, rolling over onto the side of the bed as he came down from the afterglow. Spike slowly raised up on his elbows and gave Willow another kiss before moving out of her to her other side on his stomach, one arm across her waist. Willow turned her head to Angelus and he rolled onto his side to kiss her, his arm crossing over Spike on her stomach.

He turned onto his back suddenly and pulled Willow on top of him, deepening the kiss. He was already becoming aroused again, his cock hardening as she shifted against him. She moaned into his mouth as he brought his hand up to cup her breast, his thumb brushing lightly over her nipple.

Willow wiggled on top of him, his hard shaft pressed into her folds. She slowly rubbed back and forth against it, moistening it with her juices. Lifting her hips, she brought her hand between them and slid down on his erection, eliciting a low groan from both of them.

Spike opened his eyes and watched under heavy lids as Willow began riding Angelus. He could feel his member stiffening again under him. He slowly pushed himself up and moved behind the hacker, straddling his sire's legs to press up against her. He found the tube where Angelus dropped it on the bed and coated his fingers, then gently pushed them inside her.

Willow hissed in pleasure as Spike's fingers were replaced by his thick cock as she lay atop of Angelus. They began rocking back and forth in opposites, just as Spike had done with Angelus a short while earlier. She felt completely filled and the threesome's slow movements led to a light- shattering climax with Angelus biting into her shoulder as he came, making Willow shudder.

She lay sandwiched between the two males, Spike resting his chest across her back. He finally moved out of her and lay on his back on one side of the bed. She raised herself off of Angelus and climbed out of bed. She noticed the two vampires watching her as she donned her robe and headed to the door.

In the bathroom, she cleaned up a bit, staring thoughtfully at the mirrorless wall. A slow smile crept across her face as what just happened -twice- hit her. She could feel her cheeks flaming, glad that it wouldn't show under the vampire guise spell. *I can't believe I had sex with Spike. And then with both of them at the same time,* she thought unbelievably. Then, *I wonder if we'll do it again?*

With that last thought, she returned to the bedroom and her two lovers.


Willow woke to the sound of lovemaking. She opened her eyes into slits to see Angelus and Spike tenderly loving each other next to her on the bed. She marveled at the vampire stamina for them to be at it again after the three of them had several more bouts of play the night before and into the morning. She supposed she should be jealous of the way they were caressing each other, but the feelings that rose up in her were ones of happiness and love for them both. It was so very obvious they missed the way things used to be and she would bet that Spike would be sticking around for awhile.

When they finished, Angelus turned on his stomach with one arm across Spike and the other across her, claiming them both as his. All three then drifted back to sleep.



"Yes, pet?" Spike replied, peering sleepily at her from his position at her side. Somehow, Angelus and he had changed places and he was facing Willow, Angelus curled behind the blond.

"Would you let me into your mindscape?" Willow asked.

He frowned at her slightly, confused at the question. "Do what?"

"Just to take a look around," she clarified. "I went into the General's and I was wondering how another vampire's compared. It doesn't hurt. In fact, you won't feel anything."

"Why didn't you just use one of the others here?"

"Because I know you. Well, I know more about you than I do them and you are my friend now that you're not trying to kill me. Or Angel. Or Buffy and Xander and Giles..."

"Sure, why the bloody hell not," Spike interrupted her with a shrug.

"You mean it?"

"Didn't I just say yes?" he asked patronizingly.

Willow made a face at him, then closed her eyes. She cleared her thoughts, centering herself, then pictured a door as blue as his beautiful eyes. Opening it, she stepped inside his mind.

And was floored.

Angelus' mind, like Amy's and Jonathan's when she'd traversed their mindscapes, had been filled with the colors of their memories. Each color was associated with an emotion. The stronger the emotion attached to the memory, the deeper the color. Red was anger; orange - lust; yellow- happiness; pink - love; green - jealousy; blue - sadness; and so forth.

When she first entered Spike's mind, she saw his most recent memories right inside the ‘door,' a bit of yellow and pink mixed in with a healthy dosage of orange. But beyond that, everywhere she looked, she saw grey and black with a few spots of red, blue and pink here and there. Off in the distance, in the old memories, she saw some more yellow, pink and orange, but on the whole his memories were filled with pain, depression and hatred. She started forward towards the soul center and saw a patch of deep blue amidst a sea of dark grey depression. She touched it and saw the more recent memory of the female vampire leaving. She immediately removed her hand, letting the image dissipate.

Willow continued to his soul center, sad that his memories were so painful. The mindscape never lied, it couldn't because it wasn't part of the conscience. Every experience that anyone ever had was etched with the colors of emotion in the mind, with the wall that controlled that emotion in matching colors. She could see that wall, noting that love and tenderness were far larger than Angelus' had been, as was sadness. Spike may seem like a tough, hard as nails vampire, but in reality he was an extremely sensitive man.

So intent on her study of the wall, she almost missed the shock of bright white on the ‘ground' near the soul center. She stopped moving, staring at the spot with fascination. She was seeing purity, an emotion so deep that it was all the colors combined. And having it so close to the soul center it meant that it was linked to his entire being.

Curious as to what could have affected him so much, she touched it. "Oh," she said with amazement as the image formed before her. "Oh my."

Removing her hand, she turned and laid it on the soul center. "Hello, William," she said, using his true name.

"Hello, Willow," his soul center replied.

"Does your conscience self know of that pure emotion?" Willow asked immediately.

"Yes," it answered.

"I bet Drusilla did, too," she surmised, staring down at the spot. "Was Drusilla your mate?"

"Yes, she was," it replied. "But she has chosen to be so no longer."

"What about you? What is your choice?"

"She was my mate," was her answer.

"But can't vampires have more than one mate?" Willow asked. "Or are you like a wolf, where you mate for life."

"More than one," the soul center replied. "Sometimes a mate will die or move on and another is subconsciously chosen."

"By you," she added, considering she was ‘talking' with the core of Spike's subconscious self. She removed her hand after a polite thanking and headed back for the door of the mindscape. She'd learned what she wanted to learn, that vampires were indeed souled creatures minus the guilt emotion. Plus, she'd also learned a bit more about the blond she liked to call her friend.

Willow mentally shut the door behind her and opened her eyes. Spike was still facing her, eyes closed and body relaxed. She raised her gaze and saw Angelus arching a questioning brow at her. She shook her head, indicating that she'd talk to him later and climbed out of bed. Despite Spike's presence, she still had work to do and she was hungry. She also wanted to give the two vampires more time together to rebuild their friendship.

With a smile for Angelus, she left the bedroom to find something to eat.

Part Six

Dressed in a pair of loose sweats and a t-shirt, Willow made her way to the kitchen. With her induction of the full-service area, her need to eat human food was hidden by the fact that many of the other vampires loved human food, as well. When she walked into the kitchen, Ralph and Julian were arguing with one another at a table. She went over to the fridge and pulled out half a sandwich that she had made earlier and unwrapped it as the fight escalated. Deciding to interfere before they resulted to fist to cuffs, she raised her voice a notch and cleared her throat.

They ignored her.

Willow's eyes narrowed slightly and tried again. "Ralph, Julian," she said a little louder. No acknowledgment from them. With a bit of anger, she picked up a knife from the counter and threw it. It embedded itself right between their heads in the wall.

They both stopped fighting immediately and looked over at her. "Sorry," Ralph mumbled, lowering his head slightly.

"Yeah, sorry," Julian echoed.

Willow nodded once, still peeved, and left the kitchen. She bypassed several vampires lounging around the rec room, presumably waiting for the sun to set to go hunting, and headed back to the bedroom. When she entered the room, she saw that Spike was gone and Angelus was just sliding a shirt on.

"What was that all about with Spike?" Angelus asked her, buttoning up his shirt.

"I was just taking a look at his mindscape," she replied. "Buffy is going to be so surprised when she sees him again."

"She will be more surprised than that, considering I'm going to rip her lungs out and use them as a bag pipe," he sneered.

Willow's head shot up, staring at him. "You will do nothing of the sort," she said carefully in a low tone.

"Watch me," he scoffed, turning his back to her to get something off the dresser.

A bolt of pure fury ran through Willow and something inside of her snapped. She dropped her sandwich onto the floor and stormed over to him. Grabbing him by the back of the shirt, she threw him against the door with all her enhanced strength. He hit hard, and before he could shake it off, she had him flat on the floor.

She magickally zapped the shackles she hadn't used since the nights she claimed dominance around his wrists, then grabbed the chain between the metal and yanked him across the hard floor to the ring she had set in the corner when they had redesigned the room. She attached that chain to the short one on the ring, then took the collar of his shirt in her hand and ripped it off of him, the sleeves dropping uselessly around his arms.

She repeated the action with his pants, grabbing the material at his hips and pulling them down until they were around his calves. Fuming, she went over to the toy chest and snatched up the cat-o-nine-tails. "How dare you talk back to me like that," she hissed, returning to his side. She raised the whip and sent it crashing down on his bare back.

"You. Will. NOT. Harm. Buffy. In. Any. Way." Each word was accompanied by a blow with the whip on his back. "Not Xander. Not Cordelia. Not Amy. Not Jonathan. Not Oz. Not Giles. Not Joyce. Not Spike. Not even Drusilla!" She continued to hit him, her arm descending in rapid succession over his back and buttocks.

Angelus' back was a pool of blood from the very deep cuts created by the hard leather and superior strength, and he was grimacing in pain. She suddenly dropped the whip to the floor and returned to the chest. She removed a hand held dildo and a water bottle filled with holy water. Small holes had been poked through the soft covering and the hard plastic of the object, with the end open where a vibrator was normally placed.

"On your knees," she commanded. When he didn't move, her eyes flashed with fire and anger. Dropping next to him, she growled, "Fine." Then, she slammed the rubber cock into his anus, despite his position. He snarled loudly in pain as it ripped the tender skin. "You will obey me Angelus," she told him between clenched teeth as she opened the water bottle. "Without hesitation or presumptuousness."

Willow poured the holy water into the open end of the dildo until it was filled. Angelus screamed in pain as it came out of the small holes in the fake cock, burning the inner lining of his anus. She grabbed it and began slamming the object in and out of him, the water sloshing out onto the backs of his thighs and down between his legs onto his balls. "Who. Do. You. Answer. To?" she asked, her words emphasized with a hard thrust.

"You, Lady!" Angelus yelled loudly, tears streaming from his eyes at the pain.

She thrust the cock into him one more time, then left it there as she grabbed the back of his hair, yanking his head up. "Do you have anything to say to me?" she asked in a deadly voice.

"No, Lady," Angelus replied in a pain-wracked voice. He kept his eyes downcast despite his head being raised so she could look him in the face.

"I didn't think so," she hissed, releasing him. She stood, picking up the cat-o-nine-tails and rained three quick blows down his back, the final one hitting the fake cock sticking out of his hole. He screamed out in pain again, his body falling hard to the floor as he tried to get away from the whip.

Willow then left him there, throwing open the door and storming down the hallway, whip dripping with blood in her hand. Her anger was tenfold as her position in the pack was being threatened by impudence. She cast a quick spell, amplifying her voice so it echoed throughout the old school. "Everybody in here NOW!"

Spike was over near the southwest hallway, talking to Juanita when the red head entered the room. He watched, wide eyed, as vampires poured into the large area, some with fearful looks on their faces, others looking curious or perturbed. He folded his arms across his chest and leaned against the wall, preparing to see if she was still in control.

Willow counted heads rapidly, coming up with all those in the pack save the guards, the Master and Angelus. "On your knees," she commanded, her eyes flashing with deadly intent. They dropped to the floor at various speeds, inflaming her with their audacity, and she singled the last two out. "Elden, Cassie, front and center."

Too slow for her temper at that present time, she grabbed both of them by their shirts and threw them to the floor. Her eyes flicked over the other vampires. "Justin, over here," she snapped to one of the lowest members in terms of dominance of the pack.

Justin scrambled to her side, head lowered respectfully and in fear. "Yes, Lady?"

"Fuck his mouth," she instructed, grabbing Elden by the hair and yanking him to his knees. "Hard."

Justin's eyes widened and he hardened at the idea of humiliating someone much higher in power than him. He freed himself quickly and took hold of Elden's hair, shoving his cock in the vampire's face.

Willow let go as Justin began pounding into Elden's mouth, her eyes looking over the others again. "Martin, you fuck his face next," she said, then cast her eyes downward at Cassie.

She bent and shoved the female vampire on her back, hiking her skirt up and ripping her panties away. She raised the whip still in her hand and brought it down sharply across Cassie's pussy, the ends biting into her tender skin around the area, as well. She did it several more times, then growled at the others, "Men fuck her cunt, women fuck her face, highest to lowest then throw her out. Carter, when Martin is done, cut off Elden's prick and throw him out, too."

Everyone scrambled to do as told as she cracked the whip on the closest vampire, cutting across his face. Willow caught Spike out of the corner of her eye leaning casually against the wall and turned to him, her eyes flashing an unearthly green. The power of reasserting herself over the other vampires fueled her and she beckoned him to her with her finger.

Spike knew better than to keep a pissed off woman waiting, especially after the show he'd just seen. He straightened and walked over to her, ignoring the goings on in the room. She grabbed his wrist in a punishing grip and pulled him behind her as she returned back down the east hallway, the ends of the whip running along the floor.

Once at her bedroom, she dropped his arm and closed the door. She then raised the whip and smashed it across Angelus' back as he lay forward on his knees, the fake cock still protruding from his ass. She dropped the instrument and let out a loud growl/scream. "I can NOT believe everyone," she said more to herself than Spike, who was staring at his sire in slight horror. "When did I get so lax to brook this sort of insolence?"

"I don't think you'll have to worry now, pet," Spike said, purposely walking away from Angelus and perching on the edge of the bed. But he couldn't keep his eyes from the older vampire, especially with the amount of blood criss crossing his back and buttocks and the distinct odor of burned flesh.

Willow saw where Spike was looking and gave him a smirk. "Would you like to wash his mouth out with holy water? He was planning on killing Buffy, despite my wishes." His head shot up at her words. "And you can pay him back for Drusilla."

Spike closed his eyes and counted to ten, hands clenched into fists. "No," he answered, looking at her. "You seem to have things under control."

"Very well," Willow sighed. "I'm going to take a shower. Clean him up." She stood and moved to the dresser, then paused, turning to face Spike. "I'm not going to force you to do anything unless you go directly against my authority. It's a certain blond's job to dominate you when the time comes." She grinned wickedly when he looked surprised. "You'd be amazed at what a little trip into the mindscape tells you."

With that, she turned and left the bedroom.


Willow returned to the bedroom after deciding to take a long bath, refreshed and in control once again. She could hardly believe herself, wondering why it was so important for her to maintain her position of power within the pack and with Angelus. She was even more amazed with her lack of guilt over her actions, not so much in concern with the others, but in regards to Angelus. Perhaps she was becoming more of a vampire than she realized, without the pre-requisite of being changed.

She did love the authority and control over the others, the responsibility that went with it, and the respect she normally received. It had been over two full months since she'd been a member of the group of vampires living at the old boarding school and half that time she had been pack leader. Long gone was whatever remained of mousy Willow, the reliable researcher cum hacker who was always in the background. Even when she started seeing Angel, she was still considered fragile and in need of protection, which left her feeling coddled at times. Now, she was the one who the others came to for protection. And those others were vampires, not humans.

Opening the bedroom door, she saw that Spike had cleaned Angelus up and the two were now sitting in the comfy chairs on one side of the room. Well, Spike was sitting, Angelus was perched tenderly on the edge. The second he saw her, however, he stood and dropped his chin to his chest. "Lady," he said respectively.

"Over here, Angelus," Willow said, pointing to a spot on the floor by her feet. He walked quickly over to her and dropped to his knees, head still bowed. She ran her fingers over his damp hair. "Good boy."

She noted that Spike had cleaned himself up, as well, and was looking at her curiously. She arched her brow at him, then turned and went over to the double wide closet. "I'm in the mood to go to the Bronze now, instead of later. You're welcome to come with, if you'd like," she said to him.

"Sure, luv," Spike replied. "Need to hunt first, though."

"Why don't you take the General with you and then meet me back here in say...half an hour?" Willow suggested.

Spike nodded and rose fluidly to his feet. He walked over to his sire and put a hand on his shoulder. "Come on, mate. Let's go grab some take out."

Angelus didn't move, his head still downcast. "Go ahead, Angelus," Willow dismissed him.

"Thank you, Lady," he said, standing and following Spike out the door.

The hacker watched them depart, then studied the contents of her closet. "What to wear, what to wear," she muttered to herself as she let her robe drop to the floor. There was a knock on the re- closed door. "Come in."

It was Jordan, Carter's mate and one of the inner circle of vampires who made up the top positions in the pack. "Lady Red?"

"Yes, Jordan, what is it?" Willow asked, not turning from the closet.

"Elden and Cassie have been taken care of," Jordan told her. "We were wondering if there was anything you needed."

"No," she replied. "Go ahead and hunt, which is what you're really asking permission for."

"Yes, Lady Red," Jordan said. She turned to leave, then paused. "Permission to speak frankly, Lady?"

Willow faced her, not embarrassed by her nudity. "Shoot."

Jordan entered the room and closed the door behind her. "Truthfully, it's a good thing you did what you just did. There has been...talk that you're not...that you shouldn't be pack leader. But not from Carter or me. We both think you're great, and we really like the changes you've made."

"Talk, huh?" Willow said thoughtfully. "Thank you for telling me, Jordan. I don't want you to be a spy or anything, but if you hear something that you don't think I'll like..."

"Yes, Lady," Jordan replied. She gave the red head a smile. "I'd better go. Carter is taking me to the Bronze tonight, not that we don't do that most nights, but it's our anniversary."

Willow smiled hugely. "Congratulations, Jordan. I'll be there, too, but you and Carter have my permission to ignore me and just enjoy yourselves."

"Thank you, Lady," the female vampire gushed. She opened the bedroom door and quickly left, closing it again behind her.

The red head giggled happily for the couple as she turned back to her closet. They had been together for, she did a quick mental calculation in her head, around to twenty years. Invited into the pack, rather than made by the Master, Jonathan, they both quickly rose together to become highly respected inner circle members. The others were Angelus, Richard, Lydia and Matthew, although ultimately everyone but Jonathan answered to her. Richard was the hardest one to keep under her thumb, but she had Angelus for that because the vampire was extremely homophobic.

Deciding to wear black leather, she took out a short skirt and button down vest and laid them on the bed. She dug out her knee high, lace up boots, then moved to her dresser to retrieve undergarments. Smooth black satin with a criss-cross back to hide the bra straps slid over her arms, pushing up her breasts enticingly. Her thong panties matched and did not leave lines under the skirt. She grabbed some almond scented lotion and rubbed it over both her legs since she wasn't going to wear hose.

Pulling out her one and only mirror, she began to put on her makeup, outlining her eyes in black. She ran the pencil up in the corners, making her eyes looked tilted, like cat's eyes. She added a light coating of green shadow to match the color of the orbs, then put on a touch of blush. The final additive was her deep red lipstick, almost clashing with her hair, which she quickly twisted into a tight, french braid.

With a wink at her reflection, she put the mirror away and got dressed. She finished tying her second boot when Spike and Angelus returned. "And the lady is ready when she said. Will miracles never cease?" Spike teased.

"Spike," Willow said sweetly. "Eat me."

"With pleasure, pet," he retorted, smacking his lips exaggeratedly.

She rolled her eyes, then gave him the once over, all but ignoring the other vampire standing in the open doorway. "Don't you own any other clothes?"

"What's wrong with my clothes?" Spike said, looking down at his black t-shirt, black jeans and duster.

"First, lose the duster. One of my rules is that you blend in and wearing a leather coat in close to ninety-degree heat is not a way to do that," Willow told him. Spike sighed and took off the coat, tossing it onto the bed. "Second, you've been wearing that same outfit for how many years now? Thirty?"


"I think you could at least change every once in awhile," she mocked. Then, she pointed at him. "Strip." Not waiting to see if he did as told, she bypassed Angelus and headed down the hall to Allen's room. Without knocking, she went inside and started digging through his clothing, guesstimating that Spike and the fledgling were about the same size.

She returned to her and Angelus' bedroom and tossed the clothing at the nude blond. "Put those on and lets get out of here," she said, making sure to watch with a naughty grin on her face as he dressed.

"Enjoying the show, ducks?" Spike asked as he slid the dark grey t-shirt on over his head, then tucked it in to the faded blue jeans.

"Big time," Willow answered. With no more to see other than him putting his shoes back on and his belt, she turned to Angelus who was still staring at Spike, a hungry look on his face. She snapped her finger in front of him to get his attention as the leather collar appeared in her other hand.

Without her having to say a word, he dropped to his knees to let her put it around his neck, wincing slightly when it rubbed against a whip mark. She pulled back his loose, long sleeve shirt and looked at his back, noting that the bleeding had stopped but his skin was marred with deep patterns from the cat-o-nine-tails. She'd wager his ass and backs of his thighs looked the same.

She attached the thin, magickally enhanced, silver chain to the collar, then tucked the end in the pocket of his shirt. Therefore, it was there to remind him who he belonged to without her needing to hold it. She turned to Spike, who had stuck a cigarette in his mouth and was playing with his lighter, waiting to go. "Ready, pet?" Willow asked him with a mischievous grin.

"I'm always ready, luv," he replied.