Power Play

by Saber ShadowKitten
Abracadabra Alternate

Part Ten

The phone was chirping as everyone came back to reality. Willow quickly connected while the others stretched and stood. "Red here," she said over the headphone.

"Hello, Lady," Angelus greeted on the other end of the line. "I have a note here that you wanted to talk to me."

"Yes," Willow replied. "Hold on." She looked over at the others. "Anyone still want to see what Angelus' mind looks like?"

"I would," Giles said immediately. "Strictly for comparison, mind you."

"I'll go," Buffy added quietly. She was studying the floor in front of her with great interest.

"No one else?" Willow asked. "You guys can go then, I'll take Buffy and Giles in. And thanks, Amy."

"No sweat, Willow," Amy said. "It was fun."

"Angelus," Willow said over the phone. "I'm going to take a trip in your mindscape. Is Spike in the room with you?"

"Yes, Lady Red," Angelus replied. "He's looking sort of comatose."

"Normal," she told him. "Put him in a naughty position or something, then lay on the bed."

"Yes, Lady," he said.

Willow disconnected without saying goodbye, then looked at Giles and Buffy. "I'm going to hit the head in a non-hidden bathroom for once, then we'll get going."

After she had left the library, the group exchanged worried glances. Xander started to whistle the Twilight Zone theme. "Picture if you will, an innocent little girl trapped in a world of vampires. Will she survive intact...or does she become one?"

"And on that note, goodnight," Amy said, taking Jonathan's hand and leaving.

"Come on, Xander," Cordelia said. "I need to get home before sunrise for once." She took the teen's arm and dragged him out with a quick goodbye.

Buffy and Giles sat across from each other on the floor, not having moved. "Are you alright?" Giles asked the Slayer, noting her small frown and worry lines.

"This is just too wiggy, Giles," Buffy told him. "What if everything I've been told about my sacred duty is wrong? What if Willow is right, that I'm killing people who are just trying to survive."

"Buffy, your sacred duty has not changed in light of the information," Giles told her. "Vampires are still undead beings who feed on the innocent, which means they need a protector. Which is you."


"Have you ever staked a vampire who was minding his own business? Or not attacking you?" Giles interrupted. She shook her head no. "You are like a-a game warden, Buffy. Controlling the population of lions, using Willow's reference, so as they don't become too widespread. Those that attack you, you fight in self-defense."

Buffy studied the man she'd come to like like a whole hell of a lot as he continued. He still denied that he liked her in that way in return, although his actions towards her did tend to lean towards the more affectionate side. She didn't know if she loved him, especially in light of the reaction she'd had to Spike's mindscape, and it was distressing. Willow had told her before she'd left for LA that 93% of Watcher's and Slayer's were meant to be together. Did this mean she was part of the other 7%?

With a sigh, she looked over at the red head who walked back into the library. She noted the air of confidence that surrounded Willow, the power coming from her that commanded the room, the smirk that always seemed to play on her lips. She was going to have to find out what really happened to her best friend while she'd been gone.

Willow sat back down and took Buffy and Giles' hands in her own. "Last trip, then I gotta get back before sunrise. I have a certain set of promises to keep," she said with a quirk of her mouth.

She closed her eyes and led them both into Angelus' mindscape with ease.


Willow strolled back to the old school taking in the last bit of night before the sun crested the horizon. The skies were starting to light up in an amber glow, warning the creatures of the darkness to find shelter. It was a dangerous time for them, vampires especially, and the flight or fight instinct was high. Luckily, her charges were smart and would all be tucked in their beds by now, preparing to hunker down for the day.

As she went in through the outer door on the west side of the building, she didn't see the blond figure that had followed her. Buffy found a hiding place to wait until the sun rose and good little vampires would be fast asleep. Then, she was going in to find out what the heck was going on with her best friend.


Willow entered the bedroom to see Spike and Angelus sprawled naked across the bed, dozing. She arched a brow at the picture they made, then quickly stripped down to nothing and crawled in between the two. She was very tired from traveling the mindscape four times in one day and seeing the blond vampire's twice was depressing.

Angelus opened his eyes and looked at her and she smiled, brushing her hand along his cheek. He nuzzled it, then moved when she opened her arms, resting his dark head on her breast. She began to run her fingers over his hair, eliciting a content sigh from him before he started to purr.

She turned her head to see Spike peering at them with his curious blue eyes. The side of her mouth tilted up and she patted her bare stomach with her other hand. He gave her a sleepy grin, then moved so his head was laying where she indicated, his body only curled slightly across the king size bed.

Soon, all three were lulled to sleep by Angelus' soothing purr.


Buffy silently crept into the old boarding school, stake at the ready about an hour after the sun had risen. The hall she was walking down had several small rooms that were all empty save for a tables and some chairs. The hallway opened up into a huge room that had four other doorways branching off of it, not including the one she came down.

In it, the Slayer saw a fully equipped entertainment center, billiards table, foosball table, several video games and shelves of movies and Nintendo, PlayStation and Sega games. There was even a haphazard stack of board games behind a glass case. Several couches and chairs were scattered about and she saw open magazines and books here and there.

She moved to the first doorway to her left, in what would be the northwest corner of the room, and was surprised to find a large kitchen. Tables and chairs were set up on one side, separated from the preparing area by a long Formica counter. She quietly went over to the extra large refrigerator and opened it. She was not expecting to see shelves of food and drinks, including several tupperware containers with names on them.

Closing the door, she went back out into the rec room then down the next hallway, in the northeast corner of the room. She found a library that rivaled the high school's with rows upon rows of books. Tables were set up in the center of the room, along with small love seats and really comfortable looking chairs.

She continued around the corner, now heading east, and found herself in a long hallway with doors lining either side. *Must be the bedrooms,* she thought, pausing to listen at one of the heavy wooden doors. She couldn't hear anything, so she cracked open the door. Inside she saw what she guessed, a double bed, dresser and desk. No vampires, though.

Closing the door with a quiet click she double backed and re-entered the rec room. Choosing the east hallway next, she silently walked down a replica of the one she'd just left. She peeked her head in a well lit, dorm style bathroom and was surprised to see how clean it looked. In fact, everything she'd seen so far had been exceptionally clean.

She continued down the hall further, wondering which room was Willow's when she saw a sign tacked to one of the doors. The difference from the uniformity of the rest of the hallway made her pause to read it.

Please knock and wait for an answer,
or find yourself eating your knuckles in your soup.

With love,
Lady Red & Angelus

"Pleasant," Buffy muttered under her breath as she took hold of the doorknob. Slowly, she turned the knob, then pushed open the door to peek through. All she could see was a corner of a bed and a dresser. Looking down the hall left and right after hearing nothing coming from inside, she pushed it open further and stuck her head in the room.

And her mouth dropped open.

Willow, her innocent little shy friend, was in the middle of the bed - naked - with two equally naked males laying against her. She was flabbergasted as well as infuriated that something changed her friend. She went fully into the room and closed the door behind her without worrying about being quiet. "Willow Ann Rosenberg, I want an explanation and I want one now!" Buffy snapped, her stake cutting into her hand as she gripped it tightly.

Three sets of eyes turned on her, one blue, one green and one yellow. Angelus began growling and Willow laid her hand on his head, holding him to her. "Angelus, shush," the red head told him. He stopped growling, but was still tense. "Buffy, what are you doing here? You could get hurt."

"Me? What about you?" Buffy asked incredulously. "These are vampires, Willow. They could easily kill you, or worse, turn you."

Spike turned to look up at Willow at the Slayer's words in question. He had felt her abdomen tense under his head and started to put the pieces of the things that were puzzling him over the past month together. His sire losing his ‘soul', even though he'd been told it was permanent; the friendliness she showed some of the minions; the way she didn't want her old friends hurt; the fact that she never was in game face, even when seriously mad; the way he'd never seen her go hunting; and finally, the fact that she didn't bite when having sex.

She met his gaze steadily, but tiredly. She was in no shape to handle Buffy right now, or the questions that were bound to come from the Slayer's words. "Spike, will you go screw Buffy until she can't walk anymore?" Willow asked him. She almost laughed at the flash of excitement in his eyes and saw his erection. He nodded.

Buffy's eyes widened as Spike rolled fluidly off the bed. Her breathing and heart rate increase as the lean, muscular, aroused male walked towards her. She swallowed heavily, forcing herself to look into his face and not any lower. "Um...wh-what are you doing?"

She almost fainted at the slow, sexy smile that crossed his lips. "I'm going to give you a good seeing to," he told her in a low, rumbling voice. He reached out and she took a step back, coming up against the door. His brow arched at her action as he grasped the doorknob and turned.

"Where are you going?" Buffy asked him, trying to make her voice sound steady.

"We are going to leave Red and Angel alone," Spike replied. He started to open the door, forcing her to get out of the way. He gestured for her to exit in front of him and chuckled when she scurried around him, careful not to brush against him in any way. He turned back to the two on the bed and gave Willow a wink.

"Have fun, Spike," Willow said with a naughty smile.

"Plan to," Spike replied.

"Coming?" Buffy asked impatiently outside the door.

He faced her and grinned. "Not yet."

Buffy blushed bright red and turned to run back down the hall. Spike quickly stepped outside and grabbed her arm, halting her. He reached back and closed the door to Willow and Angelus' room, then gestured to the right, away from the way she came. "I am so gonna stake you," she muttered, scowling at him.

"You sure it's not the other way around?" Spike asked mischievously.

"Spike, enough with the sex," Buffy growled. "And put some clothes on! How's a girl suppose to kill a naked vamphh-"

Spike had shot his hand out and covered her mouth. "Slayer, shut up before you have the entire household clamoring to bite your delectable neck."

She glared at him, but nodded. "Fine," she hissed when he removed his hand. "But I want an explanation!"

He sighed and started down the hall, opening a door three away from the one he had just left. He cocked his head, giving her a pointed look, then went inside. Buffy grumbled something obscene and physically impossible before she stomped down the hall after him. She didn't let herself stop as she tried to think of why she was following a naked vampire into his room. *Correction, a gorgeous, well-proportioned, extremely sexy, naked vampire,* she thought, then groaned.

When she entered the bedroom, he was lounging on the bed, a pair of unbuttoned black jeans riding low on his hips. If possible, he looked even more edible than when he was completely sans clothing. She shut the door behind her, trying to gather her wits, then put on her irritated face. "Ok, Spike. Tell me what the hell is going on with Willow before I stake your sexy ass," Buffy growled. *Oh god, did I just say he had a sexy ass?*

"You think I have a sexy arse, Slayer?" Spike asked with a smirk.

*I did. Someone please kill me now,* she thought, thumping her head back against the door. "Can we just get on with it?"

If possible, his smirk grew. "A bit pushy, aren't we, luv? Why don't you come over here and I'll see what I can do," he said.

"Look, bleach brain," Buffy started, glaring at him. "I am not, n-o-t, not interested in having sex, slapping skin, hiding the salami, hitting the sheets, boinking, screwing, fucking, riding or any other terms you can come up with. So, get your hormones under control and keep it in your pants and why are you walking over here like I'm going to be breakfast?"

Spike stopped directly in front of her, having moved from the bed during her speech. He leaned on his hand against the door, looking down over her. "Slayer, has anyone ever told you that you talk too much?" he asked. Then, he kissed her.

Part Eleven

"Angelus," Willow said a short time after the door closed. "Why do you want to kill Buffy?"

"She's the Slayer, Lady," Angelus answered, snuggling back down against her.

"Is that the only reason? Because she's the Slayer?"

"Yes, Lady," he replied.

Willow frowned, her mind clicking on something that she'd pushed aside for over a month now. "Why did you come after me after you ‘lost your soul' again? To kill me?"

"You were the one who returned my soul to begin with," Angelus said. "But I wanted not to kill you, but to turn you so you would be mine forever, Lady."

"Why? So I wouldn't have a chance to curse you again?" she asked.

Angelus sat up and looked at her, his brown eyes deadly serious. "No. Because I love you, Willow and I wouldn't be able to go on without you."

Willow felt tears of joy and love filling her eyes. She reached for him and he came willingly, their lips meeting in an emotion-filled kiss. She wove her fingers into his dak hair, holding him to her.

Angelus ran his hand down the soft skin of her side, then back up to cup her breast. Gently, he held it, brushing her nipple with his thumb. Their kiss didn't stop as his fingers danced lightly down her body again, dipping into her nest of curls to her core.

She arched into his hand, seeking his touch as their tongues swirled together. There were no demands made, no dominance to be claimed, just two immortal beings showing their love for each other.

Angelus moved over Willow, his length pressing against her folds as she parted for him. Ever so slowly, he entered her, their moans of pleasure muffled by the continuing kiss. He began thrusting into her, his pace unhurried as she moved her hips to meet him.

Willow ran he fingers over his back and arms, feeling his strong, solid, cool body. She inhaled his scent, masculine and musky as it mixed with her own. They flowed into one another, ying and yang, perfect halves to a whole.

Before long, they both started to quiver, their bodies sending them over the precipice togther, linked eternally. And as the waves of pleasure washed over them both, they never broke their mouths apart.

Nor did they try to prevent the tears of completeness that mingled into the kiss.


She was going to hurt him.

She was going to kill him.

She was going to faint.

Spike's lips were soft yet firm as he plundered her mouth. The coolness reminded Buffy of kissing Angel, but that was where the similarities ended. Where Angel had been more tender and tentative, Spike demanded and claimed what he wanted.

And what he wanted was her.

Buffy shivered, not from anger or fear, but from the lick of arousal that tickled down her spine The only thing that was touching between them was their lips but she felt as though he was surrounding her, invading her

And she liked it.

But before she could panic and push him away at that thought, Spike broke the kiss and stared down at her with fiery blue eyes. "Now then," he began, then cleared his throat from the huskiness of his voice. "You had some questions?"

He casually straightened and walked away from her towards the desk. That casualness, however, belayed what he was feeling, both physically and emotionally. While his back was still to her, he adjusted his painful erection, then sat backwards on the chair, so the solid backing would block her sight. His teeth were clenched together and it felt like his undead heart was pounding in his chest. He gestured for Buffy to take a seat on the bed, his icy gaze revealing nothing of his feelings.

Buffy frowned at him, then went over and sat on the edge of the double bed. She studied his relaxed posture and grew more tense and angry. He should have been feeling as messed up as she did. When she asked her first question, her voice sounded like a whip. "What is going on here?"

"You're asking questions and I'm to answer them, pet," Spike replied mockingly. He was surprised when she actually growled at her, her eyes flashing in anger, which only served to fuel his desire even more.

"I meant with Willow," Buffy ground out. "Why is she acting all non-Willowy."

"Are you sure about that, luv?" he asked.

"What do yo mean?" she said, narrowing her eyes.

"Perhaps the ‘real' Red has finally come out of her shell," Spike replied.

"And that ‘real Willow' includes beating Angel?" Buffy said incredulously. "We heard his screams, we saw his back. It look like she'd whipped him."

"She did," he confirmed. "And he enjoyed it. Thoroughly."

"You have got to be joking," she replied.

"Slayer, there's a lot you don't know about vampire relationships," Spike said.

"Enlighten me."

He studied her thoughtfully for a moment, then asked, "Do you know how a vampire pack is run?"

"By dominance," Buffy answered. "Giles told me about it."

"Correct, by dominance," he repeated. "When a vampire is brought into the fold, he quickly learns that fact. And it is continuously beaten into him, both literally and figuratively."

"I get the idea, no need to go pull out the pictures," she told him. "But I still don't get what this has to do with Willow."

"I'm getting there, hold your bloody horses," Spike said exasperately. "When a vampire chooses a possible mate, he is the one in the dominant position. But the lucky girl or guy doesn't become his true mate until that person dominates him. Then, it is a constant, yet enjoyable, struggle to see who metaphorically stays on top."

"Let me see if I got this right," Buffy said, looking around the room as she spoke. "If you were to chose, say me, as a possible mate, I would have to tie you up and do all sorts of nasty stuff to you for me to become your true mate? With whips and chains and all that until I have you begging?"

Spike's eyes were about popping out of his head at the mental image he was getting from her words. "Yes," he croaked out, his erection huge and throbbing, straining against his jeans.

"And you would enjoy it?" Buffy asked, oblivious to the effect she was having on him. "I mean, really enjoy the fact that I made you scream and bend to my will?"

His jaw was clenched tightly as he hissed, "Yes." The wood of the chair's arm rests splintered under his grip, making Buffy look at him in question. "Stay here," he got out, rising to his feet. He walked stiffly to the door and left.

"O-k," she dragged out. "What was that all about?"


Spike didn't bother to knock, he didn't care about the warning note, so exceedingly aroused was he. He shoved open the door and slammed it behind him, nostrils flaring as he smelled the scent of recent lovemaking. This only inflamed him more and he stormed over to the bed where Willow and Angelus lay, looking at him with puzzled frowns on their faces.

Without a word, he grabbed the back of Angelus' hair, dragging him upwards to savagely plunder his mouth. Normally, this sort of action would have him sailing across the room from his sire's blow, but the dark haired vampire could sense Spike's barely controlled need.

Willow could see the tip of his shaft poking out of the top of his jeans. She wondered why he'd come back in their room, rather than making Buffy scream in pleasure. "Spike, where's Buffy?"

"Room," Spike said, panting in animalistic arousal.

"And you're here instead of there because..."

"I'm not going to bloody force myself on the girl," he growled, his eyes flashing yellow. "Despite how badly I wanted her." He then grabbed Angelus again, brutalizing his mouth. Willow was undeniably pleased with his words and decided to reward him. She reached out and unzipped his jeans the rest of the way, freeing his cock. She then leaned across Angelus and licked around the head before she took him in her mouth.

She heard a loud growl of pleasure as he bucked, thrusting his shaft further into her mouth. She relaxed her throat muscles and took him in all the way, her nose butting up against the dark hair surrounding his member. Soon, he swore viscously and pumped his cold semen down her throat, making her swallow reflexively.

After she'd milked him of every drop, she let him go and looked up to give him a wink. "You two play for awhile, I'm going to go talk to Buffy," she told the two vampires after she gave Angelus' hard shaft a lick.

She climbed out of bed and threw on a t-shirt, then left to the sound of Angelus groaning as Spike took his cock in his mouth. She stopped at the bathroom first to clean up slightly, then wandered to the kitchen to retrieve two sodas. On her way there, she saw that there were a few vampires already awake and watching The New Zoo Review on the wide-screen television as they ate bowls of cereal, arguing on whether Doug was cute or not.

"How can you guys be awake already," Willow said as she passed them by. "It's seven o'clock in the morning."

"We never miss this show, Lady," Lana told her, gesturing with her spoon at the television.

"Doug is a doll, Lady," Andrea added.

"Is not," Corrine said to Andrea. "He's a goober."

Willow shook her head and continued on her way. She took the long way back, going out the side door and past the library to circle around back to Spike's assigned room. She saw a few more vampires wandering back and forth between rooms, and could hear the sounds of muffled screams coming from a few.

After knocking, she cracked open the door. "Buffy, it's me," she said in order to not be attacked by the Slayer. She entered the room and closed the door behind her, holding up her arm to hide the large yawn. "Brought you a soda."

"Thanks," Buffy said, taking it from her as the red head crawled onto the bed and made herself comfortable. "What happened to Spike? He broke that chair over there, then left."

"He's playing with the General," Willow said. "You got him pretty worked up."

"How did I do that?" the Slayer asked, confused.

"What were you talking about before he left?"

"About how he would enjoy it if I chained him up and hurt him," Buffy replied.

Willow gave her a pointed look. "Now, why do you think he left?"

"I don't...oh!" Buffy said, her eyes widening in realization. She glanced at the broken arms of the chair, then back at the hacker. "You mean that he really would want me to do those things to him? "

"In a heartbeat," Willow told her. "Of course, Spike's heart doesn't beat, but you get the idea."

"Doesn't he have Drusilla for that sort of thing?" Buffy asked, her mind whirling at the thought of actually doing ‘those things.'

"Drusilla left him a couple of months ago, Buffy," she said.

"Why?" she inquired.

"You," came the simple reply.

"Me? What do I have to do with it?" Buffy said.

Willow stared at her friend, then rubbed a hand over her face tiredly. "Never mind. Let's just say they separated citing irreconcilable differences," she said. "Do you have any other questions for right now?"

"Are you still on my team?" Buffy asked after a few moments of quiet. "Am I going to have to worry about having to kill you. Or Angel."

"Of course I'm still on your team, Buffy," Willow replied. "I'm not going to stop you from doing your sacred duties, them being sacred and all. I'd be happy to help you research the bad guys and prevent the apocalypse that tends to try and occur alternate Tuesdays. But, and it's a big but, I'm not going to help you slay vampires anymore. And if I see you fighting one of mine, I will try to save him or her."

"How, by hurting me?"

"No, just breaking up the fight. If they try and come after you still, then you kill them, it was in self-defense and they're an idiot anyway," Willow answered. "I'm not planning on giving up my position, either. Working for Jonathan is a lot of fun and I enjoy my responsibilities."

"You like working for a master vampire?" Buffy said, surprised.

"It's just like working for a human, Buffy," she replied. "Jonathan's in the business of making money, as are most master vampires around the world. The Hellmouth tends to drag the ones who want to conquer it here, like Jonathan's master. But, he ended up being dusted by you at the end of the school year without you even knowing it."

"I did?" Buffy said, thinking back in her head.

"You did. Then Jonathan took over the pack, had the ugly ones booted out except for the guards, and started to dabble in business," Willow said. "And you don't have to worry about many vampires being made because of him. He's kinda on the goofy side when it comes to choosing his progeny. He only wants to be surrounded by beauty and I don't allow any of the others to create fledglings."

"You don't allow," Buffy repeated. "And they listen to you?"

"Big time," the hacker replied with a broad grin. "Especially after yesterday's little reinforcement of my position."

"That sounds like something I don't want to know," Buffy told her. She looked around the room for a minute, then sighed. "I guess since you seem to be ok, although a little nuts, I'd better go."

"You can't," Willow said immediately.

"Why?" Buffy asked, arching her brow.

"Some of my charges are already up and about," she replied. "I don't want them dead and I don't want you dead. Hence, you're not leaving until I can send them all out later tonight."

"You mean I have to stay here? All day?"

"Uh-huh," she said.

"And what am I suppose to do?" Buffy asked.

"You could always tie Spike up and make him howl," Willow suggested innocently, a pair of shackles and a riding crop magickally appearing in Buffy's hands.



December 21, 1999

Dear Diary~

I can hardly believe that it has only been a year since I went over to Angel's apartment on my Mission. The theme song is running through my mind as I type, making me bounce on the chair.

So much has happened since then. I brought Angel out of his shell. I found out I am descended from a long family of witches and that I am immortal. I fell in love with Angel. I made love to Angel. I went to prom. I graduated high school. I ‘became' a vampire. I removed Angel's curse. I became pack leader. I dominated Angelus. I had sex with Spike - more than once! I am vice president of Churchill Corporation, a multi-billion dollar company that I helped build. And, finally, I am completely in love with Angelus. Not the cursed Angel, but his counterpart. He is my mate, my other half, MINE.

Life around here is good. Xander and Cordelia went to New York together to go to school. Last I heard they found a cosy closet in the science building. Amy and Jonathan took a trip overseas to hike around Europe. Giles is still the librarian at good old Sunnydale High and helps to prevent chaos from taking over the Hellmouth. (Side note: Snyder turned out to really be a impotent troll with a bug up his butt the size of an emu. Cordy was right. Imagine my surprise.)

Angelus and I still live with the pack at the old boarding school and I have a deal with the Slayer part of Buffy. If she comes across them feeding, she dusts them. If not, she leaves them alone and she'll give them a chance to run away. I thought that was fair enough.

Buffy and the General get along, sort of. It's not too wise to leave them in the same room alone together for long. Both of them have really short tempers and Angelus does like to egg her on. He's gotten more than his dose of punishment because of that. And I enjoyed doling it out.

Amy went into my mindscape before she left and told me that I still have my guilt emotion, but that it has diminished in size. I would say that it made me feel bad because of that, but then I'd be lying. I've learned so much about myself and vampires that I never thought possible. Every once in awhile I catch myself talking about humans as if I weren't one. I guess I'm not really, anymore, but that doesn't scare me. I have my life, I have my mate, and I have my challenges as a vice president and pack leader. I don't need anything else.

I have to go now, Angelus is bellowing. We're going over to Buffy and Spike's house for dinner. It was funny, last time we went there, she had him on the floor by her feet during the meal. Not wanting Angelus to get a swelled head, I sent him to the ground as well.

I've never heard so much purring in my life.

End 1