Whose Reality?

by Saber ShadowKitten
Series: Abracadabra/Crossover

Part Four

"Xander?" Willow said, as she entered the library with Buffy.

"Hey Wills, hey Buff," Xander greeted absently, as he headed to the check out counter with an open book in his hand. He almost dropped the book when he was engulfed in a hug from an exuberant redhead. "Woah, what's with the hugging?"

"Goddess, it's so good to see you," Willow bubbled, giving him a final squeeze before stepping away. "I thought you weren't coming until tomorrow."

Xander couldn't answer because he was too busy staring at the hacker's outfit, then he was being embraced by Buffy. "You should have told us you were coming sooner. We don't get to see you guys as often enough as it is."

"Hello Buffy, Willow," Giles greeted, coming out of the stacks. "Did you sleep alright?"

"With a little help, we did," Buffy answered, stepping back from the dumbfounded teen. She gave him an odd look, then returned her attention to her Watcher. "So, figure out why my house is missing?"

"Willow, you-your clothes," Xander sputtered, staring at the tops of her breasts that swelled over her top.

"I know, I had to borrow them from Buffy," Willow sighed, brushing her hands over the black, velvet hip-huggers and white camisole, her black leather jacket completing the outfit. "Not my usual style."

Giles was slightly more prepared for the way Willow looked, but he was still reminded of the vampire-Willow that had graced their presence several weeks earlier. He shook his head and answered Buffy. "N-no, nothing yet, I'm afraid."

"So, where's Cordy?" Willow asked Xander, jumping up on the counter next to the pile of books. She picked the top one up and thumbed through it.

"She went with Wesley," Xander said the name snidely. "And Oz to the Hall of Records to find out more on our dear Mayor Wilkins."

Willow frowned at him. "Mayor who?"

"That's right, you missed story time," Xander replied. "Turns out the Mayor is after the Books of Ascension."

"What?!" Willow said, jumping to her feet on the counter in a move she'd done hundreds of times. She began gesturing wildly. "Buffy, we need to find out what happened to the lair!" Giles and Xander both stared at Willow in astonished confusion as she went on. "I think we had half the set! I remember Julia wondering why we got so many books she didn't read and those were some of them! If they fall into the wrong hands-"

"We are in deep trouble," Angel completed as he emerged from the stacks, making sure to stay in the shadows of the bookshelves to hide from the late afternoon sun. Both Giles and Xander turned in surprise at the sound of his voice.

"General!" Willow exclaimed, making a quick gesture with her hand. She suddenly disappeared from on top of the counter and reappeared right in front of Angel. Throwing her arms around him, she started to babble, unaware of the commotion she caused by teleporting herself. "Are you ok? Did you guys find shelter? Did you see what happened to the lair? Why are you here in the library? You hate it when I'm here. Were you worried? Have you seen Jordan or Carter or Matthew or Linda or Julia or Diana or Master Jonathan?"

Angel stared wide-eyed at the top of Willow's head, his arms awkwardly around her. He felt as though his ribs were being crushed, which had to be in his mind, considering the hacker was barely strong enough to use the tranquilizer gun. He let his gaze travel to Buffy, hoping that she would not get jealous, only to see her looking through an open book on the library table, not paying the slightest bit of attention to him.

"Willow, slow down," Angel finally said. She raised her head and looked at him with tears in her green eyes. "I didn't understand a word you said."

"That's because you never graduated Kindergarten," Buffy scoffed, not looking up from the book. Three sets of male eyes turned to Buffy at her snide tone.

"What was that, Buffy?" Angel asked, hurt registering in his eyes.

"Wills, it looks like it's time to get the old man a hearing aid," Buffy said, a half-smirk on her face as she met his gaze. She then dropped her eyes to the hacker, who had once again snuggled into Angel's embrace. "I'm going to go look around where my house was and the lair before the sun sets. Maybe there's something you missed last night."

"Ok, Buff," Willow replied. "Be safe."

"Hey, you know me," Buffy answered with a grin.

"Yeah, I do. Be safe," Willow repeated with an answering smile. Buffy laughed and made her way out of the library. The redhead sighed and looked up at Angel. "What's wrong, General? You don't seem like your normal, bad self."

"Um, I need to go," Angel said, disentangling himself from Willow without looking at her. He glanced at Giles. "I'll be back later." Before Willow could say anything, he quickly disappeared into the stacks.

Willow stared after him with confusion written plainly on her face. She knew not to go after him, despite her wanting to know what was wrong. She wondered if the problem with the lair was what was bothering him. Or having to come to the library, which he despised doing, to make sure she was alright. "That's probably it," she said to herself.

"Um, can someone tell me what's going on?" Xander asked loudly, breaking into her musings. She turned around and faced the two men staring at her strangely. "How did you get from the counter to over there? Why were you hugging Deadboy like he was your long lost love? Why did Buffy say those wonderful, but cruel remarks to him?"

"Xander, what are you talking about?" Willow asked, confused. She made a gesture and instantly appeared sitting cross-legged on the library table in front of them.

"That!" Xander pointed at her.

"Willow, did-did-did you just teleport yourself?" Giles asked, taking off his glasses to stare at her in amazement.

"Of course," Willow replied with a frown. "What do you think I did?"

"I had not realized you-you progressed so far," Giles said.

"What do you mean?" Willow said. "I've been able to teleport myself for over six years now, you know that."

The former Watcher started. "Six years?"

"Well, duh," the redhead replied, stretching her arms high above her head. Xander's gaze immediately shot to her cleavage and she smirked. "Xander, get your eyes off of my boobs. What would your wife say?"

"My what?" Xander said, his eyes shooting to meet hers.

"Your wife. You know, that woman you married after we graduated high school, goes by the name Cordelia," Willow prompted, then gasped. "You two didn't separate, did you? Oh no, Xander, I'm so sorry."

"Um, Wills," Xander said, backing up a few steps. "I'm not married to Cordelia. In fact, I haven't even graduated high school, yet."

Willow stared at him for a moment, then looked at Giles, who was studying her with great confusion. "Giles? Xander and Cordy are married, right? They have been for five years. They live in LA. You, me, Buffy, Amy and Jonathan were suppose to get together with them for lunch tomorrow."

"No, I am a-a-afraid none of that is-is correct," Giles replied, replacing his glasses. He straightened his posture and took on an air of menace. "Now, who are you and what have you done with Willow?"

"Giles, Angel says we need to buy the Books of Ascension, like now," Buffy rushed out as she entered the library, her yellow coat streaked with dirt. "I got the address of where the demon who has them is staying, now I need the moola."

"Just a moment, Buffy," Giles said without turning. He continued to stare at Willow, who was looking at Buffy with a puzzled frown.

"Buffy, when did you change clothes?" Willow asked.

"I've been wearing this all day, Wills," Buffy replied with a frown of her own. "Remember? When I came over to your house earlier? To talk about Angel?"

"But-but...," Willow trailed off as she looked from Giles to Xander, then returned her eyes to Buffy. "We stayed over at Giles' last night, remember? Your house is missing? The lair?"

"Um, no," Buffy said. "My house is right where I left it this morning, on Revello Drive."

"Oh goddess," the redhead gasped. She closed her eyes and said a quick centering spell to calm her unraveling nerves, then reopened them. "Giles, something is wrong. You saw Buffy with me at your house."

"That I-I did," Giles replied, turning to Buffy. "You were there."

"No, I wasn't," Buffy said. "I told you about the Books of Ascension, went on another patrol, stopped by the mansion to see if Angel knew anything about the books, then went home to bed. My home."

"Maybe we have a Buffy-double," Xander suggested. "And another Willow-double, like a couple weeks ago." He gestured to Willow. "It's obvious by her clothes this isn't my Willow."

"Xander, I haven't been your Willow since you started seeing Cordy back in 1998," Willow said, offhand, her mind chewing over the situation. "And you know the General would get pissed off if he heard you talk like that."

"You call Oz ‘the General'?" Xander asked.

"Oz?" Willow replied, her attention drawn to the question. "Who's Oz?" She received three dumbfounded looks in reply.

"Um, Willow, Oz is your boyfriend," Buffy ventured, a stake appearing in her hand. "You know, the musician who is sometimes a werewolf?"

"Oh, that Oz," Willow said, thinking back. "I haven't seen him in...oh goddess, it's been seven years now."

"Did you say seven years?" Giles asked. Willow nodded. "Willow, tell me what year this is."

"2005," Willow answered immediately. "Why, what year do you think it is?"

"It's only 1999," Giles replied.

"Oh goddess," Willow said, then promptly fainted.

Part Five

"Time travel?" Buffy said, looking at Willow who was not Willow, as Giles retrieved the smelling salts from his office.

"That is possible," Giles replied, returning to the main room. "She and the, er, o-other Buffy said they were almost hit by lightning." He opened the salts and waved them under Willow's nose.

"Do you want me to scrounge up the others, bring them back here to the library?" Xander asked.

"I think that would be prudent," Giles replied.

Xander paused. "That means yes, right?"

"Yes," Giles said. Xander nodded and left.

"Angelus," Willow groaned, as she came back to consciousness.

"Did she just say ‘Angelus'?" Buffy gasped.

Giles held up his hand as the redhead opened her eyes. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"Oh goddess, this wasn't a nightmare," Willow said, slowly pushing herself to a sitting position. She closed her eyes and healed the headache that had formed, then recast the centering spell. When she opened them again, she felt much clearer, but not happier. "We have a serious problem."

"Understatement, Wills," Buffy said. "Or should I call you something else?"

"Um, no," Willow replied. "I'm still Willow. Unless you want to call me Red, like the General and Spike do."

"Spike?" Buffy said, falling into a chair. "I don't think I want to know."

"Don't you know who Spike is?" Willow said.

"Oh, I know who that bleached moron is alright," Buffy scowled. "I should have staked him last time he showed up and ruined my not-relationship with Angel."

"When did he do that?" Willow asked.

"In December, the jerk," Buffy replied.

"December...what? 1998?" Willow said, her eyes widening at Buffy's nod. She turned to Giles, who was exiting his office after putting the smelling salts away. "I don't remember that happening. Giles, if I'm from the year 2005, why wouldn't I remember that?"

"Perhaps, like the vampire Willow, you are not from this time-line," Giles said thoughtfully.

"There's another vampire me?" Willow asked.

"What do you mean, ‘another'?" Buffy said, the stake she had put away, reappearing in her hand.

"Well, I'm kind of a-a-a pretend vampire," Willow replied.

"How does one pretend to be a, er, vampire?" Giles asked.

"Using lots of magick," Willow answered. "I've got several spells cast on myself, giving me strength, hiding my heartbeat, that sort of thing."

"But why would you do that?" Buffy said, still not trusting the redhead.

"Because if I didn't, it would be awfully hard to control the pack," Willow replied.

"Er, pack?" Giles said. "As in vampire pack?"

"I don't mean a six-pack," Willow joked.


Spike was out the door the second the sun settled over the horizon. His sire had not returned after leaving that afternoon, but he didn't worry about it. Willow had him at her beck and call, and it was great fun for the blond to tease Angelus about being whipped, both literally and figuratively.

Rubbing at the almost healed bite mark above the leather collar, Spike made his way down Crawford Street towards town. He absently wondered what happened to the brunette who had been at the mansion -- Angelus was never good at sharing - then put the thought out of his mind as his eyes lit on an easy meal.

As the lifeless body fell to the ground, he dug out a cigarette from the depths of his leather duster and lit it. After taking a deep drag, he continued on his way home. He had a Slayer to get back to before she came and dragged him kicking and screaming back to their house. And he loved to kick and scream, because the blond hellion that was his mate would then have to remind him of his place.

A smile crossed his face as Spike thought about the years of sex and violence and blood and love that was between him and Buffy. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think she would be with him as his mate. He was a soulless vampire, she was a vampire slayer, and never the twain shall meet. Unless one had a witch for a friend by the name of Willow.

A feather wouldn't hurt either.

That memory stirred his cock to life, and he quickened his pace. Rounding the corner outside of Sunnydale Cemetery, he heard the sounds of fighting. Since Cindy, the Second Slayer, was gone, it undoubtably had to be his Buffy. Flicking the cigarette away, he silently made his way towards the noise.

When he saw her, he couldn't help but grin. By the way she was fighting the three vampires, he knew something had pissed her off, right good. He would have to try and watch his tongue, lest it get burned by her fury. He almost felt sorry for his three brethren, considering Buffy was beating them to bloody pulps, rather than simply staking them.

"Lovely job, ducks," Spike said, as he moved into view after she'd finally staked the poor bastards. "Wish I'd been here to see the beginning, but Angelus took me up to the old mansion."

"Spike, come here," Buffy ordered, her stake disappearing up the sleeve of her burgundy coat.

Spike tried to keep the smile from his face, but he couldn't, as he walked over to her. "Yes, luv?"

Buffy's fist shot out and cracked him across the jaw, sending his head flying back. "What was that?" she growled.

"That was you punching me, pet," Spike replied, rubbing his jaw. He then realized his error, and didn't know whether to be scared or to rejoice.

Buffy's eyes narrowed and her second punch was strong enough to double him over. She spun and kicked him across his face while he was hunched over, sending him spinning to the ground. Without a word, she had her knee firmly dug into his back, pinning him down as she unwrapped the leash from around her wrist with practiced swiftness. After attaching it to the small ring on the collar, she stood and dragged him over to a nearby tree by his neck.

Even though he didn't need to breathe, Spike still gagged as the collar dug into his throat as he was pulled across the lawn. He knew the leash was magickally enhanced by Willow and it would not break no matter what it was put through, and he had a feeling that fact would be tested. He suddenly stopped moving and was about to look up when he felt himself being hoisted up by his neck.

Buffy threw the end of the leash over the thick limb, catching the other end. Using all her strength, she pulled Spike up until he was barely standing on the balls of his feet. His eyes were wide and pained as the leather cut into him from the tightness, and it gave her a thrill. Expertly tying the end of the leash off, she yanked the duster off his arms and let it fall to the ground.

With an evil grin, she turned him so he was facing away from her, making the leash twist once. She bent and snatched his duster from the ground, rooting through the pockets until she found the handcuffs she had put there the other day. When she looked up, Spike had wrapped his hands around the leash and was using his arms loosen the tension around his neck. She smacked him on the back of the head with the metal cuffs, then stood on her toes to snap one around his wrist.

Pulling his arm down as he tried to lash out backwards with his feet, she twisted it up sharply behind him to the point of breaking. Spike hissed in pain, and she used that sound to reach up and grab his other wrist, digging her sharp nails into the soft skin at precise points, until his hand released the leash due to the nerves being blocked. She quickly attached the other cuff around his wrist, then stepped away from him.

"You know, I thought I made it clear how you were suppose to address me the other day," Buffy finally said, her body becoming tense with excitement. Willow was right, she loved dominating Spike. Her hands snaked around his waist to undo the buckle, then pull the belt free from the loops. "Didn't I?"

"Yes," Spike said, trying to get enough air into his lungs to speak. "Lady Buffy."

Draping the leather belt over her shoulder, she reached around him again and quickly undid the fastenings to his jeans, then yanked the material down to his ankles. "Do you think that you can disobey me at whim?" she asked, stepping back to look at his taut buttocks and the corded muscles of his legs with an appreciative eye.

"No, Lady Buffy," Spike gasped out, the words barely audible.

"How many lashes do you think you deserve for your disobedience?" Buffy asked, pulling the belt off her shoulder and wrapping the rounded end around her hand.

"As many as you wish, Lady Buffy," Spike wheezed, hoping she didn't make him count, because he doubted he could draw more air in to speak. The leather collar had ridden up slightly, and was now digging into the underside of his chin.

Buffy smiled wickedly at his answer. "You need to learn to keep your place, Spike," she told him as she brought back her arm and cracked him across the ass with the belt, the metal buckle cutting into his skin. She did it thrice more in rapid succession, then continued speaking. "I am the dominant one, not you. You will obey any command that I give, understand?"

She could barely hear his response because of his inability to take in air, but it was the correct one. "Good," she said, then began raining blows on his buttocks and the backs of his legs with the belt, leaving bloody marks each time the buckle hit his skin, as she started to tell him about her foul mood. "Our house is gone. The lair is gone. I can't figure out how or why, and it's pissing me off. I need to go back to the library and tell Giles what I didn't find, and to top it all off, I'm still horny from going to the Bronze last night. I so did not need your insolence."

Spike arched with each blow, trying to get away, as the sting of the leather and metal shot through him. It wasn't the worst punishment he'd ever received from her, but that didn't mean it was any less painful. His legs and ass felt like they were on fire and the way he was tied up was almost like he was in a hangman's noose.

Buffy stopped whipping him and admired her work. The criss-cross marks from the leather interspersed with where the buckle cut him made quite an interesting pattern. Tossing the belt over her shoulder again, she dug into the pocket of her own burgundy coat for the small plastic container she'd put in there the same day he'd tried to dominate her.

Unscrewing the cap, she ran two fingers over the top of the clear substance, then chose a mark at random. Efficiently, she laved the wound with the special cream she'd had Willow make for her. It took less than a second for Spike to let out a choked scream as his skin started to burn from the holy water within the clear cream.

"Do you want me to wipe it off?" Buffy asked sweetly, as she rubbed more over another cut. "Hmm?" Spike was trying to push away from her with the balls of his feet, but was having no success. She found a nice, long cut on his inner thigh and quickly spread a good amount over it. Finally, with an evil smile, she pushed one finger into his anus, letting whatever cream was left on it coat his inner muscles.

Deciding she'd had enough, she walked around him to look up into his face. His vampiric visage was evident, tears streaming down his face, and he was letting out a silent scream of pain. Her eyes drifted down and she smirked when she saw his engorged penis. He was just how she wanted him -- hard and at her mercy.

Capping the cream, she dropped it back into her pocket, then reached up and untied the leash. Spike fell to the ground at the sudden release, having not regained balance after being up on his toes. "On your knees," Buffy commanded, as she picked up the end of the leash.

Spike struggled for a moment to get himself to his knees without the use of his hands, since they were still cuffed behind his back. When he finally managed, he kept his head bowed in submission, the pain from the cream making him shake uncontrollably, causing him to clench his teeth together, his fangs piercing the inside of his lower lip so he would stay silent. He knew from experience that the cream would seep into his skin and the pain would disappear, but not right away.

"We are going to the library," she informed him. "I shall allow you to walk there, but once inside, I expect you to be on your knees at my side where you belong. You are not to speak to others unless I give you my permission." Her eyes dropped down to his erection, and she dipped into her pocket again and dropped a cock ring in front of him. "And I expect you to stay hard. Understand?"

"Yes, Lady Buffy," Spike replied, looking at the object in front of him on the ground. He knew he'd gotten off easy, because of what she had told him while she was whipping him, but that didn't make his response any different.

"Good," Buffy said. She kept the leash in her hand, as she walked around him to retrieve the handcuff keys out of his coat. She uncuffed him, then returned to where she had been standing. "Put the cock ring on, then stand and fix your pants."

"Yes, Lady Buffy," he said, doing as told. After his jeans were buttoned and zipped, she handed him his belt. After that was in place, he stood still, his head still bowed and his ridges still prominent, waiting for her next command.

"Get your duster and put it on," she ordered. She waited until he had done as told, then said, "Look at me." Spike raised his head, his yellow eyes meeting her hazel ones. "Mask on, Spike."

The vampiric ridges melted away with some concentration on Spike's part, the burning radiating from his anus and his legs making it extremely difficult. But whatever his mate wanted, she got, as long as she was the dominant. He was startled out of his pain, briefly, when she stepped forward and kissed him.

"Come on," Buffy said, after she stepped away. "Let's go find out what happened to our house."

"Yes, Lady Buffy," Spike replied, falling into step slightly behind her and to her left side. His cock throbbed beneath the material of his jeans, but he knew that all the pain would be worth it once he was buried deep inside his mate.

Part Six

Willow stopped talking to Giles on what she knew about the Books of Ascension when Xander returned. The former Watcher had decided to wait until everyone was gathered for her to describe what they had ascertained to be ‘her world', and he had sent the teenaged Buffy off to get the books. Her eyes took in the five people who came through the door, and she gasped when she found herself looking at...herself.

"Oh goddess," she said, rising from her seat and walking forward towards the brown coat-clad Willow. The other girl was clutching the boy's hand who was next to her, a slightly fearful look on her face. "That's me."

"Um...hi," Willow replied, stepping closer to Oz. Xander had explained about the other Willow, but seeing her in the flesh was very strange -- again. "You're not a vampire, are you? Because the last time I was here, I was a vampire. Not I as in me, I as in another me."

"No, I'm not a vampire," the leather-clad Willow replied. Then she smirked. "Well, not technically." She turned to the familiar-looking boy standing next to her double. "I remember you. You're Oz, right?"

"Right," Oz replied, taking in her outfit. He liked his Willow's choice of clothing much better.

"And I know Cordy," she continued, smiling at the brunette. "Although the Cordy I know has short hair."

Cordelia looked horrified. "Short hair? Eew. That's so Jen."

Willow frowned, wondering about the former cheerleader's reference, then moved her gaze onto the suited man standing next to her. "Who are you?"

"Wesley Wyndham-Price," Wesley replied, extending his hand cautiously. Willow shook it and almost giggled when she saw him wince at her enhanced strength. "Good grip."

"I work out," she replied, turning back to Giles. "So, do we wait for your Buffy to return?"

"No, I-I suppose we could get started," Giles answered, looking back and forth between Willows.

Willow rolled her eyes when she noticed what he was doing. Then she saw Angel emerge again from the stacks and her face lit up in happiness. "General, you're back!" She made a gesture and teleported herself in front of him, then hugged him. "You would not believe what happened to us. It seems we're in a different world..."

Angel was startled when the redhead appeared in front of him, but that wasn't as startling as seeing Willow standing across the library next to Oz at the same time. "Did the spell not work?" he asked.

"This is a different Willow," Xander replied, moving to take a seat.

When Willow heard Xander, she raised her head to look up at Angel. He glanced down at her, and she gasped when she saw his guilt-filled brown eyes. "Oh goddess, you're not Angelus."

Angel stiffened and pulled away. "What do you mean?" he asked in a tight voice.

The witch's leather-clad shoulders slumped and her bottom lip started to tremble. "You're not my Angelus, are you?" she said. "You have your soul."

Angel nodded warily, his mind trying to catch up to what she was saying. The Willow standing in front of him had thought he had no soul, and she sounded disappointed that he did. Suddenly his thoughts clicked on Spike and his behavior. The blond vampire had indeed been friendly to him, had desired him, had called him Angelus. He had thought Angel was Angelus, which brought up all sorts of different questions.

Willow forced her tears away, then looked up at the dark-haired vampire. "I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable," she told him. Then she turned and looked down to the group now sitting at the table. "I, uh, guess we should start, huh?"

With a quick gesture, she teleported herself onto the top of the check-out counter, where she was most comfortable in the library. Although this wasn't her library, she still needed a place to center herself in order not to break down and cry. She closed her eyes and sent up a brief prayer asking for strength, then opened them to see the four newcomers staring at her. "Oh, I teleported myself. I guess you can't do that, can you, Willow?"

"N-no," the teenaged Willow replied. "But I can float a pencil. I'm really good at that."

Willow smiled at her. "That's a start. The first thing I floated was an oreo cookie. Right into my mouth. The General laughed for a good ten minutes at that trick."

"Who is this General you keep talking about?" Xander asked.

"Angel...well, Angelus, now,"she replied. "He's my mate."

Angel started again in surprise, his eyes darting to meet Giles' equally surprised look in return. "Are you sure?" Angel said.

Willow laughed. "Of course I'm sure," she replied, shrugging off her leather jacket. "I didn't torture him for hours just to hear him scream." She smirked. "Although that's fun, too."

The others were staring at her in horrified fascination, making her giggle. She wished Buffy were there to share in her mirth. A wicked thought crossed her mind. Perhaps when Buffy did arrive, they could really give them something to think about by playing tonsil hockey. "Ok, I guess we have to start sometime, before I give into my naughty thoughts and get all horny," she said, then giggled again at the faces they made from her statement.

"Let's see, as Vizzini said, when things go wrong, you always go back to the beginning," Willow started. "My name was Willow Rosenberg, but now I'm more commonly known as Lady Red. I am a twenty-four year old Witch, descendant of a long line of Witches by the name of Standisha, and I am second in command of a pack of vampires under a master named Jonathan. My mate is Angelus, and I live with him and my pack at the old boarding school...well, in my world, that is."

"Angelus, as in the evil psychotic killer with no soul?" Xander said.

She scowled at him. "Don't talk about my mate like that."

"Question," Oz said. "Do you mean mate like in animal terms?"

"Close," Angel answered for the other world Willow. "Male vampires usually choose a female they wish to have for a mate, and then that female has to dominate him in order to become his true mate. It's very complicated to understand unless you're a vampire."

"And you wh-where chosen by Angelus?" Giles asked the redhead on the counter.

"Kinda," Willow answered, crossing her legs to sit Indian-style. "When Angelus still had his soul, he chose me. I didn't become his true mate until after I got rid of it again, then dominated him." She grinned at the memory. "I'll never forget how amazed I was when I first made Angelus purr."

The others in the room looked at her, then up at Angel, who had a decidedly embarrassed expression on his face. Giles decided to change the conversation. "W-Willow, how is it that you are in command of a-a-a, er, pack of vampires? You aren't one."

"After graduation, Buffy went to visit her dad, Xander and Cordy went to Europe, my Giles went to England and Angel went down to LA to find a place for us to live," Willow explained. "I was walking home from the library after a long day of bookmarking sites for after my ‘death' and was grabbed by a vampire, which was really dumb, considering I can turn vampires to ash with a word."

"Your magick is that strong?" the teenaged Willow asked.

"Yeah," she replied. "I got Angel out of Hell and gave him a permanent soul before I even knew I was a hereditary witch. I made him a ring that allowed him to go out into the sun, I can teleport myself and other objects, I can stop aging any time and heal myself and others. The only thing I know I can't do is bring people back to life."

"You got Deadboy out of Hell? Xander said. "I thought he just appeared."

"No, I got him out of Hell," Willow said. She looked over at Angel. "I take it I didn't get you out of Hell in this world."

"No," Angel shook his head.

"And by the way Willow is holding hands with Oz, I take it you aren't with her," she surmised.

"I'm sort of with Buffy," he replied.

Willow nodded. "Ok, so that means things are different starting from when Buffy sent Angel to Hell to seal Acathala, because my Buffy never got back together with you...er, him."

"But you did?" Giles prompted.

"Yup," she grinned. "Angel and I got drunk and conned Cordy and Xander to come with us to the mall over Winter break my senior year. The four of us became close friends and a really good slaying team, if you ask me. Near the end of senior year, the Hunters came after me; I found out I was a Standisha; fell in love with Angel; and made him purr many, many times." She looked up at the dark-haired vampire and winked at him.

"With my ancestry, I found that the only way to get the Hunters to stop coming after me was to fake my death. After I got kidnaped by a minion of Jonathan's, I pretended to be a vampire in order to find out what he had planned for Sunnydale, and I needed the soulless Angelus to do that. I won't go into the details about what it takes to rise through the ranks of a vampire pack, but I let Angelus do that, then I dominated him," she continued.

"Once I was pack leader under Master Jonathan, I learned he only wanted to set up a corporation and make money, as do most of the Masters in the world. And because I was his second in command and a whiz at computers, I am now the Vice President of a multi-billion dollar company," Willow said.

"But that doesn't explain why you still lead the pack of vampires," Wesley spoke up for the first time.

"They're my family," Willow replied with a shrug. "After learning that vampires are exactly like humans, except that they are missing their guilt emotion, it put the them in a whole new perspective. Even Buffy doesn't just kill vampires for no reason anymore. She'll only go after them if she catches them feeding. The string of Second Slayers, though, we let do their job. They usually aren't alive longer than six months, so I don't really worry. Mine know to avoid the Second Slayer."

"So, let's get this straight," Cordelia said. "You're a skanky-looking vampire wannabe who loves Angelus, the demon who snaps people's necks for fun, and Buffy lets all your pet vampires run around killing people, too?"

Willow burst out laughing. "I swear, Cordy, you are still the same tactless twit no matter what world I'm in. I don't know how Xander puts up with you."

"Eew, I'm with Xander in your world?" Cordelia said.

"Married for five years," Willow confirmed with an evil twinkle in her eye. "You both went to the altar virgins."