Whose Reality?

by Saber ShadowKitten
Series: Abracadabra/Crossover

Part Ten

Willow waved goodbye to Cordelia and ventured into the mansion. She'd never been there before, only heard about the vastness of it from Angelus and Spike. She wandered around the place, examining everything with a curious eye, until she found the room she was looking for -- Angel's bedroom..

Whistling, the redhead went about setting rings magically in the walls, ceiling and floor of Angel's bedroom. She found and dragged out numerous lengths of chain, then attached them to the rings. Closing her eyes, she cast a strengthening spell over the metal, so they would not break.

She set out two pairs of strong shackles and cast the spell on them as well. Outside, she heard the sound of a motor and grinned, the part of her plan she'd kept to herself being delivered with the trunk. "Oh Angelus, you are in for one hell of a surprise."


Buffy sat on the bed of her old bedroom, methodically examining each weapon from the pile in front of her, before shoving them in a bag. The doorbell rang, and a slow, predatory smile crossed her face. "Show time."

Standing and gearing herself up for the performance, she removed the grin from her face and continued to pack the bag. "Knock, knock," she heard a female say. Looking up, she saw Angel and the girl named Faith come into the bedroom. "Where have you guys been?" Buffy asked, putting worry into her voice.

"Looking for you," Angel replied. "Good thing we caught you before you left."

"We got the books," Faith said.

"They're at the mansion," Angel told Buffy, as he walked over to her and placed a kiss on her head. Buffy took that moment to lean in a little closer to him, as if she were seeking his touch.

"We'd take them to Giles, but we figured strength in numbers is the way to go," Faith said. "Come on."

Buffy picked up the bag of weapons, but Angel stopped her. "Let me get those for you," he said.

**Smooth, Angelus. Real smooth,** the blond Slayer thought, as she gave him a small smile. **I can't wait to see your face when you find out the gig is up.**


"Keep the leash in your hand at all times," Spike continued to instruct the younger Buffy. "The higher up you hold it, the more you can control me."

They were sitting on a park bench in an area Angel would have to pass in order to get to the mansion. The Slayer was nervously playing with the end of the leash, not really believing what she was going to do. "Hold the leash, got it."

Spike smiled gently at her nervousness, and used a finger to tilt her chin up. "It'll be ok, pet. I am definitely not going to hurt you."

"I know," Buffy replied.

"If I thought he would buy it, I'd just have you beat me up," he said, a twinkle in his blue eyes.

"That'd be my preference," she said, a smile starting across her face. He leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips, making her breath catch. Then he slid off the bench to his knees and began to undo her borrowed boots. "Are we starting now?"

"Just close your eyes, luv, and think of your Angel," Spike instructed, pulling off the boots.

"Ok," she replied, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. She wrapped the leash around her hand once, then leaned her head back on the bench. She closed her eyes and arched her hips, and Spike pulled her pants and panties down.

Gently, Spike ran his hand up her bare legs, studying her tense expression. He felt a burning need to give this Buffy as much pleasure as he could. She still felt that he was the enemy because the Spike from this world was, and she was giving into his touch in order to get back her Angel. He hoped the dark-haired vampire appreciated how much she loved him.

Moving forward on his knees between Buffy's legs, Spike began kissing the soft skin of her inner thighs. Her muscles tensed under his hands, but he continued his actions, staying away from her tempting heat until he felt her relax.

When the first cool kiss was placed upon her thigh, Buffy had to fight not to bolt. She told herself over and over that she could do this, that Angel's soul was at stake, but it still felt strange to be allowing someone touch her in this way. Especially when that someone looked exactly like her mortal enemy. But the soft brush of his cool lips against her eventually broke through her tension, and she allowed herself to just give into the tingling under her skin.

Slowly, so he wouldn't startle her, Spike made his way closer to the dark nest of curls resting at the edge of the park bench. His fingers moved along the tops of her legs until they met at the apex of her womanhood. With his thumbs, he parted her folds, pausing when she tensed, his mouth never stopping its trail of kisses on her thighs.

As she relaxed again, he changed his pattern, his tongue darting out to taste the saltiness of her skin. He brushed his face close to her as he switched legs, inhaling her growing arousal. When she started to shift on the bench, he knew she was ready.

"Oh!" Buffy gasped loudly, when Spike's tongue brushed over her most sensitive spot. A rush of desire filled her core as he outlined her outer lips, then around her moist entrance. Her other hand wrapped around the leash, and she began twining it in circles, unknowingly pulling it tighter as his mouth danced over her clit.

By the time he started suckling on her hard nub, she was mewling with pleasure. She arched into each lick and nibble and suck. Spike growled quietly at his own pleasure from her responses to his ministrations. Buffy had the leash taut, practically pinning him to her hot pussy, as she held it pressed against her chest.

That's when he saw them out of the corner of his eye, coming up the street. He pulled back from her as they were almost abreast of the bench, and Buffy responded exactly as he hoped. She grabbed the back of his head and forced his face to back her dripping snatch, as she growled, "Suck me."


Angel was the first of the trio to notice Buffy and Spike on the bench. A smirk crossed his face. "It looks like someone is being naughty," he commented, gesturing with his head. In the back of his mind, he'd been entertaining the possibility that the Slayer walking beside him was the double, and he made some plans if that were the case. But with the show the couple was putting on, his doubts disappeared.

"That's just eew," the older Buffy said, shuddering for effect. "I mean, that's Spike and...me. Something I never wanted to picture in a million years." It did look rather odd to the Slayer to see herself with Spike, when it was live, not Memorex.

"I'd sure hope not," Angel said, putting his arm around her shoulder.

"You're the only one for me, Angel," she replied, snuggling into him.

"God, you two are more pathetic than they are," Faith said, with a roll of her eyes.

As they got further away from the scene, they all heard the other Buffy let out a loud shriek as she climaxed.


"Ok, let's get the books someplace safe," Buffy said, as she followed Angel into the mansion. She schooled herself not to look around, even though she hadn't been in the place in a very long time. "Where are they?"

"Actually, there's a slight change in plan, Buff," Angel replied.

Remembering that she was someone else, she frowned. "What's the matter with you?"

"Nothing. Matter of fact, I haven't felt this good in a long time," he said.

If she didn't already know it was Angelus, and was immune to his evilness, she'd be scared by the tone in his voice. "Angel?"

"You know, I never properly thanked you for sending me to hell," Angel said almost conversationally, his face changing to that of his demon.

He started towards her, and Buffy used that as a reason to glance behind her to see where the other girl was located. This part of the plan was going to be on the fly. She knew Willow was here somewhere, and also knew not to make a move until the redhead made hers.

"And I've been wondering where do I start? Card?" he said, stalking her. "Fruit basket?" He grabbed her by the arms and pulled her roughly against him. "Evisceration?"

Buffy had to bite her tongue hard to keep from laughing. Luckily, that brought tears to her eyes, which the vampire took as a sign of fear.

"I know what you're thinking," Angel said. "Maybe there's some good deep down inside of me that remembers and loves you. If only you can reach me. Then again, we have reality."

"Yeah, but whose reality?" Willow cooed, appearing magickally behind him.

The vampire whirled around and the redhead cracked him across the jaw with her fist, sending his head reeling with the blow. Buffy took this as her cue, and sent a hard kick to the back of his knee. "Bastard, I will kill you before I let you touch me," she hissed, staying in her role.

"Buffy, behind you," Willow ordered, and the fight was on.

Part Eleven

Buffy spun just in time to get a face full of heeled boot. Stars danced in front of her, and she staggered back several steps, trying to keep her balance. Years of being the Slayer caused her to duck as a second kick headed for her. She shook off the pain and stepped in towards the other girl, forcing the brunette to use her fists.

Adjusting herself mentally, Buffy got into the fight. With a movement she used on Spike often, she threw a punch at Faith's jaw, then quickly followed with a spinning back fist to the same spot. She expected the brunette to go down, normal humans wouldn't be able to stay conscious from the force of the blow.

But the girl named Faith only dropped back and rubbed her jaw. "Good shot, B. A little on the weak side...," the brunette trailed off, a mocking smile on her face.

"A Slayer," Buffy groaned to herself. What was she to do against another Slayer? The decision was taken out of her hands as the other girl attacked.

Angel staggered slightly when Buffy had kicked him in the back of the knee, but he quickly regained his balance. Snarling, his vampiric countenance in place, he focused on the redhead that stood before him, her hands on her hips. "Little girl, you don't know who you're messing with. I'm not your pet vampire."

Willow arched a delicate brow at him, not changing her position otherwise. "My name is not ‘Little Girl'. You'd be wise not to call me that."

"And what are you going to do? Sprinkle some fairy dust on me and turn me into a toad?" Angel mocked. "Little girl, you bore me."

Willow felt her anger snap to its highest peak. Years of living as a pack leader -- almost a master herself - had given her an edge that could not be matched, not with her powers of magick to aid her. She let her furious red aura show, giving the vampire one final chance to back down. "Don't mock me, Angelus. You've been warned."

Angel only smirked at her. "Ooh, I'm shaking."

With a sigh, she replied, "Very well." Her right leg dropped back behind her so she was in a fighting stance, her fists raised. The vampire in front of her had no real grasp of the power she wielded, not from the brief explanation she'd given back in the library.

Angel couldn't believe that this little tart was planning on fighting him. He decided to let her get in one shot before he killed her, to give him a little more to crow about. He stood, his feet shoulder width apart, and spread his arms slightly outwards. "Go ahead, little girl. Give me your best shot."

The smile that crossed Willow's face was one of pure evil. "Ok," she said. Then her right leg shot forward in a snap kick. Right between his legs.

The vampire flew up and back with the powerful, magickally-aided kick. He hit the floor almost ten feet from where he'd been standing. He managed to curl into a ball before the pain radiating from his balls caused him to blackout.

"Ouch, that had to hurt," Buffy commented, as she cut off Faith's air supply. The brunette struggled in her grasp, but Buffy's tight grip held until she passed out. Dropping the limp girl, the blond Slayer turned to Willow and grinned. "I'm surprised his jewels didn't come flying out of his mouth."

"He called me ‘Little Girl,'" Willow said with a shrug, as if that explained everything.

"Now what?" Buffy asked, rubbing her face lightly. She winced when she touched the tender skin. Undoubtably, her nose had been broken, and she looked like a raccoon. "Did you know this chick is a Slayer?"

"Really?" Willow frowned. "And she helped remove Angel's guilt emotion again? Why am I thinking that this is a bad thing?"

"Probably because it is," the Slayer replied.

"Well, we'll deal with her after Angel," the redhead told her. "Come on. Help me get him into the other room."

Buffy took the unconscious vampire's arms and Willow took his legs. Together, the carted him into the bedroom, where the witch had set up the chains. Buffy let out a whistle. "Dang, woman. This looks like my playroom at home."

"I know," Willow replied with a grin. They worked quickly, shackling Angel's wrists and ankles, then they chained him to the ceiling ring. His arms were pulled back awkwardly as he hung unconscious from the chains.

"Willow, what in the world have you got planned?!" Buffy exclaimed, after she had found and opened the chest that had been delivered by Oz and the other Willow. "This isn't your Angelus. You don't have the right to use this stuff on him."

"I'm not going to," Willow replied. Her smiled broadened. "Buffy is."

The Slayer's eyes widened slightly before an echoing smile appeared on her face. "I would say Angel is in for one very, long night."


"Hi guys," Willow said, appearing directly in front of the park bench where the younger Buffy and Spike sat. "Did you have fun?"

Buffy blushed and Spike chuckled. "It's not nice to lick and tell, Red," the peroxide-blond answered.

Willow shook her head, then looked at Buffy. "Just smack him, that's what we all do."

"Um...that's ok," Buffy replied. "So, what happened? Did the plan work? Is Angel locked up?"

"You could say that," the witch said, with a sly wink to Spike.

"Now what have you done?" Spike sighed.

"Meet me up at the mansion," she instructed in lieu of answering, then disappeared.

Five minutes later, the duo arrived at the mansion to see the older Buffy sitting outside in the dark, a trussed up Faith by her feet. "Hey you two," she greeted. "The plan worked. Angel didn't know what hit him."

"Actually, that was my foot," Willow said, joining them outside. "Buff, why don't you and Spike take that girl back to Giles. He should know what to do with her."

"Got it," Buffy replied, bounced to her feet, the light coming from in the mansion hitting her features.

Spike growled and yanked her further into the light, studying her face. "What the hell happened?" he asked, his voice full of anger and panic.

"Do I really look that bad?" Buffy asked.

"Red, fix her," he gestured impatiently with his hands. He never knew what to do when his mate got hurt. It left an uneasy feeling in him that prevented him from doing much of anything. He knew the feeling stemmed from the fact that, one day, she might not recover from her injuries, and that scared him more than anything.

Buffy faced her best friend and rolled her eyes. "You'd better do it, or I'll never get laid. He'll be too scared he'll hurt me."

Willow giggled and laid her right hand gently over the older Slayer's broken nose. Whispering the healing spell, her magick flowed from the wellspring within her and the injury was no more. "Done."

"Thanks," Buffy said. She turned back to Spike. "Happy now?"

"Yes," he growled, and pulled her into a fierce kiss.

"Come on, Buffy," Willow said to the younger blond. "Let's leave these two before we have to insert our quarter for the show."

The other Slayer followed the redhead back into the mansion. "Where's Angel?" she asked nervously.

"In the bedroom," Willow replied. She sat down on the floor, Indian-style, and patted the spot across from her. "Have a sit down, Buffy. There's one more thing I need to do before we go."

Buffy glanced at the bedroom doorway, pain and fear etched into her face, then she sat down in front of Willow. "You're going to do the spell right away, right?"

Willow smiled softly, her eyes reflecting more wisdom than her age. "Don't worry, Buffy. I will do the spell for you. Now, place your hands in mine." The redhead extended her hands, and the younger Slayer took them. Closing her eyes, she quickly called on the Goddess and set in motion the additional part of her plan.

"Goddess of darkness,
Goddess of light,
I ask of you,
be with us tonight.

Give this Slayer
the knowledge she needs
to work over Angelus
until he screams.

Lend this Buffy
the courage to make
Angelus, the vampire,
her one true mate.

With your power and blessing
I ask of thee,
An it harm none
So mote it be."

Buffy suddenly felt as though she'd rubbed her feet on the ground, then touched a light switch. A shock of energy ran up through her hands and arms, and suddenly she knew things she wouldn't have imagined in her wildest dreams. A flush started up her cheeks, and her breathing sped up, as the knowledge infused into her mind of how to become a vampire's true mate.

Willow broke the connection between her and the younger Slayer, then opened her eyes. Her lips quirked up at Buffy's expression, and she tried to remember if she'd ever been that innocent. "Go ahead, Buffy. Claim your vampire while he's still without his soul. For when you dominate Angelus, you dominate his true self."

"But what about his soul?" Buffy asked, her gaze moving past the witch towards the bedroom.

"I'll know when it's time," Willow replied wisely. "You'll get your Angel back."

Buffy stood and wiped her hands on her borrowed burgundy coat. Without another word, she ventured towards a new world.

Willow giggled and stood, then quickly made her way out into the garden. She groaned when she saw her best friend and Spike, then bent and hoisted Faith over her shoulder. "Spike, put it away..."

Part Twelve

Faith was locked in the book cage, screaming silently at them due to the silence spell Willow had cast over her "because all her racket was annoying." Willow studiously went over her spells, adding a few things and taking some out, after everyone but Giles, Buffy and Spike had left.

"I have managed to contact a shopkeeper in Los Angeles," Giles said, coming out of his office. "He has an Orb of Thessula. I shall not be able to retrieve it until tomorrow, however."

"That's fine," Willow waved her hand absently. "I wasn't planning on doing the spells until tomorrow night, anyway."

"Why not?" Giles asked.

Willow looked up at him and grinned devilishly. "You don't want to know."

Giles eyes widened behind his glasses. "I-I think I would rather not know," he agreed.

They heard a loud crash from up in the stacks, followed by a laugh-filled "sorry!" The redhead sighed and went back to her spells. "Kids."


"Ok, folks," Willow said to the people gathered in the room. Her gaze went from Giles to Wesley to Cordelia to Xander to the other Willow to Oz before lighting on Buffy and Spike, who were not paying attention what-so-ever. The witch cleared her throat loudly, and the two broke apart and looked guiltily at her.

"Sorry," Buffy smiled sheepishly.

Spike leaned back on the check-out counter and pulled Buffy against him in an oft-repeated action. "You were saying, Red?"

"Behave, or when we get home, I'll chain you both up," Willow said.

"Promise?" Spike replied with a mischievous grin. Buffy elbowed him in the ribs.

"I have seen some pretty disgusting stuff in my time," Xander commented. "But Buffy swapping spit with Spike has got to be the grossest."

"I don't know," Oz said. "I'd have to go with those zombies at Buffy's welcome home shindig. All that rotting skin was not eye-pleasing."

"That demon at the picnic we had after...well, that time when we were not speaking, was really gross," the younger Willow told Oz. "He didn't go poof. We spent all day burying him. I smelled really bad."

"I vote bug man," Cordelia added, then looked pointedly at the brunette teen next to her. "Only second to Xander on the disgust-o-meter."

"Are we going to do this, or not?" Willow asked before the former couple began bickering. When she had everyone's attention once again, she continued. "This is how it's going to work. I'm going to recast the restoration spell on Angel, then cast the soul-binding one. What you need to know is that, because his soul will be permanent, he's going to act a little more...not brooding."

She closed her eyes and activated the locator spell. When she saw, in her mind's eye, a nude Angel curled up at the other Buffy's feet, his body painfully ribboned with marks, she grinned and added, "He's going to be closer to what he was like as a human. I've adjusted the spell so his guilt emotion will be normal, as opposed to overpowering his other emotions, like the original curse. And just to let you know, you won't see him or your Buffy for awhile. You might want to call her out of school for a few days, Giles."

Giles lifted his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Why me?" he said quietly to himself.

"I disagree," Wesley spoke up, putting on an air of authority. "A Slayer consorting with a-a vampire in that manner is-is impermissible. I shall not have it."

"Wesley, do shut up," Giles told the other man. "Why don't you toddle off and call the Council about Faith?"

"I shall," Wesley said. "And I shall inform them of this despicable behavior. They will not stand for this sort of malarkey..." His words trailed off as he left the library.

"What rock did he crawl out from under?" Buffy asked.

"Slimestone," Xander replied. Cordelia smacked him. "Ow!"

Willow sighed and dismissed the locator spell, severing her connection to the dark-haired vampire. She was getting very tired and missed her mate deeply. Once she finished the spells, she was going to take a nap, then figure out a way for her, Spike and Buffy to get home. "I'm gonna start now. You guys go do whatever, I don't need help and I'd prefer not to have any distractions."

"Very well," Giles said, ushering his wards out the library doors. "We will be in the lounge, if you require assistance."

"Do you need us, Wills?" Buffy asked her best friend.

"Nah," Willow replied. "You two go find a place and fuck. I'll find you."

"Sounds like a bloody good plan to me," Spike said. He pushed Buffy away from him, then swiftly picked her up into his arms. "Later, Red."

"Bye, Will!" Buffy called over Spike's shoulder as he went out the door.

Willow shook her head at her two friends, then glanced at the furious brunette tied up in the cage. "Those two are hornier than the male audience during halftime at a Lakers game," she commented, then she started the spells.


"It's done," Willow said wearily, sitting down on the edge of the couch in the lounge. "Although I don't agree with it, Angel's guilt is restored to him."

"Thank you," Giles said. "You did not have to aid us, yet you did. If there is anything that we- we can do..."

"Find a way for us to get home," the redhead replied. She yawned and stood. "I'm going to take a nap. If you find anything, come get me." She pulled a small charm out of her pocket, then gestured and disappeared.

"Guys, I gotta say something," Xander said, looking at the spot where the witch had been. "We're putting an awful lot of trust in a person who thinks vampires should be soulless. We haven't heard from Buffy since she went off with Spike last night. They could have drained her, chopped her up into little pieces, and mailed them so we each get one after they've gone."

"Eew, Xander, graphic much?" Cordelia said, scowling at him.

"Xander has a point," Oz said. "We only have their say so that Buffy is ok."

"Do you think we should go over to the mansion?" the teenaged Willow asked.

"I guess it is better to err on the side of-of caution," Giles replied.

"Not that I want to still be with you guys, but I'd rather put up with the loser-squad than Angelus," Cordelia stated, joining the group as they stood. "We'll take my car."


"Hi," Willow greeted quietly to her two friends, as she teleported to Buffy's side using the small charm. The couple was laying together on a couch in the teacher's lounge. "Mind if a sleepy witch joins you?"

"Not at all, luv," Spike said, turning on his side as the Slayer did the same. He pulled Buffy as close to him as he could on the couch, leaving room in front of her for Willow. The redhead laid down, and the vampire put his arm over both girls' waists, his fingers curling around Willow's shirt.

Buffy had done the same with her arm, wrapping it around Willow above Spike's arm. "What's wrong, Wills?" she asked when the witch sighed sadly.

"You mean, other than the fact I've condemned a vampire to an unnatural life of guilt?" she said. "And that I miss my mate?"

"But didn't you change the spells to make this Angel...well, not so guilty?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah, but he'll still have to feed from animals or blood bags," Willow replied. "And his demon will be fighting him the entire time."

The three were silent for several moments, each having different reactions to what the redhead implied. To Buffy, she was still a Slayer, and that meant one less vampire the other Buffy would have to worry about. To Spike, it was a nightmare come true for a vampire, and while he was glad it wasn't him, he felt bad for this world's Angel. And to Willow, it went against everything she'd learned from living with vampires for six years, and traveling the mindscapes.

"I guess I'll just have to console myself with the fact that this world's Buffy and Angel have become true mates, and I added a longevity spell for Buffy," Willow said.

"A longevity spell?" Spike asked.

"I tied her life to his," Willow explained around a yawn. "She can't die from natural causes and will live as long as he does. Well, if she doesn't get killed doing Slayer stuff." She yawned again and closed her eyes. "It's the same spell linking you two,"she added, then allowed herself to give in to the pull of sleep.

Buffy turned her head at the same time Spike went up on his elbow to look down at her. Their faces reflected shock the redhead's offhand comment created; neither had known about the spell. The blond vampire leaned down and kissed Buffy softly, then laid back down.

"Oh Willow," Buffy said quietly to the sleeping girl, turning to place a kiss on the back of the witch's neck. "Both of us love you so very much. We'll get you home to Angel. I promise."


Buffy stretched and looked down at the vampire at the foot of the bed. A half-naughty, half- happy smile crossed her face, all because of the knowledge that had passed to her with the witch's spell. With her foot, she nudged him and he raised his head, blinking sleepily at her.

"Yes, Lady Slayer?" he asked, his voice low and sleep-filled. The night before and most of the day for him had been spent in chains, being shown his proper place in the scheme of things. Late that afternoon, his soul returned to him, and he and Buffy had a long conversation -- before she re-chained him and showed him she was still boss. He was as close to heaven as he could ever be.

"Get up here," she ordered.

Angel crawled up to her side, his head bowed, the leather collar around his neck cutting into his skin. The collar had been the final act of dominance, put on when he had still been without his soul, kneeling submissively on the floor. He'd never thought that aspect of his vampiric life would be fulfilled, never thought that he'd attain a true mate; not after his soul had been returned to him. Now he had both a permanent soul and a mate, and he couldn't be happier. "Yes, Lady Slayer?"

Buffy grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down, so he was half on top of her. "Kiss me, you big bad vampire," she said, her eyes dancing with joy.


"I don't see them," Xander said, as he peered through a broken window.

"Maybe they're in the bedroom?" Willow suggested. Xander looked at her in horror. "I mean, if Angel has a permanent soul, they'd probably...well, you know."

"Not liking the thought, Will," Xander said.

"Come along, then," Giles instructed. "And be careful."

The five slowly crept into the mansion, weapons drawn. They stopped as one when a low, rumbling noise reached their ears. "It's coming from there," Oz gestured to the bedroom door.

"Did Angel get a tiger?" Cordelia asked, trying to place the sound.

"It does rather sound like a-a large carnivora felidae," Giles said. They all looked at him. "Er, cat."

Shaking his head, Xander ventured carefully towards the bedroom. With a final glance back at his friends, he stuck his head around the corner of the doorway. A bright red blush crawled up his neck and over his face, and he quickly turned and walked rapidly away from the bedroom. "Um, nothing to worry about. She's fine. They're both fine...in...there...," he trailed off and gave Willow an embarrassed grin, then finished the adjusted Star Wars quote. "How are you?"

"Oh!" Willow said, turning bright red, too. "I guess we can...go away."

"Per-perhaps that would be wise," Giles agreed, after looking around the doorway for himself. His face matched that of the two teens, and by silent agreement, the group quickly left the unaware occupants of the mansion.

Part Thirteen


"And that's suppose to make sense how?" the older Slayer said, giving Giles a quizzical look. She, Willow and Spike were back in the library once again, conversing with the former Watcher.

"Oh, yes, er," Giles stammered. "I believe that you three came here because of the lightning that- that struck between you."

"Which would explain why Angelus isn't with us," Spike surmised. "Or any of the others."

"So how do we get back?" Willow asked. "Get almost hit by lightning again?"

"Y-yes," Giles replied. "I believe if the conditions were recreated, you might return to-to your own world."

"Wills," Buffy said, turning to her best friend. "Do you think you could do it?"

"It's worth a shot," Willow replied with a shrug. "If it doesn't work, we haven't lost anything."

"Hey guys, what's up?" The four turned to see Buffy and Angel enter the library, a large smile on the younger Slayer's face. "Anything I need to worry about?"

"Just trying to get us home," Willow replied. "I take it you two are fine."

"Understatement," Buffy replied, looking up at Angel.

Angel smiled sweetly at her, then met Willow's eyes. "Thank you," he said.

Willow nodded, brushing the thanks off. "So, ready to try this?"

"Sure," the older Buffy replied, standing and taking the redhead's hand. They headed out the door together, Giles and the other Buffy following behind them.

Spike walked up beside Angel and clapped him on the shoulder, as they trailed behind the other four. "Nice collar, mate," he said, with a grin.

"Look who's talking," Angel replied, with a matching smile.

"We're both a couple of whipped nancyboys," Spike commented, watching his mate's behind as she walked. "I wouldn't want it any other bloody way."

"Me either, Spike," Angel said, as his Buffy turned back to smile at him. "Me either."

Outside of the school, the seven stopped on the lawn and looked up at the cloudy, night sky. "I guess this'll do," Willow said.

"Let's do it," her best friend added, holding out her hand for Spike.

Spike turned and gave Angel a quick hug. "If you get a chance, find the other me and put things right," he told the dark-haired vampire. "I think he'd want that, if you could get him to admit it."

"Spike, get your ass over here," Buffy demanded.

"Gotta go," Spike said with a wink. He turned and joined his mate, taking her hand.

"Um, I guess this is bye," the teenaged Buffy said. "It's been...interesting."

"Take care of each other," Willow said to Angel and Buffy.

"We will," Angel replied.

"I'd stand back," Willow told Giles. "If this works, we don't want you guys to come with us."

"Right," Giles said, backing away with the other couple. "Good luck."

"Merry Part," Willow responded. She turned to her two friends. "Ready?"

"Willing and able," Buffy answered.

Willow nodded and raised her arms to the sky.

"I call on the forces of nature
to do my bidding!

Come lightning!
Strike the ground at my command.

By the powers inherited by me,
from the Clan Standisha,
I command you to come!"

Above them, the clouds whirled and grew thick and dark. Blue flashes of light flickered between them, lighting up the sky. Suddenly, Willow's hands dropped directly in front of her, and she pointed to the ground between Spike, Buffy and herself. A crack filled the air and a bolt of lightning sped down from the sky, splitting the ground right where the witch had directed.

The three flew backwards with the shockwave, landing heavily on the ground. Electricity crackled in the air around them, making the hair rise on their unconscious bodies. The area around them was silent.

Spike was the first to come about, groaning at the pain in his skull. He shook his head and tried to focus on the individual that was standing over him. "Did it not work?"

"Spike, where the fuck have you been?!" Angelus yelled, grabbing the blond by the lapels and hoisting him off the ground. "Have you seen Red? She's been missing since Friday!"

"Oh goddess, I don't think I want to do that again," Willow moaned from halfway behind a bush outside of the school. Angelus dropped Spike and ran towards her voice.

"I guess it worked," Spike said, crawling over to a cursing Buffy's side.

"God, Red, where did you go?!" Angelus growled as he pulled the redhead into his arms. "I've been looking everywhere for you."

"Angelus?" Willow gasped. She leaned back in order to look him in the eyes. They were filled with anger and worry, but no guilt. "Oh Angelus, I've missed you so much," she sobbed, then grabbed him into a tight hug.

Angelus was confused, but he pushed aside his questions in order to just hold his mate. "Hey now, no tears. You know I hate it when you cry."

"Take me home, Angelus," Willow sniffed, her fingers curling around the material over his shoulders. "Take me home and make love to me."

"I think I can do that," Angelus said, rising to his feet with Willow in his arms. He passed by Buffy and Spike, who had risen to their feet. "I want answers. Tomorrow."

"Late tomorrow," Buffy answered, watching as the couple disappeared into the darkness. She sighed and turned to Spike. "Let's go home."

"I was thinking the exact same thing, pet," Spike replied, taking her hand.

"What did you call me?" the Slayer asked, arching her brow.

"Um...ducks?" he answered with a grin. Then he took off running.

"Wait until I get my hands on you!" Buffy yelled, as she took off after him. "You are going to be so in trouble! The other me still has my cream, but I have something much worse than that!"

In a different reality, a teenaged Buffy shoved her hands into the pockets of the burgundy coat she was wearing. Frowning, she pulled out a small container and held it up. Instantly, because of the spell, she knew what was in it. With a wicked smile, she shoved it back into her pocket and took Angel's hand. "Come on, lover. There's something I want to show you back at the mansion."