Blood and Fire

by Saber ShadowKitten

I always thought we'd be together
And that our love could not be better
Well with no warning you were gone
I still don't know what went wrong
You don't know what I've been through
Just want to put my love in you

I miss her.

I really, truly, and completely miss her. I miss her laugh, I miss her voice, I miss her tantrums, I even miss her talking to her dolls. I thought that I would be able to handle it.

I was wrong.

No more nights
Of blood and fire

My dark princess. She was my everything. I worshipped her. I cherished her. I loved her. Yet it was not enough.

She could not resist the pull of her dark sire. I knew that, deep down, she was not mine, not really. He had destroyed her, he had made her into one of us, and she belonged to him. Dark calling dark, they were picture-perfect evil. Soulless creatures toying with the mortal realm.

All those special memories
Now I bleed for you - burn for me
Perhaps I was just dreaming
When I think these things had real meaning
You don't know what I've been through
Just want to put my love in you

Somehow I was different. I am different. Feelings churn through me all the time, driving me to do things that are unnatural for my kind. She had liked that about me, my difference had drawn her like a moth to a flame. I was a counterbalance for her dark sire.

I was her light.

Love eternal
Lust infernal
Bleeding, burning
Needing, yearning

Then, abruptly, she saw my light as weakness. It threw my world off its axis. I had done everything for her and she suddenly didn't want me anymore. Confusion, anger, love, rage, sadness, pain, jealousy, hatred. Each emotion had hit me hard, causing me to spiral down into a deep well of despair.

One moment I had it all, then I had nothing.

I see your face in every flame
With no answers I have only myself to blame
Of all the women I have known - they're not you
I'd rather be alone

She'd probably hate how I am now. Those that she despised, I call friends. The violence we used to wreak on mortals, I now inflict on my own kind. Worst of all, I enjoy it.

But I am alone. And it's...lonely. I have no one to share private smiles with, no one with whom to dance under the stars, no one to simply sit and hold hands with on a cold, winter's night.

I miss her.

No more nights
Of blood and fire