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This is a Buffy, The Vampire Slayer Fan Fiction site written mainly by me.
I primarily write Spike-centered pieces, but not exclusively. If you want to read other fan fiction about BtVS, check out the links.

Episode Guidelines for Fanfic

Stories are marked in terms of what episodes they came after.
This means that everything in Joss's Buffyverse happened up to and including that episode.

Therefore, Post Becoming 2 means all of season one and two happened, but none of season three.
Post Lovers Walk means all of season one, two and through Spike singing My Way happened.
Stories marked Season 4 Implied or Angel Implied are post season three and are based on rumors,
not on what has happened in season four/Angel.
Post Pangs/Chip means Spike is chipped and has joined the Scooby Gang.
Post Angel, Season 1 means all of Angel, the Series' first season occurred.
Post Season 4 means all of Buffy, season 4 has happened.
Post Real Me means Dawn has appeared.
Post Into The Woods means Riley has left.
Post The Body means Joyce is deceased.
Post Epiphany means Angel has returned from psychoticland.
Post I Was Made To Love You means Buffybot is in existence.
Post The Gift means Buffy croaked.
Post There's No Place Like Prltz Glrb means Angel & crew are back from Pylea.
Post Awakening means Angelus is back.

Each story comes with a rating.

Fun for the whole family, normally humerous.
Good for general readers, usually is an 'angst'-type piece.
Teenagers and up. Language, violence, allusions to sex.
If you can watch the show, you can read this.
Mature teenagers and up.
Language, heavier violence, light character sexual interactions.
Mature readers only. Graphic descriptions of violence and sex.

All stories on this site come available in a PG-13 Version, if possible.

Warning: If you click on the NC-17 stories, you are stating that you are a mature individual who is well aware that the content contains adult themes.

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