Children Of The Beast

By Saber ShadowKitten

Part One

In the beginning
Good always overpowered the evils
Of all mans sins...

"Angel, duck!" Buffy yelled, diving forward into a roll under the giant's legs. She popped up in front of him and punched him in the gut.

Angel ducked immediately and felt the whiz of a blade buzz his hair. He grimaced and swung around, landing a fist in his opponents face. The horned monster raised his sword again and Angel latched onto its wrists, twisting.

Willow nodded to Giles. She glanced down at her spellbook. "'With water and earth from fire is born...'"

Giles recited from his spellbook at the same time. "'With fire and air from water is born...'"

"Xander, catch," Oz called.

Xander turned quickly and snatched the golf club out of the air. "Thanks," he called back, swinging the club like a bat and smashing the three-eyed beast he was fighting in the nose.

"God, I hate you people," Cordelia complained, waving the dust away from the vampire she had just staked. She quickly ran over to where Wesley was laying on the ground, unconscious.

"Eep," Buffy gasped when the giant's hand closed around her throat. She grabbed hold of his wrist and used him to shoot her feet up hard between his legs. He let out a loud bellow of pain.

"'With earth and fire from earth-air! Air is born...'" Willow faltered with the giant's cry. She made a face of worry.

Angel stepped on the sword hilt and popped it up to his hand. He went after his horned opponent with the clink of steel on armor.

Oz grunted with the hit to his stomach. He grabbed the scaley creature's next swing and used its momentum to propel it away from him. Dropping down, he picked out another golf club from the dead victim's bag.

"Wesley," Cordelia called, smacking the Watcher lightly on the face. "Wesley, wake up! You're going to get clubbed or tee'd or something really tacky on this golf course."

"'With air and water from earth is born...,'" Giles continued chanting.

"Fore!" Xander yelled, swinging the club up under the three-eyed creatures chin. Its head snapped back with the impact.

"'With earth, air, water and fire from earth, air, water and fire are born!'" Willow and Giles chanted simultaneously.

The entire area of the Country Club golf course the group of friends were fighting in was lit up with a bright, white flash, blinding everyone. When they could see again, the monsters were gone.

But in time
The nations grew weak
And our cities fell to slums
While evil stood strong...

"...the government has continued its declaration of a national economic state of emergency for the fifteenth straight month..."

"Damn it, Angel," Cordelia snapped, dropping the stake in her hand. She pulled the sword out of the sheath on her back. "I told you these weren't vampires."

Angel shrugged and drew his own sword. "Doesn't mean we won't kill them."

"...the widespread depression has caused our cities to fall to rioters and looters..."

Angel swung his sword in a high arc, effectively cleaving the demon's head from its body. He darted forward, using its falling body as a ramp to flip into the center of the others. His fist lashed out, clipping one in the jaw at the same time he sent a hard side-kick at one behind him.

Cordelia thrust her sword, piercing one of the demons' stomachs. She turned her sword and yanked upward, splitting its torso. Black blood oozed from the wound as it screamed in pain. She pulled her sword out and spun, slicing the arm off an opponent trying to sneak up behind her.

"...the President is meeting with Congress to debate mobilizing armed forces..."

A fourth and fifth demon fell to the twin blades of the slayers. Black blood and dead bodies littered the pavement between the buildings. The scream of a siren split the night as an ambulance made a futile attempt to save a life in what was once the City of Angels.

" local news, the City of Los Angeles lost more than one-half of its City Government workers when a bomb went off inside the City Hall..."

In the dusts of hell
Lurked the blackest of hates
For he whom they feared
Awaited them...

"Giles, I need more lavender!" Willow yelled. She quickly added other ingredients to the bowl in front of her.

"Xander, clip!" Oz yelled, ejecting his spent clip from the semi-automatic in his hands. He quickly caught and inserted the one Xander tossed him.

The wind howled throughout the rebuilt high school, whipping locked doors open and shattering windows. The vampires and other creatures not holding onto anything got blown away, as well. The floor began to quake, signaling the beginning of the end.

In the eye of the storm, Buffy threw stake after stake over the tops of Xander's and Oz's heads at the vampires swarming at the entryway to the new library. The two young men fired their semi-automatics at the vast number of attackers, keeping them from sweeping into the library and killing those within.

"No lavender," Giles told Willow, as he returned to her side on the floor behind an upturned table. "We'll have to substitute."

"Do you think it'll work?" Willow asked, both strength and fear in her voice.

"We'll have to hope," Giles replied.

"Bloody hell!" Spike's curse rang out from the back of the stacks. He ran his hand quickly over the gash made by the large Minotaur-like creature he was fighting. Banging could be heard on the door to back entrance to the library, blockaded shut after the creature's entry by an overturned bookshelf.

The earth shook again and the floor cracked beneath Giles and Willow. Two of the thirteen candles around them tipped, catching the carpeting on fire. The flames ran around the magickal circle and the pentagram drawn within. The two spellcasters sat in the center, a small cauldron between them.

Giles held out his hands, palms up, and Willow set hers on top of his, palms down. The both took centering breaths before they started the spell. "'Goddess Athena, Goddess of War...'"

Xander ejected another clip and in one fluid motion inserted the next one, barely pausing in his firing. Blood painted the beige carpeting red, the ash from the dusted vampires mixing in to form a thick paste. Some of the attackers slipped and fell, bringing others down with them to be crushed beneath the feet of those still standing. The stench of death was in the air.

Buffy heard a roar behind her. The twenty-six year old spun and darted into the stacks, drawing the knife from sheath strapped to her hip. The Minotaur-like creature had Spike pinned up against a bookcase, his feet dangling helplessly as he clawed at the massive hand around his throat. With out a sound, she leapt up onto the creature's back and drove the blade into the side of its neck.

Spike fell to the ground as the creature bellowed in pain. Buffy withdrew the knife and stabbed it again, then she jumped down. She grabbed Spike's arm and yanked him out of the way as the creature went into its death-throes and collapsed right where the peroxide-blond had been.

A crack of lightning shattered the glass in the ceiling of the library. An eerie cry filled the room, as if a thousand souls were screaming in anguish. The walls of the room began to splinter from the ground upwards.

Buffy crouched beside Spike and stared intently at him. "Can you do it?"

Spike pursed his lips, his nostrils flaring slightly, and nodded. Buffy grabbed the back of his head and smashed her mouth to his, kissing him desperately. Then she released him abruptly and sprinted back out of the stacks.

He closed his eyes for a moment as a loud screech erupted from the center of the library. He reached into the hidden pocket of his duster and pulled out a yellow diskette. Reopening his eyes, he stared at it for a moment, as he took a deep, shaky breath. Then he tucked it back into his pocket and rose to his feet.

Now many, many lifetimes later
Lay destroyed, beaten, beaten down
Only the corpses of rebels
Ashes of dreams
And blood-stained streets...

The Scavengers looked up when the shadow blocked one of the few streetlights that weren't broken. Their tattered clothing barely covered their thin, emaciated forms. Haunted eyes filled with fear and they quickly scrambled away. One of them let out a terrified scream as he was grabbed by the back of the collar.

The scream faded away and the lifeless corpse was dropped to the ground. The Vampire licked his lips and let his human mask descend over his features. He turned to leave and was grabbed by the back of the neck. His snarl of anger turned to one of fear when he saw the creature that had hold of him.

The Vampire disappeared in a cloud of ash as the Gladiator bit off his head. The Gladiator bellowed in anger at the loss of its meal, the three ivory horns jutting from the center of its forehead catching the streetlight. The ten-foot, four-armed giant suddenly jerked as bullets entered its back. It fell heavily to the ground and died.

Three human Butchers jumped off the back of the pick-up truck and ran over to the body. Four others waited with pump-action shotguns at the ready. The blue-skinned, non-human driver revved the engine, his hand on the gear-shift. The Gladiator's body was quickly dragged over to the truck and dumped in, then the three mounted the back and they peeled down the street.

Above them on the empty, gutted building, a Rebel watched through a pair of night-vision binoculars. He lowered them and peered across the buildings with his yellow eyes. The binoculars went into the case strapped to his lower back, then he disappeared down the broken stairwell.

Less than a minute passed before the Scavengers returned.

It has been written
"Those who have the youth
Have the future"

"My Lord, we-we have f-f-failed."


The red-eyed, scaled creature cringed. "The Rebels, my Lord, the Children, they-they-they..." He swallowed heavily. "They have rescued the prisoners."

"And did any of them perish?"

He started to shake. "N-No."

"This is a disappointment."

The creature relaxed slightly. "It is, my Lord," he agreed. Then he fell to the floor as his spine was ripped out of his back. The Gladiator behind him started to eat the bones. Two Vultures scurried forward from the shadows and descended upon the body, devouring it in seconds with their needle-sharp teeth. The two-foot, black humanoids with glowing violet eyes vanished as quickly as they appeared.

The raven-haired woman sitting on a throne made of solid gold tapped her crimson, inch-long nails on the arm. Her green eyes, framed by sculpted black brows, were focused on a distant point. She bit her lower lip, the whiteness of her teeth contrasting sharply with her blood-red lipstick. She took a breath, her ample cleavage almost overflowing from her tight, emerald corset which set off her porcelain skin.

"I hate those Rebels," she sighed, her voice cool and calm. "Especially the five who call themselves the Children of the Beast."

So come now, children of the beast
Be strong
And Shout at the Devil

Part Two


A booted foot bounced in a steady rhythm of boredom. The woman the boot was on stretched her arms above her head before getting to her feet. She rolled her head in a slow circle, then glanced over her shoulder when she heard someone enter the room.

The redhead ran her finger along the back of the couch in the center-most room of the mansion, her eyes on the dark-haired man standing across the room. He watched her with a somewhat amused smirk on his face, his arms folded across his chest.

She walked towards him slowly, her hips swaying back and forth seductively in the tight, black pants she wore. Her deep red poets shirt was tied at her waist, the top two buttons undone. When she reached him, she pressed her lower body to his and ran her fingers up the front of his white t-shirt above his crossed arms.

"Wanna play?" she asked, looking up at him with mischievous, green eyes. She ran her tongue along her bottom lip, pink against red, in invitation.

"What would your boyfriend think?" he asked.

"He's no fun," she replied. "He's all wolfy."

"That's because there's a full moon, Will."

"But it's three whole nights, Xander!" Willow exclaimed. She pouted. "I'm bored."

"Go find Giles and get him to teach you a new magick trick," Xander told her. He pushed her away. "I'm not in the mood."

"Mr. Eternally Horny?" Willow said. She dropped her head and looked up at coyly under her lashes. "Now, why do I find that hard to believe?"

"Is this a personal argument, or can any vamp join in?"

"Hey, Buff," Xander greeted. He looked her over from head-to-toe. "What's with the Scavenger suit?"

Buffy untied the dirty rag around her head and freed her blond hair. The layers of tattered and torn clothing she wore were equally as filthy, and her feet were bound in strips of cloth. "Ever heard of going undercover, Xand?"

"I go undercover all the time," Xander said. "In fact, if you want, I'll join you in your bed later..."

Buffy hit him with the rag. "I don't think so, Mr. Hornball."

"What is it with you guys and my state of arousal?" Xander said.

"Because you're always thinking with your dick rather than your brain," Cordelia said, entering the room from the west wing. She glanced at Buffy. "Loving the street-sucker look, Buffy."

"Planning on getting lucky at the zoo?" Buffy said, eyeing the super-short, zebra-striped shorts and black corset on the brunette.

"You're so funny," Cordelia said sarcastically. "I really think you should take your humor on the road. Now would be a good time to leave." She turned to Willow. "I just remembered, Giles wanted you. He's cursing at the computer again. He said something like monkey's intestines would give him better answers than it."

"I'd better go rescue him," Willow said, heading for the east wing. "At least it'll give me someone to do."

"Don't you mean 'something'?" Buffy called after her. Willow laughter was her answer.

"Xander, you're with me," Cordelia said, heading for a wardrobe cabinet. She opened it up and took out a short, black leather jacket. "I'm playing a Lola from now until four."

"I hate it when you get stuck with that cover," Xander grumbled, following her towards the north wing.

"Yeah, but what cover has the greatest success rate in ferreting out information?" Cordelia said.

Their voices trailed off and Buffy shook her head. She was glad she didn't get stuck playing a Lola for the past couple weeks. Sex was fun and good, but some of those that bought it from the Lolas were really disgusting. Rubbing at the dirt on her cheek, she headed for the west wing of the mansion.

The mansion was located on the outskirts of what used to be Los Angeles. Designed by an eccentric doctor, it looked like a giant, medical red cross from the air. The single story home had four wings and a basement spread over half a mile. It was surrounded by heavy woods on all sides, but the main lawns supported gardens of vast proportions, carefully cultivated by the human Rebels that lived there.

The north wing was considered the 'guest' wing. The front doors opened into the grand hall, lit by ten crystal chandeliers spaced along the arched ceiling. The entire right side held a ballroom, complete with bandstand. The left side was divided down into a study for the men, a sitting room for the ladies, and a dining room that seated one hundred. There were also two separate, ornate restrooms, one for each gender.

The east wing was the 'functional' part of the mansion. The large kitchen was closest to the north wing, with a secret passage that connected it with the dining room. Beside the kitchen was the storeroom for everything not food related. It also held a hidden passage that led down to the basement.

On the opposite side of the wing, the walls between rooms had been knocked down to form a giant library. The outer walls were lined with books, from floor to ceiling. Three moving ladders were attached to the shelves for easy access. Glass cabinets that held magickal components sat against the walls between the doors. Large wooden tables and chairs were spread out in the room except for an area marked off where magickal rituals took place. Several computers were also present. A secret passage sat behind one of the bookshelves that led to the south wing.

The south wing was considered the 'gym' by the occupants of the mansion. An Olympic-sized, fully inclosed, indoor pool took up most of the wing. There was also a room filled with every exercise equipment known to man, including free weights. There were separate locker rooms, complete with saunas, for the men and women. The final room was a wide-open space, with the floor covered in a soft, blue mat, that was used for weapons practice. The wing also had secret passages to the basement and to the west wing.

The west wing held the suites of rooms that made up the living quarters for all who chose to live above ground. Each suite had a king-sized bed, giant closet, private bath, two night-stands and a single dresser. Depending on the room's occupants, windows that ran from floor to ceiling let in the sunlight during the day. The wing connected to the north wing by a passage and each room had a trap door that led to the basement.

The central-most part of the mansion was a large meeting room. Couches and chairs were set up in a square so those sitting down would all look at one another. Small coffee tables littered with ashtrays sat in front of a few of the couches. Along the walls were wardrobe closets and several weapons closets. In one corner was an always fully-stocked bar and directly opposite it in the other corner were the main stairs to the basement.

The mansion's walls were made of thick stone and mortar, made to withstand attack because of the doctor's experiences in the various wars of the twentieth century. The basement was a fortified munitions depot that had tunnels connected through thick steel doors to the electric tunnels under the town, the sewers, and to the surface. It was handy for the non-humans who needed to avoid the sunlight in order to get around during the day.

When Buffy got to her room, she quickly shed her disguise and hopped into the shower to wash away the grime of the streets. Her mind turned over the few tidbits of information she picked up from the other Scavengers. One of the Vampire factions within the city limits had been decimated by a pack of Gladiators.

Gladiators normally didn't hunt in groups because they lacked the brain power to organize themselves. That meant someone had sent them to take out the Vampires for a reason. The Scavengers had descended upon the faction's lair within minutes of the Gladiators departure, but she didn't know if they found anything of importance or not.

Shutting off the water, she quickly toweled dry and slid into a pair of spandex running tights and a matching sports bra. Her shoulder length blond hair got twisted up into a haphazard ponytail. She was planning on getting in a quick workout after she reported what she'd learned. Then she planned to exercise.

Her bare feet made no noise as she traversed the hallways back through the center of the mansion to the east wing. She saw a few other night creatures pass her by, to which she gave greetings, but she did not stop to talk. The human Rebels were all tucked away for the night, some families sharing the king-sized bed, which was good or bad depending on how one looked at it. Bad because of the tight living conditions, good because it meant the humans were multiplying.

Buffy could hear Giles and Willow arguing with each other the moment she passed through the archway to the wing. She smiled to herself at the extremely long-going fight between the two over the helpfulness of computers.

"It's a bloody stupid machine."

"Which is faster than looking it up by memory."

"My memory doesn't have error messages."

"So says the man who pulled out the book on demon dalliances when we wanted information on human cognitive development."

"The book had been mis-shelved..."

"Guys!" Buffy interrupted, entering the library. "They can hear you in the Tucson Reserve."

"Hello, Buffy," Giles greeted, after shooting a final glare at Willow. The hacker grinned at him and went back to typing on the keyboard. "How did it go?"

"Pretty good," Buffy replied, hopping up on the edge of the table Giles and Willow were working at. She leaned over and tucked the tag into the back of Giles' grey pullover. "There's a possible sitch involving VampF-15."

"Anything we should concern ourselves immediately with?" Giles asked.

"Depends," Buffy said. "Does is strike you as weird a group of Gladiators wiped out the faction?"

Giles raised his brows in astonishment. "I should say so."

"Do you think they were looking for something?" Willow asked.

"That's a pos," Buffy answered. "Miss Merry Sunshine wouldn't have bothered with the Vampires if not. They're not much of a threat to her."

"Now we must ask the question whether the Scavengers have this, er, 'something' or if it is already in Alistair's hands," Giles said. He absently removed his glasses and cleaned them as he thought, a gesture that was so ingrained into him, it was doubtful the action was made on a conscious level.

"We can always go on a scavenger hunt," Buffy suggested with an evil grin. "I like the redheads myself. They taste like chicken."

"Does that include me?" Willow asked with an arched brow.

"No, you taste like dog-food," she teased.

"Hey! Don't dis Oz like that," Willow scowled at her.

Buffy winked at her, then turned her attention back to Giles. "So, do we go looking for the pot of gold?"

"I shall have to discuss it with-"

"The other kahunas, got it," Buffy finished. "Speaking of, where are the other two-thirds of the Triumvirate?"

"Angel's off working the other half of Lola," Willow said. She smirked. "Bet he's just hating that."

"I bet Cord is," Buffy said. "She's a tad possessive of her sire."

"And you're not?" Willow asked.

"But I have to share Spike with all of you," Buffy sighed. "She's got sire-exclusitivity."

"Yeah, but you're his favorite," the redhead told her. "Master's pet."

"Willow, stick it up your hole and rotate," Buffy said.

"Ladies, you do realize that I am still present?" Giles asked.

Buffy looked around the room. "Ladies? I don't see any ladies? Do you, Will?"

"Haven't in the last few hours," Willow answered.

"Sorry, Giles, it's just us soully vampiresses," Buffy said. She slid off the table. "I'll be in the gym if anyone's looking for me."

The moment she left the library, she heard the two magick users go at it again.

"Okay, Giles, come here and let me show you the computer is your friend."

"It is not friendly. It is an annoying mess of wires and circuits."

"And you're an annoying mess of useless intestines and dead flesh."

Part Three

"Hi, Spike," Buffy said, rolling up to her feet in the open room. "Did you get a chance to ta-"

Her question was cut off by Spike's mouth descending viciously upon hers. Her eyes widened briefly before she shut them and gave into the assault. Strong arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her up against a taut body. She could feel tension, frustration, anger and need all flowing into the kiss.

The kiss was broken off with a growl and Buffy's shirt was yanked up over her head. His cool mouth sucked along the side of her neck as hard fingers massaged her breasts. She dropped her head to the side to allow him more access and he grunted in approval. Lightning ran from her breasts to her sex when he pinched her nipples, then rolled them between his fingers and thumbs.

She was suddenly on the floor, her pants violently ripped away from her body. On her hands and knees, she felt him scratch down her back, drawing blood. She snarled in pleasure as a wet tongue licked up the bloody trails. A snap and the sound of the decent of a zipper made her vaginal muscles quiver with anticipation, her channel becoming wet.

She expected him to slam into her, but he surprised her by sliding into her hot, slick core with an aching slowness. He held her hips tightly so she couldn't shove back onto him. When he filled her to the hilt, he put one arm around her waist and she heard the sound of his shirt being pulled over his head. The black material landed on the floor by her head.

His lean, muscular torso pressed firmly against her back, his hand flat on the floor beside hers. His legs were outside of hers, causing her thighs to be closed, making the area surrounding her entry tighter. He started to move in and out of her, slowly at first, coming almost all the way out before sliding back in to her heat. Then he sped up, grunting and growling against her neck, thrusting in and out of her at a hard pace.

Her knees rose up off the ground with each thrust as he pulled up on her with his arm. His balls were slapping against the back of her thighs. She felt his fangs brush against her shoulder and she shuddered in pleasure. The heady scent of sex and blood surrounded and inflamed her. Her fingers curled into the soft mat, gouging holes with her nails.

When his fangs pierced her neck, she screamed out, and her face changed as she lost control. Her eyes turned yellow, her own fangs elongated and ridges formed above her nose. She practically bucked up into him, bouncing on the ground with her knees in between each frenzied thrust. He suddenly slammed her flat to the floor, his shaft as far into her as it could get, as he climaxed.

After a moment, he pulled out of her, flipped her onto her back, and kissed her violently. Sharp canines cut and tore at both their mouths and tongues. His hand slipped down between her legs and he captured her clit with his thumb and forefinger. With a small twist, she exploded into orgasm, her cries muffled by his savage assault on her lips.

As abruptly as he came upon her, he broke away and stood. Staring down at her, his yellow eyes vanished into a cold blue, and he pulled up his jeans and re-fastened them. He bent down and grabbed his t-shirt, then turned and strolled towards the door.

"Library, ten minutes," Spike said over his shoulder.

Then he was gone.

Buffy laid on the floor for a minute, their mixed fluids leaking out of her still spread legs. Her face melted back into her human mask slowly. With an airless sigh, she got to her feet, scooped up her clothing, and headed back to her room.


Spike threw his t-shirt across his room with a hard flick of his arm. Not pausing, he walked right into his bathroom and turned on the faucet full blast. The cold water on his face did nothing for his heated thoughts. He shut tap off and rested both hands on opposite sides of the basin, his head down, the water dripping from his face.

"Bloody hell," he swore quietly. He lifted a hand and rubbed his eyes with his thumb and first two fingers. The throbbing that always seemed to reside behind the blue orbs did not diminish. He was probably going to go down in history, not as the leader of the Rebels, but as the first vampire to have tension headaches.

He grabbed the hand towel off the bar by his shoulder and dried off his face. Tossing it on the sink, he headed back into the bedroom to put on a clean shirt. There wasn't enough time for him to shower the scent of Buffy off of him.

Time, he thought with a sarcastic chuckle. There was never enough time to do anything. When he wasn't out on the streets, securing information or saving what few humans he could, he was planning the next offensive against Alistair or brainstorming as to her next move; dealing with the problems within the Rebel community and within the mansion; sending his childer and the other Rebels out on always-dangerous information-gathering missions; or fighting with his inner emotions about what he was doing.

He was the only one out of the original eight from Sunnydale who didn't have a soul. It had taken him a month to curse the turned group of friends with the help of Angel and the then human Cordelia. He barely remembered how difficult it was to get five, hungry, newly created vampires out of the small town.

The turned Slayer was the hardest for him to deal with after she'd been changed. Her blood made her much stronger than him and, without her soul and her knowledge that he possessed the curse, it had taken a lot of drugs to keep her unconscious for the month. The others were not knowledgeable that he had the diskette, nor were they in on the fact that he was going to make them into vampires if things went wrong.

After Oz, Willow, Xander and Giles had been cursed, they had stopped speaking to him other than to say "Yes, Master" or "No, Master" in a sardonic manner. Buffy had finally convinced them that it had been the only way to insure they would survive to fight another night. The Hellmouth had opened, but only one demon had emerged to throw the world into darkness -- Alistair.

Two months after he had made the mansion into their home, Angel turned Cordelia at her request. She didn't want Spike's fangs anywhere near her, but she wanted to stay in the fight. It had taken her three days of constant whining to get his sire to do it. To this day, he believed Angel did it more to get her to shut up than because it was the right decision.

As the years passed, Willow and Giles worked on creating a new spell that would bind their souls to them, which they eventually succeeded in doing, much to their happiness. They had offered to give him his, but he had refused. He was helping fine without it and he didn't want to lose the control he had over his unlife.

He had taught his childer everything they needed to know about being a vampire, with the exception of Giles. The old Watcher had turned to Angel for teaching and, in a surprising exchange, Cordelia had chosen Spike to teach her. He taught them how to feed without killing their victim, how to cross the border of being good to being evil when necessary without it making them feel guilty, how to torture, how to fight and how to survive.

He was merciless in his teachings. He needed for them to be strong and, in order to make them that way, he used similar methods Angel had used on him when he'd been turned. They absolutely hated him...until he taught them the pleasures of vampiric sex. Then they only hated him ninety percent of the time.

They had called him the Beast, to which he tried his best to make them believe he was one. The five vampires, who had been turned when they were twenty-six, became the most efficient and deadly force in the fight against Alistair. He was extremely proud of them, though he hadn't once admitted it, other than to Angel in the privacy of the bedroom.

Spike rubbed his temples and pulled on the reserve of strength he relied on to get him by on less than two hours of sleep per day. There wasn't enough time to sleep anyway. He chuckled hollowly again and left his room to go to the library.