The Diary of William Giles Summers

by Saber ShadowKitten

I should probably start with the basics. I am 14 years old and a freshman at Sunnydale High School. I am currently 5í-6" tall (and hopefully still growing) and am pretty muscular, since I started working out with my parents. I have short brown hair and yellowish eyes.

Oh, yeah. My name is William Giles Summers. I was named after my father, Grandpa Giles and my last name is my motherís. Thatís only because my father couldnít remember his last name. After all, he hasnít used it in over 220 years.

You see, my father is a vampire.

Donít laugh. He really is. A blood sucking, night dwelling, holy water fearing, super strong demon.

How, do you ask, did a vampire become my father? To make a long story short, he fell in love.

With the Slayer.

The Slayer is my mom. Buffy Summers. The Chosen One. One girl in every generation with the strength and skills to beat back the forces of darkness, the demons and the vampires.

Yes, I said vampires.

Funny, huh? One lives to kill humans, the other lives to kill vampires. Yet, they love each other.


Iíve seen it. Itís kinda gross. Mom says one day I wonít think that way, but this is my parents Iím talking about. Yuck.

Now, before you go running off to complain that itís impossible for vampires to have children, you have to understand that the only reason Iím alive is due to a prophecy. I am suppose to be "the child destined to be the balance between good and evil."

What a trip.

Before I go on, I need to tell you about my extended honorary family, since I will be mentioning them throughout this diary.

First, Grandpa Giles. He is my Momís Watcher. He, well, watches her and records her life in his own diaries. He trains her and helps her to defeat the baddies. Heís also the school librarian.

Next up, Uncle Angel. Heís another vampire. But he has a soul. If you want more, read the Watcherís Diaries about him. All I can tell you is that my Mom and him had a big love affair a long time ago.

What is it with my Mother and vampires?

My other honorary relatives are Aunt Willow and Uncle Oz, Aunt Cordelia and Uncle Xander and Grandma Joyce. Well, Grandma Joyce is my Momís mom, so she is blood related, but the rest are my Momís best friends. The Slayerettes. They help research and fight for the side of good.

Iím beginning to sound like a comic book.

And this next part will cinch the comic book deal. Maybe I can make tons of money from it.

My Powers: Strengths and Weaknesses

(Catchy title, eh?)

Ok. Letís see. Iíve inherited super-human and vampire strength. Iím stronger than both my father and my mother. Cool, huh?

I heal very rapidly. Bruises? Gone in a minute. Cuts? Five minutes tops. Deep gashes? Half hour to an hour, depending on the length. Broken bones? A day.

I also canít be killed by conventional means. Stake to the heart or beheading is they way to go.

I have no problem going out into the sun.

I am probably immortal. But, since there has never been someone like me before, that may not be true.

On the minus side, I have no reflection. Makes it hard to be in class pictures. Or in the boys bathroom.

I canít touch crosses or other holy objects. Holy water burns me, too.

Garlic is bad.

When I get angry, my face heats up and my eyes glow yellow.

But other than that, Iím a normal boy. (Yes, you can laugh).

Training the Super-hero

Hereís how I train.

Iíve always been a great student. Honor classes. Love to use the computer. So, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I go to the library after school and study ancient texts, prophecies and really boring languages with Grandpa Giles. Sometimes Aunt Willow helps.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays I train physically in the basement with either Mom or Dad. I either lift weights, learn different martial arts moves, or get the tar beat out of me.

My parents stage mock fights, but they donít hold back. They only thing they donít do is try to kill me. Other than that, anything is fair game.

Fun, huh?

Sometimes my parents let me go out on patrol with them. Then I get to dust some vampires. Iím pretty good at it. One time I got really angry and I ripped the heart right out of a very large, mean looking vampire. You should have seen his face! He looked so surprised! It was awesome.

Well, thatís basically it for now. Iím suppose to write in this everyday, according to Grandpa Giles.

Yeah, right.

The End