Everything Has Its Place

by Saber ShadowKitten


"Cordelia, where are your napkins?" Wesley called into the other room.

"I don't know, ask Dennis," Cordelia called back.

Wesley cleared his throat. "Oh, I say, er, Dennis?"

One of the cabinet doors opened and a stack of napkins floated over to Wesley. "Th-thank you," Wesley said. "Will you be, ah, joining us for dinner?"

A clean plate from the dish drainer floated over to the table and into position at an empty seat. "My guess is that's a yes," Wesley said.

"Ugh, I swear Angel, if you don't start paying me better, you're going to have to get a new wire to the PTB," Cordelia complained as she entered her kitchen. She waved a slip of paper in the air. "Do you know how much the dry cleaner charged to get that icky fuchia stuff out? Do-"

She stopped and frowned. "Where's Angel?"

"I think he is in the living room," Wesley replied.

"And that was a really great rant, too," Cordelia grumbled. "I might have squeezed a few more pennies out of Mr. Scrooge from it."

"Perhaps you can rant again at dinner," Wesley suggested.

Cordelia sighed. "It's not as good the second time around. I'm an actress. I need to feel my part." She looked towards the living room and spotted Angel crouched in front of the fireplace, staring at the flickering flames. "Oh wonderful, he's 'deep thoughts vampire' again."

"I often wonder what it is that he thinks about," Wesley said, putting down the last of the silverware on the table. "Imagine having lived for two and a half centuries! Why, the things he has seen first hand, the people he could have met..."

"And slaughtered," Cordelia added. She shook her head. "He's probably thinking about Hell again, what with the whole staring into flames thing he's doing."


Buffy rose above him like a goddess, the firelight bathing her lithe, nude form. Her soft body was covered with a thin sheen of perspiration, making her shine in a soft glow. Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back, her blond hair cascading down behind her. Her breaths were coming in short gasps each time she thrust down onto his shaft, her beautiful breasts rising and falling with each one.

Her hot, wet core grasped at his cock as he slid in and out of her, her small body welcoming his large girth without hesitation. Her velvety softness surrounded him, pulled on him, stroked him into a frenzied state. Her fingers curled into the skin on his chest, scratching him, drawing blood, exciting him more.

She licked her lips, her pink tongue darting out to moisten the pouty surface, bruised and swollen from heady kisses. She moaned softly, the sound traveling from his ears straight to his loins. Her inner walls began to flutter around his thick member and his hands slid up her muscular thighs towards the mound of dark curls at the apex.

Another pale hand with strong fingers slid around her waist, delving into her feminine nest before his own fingers found his goal. A second hand moved up under her arm to cup her breast, the chipped-black-polished fingers pinching the taut bud of her nipple. Over her shoulder, hungry blue eyes met his before the intimately familiar face lowered and pale, pink lips kissed along the side of her neck.

Angel snapped out of his daydream with a visible start. The fire in the fireplace crackled before him and Cordelia's and Wesley's voices drifted to him from the kitchen, drawing him back to reality. Beneath the material of his pants, his cock was ten inches of solid steel, hard and throbbing and very uncomfortable.

The dark-haired vampire straightened and tried to adjust himself without attracting attention from his friends. His face twisted in a grimace as he thought about what just occurred. He didn't know which was worse: having such an intimate daydream while at a small dinner party, or having his daydream end so abruptly because of Spike's surprise appearance in it.

Angel cursed quietly and untucked his shirt, using it to cover the extremely obvious problem he had. It didn't do a very good job, causing him to curse some more. He tried to picture Xander -- his own personal erection dissipater -- but that only served to excite him more as a vivid image of the annoying nineteen-year-old hog-tied to a table and him with a barbed whip popped into his mind.

"Angel, are you going to join us or what?" Cordelia called to him from the kitchen. "I didn't slave over a hot stove all day just to clear my pores." A chair thumped twice and the brunette added, "And neither did Dennis."

Angel put one hand over the other in front of his crotch and hoped none of his friends noticed his raging hard on as he walked stiffly to the kitchen. He was supposed to be the cool, calm, controlled one, not the horny pervert having explicit fantasies in the middle of Cordelia's living room.

"It smells good," he lied, quickly moving to stand behind the solid-backed chair. He looked at the open dish on the table and frowned. He had no clue what it was supposed to be. "Lasagna?"

"It's baked salmon." Cordelia glared at him.

Angel gave her a sheepish look. "Sorry. I don't eat, remember?"

"That's just an excuse," Cordelia said.

"A lucky one, at that," Wesley mumbled under his breath.

"I heard that." Cordelia turned her glare on Wesley. "If you don't like my cooking, why don't you make your own daaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaahhh!"

Wesley caught Cordelia as the brunette grasped her head and staggered. Angel hurried to her side, taking her hand. She squeezed it hard, but he knew it barely compared to the pain in her head.

"Cordelia?" Angel questioned softly.

Cordelia opened her eyes and looked at the vampire with a frown. "Do we have a policy that says you have to help everyone that's in these vision thingys?"

"Why?" Angel asked.

"Because I just saw Spike," Cordelia replied. She took the ice pack that floated to her. "Thanks, Dennis." She gave the air a small smile where she thought the ghost was standing, then slapped the ice pack on her forehead.

"Spike?" Wesley said.

"Angel's spawn," Cordelia told Wesley. "You probably read about him in your nerdy Watcher studies. Hung out with a skanky chick named Drusilla, another one of Angel's bad seeds. Spike tried to kill us a bunch of times, and shish-ka-bob'd Angel trying to get back the Gem of Amara."

"Ah, right," Wesley said. He frowned. "Isn't it a bit unusual-"

"What exactly did you see, Cordelia?" Angel interrupted, shaking out of his stupor at who the Powers That Be wanted him to help -- as well as the eerily odd fact that he'd just had a daydream including the blond vampire.

"I saw Spike," Cordelia replied. "Bleached hair, same clothes, annoying sneer...great cheekbones though. If he wasn't an undead fiend and had a better sense of style, I know lots of girls who'd go for him."

"Where?" Angel asked.

"In Alaska," Cordelia said. "Or in one of those cold Canadian countries where the women are desperate because they look like mooses."

"Moose," Wesley corrected. "The plural of 'moose' is 'moose.'"

Cordelia frowned at him. "But that's the same word."

"Hello? Can we try and stay on topic here?" Angel said impatiently.

"What got into your blood bag?" Cordelia snipped at Angel.

"Cordelia. Where. Was. Spike?" Angel asked through clenched teeth.

Cordelia looked at the dark-haired vampire for a moment, then answered. "He was in Sunnydale."

Pain flashed across Angel's eyes, followed immediately by anger. "Wesley, you're in charge at the office. Cordelia, get your coat, you're coming with me."

"Wait, what?" Cordelia went after Angel as the vampire strode out of the kitchen. "Where are we going?"

"Back to Sunnydale."

"I'll, um, lock up for you, Cordelia," Wesley called after her. The chair near him was pushed back under the table by a ghostly hand. "And Dennis shall help."

Part One

"Angel, slow down!" Cordelia snapped at the dark-haired vampire. "I know you're all hell-bent on finding Spike, but speed walking does nothing for my thighs!"

"You should have stayed in the car," Angel told her, but he shortened his stride to match hers.

"And let you be out here alone in Sunnydale?" Cordelia scoffed. "Fat chance."

"I think I can handle myself on the Hellmouth against anything that creeps up," Angel said.

"Could you handle seeing Buffy again?"

A pain seared through Angel's heart. He dropped his eyes to the ground in front of him as they continued to walk.

"I thought not," Cordelia said softly. She reached out and gently squeezed his arm.

Angel glanced over at her and gave her a strained smile. Then he took a purposeful breath and raised his head again. "Where are we supposed to find that idiot Childe of mine?"

"Somewhere in this cemetery," Cordelia answered with a shrug. "Of course, he may not be here. Those visions don't come with a date and time stamp."

Angel stopped walking abruptly. Cordelia gave him a confused look, and when she went to speak, he held up his hand. Her mouth closed quickly and she scanned the darkness. "What do you hear?" she whispered.

"Voices," Angel replied, heading straight for a clump of trees in front of them. He silently slipped in between the trees, treading closer to the voices he'd heard. Cordelia's footfalls were soft behind him, and he knew that she would watch his back, even if he didn't need it watched.

"Buffy would be very ticked off at you if you did it, mate," Angel heard as they came upon a small pathway that lead through the trees.

"Spike," Cordelia whispered from slightly behind him. Angel nodded, his teeth clenched together at the sound of Buffy's name on Spike's lips.

"She probably doesn't know you're a HST," another male voice said. "And if she did, she'd stake you on sight."

Angel cautiously followed the pathway towards the two voices.

"She's known me for almost two and a half years and she hasn't staked me yet. Kissed me, yes. Staked, no."

"Now I know you're lying. Buffy would never kiss a vampire."

Angel heard Spike's laughter before his bleached-blond head came into view. He was backed up near a tree, holding his hands in the air in a surrender position. "You mean to tell me that the Slayer's never told you about Peaches?"

Angel circled around Spike, staying hidden and silent in the trees, his eyes searching for the other person. When he did, his actions were instantaneous. He swooped out of the woods, ripping the gun from the tall, camouflaged man's hands and butting the guy in the face with it. The guy went down and Angel flipped the gun around to aim it at the man. The dark-haired vampire looked behind him at Spike with a glare.

"Angel, old chap, we were just talking 'bout you," Spike said jovially, lowering his arms.

"Keep them up," Angel said in a deadly tone. Cordelia came out of the trees beside him and he relinquished the gun to her.

"And Cordelia," Spike said, his arms back in the air. "Is there a Scooby Gang reunion that I wasn't informed about?"

"No, Spike, I work for an agency that helps the hopeless," Cordelia said sweetly. "And you fit quite nicely into that category."

She shifted her attention back to the guy on the ground, who had started to move. "Huh-uh, buddy. You're staying put until Angel says so."

Angel focused solely on Spike as he approached the blond. Spike grinned mockingly up at him when he stopped a foot away. "Hello, Peaches," Spike said. "How's the Slayer? Oh yeah, that's right, you wouldn't know."

"I want to know what you're doing here in Sunnydale," Angel said, ignoring the jibe.

"I live here," Spike replied. A wicked smile crossed his face. "And I'm shagging Buffy every chaaagh-"

Angel grabbed Spike by the throat and lifted the younger vampire up off the ground, using the tree for support. "Don't you ever talk about Buffy in that way," Angel growled.

"It's not like she's been faithful to you," Spike gasped out.

"I'm not in a good mood, Spike. You interrupted me in the middle of a very pleasant fantasy." Angel's dark gaze didn't leave Spike's as his other hand began to unstrap the blond's belt. Once it was unbuckled, he leaned closer to the wary-eyed younger vampire and said in a deceptively soft voice, "Tell me why you're really here and I promise I'll make it hurt only a little."


Angel turned his head at the shout of his name from Cordelia, and he saw that the camouflaged man had the gun again and was leveling it at him and Spike. Cordelia was being held captive by a second camouflaged person.

"Let her go," Angel demanded, dropping Spike.

"Step away from him," the gun-wielding guy ordered.

Angel glanced at Cordelia and nodded imperceptively. They both struck at the same time. Angel bent his knees and launched himself up into the air, doing a high flip out of the path of the gun. He heard Spike cry out slightly as something was shot from the gun. With a mental curse, he landed lightly on his feet, spun, and kicked the gun out of the guy's hands.

Cordelia rammed her heel back into her captor's leg, then released her weight to drop out of his arms to the ground. She scrambled to her feet, caught a glimpse of Spike immobile on the ground, and took a swing at the ski-mask covered face. She may not like Spike, but her vision said they were suppose to help him, so help he would get.

The dark-haired vampire ducked under the kick aimed at his head. He darted in and smashed his fist in his opponent's face. The guy flew back several feet with the impact, hitting the ground hard.

Spinning, Angel saw Cordelia trying to beat off the second man and failing. The fatigue-clad man shoved the brunette away forcefully when he saw Angel coming after him, bringing his gun around. The dark-haired vampire grabbed the barrel and shoved hard, smacking the guy in the jaw with the butt of the gun.

The man released his hold on the weapon abruptly and punched Angel, who's head flung to the side at the hit; but the vampire did not relinquish his hold on the barrel of the gun as it started to fall. He used its momentum to swing it up and around like a baton, smashing it down on the juncture of his opponent's shoulder and neck.

The camouflaged man dropped to his knees with the blow. Angel grabbed the back of the man's masked head with his free hand and bashed the man's covered face into his knee. The dark-haired vampire then shoved the guy backwards roughly and handed Cordelia the gun. "Watch him," he ordered.

"And it worked so well the last time you had me to do this," Cordelia muttered, aiming the weapon at the downed man.

Angel turned and saw that his Childe was on the ground, twitching slightly, what looked to be two little bolts sticking out of his chest. "Damn," he swore softly, heading quickly over to Spike, keeping his guard up. He dropped down to one knee beside the blond vampire and examined the bolts. They looked to be electrified.


Angel frowned down at Spike. "What?" he asked. Then he saw the stark fear and anger reflected in the younger vampire's blue eyes. "Spike, what is it?"

"Run...you...pil...lock," Spike got out with barely any air.

"I'm not leaving you here for them to finish you off," Angel said, grabbing a stick on the ground beside them. He looped it around one of the wires and yanked a bolt out of Spike's chest. "I want to save that pleasure for myself."

"Stu...pid...poof," Spike muttered.

Angel got the second bolt out without touching it. "Let's get you out of here before those guys gather their wits." He scooped the blond vampire up in a fireman's carry and glanced back at Cordelia. "Let's go."

Cordelia nodded and backed away from the camouflaged man on the ground, keeping the gun leveled at him. When she hit the tree line, she turned and jogged after the rapidly leaving vampire.

"Next time you feel like playing marathon runner, tell me to wear better shoes," Cordelia told Angel when they arrived at the car several quick-paced minutes later.

Angel dumped Spike unceremoniously into the open back-seat of the convertible as the brunette rounded the car to get in the passenger side. He frowned at the gun when she tossed it onto the back floor before she got in the vehicle. "Since when do humans run around in camouflage with guns electrifying vampires?"

"Maybe Buffy and company have hired some outside help," Cordelia suggested as Angel got in the car. "The guy talking to Spike seemed to know her."

"There's only one way to find out," Angel said as he started the engine.

"Wonderful," Cordelia said with a sigh. "Look out angst, here comes Angel."

Part Two

"So we're going to leave Spike in the car?" Cordelia asked ten minutes later. "What if someone comes along and steals him? One vampire rescue a night is my limit."

"What do you think I should do with him then?" Angel said.

"I don't know," Cordelia said. "Prop him up outside Giles's door or something."

Angel sighed and dragged the paralyzed vampire out of the backseat of the convertible. He ignored the growl Spike emitted. He used the car as a prop in order to hoist the blond over his shoulder, then smacked Spike on the ass before following Cordelia.

"We should have called," Angel commented more to himself than to his brunette friend, apprehension coming over him the closer they got to Giles's front door.

"We would have if you hadn't acted like the world was ending after my vision," Cordelia told him. She shook her head in confusion. "I still don't know why the PTB would give me a migraine so we could help Spike. Do you think they make mistakes?"

"I doubt it," Angel replied. They stopped in front of Giles's door and the dark-haired vampire stared at it in trepidation. He wanted to turn around, go home and beat off in the shower while picturing Buffy naked and writhing above him again. He did not want to be in Sunnydale rescuing one of his Childer from guys in camouflage with electrifying guns.

"Are you going to knock or burn a hole through the door with your eyes?" Cordelia asked in annoyance. She made a noise of disgust and knocked herself. "It's only Giles. Tweed isn't scary...well, actually..."

The door opened as Cordelia trailed off. The brunette frowned at the person who answered the knock. "What are you doing here?"

"Who is it, Anya?" Giles asked from out of sight, his voice traveling past the short-haired, ex-demon.

"That Angel person, Cordelia and someone's ass," Anya replied. "By the tightness of the black jeans over a pair of perfectly sculpted cheeks, I'd say it was Spike's ass."

Anya left the door open and walked away from the door as Giles came into view. Cordelia didn't stand on ceremony and entered Giles's home without an invitation. "How do you know what Spike's butt looks like?"

"I was bored and Spike was sleeping on the floor on his stomach," Anya replied. "Plus, he was moving up and down and rubbing himself on the floor like he was having sex with someone. It was quite entertaining."

Giles looked out the open door at Angel with a questioning lift of his brow. "Do you plan on standing out there until dawn?"

"Is it alright if I leave Spike outside your door?" Angel asked in reply. "He was shot by some soldier-types with a stun gun of sorts-"

"Idiot. I warned him this would happen," Giles interrupted. He shook his head and sighed. "Go ahead and put him on the couch. I estimate it will take several hours for the paralysis to wear off."

Angel didn't move, an expectant expression on his face. When Giles didn't speak, he said, "Spike needs to be invited in."

"What?" Giles said. "Oh, no, he doesn't." He furrowed his brows thoughtfully. "Although, I should probably start thinking about rescinding the invitation now that Spike's living on his own again."

The dark-haired vampire stepped easily into the ex-Watcher's home, a perplexed look on his face. "Again?"

"Again?" Cordelia echoed.

"Giles, make sure you do it to Xander's house, too," Anya spoke up from her seat on the chair beside the couch. "I thought we would never get rid of Spike to begin with. I don't want that annoying vampire to show up while Xander and I are copulating anymore. It makes Xander all limp and unhappy, and then I don't get to have any orgasms."

Cordelia and Angel both stared at Anya, dumbfounded.

"Yes, well, er, I-I shall look into it, Anya," Giles said. He returned his gaze to Angel, a sardonic smirk crossing his lips. "You can put Spike down anytime you'd like."

"Right," Angel said, moving to the couch. He dropped the blond vampires onto it and earned another growl by the ungentle action. Angel gave his Childe a cold glare in return.

"I don't mean to be rude, but why are you here?" Giles asked Angel. "Did your friend have another vision?"

"In Dolby Digital," Cordelia said.

"Cordelia has the visions now," Angel said in a strained voice. He cleared his throat and continued. "She had one earlier about Spike-"

"And I still don't see why we had to help him," Cordelia interrupted, giving the prone blond vampire a dirty look. "Okay, so he's hopeless in the fashion department and that hair is so eighties; but Spike doesn't strike me as being a damsel in distress. We're suppose to help those in real danger and are helpless to get out of it on their own and can pay us our fee."

"You mean you don't know?" Giles said, then shook his head. "Of course you wouldn't, how silly of me."

"Know what?" Angel said.

"Spike has been, er, fixed," Giles replied. "He can no longer harm the living."

Angel blinked in surprise, his gaze dropping back to Spike. "How did this happen?"

"The Initiative," Anya answered. She shivered and rubbed her arms. "I don't like them."

"Those soldiers that you rescued Spike from were more than likely members of this-this Initiative," Giles said. "We only have sketchy information as to who they are and what they do. Mostly from Spike himself and-and, ah, Buffy."

Angel forced himself to ignore the normal ache in his heart whenever Buffy's name was spoken. "Tell me," he instructed with no emotion in his voice, his eyes not leaving the paralyzed younger vampire.

"Right, well, on the outside, the Initiative seems to be a sort of...commando slaying team," Giles said. "From what I've been able to piece together, they either kill or capture demons and their ilk. What they do with the ones they capture is unknown, other than making vampires into harmless creatures."

"Spike hates it," Anya interjected. "All he does is whine and complain about how unfair it is. Then, he goes on and on about how he's still evil and hates us. I'm just glad he decided to move out of Xander's basement. He was continually spoiling the mood."

"Spike was living in Xander's basement?" Cordelia asked incredulously. "Why?"

"Because Giles's orgasm friend came for a visit and he made Xander take Spike," Anya replied.

Angel lifted his head an arched a brow at the ex-Watcher. "Orgasm friend?"

"Olivia is a-a-a, er, friend of mine, yes," Giles said, shooting Anya a quick glare. "When Spike came to us for help at Thanksgiving, I took him in until she came for a visit."

"Where is he living now?" Angel asked, hiding his smile at Giles's expense.

"In a rather...dismal would be an appropriate descriptive...crypt at Shady Hill Cemetery," Giles replied.

"That's where we found him and those guys in that tacky camouflage," Cordelia said.

"You said that Spike escaped from them once before?" Angel said to Giles. Giles nodded.

"So that explains why we had to rescue the mortally-impaired doof," Cordelia said. "They were probably pretty ticked that Spike escaped and want him back."

"And from what Rupert says, he can't fight back," Angel said, raising his hand to his lips in an unconscious gesture as he thought. Spike was incapacitated in a way that made him mostly harmless and he was threatened in a way that he was helpless against, which explained why Cordelia would receive a vision involving him. The question was: how were they going to remove the threat?

"Cordelia," Angel addressed his friend and secretary. "Call Wesley and tell him-"

"-To find out anything he can on this Initiative while you ask around town. I'm on it," Cordelia finished, reaching into her pocket for her cellphone.

"While I'm gone-" Angel began again.

"-Pick Giles's brains, wait for Spike to start moving again and call you if something important goes down," Cordelia completed as she dialed. "I know the drill, Angel, so go away."

Angel nodded and moved towards the door. "I'll return for both of them as soon as I can," he said to Giles. He paused with his hand on the door handle and swallowed before continuing. "If you see Buffy, please let her know that I'm here."

"I will," Giles said.

Angel nodded once and opened the door to find Xander on the other side, a medium box in his hands. Xander started in surprise, then gave the vampire an angry look. "Angel, what are you doing here? Did you come to stomp on Buffy's heart and leave her in a blue funk for days again?"

Angel stepped quickly aside as Xander went to shove past him. "This is everything, Giles," the brunette teen said. "The Commandos picked Ethan's room pretty clean. I found a few shirts, a bag of rocks and a leather journal with spells in it hidden inside a pillow."

"Xander, you came into the room and did not immediately kiss me hello," Anya said, rising from her seat.

"I'll make it up to you later," Xander told her, setting the box down on the desk behind the couch. He frowned. "What happened to Spike?"

"...How the hell am I supposed to know what kind of gun it was, Wesley? Do I look like Cagney or Lacey to you?" Cordelia was saying as she returned to the living room. "It shot two bolt-like things out of it with wires attached and made Spike do his imitation of a board." She looked up, saw Xander, ignored him, saw Angel and scowled. "Angel, why aren't you gone? Wait, I'll come with you to your car and get this gun so I can describe it to suck-up here."

As Cordelia walked past him out the door, Angel gave Giles a wry half-smile, then followed her back into the night.

Part Three

"Well?" Cordelia inquired when Angel re-entered the ex-Watcher's home a few hours later.

Angel shook his head. "I couldn't get anything concrete," he said. "The only rumor vaguely related is about demons disappearing suddenly and never being seen from again."

"Couldn't that be Buffy though?" Cordelia said.

"No, these are good, harmless demons," Angel said. He glanced around at the very empty living room. "Where is everyone?"

"Xander and Anya went away, thank god, Giles is in the bathroom and Spike's playing opossum on the couch," she replied. "He started moving about twenty minutes ago, but thinks he can fool me."

Angel walked over and flicked Spike's ear before he sat down on the edge of the coffee table. "Spike, sit up," he ordered.

"What if I don't want to?" Spike asked, not bothering to open his eyes.

The dark-haired vampire reached forward, hooked his first to fingers in Spike's nostrils and pulled. Spike quickly sat up with a growl, shoving Angel's hand away. "Shove off, pillock."

Angel studied his Childe critically as the younger man scowled back at him. He was a bit thinner than normal and there was a trace of something akin to fear hidden in the angrily glaring blue eyes, Angel thought. But on the whole, Spike looked okay.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Like dancing through a field of poppies," Spike answered caustically.

"Still Mr. Congeniality, I see," Cordelia commented.

"Still a bitch, I see," Spike retorted.

Cordelia scoffed. "That's so original. What's next? 'You're rubber, I'm glue?'"

"Cordelia," Angel said in a soft, but firm tone. Cordelia rolled her eyes, her way of indicating she'd keep quiet. He refocused his attention purely on Spike. "Tell me what they did to you."

"Why should I? It's not like you're going to fix me," Spike said, folding his arms over his chest.

"I can't help you if I don't know what happened," Angel said.

Spike laughed humorlessly. "Yeah, right. You, help me. Tell me another one. This is probably a wet dream come true for you, soulboy. Instead of a quick stake to the heart, I get to suffer for who knows how bloody long not being able to kill any humans."

Angel sat silently, looking directly at his Childe, patiently waiting for Spike to continue.

"Oh bugger all," Spike said. "Fine, you want to know? They did something...," he tapped his temple, "...up here. Don't know what. Every time I go to have a bite, or hit one of the Mouseketeers, or even bump into some mortal bloke hard, my head feels like someone shoved a hot poker in my brain."

"Karma," Cordelia said bluntly, examining her nails.

Spike shot her a glare, but Angel ignored her. "Anything else?" the dark-haired vampire asked.

"Isn't that enough?" Spike said angrily.

"Ah, Angel, you've returned," Giles said as he walked into the living room. "Any luck?"

"No," Angel replied, rising to his feet. "The only thing I've found out is that demons -- even good ones -- are disappearing left and right, especially around the college campus."

"That would make sense," Giles said, removing his glasses and a handkerchief from his pocket. "From the sightings of the-the commandos, and from where Spike said he was captured and subsequently escaped, I'm leaning towards their headquarters being located underneath the college itself."

"I'll see what I can find out tomorrow," Angel said. He looked down at the blond vampire then returned his gaze to Giles. "Do you mind if I use your washroom?"

Giles's brow furrowed but he nodded. "Be my guest."

"Come on, Spike," Angel ordered.

"'Come on Spike' what?" Spike said.

"I want to see if what's causing your headaches is something physical or not," he said before starting towards the bathroom. Angel knew Spike would follow him just to continue arguing.

"And, out of the goodness of your soul, you're going to fix me?" Spike said, entering the bathroom almost on Angel's heels. "Now, why don't I see that happening?"

Angel hid his smirk at his Childe's predictable behavior. He shut the door behind Spike and hit the lock before answering. "Cordelia receives visions of who I'm supposed to help, but it's up to me to figure out how. I'm going to eliminate the possibility that helping you is as simple as removing some sort of device under the surface of your skin."

"Right. Of course, if it is, you're going to remove it and just let me toddle off to kill again." Spike snorted. "I'm not that gullible, mate."

"If it is, and I can remove it, I'll give you half-an-hour to get out of Sunnydale. If you leave the state and never return, you won't ever have to worry about my coming after you. I give you my word," Angel said.

Spike studied him a moment. "You're word, eh?"

Angel nodded. There was no reason for him not to let Spike go. He'd recently freed a bunch of demons from a sick game because it had been the right thing to do, and, if it was a simple as removing something from Spike's body, his job would be done and he could get the hell out of Sunnydale before he accidentally ran into Buffy.

"Okay," Spike said, wariness evident in his voice. "But know this: I can still hurt other demons."

Angel smirked. "I'm shaking. Really."

Spike scowled at him. "Very funny, mate."

"I thought so," Angel said. "Now strip."


"It means to take off all your clothes, Spike," Angel said, his smirk growing.

"I know what the bloody fuck it means, you toff," Spike growled.

"Well?" Angel prompted, gesturing for Spike to get on with it.

"I'm not taking off my clothes," Spike said.

"Spike, if you don't take off your clothes, I can't check you over," Angel said as if he was talking to a toddler.

"I'm doing this under extreme protest," Spike grumbled as he removed his duster.

"And here I was hoping you'd jump at the chance to be naked for me again," Angel commented, moving over to the medicine cabinet above the sink. He opened the door, found the small jar of Vaseline that he'd hoped to find, took it out and dropped it in his jacket pocket before he shut the door. Angel would be damned again if he had to perform this examination more than once, so he was going to be completely thorough.

When Angel turned back around, a fully nude Spike was standing with his arms crossed over his chest, looking like a sullen teenager. Angel rolled his eyes and walked over to the other vampire. He grabbed either side of Spike's head and pulled it down slightly.

"Hey, watch it, mate," Spike snapped at him.

"Shush," Angel told him as he carefully ran his fingers through Spike's peroxide hair and over his Childe's scalp, searching for any unusual lumps.

"You should change your name from Angel to Ape-man," Spike muttered.

Angel shook his head in amusement as he continued his search. He moved from Spike's head to the younger man's neck, rubbing his fingers up and down over Spike's skin. Angel checked the blond's ears and then his face, ignoring the unhappy glare his Childe was giving him.

"Tell me about this person who stunned you," Angel instructed as he moved onto Spike's upper chest, shoulders and arms. "You two seemed to know each other."

Spike smirked. "That was Riley. Buffy's new shag-toy."

Angel was proud of himself. He didn't flinch or make any indication that he felt as though his heart had been ripped from his chest. "Go on," he prompted.

"Well, I know he's one of those commando pricks," Spike said. "And he makes this grunting noise as he sticking it to-"

Angel growled over the end of Spike's sentence, the clear sound of a warning reverberating in the small bathroom.

"Oh, does Angel not want to hear the truth about his slut of a Slaaggh-"

The dark-haired vampire abruptly grabbed Spike by the back of the neck, spun and used his entire weight to smash the younger man's head down upon the edge of the bathtub. Angel heard the satisfactory crack of Spike's forehead on the porcelain, but it was not enough to punish his Childe for his blatant insolence both recently and over the past few years. It was beyond time for Angel to put Spike back into his place.

"You know, I don't think I've ever properly repaid you for having me tortured," Angel said. In one fluid motion, he yanked Spike back up and rammed the blond against the door. With his free hand, Angel pulled a stake out of his jacket pocket. "Allow me to rectify that."

Angel raised his arm back and slammed the stake through Spike's left hand and into the wood of the door. Spike howled out in pain and struggled against him. Angel shifted and stepped closer to Spike, stepping between the blond's legs to prevent him from kicking back. The dark-haired vampire released Spike's neck only to grab his Childe's other arm by the wrist and slam a second stake through the his right hand.

The older vampire snagged Spike's hair and yanked the blond's head back. "You've pissed me off for the last time, Childe," Angel snarled softly in Spike's ear.

The dark-haired vampire slid his other hand around Spike's body to the younger man's genitals. Angel's fingers encircled Spike's flaccid shaft and began to expertly stroke the soft flesh into marble hardness. Spike growled at him, but was unable to do much else.

Once his Childe was fully erect, Angel released him with both hands but didn't move away. Quickly, Angel pushed his own pants down to his thighs, then removed the jar of Vaseline from his jacket pocket. As much as Spike deserved to be fucked dry, that type of punishment would only serve to make the younger vampire angrier, rather than putting him back in his place.

Angel slathered his cock with the petroleum jelly and tossed the jar into the sink. Closing his eyes, he grasped his slick member and pulled up the memory of taking Buffy on his kitchen table all those months ago. He hardened instantly.

Angel opened his eyes and focused on the perfect, pale ass directly in front of him. With an evil curl to his lips, Angel spread the muscular globes to expose the puckered rosette, chuckling maliciously when Spike snarled at him and tried to pull forward away from him.

"Now, now, Spike," Angel tisked as he positioned himself. "I know how much you really want this."

Angel grabbed Spike's hips and thrust fully past the younger vampire's ringed entry. Spike ceased making any sounds and Angel knew he was trying to play defiant. The older man also knew Spike wouldn't be acting that way for long.

The dark-haired vampire began to move in and out of Spike, setting a slow, steady pace. Angel reached around the younger man's body once again and laughed cruelly when he found Spike was still rock hard. "You always did love taking it up the ass," he commented as he wrapped his lubricant-slicked hand around Spike's shaft.

"Bite me," Spike growled venomously.

"Oh, I plan on it," Angel said, his voice deceptively soft. He reached up with his other hand and ensnared Spike's hair again, pulling his Childe's head to the side. "It's time for you to remember who you belong to, Spike."

Angel's face morphed into its true features and he sank his fangs into Spike's jugular, causing the younger vampire to let out a plaintive snarl. Angel dropped his hand back to Spike's hip and continued fucking him. As he slowly drank his Childe's blood, Angel started to caress Spike's hard length with measured strokes.

The eroticism of the picture the two vampires created would have made the most unflappable demon flush with arousal. Spike was staked naked to the door like a sacrificial victim, his dark blood running down the backs of his hands, wrists and forearms. His head was tilted to one side, more blood trailing down from his neck, his face twisted in pleasure and pain. The dark-haired vampire was still clothed and pressed dominantly against the younger man's back, almost surrounding him. Angel's fangs were deep in Spike's neck and his hand was stroking Spike's turgid shaft in rhythm with each thrust of his cock in and out of his Childe's tight passage.

Spike began to pant and move his hips against Angel, and the older vampire knew the blond was about to orgasm. Angel pumped Spike's cock twice more before he tightly squeezed the steely length at the base. Spike whimpered as his climax was prevented and the sound caused Angel to crest the edge of his own orgasm.

Angel gripped Spike's hip hard and wildly thrust into the younger man as the burning pressure came to a breaking point. He drank from Spike heavily now, and the coppery blood rushed down his throat as he pounded into Spike, making his demon howl in pleasure. His orgasm came with a vicious intensity that tore a snarl from his throat as he shot his cold seed deep inside Spike's channel.

Angel felt Spike sag back against him from the loss of blood and he immediately began to stroke the younger vampire's cock again.

"No," Spike rasped. "Oh hell, don't. Please don't."

Angel sucked down hard on the side of Spike's neck in response, eliciting an animalistic cry from his Childe. The dark-haired vampire felt Spike's body start to tremble uncontrollably and he heard the wood groan as Spike's weight pulled heavily at the stakes pinning his hands to the door.

"Fuck, Sire, I know my place," Spike croaked in a hoarse voice, the words almost running together in his haste to get them out. "I know it and accept it, just please don't, Sire. Don't do this to me."

Angel ripped his fangs from Spike's neck and whispered gutturally, "Too late."

Then, he plunged his sharp teeth brutally back into the younger vampire's jugular at the same time his hand brought Spike to orgasm.

Spike let out an airless scream as his entire body shuddered violently and Angel snarled in satisfaction. He knew the younger vampire felt like he was being ripped in two as the orgasm slammed through his almost-drained body. Angel knew because the dark-haired vampire had learned this technique first-hand from his grandsire -- the Master, himself -- and he'd also learned his place very quickly so as not to receive a repeat lesson.

Angel had done this once before to Spike and, for months afterwards, the moment Angel had walked into a room occupied by him, the younger vampire would offer himself immediately to his Sire. It had been a disgustingly satisfactory way to dominate his Childe.

Spike slumped abruptly in Angel's partial embrace as the blond dropped into unconsciousness. Angel held the younger man up only long enough to free himself completely, then he let Spike fall unceremoniously to the floor, his Childe's dead weight causing the stakes to rip free from his hands.

Angel looked down at Spike with a pleased curve to his lips as he tucked himself away. The deep bite mark in Spike's neck caused Angel's demon to crow with malicious glee and it made a dark part of his conscious smile as well.

He walked over to the sink and washed his hands after putting the jar of Vaseline away. Then he set about cleaning up the bathroom and his Childe, utilizing the opportunity to thoroughly examine Spike for signs of anything physically implanted beneath the blond's skin.

When Angel was finished, he redressed Spike, being careful of the thick bandages he'd wrapped around the younger vampire's damaged hands, and propped him up against the wall beside the sink. "Bet you didn't know your old man still had it in him," Angel commented to the unconscious man.

He stood and, after a final glance around, exited the bathroom.