Faded Photographs

by Saber ShadowKitten

Part Five

London, Friday, 2 September, 1872

The flat was blessedly empty. Angelus had sent the minions out with strict instructions not to return until Monday eve. Drusilla was at her new pet's for the weekend, torturing and playing with the redheaded, brown-eyed female she'd found as her Sire had requested. This, of course, meant that no one was around to interrupt Angelus's carefully planned seduction of the human named Tanner.

Angelus's bedroom was lit with hundreds of flickering candles, each carefully placed to cast a soft, yellowish glow on the queen-sized bed in the center of the room. The four-poster canopied bed was dressed in the finest linens, with the heavy blankets turned down. The dark curtains that surrounded the bed were tied back with gold silk cords, and several plump pillows lay in wait to be used.

On the small table beside the bed sat a fancy glass bottle of honeysuckle scented oil, specially ordered. A neatly folded hand towel rested next to it. A pitcher of water and a basin were on the table's back corner beside a small vase holding a single silver rose.

Tanner gasped, his blue-eyes huge as he looked around the bedroom. He tugged at the collar of his soft, well-worn white shirt and swallowed heavily. A drop of water from his still-damp hair trailed down the side of his neck to disappear beneath his neckline.

"Are you pleased?" Angelus asked quietly, watching the young man closely. He'd been preparing for this night for weeks, wanting everything to be perfect for their first time. For reasons he couldn't define, Tanner was special to him and he no longer wanted to try to figure out why.

"Wh-wh-what's th-this?" Tanner stuttered, his normally flushed complexion paling.

"'Tis obviously a bloody failed attempt t' seduce ye," Angelus growled, spinning around to grab the doorknob. He had to leave before he hurt the boy.

"You w-want me?" Tanner said, his soft voice full of wonder.

Angelus's gaze snapped to Tanner, his brogue thick because of his anger and disappointment. "Nay, I've been dallying wit' ye fer months because yer an ugly sot wit' the intelligence o' a gutter rat. Now, get the bloody fuck out o' me home afore I throw yer arse out me window."

"Angelus," Tanner said with worry. He took a step towards the vampire and went to put his hand on Angelus's arm, but Angelus batted him away.

Tanner's blue eyes reflected hurt before he dropped his chin and stammered, "I didn't... I've never been sed-seduced before. I hav-haven't... I-I'm still..."

"Yer still untouched, aye, I know this, Tanner," Angelus finished. He swept his arm out towards the room. "'Tis why I be goin' t' all this trouble t' make it special, an' no' just take ye on the street like I want t' every time ye look a' me wit' them pretty blue eyes o' yers."

"I didn't know," Tanner admitted, his voice barely audible. A red flush stained his cheeks and the tips of his ears.

"I've been kissin' ye fer months, lad, how couldna ye know I wanted ye?" Angelus grasped Tanner's chin and made the younger man meet his eyes. "That Anna mate o' yers had t' have told ye o' the birds an' the bees."

"Sh-she did," Tanner said. His guileless gaze spoke of his belief in his next words. "But I keep expectin' to wake up a-and find you're only a soddin' dream."

The anger left Angelus in a rush and his disappointment was replaced with a flood of tenderness. "I'm real, Tanner," he said, his thick brogue retreating. He ran his thumb over the younger man's lower lip. "And I fancy you, in me bed, cryin' out me name as I give you great pleasure."

The darker flush of arousal crept over Tanner's skin. "Angelus," he said in a bashful tone.

"I need t' know if you want this, Tanner," Angelus said seriously. "Once I've taken you, I'm no' goin' t' go back t' just kissin' mates."

Tanner licked his lips, and Angelus forced himself to release the youth and take a step back before he simply attacked. "I'll give you a moment t' decide," the vampire said.

"Yes," Tanner said immediately. He dropped his chin in embarrassment at his abrupt response, pulled at the material of his shirt and whispered shyly, "Yes, I want this. I want you."

At the sable-haired young man's declaration, something unfurled in Angelus's heart that he'd never felt before. He closed the distance between them, thrust his hands into Tanner's thick, dark hair and brought his mouth down upon the other man's.

Tanner sighed softly in pleasure at the beginning of the kiss, lighting a fire within Angelus that was quick to catch. Angelus angled his mouth over Tanner's, plunged his tongue between the boy's warm lips and tangled fiercely with the younger man's tongue.

The sweet scent of honeysuckle was strong on Tanner because of his recent bath. Not even the walk over from Tanner's flat to Angelus's on London's dirty streets was able to mask the succulent smell of the floral soap.

Angelus was panting heavily when he pulled away from Tanner's mouth and opened his eyes. Tanner's wonderous, excited blue gaze met his dark eyes, and the vampire knew he'd never wanted anyone as much as he wanted the young man standing before him.

"Tanner, me heartling," Angelus said softly as he slid his hands from Tanner's hair to his shoulders. "Know this: I will never harm you nor allow any other t' harm you."

Tanner's smile lit the room brighter than any candle could, and a blush of pleasure stained his high cheekbones. "I'm your heartling?"

"Aye, that you are, lad," Angelus said, a tender smile crossing his lips. He squeezed Tanner's shoulders briefly then took a step back and began to unbutton his shirt, his eyes dancing with mischief. "And soon you are t' be a naked, well-satisfied heartling o' mine."

Tanner made a sound of pleased embarrassment and dropped his chin. Angelus clicked his tongue, his deft fingers quickly working all the buttons. "Now, Tanner, there'll be none o' that lookin' away. I'm about t' make your fantasies come true-"

"You have sundaes?"

Angelus paused with his shirt half off his shoulders and stared at Tanner incredulously. Tanner was thinking of sweet treats? Now??

Then, he caught the playful smile tugging at Tanner's lips. He pulled off his shirt and threw it at the young man, who snickered. "Most hilarious," Angelus said sarcastically.

Tanner's eyes danced with humor when he looked up. Almost immediately, they darkened with desire.

Angelus hid his knowing grin and started to undo the ties to his trousers. "You like what you see?"

"Yeah," Tanner breathed, then blushed bright red and turned his back to Angelus. "S-s-sorry."

The vampire chuckled and quickly stripped out of the rest of his clothing. "No need t' be sorry, Tanner. I'm expectin' you t' look at me, same as I'll be lookin' at you."

"But it-it-it's not proper," Tanner said. He gestured to the bed, his back still to Angelus. "You're supposed to be un-under the blankets."

"Am I now?" Angelus walked over to the bed, laid down and pulled the imported sheet over his nude body. He propped his head up on one hand and focused on Tanner. "Hmm, I think I like this 'proper' thing. I get t' watch you undress in comfort."

Tanner let out a very unmanly squeak of distress, which caused Angelus to laugh heartily. "All right, lad. I'll shut me eyes," Angelus said, putting his hand over his eyes. He slyly peered through his fingers at the boy.

Angelus bit the inside of his cheek to keep himself from reacting as inch by precious inch of Tanner's bare flesh was revealed. The shy young man kept his back turned to the bed as he stripped out of his clothing, giving the vampire a good long look at the lean musculature of Tanner's back, buttocks and legs. Angelus could also see the tension in Tanner's shoulders and noted his small shakes of virginal fear.

The dark-haired vampire drew blood from his inner cheek when Tanner turned around and hurried to the bed. The short glimpse of Tanner's taut body and semi-hard member in a nest of dark curls was enough to make Angelus wonder if he was going to last long enough to pleasure the younger man.

"Can I open me eyes now?" Angelus asked, a note of strain in his voice, after Tanner settled beneath the sheet beside him.

"Y-Yes," Tanner replied.

Angelus dropped his hand. His lips twisted in an amused smile when he saw Tanner had the sheet pulled up to his chin. "You know what I've been curious t' find out?" the vampire said.

Tanner shook his head, his face a rosy shade of red.

"I've been wonderin' how...," Angelus took firm hold of the sheet, "...far down...," he tugged it out of Tanner's grip, "...your blush...," pulled it away from the younger man's body, "...goes...," and peered underneath the soft linen.

Tanner's body lay exposed to Angelus's bold stare. "Beautiful," the vampire whispered before dropping the cover. He met the youth's uncomfortably embarrassed eyes and smiled devilishly. "Just as I suspected, all the way t' your toes."

The sable-haired man turned his head away, but Angelus grasped his chin and forced Tanner to look at him again. "Dinna be shy, heartling," the vampire leaned over and brushed his lips over Tanner's, "I promise you'll enjoy our coupling."

Tanner swallowed. "Anna said it prolly 'urts."

Angelus released Tanner's chin and snaked his hand beneath the sheet. With expert ease, he found the young man's semi-erect penis, gripped it in a soft fist and began stroking it smoothly. Tanner gasped, his eyes growing as round as saucers.

"Does that hurt?" Angelus asked with a small grin.

Tanner let out a strangled cry and exploded almost instantly under Angelus's hand. Warm, sticky semen hit the bed sheet, Tanner's stomach and spread over the vampire's fingers. Angelus gave Tanner's shaft a few more strokes then released it and brought his hand back out from under the sheet.

"Oh god," Tanner mumbled, turning his flaming face away. "I'm s-s-sorry."

"Why?" Angelus asked. He licked the small amount of semen off his hand and closed his eyes in bliss at the taste.

"Be-be-because I c-came al-already," Tanner stuttered.

Angelus chuckled. "Ah, Tanner, me heartling, I plan for you t' orgasm many times afore the weekend is through."

The vampire threw the sheet off his body and laid flat on the bed. He folded his hands behind his head. His legs were parted slightly, relaxed in his position of supplication. His penis was hard and lay against the dark curls surrounding it, the swollen head brushing his abdomen an inch below his navel.

Angelus could feel Tanner's heated gaze on him. He turned his head and smiled tenderly at the boy. "I'm a bit cool t' the touch, but I react just the same."

"You want me to touch you?" Tanner asked in a rush.

"Aye, 'twas the general idea," Angelus replied, a twinkle of amusement in his eyes.

Tanner slowly moved onto his knees, the sheet carefully draped over his waist, and he observed Angelus from under his lashes. "Will you shut y-your eyes?"

"Whate'er you wish, Tanner," Angelus said, letting his eyes fall shut. "'Tis your weekend."

Angelus moaned deep in his chest at Tanner's first tentative touch. Propriety being what it was, Tanner's hands never ventured beneath the vampire's clothing during their many kissing sessions. It had been a test of Angelus's patience not to grind himself up against the other man like a young pup each time they were together.

Tanner's fingers brushed lightly over Angelus's chest and abdomen. The vampire bit his lower lip. Tanner's hand gently squeezed the muscle of the other man's upper thigh. Angelus's cock jumped. The young man gasped softly.

Angelus felt Tanner's hot breath on the skin of his hip and he wondered if he was going to die a second time. He could picture Tanner leaning close to him to better examine his erection. The thought caused his shaft to swell and jump again, and Tanner's sharp exhale of breath against his abdomen made him moan, "Ahh, Tanner."

"Are you all right? Did I hurt you?" Tanner asked quickly, his voice tinged with worry.

Angelus laughed and groaned at once. "Sweet boy, you're killin' me."

"Is that... bad?"

"Nay, 'tis very good."

"Um... m-may I..."

Angelus barely stopped himself from opening his eyes at the uncompleted question. "May you what, Tanner?"

"Touch you like you touched me," Tanner rushed out.

"Bloody hell, heartling," Angelus chuckled, "you be the most delightful creature I've ever met."

"Is-is that a, er, y-yes?" Tanner asked quietly.

"Aye, Tanner," Angelus replied. "Do as you wish."

He shouldn't have said it, because Tanner did exactly as he wished and Angelus quivered all over. The strong, sure tailor's fingers enclosed Angelus's aching member, and the vampire hissed. A single, tentative stroke had Angelus throwing his head back and groaning throatily, "Tannnneerrrrr."

Angelus let the physical feelings he'd been repressing for months run free and gave himself over to Tanner's innocent touches. He felt a soft kiss on his abdomen just below his navel and the world exploded around him into fiery pinpoints of bright white light. He gasped for unneeded air as his orgasm overtook him and he shot his cool seed onto his stomach and chest.

Tanner was watching Angelus with a bashful smile curving up his pink lips when the vampire opened his eyes. Angelus reached up and pulled Tanner down to him, their mouths meeting in a gentle kiss. It slowly grew more passionate, their lips parting to allow their tongues to tangle together. The sheet over Tanner's waist was pressed between them, soaking up Angelus's spent passion.

Angelus purred softly into the kiss and Tanner broke away. The sable-haired mortal gave the vampire a confused look. "What was that?"

Angelus brushed Tanner's dark curls back from his forehead. "'Tis a sound I make when I'm happy."

Tanner tilted his head to one side. "Do it again."

The vampire smiled and purred again, the quiet sound rumbling in his chest.

"You sound like a bleedin' cat," Tanner told him.

Angelus laughed lightly and shifted the younger man until he was laying flush atop of the vampire, the sheet no longer between them. He smoothed his hands down Tanner's back, over the youth's buttocks and to the backs of his thighs. Tanner shivered and blushed.

"Drop your legs t' either side o' me," Angelus instructed, gently tugging on Tanner's legs.

"Wh-why?" Tanner asked, his forearms resting on either side of Angelus's head, propping him up.

"Do you trust me, Tanner?" Angelus said, reaching out to take the glass bottle of oil from the table beside the bed.

"Yes," Tanner replied.

"Then drop your legs," Angelus repeated.

Tanner nibbled on his lower lip and slowly dropped his legs to either side of Angelus's hips.

"Good boy," Angelus said as he expertly dribbled some of the oil down the crack of Tanner's buttocks. Tanner gasped and arched his body in reaction. The vampire smirked and set the bottle back on the table.

"Tell me, Tanner. Have you ever played wit' yourself," Angelus's first two fingers followed the path of the oil, "down here?"

Tanner blushed furiously, even as he gasped again in reaction to the vampire's gentle probing. "N-no," he stammered.

"Liar," Angelus whispered silkily. He slid the tip of his slick forefinger into the hidden entry between the muscular globes. Tanner writhed atop of him, the younger man's cock hardening between them. "Did you use your fingers, lad? Hmm?"

"Angelus." Tanner looked everywhere but in the vampire's eyes.

"No?" Angelus pushed his finger further inside Tanner's hot channel. "Did you use a toy you got from the back rooms o' a humidor shop?"

Tanner shook his head no as he started to pant.

"I'm at a loss," Angelus said with a fake sigh. He gently worked his finger in a circle, stroking Tanner intimately. "You'll have t' tell me."

Tanner violently shook his head no again, his face beet red.

"Very well," Angelus pulled his finger partially free, "if you willna tell me, I'll find someone else who will."

"No!" Tanner exclaimed. Angelus arched his brow expectantly. The young man looked up at the ceiling as he mumbled, "Anna."

"Anna touched ye?" Angelus said with a small snarl.

"No, sh-she made me a-a-a," Tanner's voice squeaked on the final words, "man's part."

Angelus relaxed and grinned rakishly. "Is it as big as me?"

"I said man's part, n-not a boy's," Tanner muttered.

The vampire smacked Tanner on the ass with his free hand. "I heard that."

"Oi, don't smack me bum." Tanner scowled at Angelus.

Angelus only smiled in return and began to slide his finger in and out of Tanner's tight passage. Tanner's eyes widened and he inhaled sharply. "Bugger," the sable-haired man breathed.

"Soon," Angelus said with a wink. Tanner flushed again, but was too busy panting to reply.

A second finger joined the first, making the young man moan deep in his throat. As Angelus continued to loosen Tanner's tight ring of muscle, Tanner began to thrust himself against the vampire's abdomen, his hard shaft rubbing against Angelus's coarse curls and skin.

Angelus heard Tanner's breathing hitch as the boy came close to orgasm and the vampire stroked his fingers purposely against the sable-haired man's sensitive gland. Tanner threw his head back and cried, "Angelus!", as his climax hit him. His hot seed was spilt between their bodies and Angelus moaned softly when the viscous fluid warmed his cool skin.

The vampire kept his fingers inside Tanner, but he kept them still while the young man started to calm in the aftermath of his orgasm. Angelus waited patiently, allowing the human to catch his breath and slow his racing heartbeat. Angelus knew that Tanner would be able to have one more orgasm before he needed to sleep.

Tanner lifted his head from where it had fallen on Angelus's shoulder, and half-smiled. Angelus brushed a quick kiss on the boy's lips. "Lay beside me on your stomach," he said quietly as he slipped his fingers free. Once Tanner had moved, Angelus knelt up, took one of the pillows and, with soft words of instruction, placed it under Tanner's pelvis.

Angelus moaned quietly at the sight of Tanner's rounded backside. He grabbed the oil from the table beside the bed, then settled himself between the younger man's legs. The vampire's erection, jutting proudly from his body, was soon coated liberally with the honeysuckle-scented oil. He then poured a line of oil between Tanner's shoulder blades, down along the youth's spine and ending with a drizzle between his asscheeks again.

The bottle was placed back on the table with a stretch from Angelus. He settled back on his heels, ran his eyes over the length of supple flesh before him and sighed with pleasure. This was how he had wanted to see Tanner from the moment he'd laid eyes on the lad.

Angelus cupped the muscular globes of Tanner's buttocks and used his thumbs to draw the soft cheeks apart. He licked his lips when the shiny rosette was exposed. His cock throbbed in anticipation of being sheathed within the hot, tight passage of the man laying before him.

Rising up on his knees, Angelus pressed the weeping crown of his turgid shaft against the puckered opening. He could see the tension radiating from Tanner, although the sable-haired man had uttered nary a peep.

"'Twill hurt at first, heartling," Angelus said in a low, soothing voice as he slowly pushed forward. He used his thumbs to massage the tight ring of muscle on either side of Tanner's virginal passage. "But I promise 'twillna hurt for long."

Tanner let out a choked-off whimper as Angelus fully sunk into the young man. The vampire hissed at the tightness and heat that surrounded his cock to the hilt, the velvety channel spasming around him as Tanner's body tried to adjust to the invasion.

Angelus moved only his thumbs in a circular pattern along Tanner's stretched entry for several long minutes. The dark-haired vampire kept the rest of his body still, allowing Tanner to become used to having a real cock deep inside him in the most intimate of ways.

Then, slowly, without moving his hips, Angelus slid his hands up Tanner's prone body, collecting the oil and spreading it out on the sable-haired youth's back. Angelus began to knead Tanner's tense muscles, the honeysuckle scent of the oil helping to relax the other man.

The vampire continued to massage Tanner for a long time, staving off his desire to pound into the boy's hot, tight passage. He wanted Tanner's first experience with another man to be memorable because of pleasure, not because of pain. It was an odd want for a vampire, especially for him, but everything about the sable-haired lad made him feel truly alive, as the saying went. His desire for the boy's companionship beyond that in bed was something unheard of, unless the other was also a vampire.

And Angelus did not want Tanner to become a vampire. He liked the sable-haired young man too much as he was -- a shy, witty, handsome, caring, warm, sweet human who could knock the vampire out with a smile and destroy him with a kiss.

Angelus kissed Tanner's shoulder blade and heard a content murmur in response. With a small smile, the vampire slowly drew his hips back, his thick length sliding within Tanner's oil-slicked passage. Angelus continued to rub Tanner's shoulders, back and buttocks as he gently thrust forward again.

Tanner moaned quietly, "Do it again."

"Wit' pleasure," Angelus said, pulling his hips back. He began a slow, steady rhythm, barely completing a full thrust in and out within ten seconds. His hands worked their magic on Tanner's muscles, keeping the young man relaxed and receptive.

"Aaah, sweet Tanner," Angelus groaned when Tanner began to wiggle beneath him. He stopped his massage to grip the other man's hips. "Keep wigglin' like that an' I'm no' goin' t' be able t' keep control."

"But I need... I want..." Tanner tried to rub his hips down onto the pillow. "Angelus, please."

Angelus growled in excitement, lifted Tanner up onto his knees and slid his hand around the other man's waist. He wrapped his fingers around Tanner's marble-hard shaft and lost control when Tanner hissed, "Yessss."

The vampire started to thrust faster and harder, stroking Tanner with the same rhythm. White-heat began to flame low in Angelus's belly until it engulfed him completely. "Tanner!" he cried in a rough voice as an orgasm shook his large form.

"Angelus!" Tanner yelled out, his body bucking beneath the vampire's as his climax hit him.

Angelus barely registered the hot semen that coated his hand as he and Tanner collapsed. The dark-haired vampire rolled off of the other man and onto his back, panting in animalistic fashion in the aftermath of his orgasm.

Tanner, still laying on his stomach, turned his head and looked at Angelus with sparkling, half-slitted eyes. "Thank you," he whispered, his voice deep and throaty.

"Nay, heartling, 'tis I should be thankin' you," Angelus said softly, turning on his side to face the younger man. He reached out and brushed his finger along the rim of Tanner's ear. "You've given me somethin' you can only give once in a lifetime. Sentimental crap or no', I'm honored you've allowed me t' be the man take your virginity."

Tanner blushed. "But I-I still haven't..."

Angelus winked. "But on the morrow, you will."

Tanner's blush became darker and he buried his nose in his pillow, flustered. Angelus laughed lightly. Turning further onto his stomach, the vampire wrapped his arm around Tanner's waist, threw his leg over Tanner's legs and partially laid on top of the boy in order to nuzzle his nose into Tanner's neck.

"Rest," Angelus whispered, placing a quick kiss on Tanner's soft skin. Tanner turned his face away from Angelus and let out a slow breath, his body completely relaxing.

Angelus shut his eyes and began to softly purr in contentment.