By Saber ShadowKitten

Chapter One

"Hold on!"

Angel wrapped his arm around Fred, the missing physicist who'd been stuck in Pylea for five years, and held her tight to his side. In the back seat of the convertible, Cordelia did the same to Groosalugg the Brave, although it was more to cop a feel than for safety. Behind Wesley, Gunn snapped his seatbelt, leaned forward, and put his hand on the Englishman's shoulder.

"Punch it, Margaret!" the black man shouted over the noise of the mystical storm.

Angel nodded, lifted his foot off the brake and jammed it down on the accelerator. The convertible shot forward with a roar of the engine, kicking up grass, dirt and stones behind it. Ahead, the glowing portal loomed, a swirling, pulsing mass of magical energy waiting to take the Los Angelenos, and one 'alien,' home.

Thankfully for Angel, night greeted them on the other side of the portal. So did Cordelia's scream. "Watch out!"

Angel slammed on the brakes, raised his hands, and reflexively caught the thing hurling at the car from out of the sky. The impact jarred him, but he managed to cradle the brunt of the impact from whatever he'd caught.

Cordelia, Gunn, and Groo all unbuckled their seatbelts and leaned forward to look over the seat. Silence filled the car as six pairs of eyes stared at the fleshy, squirming, kicking tiny thing in Angel's large hands.

"Do you think the stork dropped him?" Gunn broke the stunned silence, and Fred tittered behind her hand.

Groo rubbed his chiseled jaw. "Is this how you gain calves in this world? The gods drop them from the sky?"

"Not usually, no," Cordelia replied. "We normally get them the old-fashioned way: fooling around in the backseat of Daddy's car." He gave her a confused look and she patted his leg. "I'll demonstrate later."

"My word," was all Wesley managed to say.

Angel said even less. He could only gape in disbelief at the small naked creature in his hands.

"Yo, Angel," Gunn ventured. "I didn't know there were such things as vampire babies. I thought you guys only came fully grown."

The squalling baby's ridged face was scrunched and there were only two teeny-tiny sharp canines in his mouth. He had no hair, just a light fuzz covering his head, and one of his eyebrows was bisected with a white scar.

Angel continued to stare as Fred reached over and popped her finger in the baby's mouth. The baby immediately chomped down and almost as quickly let go with a wail. Fred squealed in pain and stuck her bloodied finger into her own mouth, her eyes wide behind her askew glasses.

Her pain snapped Angel out of his stupor and he looked at her with concern. "Are you all right?" he asked over the baby's cry.

Fred nodded and pulled her bit finger form her mouth. "Babies usually are- are quiet if they have something to, um, suck on. That's why I...," she trailed off with a sheepish smile and a shrug.

Angel's brow furrowed as he transferred his attention back to the child. He shifted the baby, cradling him in one arm, and tried the finger technique. The vampire baby clamped down in an instant, his tiny fangs piercing Angel's skin like twin needles, and he began to rhythmically suck. The dark-haired vampire watched with rapt amazement as the baby's round cheeks pulled in and puffed back out as he drank Angel's blood. The previously scrunched face relaxed, and bright yellow eyes opened and looked at Angel.

"Well, hi there," Angel said softly, causing the others to lean over the seat again. "Aren't you the funniest-looking thing I've ever seen."

Cordelia whapped him on the back of the head. "Don't insult the baby, or he'll grow up needing therapy."

"Actually, Cordelia," Wesley said. "Vampires do not age, therefore, this baby shall always be a...," a worried frown creased his brow, "...a baby."

"Wait, does this mean we have to stake him?" Gunn asked. He whistled. "Dude, I don't know if I can do that. He's just a baby."

"It's a vampire," Wesley corrected.

"No one is staking anyone," Angel interrupted the argument before it began. "Wesley, take over driving. We'll discuss this more back at the hotel."

"Like figuring out where he came from," Cordelia said. "And why he fell out of the sky."

"And who would turn a baby," Gunn added.

"I do not understand," Groo said as Angel and Wesley changed places. "Is this baby not a gift from the heavens?"

"No, Groo," Cordelia said sadly. "The baby is cursed, and not in a princess-y way."

The drive to the Hyperion was made in silence. The vampire baby had fallen asleep a few minutes into the ride, Angel's finger still in his mouth. Fred had tucked the blanket kept in the car around the naked child, offering him and Angel a gentle smile.

When they arrived at the hotel, Cordelia made her excuses and dragged Groo to her car in order to go home. Gunn was told to go when it became obvious he wanted to check on his other friends, leaving Wesley, Fred, Angel, and the baby alone.

Angel settled into his desk chair with the sleeping child while Wesley graciously showed Fred to a room. The dark-haired vampire couldn't stop staring at the tiny bundle in his arms. Who would be so cruel as to turn a baby?, he wondered, lightly brushing his finger over the ridges on the baby's brow. The baby squirmed slightly and settled again, his miniature features relaxed in sleep.

With a sigh, Angel leaned back and rubbed his eyes. He felt like he hadn't slept in forever... which was quite possible. He had no clue how long had passed while he and his friends were in Pylea, and he knew he hadn't slept a wink there. Too many issues he hadn't wanted to -- literally -- face. But he had, and now he was home and holding a sleeping vampire baby in his arms.

Angel dropped his hand with a weary sigh, and the blinking light on the answering machine caught his attention. Duty and responsibility won out over "fuck 'em," and he hit the playback button.

"Angel, it's Buffy." The Slayer's voice echoed in the empty lobby, her words clipped and full of tension. "We might be in trouble here and may need your help. Call me as soon as you can."

Angel was dialing before the message ended, his heart having dropped to his knees. The line rang once... twice... three times... fo--

"Did you find him?" an anxious familiar voice said over the line.

"Buffy?" Angel said worriedly. "It's Angel."

"Angel?" Buffy's following words were rushed and she barely paused for a breath between them. "It's so good to hear from you, but I can't talk right now. I take it you got my message. Don't worry, we won, yay team. Right now, though, there's only a few hours until sunrise and we of the non-hospitalized still haven't found Spike yet. Glory turned him into a baby and drop-kicked him like he was a soccer ball--"

Angel's heart finished its decent to his feet as he looked at the baby cradled against him.

"--and now I'm frantic because we can't find him and Spike and I promised to watch each other's back, and if the sun come up and he's still a baby, he'll burn to dust, and--"

"Buffy," Angel interrupted, focusing on the white scar cutting across the baby's eyebrow. "I think I may have found Spike."

A long pause, then "What?"

"I may have Spike," he repeated. He filled her in on what had happened and told her about the scar. Buffy was quiet as she digested the information. The baby -- Spike -- squirmed in Angel's arms, yawning widely, his tiny fangs flashing in the lamplight.

"Angel," Buffy finally said, her tone soft and thoughtful. "How much of a coincidence do you think it is that you were in the right place at the right time to catch him?"

Angel met the bright yellow gaze as the baby opened his eyes. A strange feeling formed in the pit of his stomach, and his voice was a bit rough as he answered, "No coincidence at all."

The baby gurgled and smiled a gap-toothed smile.

Chapter Two

Wesley took the news about Spike with more aplomb than Angel.

"Well then," Wesley said. "I am going home."

Angel panicked and stood, his desk chair scraping on the tile floor. "You can't leave! What about Spike?"

"There's nothing I can do until Buffy arrives with the books from the Watchers Council," Wesley replied, heading for the door. "I do not know who this Glory is nor what type of magicks were available to her. Rather than spend hours fruitlessly researching, I shall utilize this time by sleeping and will see you later. Goodnight."

"But I don't know how to take care of a baby!"

The door closing behind Wesley sounded like a gunshot.

Angel swallowed nervously and looked down at the child in his arms. Spike had woken up with the noise of the closing door and was staring at him with those bright yellow eyes. Angel felt like he was being assessed, and when Spike started to cry it did nothing for the dark-haired vampire's confidence.

"Shh-shh-shh," Angel held the baby closer and bounced him. The parents always did things like bouncing on the television and the babies instantly stopped crying. "Shh-shh-shh." So why wasn't Spike stopping? "Shh-shh-please-shh."

Okay, Angel, the brunette thought, making a bouncing circuit around the lobby with the baby crying in his ear. Now was not the time to panic; now was the time to think logically. "Right, logically," Angel muttered. "What made the baby stop crying before?"

Angel shifted Spike in his arms and stuck his finger in the baby's mouth. Chomp. Suck. "That worked," Angel commented in amusement. He sighed and shook his head, staring at Spike sucking on his finger. "You keep that up and you're going to drain me dry."

Without the infant crying, it was much easier to think, and Angel decided to look at Spike like he would any other 'problem.' Which meant research. Which meant he needed his finger back to use the computer. Which meant no research.

Angel collapsed into his desk chair again and gave his computer a morose glance. The Internet was a click away. How could he hold the baby, let the baby suck on his finger, and use the computer mouse and keyboard at the same time?

A few minutes later, Angel's feet were propped up on another chair, Spike was sitting in the well made by the older vampire's upraised knees, and Angel had traded his right finger for his left, leaving his right hand free to use the computer mouse. "Sometimes I am just so smart," Angel told the baby.

Spike burped in response.

Chuckling, Angel single-finger pecked in the word "baby" into the Internet search engine and hit enter. His query resulted in eleven million websites. Groan. And he bet none of these sites would help with a baby that also happened to be a vampire.

One dark brown went up. For shits and giggles, Angel typed "vampire baby" into the search engine. He hit enter. He stared at the results. There were one hundred thousand sites.

It took Angel a few brain spasms to realize most of the webpages were about books, music, or movies. Several were circus freak picture pages. A couple more were about the human disease that was like vampirism.

Returning to the original search results -- after making a note for the gang to check up on a few of the vampire "donors wanted" caches -- Angel started at the top of the results page and clicked on the link to The Baby Place.

"Welcome to The Baby Place," the linked page announced, "the starting point for parents for information on pregnancy, birth, and babies since 1995."

Things were peaceful in the lobby of the Hyperion for a time. Angel surfed while Spike sucked and snoozed. Most of the information Angel found wasn't relative to Spike, thank goodness. Human babies, it seemed, were sickly creatures that caught every illness imaginable. No wonder a lot of children hadn't survived in Angel's and Spike's times, before medicine and vaccinations came into play.

"What do infants do?" one of the more relevant webpages stated. "They eat, sleep, and poop."

"Well, at least you don't do the third," Angel commented to Spike, who had re-awoken and was making nonsense noises and attempting to fit his entire fist into his mouth. "I've seen the pictures. They're not pretty."

Spike offered Angel his slobbered-on fist and the older vampire shook his head. "That's okay, buddy. I don't eat babies any more," he said. Returning his attention to the computer, Angel clicked to the next page, which gave more information on babies.

"'As each month passes, your baby will rapidly grow not only in size but in intellect and motor skills," Angel read. "'For example, by six months, your baby should be able to sit up on his or her own. The baby can say vowel-consonant sounds and will happily "converse" with anyone. Also, during this time, your baby will be a bundle of energy and will become quite the wiggle worm when you hold him or her.'"

Angel turned to Spike. "Well, you certainly do seem to be babbling like Cordelia. Should we see if you can sit up by yourself?"

Carefully, Angel lifted the naked -- and wiggling -- child and sat him on the flat surface of the desk. Then Angel slowly let go until Spike was sitting upright on his own. Spike waved his chubby arms, tiny hands clenched into fists, and giggled. Angel laughed, too, and the baby froze and stared at him.

Angel immediately stopped laughing and frowned in concern. He was about to search for the link on what to do if babies suddenly stopped doing everything when Spike raised his hand, pointed a finger at Angel, and started 'talking' again.

"Oh, really?" Angel said, leaning forward. "You think you can just scare me like that and then point fingers? Well, let's see if you like it when I suck on your finger." He opened his mouth, covered his teeth with his lips, and pretended to bite Spike's finger.

Spike squealed in laughter and rocked back and forth. Angel released the baby's tiny digit and grinned. "Did you like that?" he asked in a teasing tone. Spike sort-of clapped, gurgled and babbled, and stuck his finger out again. Angel captured it between his lips and mouthed it. "Mwa-mwa-mwa-mwa-mwa-mwa-mwa..."

The vampire baby squealed again, the high-pitched laughter filling the empty lobby with its joyous sound. Angel let go of Spike's finger and wrinkled his nose when Spike poked it with the wet digit. He fake growled and attacked the finger once again, melting inside with each laugh he received in response.


Several hours later, Angel was stretched out on the bed, head propped on one fist, watching baby Spike sleep. The Internet had provided a wealth of information on how to care for a baby, with all but the health-related material prevalent to Spike.

"You are so tiny," Angel said in a low voice so as not to wake Spike. "Not that you're all that big normally, but as a baby..."

Angel lifted Spike's little hand and the baby's fingers closed around the brunette's thumb. Little fingers, little hands, little arms and legs and feet and toes. He even had a little penis.

Angel smiled when Spike yawned and resettled, gripping the thumb tightly in his tiny fist. The dark-haired vampire knew he should be more concerned about helping Spike, but it was difficult to get motivated when this version of the other vampire was so much more pleasant than the adult one. Plus, Buffy was coming to LA and a large portion of him was gearing up to see her, building defensive walls around his heart and putting his hormones in check.

Both dreading and anticipating Buffy's visit, Angel checked the pillows piled on the other side of Spike, then laid his head down with a yawn of his own. Soon, he was sleeping like the baby at his side.


Angel tied the hem of the white tee-shirt below Spike's kicking feet and examined his handiwork. Spike waved his little arms, which were mostly hidden by the shirt sleeves, and babbled at Angel. "Right, you look... ridiculous," the brunette commented, picking up the baby. "But at least you're not naked."

Spike gurgled in response, complete with spit bubbles, his yellow eyes trained on Angel.

"C'mon, silly-looking," Angel said, tickling the baby on the belly as he started out of the hotel suite. "I smell chocolate coffee percolating. Do you like chocolate coffee? Angel likes chocolate coffee a lot. Yes, he does."

"You do realize you sound like a moron?" Gunn rounded the hall corner, smirking as he met up with Angel. The tall black man made a face at the baby. "Angel, what did you do to him?"

"I, uh, swaddled him," Angel said with a sheepish grin. "What are you doing up here?"

"Coming to get you," Gunn replied as they headed towards the stairs. "A certain blond sumptin-sumptin is in the lobby. Wes is grilling her about some chick named Glory."

"Glory is the one who turned Spike into a baby," Angel told the other man, trying to sound unaffected by the news of Buffy's arrival. Inside, however, it was: BUFFYBUFFYBUFFYBUFFY.

"Wes said the baby is a vamp you know?"

"He's Drusilla's childe," Angel said. "With Darla, the four of us used to run together."

"Ah, he's family."

"He's an annoyance, actually."

"What do you think the definition of 'family' is?" Gunn said with a grin.

They emerged in the lobby and Angel's eyes immediately sought out Buffy. She was standing at the counter, dressed in jeans and a blouse, chatting with Wesley. Gods, did she look edible, Angel thought.

"Oh my god, look at you!" was Buffy's greeting as she hurried to meet Angel, only her eyes were on the baby and not him. "You're still a baby."

"Uh, hi, Buffy," Angel said dryly.

Buffy raised her eyes and smiled. "Hi, Angel," she greeted tenderly.

Angel felt his insides jump and his trousers grow tight. He cleared his throat and glanced around the lobby. "Where's Dawn? I thought you said she was coming, too."

"She's with Cordelia and some hunk. Just follow the trail of drool," she replied, her gaze dropping to the baby again. "Can I?"

Angel passed Spike to her, and Buffy cradled the vampire baby in her arms. "Aren't you the cutest thing. Yes, you are. Yes, you are," she cooed at the child.

"Looks like you've been replaced," Gunn whispered to Angel before he vanished into the courtyard, with Angel's glare burning a hole in his back.

Fred entered the lobby, clean and wearing a pretty sundress, carrying a mug cupped in her hands. The scent of chocolate coffee became stronger and more enticing because of her. "Um, h-hi," she said shyly.

"Hi," Buffy said politely, looking to Angel for introductions as she swayed gently with the baby in her arms.

"Buffy, this is my good friend, Fred." He flashed Fred a conspiratorial smile. "Fred, this is Buffy."

"Hello, Buffy," Fred greeted. "Do you work with Angel, too?"

"Once upon a time, I did," Buffy replied, giving Angel a pointed look, complete with curious lift of her brow.

Spike fussed in Buffy's arms, drawing everyone's attention. "What's wrong, sweety?" Buffy said in a mother fashion. "Are you hungry? Huh?"

She shifted her hold and rubbed her finger against the baby's lips. Spike sucked the digit into his mouth, bit down, then let out a wail at the same time Buffy squeaked in surprised pain. "He bit me."

"He's hungry," Angel said, taking Spike from her. The older vampire settled the baby in his arms and slipped his finger into Spike's mouth. Spike again bit down, and he stopped crying as he began to suck.

"That's weird," Buffy said, wiping her already healing finger on her jeans. "If he's hungry, why didn't he drink from me? I've got it on good authority that my blood is the best." She smirked at Angel.

Angel gave her a half-smile in return. "I don't know. He did the same thing last night with Fred."

Realization washed over Buffy's features, and she addressed the other woman, "Fred, are you human?"

"Y-yes." Fred looked to Angel for confirmation. "At least, I- I think so."

"She is," Angel said.

"That means Spike may still have the chip." Buffy reached out and brushed her knuckles against Spike's chubby cheek. "Glory was a big meanie, wasn't she, Spike?"


"Yeah, was," Buffy replied. She lifted her gaze, pain in her eyes. "It was a hard fight, but we won."

"I'm glad," Angel said.

"Angel," Wesley called to them. "Will you bring Spike over here, please?"

"What's up?" Angel asked as he and Buffy joined the man. Fred waved at Angel and left, along with her delicious-smelling chocolate coffee.

"I would like to take down some information about Spike," Wesley said. "Hopefully, it will assist me in finding a reversal for what Glorificus has done."

"You mean there's more than one 'turn your enemy into a baby' spell?" Angel joked.

"Glorificus was a god, Angel," Wesley said.

Angel blinked in shock and turned to Buffy. "You fought a god?"

Buffy shrugged. "Just another day at the office."

"Are you okay?" he asked in concern.

"It was close, but yeah," Buffy replied. "I'm fine, and everyone else is mostly fine, too. Well, except for Baby Spike here."

"Good," Angel said quietly. "I don't know what I'd do if I lost you."

"If you would please put him down," Wesley instructed, breaking the potentially emotional moment.

Angel extracted his finger from Spike's mouth and laid him on the desk. After stripping the tee-shirt off the baby, Wesley spent the next ten minutes measuring, weighing, and taking down Spike's non-existent vitals. The tiny vampire kicked and squirmed and giggled and babbled and grabbed his toes and flashed himself indecently.

Buffy produced a camera, smiled evilly, and said, "Blackmail."

"I would say, by his size and behaviorisms, Spike is roughly between six and seven months in age," Wesley declared, using the same website Angel had book-marked earlier. "He 'speaks' and reacts to stimulus autonomously, such as laughing and smiling, and according to Angel, he can sit up and roll over on his own. He doesn't seem to be able to crawl yet, but as he's only been a baby for a day, he hadn't had much opportunity to do so."

Wesley removed his glasses, rubbed his eyes, then looked seriously at Angel and Buffy. "There is bad news, however," he said. "If we cannot find a way to turn Spike back to normal, he may very well be a seven month old forever. As a vampire, he will not have the motor development that human children have. He may never walk or talk, and will need someone to provide food, shelter, and care for him for... well, eternity, I guess."

"So, you're saying... what are you saying?" Buffy asked.

Wesley's jaw tightened a brief moment, then he answered, "If we can't reverse Glory's magick, it would be cruel to let him keep living."

"Bullshit," Angel snapped almost instantly. "Babies, even demon babies, are innocent creatures, and I will not allow any harm to come to an innocent."

"Angel--" Buffy started to say, only to be cut off.

"If anyone harms him, I will make their unlife an eternal hell," Angel said in a low, flat tone. His choice of words were not unnoticed. Then, with gentleness and caring, as if he'd not uttered the warning, Angel re-dressed Spike in the large tee-shirt, picked him up, and carried him out of the lobby.

Angel didn't know where his protectiveness came from, but it had hit him fiercely. Spike was helpless, a baby, completely innocent despite not having a soul. Babies did not possess the mental prowness to act on evil impulses. Angel refused to let anyone put down such pureness so carelessly, as if it were an injured dog and not an innocent.

Cordelia, Groosalugg, and Dawn all turned when Angel entered the kitchen, bowls of ice cream in front of them. Dawn immediately jumped up. "Is that Spike?"

"Yes." Angel barely stopped himself from growling at her as she approached and began to ooh and ahh at the baby.

"So, what's the deal?" Cordelia asked. "Can Wesley change him back? Dawn filled us in on the whole Glory-thing, and I'm thinking it's going to take some pretty powerful mojo to turn Spike back into his evil self."

"He's not evil," Dawn said. At two incredulous stares, she clarified, "Okay, he's soulless and mean sometimes, but ever since he fell in love with Buffy, he's been a helpful kind of evil."

"Spike is in love with Buffy?" Angel said with calm indifference.

Cordelia abruptly stood, dumped the ice cream bowls in the sink, then grabbed Groosalugg's hand. "Groo and I are going shopping with your money. Bye," she said as they quickly left the kitchen.

Dawn, however, gave Angel an embarrassed look. "I suppose I shouldn't have told you that, huh?"

"It's okay, Dawn," Angel said, going to the refrigerator to retrieve the container of fresh blood that he knew Cordelia would bring. He stared into the depths of the industrial-sized fridge longer than necessary before finally getting up the courage to ask, "Buffy doesn't love him back, though, does she?"

Dawn laughed loudly. "Are you kidding? They're friends, at best, and that's only because Spike protected me from Glory."

Angel didn't realize he'd been holding a breath until he released it. Spike and Buffy. It was laughable, now that he thought about it. Taking the blood from the fridge, he joined Dawn at the table, sitting Spike in the middle of it before taking his own chair. "So, uh... how's school?" he asked the younger Summers.

"Don't know," Dawn said, teasing the baby and making him laugh as she retook her seat. "I kinda haven't been there in awhile, what with the whole fleeing from Glory. I'm supposed to go back on Monday. Buffy's going to lie and say our Grandma Bethie kicked it, and blame Giles for not calling the school."

"What actually happened with Glory?" Angel asked hesitantly. "Everyone seems to know but, uh, me."

Dawn launched into a story that made Angel angry that he hadn't been able to help and relieved that no one was seriously hurt. Spike seemed to be the only real casualty of the battle with the bitch-god. Even Tara, who'd had her mind sucked somehow, returned to normal when Glory had been destroyed. Which made it strange that Spike didn't return to his normal adult-sized self.

Angel finished the blood, disposed of the container, and poured himself the final cup of chocolate coffee from the coffee-maker. Buffy came into the kitchen as he was sitting back down, and he tried to glare at her but failed. He could never stay mad at her for long.

"Hey," the blond Slayer said tentatively. "Mind if I join you?"

"Only if you promise you're not going to stake Spike." Okay, so he was still mad.

"You were going to stake Spike?" Dawn gasped.

"No," Buffy said firmly. "We're going to find a way to reverse what Glory did to him."

"And if we don't?" Angel said.

"Then it's up to you." Buffy steadily met his gaze. "You're the only one with the capabilities to take care of a vampire baby."

"Why?" Angel asked.

"Because no one else wants to," Buffy said bluntly.

Angel was shocked. "Now that is cruel."

"No, it's the truth. I can't, because of my responsibility to Dawn, and no one else really even likes Spike. They just put up with him because I told them to," she said. "And I highly doubt any of your 'crew' wants the job, either."

Angel was about to protest when he realized she was right. His mouth clacked shut and he frowned deeply. Dawn went back to playing with the baby, causing Spike to squeal in laughter, the happy sound filling up the kitchen.

"I would take him, Angel," Buffy finally ventured, laying her hand over his. "I could easily love him while he's like this. But it's just not possible."

"Forget it, he's staying with me," Angel grumped, capturing her fingers with his. "Having Spike love you is bad enough. I don't want you loving him in return."

Buffy smiled. "Dawn told you, huh?"

Angel nodded. "Every horrid detail. When he's himself again, I might have to rough him up."

"Why? I can beat him up just as easily."

"Yeah," Angel gave her a look. "But he'd probably like that."


"Oh, look, big yawns," Dawn cooed, drawing the two ex-lovers' attention to the baby. Spike rubbed his eyes with his fists, yawning a second time.

"Dawn, would you like to babysit while we research?" Angel asked the girl.

Dawn perked up. "Cool, can I?"

"Second floor, room 216," Angel told her. "The door's unlocked. I made a nest for him from the pillows on the bed."

"Okay." Dawn stood and picked up Spike. "Let's go, baby-vamp. Time for nih-nih."

"We'll be down here if you need us," Buffy said as Dawn headed out of the kitchen. The blond looked at Angel again and gave him a hopeful smile. "Is there any more of that chocolate coffee for me?"

Angel rolled his eyes, smiled knowingly, and handed her his mug.