Treasure Island

by Saber ShadowKitten

Part Six

"This wasn't what I bloody meant," Spike muttered, arm over his eyes as he lay on the hard rock floor in the back of the cave.

"What was that?" Angel asked.

"Noth-ow!" he exclaimed, wincing and moving away from his sire's hands.

"Stop moving," Angel instructed.

"Stop poking on me," Spike snapped back.

"Do you want to bleed out on the floor?" Angel asked, pulling the needle straight up.

"If it means you'll stop poking on me," the blond grumbled. "Yes."

"Just hold still, you big baby," Angel said. Carefully, he inserted the needle under Spike's skin, then drew it through, stitching up one of the large gashes on the younger vampire's side.

"Ow! That fucking hurts!"

Angel took a deep breath -- a necessary one, if he didn't want to throttle his childe - and put his hand on the middle of Spike's bare chest. He applied pressure, holding the blond forcefully down, until Spike raised his arm from over his eyes to glare at him. "Are you going to let me finish?"

Spike ground his teeth together for a few seconds before growling, "Yes."

"It's not my fault," the dark-haired vampire said, releasing the pressure in order to continue.

"Yes, it is," Spike stated, putting his arm back over his eyes. He hissed as his sire started on the next gash in his side, made from the werewolf's claws the night before.

"How do you figure that?"

"If I hadn't been thinking about me an' you an' being naked, this wouldn't have happened," he grumbled.

Angel paused as the younger vampire's words hit him and what they implied. Unbidden, his eyes ran down Spike's nude form and a smirk crossed his face. "Well, you're naked," he teased.

"Sod off," Spike growled.

Chuckling, Angel continued his first aid, glad that the emergency kit from the raft had a basic first aid kit that included a needle and thread. Spike's injuries were bad enough to require stitches, and wouldn't be fully healed for at least a full day. Oz had apologized when he'd returned to the cave, but Spike had shrugged it off, telling the young werewolf that he'd had fun getting the wounds and not to worry about it.

It was laundry day again and both the vampires' clothing had been confiscated to be washed, as usual. Using sand and the salt water, every few days the girls and guys would separate to opposite ends of the beach and wash their clothing. The sun would have everything dry in less than a half an hour and someone would return the vampires' clothes before going off with the group for the day.

Angel was pleasantly surprised that everyone was getting along so well. It was a testament to how strong the friendship was between the others, Cordelia included, despite her being gone for most of the past year. Most people would have panicked about being stuck on a literally deserted island with no amenities and having to eat off the land. Not this group. They treated their enforced stay as a vacation rather than a problem, enjoying their time together on the beach and exploring the island.

The original sunburns that the five humans had gotten on the raft had changed into deep tans. Even Oz and Willow, who were the fairest of the group, had become bronzed. Injuries had stayed minor, cuts and scratches and a few bug bites, and good humor stayed intact. They ate whatever Spike and Angel had caught when they went hunting for their own food, drank the fresh water from the pond, and slept protected in the cave set high enough off the ground to prevent normal predators from climbing the rocks to get to it.

The nights were for the vampires. After dark, the seven would do something together for awhile, then Angel and Spike would go off to hunt. Then Angel would sit watch, which was fine with him, while Spike disappeared to find his own entertainment. But the younger vampire would always return early enough to talk with him for a few hours before the sun rose.

"Are you done yet?" Spike whined, breaking into Angel's thoughts.

"Almost," Angel replied, tying off another knot. He cut the end of the thread and stuck it and the needle in the first aid kit. Turning back, he let his eyes travel over Spike again, and he remembered the blond's words and what they meant.

Desire shot through him, but with Spike's injuries, the younger man couldn't move around too much. However, that didn't prevent Angel from moving. The dark-haired vampire only hoped he hadn't misconstrued what Spike had said, because he was going to administer first aid of a different sort. "Tell me how you got clawed again," he prompted in a low voice.

"No," Spike said.

"You said something about me and you..."

"Angel-" the blond warned.

"...And being naked..."

"Drop it," he growled, firmly keeping his arm over his eyes. He could feel his cock twitching at his sire's low tone and hoped that Angel didn't notice.

"Were you hoping something might happen...?"

"No, now shut up," he lied.

"Something like this?"

"Leave me the bloody hell alllllooooohhh Angelus," Spike hissed, his hips jerking up when he felt Angel's mouth around him. The dark-haired vampire chuckled, causing his throat muscles to contract around the head of Spike's shaft, and the younger man groaned in pleasure. "Fuck."

"Do you want me to stop?" Angel asked, then swirled his tongue along the sensitive spot of Spike's cock.

"Cor, no," Spike gasped. "Please, no."

Angel chuckled again, then Spike felt himself being fully engulfed by the older man's mouth. He thrust up uncontrollably, the sensations overwhelming him immediately. It had been over a century and a half since his sire had done this, well before Drusilla had joined them, and even then, the dark-haired vampire rarely pleasured him in this manner.

Two minutes hadn't even passed before he exploded into orgasm, shooting himself into Angel's mouth with a strangled cry. He laid there, stunned, staring at his sire with huge eyes as Angel straightened and licked his lips. "Wha...why..."

"Shh," Angel said, putting two fingers over Spike's lips. "I wanted to."


Spike was cut off when Angel replaced his fingers with his lips. The kiss was short and gentle, leaving the blond just as stunned. Angel then laid down beside him and, mindful of his injuries, put an arm across his waist. "Sleep," the older vampire said quietly.

"Like I could sleep after that," Spike muttered. However, his body had other ideas. The long and active night combined with the wonderful orgasm caused him to drift off within a few minutes.

When Angel knew that Spike had fallen asleep, he propped his head up on his hand and studied the younger vampire's peaceful face. His cock throbbed between them, aching for release, but he ignored it. What he had done hadn't been to receive something in return, it was purely to give the man beside him pleasure, something he hadn't done in a very long time.

He heard someone climbing up the rocks outside of the cave and raised his gaze. Oz entered, clothing in hand. "Hey," he whispered, setting the clothing down halfway into the cave, well away from the sunlit mouth. "How is he?"

The smile that spread over Angel's face was full of humor. "I think he'll be just fine," he whispered in reply.

Oz nodded and Angel saw relief evident in his expression. "I'm suppose to tell you we're going treasure hunting. We'll be back before the sun sets."

"Be careful," Angel said. Oz nodded again, lifted his hand in goodbye, and left.

The dark-haired vampire's gaze returned to Spike's sleeping face and his smile returned to one of tenderness. Laying his head back down, he closed his eyes and joined his childe in sleep.


Spike sleepily opened his eyes and found himself face-to-face with Angel. Chocolate brown eyes met his and an unconscious smile crept across his mouth. "Hello, Angelus," he said, his eyelids drifting shut again. He heard his sire chuckle and he pried his eyes open again, trying to get his mind to function. "What're you laughin' at?"

"I'd forgotten how cute you were first thing in the evening," Angel replied, his voice heavy with amusement.

"I'm not cute," Spike muttered, his lids fluttering shut once more. "I'm a big, evil vampire."

"You're a short, not-very-evil, cute vampire," Angel corrected. He'd also forgotten how fun it was to pester the blond vampire first thing in the evening, while Spike was still between being asleep and being awake. The highlight part was that Spike never remembered what he said, and Angel could use whatever the younger man muttered to taunt him unmercifully.

"Bugger off," Spike grumbled, burying his face into the crook of his elbow, which was bent at an odd angel under his head as a pillow. "I'm not short."

"Vertically challenged?" Angel asked, choking on his laughter.

"Be happy that I love you, or I'd have to bloody hurt you for that," Spike mumbled, drifting back to sleep with a added, "Wanker."

Angel's laughter cut off abruptly and he stared at Spike. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. He didn't know how to react, other than to continue to stare at the vampire who had fallen back to sleep beside him. After a few moments, he snapped out of his shock and sat up. Running a hand through his hair, he tried to wrap his mind around the emotions churning inside of him.

When he didn't have immediate luck, he climbed over Spike and got dressed, then went and sat as near to the entrance of the cave as he could. The mouth of the cave faced south, so the sun always invaded the interior until it set for the day. Angel looked out at the fading daylight as it played amongst the leaves on the tall trees.

In all the years Angel had played with Spike while he was in between sleep and wakefulness, he'd never heard those words uttered. He couldn't figure out why, either, considering what he'd learned from when the two vampires had been shrunk a few months ago. However, he was immensely glad that he hadn't known when he didn't have his soul, because he would have held Spike's love over the younger vampire's head like the bastard he'd been.

That didn't mean that he knew what to do now that he had his soul, though. He was unsure of his feelings for the younger vampire. Over the past two weeks, those feelings had been changing, especially once the two of them had wrestled the first official night on the island. Spike's playfulness and generally constant good mood had helped, too.

With a sigh, Angel decided not to think about the sleep-filled confession. Spike wouldn't remember he'd said it and dwelling on it wouldn't sort out his own emotions. He'd just have to wait and see.

Spike muttered something from behind him and he glanced over his shoulder to see that the blond had turned to his other side, and was now facing him. He let his eyes trace over his childe's naked form.

However, not knowing his feelings wasn't going to stop him from enjoying himself. With an anticipatory smile, he returned his gaze to outside of the cave as Spike stirred.

Spike forced himself to sit up when he half-woke this time. His body was sore from the still healing injuries and he could really use a cigarette. He opened his eyes, then closed them again when the fading sunlight assaulted them. He hated evenings.

Squinting, he managed to find his clothes and pulled his jeans on. Then he dug through his duster pocket until he found the black pen-cap he'd been using since he'd run out of cigarettes and popped the smashed plastic end into his mouth. Not bothering to stand up, he crawled over to where Angel was sitting and leaned back against the cave wall beside him.

"Good evening," Angel said, a wry smile on his face.

"Shut up," he grunted, chewing on the cap.

Angel chuckled. "How's your side?"

"Peachy," Spike replied. He turned his head and looked out of the cave, muttering, "I hate evenings."

"So I've noticed," Angel said.

"Have I told you to shut up yet?" he said. "If not, shut the bloody hell up."

Angel arched his brow, then rolled onto his knees, putting him directly in front of Spike's crossed legs. He put one hand on the rock wall beside Spike's head and used the other to pull the pen-cap from the blond's mouth. "There's only one way I'm going to shut up," he told Spike.

Spike was still unused to this sort of directness from his sire and his eyes widened just before his mouth was claimed by Angel's. With a small groan, he let his eyes fall shut and let the older vampire pull him into the kiss. Bringing up a hand, he slid it behind Angel's neck and into the back of his dark hair.

The sounds of the others returning once again broke them apart before the kiss could progress too far. Spike stared up into Angel's inflamed eyes and he swallowed heavily when his sire whispered, "Tonight."


Spike was nervous. He felt like he was nineteen again, about to lose his virginity to Mary Sue Wellington in the hayloft. Wiping his hand on his jeans, he dug his bare toes into the warm sand and watched as the white foam from the ocean's waves stopped a few inches away before retreating.

The moon was just past full and bright, reflecting off the dark water and making the white sand shimmer. There was a faint breeze that carried the scents of the island to him, the smells of flowers and trees mixing in with the salty smell of the ocean.

It was a night for romance. A night for making love under the stars. A night for being intimate with the person he loved.

Spike wanted to heave.

Closing his eyes, he raised his head to the moon, trying to relax. It wasn't as if he hadn't had sex with Angel before, because he had. Many, many times. But it had been over a century since he'd last done so with him.

Spike had been ignored when his sire had returned to 'the family' two years before, crippled by the Slayer and immediately dismissed by Angel. He'd been hurt by that, but was now glad that nothing occurred, because the Angelus he'd known was nothing like the one who'd returned.

Things were different yet again between his sire and himself. For one, Angel had his soul. He'd also spent the equivalent of a hundred years in the demon dimension with that soul. Spike had also changed, no longer the killer he had been. Forced at first or not, he'd come to care for those he was suppose to protect and no longer thought of humans simply as walking tv dinners.

Taking a deep, purposeful breath, he exhaled slowly and rolled his shoulders, trying to reduce the tension in them. He almost jumped out of his skin when two large hands slid onto them and began to massage his muscles. As it was, he let out a startled yelp and felt the rush of embarrassment flow thorough him when Angel chuckled.

"Problems?" Angel asked quietly, rubbing the blond's shoulders.

"You almost gave me a bloody heart attack," Spike answered sharply.

"Your heart doesn't beat," Angel pointed out.

"Stop being technical," he grumbled, feeling the tension slowly start to drain out of him under Angel's touch.

Angel chuckled again and stepped even closer behind Spike. He bent his head and whispered near the blond's ear, "I've been waiting for this all day."

The tension sprang back to life inside of Spike, but it wasn't from nervousness. It was purely sexual. He felt a coil of fire settle low in his abdomen and spread outward, lighting his desire. Turning, he found himself less than two inches from being pressed against Angel and raised his head to meet his sire's liquid brown eyes.

"Do you want this?" Angel asked seriously, his voice low and rough.

"Fuck yes," Spike growled in response, his hands going around Angel's neck and pulling his head down to kiss him.

Angel let out his own growl and wrapped his arms around Spike, pulling the blond flush against him. Their tongues clashed together, battling for supremacy in a war of sexual need. The scent of male arousal joined with the scents of the island, creating a heady mixture that assaulted both men's senses.

Angel tore himself away from Spike, taking a step back from him. He latched onto Spike's arm and pulled him from the sandy beach to the tall grassy area just beyond the beginning of the interior to the island. Spinning around, he yanked the younger man back against him, their mouths coming together once more.

They both ended up on their knees without either of them breaking apart. Angel worked his hands under the back of Spike's t-shirt, stroking the bare skin. The blond's blunt nails scratched against the back of his neck, his fingers going up to twine in Angel's dark hair. A small growl of pleasure rumbled in the older vampire's chest, testifying to the arousal coursing through him.

Spike was the one to pull away first, dropping his hands and pulling his shirt over his head. His blue eyes were chips of burning ice as he met Angel's desire-filled gaze. The dark-haired vampire quickly yanked his own shirt off and found himself on his back before the material even hit the ground.

The younger man began to lick and nip a path downward from Angel's mouth, stopping only to remove his pants. He groaned loudly when Spike's cool mouth surrounded his hard member. The blond sucked and licked and drove Angel to the brink within minutes, reaching between his legs to caress and fondle his sac. He exploded with a harsh, guttural yell, his hips thrusting upward into Spike's mouth as he emptied himself.

Spike kneeled up and fumbled with the fastenings to his jeans. He got them undone and shoved the jeans down and off his body with little finesse. Returning to his knees, he lifted a hand to his mouth and let the semen empty into it, then covered his prominent erection with it. He raised his eyes to Angel's and the dark-haired vampire's molten gaze caused him to shudder.

Angel sat up and wrapped his hand around the back of Spike's head, meeting his lips in a searing kiss. He tasted himself on his childe's tongue and his nostrils flared as he inhaled sharply. After a minute, he broke away and turned onto his hands and knees. The grass was both sharp and soft under his palms, matted together from where his body had lain.

He felt first one, then two slick fingers penetrate his tight hole, preparing him. Closing his eyes, he relaxed and let the thought of how intimate he and Spike were about to become remove any vestiges of tension. The fingers left and were replaced by the velvet steel head of Spike's shaft.

He snarled in pain at his childe's intrusion and the younger vampire wrapped his arm around Angel's waist, holding them firmly together. After a few moments, the pain dissipated and Angel grunted, "Go ahead." The first slow slide out and back into him was uncomfortable, but by the tenth one the dark-haired vampire was moaning in pleasure. Spike covered him, keeping an arm around his waist, the blond's chest pressed against his back as he set a steady pace.

Spike whimpered at the tightness surrounding him as he drove into Angel. It had been so long -- too long - and he found that he couldn't prolong his climax. His face shifted into its demon ridges and he pressed down lightly on back of his sire's shoulder with his fangs, waiting.

"Yes," Angel hissed, clutching the grass in his hands until it tore when the sharp canine's entered him. He felt Spike buck against him frantically, pounding into his inner walls and making his eyes roll up under the lids. A loud snarl broke through the night as Spike came, driving into him one final time and holding him tight as he climaxed.

Spike pulled out of Angel slowly, the blood from his sire ringing his mouth and his cock. He fell back onto the grass, eyes closed, as he came down from the aftereffects of his orgasm. He jumped slightly when he felt the older vampire's tongue on him, cleaning up their combined fluids of semen and saliva and blood. He shifted his face back to its human mask before opening his eyes.

Angel moved up next to Spike and lay on his side, one hand propping his head up. He reached out with his other hand and ran his fingers lightly up and down the center of the younger vampire's chest. "My perfect childe," he murmured, bringing his fingers up to slide along Spike's jawline, then brush over his lips. "You are still so very beautiful, Will."

"Well, you know, I moisturize," Spike joked even though he was trembling inside.

Angel laughed quietly, then bent forward and placed a soft kiss on Spike's lips. "Rest, Will. The night is still young and I am far from finished with you."

Part Seven

They tumbled into the cave less than an hour before sunrise, wet from playing in the ocean and trying not to make too much noise. They stepped over the others sleeping on the hard rock floor, the fire long since burned out, and retreated to the back, stripping off their t-shirts on the way. Spike was asleep within seconds of closing his eyes, worn out from the repetitive love-making between the vampires.

Angel lay next to him on his side, a small smile on his lips. His eyes ran over the younger man's sleeping features, drinking in the beauty of his dark lashes against his pale face, the strong line of his jaw, the perfectly sculptured cheekbones. His mouth was slightly open and it was all Angel could do not to bend down and kiss him.

With a satisfied sigh, he laid his head down on the duster the two vampires were using for a pillow. Even though he was content at that moment and had been at several other times throughout the night, he wasn't worried about his soul wandering off. It wasn't because his soul had miraculously become permanent, it was because the things that had occurred when he had lost it for those six months were forever etched into his mind, shading everything, even happiness.

It had taken him awhile to understand that -- along with Cordelia and Doyle pointing it out - and by then, in his mind, it was too late to return to Buffy. He firmly believed that she needed someone who belonged in the sunlight, who she could grow old with, have a family with, who she could love without worry or fear. It was wrong of him to choose for her, especially considering a Slayer's expected life-span was so short, but as the song said: sometimes love just ain't enough.

With Spike, however, he was in big trouble. If they were rescued at that moment, he'd happily do the Swiss Family Robinson thing and choose to stay on the island with the blond vampire. Of course, they'd run out of food too fast, but it was a pleasant fantasy -- he and Spike doing nothing more than playing, laughing and loving. It was something he could easily get used to, although the younger man would probably go stir-crazy from lack of things to keep his hyperactive self occupied. It was surprising Spike had lasted this long.

A smile still on his lips, Angel closed his eyes and fell into a content, dream-filled sleep.


The loud crack of thunder and the whine of Cordelia's voice was what woke Angel. He opened his eyes and found Spike curled up against his right side, blond head on his bare chest, arm carelessly thrown over his waist. It reminded him of the day he had awoken in the flower pot and his mouth quirked up in a half-grin.

Turning his head, he saw the five friends entering the cave, drenched from the pouring rain he could see beyond them. "I gather it's raining," he said wryly.

"Just a bit," Buffy replied, gathering some of the wood piled along one wall to start a fire. She had an amused smile on her face when she looked at him.


"Nothing," she replied, exchanging a glance with the Willow and Cordelia. They were grinning, too.

"I don't think I like those smiles," Angel said, easily maneuvering out from under Spike and sitting up. Considering the blond slept like the dead, literally and figuratively, it was a simple trick to do.

"Oh, you moved," Willow said, disappointingly. Angel arched a brow in question.

"You guys looked cute," Cordelia explained, grimacing down at her wet clothing.

"Not," Xander stated, lighting the fire.

"I'd have to agree with the ladies on this one," Oz said. He looked over at Angel. "Sorry, man."

Angel reached over and picked up his and Spike's discarded shirts. "Just don't tell Spike that. He hates being called cute," he said, then grinned. "On second thought, go ahead."

"I'm awake, you know," Spike muttered from behind him.

"No, you're not," Angel replied without looking back. He held out the shirts to Cordelia, who took them with a grateful smile.

"Pillock," Spike grumbled, then fell silent.

Angel chuckled, knowing that the younger vampire had fallen back to sleep. Buffy cleared her throat loudly and the men quickly turned around so the three girls could change. Oz and Xander stripped down to their boxers, which the others had seen before because that was what they'd been sleeping in.

"All clear," Buffy said, spreading out her clothes to dry. She was wearing Spike's red, button-down shirt. Willow had chosen the blond vampire's black t-shirt and Cordelia, being the tallest, had put Angel's white t-shirt on. Xander blatantly ogled her and she smacked him, much to the dark-haired vampire's amusement.

After giving Cordelia a goofy grin, Xander laid the treasure map out with their wet clothing. "I think this should dry without smudging."

"How's the treasure hunt going, anyway?" Angel asked.

"It's going all over the island," Cordelia answered.

"It's like the map-maker deliberately made it that way," Willow said. "We get to one side of the island with one of the directions, then turn around and go back to the other with the next one."

"At least it's something to do," Buffy said, pulling the shirt over her knees in front of the fire. "I was getting kinda tired of working on my tan."

"It was a rather good timing," Oz added.

"So, now what?" Willow asked. She glanced outside at the downpour. "I don't think the rain is going to stop anytime soon."

"We could play a game," Buffy suggested.

"How about I Never?" Willow said.

"I think the vampires have done everything, which is pretty gross," Xander said.

"Should I be offended?" Angel asked.

"Baa," Spike mumbled from behind him. He reached back and swatted the blond. "Watch it, mate, or I'll bite you."

Angel turned his head and looked back at Spike. "Promise?" he said in a voice too low for the others to hear.

Spike felt his face heat up as the stolen blood rushed there. "Sod off."

The dark-haired vampire laughed loudly, causing the others to stare at him. "You laughed," Cordelia said, amazement in her voice. "You never laugh. You may chuckle sometimes, usually before you're about to remove someone's liver, but you don't laugh."

"Uh, should we wig?" Xander asked. "Or worry about being lunch?"

"I'm not allowed to laugh?" Angel said.

"No!" Buffy said quickly. "It's just that, well, you're not normally the good humor man."

"He lacks the requisite hat," Oz commented.

Willow giggled. "And the truck."

"Maybe I just needed a vacation," Angel said with a wry grin.

"Or a good buggering," Spike suggested quietly, unable to contain the smirk spreading across his lips.

Angel turned halfway around, his grin changing into a genuine, tender smile. "That, too," he whispered.

"Cor, Angelus, cut that out," Spike grumbled, feeling the flush of embarrassment creeping over him again. Angel laughed again, this time softly. Mostly awake now, he moved the duster so he was beside his sire, joining the group. He laid down on his stomach and crossed his arms over the soft pile of leather, resting his chin on the back of a wrist and re-shutting his eyes. "What are we playing again?"

"I'd say Anywhere But Here, but I kinda like it here," Buffy said. "I could use a change of clothes, though."

"And a real bathroom," Willow said.

"And a mirror," Cordelia added. "And I so need some moisturizer."

"Truth or Dare?" Willow suggested. "Although there's not much we can do for the dares, cuz of the rain and all. So they'd have to be really creative."

"I'll go first," Buffy said quickly, an excited grin on her face. "Spike, truth or dare?"

Spike groaned, knowing that she was going to ask something he didn't want to answer. However, he was always a glutton for punishment. "Truth."

"What's the blackmail?" Buffy asked.

"Goddess, I've been dying to know that," Willow said.

"I've been on the curious side, too," Oz added.

Spike had been right. It was something he didn't want to answer. "Forget it," he said.

"Then I dare you to tell us what you did last night," Buffy said.

He didn't want to answer that either. He wanted to hold on to the perfect memory of the night without anything tainting it, because he didn't know if it would ever happen again. He knew he was an emotional sap, but he didn't care. "I don't wanna play anymore," he grumbled.

"Oh, come on, Spike," Buffy said. "Don't ruin the game before we even get started."

Angel kept quiet. He was interested in finding out what Spike would do or say. Granted, he was more curious as to the first question, seeing as he was an active participant with the second one.

"Angel," Spike finally answered.

"Wait, you did Angel last night?" Cordelia asked, looking back and forth between Angel and Spike.

"Ok, that's way too much information," Xander said.

"I was answering the first question," Spike said quietly. He had chosen to keep the previous night to himself, even though the answers to both questions, as Cordelia had pointed out, were the same.

"Ok, I'm lost," Buffy said. "Angel is blackmailing you?" She frowned at the dark-haired vampire, who shrugged.

"Not that I know of," Angel said.

"Angel is the blackmail," Oz said with comprehension. Spike nodded.

"How can he be the blackmail?" Willow asked.

"That wasn't part of the question, ducks," Spike said, opening his eyes and lifting his head. "My turn." He gave Buffy and evil grin. "Slayer, truth or dare?"

"Truth," Buffy said.

"Have you ever fantasized about shagging me?" he asked.

"Oh god, ego much?" Buffy said.

"That's not an answer, pet," Spike told her. "Remember, you have to tell the truth."

"Er...once, maybe," Buffy said, blushing. "It could have been some other blond vampire."

"Right," he replied, giving her a wink. He looked up at his sire with a smirk and Angel rolled his eyes.

"Don't let it go to your head, Spike," Angel said, not bothered by the fact that his ex-girlfriend had fantasies involving his childe. As he said on the beach, Spike was impossible to resist when he wanted to be. "Either of them."

"Buffy, what is it with you and vampires?" Xander said.

"It's the leather," Cordelia answered in Buffy's stead. "There's nothing sexier than a man in leather."

"So if I put on a pair of leather pants and jacket, you'd think I was sexy?" Xander asked her.

"As if," Cordelia replied. However, the blush that spread across her cheeks said otherwise.

"Oh Cordelia," Xander said in a sing-song voice. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare," she said with a scowl at him.

He rolled up onto his knees and planted himself directly in front of her. "I dare you to kiss me," he said. "Really kiss me."

Buffy and Willow exchanged wide-eyed glances, while the other three men watched with curiosity and amusement.

Cordelia glared at Xander went up onto her knees as well. "Fine. But don't think this is means anything, dork."

Xander gave her a lopsided smile. "I'd never presume to think so."

"You sound like Giles," she said, putting her hands around his neck.

"As long as I don't look like him," he said, then captured her lips before she could kiss him.

"It's about time," Angel said quietly, a smile on his face for his friend and co-worker.

The two brunettes broke apart and stared at each other. "Get the leather," Cordelia whispered, then let go of him to sit back down.

"Count on it," Xander replied with a grin, retaking his seat.

"Angel, truth or dare?" Cordelia asked, a flush staining her bronzed skin.

"Truth," Angel sighed, preparing for the worst.

"If you could have sex with anyone in this cave but Buffy, who would you choose?" she asked.

"I am not going to touch that with a ten-foot pole," Angel told her. "I'll take the dare."

"Then it's your turn to play smoocher," Cordelia said. "With Spike."

Spike, who had lowered his head back onto his arms and closed his eyes, jerked up and stared at Cordelia. "You want him to what with Spike?" he said, unbelievingly.

"You want him to what with Spike?" Xander repeated. "I'm think I'm going to be sick."

"Then don't look," Cordelia told him. She looked at Angel. "Well, we're waiting."

"They're waiting, Spike," Angel said, sitting up on his knees as Xander had done.

"How come I have to do something that's bloody disgusting?" Spike fake whined, pushing himself up to his knees as well, so he was facing his sire. "It's his friggin' dare."

"Just let him kiss you," Buffy said. "You can wash your mouth out with sand later."

"I think I'm going to heave," Spike said. "I'm doing this under extreme protest."

Angel put his hand under the younger vampire's chin and tilted it up, their eyes meeting. "Liar," he whispered, then pressed his lips to Spike's.

Neither of them heard the girls sigh or Xander's gagging sound-effects. Angel was focused completely on kissing the peroxide-blond and Spike couldn't hear anything over the pounding of the stolen blood in his veins. The kiss wasn't long, or passionate, or anything like the ones they'd exchanged the night before. Instead, it was tender and sweet and left Spike wishing for it to never end.

Angel broke away and one corner of his mouth turned up when Spike inhaled deeply, his eyes still closed. When they opened, Angel winked at him, then sat back down and said, "Willow, truth or dare?"

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