They Were All Out Of...

by Saber ShadowKitten
Holidays Series, story 7

Angel frowned when he saw the odd-shaped, bright yellow envelope. Dropping the rest of his mail on the desk, he examined it. "Sunnydale?" he said, noting the postmark.

Curious, since he didn't get mail from anyone in Sunnydale -- ever - he slit open the top and pulled out a card. And groaned.

Happy Father's Day to a dad that's:
And really cool

The front words were accompanied by pictures of teddy bears in various father/son poses. It was quite sickening and something he should have expected. Opening the card, Angel prepared himself to read what Spike had written.

Dear very old daddy~

They were all out of cards that read 'Happy Father's Day from the childe who stole the love of your immortal life, married her, and shags her anytime, anywhere, and any way he pleases.'

So I got you this one.

Hearts and innards,

PS You never told me the Slayer was a screamer. Oh, right. You didn't get a chance to find that out. My bad.

Angel dropped the card on the desk and pinched the bridge of his nose. He didn't think vampires could get headaches.

Then again, most vampires didn't have Spike as a childe.

End 1