Q. Couple questions. One, I would like to know about your social life. Can you repeat all the questions, because we can't always hear. And three would you like my oxygen or do you want to quit smoking?

A. My grandfather too. I know, I know. Yeah, you're right. Uh, would I repeat questions and what's my, uh, social life like? Uh, my social life is- uh, is non-existent. Now. Happily so. But- yeah- you know- I swear to god. It's a good job but they work you're ba- they work you're tail off, and I couldn't believe it. Um, uh, I hang out at the beach with my girl and stuff, and uh, and we like to go out to dinner. We- we go out to premiers and stuff. But generally I just like to go hang out with friends, go out to dinner with friends, have them over.

Q. Is the lady friend somebody we know?

A. Uh, yeah. She's uh, She's- she's- uh- Liz Stauber, she's in Three Kings right now. She's Mark Wahlberg's, uh, girlfriend. She kisses Mark Wahlberg man! Don't ever believe anybody who tells you it's cool in Hollywood when your girlfriend kisses Mark Wahlberg. That's it- but I'm kissing other people, so I have no room to talk. It's great, though, my girlfriend and I, we don't even feign to be not jealous. We don't even pretend to be not jealous. It's more mature because it drives everybody crazy. Yeah?

Q. What was your first reaction seeing yourself in the vampire makeup?

A. I thought I was the coolest- I thought I was the coolest, man. I thought I never looked better in my life. I was so happy. And then I go to Liz and I try to get a kiss and she's like get away from me. She had no interest. I was like what? For a boy, it- it- it's like- for a boy- if boys could look like they wanted to look without worrying about- worrying what women thought, they would all look like that.

Q. You look good as a vampire.

A. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, it was a good makeup job. I mean, sometimes they make people look weird. But they made me look good. Thank god, or I'd be dead.

Q. Could we hear some more of your accent?

A. (All in Spike's accent) Would you like to hear some more of my accent? It's gotten very good. I pretty much- Tony Head, he- he says there's hardly anything, he comes and tells me things that I get wrong. But, um, yeah, I'm very good at it now. But, um, I've been at it for a long time and this is it.


Q. When you're practicing your lines, do you have to say them out loud in order to get the accent or do you just memorize it?

A. No, the- the accent is easy. But to get the lines down, and sometimes we get them like ten hours before we're suppose to film them, um, uh, yeah, you repeat it. Luckily, you know, my girlfriend, and I hate it when- you know, if you ask my about my personal life, you're probably going to ear about Liz. Cause we're all in love and we live together. So- so she helps me with my lines. We do it back and forth, and it's really helpful. Cause, uh, it's good to hear your cues and not read them on the page, because you're going to be hearing your cues on the set, so it's much better. Uh, but at this point, uh, um, uh, uh- at this point- yeah, yeah. What's up?

Q. How much creative control do you have over your character? Do you get to say what he'd do, or change something you think is wrong?

A. How much- how much creative control do I have over what Spike does and who Spike is and stuff? None over what he does. None over what he says. Nothing. No. When we go to Joss you know and say, you know, our ideas- he's like "well, that's cute. That's cute." Yeah.


A. But you know how- how it's said. There's a lot of control that an actor has over- over exactly how those moments are delivered. But-but you know, if he wants me in a tu-tu, I will go put on a tu-tu. I'm not going to have the writing so I was tied down. Oh man, the shit they're putting me through right now. I can't tell- I can't even begin to tell you.

Q. How do you enjoy being a villain with style?

A. Uh, I do. How do I enjoy being a villain with style? I- I- I like it. But, uh, you know, Spike is, um, they're- they're going to have to give me a new costume at some point. Yeah. They're talking about it. Buy he's like, you know- he wears a nice coat, but it looks like it's been run over by a tractor, which is exactly what they did. The bought a like a beautiful coat and they just ran over it, transpo guy is just like his teamsters just ran over it with a truck like 50 times. Um, but yeah, it looks like it's been drug through the dirt a little bit, uh, uh, and I hope that we retain that when we change costumes and stuff. Um, but I love being vampire with style. I love it. They have all sorts of stuff. They have like clear plastic shirts with like Sex Pistols on them and all of this for, you know, my initial fitting. And Joss was like "get him out of that, get him out. It looks like he goes shopping. Get him out." So uh, yeah, he came in and picked out- picked that out, but I- the coat right away, I was just like- I don't know what I need, but I love the coat.

Q. If you weren't an actor, what oth- what other job would you want?

SOMEONE: Stamping license plates.

A. Yeah. Yeah, she said, okay, uh, if you weren't an actor, what would you be doing, what would you want to do, and I was asked that at on an online thing, right? Or something like that. And I said, like, stamping license plates. I can't- If I didn't act- You don't know what kind of release the acting is. I-I-I cannot imagine not doing it. Which is why I'm doing it. Uh, uh, that- you shouldn't do it- if you can do anything else and be happy, do the other thing. Because it's- acting is only really worth it if its like the pleasure of doing it is- is enough on its own level. Otherwise, the rest of it is too shaky.

Q. Because I want to be an actor.

A. Makes sure- yeah- cool- cool. Cool. Have fun. Honestly. They call it a play for a reason. If it's not fun, something's wrong with it. Excellent, excellent. Good for you. By the time- by the time you're my age, you'll be 80 times more experience than your competition if you start young and you do theater. Yeah, go guy. Okay. I am so rude. I've never called on you. And I'm so rude if- if- if people have aching arms by now. Start just waving and screaming at me like I've been up here for 15 minutes. What's up?

Q. Will we be seeing Spike in Angel future episodes or Buffy coming up?

A. Will we be seeing Spike in Angel or Buffy coming up? Uh, certainly in Buffy, I'm a- I'm a cast member now and I'm so going to be- and starting this weekend I'm going to be in every week. Just- just always there. They're you go. Uh, and um, and- I've been on Angel once and I think I may be on at least one more time. But Joss was so mad about scheduling conflicts when that happened, he's- he was like, I don't know if I'm going to do that. And I've never called on you. Yes?

Q. Out of all the perks of being a celebrity, do you have any from being on Buffy?

A. What's my favorite perk of celebrity?

Q. Inaudible.

A. You know what- I- uh, celebrity can be weird, to tell you the truth. Because everybody- it's like everybody knows me, but I don't know other people. Like they've seen a part of me. I'm at a dis- disadvantage in a way with everybody, because they- they've seen something that I usually wouldn't show someone unless I knew them very well. Um, uh, uh, just stuff like this, though, people being, you know, saying hey- just you know, I was like- like someone in the airport, someone just turned around and said "by the way, I love your character. And thanks a lot, it's so fun." And that's really nice. Um, but uh--

Q. Inaudible

A. People smile more. Do I get special treatment around- around- around LA when I'm living my life and stuff? No, but people smile. It's cool, because I've given something, or I've been a part of something that's entertained them. So they're like thank you and they like want to thank me back. So yeah man, the world is a friendlier place because for that. But I don't go to the front of the line. I do not go to the front of the line. Like, uh, on the set, sometimes people open doors for me, or, um, like, uh, want me to skip in the lunch line and stuff. I'm just like I- I can't go there. I just want to be a part of the group, you know. I just want to be a member. Don't treat me weird and stuff like that. Don't get me a Latte. You know. You know, of it- because coming from stage, you work. You come in and you- you- you- you don't hang out in a trailer. You come and you're just a- you're just a worker. You know. But anyway. So.

Q. Next week's episode, you bite- Spike bites Willow. Can you give us a little insight on that?

Chorus of yeahs.

(JM smiles wickedly)

A. I had a si- a very twisted kind of fun in that. So much so that they- they were very concerned that I went too far. There's a really good twist at the end of that scene you know. You're going to love that. I can't tell you.

Q. Evil Willow comes back?

A. Huh?

Q. So Evil Willow's coming back?

A. I can't even go there, man. I'm trying to- I'm trying elude to things and tantalize you. (Sing-song voice) You'll have to watch. (Normal voice) Come on, everybody watch- tell everybody to watch, so we beat all these numbers, so that whenever Spike is on, the numbers go up and they give me more role. A bigger role.


A. The first time I was on, we held our own against like, the world- like the- the playoffs, which nobody else- it was like the final game of the playoffs for, uh, for the world series. And, uh, we held our own. We didn't lose anything to them, so that was like a big feather in our cap. What's up?

Q. Inaudible

A. Driving the car with the windows blacked out? Uh, no, because that's what's called a poor man's shot and the car is not moving. It's just a bunch of teamsters going (uses hands to fake pushing up and down on a car hood).


Q. Uh, yeah, it's really kind of ironic, but out of all people (inaudible) that Spike actually gets along with Buffy's mom.

A. He's commenting on the fact that I get along, strangely enough, of all people, Buffy's mom. Right, yeah.

Q. Do you think there'll be any more byplay between you two?

A. I wouldn't be and I don't know. And I can't- I can't- I- uh- well, it's just that Buffy is graduated now, so she's not at home as much, you know, so I- if I go to talk- I don't have an excuse to go talk to Joyce. It would be funny to go see them dating or something.


A. You know, she's more mature. Spike's 123 you know. Uh, not, okay, if I haven't- and- who- who haven't I called on yet? Tired arms? Hello?

Q. (Inaudible) Is there a possibility that you and Buffy will have a relationship?

Boos and cheers.

A. I can't say. Oh. Thank you, thank you for reminding me will I repeat the question. Will Buffy and I get together in the future?

SOMEONE: She's not good enough for you.

A. She's not good enough for me? Buffy's fine. Oh come on. Show to work today, "I have to kiss Sarah Gellar. Hmm, tough job." All the other crew would be like- you're like- they would want to kill you, they'd want- you know. Uh, no, uh, are we getting togther. I can't tell you, but boy (sing song voice) I wish I could, I'm having such fun.

Q. You once compared Angel to one of, uh, Anne Rice's vampires, have you ever read Anne Rice?

A. Uh, no, I never have. Uh, but, uh, I've heard she's really good.

Q. She is.

A. Yeah. Anne? Oh, oh, yeah. Angel's great. Go David. Go David. Make it so good that I get my own spin-off. Make the numbers so great that I get my own great job like that. Buy a car like his. I got a '65 'Stang, you know, though, it's a good car. Yeah. He's got a Mercedes. Uh-huh. Can--

Q. I love Mustangs and Corvettes. You told us about it earlier about filming in Florida, did you have fun filming?

A. Did I have fun filming in Florida? Yes, I did that was a high point, uh, um, is it open now?

(SSK had to turn the tape over)

A. Well, it was just and audition and, uh, I was told there's- there's a small role in, uh, uh, um, in the new Geoffrey Rush movie. And like Geoffrey Rush totally rocks and it would be like three to four days in a little, tiny elevator, talking about it- talking to Geoffrey Rush. And I was like, I'm a fan, so yeah. Um, yeah, but they sent me the wrong- my- my agent sent me the wrong script. They sent me the- the- the- the script for that other movie, that Jan De Bont film? And I couldn't find my character name and I also, um, I'm going to get reamed for this, found the script very boring. And I had to read it- I read it really fast and I didn't find my part, and I had to go back and read it really slowly and didn't find my part. And so, uh, I gave the opposition the script for the other movie at the audition. They're like, "can we see that?" And I'm like "yeah, I don't need it. I'm not auditioning for this film." But the guy- uh, uh, Bill Malone who directed that movie was a big Buffy fan and, um, he just wanted to get me in somewhere. He had wanted to use David Boreanaz for the Taye Diggs role, but David couldn't get out of, uh, of Buffy that year, so um, so yeah. I'm- I'm trying to get some people that I haven't- yeah, dude?

Q. How do you feel about being like a vampire and stuff? Like-someone that sucks people's blood?

A. How do I like to be- how do I like to play a vampire? Uh, it's funnest when you get to be at your worst. When- when you're taking something from somebody or you're- or you're just being, you know, really rude, uh, to not- to not have to worry. I mean, vampires get what they want, when they want it. It's like instant gratification. The whole world is open to them at any moment. So when you're just taking that, it's really fun. Don't do that, you know, by the way.

Q. Don't you wish you could go out in the daytime?

A. No. I'm glad that I don't have to go out in the daytime. Do I wish that Spike could go out in the daytime? No, because then I don't have to work as much.


A. They all have to carry the plot and talk about the demon and set everything up, and then when the cool stuff happens- the fighting and all the cool stuff, then I come in now. No, I don't want to- let Sarah get up at 6:45 in the morning.

Q. There was a rumor that you were Frank N. Furter for Halloween. How was that?

A. Never was, sorry. Never was um, uh, did I ever play Frank N. Furter in, uh, in, uh, Rocky Horror? No.

Q. No, for Halloween.

A. Oh, for Halloween. No. No. Is there a rumor that I did that? Oh, I was thinking about it, yeah, because Todd had this like, it was a party but we were suppose to come as the opposite gender, that was the joke. Ha, ha, ha. And, uh, uh, I was going to go as Frank. N. Furter because I didn't want to dress as a girl, but I thought that was half-way. But I didn't even do that. I wore a skirt, but I was an Egyptian Prince. What I wore was nothing, I was so cold the whole day. So, who haven't I called on yet? We should probably- (to Paul) are, uh, we- are we, uh, good? Cool, cool. And in the back.

Q. Is there any chance that Dru might be coming back?

A. Is there any chance that-that Dru might be coming back? Um, they have tried like three times, and, uh, she's busy doing movies. But eventually, I mean, you know, if I don't die, she may come back. Yeah, I want to give her a piece of my mind. No, she's turned me into a bitter man, but I like playing mean. So that's okay. Yeah?

CARRIE: I read somewhere that you said this a long time ago, that Joss said we'd never see you without your shirt off, and you see Angel always (inaudible). We've seen Angel, Oz and the others (inaudible)

A. Yeah, you like okay. I once said- that I- I- (to Paul) can I get some water man? Thanks. Um, uh, sorry. I'm- I- the- the- the- the shirt off, you like that huh? Yeah, I mean that was the thing. It's like which, well, Angel's gone now, you know. That's what it is. They, um, uh, uh, yeah I wanted to get, there was one scene where I was suppose to be- where I was suppose to have my shirt off, and I argued for two. I wanted to do that love scene with my shirt off. I was trying my shirt- obviously, I was trying to get my shirt off in the beginning, cause- because I was like, you know, if you have your shirt off or if you're kissing Buffy or if you're kicking her butt, then you're in the center of everything. So I was trying to, uh, to get- get in there, you know. Yeah. I- yeah- uh, we're gonna- Marc Blucas is scared to death. He's like- We're both like working out. We're like in a race. Yeah. He's uh, yeah, I told him, like, watch out you're going to have to get your shirt- you're going to take your shirt off. So now he's like jogging five miles a day, lifting weights, stuff like that. It's good, too, man. It's good.

Q. Inaudible.

A. How's it like to work with Joss Whedon who wrote and, uh, dir- directs and creates Buffy, the Vampire Slayer? Uh, Joss knows what he wants, but he also knows how to kid around and get it really easily, and it's great to work with him. As a boss, he's really good. And his script is always really good, so, um, nobody really has a problem with any-any of the scenes. Never like we hate your scripts, Joss. We always love them, so- uh, um, uh, we get along really well. Joss is awesome. Really. Yeah?

Q. This is kind of a goofy question, but what is your favorite movie of all time?

A. My favorite movie of all time? There's a bunch, it's hard. You know, uh, like Apocalypse Now, I love that movie. I love Roman Polanski's Macbeth. Uh, I just got the new Scorsese, um- I just saw the new Scorsese movie, that would be one of my favorites in the world. Taxi Driver, like Scorsese stuff. Taxi Driver and uh Mean Streets, those early- early Scorsese films. Yeah. Excellent, that- that stuff just rocks. The Last Temptation of Christ I thought was a great- a great movie. Yeah. I started thinking about Jesus for once, you know, man that guy did all that stuff. I liked it because he played him mad, I guess, that was it (laughs). William DeFoe played him like he was like mad all the time, and I related to that I guess.

Q. They said that they were going to remake Buffy, the vampire movie with you guys...?

A. Something about a Buffy movie. I don't know. We're all--

Q. Because they had that first one with that goofy blond-haired girl.


A. Kristy Swanson, right?

Q. Are they going to have Sarah, you...

A. Are they going to make a Buffy movie using us? Uh, I don't know, uh, I really- I would think that right now Sarah wants to do other kind of movies on her hiatus month, because it's just better for her and I know- I know what she means. I mean uh, uh, it may be one of those Star Trek deals where we stop doing the series and start doing the movies. I mean, I don't- that would be my choice. Yeah, (accent) "less effort, more reward." I like that. Work for four out- four weeks- four months out of the year.

Q. If you could write your own scripts, what would you have Spike do?

A. (Grins lasciviously). If I could write my own script, what would I have Spike do? Uh, you know what, I'm- I'm doing such- such weird and cool stuff right now, that I can't imagine thinking up better stuff than this. This is just- this- this is so whacked-out. You're gonna- I think some people are going to love what happened with Spike, some people are going to get really freaked out. Yeah. We'll see- we'll see how it goes. But it's really challenging. We're flying off a cliff. Man, just- we're jumping off a cliff. We're either going to fly or smash. And, um, but-but- uh- um- I would have a higher body count. But other- other like sweet, sexy fantasies and stuff I want to do. I'm doing them.

Q. You said you knew Judo. Are you still doing that on your off summers?

A. No, I haven't trained for it for a long time. You know, I mean, I did it for a long time. Like ten years.

Q. What do you do on your hiatus?

A. Uh, what do I- what do I do on my off-time, on my hia- hiatus time? Uh, I filmed- I filmed- last- last time I filmed two movies. The summer before that I didn't have any work at all, I just hung at the beach, you know.

Q. (Inaudible)... hoping for more films?

A. Yeah. I'm hoping for some better films this hiatus to get into some really- yeah. I want to- I want to do like small parts in really good movies. I don't- I don't- I don't want to, uh, do like a light comedy with a kind, uh, of a cheap comedy or something. I want to just like do- do little- little roles in cool movies, uh, for awhile. Kind of build up from there. Cause you know, I have enough money, so I don't have to you know, go after- Do you remember River Phoenix? Has anybody- Yeah. The kind of roles, you know, he took in smaller movies and in- and in like little tiny roles sometimes, uh, um, I think that's the best way to go. So that's- yeah- do I hope so? Oh my god, yeah. I'm so lucky, man. I only came- I came to LA and was lucky to get an- an agent at all. You know, I hadn't even been in hardly any films, I had a couple Northern Exposure, I had nothing. And I got lucky to get something. Look at me now. I got, you know, I- I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I mean. Jesus. Yeah?

Q. Have you ever met Dustin Hoffman? And who is your favorite actor and actress?

A. Have I ever met Dustin Hoffman? No, but I hear he's cool. Yeah. Uh-

Q. She wanted to ask you.

A. Who? She's hiding. My favorite- my favorite- you asked me a questions before, something about and-- someone else is asking the question because you asked me before. Aah. And entrepreneur. Yeah. Cool. Um, favorite actors. I like Nick Cage. I like Sean Penn. I like, um, Harvey Keitel. Uh, Robert, uh, DeNiro. Um, I like uh, Cherisse Therone. I like, uh, Angelina Jolie. (Whistles) She's got- she's- see I'm talking to the person- yeah, I- I think Angelina Jolie- I think- is a much better actor than people- people might suspect right now. She is really good. Even in movies that aren't that fabulous, she's always really good. She is. Yeah.

Q. What's it like posing to have (inaudible).

A. What's it like doing photo shoots, uh, what's it like to have your picture taken like that? Yeah, you know, it can be kind of weird. But, um, it's kind of fun. You just let it rip and- and if the photographs make you look like an idiot, you just kind of kill them. You just say, um, you know, scratch that one off, we won't print that one. Uh, so I tend to go for it. I tend not to be reserved. I tend to, you know, jump around like a monkey. You know. Um, but- you know- but you get one great shot, you know, that way. Um, uh, and it depends on how nice the photographer is. Sometimes the photographer's can be really tired or cranky and stuff and that- that makes it harder. But, uh, I like it. It's kind of weird. It's weird. When I was in theater, I put my own makeup on, and I had no problem with it. But now when other people put makeup on me, I feel like a girl. (Girly, sing-song voice) "Time to come to the beauty room, get my hair done." And you know, you know I put nail polish on, even though I scrape it off with like scissors or nails or whatever. Uh, you know, still, I'm putting makeup on and polish at 6 a.m. Wow! Hey baby!

(A woman dressed as a Klingon comes up the row to take a picture, then runs away)

A. No come back. Good makeup. Good ridges, man. You look great. Sweet. And in the back. You- you've given up hope. I know, I'm sorry.

Q. (Inaudible) suntan...?

A. Yeah, yeah, Todd keeps nailing me on that. But now when I- I wear like a- just like a tee-shirt and no- no shirt and since the tan line- he has to like spray paint my arms with this like nasty paint stuff- and stuff, so I stay out of the sun to avoid that.

Q. What was the question?

A. The question. Thank you. What was it? Um, do, uh, uh, do I stay out of the sun- do they make me stay out of the sun, uh, because I tan, yeah- have a farmer tan. And I say yeah I do, even though I live by the beach, I stay out of the sun. Um, uh, and you heard the rest of the answer.

Q. Who sired you? Because we mark you as-as earlier-

A. Who sired me? I don't know, do you guys know?

The fanfic writer's chorus: Angel!

A. Yeah. It was Angel. Yeah.

Smattering of applause from the fanfic writers.

A. No, I was just like hanging onto that.

Q. Um, I was wondering- Two parts actually. What would be your dream role and also...go ahead and answer that, then I'll ask the second one.

A. What would be my dream role? Macbeth. That's what I want to do. Yeah. I want to get like five to eight million dollars and film Macbeth. I've done the role once and I've- I've been in another production of it and nobody's made a good movie out of that in 25 years. You can get that on film- which is blood and lust and all that stuff . It's the greatest. Second part?

Q. Yeah. Um, movie wise or television wise - um, any role that's been done that you'd want to do, besides doing something like that?

(JM starts speaking into his water bottle rather than his microphone)

A. Any role that I want to- oh my god. This is what they do to me. God, yes, does speaking into water embarrass me? Yeah, there you go, that's my most embarrassing moment. What was the question again?

Q. The question was, is there any movie or television role or a part (inaudible) that's been done, you know, that you'd want to do?

A. Is there any roles in movies or television that I would like to take on? No way. Because just like I would never want to try and play a great actor. Like I'd never want to play James Dean or Montgomery Cliff, because how are you going to be as good as them? You're going to be like "oh, he's the guy who's not as good as James Dean." You know, because I couldn't try to be James Dean, I can only try to be me. You know?

Q. Okay, but- if it wasn't- just for you.

A. But- but just a role. Yeah, I- no. Because I, uh, oh not for anybody?

Q. Not for anybody else, just a role in a movie you want to do like that you would have liked to have done.

A. Oh, Malcolm McDowell in Cat People. (Laughs) Yeah. I love that movie. I think he's great. He's great. Or- yeah.

Q. Is there anything you auditioned for that you didn't get? The role that you wish you had?

A. No I never auditioned for anything that I didn't get. No, yeah, yeah. Everything because- you know, um, 85 percent of the time if you're really good, you get a lot of work, 85 percent of the time it's no thank you. So, but I mean, I have auditioned for, um, Harsh Realm was looking like it might be good enough to scare Buffy into giving me what I wanted on my contract. But yeah, um, I might of been in Harsh Realm, if not- Buffy didn't go that far. Uh, but I'm glad. Harsh Realm's gone. I know, it was canceled. I'd be out of work. I'm so happy. Yeah, um, who else have I not picked yet? Dude? Dude?

Q. Who's older you or Dru?

A. Who's older? Dru, but I don't think by very long. Maybe like 20 years. But I don't know. They don't tell us. They'll tell us later. Yes?

Q. I wanted to ask you, if you get a role in doing a picture, what are you interested in? Drama, action, horror?

A. What do I want to do? Uh, what kind of movies do I want to do? Comedies, action, drama? Everything.

Q. Everything?

A. Yeah, yeah. Um, I like the fact that I can do a lot of different styles and in stage. You know comedy, tragedy and all that, you know. Um, so, yeah, why not. Action pays the best. Things blow up. Get to crunch people. So that would be good. But I do like to act, too. Yeah, that's what why, you know, over the hiatus I did one like "acting" movie where there's you know scenes and there'd be like characters talking, and then I got scared to death by Geoffrey Rush. Dude?

Q. Um, do you sometimes wish that when you were so mad you could be a vampire?

A. Do I ever wish that I really was a vampire? No, because- I mean, my life is so happy right now. I- I want to be me. I swear to god. Um, I don't want to drink people's blood. I like a nice raw steak and everything. I like playing a vampire. Yeah?

Q. Um, have you seen Dogma and do you like comedy?

A. I love comedy. Have I- have I seen Dogma, no. I want to though.

Q. Comics. Comic books. Are you into comic books?

A. Oh, am I into comic books? Um, yeah, I like- I like comics. I used to be totally into comic books. Uh, right now my favorite artist is Frank Miller, but he's been around like a long time. He continues to rock everybody else's world. Um, um, yeah. Wrote a comic book with Spike and Dru. Did Spike look strange? He looked like he was a 70 year old or something. It's like, okay, whatever. And they're like that's just inner cell you know, that's not what you look like. Whatever. Yeah, what's up?

Q. Have you considered going back to theater during your hiatus, or is there a role that someone would offer you that you would say other than Macbeth, that you'd say on my hiatus time, I'm going to go back to theater.

A. Yeah, depending on who the director was and stuff. I tried to get into Peter Paul, uh, production of Shakespeare, but I argued with him on Macbeth in the audition, and I didn't get the role. I had a little-like someone gave me, um, a copy of Macbeth I carried around- I carried it to the audition in case we ever talked about the play, and we disagreed and I pulled the play out of my pocket and said right here, see that. He didn't appreciate the inspiration, though. He was all "stop. Get out." Yes? Okay. Two more questions and then I'm going to go sign autographs, and have to pollute my body with cigarettes. Yeah? I can't hear you man. Scream.

Q. Would you do a little Macbeth for us?

A. Sure.


"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time
And all our yesterdays and lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing."


A. Alright, I'll leave on that note, and I'll talk to you all in the autograph line.