Nobody Lives Without Love

by Saber ShadowKitten

Seems like I've gone off the side of a mountain
Couldn't be sure I was even alive
Fallen from the icy heights
Landed with a broken cry

Angel stared out over the city, watching the cars pass in the distance, their tail-lights and headlights winding down the highways like red and white snakes. Forearms leaning against the wrought-iron guard-rail on his balcony, the wind buffeted his long coat, causing it to billow out behind him. The sounds of the City of Angels reached out to him, trying to distract him from his thoughts. They were unsuccessful.

In this valley of shadows, sorrows and saves
Can you save me, baby?

Cordelia sat on a gliding chair in the corner of the same balcony as Angel, a mug of hot coffee in her hands. Her one leg was up under her, and she was absently pushing the chair back and forth with her toes. The wind blew her hair around her face, but she did nothing to push it away. She just watched the dark-haired vampire watch the night city.

Thought I could live my life as a stranger
Hide from the heartbreak that love always brings
Make it to the higher ground
Try to turn the volume down

Spike rested his forearm on his bent knee, his back against a wall, his other leg hanging off the edge of his perch. Cigarette between his fingertips, he leaned his head back against the wall and stared up at the crescent moon. The noises of the night sang to him, attempting to lull him into peacefulness. But he felt anything but peace.

Couldn't silence the singing
Sing for me, Baby.

Buffy sat on her windowsill, her hands on her raised leg, her chin resting on top of them. A few tendrils of hair had escaped its confines, and they had fallen around her face. The wind picked up, rustling the branches of the tree outside of her room, sending a few leaves dancing to the ground before dying away. The white sliver of the moon bled into the inky darkness of the night sky, sending light down to bathe her in a pale glow as she watched the stars.

You came along like the flash of storm lightning
Crashing through my life like a runaway storm

Rising to his feet, Spike flicked the cigarette way and headed up the street. In no time, he was up the tree and perched on the roof outside of Buffy's window, staring at her intently.

Feels like I'm falling and gravity's reaching
I'm standing here offering a stranger my heart

Cordelia set her mug down and was beside Angel in two steps. Without a word, she laid her hand on his bare forearm, and looked up into his eyes.

Nobody lives without love

Mouths met, arms embraced, emotions forcefully buried surfaced anew. The night caressed them, sang for them, bathed them in its soft darkness. Hearts that were bruised and scarred, healed. Love was the key that unlocked the doors.

Nobody lives without love
Nobody gets to give up
You can try to lock your heart away
But love will come back for you someday

And each allowed themselves to love again.

Nobody lives without love.