by Saber ShadowKitten
Singularity 6

Tara had thanked Spike for punching her in the nose to prove she was not a demon by giving him a ticket to see Singularity at the university. Spike didn't know who had been more ill at ease by her thanks: her, or him. He certainly hadn't expected to be thanked, despite his sarcastic "you're welcome" at the Magic Box after the headache-causing event.

No one seemed to realize -- except, now, apparently Tara -- how debilitating the chip-induced headaches were. Spike was a vampire; he liked pain, enjoyed it even. For him to be stopped almost instantly from hurting a human... hell, for him to not feed when the bloodlust was overwhelming, the pain had to be excruciating. And it most certainly was, indescribably so.

Spike handed over his gifted ticket and entered the Student Union where the college band was playing. He'd never heard Singularity's music, but word of mouth was that they were an Alternapop-type band, like Offspring or Blink 182. Normally, Spike liked his music heavier, but he had nothing better to do tonight, unless he wanted to crash the blond witch's birthday party. The vampire chuckled. Fat chance of that happening. Sugary sweet birthday gatherings were not his cup of tea. Besides which, Buffy would be there, and Spike's feelings for her had grown more disgustingly lovey-dovey every time he saw the skinny cow. He wanted to avoid her as much as possible until he got his head screwed on straight.

Powering my actions
Fueling my desires

The band was already on the platform stage when Spike pushed his way into the dimly lit main quad in the Student Union. The five members of the band all sported bright dyed-red hair and the lead singer was wearing a white lab coat over his clothing. The band was loud, but after a few minutes of listening, Spike concluded they were also good. Accepting the ticket from Tara might not have been a bad thing.

The physical reaction
Sets my body afire

A girl in a skin-tight, low-cut blouse flashed Spike a flirtatious smile. So did the boy standing beside her. Spike winked back at both of them. Accepting the ticket might not have been a bad thing, at all.