What Child Is This?

by Saber ShadowKitten
Unexpected Storyline: Part 5

Part Four

The pseudo-meeting went down hill from that point on. Willow, Oz, Xander and Cordelia all left not much later to get home to their children. Giles and Angel proceeded to test William's abilities and explained to him why he didn't have a reflection and the possible other effects of having a vampire for a father.

While they were working, Buffy went over and squatted down next to Spike, who hadn't moved. "Spike?"

Spike didn't move, the bloody tracks where he had silently wept still stained his face.

"Spike, he didn't mean it. Once he learns more about vampires, he'll see how different you are," Buffy said.

"You mean how much we are alike, don't you?" Spike answered quietly. "Like Angel said, I'm 100% vampire. No bloody soul in me."

"Do you want one?"

Spike turned his head and glared at Buffy. "Bloody hell not! I don't want to turn into a wuss like Angel. How can you even ask me?"

"I was just…"

"You'd probably like that, wouldn't you, Pet. That way you'd never have any worries on whether or not you'd wake up one day dead. Or should I say UN-dead," Spike said. He stood up and stormed out of the library.

"Spike, wait!" Buffy yelled, running after her love. But he was gone.

Giles, Angel and William were standing together as Buffy walked back slowly into the library. "Are you guys done yet?"

"Um…y-yes. W-we have tested the extent of William's capabilities and told him about the duties of the Slayer. As for his vampire genes, it seems that the only things hindering him is the fact that he casts no reflection and he cannot touch holy objects. As we already know, daylight does not affect him and he does not need blood to live," Giles said.

Buffy nodded and motioned to William. "Do you have any other questions? I want to take you on patrol with me."

"Just one. How come I am alive?"

"What?" The three grown ups said at the same time.

"I mean, how is it possible that I was born. According to the information you just gave me on vampires, they can't have children. So then, how come I'm alive?" William said.

"Giles," Buffy said with no humor in her voice. "Prophecy time."

"Yes. You see, William, there was a prophecy that told us that you were going to be born. Most of us thought Angel would be your father…" Giles said, trailing off as he went in search of the book with the prophecy in it.

"Then why wasn't he, Mom?" William asked.

"I was in love with Spike by then. You see, when Angel and I were together, we made a mistake. We…were intimate…"

"You had sex," William said.

"To put it bluntly, yes. That act released the curse on Angel turning him into Angelus, a very evil and destructive vampire. He killed Jenny Calendar, one of the teacher's here, who was Giles' girlfriend. He also tried to kill everyone close to me. Then one day he tried to create Hell on Earth. I went to fight him, while Willow and the rest tried to re-curse him. The curse worked, but not in time. I had to send Angel to Hell," Buffy said. She started to cry. "It was the worst moment of my life. I wanted to die."

Angel wrapped his arms around Buffy and kissed the top of her head. "Shh. I know. It wasn't your fault."

Buffy sniffed. "I know it wasn't my fault, just like it wasn't yours. Anyway, I ran away from Sunnydale. After several months in LA I met up with Spike. We got to talking, at the same time planning how we were going to kill each other. But it never came to that. I guess we sort of grew to like each other. A lot. I moved out of my room at the Y and into his apartment to save money. He stopped feeding on humans, using my blood instead as a ‘renewable resource.' My blood really packs a punch, he once told me. So, every few weeks I draw blood from myself and fill glasses which we keep in the refrigerator. Spike heats it up to body temperature in the microwave and, well, feeds."

William listened intently. He had never heard this story before.

"Spike and I also would work out together, keeping me in top condition. It's fun to beat up on Giles and all, but a sparring partner that I didn't have to hold back on is really nice. That's what we do in the basement. We fight."

"So that's what you guys were doing," William said. "The door was open the other night, and I went down and saw you two, but I didn't know what was happening."

"Actually, William, you broke the lock. Just something you get from your parents," Buffy smiled slightly. "To go on, during that time, Spike and I fell in love with each other. Don't ask me how or why, because I don't know. Angel was soon rescued from Hell and, because of the prophecy, we all ended back up in Sunnydale. Drusilla was here, trying to kill me, but Spike rescued me and staked her. Spike and I made up, moved back here, had you, and the rest is history."

William looked thoughtful for a moment, then nodded his head. "Uncle Angel? Do you still love my mom?"

"Yes, William. More than life itself," Angel replied without hesitation.

Buffy looked up at Angel, surprised. "You do?"

"Of course I do. I also love you and Spike just as much," he said.

"Why do you love Spike?" William asked, curious. "After all, he doesn't have a soul."

"He's my childe."

"Your what?"

"My childe. My son. I sired him. I made him into a vampire over 220 years ago," Angel answered.

William didn't know how to respond to that.

Part Five

Spike walked alone on the streets of Sunnydale. This was a hazard for most humans, but Spike wasn't human. *That's right. I'm a bloody vampire.*

He felt his face shift into its demonic visage. A couple was walking towards him, hand and hand. He growled at them and they ran, screaming in fright. *Good humans. Run from the monster.*

Spike entered the graveyard and pulled out a stake, preparing to get to work any newly risen brethren. "C'mon, you bloody wankers. I'm itching for a fight."

Spike didn't have long to wait. Five vampires came out of the mausoleum entrance to the underground sewer system.

Spike grabbed the first one immediately and, with force from his pain, ripped his head off his un-dead shoulders. The vampire turned into dust. "Ok. Who's next?"

The vamps attacked. Spike kicked one away and the other three were on top of him, knocking the stake from his hand. Number two tried to pin his arms down, but Spike threw his head back, cracking the other vampire's nose at the same time as he used number two's grip to kick out both feet at numbers three and four.

Spike fell heavily to the ground as number two let go. He leapt to his feet in time to receive a punch from number one, who he had kicked away first. Blocking the second attempted punch, Spike let go with one of his own. Vampire number one flew back about ten feet.

Recovering from the dual kicks, vampires number three and four decided to tag team Spike. Coming up on opposite sides of him, they charged full tilt at the same time. Just before they were about to hit, Spike ducked, and they crashed into one another.

He let out a wicked laugh. "Is that all you got? My bloody Dru was a better fighter than you wankers!" Spike grabbed the stake that was knocked from his hand and plunged it into number two, who was still on the ground from the head butt. He instantly turned into dust.

While his back was turned, vamp number three tried to sneak up on him, but Spike saw his shadow in the moonlight. He swept his foot out, knocking the other vampire to the ground, and dusted him quickly.

Spike looked at vampire number four as he stood up. He tossed his stake from hand to hand, egging the other on. Little did Spike realize that, while he was battling the other vamps, number one had gone for reinforcements. Just as Spike staked his opponent, ten vampires plus the original one, all with their game faces on, came charging out of the mausoleum.

They ran at Spike like the defensive side of the Green Bay Packers. Spike was knocked to the ground, his stake once again flying from his hand. A very large, mean looking vampire picked Spike up by the shirt front with one hand. Spike tried to kick him, but the vampire holding him was too quick. He was thrown against the mausoleum wall, cracking the stone.

Two new vampires picked Spike up and held him between them. The large vampire walked up to Spike and cracked his knuckles. "So, my brother. You want to play rough?"

"I want you to play dead, you sod," Spike said, struggling against his captors.

The large vampire laughed. "Listen here, you little maggot, this is my territory. Any trespasser better swear his allegiance to me, or die."

"'Swear his allegiance'? What the bloody hell language are you speaking, mate? No one talks like that. And who gave you the authority to take over my territory?" Spike spat back defiantly.

"Your territory? Oh, that's really funny," the large vampire said. "And just who do you think you are, hmmm? Count Dracula?"

"My name is William the Bloody," Spike ground out between his fangs. "You may have heard of me referred to as Spike."

The large vampire paused and looked at Spike thoughtfully. "Spike? You don't say. I heard of you, Spike. You were a great master vampire. Killed two Slayers." The large vampire looked to his minions. "Hey, everyone. This here is Spike. You know, the one who killed two Slayers?"

The other vampires nodded and made sounds of recollection, smiling with their fangs. The large vampire looked back at Spike. "Yeah. Spike, the master vampire who killed two Slayers in his lifetime. THEN SHACKED UP WITH THE THIRD!"

Before Spike could blink, the large vampire started using him as a punching bag. Left hook. Right hook. Uppercut. Cross. To his face, his gut. Spike tried to bow over in pain, but the two on his arms were holding him too tightly.


"Mom? Do you hear that?" William asked Buffy as they patrolled together.

Buffy stopped and listened, her Slayersense tingling, but she couldn't hear anything. "No. But there are some vampires around here. You must also have better hearing than I do."

William sniffed the air. "I smell blood. Lots of it."

"Oh, boy. And my Slayersense is going haywire. Let's follow your nose," Buffy said.

William nodded and led his mother into the cemetery. Buffy pulled out her cell phone as she followed, and used speed dial to connect with Angel. "Angel. Cemetery. William says he smells lots of blood."

William gestured for his mother to duck down as William peered around a large headstone. "I count about ten or eleven vamps. It looks like someone is getting beaten pretty badly by one very large dude."

"We need a plan. That's way too many to take on our own. We should wait for Angel," Buffy said.

"But by that time, whoever that vamp is using as his personal punching bag will be dead."

"When you're right, you're right," Buffy said, ruffling her son's hair. "Ok. A plan. Let's look in my magic slayer bag and see what we can find."

Buffy dug around and pulled out a two squirt guns filled with holy water. Next she pulled out a can of hairspray and a lighter. She finally handed her son several stakes, which he hid on his body.

"Ready?" Buffy asked, afraid for her son, yet exhilarated at the chance to pummel vampires.

"Ready, Mom," William said. The both crept quietly up to the group of vampires watching the action. Before anyone could say "boo," two turned into dust. The ones nearest turned to see what happened, but ended up with either a face full of holy water or flames.

The vampires injured started to scream, creating enough noise for the rest of the group to turn and spot Buffy and William. "C'mon, boys. Time to eat wood!"

Buffy expertly staked two vampires while William used his holy water guns to blind as many vamps as he could, since he was not trained in any form of fighting.

The large vampire stopped beating on Spike to see what was happening to his minions. One was on fire and was rapidly burning up, three were holding their faces in their hands because of the holy water and two were fighting with the Slayer. He turned back to Spike. "Hey, great master. Looks like your girlfriend came to play with me."

Spike barely heard him, his face was so beaten. He was on the verge of passing out from the pounding and the blood loss. "No," he croaked, struggling weakly against his captors.

The large vampire laughed evilly at Spike.

Further in the graveyard, William staked the three victims of his water gun and turned towards the large vampire. What he saw made his blood run cold.


Williams saw red. He felt his face heat up and his hands clenched into fists. If anyone were to look at him, they would have seen his strange color eyes glow bright yellow.

With a roar, William charged at the large vampire. The vampire turned in time to see William's fist enter his chest and rip out his cold, un-dead heart. He looked up in surprise at William, then turned to dust.

William turned to the two vampires holding his father. They stood, petrified, after witnessing what had happened to their leader. He took two steps, and the vampires dropped Spike and ran.

Spike lay on the ground in a bloody heap, not moving. "Dad?" William said, kneeling down next to his father. He moved Spike and gasped at the extent of his injuries. "C'mon, Dad. I know you can't be dead. Talk to me."

Spike couldn't answer. He had long before surrendered himself into unconsciousness.

Buffy staked the vamps she was fighting and saw Angel running up. "Hey! What took you so long?"

"Giles' excuse for a car," Angel said. "Where's William?"

Buffy turned to look for her son, worried, and spotted him on the ground next to someone. "He's right there. Better get ready for a possible trip to the hospital," she said as they jogged over to her son.

Buffy heard her son before she saw him.

"Dad? I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it. I love you. You are the greatest Dad there is. I think it's cool that you're a vampire. How many kids can say that? And Mom loves you, too. She needs you as much as I do. Who's going to help me with my history homework. It's because of you I get A's. Little did I realize that you were alive during most of those times. I bet you could tell me some neat stories about Uncle Angel…"

Buffy let out a sob when she saw Spike. She collapsed on the ground next to her love, crying with all her heart.

William looked up at Angel. "Isn't there something we can do?"

"Yes. Your father needs blood. Cut your wrist and put it to his mouth and let him feed. I'll pull you away when I think he's taken too much," Angel replied.

William nodded and quickly cut his wrist. The blood ran down into Spike's mouth, who latched on reflexively and began to feed. Angel pulled him off a short time later, wrapping a strip of T-shirt around the injury.

Buffy did the same thing as William, cutting her own wrist and allowing Spike to drink her blood. She would have let him drain her dry, but Angel pulled her away, using the same care on his former love as he did on William.

Spike was still unconscious.

And Angel did what any father would do for their child- he slit his own wrist and allowed Spike to drink until he was close to passing out.

The three helped each other to stand, picked Spike up, and headed for home.


"Hey, Dad. How are you feeling?" William asked Spike from his perch on the edge of his parents bed.

"Been better. Been worse, too. Remind me to tell you about the time I spent in a wheelchair while Angel cavorted around with my Drusilla," Spike said.

It had been close to a week before Spike was well enough to speak. His injuries had almost completely healed, thanks to a vampire's rapid healing ability. While he was in bed, William spent all his free time sitting and talking to his father, about everything- from what was happening at school, to his fears about his newly found strengths, to helping his mother on patrol and training with her, Willow and Giles. He also apologized often for hurting his father.

"Maybe when you're completely well you can teach me some of your fighting moves," William said.

"Of course. It's not like your mother is really any good at fighting. I always beat her," Spike replied.

"It's good to humor him, William," Buffy said from the doorway. She joined them on the bed. "It makes it easier to get him to do stuff for you."


Buffy and William both laughed as Spike began to tickle them.

Angel watched from the doorway, sketching them. The vampire. The Slayer. And the child created from both good and evil.

He placed the finished picture on the mantle, next to the one he drew of Spike with William as a baby.

Family. It didn't matter how different you really were, as long as you had each other.

The End