Donít Ask, Donít Tell

The noises came so regularly Severus could time his potions by them. Six slivers of wormwood, stir clockwise thrice, and then came two thumps against the cupboard door. Add a drop of bullsap, mix in crushed spider legs, and wait for the moan. By then, the potion would have changed color.

Severus hated when Potter and his latest conquest abused the potions cupboard. The ingredients were delicate and didnít deserve to be exposed to that cadís arse.

But Severus wasnít going to grass, and he watched under hooded eyes as James Potter escorted the Hufflepuff girl past him with a wink and a rakish grin.

Severus went back to his potion, as he did every night, and repeated his pledge to himself: donít ask, donít tell, and maybe Potter would take him into the cupboard next time.


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