All stories are slash unless otherwise noted.Stories take place during/after the books listed.
H/D, Rated G, drabble, PS-GoF
The portrait was a seascape.
Draco Malfoy & the Nightmare Curse
H/D, Rated PG-15, fic frag, PS-GoF
"Potter! Wake up!"
Size Matters
H/D, Rated R, ficlet, PS-GoF
"Well, that definitely wasn't boring."
Above Average
H/D, Rated PG, ficlet, PS-GoF
Harry Potter was just an average kid.
Fanart/poem Draco Malfoy and the Heart of Slytherin
H/D, Rated PG-13, novel
(23 pages), PS-GoF, Alt. Fifth Year
Instead of allowing Draco to stay with family or friends when his father is arrested, Dumbledore places him with Harry Potter. What was Dumbledore thinking?
Snapshot Memories
Draco Malfoy/Lex Luthor
Rated NC-17, novella, PS-GoF (2 pages)
Life is remembered not as a whole,
but as a series of snaspshots taken by the heart.
H/D, rated PG, ficlet, PS-GoF
That smile made him twitch.
Iconfic Challenge
Draco Malfoy and the Tome of Entrapment
H/D, PP/NL, Rated PG-13, novel, PS-OotP
(11 pages)
Draco has been obsessed with Harry Potter since the beginning, but how did his hatred turn into his protecting Harry above even his own safety? One thing's for sure: being trapped in a book with the person you secretly loved wasn't a picnic.

H/D, Rated PG-13, ficlet, PS-OotP
Weasley Wizarding Wheezes is proud to bring you Kisstletoe!
Waiting for You
Withheld, Rated PG, ficlet, post-war, PS-OotP
She wondered whom he was waiting for, but she never asked.
The Muggle Hunt
Draco Malfoy/Lex Luthor
Rated NC-17, S&M Fic, PS-GoF
Draco finds an intriguing victim during the game.
Iconfic Challenge
Holding Hands With The Enemy
H/D, Rated PG, ficlet
In actuality, Harry was the one holding Malfoy's hand, which was rather disturbing.
Takes place during PoA
The Damsel In Distress
Gen, Rated PG, ficlet, PS-GoF
damsel in distress (dam'zel in di-stres'): adj/adv
1. a maiden in peril; 2. the subject of a hero's rescue; 3. Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy/Lex Luthor
Rated NC-17
"Bad night?"
Same universe as Snapshot Memories
Kissing Draco Malfoy
H/D, Rated PG, ficlet, PS-OotP
How was it?
The Right Choice
Gen, Rated PG, Coda, HBP
"Why are you doing this?"
Heart Magic
Draco Malfoy/Lex Luthor
Rated NC-17, novella, PS-OotP
Lex had been waiting for Draco without even knowing it.
He Who Laughs Last
Sirius/Severus, Rated NC-17, drabble
Take the Money and Run
Harry/Lucius, Rated PG-13, drabble
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Severus/James, Rated PG-13, drabble
The Cupboard Under the Stairs
Gen, Rated PG-13, Fic, HBP
Draco goes into hiding with his mother.
The Misadventures of Draco Malfoy, Ferret
H/D, Rated R, Fic, HBP
Snape turns Draco into a ferret for his own protection. He would've been safer with the Dark Lord.
The Dark Mark
Gen, Rated PG, Fic, HBP
Draco Malfoy was the first of his friends to receive the Dark Mark.
Hufflepuff Arises
Gen, Rated G, PS-DH/pre-epilogue, Fic