Hitman: Lists
Rated PG
Agent 47 lived his life via check lists.

Celebracion de San Marco
Rated PG
Silent assassinations were Agent 47's forte.

The Cogsgrove Mission
Rated PG
"I believe we are getting old, Agent 47."

Mission: Siberia
Rated PG
His next assignment better be in the desert.

Rated G
"Cristobal is a rural village perched on a riverside in the central region of Paraguay," Diana Burnwood's crisp voice said in Agent 47's ear. "It is a popular destination for backpacking college-aged youths in search of adventure."

The Mistake
Rated G
Agent 47 rarely made mistakes.

Picture Perfect
Rated PG
Pierre Larouche was one in a long string of cartel-types approved for termination.

Compliments of Agent 47
Rated G
Agent 47 was really there to obtain a flash drive of old KGB assets from Ivan Markoff.

The Sky is the Limit
Rated G
There was no flash drive.
Sequel to Compliments of Agent 47

Dharavi - The Missionary
Rated PG-13
Bharat was a local who'd clawed his way out of the slums using any means necessary, and then continued using those means on the world stage. At some point, an invisible line was crossed and now certain players wanted Bharat gone. The ICA - and through it, Agent 47 - was tasked with the job.

Mission: The Notebook
Rated G
Agent 47 stood in Pietr Markov's suite in search of the scientist's notebook.