Day Three

Zoro carefully inched open the galley door and peered through the crack. Lamp light lit the cook’s domain, the flickering flame casting dancing shadows on the dining table and Adam’s wood walls. Behind him, night had long settled over the Thousand Sunny. Soft waves lapped at the hull. Stars studded the night sky, seeming brighter under the new moon. Usopp sat in the crow’s nest keeping watch, his long nose protruding like a spyglass from an open window. The rest of the crew had gone to their bunks hours ago. Zoro had woken in a dire need to piss. Once taken care of, he’d ventured to the galley, hoping to grab a bottle of sake before returning to bed.

He listened cautiously through the crack in the door. He knew Sanji wasn’t in bed, since that’s where Zoro had come from, and the lamp light was another clue. Zoro hoped that Sanji had perhaps fallen asleep at the bar that divided the kitchen from the dining area, or maybe in the hold next door. Normally, Zoro would simply barge into the galley, trade insults, grab a drink, maybe block a kick or two, before leaving again.

But three days ago, Sanji had stopped smoking, and not by choice. Luffy and one of Usopp’s sling bombs had taken care of Sanji’s stockpile, and they were a week out from port. Day one after Sanji had finished his last cigarette had been all right. Day two, not so much. Day three so far had been a nightmare of cursing and crashing coming from the galley, which everyone avoided. Robin had declared picnic meals on deck, delivered by many devil’s fruit hands after she’d had the briefest of words with Sanji. Zoro wondered what they’d do tomorrow.

Zoro heard muttering and a slam of a cabinet through the crack in the door. A stalking shadow passed in front his eyes. He debated on going in. Zoro prided himself on not being afraid of much, but Sanji cut off from his cigarettes was a new level of scary.

Abruptly, the door was yanked from Zoro’s hand, and a twitching mess of foul mood loomed in front of him. Before he could speak, an insanely strong kick to his midsection sent him flying. Usopp held up a scorecard that read 7.9 as Zoro sailed by the crow’s nest window before plummeting into the sea with a tremendous splash.

Maybe Zoro could do without sake tonight.