Akutsu can tell Dan is nearly finished with his homework by the sly glances he keeps casting in Akutsuís direction. Sly for Dan, of course, which means he may as well be holding a sign that reads: ďAre you going to take a shower yet, desu?Ē Akutsu closes the magazine heís reading, takes his feet off his desk, and doesnít procrastinate in doing just that. Heís been waiting long enough for those damned glances (ďHomework first!Ē) and slouches off to the bathroom with an excited smile burning a hole in his back.

Heíd think Dan did it on purpose, drawing out the anticipation until blue balls settled in, if Dan had a single teasing bone in his body. But Dan is still Dan, all honesty and openness and tooth-rotting sweetness, and homework really does come first. Akutsu is a bit of a masochist anyway, and since the idea of forcing Dan makes Akutsu want to put a bullet through his brain, he waits every time.

The perpetually cold shower dulls his need and he can return to his single without poking any of the neighbors through the towel around his waist. Dan is wiggling like a puppy on the floor, his homework put away and the futon spread out. Akutsu takes his time storing his shower kit and laundry because heís horny, not desperate, and it serves the kid right for having so much fucking homework.

Dan isnít patient, though, and heís stripped down to his briefs before Akutsu turns around. Then Akutsu has his arms full of Dan, smiles that taste like sunshine, and itís a good thing the futonís already out.

Danís still small and slim, but all traces of boyishness are gone when theyíre like this. Danís hands are sure, his eyes knowing, and first times are long past. Akutsu canít deny that heís with another man, even though heís beaten the crap out of his dorm mates for implying that exact thing.

He doesnít stop, though, and he doesnít want to and fuck anybody who says itís not right. Heís never been one to do what other people tell him. He doubts he could get rid of Dan, anyway. His nastiness rolls off Danís back like itís normal for people to act that way. It makes Akutsu want to shake Dan for accepting it, but on the other hand Dan accepts it. He doesnít try to change Akutsu or want anything more than Akutsu gives him and thatís why Akutsu lets him stay.

Akutsu knows that Dan loves him but isnít waiting to be loved in return. Danís heart isnít fragile and he wonít wither away pining for something Akutsu canít give him. Akutsu doesnít feel guilty about it because he doesnít do feelings and he tolerates the brat more than anyone else and thatís saying a lot. And when Dan presses into him, heís as open and exposed as heíll ever get and Dan takes it for what it is and drives him harder and hotter and higher until theyíre both pulsing with release.

Afterwards, Akutsu is tired and maybe a little content and he smokes a cigarette with his arm pillowed beneath his head, staring at the old stains on the ceiling. Dan is making noises that itís late and he has to get home and where did that sock go, desu? Itís annoying, and Akutsu canít wait until Dan doesnít have to leave anymore once he moves in, in the spring.


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