Sex, Specs, and Mrs. Smith

By Collie
Sequel to Four-Eyes and the Leprechan on Steroids

Angel blinked a couple of times, reaching up to rub his tired face. The amount of reading he had done was taking it's toll, even on his immortal eyes. He glanced up at Spike who was still sitting across from him, but instead of researching, he had kicked back in his chair and had his booted feet propped up on the table. He was on his umpteenth cigarette, and Angel was starting to wonder if he was hiding a carton in his pants. Was it natural to be jealous of a carton of cigarettes? Angel crossed his arms across his chest and sat back in his chair, glancing at the bottoms of Spike's shoes.. dirt, grass, oil, blood, and something brown that looked and smelled suspiciously like Ew. "Spike.." Spike frowned and lifted his head, smoke curling in lazy circles from his nostrils, glaring at Angel with a jaded look in his eyes, "What?" "Your boots are disgusting. Get them off of my table." "Turn off the music." "I don't want to." "Well, then.. I hope you're enjoying this late night episode of, 'What's On the Bottom of Spike's Boots?', 'cause it's gonna be on until you turn off that sodding 'Toora-loora-laddie' crap and we get with the shagging." Angel rolled his eyes heavenward, tossing a wry smile Spike's way. "Spike, we just 'got with the shagging' not even an hour ago. We need to get some real research done." The younger vampire pulled the cigarette from his lips with a whine, sliding his crusty-booted feet from the table and dropping the front legs of his chair back to the floor. He sat up with British-ly pursed lips and pouted at Angel, "Bugger that. You pulled a fast one on me, Angelus. You should know me better than that. Thirty minutes of shagging will *not* placate my appetite tonight." Angel smirked, cocking his head, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, "I told you the rules, Spike. Not my fault you didn't want to play." He paused, smirk turning to a smile, then added, "You sound so cute when you say 'placate'." Spike snorted, "Shut up." "Put them back on." "No." "Come on.." "I said no." "Pleeeaassee..?" "No! No bloody way!" Spike slammed his fists down on the table, causing a tiny poof of dust to rise from the books. He blinked at the dust, then smirked a bit. *BLAM!* *poof* *BLAM!* *poof* Snicker. "Okay, Spike. Knock it off." "Wassamatter? If I poof all the dust out of them, do they loose their mystical powers?" Angel regarded Spike, deadpan. "No. It's just.. if you keep that up, you'll end up breaking the table, and then I won't have anything to bend you over." What. A. Prat. Spike narrowed his eyes, shifting about in his chair as Little Spike responded to his Grand-Sire's words. Spike grimaced as Angel smiled coyly, and the very annoyed blond vampire knew that the much more annoying brunette vampire knew that, by the end of this discussion, one of them would be bent over this table with their drawers dropped. Spike had the silliest notion that it would be himself. The blond grumbled to himself, leaning forward on the table and reaching out to jab Angel in the nose with a bony finger, "Listen to me, Lord of the Dunce you wanna shag? Toora-loora-laddie! We'll bloody shag. However, I will *not* wear those sodding specs while we do!" Angel wrinkled his nose and sat back with a snort. Okay enough playing. He decided it was time to pull out the big guns. Oh, yes. Time for his special weapon AngelPuppyDogEyesPlusPout. No one could resist! .. especially not Spike. Angel sighed softly, batting his long lashes so his eyes would sheen with just the right amount of liquid, then he released the lower lip. "Please?" Spike faltered for a second. Damnit, that was enough to make him rip off his clothing and lay on the ground, offering himself up to those beautiful pouty lips and NO! Spike growled and tore his eyes away, *BLAM!*ing the table again. "Stop that, you git!" "Come on.. I'm feeling all nostalgic. I haven't fucked you with your glasses on, in.. over a hundred years." Spike snorted, "Nostalgic, 'eh? So go eat some babies and shag that Darla bint, then, and leave me and my specs out of it." Angel slid out of his chair and stalked over to Spike. Yes, stalked. That was the only word for it. Before Spike could react, Angel had knelt down in front of him and was playfully trailing his fingers up and down Spike's denim-clad thighs. He glanced up at his Grand-Childe under puppy-dog-lashes, then flattened his hands, running them all the way up Spike's thighs, his thumbs barely brushing along the button fly, delighting in the tiny jerk of hips that was his reward. "Damnit, Angelus.." Spike growled, reluctantly reaching out to run black-tipped fingers through Angel's perfectly coifed and damned annoyingly irresistible hair. Angel smirked and raised himself up, sliding his hands back down to part Spike's knees so he could fit between them. He slid up Spike's body, giving his petulant Grand-Childe a tiny kiss on the tip of his nose, before applying his tongue to the blond vampire's ear. He trailed the tip along the outer shell, nibbling delicately on the lobe, squeezing Spike's thighs as the younger vampire let out a soft moan, his nails scratching along Angel's scalp as he held Angel close. His other hand snaked up Angel's side, gathering up the material of Angel's shirt in his fist, his muttered words dripping with far less malice when he spoke again. "All right, you win. I'll wear the bloody specs." Angel smiled against Spike's ear, planting a kiss on the lobe before bringing his face close to Spike's. "Thank you." He leaned in to kiss Spike, but was stopped by Spike's finger smashing up against his lips. "Errnngghh.." "Oh, quiet. Look, I wear the specs, and you have to do something for me. Deal?" Angel pulled back from Spike's finger, a flash of irritation crossing his features. "What?" Spike smirked and dropped his hand, shoving Angel's very large form away from his very invaded person. Angel frowned and grumbled, standing. "What are you doing?" "You'll see.." Spike stood and sauntered into the kitchen, and Angel heard the unmistakable sound of the refrigerator door being opened. He crossed his arms and watched the kitchen door curiously, feeling slightly put out at Spike's interruption. "Spike, what are you getting?" "Keep your pants on, you great big neanderthal. I'll be out in a second." And, making true on his word, he was. Carrying a plastic bottle of.. "What the hell is that?!" Angel pulled a face, staring at the bottle that Spike had set down on the table. Spike rolled his eyes, arms akimbo. "Oh, Peaches. Don't tell me that with all of your years of great and dusty book-learning, you don't recognize a bottle of Mrs. Smith's maple syrup." Angel glared. "Yes, I *know* what it is. I was merely expressing my surprise and.. Spike.. no! That's.. no!" "Yes." "No." "Yes, or no specs." Grumble. "I hate you." Spike gloated. "Tut, tut.. remember.. who owns more shares? I do believe it's me." "Whatever." Spike's gloating was cut short as Angel grabbed him by the back of the neck, crushing his once pouty lips to Spike's formerly smirking ones. Spike chuckled deep in his throat as he opened his mouth to Angel's seeking tongue, sucking on it gently as he deepened the kiss. Angel pulled back slightly, taking Spike's lower lip between his teeth as he ran his hands under and up Spike's thin tee-shirt, smiling inwardly at the feel of cold, hard, flesh and muscle. He scratched his fingernails lightly across Spike's ribcage, groaning softly as Spike pressed tightly up against him. He could feel Spike's hardness press up against his own, and suddenly he wanted very much to be rid of their clothing. Angel claimed Spike's mouth once again in a bruising kiss, running a hand down between them and cupping Spike through his jeans. Spike hissed in pleasure, bucking slightly against Angel's hand. Angel smiled against Spike's mouth, running his tongue slowly along the younger vampire's lower lip. This is mine. All mine. At the thought, Angel let out a low and possessive growl, pulling his lips from Spike's. Before Spike could protest, Angel yanked the surprised vampire's shirt over his head. Spike smirked and got to work, undoing the front of Angel's button-up as Angel tossed Spike's shirt over his shoulder. Angel chuckled softly, grabbing Spike's busy hands and stilling them. "Spike.." Angel gave him a meaningful look, and Spike just shrugged, smiling a bit sheepishly. "Well, you never know which ones you like and which you don't, 'eh? Serves me right for trying to be nice." And with that, he grabbed Angel's shirt and tore it open. Both vampires snickered as buttons flew, and Angel grinned and shrugged the remains of the shirt off. The snickering was soon replaced with moans as hands groped and clutched and mouths drew wet kisses and bites along faces and throats. Angel grabbed Spike by the back of his short hair and tugged the blond's head back. Spike's eyelids fluttered as he felt his grand-sire's tongue and teeth at the base of his throat, working their way up at a teasingly slow pace. Angel growled softly and playfully, nipping at Spike's throat with blunt teeth; hard enough to bruise, but not hard enough to break the skin. "Mmm.. yes, Angelus.." Spike gripped Angel's shoulder tightly, pressing his hips hard against the older vampire's. Angel reached his other hand down and pressed firmly against Spike's lower back, pulling him harder if it were possible against himself. Spike groaned, his cock rock-hard and straining against his fly. He rotated his hips until his erection was pressing against Angel's, and he shuddered a bit, hearing Angel's pleasured purr in his ear. He needed to get out of these jeans. Apparently Angel had been thinking the same thing, because he quickly moved both of his hands around to Spike's belt and deftly unbuckled it, then yanked the button fly open and pushed Spike's jeans down his slender hips. Spike smirked and smashed his lips to Angel's, quickly returning the favor to the darker vampire, depositing his slacks in much the same manor. Angel stepped out of his pants and grabbed Spike around the torso, lifting Spike out of his jeans. "Hey! What the hell..?!" Angel grinned and turned Spike around, dropping him in front of the table and forcing him down on his stomach, "You're lucky I didn't use my huge caveman club." Spike glared, but the tabletop was the only thing that saw it. "Very funny, Cro-Magnon." His glare was quickly wiped away, replaced with a look of much lustful happiness as he felt Angel's large hand wrap around his cock, slowly stroking him. Spike writhed under Angel's ministrations, jerking his hips as much as the cold, hard table allotted. He felt Angel's other hand sliding slowly along his buttcheek, fingers deftly probing around his entrance. Spike groaned, lifting up on tip-toes to press himself against Angel's fingers. This teasing shit just had to go. Now. Angel raised his hand to his lips and sucked his index finger into his mouth, then dropped his hand back down, gently inserting it into Spike's asshole. Spike hissed in an unneeded breath, his inner muscles contracting around Angel's finger. "Fuck, Angel.." "All in good time, Spike." Angel smirked and probed deeper, prodding and stroking Spike's prostate, wrapping his hand tighter around his grand-childe's cock, running his thumb around the head. He swiped at the bead of pre-cum that had gathered at the tip and slid his slippery thumb back down the underside of Spike's shaft, turning his hands to cup his testicles, giving them a firm squeeze as he withdrew his finger from Spike's hole. Spike let out a desperate sound, sort of a half-moan, half-growl and Angel felt the blond's sac tighten a bit as his hips thrust back against Angel. He brought both hands up, running them possessively along Spike's back, then down to his hips, gripping them tightly as he bent over Spike, rubbing his cock along the cleft in Spike's ass. He put his mouth to Spike's ear, placing a kiss on the lobe, his voice soft and husky with restrained desire, "I'd like nothing more than to take you dry right now, but that's no fun for either of us. Can I trust you to stay put like a good boy for a few seconds while I get the lube from the bedroom?" Spike ran his tongue across his lips and teeth, his words strained as he pushed back hard against Angel, "Use.. syrup." Angel closed his eyes, rolling his hips a bit, loving the feel of the skin of Spike's ass against his aching shaft. He was so caught up in the moment, that he was sure he'd misheard the words. He opened his eyes slowly and glanced down at Spike. "What? Use what?" "Use the bloody syrup! And hurry up, you twit. I'd rather not waste a perfectly good load getting brought off by the edge of the table." Angel frowned and glanced over at the bottle of syrup, sitting not even a foot from them on the wooden surface. Mrs. Smith smiled pleasantly back at him, her amber syrup depths all swirly. She looked so .. maternal.. Angel squeezed his eyes shut and turned back to Spike, mouth to ear once more. "I can't!" Angel hissed through clenched teeth. Spike growled, clutching the edges of the table so hard his knuckles were turning white. "Why the bloody hell not?!" Angel groaned, massaging Spike's hips as he bent forward, pressing his embarrassed forehead to his grand-childe's tense back. Spike felt his lips move against his skin, but he couldn't believe the words that came out. "Sheshe's *looking* at me." Oh. My. God. Spike snarled and turned his head, words spilling out through lips mashed to wood, "If you don't pop open Mrs. Smith and smear some mapley goodness on your cock and FUCK ME RIGHT NOW, she and I are gonna rendezvous in the bathroom together and finish this ourselves!" "Spike" "Syrup! Cock! Fuck me!" Spike punctuated his demands by thrusting himself so hard against Angel that the older vampire nearly lost his footing. Okay. Who was he to ignore a demand like that? Angel grimaced and grabbed Mrs. Smith, popping open her top and squeezing out a handful of her thick and sticky amber liquid. Angel shuddered as Mrs. Smith smiled up at him and he threw the bottle across the room, smiling to himself as he heard it splat against the far wall, Mrs. Smith's motherly face hidden shadow across the room. He wrapped his syrup-coated hand around his own cock, groaning at the contact. After applying enough to himself, he smeared the rest along Spike's asshole, probing inside with slippery fingers to pull the syrup inside. Spike whimpered and Angel pressed the head of his cock against Spike's puckered hole, squeezing his eyes shut against the congenial face of Mrs. Smith before thrusting into his grand-childe with a grunt. Spike shouted at the overwhelming invasion, pleasure rippling through his body as Angel pressed himself in to the hilt, balls slapping softly against the back of Spike's thighs. Angel let out a guttural moan, reaching back down and taking Spike's throbbing cock in his sticky hand, his other hand resting firmly on Spike's hip. He began to thrust in and out, pulling out all the way to the tip, then pushing back in slowly. Spike moaned and writhed, wanting.. needing Angel to move faster to pound him hard and fast into the table; to squeeze him tight and without mercy until he spilled all over his grand-sire's hand. Angel loved his teasing, but Spike really wanted none of it tonight. "Damnit, Angelus! Harder!" Angel smiled, complying. He relinquished his grip on Spike's shaft, gripping the blond's hips in a punishing grip, pounding into him hard. Spike grunted with each thrust, his cock throbbing with need. He could feel his balls tighten, but he knew he wouldn't be granted any satisfaction until Angel's hand was back, jerking him off. Speak of the devil.. Suddenly, Angel pulled out and reached up, grabbing Spike by the shoulders. He hauled the surprised, confused, and extremely horny vampire up and spun him around. Before Spike could shout the word 'pillock!', Angel threw Spike down on the table, backside-down this time. He grabbed Spike's legs and shoved them apart, crawling up onto the table between them. Spike knew exactly what the crawling vampire was up to and raised his hips up to accommodate. Angel pulled Spike's legs up, resting them across his broad shoulders, then brought his face down to Spike's, pulling him into a searing kiss as he thrust back inside his delicious grand-childe. Spike pulled his mouth from Angel's, letting out a cry. Angel growled softly as Spike's almost helpless sound sent a jolt of pleasure straight through his cock, causing him to thrust harder. He may be a souled-up pouf these days, but he'd be damned if the sweet sound of Spike in pain (be it physical, sexual, or emotional) didn't send a special little tingle through him. Angel grabbed Spike's legs and wrapped them around his waist, then smirked, reaching between their bodies to grasp Spike's cock once again, coaxing yet more sweet sounds from the younger vampire. He jerked Spike off in time with his thrusts, reaching up to run his free hand through Spike's hair. He placed a gentle kiss on Spike's lips, his voice tight and soft as he confessed, "Seeing you in those glasses while I'm fucking you.. making those delicious little sounds.. knowing that I'm the reason you're making them.. it really takes me back, you know.." Spike opened his eyes, his glazed-blue eyes meeting gold-tinted. Spike licked his lips and smirked slightly, seeing that all-too-uncommon hint of Angelus behind that chocolate-brown, lust-filled gaze. Spike thrust up hard against Angel, smug satisfaction welling up as Angel threw his head back, groaning. Spike reached up, grabbing Angel's head and bringing it back down to meet his hungry lips. He kissed Angel slow and hard, running his tongue along Angel's canines, coaxing them to sharpen and grow. He deliberately ran his tongue along one, nicking himself. Angel growled quietly as his gameface slid on, clamping down on Spike's tongue as the blood slowly leaked from the tiny cut. He ran his tongue along Spike's, moaning at the taste of familial blood. He tightened his grip on Spike's cock and increased his tempo, the table squeaking in protest beneath them as it began to sway slightly under their furious coupling. Spike groaned and whimpered into Angel's mouth, squeezing his eyes shut as he felt his orgasm on the brink. He thrust harder against Angel, pushing Angel deeper inside with each thrust, his cock seeking more and more friction. Suddenly, Angel pulled his mouth from Spike's, pushing the demon back under the surface. He lowered his face so his forehead rested against Spike's, stopping his thrusting completely. Spike's eyes flashed with confusion and anger as Angel searched his eyes. His grand-sire didn't say a word, but squeezed Spike's cock at the base, holding him on the brink. Spike gasped and gaped as his release was so cruelly denied. "No.. there will be no biting. No claiming like that. If you want me to claim you, you tell me, understood?" Spike clenched his teeth, hands moving to Angel's back, nails digging in hard. He nodded, jerking his hips, trying desperately to push himself over. Angel growled softly and pressed his hips down against Spike's, trapping the smaller man beneath him. Spike let out a groan, dropping his head back against the table, writing. "Goddamnit, Angel! All right! No biting I get it! Now.. bloody fuck me!" Angel lifted the left side of his mouth in a cocky smile, raising his hips just a little, pressing his groin against Spike hard; the head of his cock rubbing Spike's prostate. Spike let out a frustrated cry, all but thrashing about on the table. Angel brought his mouth to Spike's ear, his whisper almost condescending in it's calmness. "Is there anything you'd like to tell me before we continue, Spike?" Spike whimpered, banging his head against the table, his glasses shifting askew on his face. "You're not gonna finish unless I say it, are you?" Angel smiled, darting his tongue inside Spike's ear. Spike shuddered, dragging his nails along Angel's back, smelling the sharp tang of the elder vampire's blood; feeling it bead up on his back. Angel shook his head almost imperceptibly, "Oh, no, Spike.. remember it's completely voluntary. You're not my possession.. unless you want to be.." Spike growled, "Pillock. You. I.. fuck you, okay? I belong to you, okay?! Now, goddamnit, let's go before I fucking explode!" Angel grinned, placing a quick kiss on Spike's lips. He released his grip on the base of Spike's cock and resumed his pounding. He thrust fast and furious, jerking Spike off hard until the younger vampire came with a howl, his entire lower body jerking with orgasm, his cum splashing onto his stomach, thighs, and Angel's hand. Angel came with a low growl moments later, his entire body going rigid as he shot his seed deep inside Spike's body, collapsing on top of his spent grand-childe. The two exhausted vampires lay on the table, Angel's head resting on Spike's chest, and Spike's arms and legs wrapped loosely around the larger vampire. They rested in silence for a few minutes, both very happy and content, not to mention sticky. *Creak* Spike blinked, "Angel?" *Creeeeak* Angel's head jerked up, and he finished Spike's question, "What the hell is" Well, almost all of the question. *CRASH!* The table collapsed beneath them, sending the two naked vampires sprawling to the floor. They lay there as the dust rose around them, identical looks of shock plastered to their faces. Spike let out a low string of curses, just as Angel started to laugh. "What's so bloody funny? If your damn caveman brow wasn't so huge, this never would have happened!" Angel chuckled, grabbing the book that Spike had been messing with earlier, lifting it up so Spike could see. "I guess we poofed all the dust out of it, huh?" Spike rolled his eyes, pushing himself up into a sitting position. He smirked a bit, shaking his head, "You really are a prat, you know." Angel grinned, joining Spike in the land of the sitting-up, "I know.. but I'm cute." Spike reached up and straightened his glasses, turning to look at Angel. He stared at the older vampire for a moment, eyes taking in his entire form. Suddenly he yanked the glasses from his head and sent them skidding off towards Mrs. Smith. In the corner of mementos better off forgotten. "What'd you do that for?" Angel inquired, confused. Spike pursed his lips, amusement glinting in his eyes, "I just realized that you're much easier on the eyes with my glasses *off*." Angel had the decency to look offended before noticing the proverbial word 'JOKING' plastered across Spike's forehead. He growled and pounced on Spike, dropping them both to the ground once again, raising yet another cloud of dust. Spike mock-coughed, waving his hand in front of his face to clear the dust, "You know, Peaches.. you really should dust more often. There's no telling what might be hiding in here. We might find your personality.." Angel ignored the jibe, running his hand along Spike's chest, bringing his face close to the younger vampire's, "Yeah, I guess I should. But.. if I did, then I'd have to see *your* face.. and then.." "You're an ass." "You love my ass." "No.. *you* love *my* ass." "It's good for some things." "It's bloody good for all seasons, damnit." "If it's dusty enough, I suppose." Growl. Smooch. Pause. "Pillock. That music is still on."