Mad As A March Vampire


Willow trudged up the steep hill overlooking Sunnydale. She needed time alone to think and digest what she had learned from the Vampire version of herself. Finding a likely spot she spread a blanket on the ground and lay down to watch the clouds and let her mind go for a few hours before it got dark and she had to be inside.

Her body felt restless lately, tight as if she was waiting for something, but she couldn't figure out what. She had been cranky too, her temper and patience seemed to have fled, she had actually snapped at her friends. She was tired of the looks they had been giving her. The walk seemed to help as her body extended itself, but she could tell that this wasn't the answer it wanted.

Her mind still tried to encompass what it had seen and learned from the Vampire Willow. It had been strange seeing what she could become if a Vampire bit her. The other Willow had been so sexy. Almost too sexy, she didn't let gender bother her, or species.

Willow sighed, and the other Willow had been strong. She didn't let anyone push her around, didn't let anyone dictate how she was going to spend her time.

Willow could list her failed rebellions on one hand; she had been caught smooching with Xander, she had mouthed off to her mother asking for her dark prince to come and fill her with his black naughty evil, she had eaten her banana, 'lunch time be damned.'

Willow shook her head in disgust. "Whoa girl, better slow down or the next thing you know you'll be riding the escalator without holding onto the handrail!" She was doomed to always be the nice girl.

One good thing had come about from the alternate's visit. Blain practically rolled on his back in submission whenever he saw her. The image appealed to her and she smiled, a girl could get used to that.

Willow rolled onto her stomach and ran her fingers over the soft grass. The sun warmed her back and made her drowsy. She blushed when she thought of the private conversation that she'd had with her other self. Life was really different in the other world. She had Xander for her lover and Angel as her pet. Willow blushed furiously when she thought of what her other self had told her about Angel.

She felt her body tighten further as she thought of Angel. Her stomach was tight and she felt an unfamiliar heat build between her legs. Unconsciously she pushed her hips into the ground trying to relieve the pressure that had been steadily building for days.

Willow paused, he'd been looking at her strangely since the other Willow had left. He had seemed really upset when he thought that she was dead. When he saw her dressed in leather he hadn't been able to take his eyes off of her. Since then she had caught him staring at her when he thought she wasn't looking. What had the other Willow said to him?

Willow attempted to growl in frustration, but it came out sounding rather small and silly. "I can't even growl right!" She flung herself onto her back, her hair fanned out around her head. Even Oz had been different since then. The smoochies had been different; it seemed as if he had trouble getting the image of the other Willow out of his head. He had seen her kill, had seen her confidence and strength, did he think the other Willow was better? Did he wish she were more like her?

Devon certainly seemed to think so, he had told her he had liked her outfit and asked why she hadn't worn more like it. He had winked at her and mentioned a comment the other Willow had made about riding people like ponies. Willow didn't get that at all, ride people? A deep blush colored her face as her mouth formed an O, with dawning comprehension. "Oh goddess, what must everyone think of me? I had to go and make that comment about playing Mistress of Pain with Oz."

Willow covered her eyes trying to hide from the world. "I think I'll just stay up here for the rest of my life."

Angel watched her from the shadows of the trees. He had been trying to identify an intoxicating scent on the wind and seen her head up the hill and hadn't seen her come back down since the sun had started to set. He was worried about her, and somehow the scent seemed stronger where she was. He felt drawn to follow the scent it compelled him. He had left he mansion as soon as it was safe for him to leave and followed the path she had taken.

He'd been intrigued by the Vampire version and he was beginning to see Willow in a new light. He had loved the little flashes of fire she had shown from time to time, but the Vampire version of her had shown her full potential. He felt that after the trials of last year and his stint in hell, he pretty much had a clean slate in life. Time to get better acquainted with Willow. He stepped out of the shadows.


"It wouldn't be a very long life if you did."

Willow bolted upright, she hadn't been aware that she had spoken out loud, or that anyone was listening. She began searching frantically for a stake, or any conveniently placed piece of wood, before she realized who the voice belonged to. "Angel?" She looked around and noticed that while she had been thinking the sun had set.

Without waiting for an invitation Angel sat down on the blanket. "You going to put down the twig, or threaten me with it?" He still couldn't identify the scent, but it seemed to be coming from Willow. He felt his cock stirring in his leather pants as the stolen blood started to pound in his veins.

Willow glanced down at the scrawny brittle twig she had picked up. She blushed, "Sorry, I thought I was alone."

Angel looked up at the darkening sky. "What brings you all the way out here?" He tried to maintain his calm; this was Willow, not the Vampire.

"I just needed some time to think. A lot has been going on." She looked down at the lights of Sunnydale, feeling more awake than she had in a long time. Her blood was pounding in her veins from the fright. [Nothing like a little adrenaline to wake you up better than coffee.] She mused. She breathed in the warm March air letting it fill her lungs.

Angel nodded, "It's disturbing to see yourself as a vampire isn't it?" He tried not to watch as her breasts pushed out as she sucked in the night air.

Willow nodded, maybe he understood, except that he was a vampire, but he had a soul and could remember what it was like. "Is this what it's like for you? I feel so guilty for the things she's done."

Angel shrugged and leaned back on his elbows stretching his long legs in front of him. "Similar I guess, except that it really was me who did those things."

Willow watched as he stretched out admiring his long body. Her mind wandered as she gazed at him, [Wow seizing with him would definitely become inevitable, yup, Buffy was right.] Willow blushed again when she thought of some of the things her other self had done with him. She fought to bring her mind back to the present.

"Everyone has been looking at me differently, treating me differently." Willow picked up a blade of grass and started tearing it into little pieces. She glanced quickly at the man lounging next to her, "Even you."

Angel opened his mouth to reply but stopped, sat up slowly and looked around, "Expecting anyone else?"

Willow grimaced at him; "I wasn't even expecting you." Her hand reached out for the non-existent safety of the twig. She looked around but didn't see anyone. She glanced over at Angel.

Angel scanned the night and shadows looking for whatever he had sensed earlier. Slowly he brought his feet up and moved into a crouch as he spotted a bleached head in the shadows. "Willow when I stand up move over next to me, its Spike." He whispered softly keeping his eyes locked on the other Vampire and a growl rumbled in his throat.

Willow nodded her head a fraction and looked in the direction he was staring. "What does he want? Isn't he supposed to have left?" Willow stood with Angel and moved next to him.

Spike sauntered out of the shadows and approached the pair, his coat fanning out behind him as he walked. His eyes were glazed as he stared at Willow ignoring Angel. He stopped a few feet from them. "Willow."

Willow felt shivers travel up her spine as he said her name. The low husky tones the way it came out like a purr made her body respond against her will. She felt the heat between her legs turn into dampness as she stared at him. She took a step back and bumped into Angel. The temperature of her body flared as she felt his body pressed against hers. She heard him moan softly as she felt the length of his cock pressed into her backside

Angel tried to keep his mind focused on Spike and not the young woman in front of him. She was so close; the scent she gave off was affecting him more strongly now. His body trembled, eager with anticipation.

"Why are you here Spike." He growled.

Spike didn't take his eyes off Willow. "The same reason you are you bloody sot." He breathed in the scent and took another step closer.

Angel was confused; Spike wasn't here to listen to Willow, to try and help her understand that it wasn't her, but the Vampire who had done the things she felt guilty for. [Keep telling yourself that Angel and you just might believe it.] His head dipped and he inhaled the scent of her. The hairs on his body stood on end as desire raced through him, his penis surged to life with an almost painful intensity. His hands snaked around to pull Willow closer to him; his body demanded more contact with hers.

Willow was near mindless with an unknown desire; her eyes were locked on Spike's trying to figure out what she saw there. Angel's hands distracted her as they moved around her stomach and pulled her closer. Yesss! Her body was screaming as her mind struggled to keep up.

She tried to remember what they had been researching lately, what was it? March it had something to do with March. She remembered seeing the rabbits in the park jumping around and acting weird, ok Alice in Wonderland, mad as a March Hare. Breeding season?

Willow trembled with fear and anxiety as she realized what the look in Spike's eyes was, and the way Angel was touching her. "No." Her plea came out small; her body wouldn't obey her, it was responding to the earth's rhythm, the genetic demand for procreation.

"She's the one mate, and I mean to have her." Spike took another step ignoring Angel's warning growl.

Sudden realization hit Angel. "It's that time again?"

"Every bloody hundred years like clockwork." Spike replied shirking off his coat, his eyes traveled over Willow's trembling form.

"Don't touch her!" Angel hissed, his demon visage coming to the fore.

"Who else is going to do it? You? You'll lose your soul again Angel boy. You'd rather some half-wit had her? Crikey, she's wanting. Can't you smell her?"

Angel breathed in her scent again. His nose brushed against the sensitive spot behind her ear. "I smell her."

"I'm sorry Willow. I can't do that. Every hundred years, in March, we go into heat. There is only one person we respond to. If I let you go, you'd never make it home. You'd be torn to pieces either literally from Vampires fighting over you, or emotionally from the act itself, they'd rape you."

Willow shuddered in fear, as Angel caressed her shoulders.

"It'll be OK Willow, I won't let him hurt you."

Spike sneered as his shirt joined his duster on the ground. "I'm not interested in hurting her mate."

Willow paled. [I guess I'm going to find out what it's like to be the other Willow.] Her blood surged through her and her breath came in short quick pants as Spike drew his Tee shirt over his head revealing his smooth chest.

"You know what this means if you take her Spike." Angel warned. His hands had been busy unbuttoning Willow's blouse while she was distracted. He ran his fingertips over the warm skin of her stomach.

Spike glared at his sire. "Yeah mate, I know what it means. He closed the distance between them and cupped Willow's chin in his hand. He bent his head and gently brushed her lips with his own. [It means I get to keep her, it's not as if she's a virgin or anything.]

Willow was surprised when she felt Angel's hands on her bare stomach and even more so when Spike's lips brushed hers. "Wha…What does it mean?" She managed as Spike ran his tongue over the contours of her ear.

Spike's hands caressed her breasts through the satin of her bra. He began rubbing the sensitive erect buds with the pads of his thumbs. Slowly his lips made their way down her neck to her shoulder.

"Later." Angel whispered into her other ear, brushing it with his lips. He slid the blouse off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground.

Against the panic in her brain, that urged her to run, Willow's hands reached up to play across the muscles in Spike's chest. Her fingers found the dark circles of his nipples and brushed over them lightly. Her head moved forward and her tongue flicked out at the nipple.

Spike groaned when he felt the heat of her tongue touch him. Dru had always been cold, this heat seared him. He captured her lips and teased them into accepting him with his tongue. His hips rocked forward pressing his throbbing erection into her.

The scent of her arousal had been calling to him for days, at first it had been a subtle restlessness. Then it increased to desire and an aching need. The only thing keeping him from throwing her down and taking her quickly was Angel. He wanted to rub it into his sire's face that he couldn't have Willow, couldn't enjoy the pleasures of the mating. He could only stand by and watch helplessly as Spike took her.

Spike eased the material of her skirt over her hips and let it fall. His fingers teased at her curls feeling her wetness. He took one of her hands and guided it to the bulge in his jeans, urging her to free him. He felt her shudder as he inserted a finger into her slickness.

Willow ran her hands up and down the length of Spike's cock marveling in the hardness and length of it. Tentatively her fingers found and released the button and zipper. Her hands moved to peel the jeans off his hips. Her hands eagerly caressed along the soft skin she found. She heard Spike moan as her fingers ran lightly over the tip and down to cup his balls in her hand.

She felt Angel behind her slip her bra off her shoulders and the kisses he trailed down her back. She moaned in disappointment when she felt Spike break off the kiss. She sucked the needed Oxygen into her lungs and opened her eyes to see Spike sink to his knees before her. She spread her legs further apart at his urging and gasped in pleasure when she felt his tongue flick at her folds.

Angel quickly stripped off his clothes and held Willow from behind to support her. His hands caressed her breasts kneading the soft flesh. His tongue delved into her ear, as he whispered encouragement and endearments to her. He rocked his hips into hers brushing his engorged penis along the lines of her ass.

Spike was near mindless with desire as he tasted the sweet nectar that seeped from her. His tongue lapped up the juices, his nose brushing against her clit. His finger slowly moved within her depths, keeping time with the caresses of his tongue. He brought her to the edge when he could feel her muscles trembling with denied release and stopped.

Willow cried out in frustration, "No! Please!" She begged.

Spike drew her down to him and slowly lay back. "No my little princess, you are going to have to make yourself and me come."

Angel rolled his eyes, demons always had to play games. He knelt behind Willow straddling Spike's legs and positioned Spike's cock at her entrance. His own brushed against her puckered opening already moist with her need. His fingers brushed lightly against her clit keeping her on the edge. He groaned and tried to restrain himself, he couldn't do this to Willow.

Spike caressed her breasts as he watched the confusion and fear cross her face. Tears were heavy in her eyes, but they also contained desire. She met his gaze and he could see her need and desire for him, there was more there than a simple mating urge. He had seen it before when he had kidnapped her to do the spell, but hadn't realized what it was. She truly did desire him, had even before the urges took control of her. He doubted she had even admitted it to herself. "Willow." His voice was soft and reverent.

Angel whispered into her ear, his bare chest against her back his hands between her legs. He urged her to lower herself slowly onto Spike, when he thought she was ready he moved his hands, cupped her breasts and pinched at the hardened nipples.

Willow continued looking into Spike's eyes as she brought Angel's fingers to her mouth. She sucked her juices from his fingertips and watched as Spike responded to her lustful display.

Angel knew that when Spike thrust into her, she would hurt, Spike didn't know she was a virgin. He wanted to distract her from the pain, and let his teeth brush over her shoulder near her neck, prepared to sink his fangs in when Spike broke through her maidenhead.

Spike grabbed her hips and pulled her hips down. He felt himself sheathed in her impossibly hot tight passage and his fangs sank into her breast wanting that same heat filling him from within. His eyes went wide as the heat of her scalded him; the tightness constricting around his shaft was amazing. He heard her cry out in pain, as he smelled the virginal blood.

Willow bit down as Spike filled her, tearing her virginity from her. She felt blood fill her mouth and realized that she had bit into Angel's finger. She could feel Angel's teeth as they sank into her neck and Spike's as they sank into her breast. Waves upon waves of pleasure wracked her long denied body and she cried out, keening her fulfillment. Her head fell back onto Angel's chest as her nails dug into Spike's back.

Willow could feel her blood flow into the two Vampires with her, as she drew upon the finger in her mouth. The three of them trembled with her as her mind shattered and her muscles contracted around Spike.

Spike saw Angel watching him as he slowly guided Willow up and down on his cock. [The bloody bastard knew she was a virgin!] Spike was almost beyond caring, he knew that with the mating he would be bound to her yearly for the duration of her life, but he hadn't thought she was a virgin. That changed everything, and he had made the situation worse by feeding from her as he completed the ritual. This bizarre threesome had changed everything. He should have known better than to think his sire would give in so easily.

No one knew the full ramifications of what had happened.

Lost in the pleasure of Willow's heat Spike gave into the moment and fastened his eyes on hers.

Angel watched Spike as the realization came over him that he was trapped. He was prepared to intervene should Spike strike out in desperation. He saw Spike's acceptance and concentration on Willow and relaxed. He ground his hips into her backside delighting in the friction on his penis with her warm skin. He nuzzled the bite marks on her neck and soothed them with his tongue. "That's it Willow let yourself go. Come for us."

He had nearly come from tasting her pleasure and hearing her cry out in pain as Spike tore through her maidenhood. He had barely felt it as her blunt teeth broke through the skin of his finger. The sensation of her sucking on his finger alone would have been a trial; but that combined with the knowledge that she was taking his blood as well proved too much. Grinding his hips into hers he let the sensations wash over him as his seed spilled onto her back and his stomach. He growled low in his throat as his release washed over him.

Willow's muscles had stretched to accommodate Spike and once the initial discomfort ended she felt the pleasure wash through her again. She let him guide her movements and could feel the pressure within her building again. She quickened her movements grinding her clit against him. Her hands traced the contours of his face and her lips brushed his. When Angel's words registered she let her mind go and concentrated solely on the pleasure her body was experiencing.

Spike thrust up into her mercilessly as she drove herself onto his cock. "Come on Willow, come for me." He encouraged her. He could feel his sac tightening and his penis twitch with release. He cried out burying his head into her neck as he filled her with his seed.

Willow felt him thrust into her a final time and it threw her over the edge and out of control. Tears streamed down her face as she cried out lost in her own release. Her back arched against him as her muscles milked him of the last of his seed and she collapsed limply between the two Vampires that held her. Her body trembled from sated passion and exhaustion.

She ran her fingers through Spike's hair as his head lay against her breast listening to the frantic pace of her heart. She could feel Angel as he rested his head against her shoulder placing soft kisses on her.

Spike lay back and pulled Willow down with him. He settled her against his side her head resting on his chest. He felt Angel settle himself on her other side and pull the duster over them.

Willow trembled and tried to catch her breath. Her mind refused to acknowledge that she was lying between Spike and Angel. "What does this mean?"

Spike caressed her back his fingers sending shivers through Willow. He kissed the top of her head. "If you weren't a virgin it would have meant seeing me every year, now we're bound for your life."

Angel nuzzled Willow's ear, and looked over at Spike. "We both fed from her as you took her innocence, she fed from me at the same time. I think we'll find that it means a lot more than that."

Willow sighed, they could figure it out later, her body felt heavy with sleep and she could hardly keep her eyes open.

Angel looked at Spike over Willow's sleeping form. "We better move her to the mansion."

Spike glared at his sire and held Willow tightly. "She's mine mate."

Angel sighed, "No, we're hers."

Spike shrugged and wrapped Willow up in his duster as he and Angel got dressed. Spike picked up the sleeping woman and carried her to the mansion. He growled when Angel offered to carry her, he might have to deal with Angel from now on, but he didn't have to like it. He held his mate in his arms and kissed her lightly, time enough to figure it out later, for now he had what he wanted.

The End.