Spring Fever

Sequel to Mad As A March Vampire

Part 3

Angel stood in the doorway, a small smile playing on his lips as he watched Willow turn in her sleep and reach towards his side of the bed. He turned his gaze towards Spike and frowned. [So that's where the blighter had gone off to. Though Spike's eyes' were closed, Angel knew the other vampire was awake.

Angel decided to ignore Spike for the moment; there'd be plenty of time later for revenge. He crossed to the far side of the bed and set the tray down on the nightstand. He quickly stripped off his clothes, sliding beneath the covers next to Willow. He caressed her hair gently. "Willow time to wake up. I've brought you something to eat."

"Food," Willow mumbled, sitting up and rubbing her tired eyes with the heels of her hands.

Angel chuckled as he helped her sit up and settled her back against his chest. "I suppose they still call it that, though I didn't recognize half of the stuff in the store." He picked up a piece of bread and generously slathered cheese on it. "Open your mouth." He held the bread for her with one hand while sucking the cheese from one of his fingers. While Willow was busy eating, he casually stuck his wet finger in Spike's ear.

Willow heard a low growl as she took a bite. "Spike, stop growling. Did you find my clothes? What am I going to tell everyone.?" Willow felt the tension roll between Angel and Spike.

Spike swatted at Angel's hand. "Not me, pet. It's your tummy that's all growly."

Angel smirked. "No. We didn't find your clothes. We'll think of something to tell everyone later. Don't worry."

"Better think of something bloody damn fast, you pillock." Mumbled Spike. "We're about to have company."

Willow almost choked as she dove under the covers. [Oh goddess not now.] She prayed.

Oz paused at the top of the stairs of the mansion. He could smell Willow, Angel, Spike, and spent passion. "Umm guys? I don't think we…"

Buffy ignored Oz as she threw open the door to the master bedroom.

Spike sat up in bed with his knee cocked up over Willow, the sheet tenting as he tried to conceal her presence. "Give us a kiss, peaches." He murmured, leaning towards Angel.

Angel shot Spike a withering glance before turning his head to face the door.

Buffy stared in shock as her brain struggled to comprehend the scene before her. Angel, her Angel, was in bed with… Spike. She saw the tray of fruit next to the bed and an image of seduction flashed through her brain. "Oh. My. God. No! Angel?"

"Ack!" Xander screeched. " They're not Vampire bats - they're fruit bats!"

Giles fought a losing battle with the grin that threatened to take over his face. Despite Xander's shortcomings, he did have a sense of comedic timing.

Cordelia took one look and turned back into the hallway. Of course, the look had been a long one as she noticed Angel's chest and the way the sheet barely covered Spike's backside. [Damn, but they're good looking!]

"What's wrong, Buffy?" Angel tried for a nonchalant attitude, vowing Spike would pay and pay dearly.

Buffy kept shaking her head in denial. [No! I know he and I can't be together, have barely been friends, but Spike?] "Willow's gone. I found her clothes on the bluff outside of town. We think she may be the girl in the March ritual that Giles has been going on about. Oz said he smelled her, you, and Spike." Tears of hurt welled in her eyes. Angel and Spike? Where was Willow if she wasn't here with them? "We were almost hoping she'd be here."

Spike met Oz's gaze. He saw a mixture of hurt and gratitude in them. Spike knew then that Oz understood, and could smell Willow in the room.

"Give us a moment to get dressed. We'll meet you in the living room." Angel ran his fingers through his hair.

"Yes of course, excuse us. Come along, all of you." Giles ushered everyone from the room and closed the door. He had caught the look that had passed between Oz and Spike.

Angel sank back on the pillows after smacking Spike on the back of the head. "Brilliant, Spike." He muttered.

Spike laughed. "I thought it went rather well."

Angel and Spike lifted the sheet and looked at the cowering Willow. "All right there, pet? Ready to face your friends?"

"No, but I don't think I have much of a choice. Thank you Spike, for your quick thinking." Willow looked around. "What am I going to wear? I can't exactly go down there in nothing but a shirt."

"But you look so good that way." Spike nuzzled her shoulder.

Angel walked over to the corner where he had set the packages down earlier. After slipping on a pair of pants, he started laying the clothes out on the bed for Willow's inspection.

Spike had picked up a brush and was trying to restore order to Willow's hair. "Do you fancy them luv?" He gestured towards the clothes.

"They're beautiful. I'm not sure they're me, but they're gorgeous." Her fingers traced over the clothes. She couldn't even begin to comprehend the designer labels.

Angel smiled softly. "They're you, Willow. Trust me." He studied the clothes, casting quick glances at her, sizing up the styles and colors they had chosen.

Spike gestured with the brush at a blouse. "That silver gray one with the hint of lavender. It'll cover the bites without being suspicious." Spike trailed his fingers across Willow's shoulders. "Hmm, what a delicious looking love bite you have."

Willow smiled. "In my case, I don't think that's a euphemism for a hickey."

"They're not going to wait forever, and stalling won't make this any easier."

"Angel? I'm scared. They are going to freak… what if they don't accept this? What if they don't accept me? What if they try to hurt you and Spike?"

Angel sat on the bed and lifted Willow onto his lap and rocked her. "Do you want me to go in first and talk to them?"

Hope flared momentarily in Willow, then she shook her head. "No, they need to see that I'm okay. I should go in alone."

"Like bloody hell you will. I'm not leaving you to face them alone." Spike said, now fully dressed.

Willow gave in. "OK, but I will need to talk to them alone later."

Angel and Spike nodded.


Buffy paced restlessly in the living room. What the hell had happened the other night? Why was Willow out there alone? What was Angel doing with Spike? Buffy turned pleading eyes towards Giles, begging him to make everything all right.

Oz remained quiet, staring into the cold fireplace. He knew Willow was lost to him. Things hadn't been great between them after the fiasco with Xander, and had gotten worse after he had seen the Vampire Willow. His heart knew it hadn't been the real Willow, but his brain kept screaming that he had seen her kill. Willow was alive and he knew she had been a virgin. He had also heard her rapid heart beat upstairs. The wolf understood about Life-mates.

Giles remained quiet. He tried to figure out what really happened between Spike, Willow, and Angel. If, as he suspected, Willow had been in the room, what were both males doing there? Why hadn't they fought for her? He suspected that Angel was up to something. He knew better than anyone did, save perhaps Buffy, how intelligent and devious Angel could be.

Oz turned towards the group. "I'm going to leave. Willow's safe, that's all I needed to know. I don't want her to feel like I've put her on the spot. If, as Giles says, she was involved in the March ritual, then the only thing I can do is be there for her. Let her come to me when she's ready. I suggest you all do the same." Oz looked at them one last time and left.

"How do you know she's safe?" Xander called after Oz's retreating back. "Well, I'm not leaving. I want answers. How dare they lay their dead hands on her!"

Cordelia shook her head. "Oz is right Xander, let her come to you when she's ready. Let Giles talk to her, let Buffy talk to Angel. You are her best friend, give her what she needs." She cupped his head in her hands and kissed him. "Please, Xander."

Xander shrugged out of her embrace. "I can't Cordy, I need to know she's OK. I don't trust Angel and Spike. Spike tried to kill me, he threatened me and Willow. I won't leave her with them."

"You might not have a choice."

Xander turned towards Giles. "What do you mean?"

"Just that. Foremost, it's not your choice to make. It's Willow's. Second, the bond draws them together. Harm her mate, and you may cause irreparable harm to Willow."

"Fine, then I'll just kill the one that isn't her mate. I'm betting on Dead Boy." Xander snarled.

Buffy turned on Giles. "Willow may have felt like she had no choice, but Angel knows better. He let Spike near her. He was there, he should have stopped this. How could he let anything happen to her? What was he thinking?"

"I was thinking about Willow. I was thinking my friend is in pain. We've all been unfair to her after the Vampire Willow was sent back. I was thinking I wanted to repay a little of the kindness and compassion that she has always shown everyone. I was thinking, better Spike than some other Vampire. I was thinking, how can I make this as easy on Willow as I can?" Angel's voice grew louder as he snarled, "Who are you thinking about?"

Everyone turned towards the doorway and saw a hurt Willow, standing flanked by Spike and an enraged Angel.

Willow glanced nervously from face to face. She wanted to sink farther back between Spike and Angel; instead, she squared her shoulders, and faced them.

"Wow, Willow! Armani and Versace, what a way to wear A to V! Cordelia glanced at Xander as he grunted beside her. "What? Not everyone could carry that off! In fact, I didn't think Willow could carry anything off, but she looks great."

Xander saw red as Angel's word washed over him. "So you just stood by and let Spike rape Willow? I be that took a lot of compassion and thinking." He leaned forward and reached into his back pocket for his stake. "I promised you once that I would be there when you died. Looks like it's my day. Willow's coming with us, now."

Angel growled low and threateningly. "Watch it, boy. You're on thin ice."

"Touch my mate, and I wouldn't give a farthing for your future." Hissed Spike, laying a hand on Willow's shoulder. His eyes glowed yellow as the demon surged forward.

"Our mate." Angel added, stepping closer to Willow and putting his hand on her other shoulder.

Spike snorted in disgust.

"Sit down and shut up! Everyone!"

The command surprised everyone. They turned towards the speaker; Buffy and Xander sank down onto the couch.

"Willow?" Giles inquired.

"Cordelia? Take Xander and leave. This is none of his business."

Cordelia looked at Willow, saw how hard this was for her, and nodded. "Xander! Come!" Catherine the Great of Russia had never sounded so imperious. Xander followed, mumbling to himself. He cast one last cold glance at Spike and Angel.

Willow nearly wilted with relief as Xander left. It would take a lot of time to rebuild that friendship. Willow raised her hand to rub her forehead. "Spike could you get me something to eat? Please?"

Spike knew he was being dismissed as the outsider and hated it, but he couldn't remember the last time anyone had asked him please anything - unless it was to spare their life. "Sure luv, be right back." He picked up her hand and kissed it before disappearing down the hall.

Willow took a deep breath to steady herself. "Giles, Buffy. I've felt so strange lately. After the Vampire me, everyone kept looking at me so strangely. I didn't do those things. I felt guilty for things I didn't even do. I went out to the bluff to think to clear my head. I've felt so tense - restless, caged - I didn't know what else to do. Angel found me and we were talking when Spike showed up."

Buffy glared at Angel, pain and betrayal in her eyes. "Why, Angel? Why didn't you just get Willow out of there? We could have protected her. We could have done something."

Angel shook his head. "The mating urge is over powering. If it's not consummated, the woman goes mad. You couldn't protect her from this. Passion is not something you can slay." [Not usually, but you managed that, too.] He twined his fingers with Willow's, drawing her to his side, and looking deep into her eyes.

Buffy flinched at the obvious affection on Angel's face. "What about us?" She asked quietly.

"There isn't an 'us'. There hasn't been an 'us' since you sent me to hell. There were no other options, Buffy. Willow set me free and now we are bound."

Giles pursed his lips as Spike sauntered back into the room with a couple of pieces of bread and some juice. "I thought you went shopping, I couldn't find much in there."

"If my understanding is correct, only one Vampire is typically bound. Yet you both claim her. Why?" he watched as Willow accepted the bread and juice from Spike, kissing him briefly.

Angel shook his head as he tried to explain what happened. "I felt the urge, but I didn't think I could be with Willow and keep my soul. Spike showed up - better him than another Vampire - and I didn't want Willow to be afraid. I knew she was an innocent…."

"Figures you knew, you bastard," Spike mumbled, glaring daggers at his sire.

Angel shot a quick glance at his annoying childe. "I knew he'd be bound to her. I thought it might calm him down, but I didn't know how he'd react once he realized he was caught. I stayed with them, to protect Willow. Something changed in the ritual, perhaps it was because we didn't fight, and perhaps it was something else. We both ended up bonded with her."

Buffy swallowed. Her throat felt tight, but she had to know. "The bedroom, upstairs… are the two of you 'bonded' as well?" She held up her hand, stopping them. "I don't really want to know. You're sure this isn't some really bad April Fool's joke taken way to far?"

Spike snarled. "I'm bound to Willow, not that pouffy sap. If Angel had left us alone, we'd have been just fine." Spike glared at his sire.

Giles looked at Willow; he still worried about her. "Willow, is what they say true?"

Willow nodded, looking first at Spike, then Angel. "Yes, I'm drawn to both of them. They're a part of me, somehow. Angel was nice - he talked to me, quieted my fears. When Spike…when I… when we… they bit, I bit and I felt complete. The tension and impatience I felt dissolved. "

"Do you realize the implications of the three of you drawing blood?" Giles paled, this was worse than he thought. They nodded. "Good lord." Giles rubbed his temples. "Willow you can't leave them, ever. We'll have to think of a way to cover this until after you graduate."

"I've thought of that, Giles. It's spring break. If I can graduate early, then I can enroll in college and my parents won't really have to know where I'm living. I'd have to take a few tests to get out of school. I can handle that, but I need a sponsor on the faculty. Please, Giles. I need your help."

"Of course Willow, it's yours. Why not just finish out the school year though, come by and visit?"

Willow smiled. "They'd probably kill each other if I weren't here."

Giles nodded. Considering the looks Spike and Angel were giving each other, she was probably right.

Buffy had heard enough, Angel had helped seduce her best friend, and her best friend had gone along with it. Even her watcher seemed to accept it. "I can't believe you people! Willow goes off and starts acting like her evil counter part and everyone else is supposed to just stand around like nothing has happened? Help cover up the fact that you're sleeping with two guys?" She turned on Willow. "You sleep with Spike, of all vampires, and Angel. My Angel." She was shaking with pent up anger and betrayal.

"My Angel." Willow faced off against Buffy. "My Spike. My Life."

Buffy went for the low blow. "Do you have any idea how badly you've hurt Oz?"

Willow flinched as if she'd been slapped. "I know. I'll talk to him. I can't make him understand, but at least I'm here to face things. I didn't run." Tears fell from her eyes. She was emotionally drained, tired, and still hungry.

"Enough! I won't have you upsetting Willow anymore! Angel Bellowed. "I'll ask you to remember that you are in our home. In the future you will not just barge in. Giles, Buffy, I think it's time for you to go."

"Willow, if you need anything, let me know." Giles nodded at Angel, glanced quickly at Spike and took Willow's hand in parting.

Buffy grabbed at Spike as he walked past her. "I almost respected you as an enemy, but you've sunk pretty low." Buffy sneered. "Hiding behind Willow for protection. I may not be able to dust you without hurting her, but if anything happens to her… you'll die slowly and in great pain."

[Hurt Willow?] The thought was inconceivable to him. [I'm more likely to hurt him. If I don't, I'll live forever in great pain.] "Hide behind Willow? Listen, you want to go a round, I'm game. Willow is the only reason you aren't number three already." He snarled. Breaking her grip on his arm, he stormed out of the mansion.

Giles grabbed Buffy's arm in a bruising grip. "Out, now!"

Willow sagged against Angel as Buffy and Giles left. She lay her head against his chest as his arms encircled her protectively. She sighed. "She's so hurt." She slowly straightened after taking a deep breath. She pulled on Angel's arm and led him towards the kitchen. "I'm still hungry."

Angel wasn't surprised that Willow was thinking of Buffy. He realized her compassion and empathy were one of the qualities he liked most about her. It strengthened her, to see another person's viewpoint. More importantly to him, it had enabled her to forgive him for the things he had done as Angelus. It was one of the reasons he had started falling for her, why the demon had stalked her nights. He followed her into the kitchen and leaned against one of the counters, watching her.

Willow rummaged through the cabinets. She found a can of soup, but no pan, or anything to open it with. She sighed. "Looks like a peanut butter and banana sandwich it is, with no peanut butter, because we don't have any peanut butter, just bread and bananas." Willow placed the bread on the counter and started peeling the banana. "I'm sorry Angel, it must not have been easy for you to confront Buffy."

Angel grunted. "There were things that needed to be said. Are you okay?"

Willow nodded and moved to sit on the table. Her legs kicked in an easy relaxed motion as she ate her improvised sandwich.

Angel felt desire flow through him as he watched her rally from the trying encounter. He noticed how the slit in her skirt showed off her legs as her feet kicked out. "Willow, only food goes on the table, and you look good enough to eat." His voice purred.

Willow froze, the last bit of her sandwich having been eaten moments before. She looked at him, a small smile playing on her lips. She slid her legs over the top of the table and slid off the other side. "You'll have to catch me first."

Angel leered at her. "Oh I'll catch you, never doubt that." He stalked her around the table, his fingers trailing lightly along it. His eyes, now with a predatory glint, never left her as she continued to circle.

Willow realized the real trap behind fashion; while it made you look good, it wasn't made for running from Vampires. She squealed as Angel easily vaulted over the table and caught her around the waist

Angel nuzzled her ear and neck as he pressed against her back. "I've caught you, and now I'm going to eat you." He felt her slight shiver of fear as his lips whispered over her skin. He picked her up and set her back on the table, his hands running up her thighs, raising her skirt. He leaned towards her and took her mouth, his tongue demanding entrance.

Willow felt his mouth descend on hers in a punishing kiss. Her hands grasped his shoulders for balance as he slowly forced her down on the table. Lust surged through her and she wrapped her legs around his waist, drawing him closer. She returned his urgent kisses with equal fervor. She arched into him, shivers racing down her back as his fingers traced over her damp panties.

Angel loosened the grip of her legs from around his waist, as he slid her farther onto the narrow table. He hooked a finger on her panties and drew them slowly down her legs, all the while gazing intently into her eyes.

Willow stared back, panting with need. It was thrilling to be the focus of such intense concentration; every nerve in her body was responding to him. She twitched in anticipation. Her eyes locked on his lips as he slowly moistened them with his tongue.

Slowly his hands slid down her legs as he moved to place her feet on the edge of the table. His fingers trailed over her burning skin as she opened to him. Never taking his eyes off hers, he lightly ran his fingers over her folds as he lowered his head to kiss her neck.

Willow felt his teeth tug on the blouse till the button opened. He spread the material with his lips, and kissed the newly revealed flesh. She raised her hands to help him.

"No." His voice purred. " Let me. Keep your hands up by your head, and don't move." He released another button and revealed the lace covering her breasts. His finger teased around her erect clit, denying her the touch she craved. He gripped the front clasp of the bra in his teeth and opened it. He straightened up to admire Willow's ravished appearance - her eyes heavy with desire, her hardened nipples exposed to the cool air, her skirt hiked up around her waist, exposing her to him. He noted that she had obeyed him and her hands were lying helplessly by her head. He groaned as his cock surged to a painful rigidity.

Willow watched, enraptured by Angel's appraisal of her appearance. She felt vulnerable, spread out on the table, exposed to him. It excited a dark place within her. She was trembling with supressed desire. She wanted to writhe sensuously before him, draw him into her, but he had told her not to move, and as long as he fulfilled what his eyes promised her, she was willing to play along.

Angel bent again, breaking off his perusal, and kissed along the inside of her thighs. His tongue flicked out and tasted the light sheen of perspiration that covered her skin. The scent of her arousal fueled his own desire, making him want to lose himself in her depths. He clenched his teeth as he forced himself to remain in control of his passion. His nose brushed against her curls as his tongue snaked out and he tasted her again.

Willow let her head fall back off the edge of the table, baring her throat. She gasped as his tongue separated her folds and lapped at her core with maddening slowness. She moaned low in her throat with need. She could feel his fingers separate the folds of her flesh, allowing him better access to her. "Angel." She breathed.

Angel entered her with his tongue, penetrating her tightness. His fingers smoothed some of her wetness over her anus as his finger circled the puckered opening. Finally he fastened his lips over her clit and suckled her. His finger penetrated her tight opening, moving slowly in time with the strokes of his tongue.

Willow's body tensed as Angel inserted another finger and increased his pace. Her nerve endings were on fire as her orgasm ripped through her body. She cried out as her muscles clenched around him and her body tensed; she was so close.

"Mmm, fresh Willow, isn't she delicious?" Spike walked quietly into the room. He bent and captured her mouth, his tongue swirling playfully around hers. He moved from her lips down her neck and licked at her throat causing her to jump. "Absolutely delicious." He purred in her ear.

Willow lost control as her orgasm ripped through her. The combination of Angel's tongue and finger was too much; she rocked her hips against his face as he worked her through her release, until she was trembling on the edge again. Willow whimpered as her need overwhelmed her, then cried out in frustration as Angel removed his mouth.

Spike watched as her head shook from side to side, her eyes feverish. He glanced over at his sire and saw him looking rather pleased with himself at being the cause of Willow's frustration. Spike cradled the back of Willow's head with one hand and released his constricting jeans with the other.

Willow reached back and grabbed his hips, pulling him closer. She nuzzled her cheek against his freed erection, unconsciously keeping time with the strokes of Angel's finger. One hand reached between his legs to cradle his sac, kneading the flesh gently. "Want…you." She panted incoherently.

Spike grasped his shaft in one hand, brushing the head across her questing lips. He watched as she kissed the head before opening to take him in. "Relax your throat baby, let me do this." He whispered huskily. Slowly, with gentle thrusts, he taught her to take all of him. "That's it, relax… nice and deep now."

Angel watched them play for a moment, running his shaft along her wet cleft. He waited until Spike's shaft was deep in Willow's throat, and as Spike slowly withdrew, he began to ease the broad head of his cock into her.

Willow nearly jumped off the table as one cock slid out of her and another embedded itself in her heat. Her fingers tightened around Spike's legs, her nails digging into him.

Angel and Spike moved slowly, with practiced ease. As one withdrew, the other entered her.

Spike gently rolled a nipple between his fingers as he maintained his steady pace. "That's it, use your tongue, luv." He encouraged her, his thumb tenderly caressing her cheek. He could see Angel begin to rub her erect clit between his fingers, mimicking his own motions. As if that were the unspoken signal, Angel and Spike began increasing their pace.

Willow brought her knees up higher, allowing Angel deeper into her, silently begging for release. Her back arched into Spike's hand, demanding more of his touch. She moaned around Spike's cock, letting her tongue play along his length as it slid between her lips. Her hands massaged his balls, tickling the inside of his thighs.

As the three neared their releases, Willow saw Angel and Spike lean towards each other. She saw Spike's tongue dart out and lick at Angel's lips. The thought that he tasted her, on Angel, sent her over the edge, and as her body convulsed, she took them with her.

Angel cried out and quickened his thrusts before burying himself inside her as he came. He collapsed on top of her, resting his head on her chest, listening to the rapid beat of her heart. He reveled in the feeling of her muscles spasming around him, as he lay within her, her body trembling beneath him.

Spike watched as his cock disappeared between her lips. He was amazed at her willingness to take all of him. He felt his body tense and thrust deep, spilling his seed down her throat. He moaned, closing his eyes, as his release hit him and she eagerly swallowed.

Willow rocked between them, driving herself onto Angel as her lips held onto Spike, her body twitching from the force of her release. Willow moaned as she coaxed the last bit of fluid from their cocks. She could barely think beyond the pleasure she felt. If breathing weren't automatic, she couldn't have guaranteed that she'd remember how.

Spike could see Willow struggling to breathe through her nose as the aftershocks of her own orgasm rocked through her body. He let his softening member slip from her mouth. Sinking to one knee before her, he kissed her, licking his own pearly moisture from her lips. He lay her head on his shoulder, stroking her hair as he rested his forehead against her. "Willow."

New shivers raced through Willow at the awe and reverence in Spike's voice as he said her name. She lay there, basking in the afterglow, unable to move, even if she had wanted to. Her mind raced, turning over the events that had brought the three of them together, then turning towards the future. "I want my own room."

Two heads snapped up to stare incredulously at her. "WHAT?" They demanded.

Willow paled as she realized she had spoken aloud.

The END.