April's Fools

by Constance
Sequel to Spring Fever

Part Three

Willow turned in her sleep, burrowing her head in the hollow of Spike's neck. She wrapped her arm around his waist, sighed contentedly, and sank deeper into sleep.

Spike tried to swallow, his throat feeling constricted by the overwhelming emotions running through him. He closed his eyes as her warm breath played over his cool skin. He slipped an arm around her and pressed her firmly against his body - praying she wouldn't wake just yet.

Spike cursed himself silently. [I'm 200 fucking years old and I still can't stand to be alone. I let my wrinklies do my thinking for me and look where it got me.] He paused and looked down at the red head in his arms. [Yeah, look at her, touch her, taste her, fuck her.] He frowned. [Taste her and I taste 'him.' I taste him and he tastes of her.] He sighed deeply. [Great, now I'm sounding like Dru.] Pain surged through him and a soft whimper escaped his lips. He held Willow tighter, burying his head in her hair to try to drive out the memories of Dru.

Torturing Dru, being the demon she'd loved hadn't worked. He couldn't go back. His body never changed, but his mind did. It continued to grow - and though he wouldn't admit it, yet, he'd outgrown her. That knowledge didn't soften the pain of her loss. He'd known her for her entire unlife, 130 years. He'd watched as Angelus broke her mind, bent it to his will, and then he'd watched as he broke her body too. Spike had treated her like a queen after Angelus had disappeared. He'd spent every waking moment looking after her, catering to her whims, until it wasn't enough for either of them. He still missed her, even now.

Spike's thoughts drifted as he caught the scent of Willow's monthly blood. Slowly, he eased out of Willow's embrace and positioned her on her back. He smiled as she threw one leg out to the side, opening herself to him. He knew she was still asleep; her heart rate was slow and steady.

Spike slowly moved down her body, letting the growing intensity of her scent take over his senses. His tongue eased out past his lips and he tasted the nectar that was her, his Willow. Slowly he parted her folds with his tongue, lapping at her core. Spike knew it was gluttony that made him lap at her blood; he felt no hunger for the first time in his unlife. Angel's blood had somehow become more powerful.

Spike parted Willow's folds with his fingers, his tongue delving into her to lap at the mixture of blood and fluids that seeped from within her. His nose brushed against her clit, his hips rocking against the satin sheets, trying to ease the painful intensity of his erection. In order to distract himself, he let his thoughts turn back to Dru.

Why was it so different this time? With Dru, he had been the secondary mate. Was that it? No, that didn't feel right. Dru hadn't been a virgin, when they'd taken her - her father had seen to that. She hadn't been entirely sane either, after Angelus' courting.

Spike remembered the night they had finally caught up with Dru. She had taken her vows and gone out into the garden to pray. They found her kneeling beside a stream; it almost seemed as if she had been waiting for them.

Angel had pushed her roughly onto the grass and taken her while Spike had forced his own cock down her throat. He'd watched impassively while she cried, begging for death, as Angel turned her into a vampire. He sighed with regret. She had belonged to Angel from the moment the demon had awoken within her body, and Angelus hadn't cared.

True, she had belonged to Spike as well, but not when Angelus was around. Then, she had followed their sire around, laughing when he paid attention to her, sulking when he didn't. They had made quite the trio, hunting together for decades, until one night when Angelus didn't come back from hunting alone.

Spike moaned as he recalled the years of listening to Dru asking for her Angel, her daddy. He had never allowed himself to miss Angelus as he comforted Dru. Then, one day, she stopped asking after her Angel and seemed to be happy with just him.

Spike growled as he lashed his tongue over Willow's erect nubbin, forcing more of her blood out as her muscles contracted. He'd spent the next hundred years trying to please Dru - the bitch - and had, until Angelus showed up again. A tear coursed down his cheek. Damn him. Angelus had stepped back into their lives as if nothing had happened and Dru had run to him.

Silent sobs escaped him, shaking his wiry frame. Now his princess was gone. Spike knew that Dru hadn't been able to handle the loss of Angel twice. With a suddenness that took him by surprise, his face changed and his lips pulled back baring his teeth. One thought echoed in his brain like a curse. Angelus.

Angelus had taken his life, his virginity, his trust, his loyalty, and had bound him tightly. His resentment and apparent refusal to submit had earned him some very severe punishments. Had Angelus known that Spike had done it for him? Spike had known Angelus better than anyone. Angelus didn't want weak submissive followers; they bored him. He'd seen it happen with Dru. Once she was fully broken, Angelus had lost interest. Spike knew that Angelus lived for the challenge, the fight, and no one was better at fighting than him. Did that make him more Angelus' creature than Dru? Dru's madness and broken spirit explained her devotion to her sire… what had been his excuse?

Spike slipped back into his human face as he buried his face further into Willow, demanding more of her blood, her essence. He cursed Angel. Angel had let him be with Willow, knowing he'd be trapped, and had gotten bound in as her secondary mate. Was Angelus up to his old tricks, digging his claws deeper into him? Spike vowed it wouldn't end this time. He wouldn't let Willow down, wouldn't let Angel ruin the bonding - ruin her - or leave again.

Spike sensed that the bond with Willow was different than the one he had shared with Dru. Dru she hadn't been a virgin when he and Angel had answered the ritual. The ritual was supposed to be a way of finding a potential mate, not get sucked in and consumed by emotions for an incredible young woman.

Spike pushed Willow's legs farther apart, his tongue lapping up the moisture that had escaped him. His fingers trailed the moisture to down around her puckered hole, teasing at the sensitive muscle. Where had the emotions come from? He was a demon, a killer, and yet he cared for this woman. He wondered what it meant to be bound to Willow. Was the difference in the bond, or the woman? Would they outgrow each other after a few hundred years? Would the bond grow more intense? What would it do to them if Angel left? What would it do to him?

Spike cursed himself, again. [Angel whispers my name and I open my neck for him. He gives me his blood and I shoot my wad off like an adolescent.] Spike growled softly. [He abandoned me, and after all this time I still responded like I did back then. Yeah well, it won't happen again, mate.]

Spike realized that he had been taking out his frustrations with himself on Willow. He'd been plunging his tongue into her, sucking at her folds, nibbling at her clit. He'd wanted to savor every drop of her blood and here he was swallowing it as if it were a common vintage. He realized that Willow was awake and writhing against his face.

Spike had ignored his own aching need as his thoughts sorted themselves out, but now he felt the soft caress of the black satin sheets with painful intensity. He quickly brought Willow to the brink and kept her there, until he heard her cry out in frustration.

Willow woke to the sensation of Spike's attention on her nether lips, her body responding to his ministrations, her hands clutching at the sheets. She'd been dreaming that she was dressed in a Spandex body suit and gliding over the satin sheets - like an air hockey puck - hovering between Spike and Angel. Each of them looked ready to pounce on her if she drifted closer to the other. Never in her life had she been so glad to wake up.

Willow's body was tensed on the verge of release, but Spike stopped short of letting her go over. She cried out in frustration, then again in ecstasy as he roughly penetrated her quivering pussy. Her eyes snapped open at the feeling of him as he entered her, plundered her depths, and threw her over the edge. Willow arched up off the bed and bit into his shoulder hard enough to leave marks, her nails leaving a trail of welts down his back as she ground her clit against him.

Spike waited for the initial wave of her release to pass, then withdrew from her. He gently rolled her over onto her stomach and positioned her ass in the air. He ran his cock over her sopping cleft, before plunging into her again.

Willow keened and rocked her hips back, meeting his thrust, feeling his balls slap into the back of her thighs. She moaned as she felt her inner walls stretch to accommodate him. She could only guess at the inner turmoil that had driven him to this primal display of possession and need, as her body responded to him.

Spike fingered her clit, drawing out her orgasm as he slammed roughly in to her. "That's it, baby. Scream for me, say my name."

Willow cried out incoherently as her body continued to be wracked with pleasure. She reached between her legs with one hand and fondled his sac, while pinching her nipples with the other. "Spike!" She finally whimpered as she gasped for air.

Spike thrust into her in rapid succession as he felt his penis twitch with his own impeding release. The sound of his name on her lips sent him over and with a guttural cry, he emptied himself into her, pinching at her pulsating clit and sinking his fangs into her neck.

Willow screamed as multiple climaxes hit her, convulsing in pleasure.


Angel leaned against the outside of the heavy bedroom door, his fingertips lightly caressing the wood. He pressed his ear firmly to it, torturing himself by listening to their passion. He could hear Spike's sobs, his growls, and later Willow's moans. He pictured Spike, his lithe, pale body stretched out on the bed, face pressed between Willow's thighs. Angel knew the magic of Spike's tongue. He'd honed Spike's natural talent. He echoed Willow's soft moans as he imagined how Spike was using it.

Angel could picture exactly what Spike was doing to Willow. He knew Spike liked to play, run his tongue over the sensitive flesh as his teeth lightly grazed the tender skin. He would alternate sucking on her clit and flicking it with his tongue, and then, when she was shaking, he would plunge his tongue into her, teasing her further until she was nearly blind with the desire for release. His fingers would be busy stroking her, trailing her moisture down to her anus, where he would circle the puckered opening. He would be massaging her thighs, spreading her legs farther as he teased at her bundle of nerves. He would keep that up until coming would become a pleasant agony.

Angel groaned as he remembered the feel of Spike's mouth on him, those beautiful lips wrapped tightly around his hard shaft. Those fingers pressed into his ass, drawing him in deeper, after once again losing the fight, and submitting.

Angel recalled the times Spike had fought him, tried to refuse him. He missed the challenge. Spike always fought him, always resisted, forcing Angelus to dominate him, work him with an iron hand. They would struggle, their bodies pressed close as Spike tried to resist being forced to his knees, his eyes - heavy with lust- fastened on his sire the entire time.

Angel grinned when he remembered the first time he'd taken Spike. He'd kept Spike hungry, interrupting his hunts, never letting him get his full strength, until he submitted. Spike refused to break; he'd scowl and go off to stalk a new victim. Finally, Angelus had cornered him in an alley and they'd fought. Angelus had blocked Spike's blows, and then countered by ripping his shirt off, button by button. Spike's shirt had hung from him as he braced himself in the corner of two buildings, snarling, looking like a fox brought to bay by the hounds.

Angel had used Spike's desperate charge against him, and thrown him into the opposite wall, hard. He'd picked Spike up and tossed him over a barrel, unfastening his trousers before Spike regained his senses. He'd grabbed the back of Spike's neck and held him down in a submissive position as he pumped his cock to full readiness. When Spike fully came to, he'd mercilessly penetrated him, tearing at the tender tissue, letting the blood lubricate him. Spike's cries and threats had been music to his ears. The chase and violence of their struggle had heightened his senses to a fevered pitch. He'd pounded into Spike, his balls slapping into the other vampire's thighs as Spike cursed. Angel remembered pulling Spike's head roughly back and sinking his fangs into him as he came.

Angel smiled at the memories, his fingers trailing down his abdomen to caress the leather covering his engorged penis. It had usually been like that between them, the fighting heightening their lust for each other. He had never gotten bored with Spike. There was always something new.

Angel admitted to himself that he had brought Dru in as a way to keep Spike by his side. He'd thought that his fledge was eager to be on his own, and had wanted to keep him around. It had almost worked.

Angel wasn't sure what had kept him on the bluff when Willow and Spike answered the March ritual. He wanted to be selfless and say it was to protect Willow and make sure that Spike didn't hurt her, but he'd be lying. Spike wouldn't hurt her. He admitted to himself that he'd missed Spike, and wanted him back.

With every cell of his being, Angel yearned to be in there with them. His hand trembled as he reached for the doorknob. He belonged in there. He had the right as Willow's secondary mate, and as Spike's sire - a bond that couldn't be broken, no matter that Willow had claimed Spike for her own. Why then, did he feel like he would be intruding? [I should never have agreed to let them wake up together.]

Angel moaned softly as his cock twitched in sympathetic longing for release as he heard their passion intensify. He tried to adjust the tightness of his leather pants, denying himself the release he so desperately wanted.

Angel sighed. He felt so alone. He'd been alone for so long that it was easy, and tempting, to slip into the brooding persona he'd embraced for a hundred years, yet he denied himself that, too.

Angel let go of the doorknob. Perhaps a peace offering, breakfast in bed. Angel refused to lie to himself; it was an excuse to go in there. He quietly walked down the hall to the stairs, ignoring the tightness of his leather pants.

Part Four


Angel walked up the long driveway to the mansion, liking the way the moon highlighted the house at night. Of course, he never had the chance to look at it during the day, but there was something special about it tonight. The mansion held Willow within it's walls now.

He had taken his time visiting Willie, once he dropped Willow off after shopping. He knew that she needed a chance to be alone with her thoughts for a bit and get used to being alone at the mansion.

Angel smiled. He and Spike hadn't given her much time alone the last couple of days. In fact, they had pretty much been constant companions. He couldn't remember the last time he had spent so much time with his childe without getting into a fight about something. His smile faded poor Willow, she probably wasn't used to such constant attention. How could so many people not see how special she was? She was warm, giving, severely intelligent, and possessed a razor-sharp, dry wit.

His reverie was broken by the sound of a revving engine. Angel glanced up at the fast approaching headlights and decided not to tempt Spike. He stepped through the garden gate off the driveway onto the front walk

Spike saw his sire begin to walk up the path to the house and jammed his foot down on the gas pedal. The engine screamed as it lurched forward in an effort to beat the walking- now running- vampire to the house.

Spike had wasted time with his minions and hunted. He almost felt sorry for the corpses he'd left behind; he'd taken his frustration at leaving Willow with his sire out on his victims. Spike knew that he would have to learn to let Willow have some time alone, and with Angel, but it didn't mean he had to like it.

Spike almost growled when he saw that the garage door was shut. He shrugged and smiled in memory of the time he had left with Dru. Doors break both ways.

Dusting off the splinters that rained down on him from the remains of the garage door, Spike raced for the door to the mansion. He caught sight of Angel coming through the front door as he entered from the rear. Their eyes met for a split second of understanding as they began to race for the stairs. Spike grinned as he shouldered Angel into the banister taking the stairs two at a time. He was going to get to Willow first.

He grunted as Angel grabbed his foot and he fell, catching himself on his hands. Before Angel could take advantage of tripping him, he kicked back, freeing himself and scrambled to his feet. The race was on. Spike sprinted up the rest of the stairs and down the hall to the master bedroom and halted in the doorway.

Angel raced after Spike, catching up to him as he stood staring quietly into the bedroom. He stopped as Spike raised his hand and motioned for silence. He looked in and saw Willow as she lay on the bed with a washcloth over her eyes, hands at her sides. She looked delectable lying there clothed in a loosely tied satin robe. Together they walked towards the bed, studying the way her chest rose and fell with each breath. They glanced at each other, again. Perfect understanding passed between them for the second time that night.

Like fighters getting ready to spar, they went to separate corners of the room. Angel and Spike watched each other as they disrobed. Their minds flashed back to nights long past. Nights spent in the basest debaucheries… and passions.

Spike gazed at Angel's broad hairless chest, the dark nipples stark against the pale skin. He remembered how his sire had responded as he bit at them, moaning his name. The way Angel struggled for an un-needed breath as his lips trailed down his sire's stomach. Spike recalled the way his sire had trembled and held his short hair in a fierce grip as he took Angel's cock into his mouth.

Spike turned his glance back to Willow and sighed. It was different now. He was his own master, not a fledgling subject to the whims of his sire. He was the primary mate this time, and Willow wasn't Dru.

Angel undressed slowly as Spike gazed at him, letting his childe remember the better times between them. He, too, remembered the seemingly endless nights spent exploring the boundaries of pleasure with his childe. He marveled again at the alabaster skin stretched over Spike's wiry frame, the narrow hips and long legs. Spike was his opposite, sharp and angled, where he was broad and curved, light where he was dark, flippant when he was serious. Differences make good sparks.

Angel felt himself harden as he glanced over at Willow. They hadn't disturbed her when they entered and she still lay there, completely relaxed. He winced as he remembered Jenny. Angel fought against the fear that gripped him and reassured himself that Willow was fine. Her chest rose and fell with each breath; he could sense her warmth in the room.

Spike walked up to the bed and knelt next to Willow. As he felt her stir, he placed one hand lightly over the wash cloth and lifted one of the earphones from her head. "Relax, just us." His lips brushing lightly over her ear, tickling her skin in place of the breath he did not have, his words rolling over her, sending anticipatory shivers down her spine.

Angel slid the belt from the robe, and drew her hands over her head, where he tied them gently at the wrists. His lips brushed lightly over Willow's, his tongue flicking over her parted lips. He grabbed a silk scarf from the floor where it had been discarded earlier and secured the washcloth over Willow's eyes.

Willow lay unmoving on the bed, her sense of hearing limited to the sounds of Enya on her CD, her sense of sight covered by the washcloth. She felt the robe being drawn open with agonizing slowness, the caress of the silk as it slid over her chest teasing at her nipples as they hardened. She drew a deep breath as the cool night air brushed over her warm skin.

She felt the kiss of cool lips against her nipples as they each began lavishing her with attention. One set of lips was hesitant- light, but filled with passion. She guessed it was Angel. The tentative touches, the sweeping of his tongue over her nipple conveying his insecurities, of being alone for nearly a century. The other was more confident, carefree, filled with wild abandon and intense passion. Willow smiled. Spike, the personification of devil may care. Her back arched off the bed as they suckled her and teased at her nipples with their cool lips. She silently begged for more of their touch.

As one, Angel and Spike trailed their fingers down her body to her nest of curls. Spike's fingers found her clit and stroked the little nubbin, flicking over the sensitive bundle of nerves.

Angel's fingers teased at her core, dipping into the moisture before easing a finger into her. He moved his finger around her passage before inserting another. He let his fingers massage her, preparing her, teasing her with his slowness and light touch. He curled his fingers upwards, stroking the sensitive mound, making her tremble slightly.

Spike gently pulled at her nipple with his teeth before laving it with his tongue. He circled the tightening areola with his lips. Slowly, he kissed his way up and ran his tongue over her shoulder to her neck, kissing the hollow of her throat.

Angel licked at the underside of her breast and ran his lips lightly over her ribs, tickling her with his light touch. He felt Willow writhe and shiver between them and smiled. She was so full of passion and life. He envied her. He dipped his tongue into her navel as he continued to stroke her. He wanted to feel her tight walls wrapped around his hard member, feel the pulsating muscles squeeze him and drive him mad with his need for release.

Spike licked at her pulse point, running his tongue over her neck in strong quick strokes. He could feel her struggle beside him, fighting against the intense sensation, keeping her throat bared for him. His cock brushed against the soft skin of her stomach, the friction almost painful as it teased him. He delighted in the quick panting breaths and the tenseness of her body. He could feel her rocking her hips against their fingers, demanding release. He plundered her mouth, forcing his tongue past her lips as he quickened his strokes on her nubbin. He swallowed her soft cries as her body shook with spasms.

Angel felt her wetness flow over his finger as he stroked her, her body jerking. His lips brushed against the top of her nest of dark red curls and the scent of her essence washed over his heightened senses. His cock surged to a painful rigidity as he heard her soft sighs. He let his fingers trail the moisture down to her puckered opening, circling her anus.

Willow felt her body tighten with her impending release, her hips rocking against their fingers. She could feel their lips on her, cooling her fevered skin. She never knew what part of her they would touch next and she jumped slightly as their lips evoked more pleasure with each caress.

Her head tossed restlessly from side to side as her body tensed and they quickened their strokes. She felt Spike's lips press against hers as his tongue forced it's way past her teeth. She moaned softly into his mouth as she came, lightly biting at his lips.

She wanted to touch them, to feel their skin beneath her fingers and she struggled lightly against the scarf holding her wrists together. She felt a hand grasp hers and she calmed.

Spike let his fingers slide into her slick passage as Angel gently probed at her anus, before slowly inserting a finger into the tight muscle. His thumb continued to rub at her clit, building her desire again.

Angel's tongue danced over her clit as his fingers worked in and out of her slowly. He could feel her body relaxing as the pleasure washed over her. He glanced up and saw Spike licking at her neck, causing shivers to rack her body. Angel focused back on her clit, stroking it with his tongue and sucking it into his mouth.

Willow trembled on the edge of another orgasm, but they wouldn't let her go over. She growled her frustration as they kept her trembling, but unsatisfied. She felt herself being rolled onto her side facing away from Spike. She cried out as she felt him kissing and nipping at the back of her neck. She was beyond thought as tingles shot down her spine to gather at the small of her back. She wasn't sure how much more she could take; she needed them both so badly it hurt.

Spike positioned himself at her sopping entrance and eased into her, coating his shaft with her juices. He groaned as the heat encased him and her muscles clenched around him. Reluctantly, he eased out of her, almost echoing her cry at the loss of his length from within her.

Spike positioned himself at her anus and slowly eased the tip of his cock into her, letting her get used to his size before going any further. With almost maddening slowness, he penetrated her as he continued to bite and kiss the back of her neck. Willow writhed, trying to drive him faster as shivers raced through her body. Every nerve was alert and tingling with sensation. She could feel Angel as he pinched her nipples and stroked her clit, feel the coolness of Spike's skin against her back as he entered her. Before she could beg or speak, she felt Angel take her lips and she tasted herself on him.

Once Spike was sheathed inside her he lay back, pulling her on top of him. His hands reached around her and played with her nipples as he sucked on her neck.

Angel slowly urged Spike and Willow's knees up and apart as he knelt between them. He glanced down into Spike's eyes as he moved closer. His hand lazily pumped his hard cock as he positioned himself at Willow's pussy. He braced himself on one hand and slowly eased into her, while staring straight into Spike's eyes.

Spike had never liked it when Angel took him like a woman, preferring to be taken from behind. He didn't want to have to watch himself being violated, no matter how much he might be enjoying it at the moment. Angel's intense gaze almost stripped him of whatever essence animated him; he felt naked, and like he was the one being penetrated, as if Willow weren't there. He could feel his sire's cock brush against his own through the thin membrane that separated them.

Angel eased into Willow, letting her get used to the sensation and position of them in her. He saw Spike's hands on her breasts holding them almost in offering to him and he bent to take a nipple between his lips. He heard Willow gasp as they began to move within her.

Willow felt herself being filled and thought she might tear, despite their gentleness and preparation. Her head arched back and she spread her legs wider for them. She groaned low in her throat as they began to move. She lifted her hips to meet Angel's thrust and felt Spike withdrawing only to drive herself back onto Spike and feel Angel withdraw. Each breath was filled with moans as the sensations swarmed over her. Angel's lips at one breast, Spike pinching the nipple of the other. Spike's lips on one side of her throat, then Angel's at the other.

Angel braced himself on his hands and quickened his pace, driving into her, driving her onto Spike. He could hear Spike's moans now too, mingled with his own. He felt his balls tightening as the pleasure became too much. He stared into Spike's eyes as he came, crying out.

Spike held Willow's hips, helping to guide her between them. The feeling of entering her and brushing against his sire's cock was almost too much. He buried his mouth in her neck to hide the whimpers and moans of pleasure. He could feel her muscles contracting around them as her body tensed, ready to plunge into the abyss. He met his sire's eyes as he felt himself surge over the edge, his own body beginning to twitch and shudder with release. He was drowning in Angel's gaze, and he knew then that he would never again be truly free from his sire and never from Willow.

Angel shook with his release, his body trembling as he stared at Spike. He saw Spike lift his wrist to his mouth and open a vein for him. It was what fledges did for their masters, or vampires that were close friends. He didn't want to be Spike's master anymore, he wanted to be his friend, his lover, but he wouldn't take the blood until he knew how it was offered. He glanced from the wound to Spike, then to Willow. If they were going to make this work, it couldn't be like it was before, not like it had been with Dru. Angel saw Willow watching them and sighed as she licked at Spike's blood. He took her offered tongue and sucked on the blood.

Willow could feel the weight of Angel's body pressing her into Spike. She was panting and shaking from the force of her orgasm. Tentatively she moved her hands to remove the blindfold. Encountering no resistance, she removed it and blinked her eyes to adjust them to the dim light that filled the room. She saw Spike's arm extended towards Angel, a thin line of dark liquid running down to his elbow. She saw Angel looking from the offered blood to Spike to her. Gently she lifted her head and licked at the trail of blood and offered her tongue to Angel.

Spike howled as he came, the intensity of the sensations and forgotten emotions ripping through him as he gazed at Angel. As they lay quivering from exertion, he slashed at his wrist and offered it to his sire, his lover, his… friend. He waited for Angel to take what he offered and was puzzled by the hesitation. The Angelus he had known wouldn't have thought twice about it. He tensed when Willow lifted her head, licked at the blood and offered it to Angel. Then he understood. They were hers. It wasn't the way it had been with Du, with her belonging to both of them. They belonged to Willow. He and Angel were now free to be whatever they wanted to be to each other… what could have been long ago.

The End!