Spike in the City of Angels, Episode Two:
Welcome to Sunnyhell

by John Cope

Part Thirty-three

The good guys had formed a circle on the pathway just in front of the porch. Buffy knew there was no way that could fight there way over the street to the burning house so since all the vampires wanted to do was kill them anyway why wear out the shoe leather. The Gundersons would live or die dependant on the battle here.

She stood at the front of the formation sword extended outwards, the Spikes flanked her, the rest of the team stakes more or less firmly held provided back up. That was all they could do knowing that if it came to an open melee battle the vampires would tear them to shreads.

The vampires paused when they saw the blade, nobody wanted to be the first to charge and die not when they could take these humans and the traitors helping them in one overwhelming rush. But then the vampires at the front of that rush would be the dead ones, the ones who didn't get to feed.

"Get them!" Colin screamed pushing a vampire forward. Unwillingly but knowing his fate at the Master's hands if he disobeyed, he charged straight into a steel blade.

The Slayer's first slash took off the clawed hand that raked for her eyes, her second sent a head spinning just for a second before both it and its body flew away to dust.

Colin knew then what he had to do. Pushing three vampires before him he charged for the sword.

Buffy laid the middle vampire's face open with a slashing cut even as the Spikes knocked the other two vampires to the ground and want to strike with the stakes they held. Buffy brought the sword round to behead the screaming blinded vampire only to have Colin run straight onto the blade.

He groaned as it ran into his long unused guts the tip of the blade emerged dripping with borrowed blood from his back. "Gotcha." He screamed his mouth bloody in the Slayer's face even as his raised fists struck her wrists hard.

"No I got you..." Buffy's hands came free of the sword even as Colin fell back. "Or maybe not."

The vampires came in in a torrent. Colin crawled clear before raising to his feet the sword jutting straight from his back, blood ran from his smiling lips but that didn't matter, all that did were the screams of battle from behind him...and in front?

Buffy moved out to give herself more space. Her feet and fists moved like a whirlwind vampires fell to left and right yet heavy blows landed in return. Spike abandoned stakes in favour of his brass knuckles a more intimidating weapon in this brawl. A vampire with broken teeth can't feed and the sight of the damage he was doing made the creatures try to keep clear of him rather than risk it. Altie bit, gouged and kicked for all he was worth but still the vampires pushed him back.

Michael dusted the first vamp that came at him but the second sank her claws into his shoulders and her teeth into his neck, he screamed even as Heidi fed. Then regardless of the danger Kyle was on her a bottle of Holy water raised high. "Let go of him you bitch."

He knew it was to late but the words helped. "And this will make two." Then he smashed the bottle down on top of her head.

Glass shattered and for a second blood showed before the water like acid cleaned the flesh from Heidi's skull. The stake Kyle thrust through her heart saved her from a more painful death than she'd had planned for him.

Kyle hit the ground himself seconds later as a hard driven fist slammed into his jaw. A vampire jumped on him fangs gleaming as the descended to tear at his flesh. Then they disappeared in an instant. "What the?"

"Kyle come on." Jonathan stood over him stake extended like a sword. "We need those bombs now."

Larry fought alongside Oz and Devon, slamming vampires back with boot and fist. The vamps were startled at the opposition, the humans were fighting like men and women possessed. The three woman were on the porch steps firing their crossbows over the guys' shoulders but it was obvious that it wouldn't last.

Guy Matthews' legs were kicked from under him and a hard driven boot broke his jaw. Hogan narrowly avoided a set of fangs but the vampire he staked laid his left cheek open with his claws.

Jenny shot a vampire in the heart as it ran at the Slayer from behind with a fence post. The Slayer staked the vampire she was fighting then launched a spin kick that sent the next vamp that tried to grab the wooden weapon thudding to the ground. Then a vamp who looked like an offensive linesman in his former life slammed a fist into the side of Buffy's head and sent her stunned to the ground.

Altie leapt in to stop the stamp that would have crushed her skull his leg deflected the blow but left him defenseless against the head butt that knocked him unconscious. His body fell atop the Slayer's stopping her attempt to rise.

Screaming in triumph the vampire made to attack the Slayer again.

"No you don't you bastard." Spike kicked up viciously his steel toe-capped boot aimed at just one target, the triumph turned to agony as the boot connected. "Nobody messes with my girl."

A growling circle of vampires watched him help the Slayer to her feet. "I think this time we're in real trouble luv."

"Quite possibly that's the biggest statement of the blindingly obvious that I have ever heard."

The vampires prepared to spring and then the fight changed.


"Still nothing." Willow was beginning to feel like crying. "Ok if we wanted howling wind this spell would be wonderful but for Buffy restoration...guess it's not the ticket huh!"

"Maybe we should try another." Karen felt as if she'd read every spell book in the library. "I mean this ones not working."

"Third time lucky Will." Xander walked over to the edge of the pentagram and patted her gently on the arm. "Maybe this Janus dude has a busy line, just call him one more time huh."

"Why not," Willow tried to sound confident but came across desperate. "What have we got to lose?"


Colin saw it first, the doors of Revello drive starting to open.

He was slowly pulling the katana out of his body when the people began to come out.

There weren't many, vampires on the parts of the drive away from the battle and those that were reacted with open mouthed shock for the first vital seconds as men ran at them with broken broom handles, chair legs, axes, knives and any other weapons on which they could lay their hands. They started off as individuals but the soon coalesced into a howling mob.

*You shouldn't have burned the house.* Colin experienced the moment of clarity just as the sword tore free. *There they all were sitting in their safe little cocoons when suddenly they realized vampires can light matches and nobody's safe. And now we all may well die.*

A half dozen men were all trying to find the heart on the same vamp it howled as stakes tore its chest apart. Another fell to blows from axes and baseball bats and then it was Colin's turn as scattered humans ran at him looking for another kill.

Or it would have been if he'd not been holding the sword.

The first man to come at him died silently to a thrust to the throat. As the body fell forward Colin grabbed it greedily with his free hand and drank to replace the blood he had lost from his wounds. He dropped the drained body just as another man ran at him a broom handle raised for a downward thrust. Colin parried it two handed the wood splintering and the blade slicing open his assailants arm. The man's scream of pain filled the night air.

Vampires facing the Slayer turned round. And saw the mob coming towards them.

Fear, that clawed at many minds, but also hunger. Most had driven along way and the Master had not been hospitable to his guests sending them to fight without so much as a drop of blood to savour. Now they had a feast spread out before them.

"Hey!" Buffy shouted after them as nearly all her enemies charged in the opposite direction to the one she was expecting. "Do you have any idea how rude that is? Come back!"

The two forces met with a shattering thud, though the vampires losses made them outnumbered at first their animal ferocity gave them the edge and humans fell with throats ripped and necks broken. But their weapons bit home, too.

And then the Slayer and those of her people still able to fight charged into the vampires rear and the killing work really began.

Plunging a stake into a vampire's back, Buffy didn't even break stride as she kicked his neighbour who was turning to attack her in the jaw. Her face took on a set resolute expression as she crushed his skull with a heel stamp. An over arm throw put a stake in the heart of a vamp about to bite a man whose arm the creature had just broken. She ripped another stake from her belt and moved on to her next target.

"What's going on?" Willow looked over the back fence of number 1625 into whose garden she'd dragged Xander after their arson attack. "Jeeze they got brave, do your pants up Xand we're missing out on the fun."

"Yeah ok!" Xander looked at the lipstick smudges in interesting places and thought. *I wasn't.* But all the same duty called.

As Willow leapt the fence a group of four humans were running past to join the melee that was raging across the whole street. Her drop kick sent the leader crashing back into the other men, they fell in a heap and Willow sprang on them like a tigress.

"Bored now," she said seconds later as she rose from the still bodies. "Do you call that fighting for your life, why do humans have to die so easy?"

"You're just too tough for them Will." Xander ran his fingers down her sides before grabbing her hips and pulling her leather clad ass back against his hardness. "Think the guys down the street may put up more of a scrap though."

"But not as much as these." Willow suddenly realized that it was possible to be afraid of humans as the convoy of cop cars suddenly sped into view. A single Civilian car led them, a girl leaning out of the window crossbow in hand grabbed her full attention. "Doesn't she look like Buffy?"

And then the bolt flew.


"Janus hear us, open the way." Willow unthinking pulled a small penknife from her pocket, she used it to whittle stakes when she had nothing better to do. "Janus accept this offering and open the way for she who is lost."

"Willow..." Giles began.

The cut was slight only a few drops fell to the ground but then the wind truly did begin to roar.


Xander pushed Willow aside and the crossbow bolt slammed into his right side. "Ow!"

"No!" she screamed as he fell forward. And then the traitor was out of the car and running at them stake in hand. "Bitch!"

"Look whose talking fang features." Buffy launched a snap kick at Willow's jaw. Willow blocked it with both hands and sent a spin kick toward the same target. It met thin air. "You look a hell of a lot more like a dog than me."

Buffy's leg trip connected solidly and the vampiress hit the ground hard. *She's alive, how can she be alive, this is so unfair.*

And then a vortex opened and the flash of light that issued from it sent everyone crashing blinded to the floor.


"Oh my god it worked." Giles looked at the figure laying on the ground twenty yards in front of Willow. Small, blond, female. "Buffy."

"Will." Xander wanted to dash into the pentagram and hug the Wiccan but didn't, he knew it was there for a reason. "Total nausea on the blood part, but you rock!"

"Is it her?" Karen asked a transfixed Angel.

"Somefink ain't right." Browne was sensing his Queen but not his Queen. "Angel..."

"She's alive." Angel dropped his bow and took a hesitant step forward. "She's come back alive."

Shaking her head Buffy tried to clear her vision, her hand dropped to her crossbow that hung on its sling at her waist. As stealthily as she could she loaded it. Her Slayer sense told her that a vampire was stalking up behind her. *I don't know what she hit me with but she sure is gonna pay.*

"B...Buffy?" Angel began to pray silently that this wasn't a dream. "Is that you?"

"Yeah." The Slayer rolled over and raised her bow one handed. "I don't think we've been introduced, I'm Buffy and you're history!"

Her finger tightened on the trigger even as a voice she knew screamed out. "Buffy no!"

To be Continued....