Spike in the City of Angels, Episode Two:
Welcome to Sunnyhell

by John Cope

Part Ten

Cars parked right up the drive, Buffy smiled as she took in the vehicles. Everybody's here, she thought. Giles' Citroen, Karen's Saturn, Oz's van, Xander's old ex-vampire Chevy and joy! Spike's DeSoto.

And there were two people having a heated argument on her path.

Her window was wound down, so she caught the words shouted back and forth.

"How could you try to reunite them?" Giles was almost growling. "Between them they've killed three Slayers, don't you appreciate the threat they'd pose?"

"Spike wouldn't come back here, he knows what would happen to Dru." Angel was controlling his temper, but with extreme difficulty. Giles was talking to him as if he were some errant school kid. "After all, Dru killed Kendra. Buffy wouldn't show her a seconds mercy."

"Yes, she did and I hadn't forgotten." Giles was angry and so went on. "Or on whose orders she did it. The letter should have been passed to me Angel."

Angel was stunned, for Giles to stand there and openly throw something Angelus had done at him and for doing nothing more than trying to get rid of Spike. He had been trying to do the Slayerettes a favour. This was not the reaction he had expected.

"Giles....." He began, stopping when a voice from beside him interrupted his already disheveled train of though.

"Hey guys, why are you fighting?" Buffy was stood just two feet away giving him the look. "And what letter?"

Before Angel could even open his mouth Giles dropped him right in it, a Watcher scorned is a terrible thing. "Angel received a letter from Dru to be forwarded to Spike. He sent it on without referring the matter to me or, as I assume, you causing Spike to react in a potentially disastrous manner."

"How?" Buffy's eyes were firmly locked with Angel's. He met the gaze confidently enough, she was his Childe after all, but then again she wasn't, but she was his lover to so he had no great fear over her reaction.

"When I came out of the house they had weapons aimed at each others hearts, Buffy." Giles might have relished the scene had he been less aware of how important the two vampires had become to their cause. "I seriously thought they were going to kill each other."

"I see." Buffy nodded and took a firm grip on the front of Angel's shirt. "Go inside Giles, this is between me and Angel."

"Are you sure that's a good idea Buffy...?" Giles hadn't seen his ward morph very often and the sight was still rather upsetting, which was why he retreated back into the mansion at some speed.

"So what Buff? So I tried to help Spike's love life out a little." Angel stretched out a hand to stroke his lovers cheek. It was violently dashed aside. "What? Why would you be pissed, it's not like you love him..."

And Angel's eyes turned yellow. "Is it?"

"Be grateful, Angel, for the fact that I don't believe in violence within a relationship, which is the only reason you arn't bleeding for what you've done." Buffy didn't feel any guilt as she went on to lie. "Of course I don't love Spike, but you've hurt him enough -- taking Dru from him, now after all the hurt, you try to be nice to him by giving her back, you bastard!"

"Bastard? Maybe you should show me what you really feel Buffy," Angel growled, as a Sire to his Childe. "Let's bring this out into the open."

"We have three vampires hunting their way round Sunnydale, which means I don't have time for this now." Buffy pushed the dark-haired vampire away and started to walk towards the mansion, then paused and looked back. "Just pray to god I forget this before we next train, second thoughts, just pray!"

And with that she left him standing there alone as she went off to get ready to fight her war.


Her emotions were in turmoil.

It wasn't like she couldn't see why Angel had done it, but for him to try to justify his actions as having been for Spike's benefit......that was too much for her to take.

Spike here or in LA working for her, her friend if not her lover, was good. Spike away with Dru was bad, very bad. Under the vampiress' influence, he would quickly start to kill again and if that happened, then Buffy would be duty bound to kill him without pity.

*Is that what Angel wants?*

"Oh Buffy I'm so glad you're eeeeuuh." Willow's voice broke into Buffy's thoughts, making her remember something. She was game.

"Sorry Will forgot." She looked round. "Where'd the boys go?"

"They're in the kitchen," Willow wanted to comfort Buffy in some way but didn't get a chance, Buffy brushed straight past her.

"Damn." The Wicca seethed at herself for missing her chance. "I should be used to a vamped Buffy by now." She realized Xander was watching her.

"Just talking to myself here." Willow frowned at the smile on Xander's face. "Loving this arn't ya, Buffy and Angel fighting?"

"Well the thought of her whuppin' Dead Boy is one I regard with a certain relish." Xander didn't wilt before Willow's glare. "But she'll just run from him to Junior anyway, so I'm not exactly Mr Happy, if that's any comfort."

"It isn't Xander," Willow went of towards the kitchen, not to eavesdrop, just to be there in case Buffy needed her but in her head carried on the conversation, adding, *For someone who claims to be Buffy's friend, Alexander Harris, you sure do like to see her hurting.*


Spike felt better after a bag or two of blood, the shock of facing down his own Sire had subsided and the shaking had stopped. The heartache was still there, though, and with it the knowledge that Buffy was gonna know.

What would she think, would she wish him gone? Probably she would.

But not for a bad reason, never in the world would he suspect her of being capable of that. It was just that he knew she wanted him to be happy, knew that he needed someone fixed in his life who wasn't with someone else. Someone like Dru.

Then there was Browne.

*If I go back to Dru I've got to take him with, I can't leave the poor bugger behind, who'd look after 'im? But if the Slayer don't agree he won't go, true to 'is salt an all that bollocks.* Spike contemplated another bag, not daring to look at the silent vetala who paced the further end of the kitchen. *And I'd bloody miss 'im, hate to say it, but I would.*

Then the Slayer walked in, and all conscious thought left his mind.

"Hey guys." Buffy's smile lit up Spike's head. "You ok?"

"I'm marvelous Bahadur, never bein' better." Browne grinned broadly as he sidled towards the door. "But I don't think you'll mind if I leave you two to it, eh?"

"No you go, but we'll have a nice chat later, ok?" Buffy's half-smile almost made Browne want to fight Spike for her, then Angel then every other bloke in the world. He ran for it before he wound up melted in a puddle on the floor.

"You've grown your hair pet." Spike gently took her hand, he could do no more here. "But then it has been nearly a month."

"I know, and yes I have." It was just a couple of inches past shoulder length, but it was nice of him to notice. "You like?"

"Yes kitten." Spike felt himself starting to drown in her eyes and asked the question. "So they've told you?"

"Bout Dru." Buffy frowned as she tried hard not to pout. "Yeah I heard....please don't go. I know I shouldn't ask cause I can't offer you much, but please don't leave me. You're my friend too, you see, as well as everything else and I so don't want to lose you. But if you have to...to be happy......"

The Slayer's voice trailed away, Spike was staring at her open-mouthed. In a small voice she went on. "But you've decided to go.....haven't you?"

"Luv I thought you were gonna tell me to go to Drusilla." Spike didn't care where he was or who might walk in, opening his arms, he drew the girl in, her face pressed against his chest as gently stroking her hair he went on. "I'm sorry I could have been so foolish. I'll not go and the poof can take a runner. I'm stoppin 'ere round you, kitten -- forever."

*But whose gonna look after Dru?* A dark voice whispered in his mind, but Spike ignored it, kissed the top of Buffy's head, and for a time the darkness went away.

But only for a time.

Part Eleven

Willow waited, and waited, and was just about to go knock on the kitchen door when Buffy came out.

A forlorn Buffy? No she didn't look majorly unhappy, but all the same Willow whispered to her, "You ok?"

"I'm fine." Buffy smiled, Willow looked at Spike standing behind her friend and had all her suspicions answered. The tunnels hadn't been the first time, or if it was it wouldn't be the last. She could see the look of love the vampire bore in his eyes.

"That's good Buffy." Willow so wanted to drag her friend someplace for a serious talk but there was the duty thing. "'Spose we better go slay now?"

"Very much so." The Slayer re-emerged from the shadow of the lovelorn girl and she was decisive. "Everyone in the living room please, we got vamps to kill."

She caught Angel's arm as he walked past her. "Sorry, but you know you shouldn't have done that. We could have eliminated Dru without Spike ever finding out. Now we have to let her go to avoid losing him."

The dark vampire lost the scowl he had been wearing and smiling, kissed her forehead. "I let jealousy get to me I guess. I know I screwed up, Buff. I'm sorry."

"Good, contriteness in a Sire is something I like." She leaned nearer and whispered in his ear. "You should try that growly command thing in the bedroom some times, it's quite the turn on."

As she entered the room, a sadness filled her. It was wrong to love two men, or rather to expect unconditional love from two men when she could only return that love in full to one of them. But she loved them both and that was the problem, there was no way she could choose or it seemed let one of them choose either.

It didn't help that if she had to choose it would have to be Angel.......or did it?

She should let Spike go, let him go and be with Dru. Buffy knew in her still heart that that was the course that she should take, but she couldn't do it. She loved him too much to give him up.

People were waiting for her to speak. Giles was bringing his hand up to his mouth to cough and get her attention when Buffy launched into her briefing.

"The vampire at the hospital was a Trick Childe called would you believe Mr Treat." She let the resultant shocked gasps die down. "We cut a deal -- he's bringing us the guys who killed the 90210 cast, if he does that he gets a job, same terms as Spike and Browne."

"We recrutin' more vamps here? Since....." Xander began to interrupt before he caught the full intensity of the Buffy's glare. "Ok, obviously we are. Terrible thing that 90210 thing. The show was terrible, too, of course, but I gotta ask did you guys ever notice something weird about it?"

"No," Buffy looked up, exasperated, but knowing he wouldn't let her get on till she asked. "What!?"

"Their school looked exactly the same as ours 'cept for the name, ain't that the strangest?" Xander basked in the silence as a room full of people pondered on that, well not Giles or Browne of course they just looked confused.

"Wow!" Oz shook his head. "I never noticed that, probably cause I never paid it the slightest attention."

"And to think now like so many Sunnydale High School kids, they're vampire bait." Willow hadn't been a fan either but was sad for the cast, but a bright spot did occur to her. "'Cept for the ones who got jobs playing witches."

"Oh yeah." Xander had a certain appreciation for Charmed. "Good point, it's a pity that......"

"Can I please get on here?!" Buffy half-screamed, then flushed very slightly as the room went quiet. "Thanks, sorry, but vampires abroad, town in peril, remember?"

Everyone quieted down, Buffy briefed again.

"The Three, old powerful vampires, servants of the Master and previously assumed dead." She looked around the room, at her friends, they were concentrating, which was good. "Are back and wandering round Sunnydale, tonight we find out why."

"So we need a vampire to question, a vampire!" Buffy looked hard at the Browne, Spike and Xander sections of the room. "We don't dust all three, but we knock the Three from three down to one in short order, then Browne goes to work on the survivor."

"Method." She smiled at her lover. "Only Angel and I aim for the heart, the rest of you target the vamps legs. Bring them down, hurt them but leave the killing work to me. Weapons -- crossbows and stakes and edged stuff, everything else stays here."

"'Ang on there Yer Magesty, savin' your presence crossbows?" Browne looked aghast, Spike looked puzzled, too. "This is the twentieth century, those blokes is wearin' armour so surely....."

"15th Century armour to be exact," Giles contributed without being asked. "The type crossbows are designed to penetrate."

"Exactly," Buffy added in a voice that would broke no argument. "Their not armed, James, and this isn't LA, so the guns stay here, tonight we slay in the old fashioned way."

"Alright," Browne pouted, much to his comrades hidden amusement. "'Ave it your way."

"I shall." Buffy looked around. "Spike, Browne and Angel with me on foot, the rest of you tail us in the van. When we find these guys you get up fast to join us and we turn them into cushions. Any questions?"

Nobody raised a hand. "Good, let's get ready."


Visibly annoyed, Browne went and stashed his submachine guns and the two pistols Buffy knew about, and began digging through the baggage that he had left at the mansion and quickly found his Tulwars.

They weren't strictly speaking Indian, being old English cavalry sword blades sold on to Indian craftsmen and then remounted, but with an edge that the old original manufacturers would scarce of dreamed of.

"What you up to then?" Spike asked opening the adjoining door. He had thrown his Heckler on the bed, then concealed his .36 in a shoulder holster he hoped Buffy wouldn't detect. "Where did you get that old junk from?"

"These are not junk," Browne replied defensively. "Took em off those old ex-Thugee what turned me, killed some of their mates with em later." He threw one of the swords to Spike. "See the decoration on that hilt."

Spike looked, it was indeed ornate but the scabbard wasn't, it was plain leather and wood. "Scrimped a bit here didn't they? I thought scabbards was usually metal too, gold an such?"

"If you wants the edge taken off with the two bits of metal rattlin' together." Browne sneered at the stupidity of his own and other bygone armies. "Just check the edge on that......"


"I said check it not feel it, you silly sod." Digging out bandaid Browne went over to his bleeding comrade. "Spike, sometimes you are such a tit." Shaking his head, he started plastering. "Better take a kukris instead eh, yer less likely to cut stuff off yourself with one of them."

Spike just nodded, then whispered something he had wanted to say for days. "I'm glad I met you mate, I don't think I could have 'andled all this without you."

The vetala nodded, he had been having fears over what might happen once he'd found out what was in the letter. Fears of being left all alone.

Alright the Slayer would look after him, tell him what to do, but she wouldn't let him stay in LA on his own, he wasn't trusted enough, not yet. That would mean an end to his?......Friendship with Cordelia. If that was what you could call the way the girl treated him. Also to the Palomino, which helped him pass the time.

"We'll get through this yet old son, you'll see."


Buffy adjusted the strap around her body and then handed Angel the Katana. He hung the blade on the hooks that protruded from the back of the leather.

A backpack followed neatly, hiding the sheath, even as Buffy adjusted her hair to disguise the hilt. "Give it a practice tug." She said.

Angel gripped the pack and pulled, velcro ripped and parted, leaving the pack in his hand and the sword open for Buffy's use.

"Way to go." Buffy nodded and put the pack back on. "We all set?"

Everyone was armed and ready. Spike was bandaged and contrite, he'd had a severe ticking off and been told never again to "Be so dumb."

Kukris or machetes were most of the Slayerettes choices, only Giles, Browne and Buffy were different. Giles had acquired the short sword that the first Gallowglas Buffy had slain had carried and wore it now hanging from his belt. The sight of her Watcher strapping on a sword had made Buffy shake her head in wonder and a line from a movie had come back to her.

"We are all god's mad men now!" She whispered, then shook Van Helsing from her thoughts, it wasn't Dracula they faced. "Let's go!"


The hunt went through the familiar streets and parks, fruitlessly.

A few people stared, most people looked the other way. Buffy and her companions looked dangerous to those who didn't know Sunnydale's secret, and spelled out the danger on the town's streets to those who did.

"Where are they?" Buffy asked the night air after they finished scouting their fifth cemetery. Her Spider sense gave no long range signals at all and she was rapidly getting pissed as a result.

"I do not want to spend all my nights off college hunting these guys." Buffy kicked a stone ahead of her a few feet. "I was gonna try and find Browne a nice vampiress, hit her on the head, get her a soul, persuade her to like him but no, now I got to sacrifice another weekend to the Hellmouth."

The sound of choking from the Englishvamp who walked behind her suddenly alerted the Slayer vampire to the fact she'd said aloud something she hadn't meant to. "I'm sorry I didn't mean....."

"That I can't get a bird of my own!" Browne was conscious of how hard the vampires who stood on either side of him were trying not to laugh at his discomfort. "I'll have you know I get plenty."

"Yeah." Buffy couldn't stop herself in time and added, "All those moronic mortal girls you screw in back of the Palomino."

"Buffy, if you must have conversations like that please turn off your throat mike." Giles' voice suddenly came through loud and clear to her earpiece, reminding her of who she was. Slayer of vamps not guidance counselor of vamps. And also that she'd just shared the detail of the vetala's sex life with everyone in the van. *Yike.*

"Ok, Weatherly, then Hammersmith." She readjusted her not-particulary-well hidden crossbow. "Those boys have gotta be out there somewhere."


Except for Anya, who had gone to the hospital to check on Faith, all the other Slayerettes were in Oz's van. They were waiting to be summoned in for the kill and they were getting bored.

"Do you suppose all the bad luck was in the library?" Xander asked, he was sat in the back of the van with the two remaining fems, Giles and Oz were riding up front. "Or do you suppose what happened to Buffy just wore it out?"

"It's possible." Karen had to consider becoming a vampire to be very unlucky, especially if you were the Slayer. "Maybe that explains it."

"Thank you." Xander nodded in acknowledgment. "But of course there's no way of telling, the bad luck could come back and strike us at any second."

Willow had her ears covered and she wanted to scream. "Please Stop!" But that would make the stupid things Xander was saying come true. *Oh god please make him shut up!*


Weatherly was clean, well two conventional vamps got shot down in flight, but no The Three. Hammersmith was by mutual consent their last port of call for the night.

They were halfway in when Buffy felt it, and held up her left hand, with five fingers extended.

"Five?" Giles voice came through in her ear, he was in the bushes running parallel to the path the rest of the team beside him.

"Yes, straight ahead." And indeed dark shapes came into view and only three showed the glint of armour. "I think they've been recruiting, or we got more visitors from another plane."

Vampires eyes are keen, a turned Slayers even keener. Buffy therefore didn't need to get much nearer to see that the two vamps in modern dress were badly bruised, conscripts in vamp terms. "Change of plan Giles, split the local talent amongst your team, my team Angel and I -- the minions; Spike and Browne, break the guy in the breastplate's legs."

They closed quickly, the unreconstructed vampires coming forward just as quickly as those who served on the side of good.

"Crossbows!" The leader of the vampires, the one-eyed creature who Buffy had kicked in the balls the previous night, had not undergone any improvement in temper. He spat as he bore down on the girl who had injured him and her new allies. "Have ye not the stomach to fight like demons, with fang and claw, would you fight like mortals instead?"

"Yeah!" Buffy said with a shake of her head. Then fired, the small talk could wait for later during the torture. Her bolt took the vampire with the ponytail in the heart, tearing straight through his chain mail in the process. He disappeared in a cloud of dust and rusted metal.

Angel fired a fraction of a second later, his bolt also struck true the leader of The Three had indeed become The One.

He moved fast, spin rolling away, two bolts hit the ground were his legs should have been.

"Fuck 'e moves fast." Two horrified vampires shouted in unison.

A volley of bolts cut the Sunnydale talent down and then everyone started reloading frantically as a vampire ran for his unlife.

Oz drew back his bow string and took aim. The bow was loaded with an arrow tipped with a bodkin point, an arrow head designed to punch through plate steel. Praying that he wouldn't strike the heart Oz loosed.

The shaft rotated through the air as it flew and struck at waist-height. The arrowhead slammed through the backplate and into the dead flesh beyond.

The flesh was dead but the nerves still sent signals, the old vampire howled as the pain tore through it and staggered as its legs weakened. Stolen blood began to pour down its thighs as veins ripped.

Throwing down her crossbow Buffy ran, Spike close behind her.

Their quarry made it to the edge of the Skateboard pit and stood teetering on the edge, before turning to face them. "Come on, come wench and fight." He screamed through blood flecked lips.

Buffy came in with a drop kick. It took the vampire in the chest and he was propelled back into the pit but with Buffy following him.

A twin flash nearly blinded Spike, he rubbed his eyes and ran on. Looking down he was amazed to see a whirlpool of darkness in the pit below, a whirlpool and no Buffy. What made the matter worse was the fact that the hole was closing.

For a second he hesitated, then with a scream of "Buuuufffy!" he jumped, and disappeared. Another blue flash lit up the sky over Sunnydale and Spike was gone.

Part Twelve

Buffy's impact with the ground was hard. For a few seconds she was stunned before she realized that she lay beside her enemy who was trying to get up, the clatter of armour was loud enough to snap her attention back to the fight. Claws reaching for her face helped, too.

"No you don't," she said simply, as she slammed her fist into his nose. The crunch of his bones made her feel better, too, or at least is till she looked up.

"What!?" She was in an alleyway and one she recognized. It ran from The Alibi to The Bronze. "How the......HEY!"

Spike fell in on her.

"Ow!" Buffy was slammed down onto The One and the vampires armour bruised her ribs. "Get off me you British idiot!"

"Sorry Pet." Spike started to get up even as the wounded vampire opened his eyes. He slammed his fist three rapid times into the one-eyed vamp's face for good luck then helped the Slayer to her feet. "Where are we?"

"Don't know." She looked round fearfully, both vampires remembered the same detail. "We fell."

They looked up at a rapidly closing ring of light which flicked out before their startled eyes.

"That does not look good, kitten." Spike looked up and down the litter-strewn alley. "I think we may be in trouble."

"Ya don't say." Buffy threw her hands up in the air. "Why did you jump in here after me duffus? it's bad enough one of us is trapped in another dimension, you didn't have to come with!"

"What you'd want to be here on your own?" Spike sounded a little petulant as he asked the question. He hadn't actually thought about it, Buffy had gone so he had followed.

"No, I guess not." Buffy looked round and shuddered as her stomach twisted. "But this is a bad place."

"What do you mean baby, hasn't it really just landed us on the other side of town?" He saw the fear in her eyes and didn't like it, if Buffy was scared then he sure as hell was. "Buffy........we arn't on the otherside,,,,are we?"

"You don't have the super souped-up Slayer sense I have Spike." It was painful, the feeling was so intense. "All I can feel all around us is their presence, there must be over a hundred vamps within a square mile. This isn't Sunnydale Spike, this is Sunnyhell!"

"And thou art welcome to it bitch." A voice hissed from by their feet, they looked down at their forgotten adversary. "The Master will destroy you both for so treating his servants."

"Yeah," Buffy said nonchalantly even as her stomach flipped at confirmation her old adversary walked here. "I take it you're also the kind of idiot who just falls through inter-dimensional wormholes and you don't know any better than we do how to get them open again."

"I walked through with my followers four nights ago, girl, and hath been seeking a road back ever since!" He sneered. "And to think how the Master will reward me for bringing one as fair as you into his power."

The katanas blade whistled through the night air, the decapitated vampire exploded into dust.

"Could you have imagine anybody being that stupid?" Buffy sheathed her sword and began to drag the empty armour to a dumpster. "Threatening to set the Master on me, like he was gonna get the chance, duh!"

"What do we do Slayer?" Spike stood watch as she concealed the evidence. "We're on our own and bloody outnumbered but there's bound to be people fighting back. Do we go find them? Kick some arse?"

"No!" Buffy didn't look at Spike as she spoke. "We find a place to hide till we can go back home, we don't have any reason to die here."

"Slayer!?!" Spike made no effort to conceal his shock. "Are you saying we don't fight?"

"Let's find somewhere safe to stash our weapons, then I'll explain." Buffy held out her hand for Spike to take and as she lead him away, began by asking him a question. "You ever hear of The Pergamun Codex?"


They found a spot easily enough, it didn't seem like many people hung round the area, much of it was derelict. An abandoned old container full of bundles of rags gave Buffy all the hiding places she needed for sword, stakes and the gun a shame-faced vampire produced. Not that Spike payed that much attention to the resultant scolding, he was too stunned to listen.

Finally he broke in with his own questions. "How do you know you even class as a bloody Slayer here Pet, how do you know the Prophecy hasn't already been fulfilled? If it has, we can stop the Master and maybe get some help gettin' home."

"And if it does apply," she answered with a shake of her head. "Faith is in a coma, I've been replaced already I'm all our version of the world has. It's not my place to die here, Spike, can't you understand that?"

"Yes luv," Spike bowed his head. "I see, but it's just not like you." Then two small hands stroked his cheeks and silenced him.

He gasped with shock as cold lips met his. The Slayers tongue lightly brushed against his teeth before she broke the kiss. "And it's not all bad," she looked at him with a wicked gleam in her eye, "Is it?"

"No ducks, maybe it isn't." He kissed her back and she let him press her back against the container walls.

Distracted, neither of them heard the rustling in the back of the container, or the near-silent muttering.

"Piss off can't ya, go somewhere else or make less fuckin' noise!"

"Come on." Buffy knew that the day was drawing nearer. "Let's go check out the factory, see if it's empty. You need somewhere more sunproof that this to survive till tomorrow night."

"Right Pet," Spike smiled to himself. "I always preferred that gaffe to the Mansion, in fact we'll be lucky to find it empty, hey maybe I'm..." He stopped speaking as a dreadful thought occurred to him. "Maybe I'm already living there, I mean, Dru would have got sick Master or not, and that's the only reason I came back to the States."

"After killing Jimmy Hoffa the time before," Buffy said without thinking, thus revealing what a grade-A shit Whistler could be when it came to giving away secrets. "Two Spikes huh, there's only so much a girl can stand."

"Dru!" Spike began to pace, difficult in the floor space available. "My ex, she might well have something to say don't you think, she see's two of me?"

"She's a nut job." Buffy didn't see a problem, in fact terror aside, this might have some fun elements. Teasingly she added, "Bet we could convince her it's all some naughty game, and I know I can seduce alternate Spike, I managed to pull you, didn't I?"

"Right that's it." Spike grabbed Buffy's arm and hauled her outside. "Off we go and find the portal, your not draggin' me into some Menage a trois, actually then again your talkin' foursome! I've enough to worry about over Dru without you....."

A clattering in the bins further up the deserted road drew both their startled attentions. "Tell me that's a cat."

"You know it's not," Buffy whispered. "We're vampires, we're cool here, we rule the night, don't go forgetting that. Don't look afraid, please!"

Then from an alleyway up ahead a blond emerged. She was wearing a white blouse and a stylish two piece black suit. Her pale skin positively glowed in the light of the street lamps.

Recognition struck Buffy like a brick but it was Spike who croaked the words out first. "Stone the fuckin' crows, it's Darla."

"Oh shit!"


Darla looked at her Rolex for the fifth time, enthusiasm in a minion was a wonderful thing but could be overdone. If she could fit sex, a meal and getting dressed into twenty-five minutes, then why couldn't Red?

"Come on," she commanded, the growl present in her voice for the first time that night. "If you weren't wearing such tight clothes you wouldn't have this problem every time."

The Red haired vampiress smiled back at her, not the least bit afraid, as she laced up her leather bodice. "But then you wouldn't find me so sexy Mistress, you do think I look sexy, don't you?"

"Coy is so not you," Darla joked, but all the same felt the tug on her still heart. Minions were supposed to adore Sires, not the other way round. She saw the girl bend forward over her victim and growing genuinely angry shouted. "Willow come on, we don't have to long before dawn here."

"But he was such a handsome boy, and hung too!" Willow pouted and stroked the dead boy's cheek. "Can't we keep him at least?" She looked dismissingly at the other body. "Though I know you didn't like his friend."

"I liked his friend well enough." He'd gasped at her coldness, and almost stopped his thrust. But Darla had four hundred years experience of giving mortal men the right kind of encouragement. She had been well satisfied by the end.

"No," she now answered. "You only want him to try to make Xander and Jesse jealous, I've had enough of you three fighting. Come on, or I'll cane you when we get home."

"You can do that anyway Mistress," with a delicious shudder of anticipation the red-haired vampiress walked towards the blond and leaned against her, their lips centimeters apart. "One boy is never enough. Can we play some more?"

"Why not?" Darla whispered as their lips met. Then both vampiresses jumped at the sound of a footfall behind them.


The Slayer had been retreating, till her best friend emerged and started to French another woman. It had been a far, far worse shock than her Mom and Ted. Which was why she put her foot down so hard.

Darla recovered from the shock fast, and didn't seem unhappy to see them. "Spike, my favourite grandchilde, I was beginning to worry you'd met with some accident."

She eyed him up and down in a way Buffy would have reacted badly to if she weren't so scared. "Clean and sober, too. My, my, what has been happening?" Then she smiled at Buffy, and ran her eyes down her body. "Other than the obvious."

"Errrr, well...you see." Spike hadn't got the foggiest clue of what she was talking about of course, but apparently he had been on the bottle here, so he responded, "You know how it is, pretty face, new purpose."

"Quite." One of Darla's hands wormed it's way inside Willow's bodice and squeezed a nipple hard. The redhead hissed with pleasure even as her eyes devoured the Slayer. "I hope you don't intend keeping such a toothsome morsel to yourself?"

*Now this is were the earth opening up and swallowing me would be good.* Buffy thought trying hard to control the urge to run. "Girls undressing me with their eyes! Definite new one...I think.*