Spike in the City of Angels, Episode Two:
Welcome to Sunnyhell

by John Cope

Part Thirteen

"Well, well, I don't know who you are but I think I owe you a debt." Darla couldn't decide what to make of the petite blond who stood by Spike's side. She felt a certain twinge of something, jealousy?

It was obvious they were lovers but that in itself didn't mean much, she would have been disappointed if Spike had met such a pretty creature and not fucked her. No what rankled was her accomplishment of a feat Darla had tried and failed to achieve, the strange vampiress had apparently given Spike back a reason to live.

Anger might have been her usual answer, anger and an attack at the first possible opportunity but another feeling made her cancel any such plans till after she had seen the Master about this new resident of the Hellmouth. The girl had power.

It emanated from her in dangerous waves.

"A debt I will repay," Darla spoke courteously, as she had learned along ago in the court of Henry IV of France. She'd sought to warm his bed in return for riches and glory only to find a Master who liked his bed kept cold instead, but since the reward had been immortal beauty she'd grown to feel she'd had the better of the deal. "Come shelter from the sun at my Master's court, you'll find it welcoming to one such as you..."

Realizing that an introduction was being asked for the Slayer supplied it. "Buffy, is my name, or rather am I."

"And such an unusual name to." Darla smiled and turned to her Grand-Childe. "Radically different from Drusilla, dark to blonde, I'm rather surprised after the way you've neglected me. Still, though, a new dish will so often cleanse the tired palate, come on Spike will you or won't you? I could do with such a treat myself, those young boys of mine can get boring after awhile."

Leaning back against her Sire groaning a little at the deft caresses being delivered to her breasts, Willow none the less managed to add. "Please do....oh.....it'll be such fun."

"Ok." Buffy turned to Spike, who was after all the Master vampire present. "Can we please Master, your friends seem so nice?"

The blond vampire looked a little stunned. He had not been expecting Darla to appear before him, he hadn't seen her for over seventy years since she disappeared with the Master. He'd thought her beautiful then now he could only compare her to the girl he loved and found her lacking.

*And Buffy just called me Master!?!*

A barely perceivable nudge from Buffy's elbow drew him back to reality. He somehow managed to gasp out. "Alright Pet if that's what you want, but Darla luv we'll catch up with you, ok?"

"Good," Darla looked Spike up and down like he was a new dish on the menu himself. "I want to celebrate your recovery, it's been to long since we spent...time together."

With that she stalked away her arm around Willow's narrow waist, her hip grinding against the redheads as she walked.

Buffy and Spike followed as slowly as they could.

"Are you mad Pet?" Spike hissed his perplexed face an inch from her ear. "I though we was supposed to bloody hide, you want us to go into the buggers lair?"

"Well I guess it's the quickest way to find out what the hell is going on." Buffy noticed a backward glance at them and catching Spike round the back of the neck drew him into a fierce kiss. "Especially what the situation is with alternate you, we can't rest easy with the thought of running into him in front of other vamps."

"But..!" Spike wrestled for words. "Darla wants to shag me!"

"Good." Buffy didn't bat an eyelid as Spike's mouth dropped open in shock. "Pump her for information first chance you get."

"Who died and made me Mata Hara?" Spike sounded outraged but old memories were creeping back. "Why do I have to do it?"

"Yeah, like I want to sleep with girls!" Buffy had the naughty smile he currently hated back on her face. "It's not something I want to take up around now, where as you've done it before." The smile disappeared as another thought crossed her mind. "And I'm not having sex with vampiric versions of my best friends period, so if we see Xander or Oz don't think they'll get you off the hook either."

"I ain't saying as I'm on a hook," Spike grumbled to himself. "It's just your usin' me like some hooker, hardly makes me feel you love me at all."

"I do so, I'm letting you have sex with someone else with my blessing," Buffy paused. *No actually he's right, it doesn't sound good.* She turned him again and looked up into his eyes. "We really need to know what happening here, if it weren't for that I'd scratch her eyes out for looking at you like she has already, promise. But please, Spike, understand why we need to know what the hell is going on here."

"Alright!" Spike drew back his shoulders and took an un-necessary deep breath. "I won't let the side down honest."


In the court of a tyrant fear prevails.

It would have been difficult for the unobservant to notice this on first entering the Bronze, past the hulking vampires on the door but still the terror was perceptively there.

Some vampires walked round confidently, others cowered. Some had bruised faces and ripped clothing, whilst others both the pale beauty of their race and the rich raiment of the beloved.

The Master's favourites ruled, their favourites each in turn had degrees of power, below that were the useful and the playthings.

It was near morning and all had eaten either live human blood taken on the hunt or bagged blood for the unlucky. All that was left now was too play till the need for rest ended the night's activities.

Xander's tongue wrestling hard with Jesse's even as he ground his erection into the seat of Amy's pants. She laughed as she watched the two vampires kiss, her hands firmly gripping Jesse's hips as she circled her denim-clad mound against his hard on. They were just waiting for the rest of the family to return before they got naked and went at it for real.

Other vampires were along way further down the track, Buffy had to suppress a very un-vampiress like urge to cover her eyes and run at the sights that met her gaze as she entered the room. *This is so not the Bronze I'm used to!*

Rhonda and Heidi naked and laughing as they watched Tor as ever abuse Lance Lincoln. *Only I don't think I ever saw him take it that far before, no I didn't.* Two male vamps standing near by seemed to be in line. *For Lance or the girls?*

Eric Gittleson on his knees in front a very much larger vampire, obviously his Frankenstein project hadn't helped him here. *Wonder what happened to Darryl and Chris?"

There were so many young familiar faces scattered in amongst the vamps from out of town and the turned adults that Buffy felt like crying. Then her eyes found the faces she had been dreading, and her eyes locked on Xander and *Oh god that's Jesse, after all these years!*.

As their Mistress entered the room the three lovers turned, and looked with interest at her companions.

"Spike sobered up!" Amy shrugged as she wormed her ass back into Xander's groin.

"Bout time," he grunted, his concentration on other things.

Jesse took in the blond vampiress who had entered the room with his Sire, he whistled appreciatively through his teeth and with a leer on his face added something to the debate.

"New girl."

Part Fourteen

From the stares they were getting Spike could see that his alternate self had been letting the side down badly. Virtually no vampire was looking at him like they were scared, like they had any respect for his Master status. He shook his head sadly. *What has the wanker been doing letting things slip like this?* Still no one challenged him for he was after all with Darla. He knew that Buffy would be another matter and that as a result. *This could be bloody interesting.*

He saw a vampiress detach herself from a mob laughing at some unfortunate little bastard deep throating a large vampire of a hundred or so years. He stooped slightly and whispered in his 'Minions.' ear. "You'll be challenged luv, enjoy but don't kill."

"Ok," Rolling her shoulders slightly Buffy got ready, and smiled as she saw her challenger approach. "I was hoping they'd be hospitable."

Nicole Spengler had been a Senior the year Buffy had arrived at Sunnydale. An arrogant bitch of the Cordelia type, the early Cordie that was, Buffy had had little contact with her and what there was was of the mocking "Your a weirdo," variety. She smiled sweetly and waited for her chance at alternate reality revenge.

The vampiress version of Nicole's eyes where fixed on the Rose Quartze pendant that Buffy was wearing. It was part of the Angel. "I'm sorry I turned you and you can't were your nice crucifixes anymore," compensation package. The vampiress stood directly in front of the Slayer and reached out a hand the palm uppermost.

"The necklace little girl, hand it over or you'll scream away what's left of tonight." Her lips were painted brightest red to match her dyed hair, her revealing outfit of tight black PVC pants and a tiny tee screamed.....vamp! "Come on bitch you know it will suit me so much better than you."

Buffy slapped the hand away. "Hey you may desperately need to accessorize but don't shop here. You dress like a tramp, your breathe reeks and you bore me girl so why don't we fight!" Since Nicole was three inches taller and at least 20 pounds heavier there was no way she could back down now and no way she even considered it. Both vampiress's dropped into fighting stances and eyed each other up. Then Nicole struck. Her punch was powerfully thrown but so telegraphed it might as well have been sent by second class mail.

Buffy caught her opponents wrist with her left hand and twisted it out to the side as her own right hand launched a palm strike straight into Nicole's nose. The crunch as it impacted made every vampire in the room wince. Feeling cold blood on her hand Buffy felt a little sick but showed no mercy, even as the stunned vampiress staggered back the Slayer Vamp threw a high kick that connected squarely with Nicole jaw. She dropped like a stone!

The room went quiet, this was the kind of thing that was not supposed to happen in their orderly world of Minion and Master, fights where about dominance not destructionm, supposed to end with sex and submission not grave injury. Fear and anger reflected in the faces looking back at the new comer's arrogant stare.

Then all heads turned as a roar of anger shook the room. Throwing Eric to one side and vainly trying to get his erection back in his pants a large linebacker sized vampire started to close with Slayer. He was powerfully both in size and years but Buffy knew she could show no fear and stood waiting in a relaxed fighting stance.

"Bitch!" The vampire screamed spittle flying through the air. "Hurt my best girl would you, by the devil you'll take her place. After I flog every trace of skin from your butt you'll scream as I cum in it."

"Sounds fun," Buffy pointed at the vampires clothing difficulty. "I realize I'm way cute and bound to be a turn on but shouldn't you put that little thing away before we fight, be a shame if it got broke."

*Little!* The word sank slowly into the vampires demon decayed cerebral cortex and what Buffy expected happened. Mouth open in a cry of rage he charged clawed fingers stretched for the insulting females throat.

*Obviously never fought a Slayer.* Buffy though as she side rolled, the huge vamp missed. He turned fast for one so large but Buffy was faster.

Her first kick took him just behind the left knee, the limb deadened and gave out.

As he stumbled Buffy slammed another kick into his ribs it had no noticable effect and his hand almost managed to grab her arm. She countered with a spin kick that took him straight in the side of the head.

"How'd you like it so far," Buffy snarled morphing as the excitement grew. "Big boy."

The force of her Slayer vampire enhanced blow was such that all the large vampire could do was shake his head as he tried to get his senses back. Then another crunch sounded out in the room, Buffy's foot had connected with another target this time a lower softer one.

With a soundless scream the vampire tried to double up to shield the damaged target and to cup the source of the horrific pain. Buffy's fingers twisted into his hair stopped him, then she brought her knee up to what seemed an impossibly high angle and broke her second nose in as many minutes.

She dropped her toy and looked round, no one caught her eye, the stares had gone to be replaced by cold fear. Turning a three hundred and sixty degree circle she asked the room in general. "Well does anybody else wanna play?"

Feeling very sick indeed at what he'd just seen done Spike tentatively took his girl by the hand. "Now, now, Pet no need to go scaring all the poor Luv's is there."

Darla regarded the pair cautiously, noticed how the girls triumphant look diminished a little at Spike's words she could only muse. *How has he Mastered someone so powerful? The Master is going to be very curious to find out.*

"Most impressive my dear Buffy." Darla said with all sincerity. "But now if you don't mind I'd like to borrow Spike from you he's been distant from me these last weeks and I'd like to talk to him alone, I can offer you my Willow in exchange so you don't get bored."

Noticing now scared her favourite looked Darla added softly for the red heads benefit. "After you promise not to hurt her...more than she'd like."

Despite the fact that this Willow patently wasn't her friend Willow Buffy didn't feel the slightest urge to hurt her. So she gave the red head a reassuring half smile and replied. "She'll be ok with me I promise."

"Well...." Spike felt as nervous as a kitten as Darla took his hand, it had been a very long time since he had last been with her. "Play nice luv."

Buffy wanted to break him free, to fight their way out but knew she couldn't. The sun was rising outside and because of that Spike was gonna have to stay here and get pelvic with her honeys ex-ho. Impulsively she kissed him and breaking away whispered. "I'll miss you."

*Not another one," Darla sighed inwardly. *What is it with Spike and lovesick vampiresses, why doesn't it affect me?*

But this one was cute and sane. "You could come with if you like."

Buffy's shocked gaze took in Darla's wink, and the way her tounge ran over her lips. It made Buffy back track hastily. "Perhaps tomorrow night after I've gossiped about you with Willow, found out what you like."

"Very nice of you to care," Darla smiled, she couldn't of handled that better herself. "But you act as skittish as a colt, I wonder were Spike found a treasure like you, I'll find out though so don't worry your oh so pretty head about it."

And then she set off leading Spike behind. He looked back like some dog who's owner was sending it for a walk with a stranger. Buffy felt like running after him and grabbing back his leash. But didn't. He was a guy, he'd therefore have fun. *Won't he?*

"It's nice," a voice said from beside her.

"What?" Buffy half turned and took in Willow, her expression was softer than before if it weren't for the style of dress she might have though it was her own Willow standing there. "The necklace, I'd have cracked her for that too." Willow extended her hand. "The Lady Red at your service, I'd show you round up here but unless you want guys or girls to fuck it's kinda boring."

Buffy took in the sight of Xander, Amy and Jesse all staring at her. Through a dry mouth she answered. "Maybe later, is there anything else to see."

"Later will be fun," Willow failed to notice her new friends hesitancy. "I'll get Xand and Jess to give it to you at once, nothin better in my opinion than one of those boys up your ass while the other.......but thats later."

"I wonder if their such big boys cause of their demons?" The Lady mused aloud. "I was such a shy goody good before my turning I never got to find out what they were like mortal. But vamps who ain't hung are thin on the ground so maybe it is. I figure though that poor unfortunate bastard Clive may be a bitch after tonight."

"Clive?" Buffy asked not liking the conversation at all but curious as to what Willow meant.

Willow pointed to the poor unfortunate vampire crawling off the dance floor. "When he first got here that bastard cornered me and took me every way he could, hurt me badly before Darla showed him what happen's to people who fuck with hers. Now he's down at my level I'm getting my payback I'm gonna make him lick me out first chance I get."

She paused smiling lasciviously as she thought about that delightful prospect and then gave a yelp as a cool plan came to her. Taking Buffy's cold hand in hers she said excitedly. "Come on Buffy, lets go play in the dungeon. I've got such wonderful toys." Her green eyes shone. "You'll just love them I swear." Sighing Buffy let herself be led.

*Toys!* She pondered wearily. *How skanky is this gonna be?*

Buffy knew she had made a mistake as soon as she got to the foot of the stairs that lead down into the dungeons.

The sound of Willow's boot heels clattering on the stairs only temporarily drowned out the moans of the people imprisoned down below. The Slayer felt her soul fade at the helplessness of their plight and with a hundred vampires above her there was nothing she could do.

"I was so innocent when Darla first found me that I laugh at it now," The Lady Red was explaining her unlife as they walked down. "So after the Master drained me, she turned me then and there, wanted someone to ruin as she always puts it. I loved every minute of it once my demon took hold of me of course. All the delicious pleasure and pain."

A vampire guarded the cage door at the bottom of the stairs, he lowered his eyes before Willow's imperious stare and unbolted the gate without even being asked.

"We keep a guard there ever since the accident." The point was put with such curtness that Buffy didn't ask for elaboration. "Here we are then." Willow paused by the wall of a large cage. "The larder."

It took a few seconds for even vampiric eyes to adjust to the darkness in the cage but when they did Buffy felt sick to her stomach. *Oh god those poor people, and I can't do a thing for them. Can I?*

A room forty-by-forty, rotting straw on the floor, buckets in three corners and huddled around in the filth, upwards of thirty-five people, their ragged clothing barely covered bruised bodies. Scars on necks showed the marks of feeding, lash marks showed where pain had been inflicted for punishment or pleasure.

Pointing upwards Willow laughed harshly and explained. "Of course these are the tired ugly ones, people keep their Pets upstairs, or at least till they get boring, then they send them down here."

"What are they here for?" Buffy realized the dumbness of the question and covered fast. "Don't you just feed and kill?"

"An experiment the Master is conducting," Willow said, not caring if the subjects heard her words or saw her smile. "As our number grows so will our prey decline. The humans farm animals intensively, so why shouldn't we farm them? Be careful how you feed on them by the way, they stink. But we find that if you give them an adequate diet they'll perpetually renew their blood......so if you want to risk food poisoning take a few mouthfuls, but I wouldn't recommend it."

"Thanks for the warning." Buffy managed to say past the bile that threatened to fill her mouth. "How pitiful they look."

*Oh shit!* She thought as Willow looked at her, eyebrows raised at the Slayer's words. But then to Buffy's surprise and shock Willow drew close, looking deep into her hazel eyes and kissed her fleetingly on the lips.

"You are so right," Willow whispered huskily. "Sometimes it makes me so. Where is the nobility of the hunt? The thrill of our kind's whole existence is taken away and let's face it all the fun too. I'd rather drink bagged blood than feed like this." She turned her back on the pitiful inhabitants of the cage and opened a door in the wall opposite. "Speaking of which..."

There was a large fridge inside the dimly lit former office. A microwave sat atop a blood-stained desk, quickly Willow set two bags of blood inside it and pressed the buttons. "Butchers, doctors, the Snitch, we have so many sources of supply. It's the only way we can maintain our numbers here in such a small town, but every night our strength grows as that of our enemies weakens."

A few moments silence passed till the microwave beeped and Willow retrieved the two bags.

Both girls morphed as they began to feed. Buffy made hopeful suddenly by Willow's words took the chance to ask a question. After all she was a vampire too and it was a natural one to ask. "You have enemies?"

"Gang of young humans." Willow snorted derisively. "When they catch us alone or in very small groups they attack, if we come at them in numbers they flee. They wage guerrilla war but their days are numbered, soon every vampire on the West coast will come to see the Hellmouth open and this town will die. Then all shall worship at the Master's feet."

"Oh..." Buffy realized something else was expected of her. "Way to go our team, but then I guess all the fun's gonna go from this old place?"

Willow shrugged indifferently. "I sure won't miss this burgh, I've been here way too long.

"LA will be next, I can already taste all that blood but there will be a couple of weeks more hunting here before the big show." Willow leaned in close again, letting Buffy smell the shampoo in her hair and the perfume on her body. "There are some absolute beauties on the opposition bench, tomorrow night we're gonna trap those boys. What say we turn one when they bring them here, break him in together, wouldn't that be fun?"

"Why not, it could be so sweet, a stud all to ourselves," Buffy lied. Her mind was in a turmoil. Sure this wasn't her world, her plane, but brave people were fighting great evil here, could she really walk away though fear she would die? Wasn't she still the Slayer even here?

Then she felt a cold tongue run from the nape of her neck to the lobe of her ear and jumped in shock. A creepy feeling ran through her along with something else. Desire?

"Sorry to startle you," Willow whispered, turning Buffy's face so she could look in her eyes again. The Lady smiled. Her skin might be paler, her lips a lot redder and her teeth potentially more pointy but she was still technically Buffy's best friend.

*What am I thinking?!* Buffy felt sick again for a few seconds, the blood she'd just drunk seemed ready to re-emerge. *If I'm ever going to be able to look Will in the face again I need to be out of here now.*

"Your skittish as a colt," Willow said curiously, one of her hands came to rest on Buffy's flat stomach. "Haven't you ever...?"

Seeing the Lady's lascivious interest in he,r Buffy rapidly lied, then regretted it. "My Sire got killed, I haven't been around other vamps much, that's why I got so tough..."

Suddenly pressed against a vampiress' not particulary warm bosom, Buffy felt gentle hands stroke her hair. "There, there poor thing, did you lose all your family?" Willow was in heaven, she'd always wanted a little sister to play with. "This will be such fun. Come on, let's go meet puppy."

"Puppy?" A very relieved Buffy gasped. "You keep a dog?"

"No silly." Willow opened a door leading to more stairs, new ones. "Though I always wanted one, Mom and Dad said no. If they'd said yes of course I'd probably have just drained it the same time I killed them."

She put a finger to her lips as she turned the key in the lower cell's door.

"We shouldn't be down here, but the Master never took the key back. Anyway if he catches you..." Willow shuddered deliciously. "If he thinks your cute enough, it can be such fun."

There were cages and a body on the floor. To Buffy he looked like an old vagrant, his throat was cut and the blood looked like it had poured out into a dog bowl that lay on a table nearby.

But the figure in the first cell caught her attention and the tramp was forgotten.

He was naked, chained around the waist.

He was a mass of scars from his shoulders to the bottoms of his thighs. Healing and fresh they merged together.

Holy water burns, brands, whip marks, cigarette burns. Buffy had seen a lot of pain inflicted on vampires but never like this.

But the hair was the same, and after so much intimate contact she could not help but recognize the shape of the man lying behind the bars.


"Yes he's a vampire." Willow saw the horror on Buffy's face and misinterpreted it. "I mean ok, you'd do that to a human without any qualms I know but not to one of us."

A rack full of torture implements hung by the stairs. The Lady pulled down a whip and cracked it a wicked sneer on her lips. "He's a traitor, when the night of the harvest came he killed Luke, the Master's chief servant, and the vessel in the ceremony. It was too late to stop the rising but the Master decreed this dog should suffer for a century for what he did.

"Of course it isn't all Puppy's fault, he's cursed poor thing." Willow cracked the whip again, a whimpering came from the cell. Angel was listening. "Darla tried to cure him, all of us tried to help him. God you wouldn't believe how he blubbed even when we where giving him orgasm after orgasm." She spat in contempt. "So we gave up."

She unlocked the door. "Hey Puppy, I know your awake."

Rooted with fear Angel didn't stir even when Willow kicked him brutally in the back.

"Bad dog, I have a new friend for you to meet." Using her full strength she pushed the vampire over. "If you don't start being good I am so gonna make you yelp."

Buffy closed her eyes at the sight of the front of Angel's torso, the damage was beyond catalogue, the horror too extreme.

Then a gasp tore from Ange'ls lips and Buffy opened her eyes and saw a glimmer of hope in those dark eyes. A recognition, and she remembered her Angel telling her how he had seen her before she came here, back in LA.


Willows boot thudded into Angel's face and his head shot back. The whip stretched out across the blood stained floor as The Lady flicked her wrist to ready the lash.

"How dare you try to speak, Puppy how dare you show me up in front of my new friend!" Willow raised the whip. "Bad dog!"

She let seconds drag out as Angel cowered away, blood streaming down his chin before she went on excitedly. "Now Willow's gonna make you bark."

And the whip fell.

Part Sixteen

The whip cracked down cutting Angel from the shoulder to the groin. Though in agony, he rolled himself into a ball to protect himself as best he could even as a laughing Willow raised her whip again.

*NO, NO, NO!* Buffy wanted to scream but the words froze in her throat. Above her was the largest nest of vampires she had ever encountered, she did not wish to die, to leave her own world defenseless.

So she watched in horror transfixed. This could not be happening right in front of her eyes. This was all some nightmare.

But it was happening and her soul seemed to die a little with each blow.

He was silent at first, then he screamed as Willow landed a telling blow, a length of skin adhering to the lash as it tore free from his body. The sound filled the room to Willow's obvious delight.

"That's right Puppy, yelp for your Mistress," Willow shouted excitedly as she struck the cowering vampire again and again. The red blood that Angel had been forced to drink that day spattered on the ground as Willow tore new wounds on his body.

Buffy backed out of the room shaking her head wildly, she turned away and ran out of the room desperate to escape this sight. *Not my Angel, he's not my Angel at all.* All the same, tears threatened to flow as she pressed her face against the bars across the hall.

"Find Spike, get out of here,* she thought frantically. *Gotta find him, I need him to hold me, to make this nightmare world go away. I want to be somewhere were Willow isn't a monster, and were Angel isn't scarred, and afraid.*

And a voice answered her, from her subconscious. *But he knows you Buffy, he knows you.*

She was leaning against the bars trying to blot out Angel's cries as they tried to tear her soul apart when something made her look inside the cell before her.

A girl knelt there on the floor, naked, her back was turned to the Slayer her hair loose and wild ran down almost to the swell of her buttocks, it covered a great deal of flesh but not everything.

It didn't hide the long white scar's left by a whip, or the bright red lines across taut buttocks that spoke of more recent abuse with a cane. It didn't hide the chain that ran from the girl's throat to a steel circle cemented into the wall either. Or all of the collar that it linked to.

"No," Buffy whispered as she pulled back the bolt that secured the iron door and stepped inside. "It can't be."

Hearing the noise the girl shuddered, but all the same began to turn to face the door though her eyes did not rise an inch staying firmly rooted to the floor.

Her hips bore the marks of claws, her flat stomach showed that a cane had struck her flesh there as well and she had similar cruel marks on the front of her thighs. Her left breast bore the marks of fangs around its nipple. From her mouth came a hollow half dead voice that Buffy didn't recognize at all.

"Mistress how may I serve?"

"C...Cordie?" Buffy began to say, horror filling her voice before a noise behind her made her jump and wheel around to see a smiling Willow standing behind her idly holding a whip in her blood-stained right hand.

"Cordelia Chase have you been telling people your true name?" Willow asked sternly, looking back at the poor, destroyed creature kneeling on the floor. Buffy could only pity her as she tried to hide her face behind begrimed hands. "You know what happens to bad dogs."

"No Lady Red I swear I didn't," Cordelia half-sobbed. "Please don't hurt me again."

"If you've been naughty you take wha'ts coming." Leather creaked as Willow stalked forward. "What's your name?"

"Bitch!" Cordelia half-shouted, half-sobbed.

The hand that came to rest on Cordie's head seemed almost loving as it stroked her long dark hair. The hand that draped a bloody whip around her shoulders seemed anything but.

"Who is your Mistress?" Willow seemed to hiss the question.

"You Lady Red." Cordelia arched her neck a little at the feel of the caresses much to Buffy's horrified fascination.

"I don't whip her very often." Willow seemed almost to be talking to herself. "She's far to pretty to scar, it was really fun the night Xander and I caught her. She'd spent her whole life making ours a living hell, I was so scared of her when I lived that I so wanted her when I was dead." Her voice took on a deadly edge. "And now she's mine body, blood and soul.

"She's my pet, I play with her even more than Angel but a lot nicer games than with him." Willow held the red-stained hand in front of Cordelia's face and to Buffy's absolute horror the brunette unbidden began to lick it clean. "I keep you in shape don't I? I make sure you eat right and get regular exercise like a good doggie should."

The she turned and addressed herself to Buffy. "You know, despite it all, she's still kept some part of her humanity." The redheads fingers locked under Cordelia's chin forcing her to look up. "When she's a bad dog and I punish her by chaining her open for the Minions to use. She still cries.

"I guess she must have seen your leather pants and thought you were me." Turning Cordelia's face so Buffy could look at it, Willow gave her a wink. "You know she has such a hot tongue, and Darla, Amy and I have really made sure that she knows how to use it. Why don't you slide out of those and I'll get her to show you."

Buffy took the only step possible in the circumstances.

She ran.

"Oh!" Willow looked down at her pet. "Guess she does like the look of you," Petting Cordie's head affectionately, she began to unfasten her pants. "There, there though don't be upset, you know I'll always love you."

Cordie kept her mind blank and concentrated on putting all the skill and practice she had gained into staying alive for at least another day. When it was quiet, when they were alone, Angel would tell her about the Slayer and how she would come to save them one day and make all the horror go away.

As her tongue slowly licked the length of Willows ice cold slit, Cordelia prayed in the corner of her mind that was still hers. *I don't believe in fairy stories, I don't believe in white knights but Buffy if you exist please come soon."


Buffy was almost at the steps up to the Bronze when what felt like ice cold fingers locked around her and seemed to hold her rooted to the spot, unable to run anymore. It was not an unfamiliar feeling.

"My my," a sibilant voice echoed from the shadows. "Who would have thought that I would see your kind abroad upon the earth again, but then if you're going to live for six hundred years, I expect you had better be ready for more or less anything to come back into fashion."

"Let's just hope it's not flares."

The Master emerged into what passed for light and studied the helpless girl. "I have to say you're an improvement on Jaqueline, she was an ugly great brute of a peasant girl, you on the other hand are as pretty as a picture. But I always did have a yen for blonds."

"Oh sorry." The Master gave what Buffy dreaded was a smile. "It's difficult to answer if your vocal cords are frozen. And I'm so interested in hearing what you have to say to me, especially who would have been stupid enough to turn you after what happened last time."

Buffy felt the pressure on her neck diminish.

"His name child." Ice cold fingers brushed her cheek. "And quickly, I could snap your neck like a dry twig, but I'd prefer to snap his, I like the fact you're so weak it amuses but hurry that won't last long."

"Accident," Buffy managed to squeeze the word out past the terror she felt filling her head, he had killed her before and vampires can't drown .

Slowly the Master eased the jacket down off Buffy's shoulders, he seemed bemused as he hissed. "An accident, you expect me to believe that, it's never happened to my knowledge."

"I got wounded. I was bleeding. I staked a vamp through the throat," She shuddered as the Master's fingers traced across her skin from her throat to the top of her breasts. "His blood gushed over me."

"How terrible." The Master withdrew his hand and cupping his chin looked thoughtfully over Buffy's shoulder seemingly ignoring her. "You fear me. I like that in a vampiress and what a prize you'll be kneeling at my feet come the commencement of my true rule of this world. So I think for now I'll let you live."

He leaned down a little nearer. "Show me your love."

She could not move her arms or her legs, so in this helpless state, Buffy let the Masters tongue enter her mouth. It tasted horrid, vile yet for all that she sucked on it greedily as her demoness took hold. It liked its mortal raiment despite the inconvenience of battling for it with the Slayer's soul, it had no desire to return once more to hell.

Self loathing twisted the Slayer's face as the Master drew back from her. "Good, love and hate combined a seductive mixture in one so fair, I think I may actually develop a feeling resembling lust for it in time."

Buffy felt the weights lift from her as the Master stepped aside. "Run along then child go play in the sun." As she started moving eyes averted from the black leather clad creature she had just kissed, the Master suddenly grabbed her arm and mockingly added. "Oh and make yourself useful. Bring me back an LA Times, I want to check the prices on industrial plant."


Outside the sun had risen though the streets were quiet as death around the Bronze.

This was the one thing Buffy had to be happy about.

After all throwing up in a gutter is an intensely private thing.

Part Seventeen

It had been such a long time.

Spike wasn't exactly scared but he was very nervous about the potential sex with Darla, as he followed her up the iron staircase that led apparently to her bed. He rather wished she hadn't taken her jacket off at the foot of the stairs, he could have done without an ass that good in trousers that tight in his face at this point in his unlife.

He loved Buffy, and she'd told him to go have sex with another bird. This dimension was even trippier than Woodstock.

*And this time there'll be no Angelus watching us always wanting to butt in.* He grinned ruefully at his pun. *And always just when things were gettin' interesting, the attention seeking prat.*

*If I'm James Bond, then Buffy is M, so I guess that makes Darla Teri Hatcher.* Spike almost laughed as he remembered that scene from Tomorrow Never Dies. He had always wanted to be Bond, he'd contemplated buying a tux more times that he could remember. but the opportunities to wear one would be so never he hadn't bothered. Still and all, spying might be fun.

*Nearly at the top,* he thought to himself. *Time to get the show on the road.*

His right hand fell on hers even as she reached the top of the stairs and began to remove it from the rail, his left hand curved up around her waist holding her as he molded his body to her lithe form.

Darla gasped at the feel of his erection pressed against her flesh, her hips thrust back involuntarily, grinding her ass against him. "My that girl has made you into a new man. So do you want to do it here? My bed's more comfortable, but spontaneity can be such a turn on."

For a second Spike contemplated it, but instead he stepped back just a little, turning Darla as he did so. His left hand went round her shoulders his right under her knees as effortlessly he lifted her up into the air. "Which way kitten?"

Arms around his neck, Darla rested her cheek on Spike's chest. "Oh you really are back arn't you?" Her smile made Spike forget duty for a couple of seconds. "Straight along, third left."

He kissed her forehead and, grinning, carried Darla away. *Buffy had better bloody understand, she gets it regular off Angel so...* But all the same he was bloody glad that this was sort of his girl's idea, even post the Drusilla break up, screwing around was just so not him.


Laid down on the bed, Darla put her arms around Spike's neck and drew him close the kiss was long and coldly passionate. He let his hands roam over her body, they knew what they were doing even if he was still unsure. Darla hissed as his fingers gently pressed into her cloth covered mound and whispered. "Let's get naked."

Breaking free, Spike started untying his boot laces. Darla laughed at the sight. "Now I really know you're cured."

"Beg yer pardon?" Spike asked as he dropped the first Doc Martin on the floor.

"During my campaign to get you sober, you've had your boots on virtually every time. It's been wham, bam, collapse in a drunken stooper Ma'am on a regular basis." She wriggled around as she pulled her blouse up out of her pants. "I was about to give up on you when along came that sweet little friend of yours. Where in hell did you find her?"

"She found me luv," Spike dropped the other boot and lost his duster even as Darla began to pop the buttons on her blouse. "Good job, too. It was half an hour to dawn and I was face down in a rose bush."

"She doesn't quite seem to have grasped the concept of vampiressing yet." Darla opened her blouse out, showing her silk coated breasts and smooth flat stomach to her appreciative soon-to-be lover. "You can't hardly get sex from a person you maim or kill can you?"

"She is somewhat lacking in the social graces." Spike had to try so hard not to laugh as he said that. "That's why I brought her to you."

"Thank you, it'll be my pleasure to educate her." Darla was already wet, that appealing prospect only added to her desire. Felling something digging into her back she reaching under her body and pulled out a riding crop. "I must have left this here when I played with Red's pet."

Kneeling up, she turned her back on Spike and leaned forward, holding the crop behind her and with both hands, pulled it tightly back into her buttocks. "Kinks or vanilla Spike, your choice."

"Now this I wasn't expecting." Spike's eyes took on an evil glint. "Well baby, you must be turned on offerin' that sort of favour to me. A very big tub of vanilla now, maybe some chocolate fudge sauce and just a little bit of kink later."

A red shirt hit the wall, then a white blouse followed. Spike drew the black tee-shirt he wore over his head even as Darla's cold tongue and blunt teeth worked on his nipples, her hands were equally busy with the fastenings of his pants. Hastily, he cast the garment aside and unfastened the front clasp of her bra. His hands went to work as eagerly as had hers.

"I'd have thought that little baggage would have tired you out." Darla was running her fingers up and down Spike's cock as she spoke, the sensations of Spike's skilled manipulation of her nipples was creating were roaring in her brain. "What's your secret, lover?"

"I'm a vampire ducks." Spike hated to brag...not. "Mean's I can fuck Buffy into a half conscious sweaty state of bliss every night and still have the energy left to give you the seeing to of your unlife."

Then his eyes closed as Darla ran her tongue around his glans before taking his whole length down her throat.

*No comparisons, no comparisons you treacherous sod. I mean two years experience against fooooouur hundred, oh bloody hell she's good.*