Spike in the City of Angels, Episode Two:
Welcome to Sunnyhell

by John Cope

Part Twenty-three

"A little more alive than you are."

Buffy was to stunned to speak for a moment. Here was a man she had last seen as his body tore open to unleash the biggest damned demon she had ever seen actually talking to her. Then on top of that wiggins was the fact he knew her name, ok Snitch, but she'd only given him her first name not her second. Which of course meant somewhere in the reality she occupied Buffy Summers walked and the Mayor knew about her.

"Yeah well shit happens." Buffy shrugged nonchalant and made to head for the door hoping he'd let her go.

"Young people today, so quick to use bad language." Wilkins shook his head with mock sadness. "And I bet you haven't washed your hands since you came out of the Alibi, do you know of the germs you could have picked up in that place?"

"Ok, swearing and personal hygiene issues, you are exactly the same as..." Buffy suddenly realized what she was about to give away."Somebody else I once met who was Mayor...of a town someplace else...and not here."

Wilkins smiled and leaned back on a nearby table. "The turned Slayer, the daywalker, a myth with which vampires would terrify their children if that is they had any." He gestured to her to sit in a chair beside him. "You don't exactly act the part Ms Summers, or may I call you Buffy?"

"Whatever you want, Dick." Buffy was hesitant as she sat. She could sense a deal with a huge scary demon situation coming on. She didn't like the feeling. "If we have to get all touchy-feely here then why not use first names."

"I wonder at the animosity." Mayor Wilkins expression didn't lose any of it's humour at Buffy's harsh words. "Have we met before?"

"Not that I'm aware of." Mentally cursing herself, Buffy considered her options before adding. "You do know your kinda running a town full of vamps here?"

"I know. I try to stop them but the tax dollars just arn't there to cover my plans." Wilkins picked up as folder he had dropped on the table before Buffy walked into him. "You sure we've never met anyplace else?"

"Positive." The Slayer vamp faked a yawn. "That's totally off the point, vampires bad, fighting them good."

"Couldn't agree more and let me add how such public spiritedness in a young soulless monster touches my heart." Wilkins took out a photograph and passed it to Buffy. "Taken in Cleveland four days ago, you not only turned but you had time for cosmetic surgery, I applaud your industry."

*Oh god poor kid.* Buffy looked at herself, at a harder darker self. Who walked along a street, shoulders hunched a little, with the coldest expression she had ever seen on her haunted face. "What happened to her?"

"Mugging according to the police reports." Wilkins sighed as he looked at another picture. "And such a pretty girl too, by which I mean she still is if she doesn't know it. I have an eye kept on her, she's kind of my ace in the hole." His smiles still weren't returned.

"Anyway she's there, you're here." His raised eyebrows spoke volumes. "Still sure you got nothing to add?"

"How'd the ascension go in this reality?" Buffy handed the picture back as she spoke, a smile now on her face just as brightly as the one on his .

Wilkins took it with good humour. "A hole in the fabric of time, that would explain it. As for the ascension, well it was a bust actually, but I did get to the invulnerability part of the process just in case you were wondering."

"Thought had crossed my mind." Buffy smiled sweetly and canceled the planned Mayor hittage. "We killed you."

"Price of having a Slayer in town I guess." Wilkins answered philosophically to Buffy's obvious surprise. "I'm stuck here for another hundred years thanks to the Master, so I guess I better make the place look tidy. The aforementioned vampire you intend killing him?"

"I have elsewhere, it pretty much piss......" She paused at Wilkins raised finger before grudgingly going on with. "Upsets me that I have to do it again, but I will."

"Good." Wilkins took a packet of wet wipes from his jacket pocket. "Here I feel a hand shake may be coming on."

"You do know that vamps don't carry many germs." Wilkins just smiled and held the box a little nearer Buffy's face. "Never mind" She took a wipe. "Ok see me cleaning."

"Good girl." The Mayor had rapidly formed a judgement on Buffy, she was the kind of person who could be very useful to him. After all Mayor's need family to hold up as examples to other young people. *Just come home from a finishing School back east, Buffy Wilkins?*

"You got any family here?" Wilkins put the wet wipes away as he spoke, his eyes for the first time losing contact with the Slayers. "A place to stay?"

Buffy's jaw dropped and an expression of disgust crossed her face. "Are you putting the moves on me Mister? Cause..."

"No." Wilkins raised a hand. "Absolutely not, this is Sunnydale not Washington. It's just if you're stuck here permanently I might have a vacancy you could fill. I can help you after all who has more experience than me of fitting into human life for eternity?"

"The Highlander?" Desperate to get the totally cringe-worthy interview over, Buffy cut to the chase. "Who's conducting the resistance to the Master? I know it's not you but if you know, could you just tell me and I'll go try to hook up with them, I may feel less like barfing round them."

"More public spirited young people." Wilkins looked genuinely upset as he went on. "Their sacrifices have been heavy, too heavy, but now you're here...?"

Buffy tried not to be sick and made a very pointed check of the time. "Please where now!"

"They meet by the children's play area in Weatherly, though that's a misnomer." Buffy put her head in her hands as the Mayor went on. "You see, nobody in this town lets their kids play outside even in daylight anymore. Case they wander into some sunless cave or abandoned blacked-out building. Like I said, I need to tidy up."

"Yes, you do." Buffy offered her hand, best to get it over with. "I will expect your fullest co-operation."

"You'll get it." Wilkins shook. "Fitch will give you a cellular with my personal number. I assume you know Alan?"

Swallowing the bile that almost rose with the flashback Buffy grimaced as she quietly answered. "Kinda."

"Good all old friends together." Wilkins stood and offered Buffy a hand to help her rise which she ignored. "And my offer stays open."

"Become part of your cover story." She looked at him sidewards as she again headed for the door contempt filling her voice. "I'd rather sleep on a park bench."

"I'm genuinely sorry to hear that." Wilkins gave her a look that was almost fatherly. "Keep in touch. I want to know straight away how I can help. That's all I ask."

"I'll let you know." Buffy left the room without a backward glance.

Wilkins stared at the swinging doors and shook his head. *No, not Buffy, maybe something else. It'll come to me given time and that's something we both have heaps of.*


Seriously wigged, Buffy headed for the park. She had to get her other weapons and post her note before nightfall. After that she was guerrilla warfare gal for as long as it took to wear down the Master's numbers.

She needed the humans off the streets or out only in force whilst she and hopefully Spike did the killing work.

Running from the lot she soon came upon them.

And stood there silently as she saw a ghost.

They looked pretty beat up and a couple of them had tears in their eyes suggesting that last night's battles had been hard.

*Jonathan, Larry, Kyle, Michael, Amber, Hogan, Lysette, Guy, Percy and hey isn't that Devon and OZ!"

And stood in the middle of them a comforting hand on the shoulder of a visibly upset Jonathan was a dark haired woman Buffy had never dreamed of seeing alive again.

*Jenny Calendar!*

Part Twenty-four

Spike and Darla slept peacefully for a time curled up on her soft satin covered bed. Their lovemaking had slowed from the hard passion of earlier to a slow gentle pace that had left Spike wondering what the hell was happening. His previous sex with Darla had been violently demonicit and made this adventure worryingly different.

"I'm so sorry about the accident." She had whispered as they drifted off to sleep. "About Drusilla. If I'd staked that damned cursed childe of mine when we took him it would never of happened. But don't worry, Spike, Angelus still suffers."

*So something's happened to Dru." Spike was sorry, but also relieved. *Least I won't have to face 'er here. Angelus, not the souled poof please. If 'e's 'ere and Buffy see's 'im bang goes the holiday romance I had planned for sure, she'll be shaggin' 'im first thing you know. Still though it's not like I'll 'ave gone without.*

To business.

"Much happened whilst I've been out of it?" He whispered into Darla's ear.

"Not till recently." Darla snuggled up to him. "But those little bastards killed the Three."

"Blimey," Spike hoped she wouldn't fall asleep straight away before he could get Buffy her answers. "Armour and all."

"We underestimated them, but not anymore." Her hand trailed up his thigh and gently teased him. "Poor boy, all tired out now...but by sunset."

"Yeah baby, I'll be up and running again." Spike had the smug look of the sexually confident plastered all over his face along with Darla's lipstick. "Are we huntin' the little buggers down then."

"The Master's sending a party, but to capture, not kill." She looked up into his eyes and he saw the demoness within in her beautiful but pitiless eyes. "We have guests coming, they'll need entertainment and there's nothing like slowly torturing vampire hunters to death to feed the appetite for a major kill."

"How major?" As a vampire killer Spike was left a little nervous but the hungry smile on his face didn't betray him. "We talkin' scores or hundreds?"

"Please, think less provincially." Darla settled her head on his shoulder again. "A town, then a city, then a State, blood in rivers. So rest Spike dearest, you and I have killing to take part in and let's not forget your new toy to properly educate. Rest."

And so they slept even as the sun moved across the sky and the hope that rose in Sunnydale with the sunrise began as it always did to die.


"New face." Oz caught Jenny's attention and pointed out the girl standing under a tree some fifty yards away. "And she's kinda shy."

"Not another one." It amazed her how many runaways wound up in Sunnydale, the town was like some kind of magnet. "She doesn't look like she'd be any use in a battle, too small." Jenny looked around at her assembled troops. "Wait here while I go give her the talk."

As she left Jenny smiled as she heard Devon say to Oz, "I think a new girl on the team wouldn't be a problem, and hey she looks cute."

Oz's reply didn't reach the computer teacher-cum-vampire hunter. "Yeah, and height since when did that matter?"

As Jenny neared the girl, she couldn't help but be shocked at how pale she was, anemic almost. If the sun hadn't still been shining down upon them she might have thought the girl a vampiress. But the sun was shining down, so she shook her head at her suspicions and began the familiar pitch.

"Bus station is the other side of town, you can get out of here before nightfall and get to see the dawn tomorrow. You need ticket money I can give you that to."

The blond girl laughed and shook her head no.

"Would you like to tell me what's funny?" Jenny hated the suicidal vampire wannabee's the most. "Cause there's not much to laugh at here."

"The Master's assembling every vampire within calling here in the next few days and weeks. He's plans to kill everyone here and go on from there. Running isn't an option." Buffy saw the fear that she placed in Jenny's eyes and felt pity and regret for having put it there. "Every city in this state will fall if we don't stop him now!"

"Ok good response, not the one I was hoping for but worryingly good." Something was nagging at the back of Jenny's mind, a tentative description she had read on the net. "Who are you? I don't let people I don't know fight with me, tends to make their funerals complicated if you don't know what to write on the stone."

"Buffy Summers."

"The Slayer." Jenny smiled so warmly that a startled Buffy didn't have time to move her hand when Jenny stepped forward and took it. She could only watch the horrified expression that broke across the woman's face.

Then she recoiled herself, eyes averted, as Jenny pulled free a crucifix and held it towards her. "All I needed to make my day, a turned Slayer, is this fucked up town the most cursed spot on earth?"

"Please put that down." Buffy stepped back being so close to the religious icon made her demoness howl. "I'm not going to hurt you, I'm here to help."

"Good." Jenny was drawing a stake with her left hand. "Cause I really dig help from walking corpses the most. Go back to the Master and tell him his plan failed. Don't be scared of him. I'm sure a powerful minion like you will get off with an ass fuck or two as punishment. So run along, hope you enjoy."

"Your Janna of the Kalderash people." Buffy risked a glance at Jenny and saw the cross lower as her eyes widened in shock. "You were set here by your Uncle Enyos to make sure Angel was still suffering. Well congratulations, he is."

"How..." Jenny started backing away. "How do you know that?"

"You could have left, made your report to Gypsy Central or whatever and walked away but you stayed here to fight." Buffy let her arm down from before her eyes as the influence of the cross lessened. "I suppose, despite it all, our Jenny was good people like you. Even though Angelus killed her when he lost his soul and he lost that soul because she never told us he could, or how."

"What...?" The hand holding the crucifix was by her side the stake forgotten.

"But you left a disk with the spell of restoration on it." Buffy stepped nearer she had to convince this woman she was on her side. "We gave Angel back his soul, a lot of shit happened that I don't have time to explain but then I got killed and turned and my friends restored my soul even before I rose. I'm not a turned Slayer, Jenny, I'm something else. I'm the Slayer Vampire, I kill vamps, so let me do what I do..."

Gently despite the risk of stake or cross she put her hand on Jenny's shoulder. "Let me kill vamps with you."

"Ok." Her mind in turmoil Jenny didn't brush the arm aside she just looked mesmerized into Buffy's eyes. "Not understanding any of this. But yes to the resouling possibility. Where are you from?"

"Sunnydale." Buffy had to agree that was a weak response. "But from another reality. Here I'm perfectly ok, breathing I guess, and slaying vamps in Cleveland of all places."

"So I heard." Putting the cross away the cyberpagan took Buffy's hand into hers. She didn't have the eyes of a killer or at least Jenny hoped not. "So the stories I've read about alternate realities and wormholes in the..."

"Space time whatsit are true." Buffy knew she was nearly there but not yet home clear. "I'm hunting the streets of Sunnydale tonight, but for vampires not humans. Let me prove I'm on your side."

"I don't know." Jenny felt the absolute cold that emanated from Buffy's dead yet living flesh and wanted to turn and run. "But if what you say is true...I've seen enough kids die. So prove it, prove you're a force for good and I'll fight with you."

"Be careful tonight." Buffy let go of Jenny's hand. "I think they'll be out in numbers looking for you, keep together and be prepared. Count the dust piles in the morning and you'll see what I can do."

Then she walked away to the parking lot. Leaving a pale and shaking vampire killer behind her.

"Who was that Miss Calendar?" Larry asked as he ran over his voice filled with concern. "You look kinda freaked."

"That...oh nobody." Hysterical laughter almost overcame her but she fought it down. "Our greatest hope or our worst nightmare. Please Larry make a choice on that cause I sure as hell don't want to...I don't want to at all."


Backing the station wagon down the alley to the container wasn't difficult bearing in mind she didn't own the vehicle or care about the paintwork. Buffy wanted her weapons that she'd stashed and had a note to fasten to the containers door for her vampire to find.

*Hour or under to sunset, got to get the new residence fumigated and then go slay, with or without my sometime honey.* Buffy moved, butt slamming the container door open and rapidly gathering weps, she dropped them into the back of the van. *But I'd like it to be with, and let's face it, I could do with a hug or rather more.*

A bottle smashed into the metal wall beside her, the glass missed but the sentiment didn't. "Will you please make a bit less fuckin' noise, people are tryin' to die here."

*I know that voice, but how did he get here in daylight?* Turning very slowly with the kinda look she usually reserved for Giles at his most obscure, Buffy looked into the back of the container. "Spike?"

"Yeah," The blond emerged from amongst the rag bundles. "That's me luv, so who the fuck are you?"

*Note to self don't ever fall through a hole in the space time contradiction again.* Buffy shook her head as she tried to think of a reply. *Cause either Spike's hair grew an inch over night, and he vomited on himself like a lot more than I could possibly believe and he got way dirty or I'm looking at this reality's Spike. And he's a damned drunk.*

"Come on sweetheart," Spike gave her what he thought was a suggestive wink. "Don't be shy, talk to me kitten I promise I won't bite."

*Shit.* Buffy stepped into the container as a leering disgusting but still in a way cute vampire added.

"Well not unless you ask me nice."

Part Twenty-five

"This stuff must really be gettin' to me ya know." Spike waved a half full bottle of tequila in the air. "I swear baby that you was stood out there in the sunlight, but you since ain't got no heart beat so you're a vamp. What 'appened Pet, the mashter the mishter......his nibs change the rules?"

Spike started to struggle upright. "I always luv'ed a good sunset, can I join you?"

Buffy's hands carefully pressed him back. He was majorly icky and the regurgitated blood and fries on his shirtfront weren't very appealing. "No you don't wanna do that. Sunsets are nice but not for you. I have a special... dispensation. If you go outside, you burn."

"Alrightie." Spike fell back on the bundles of rags. "Cuddle up here with me then kitten, we can have a nice snog."

*Snog is smooch, glad I speak English.* Buffy was in a dilemma, firstly vampire equals stake, but on the other hand Spike. Ok not her Spike but still a Spike. The lunchable male man of her dark, dirty, adulterous fantasies. Her Spike might not like her killing him...the other Spike. Who by the way was leering at her real dirty.

"What's the matter kitten?" Spike took a big slug of booze spilling some down his clothes. "Come on and sit here by your old mate Spike, you're so pretty and cute and better lookin' than that bitch Darla anyday."

"You think? Thanks." She confiscated the lighter he suddenly produced. "You're the most flammable vampire I've ever seen Mister. I don't think you wanna smoke in here."

"Give it us back you thievin' cow." Spike flailed upright and might have fallen on the Slayer ick and all if she hadn't neatly tripped him putting him back on his ass. "Why you little..."

Buffy didn't expect the leg sweep. Only by centimeters did she avoid a face full of ick her automatic jerk backwards was halted by Spike's hands in her hair holding her steady as his lips rose and met hers.

*Booze and tobacco...euugh.* Buffy tried to find someplace clean to push the vamp away. Then Spikes tongue started doing Spike stuff and she started to look for some place to hold instead.

When they reluctantly broke free, Buffy wished she had breath to be out of. "Would you mind taking your shirt off, it's kinda putting me off here."

"What?" Spike looked down. "Fuck, sorry luv I must have been really rat-arsed last night didn't even notice I'd done it h'actually."

*God he's adding h's.* Buffy watched the vampire struggle to get out of his duster for a few seconds then grabbing it yanked it down his arms.

"Alright enthusiasm but not quiet so...oiii." The red shirt ripped off much the same way. "Dese are all the clothes I's got kitten."

"Shush." Buffy batted his protesting hands aside and took the teeshirt in two pieces. "By some strange bizarre coincidence I have garments in your size outside. Amazing how that...happened" She looked at the fading bruises on this alabaster skin and for a few seconds could say nothing more. Then she spoke in her Slayer's voice as her face morphed in anger. "Who did this to you Spike, who beat on you like this?"

"That fuckin' ungrateful git Lenny, bastard threw me out of me own gaffe." Spike shook his head at his degraded status. "An Englishmans 'ome is 'is castle and that fuckin' ponce turfed me out of mine. I liked that place, me an Dru was 'appy there till it 'appened and now e's lording it over what's mine."

"What happened?" Buffy gently stroked Spike's cheek and drew him to her, holding him to her body as she tried to comfort him, her human features returned even as she did so. "What happened to Dru?"

"That bastard Sire of mine that's what 'appened." A sudden wetness on her breast made Buffy look down and see the tears on Spike's face. "She found out her Daddy was locked up in the Bronze. So naturally she went off to play with the puppy with the other girls every chance she could and it's not that I minded her fun. Sometimes you could hear 'im scream upstairs if they was really in the mood but then she starts going to the dungeons alone though an 'e get's to workin' on 'er mind."

The vampire went silent as he sobbed. Buffy rocked him gently realizing that here as in her own world Angel had been fated to destroy Spike's happiness. Was she fated to restore it here as well?

"To escape?" Buffy whispered. "Did Angel get her to help him escape?"

He nodded then after a time went on.

"He tried to but of course she fucked it up. Poor old girl didn't have the mental where withal to pull it off." He shuddered at the memory. "She made a bloody awful racket tryin' to break 'is chains and then the guards came."

"Even after all the torture the poof's a savage in a fight, he tore one guards head off with a length of chain while Dru ripped an eye out of another bloke with 'er claws." Spike was calmer now reciting the story like it had happened to someone else far, far away. "They weren't tryin' to kill her you understan' just restrain 'er cause they knew she weren't right in the 'ead. But seein' 'er rippin that fella up one of his chums 'it's her cross the back with a rottin' old chair. Fuckin' thing shatters and pieces go into 'er...you can guess the rest."

"A piece touched her heart?" She felt him shudder and gripped him tighter. "She died?"

"Yeah, that's all it took." Spike looked up into the hazel eyes that looked at him so lovingly? "You're so nice to talk to, kitten, it's like I know you but I don't recall..."

"It doesn't matter that we haven't met." Buffy kissed the tear tracks beneath his eyes. "I can feel your pain. I've lost people I've loved. I wish I could help you."

"Do you wanna...?" Spike decided it didn't hardly seem the time to ask. He brought his lips up to hers again as his hands started pushing Buffy's jacket up over her shoulders.

Their tongues clashed, almost without thinking Buffy started unbuckling the belt on Spike's pants. Her body was reacting to him as it always did, her core growing slick with desire. Her jacket gone out of his way Spike pulled up her top baring her stomach and her bra, he fumbled with the front clasp till her breasts fell free and he gently ran his fingers over them his thumbs and forefingers rolling her already erect nipples expertly.

Not for one second did Buffy's brain say stop, her demoness was too busy telling her to go on. Spike's fly rapidly surrendered to her nimble fingers and she drew his erection out.

*Everything the same as in the old country,* she thought even as she gently pumped her hands on the hard length. Then she let go as she rapidly unfastened her own pants. The red leather didn't push down to easily either. *Well I had time to kill.*

"Shall we...?" She began even as Spike's demon woke up and smelled the hottie.

He morphed suddenly and just as quickly turned the startled girl so she was on her knees facing the door. Her trousers and the thong she wore were torn down and she felt his fingers penetrate her sex and open out her folds. "Hey no need to...ohhhhhh...rush!"

He entered her slowly enough but still too fast for her needs and the speed with which he began to pump into her was decidedly unSpike. Her arousal was growing, her cold passage reacting to the almost brutal thrust,s but orgasm was nowhere near whilst Spike's motions already became more and more erratic as his drew on.

*This...oh...is what comes of fu...fucking...drunken vamps who haven't had a...oh that's better...a fresh piece of ass in weeks." Then a violent pain centered her attention away from possible frustration as Spike's canines sank into her shoulder. "SHIT!"

She felt his seed flood her and then an explosion of pleasure happened in her brain and even as a bolt of lightening seemed to flash down her spine to her clit as with a scream of pleasure the vampiress in Buffy came and the ecstacy crashed over her in waves of absolute delight.

Part Twenty-six

Spike woke to find Darla was dressing, she had put on a set of knee socks and was adding a school uniform, some girls prep school he recalled from the outskirts of town. "Jesus luv you could get me arrested if I'm seen out with you in that get up."

"Hi sleepyhead." Darla lifted up a sweater and showed it to him. "See I got the badge and everything, college boys just love it, and when they've satisfied their appetites I answer mine. Speaking of which, my Childer keep a stash of blood next door. Are you hungry, Spike?"

"Yeah baby I am kinda." Inwardly relived that she didn't propose he eat anyone, Spike reached for his pants. "Just let me get me kit on luv an I'll be right with ya."

He dressed and followed the vampiress out onto the landing. The Bronze was still quiet it being autumn and the night's lengthening as they were the vampires where in less of a rush to go hunting than they would be in the height of summer. Some lay on the dance floor others were piled randomly together on the stage. Only the favoured ones had rooms.

Darla's favourites were sprawled in one big bed. Xander, Willow, Jesse and Amy all naked and asleep. Three humans were huddled on blankets on the floor. Chained to the wall their bodies bore the marks of claw and fang, their pets. Spike was relieved he recognized none of them from his times in the Bronze with the gang, not that they were the same kids of course but still it would have made leaving them tougher.

As her Sire raided the small refrigerator, Willow woke up and carefully, so as not to wake her lovers, sat up and stretched aching muscles. The sheet that had covered her pooling around her waist. Her small but perfect breasts bobbed as she moved red nipples showing perfectly against her white skin.

*Willow is you friend, Willow is your friend.* Spike's mind told his treacherous body as blood shifted to an area he devoutly wished it wouldn't go to. *Shag her here and you're gonna blush every time you see her back at home, vampire or not.*

"Hi Spike you still feelin' ok?" Willow whispered, fortunately not getting out of bed to reveal her full glory. "You wanna play with me tonight?"

"If your Sire don't mind, I'd love to." Spike wasn't surprised to not find Buffy here but Willow should know where she was. "Where's my girl kippin' Red? I'm missin' her a little."

"She's a fraidy cat, isn't she?" Willow pouted a little she'd been hoping to be the first with the new girl, now she'd probably have to share with Darla. "The Master sent her to get something, he said to get you to come speak with him before sunset. He had a big happy so he didn't even mind catching me in the dungeons. Just laughed and stroked my hair."

"Interesting." Darla handed Spike a blood bag and the famished vampire drank. The blood didn't help his problem nor did Willow's hot eyes on him she licked her lips and did nothing about covering her naked breasts. He was bloody glad when Darla finished drinking and took his hand saying "Let's go see the old one Spike, let him see how you've been restored."


The throne room was set in the chill out area where kids used to hang and drink their coffees or smooch on the sofas. Spike himself had tried hard not to spew in here recently as he watched his sire kissing Buffy. He liked the place though and didn't see two dead bodies, a throne, and a bloody old vampire as a necessary improvement.

"Darla how are you my dear?" The Master rose and accepted his Childe's passionate kiss of greeting before placing his taloned hands upon the English vamp's shoulders. "And Spike, to think that you would bring me such a treasure. A turned Slayer again after all these years."

"What!?" Darla exclaimed, her mouth open in shock. "Buffy is a Slayer?"

"Yes and I might have killed her on the spot out of fear were it not for how easily I controlled her." The Master's fingers caressed Spike's cheek. "She is too powerful for you, though, my boy. I trust you'll understand that, but a more than fitting consort for I. I'll share her favours with you in time of course, but for now would you accept Darla's depraved carnality as fitting compensation? I believe you've already had a thorough...shall we say 'Road test'."

"Yeah and while Buffy may be a cutie, shit, she's just a fledgling when all's said and done." Spike grinned as he pulled Darla to him. She molded herself to his body trying not to let her enthusiasm show to greatly in front of her Sire.

"Excellent, she has gone out into the town. In twenty minutes the sun will set and you will find her and bring her to me." The kiss he planted on Spike's forehead was icy cold even for a vampire. "You are of my family. My blood runs in your veins. Always remember that."

Stepping back, the Master gestured towards the curtains that shielded him from the minions' gaze. "Now go. I would speak with my favourite."

Knowing a dismissal when he heard one, Spike left a worried vampire. How had the old bloke known and what if he was right about Buffy not being strong enough to fight him? *We need to get the fuck outta Dodge tonight.*

"Master," Darla began. She sat at the old one's feet, he had resumed his place on the great black chair once Spike had gone. "I hope that this Buffy won't replace me in your affections."

His hand ran through her hair and despite his befanged mouth, she saw an almost affectionate smile on his face. "My dear Childe that will never happen but this vampiress is a thing of wonder. A strange taste fills the air around her even as it does Spike."

The Master had tasted the blond on Darla's tongue and knew how intimate they'd been. "Do you think that the drink has so rotten his brain that he has forgotten Dru? His hate for me filled this room but a week ago, now he looks at me without reproach."

"He is in love...again?" Darla suddenly realized how strongly her passion ruled her. She had not thought too deeply about why Spike was better, she had just enjoyed. "What are you saying, Sire?"

"These two creatures are of another reality, I am convinced of this." The Master took Darla's hands in his. "I have heard of such things before, of gateways. They will open a path to new places, new worlds. I will build an army to conquer not just this plane but another and another till the whole of creation lies dying at my feet..." Now his hands slid down Darla's arms, and she saw the passion that suddenly blazed in his red eyes. "My, my, but my hunger for life is being restored by such a wonderous prospect."

The vampiress licked suddenly dry lips. "You mean...?"

The clawed fingers went to the buckle of the belt he wore round his waist. "I really think I do."

Darla's wicked laughter filled the room, then there was silence as she indulged herself once more. Boredom had ruled her Sire for to long. Everything had changed so nicely since Buffy had arrived.

*I really have to make that girl cum!*


The orgasm had barely ceased to tear through Buffy when Spike withdrew from her. The thud she heard from behind her was just as unexpected, as the vampire's action in so swiftly ending their encounter. Usually he was a hell of a lot more considerate a lover.

Looking back over her shoulder, Buffy took in the sight of her lover. Her sound asleep lover . The vampire had passed out.

"So no post coital chitchat for Buffy." She pouted as she probed the bite mark on her shoulder, finding that though it hurt, the bleeding had already stopped. Then Buffy started pulling up her pants, seeing no point in staying naked. They were going to get sticky and uncomfortable but the changes of clothing she had in the station wagon would soon solve that problem. "Note to self: don't make a habit of sex with drunks even if they do make you cum...Asshole."

Having made some effort to refasten Spike's pants, she managed to get his duster back on him before starting to tear through the rag piles looking for discarded blankets or sheets. She needed to move before sunset and she couldn't leave the vamp this near the Bronze.

With a firmly mummified vampire thrown over her shoulder, Buffy left the container, muttering darkly. "Wham bam not even a thank you Ma'am. You sure are a class act, William Alternate, and why didn't the boys back home give me a bite-connected happy? Ok their being nice, I suppose, but talk about explosive! Is it just that they don't care?"

*Angel's a wuss who won't drink blood from anyone, ok I get that, but Spike?* Buffy was going to be having a serious talk with a certain vampire next time she saw him.

Alternate Spike belched in his sleep.

"Puke on me and you'll get worse bruises than the ones you got already." Buffy hastily dumped the vampire into the back, and then knowing how he'd bitch if she didn't, went back and brought out his booze. She'd try to ween him off that later with Spike...her Spike's help. "This is gonna get weird."

For certain though she needed blood. She would have three hungry mouths to feed and no sucking on the townsfolk allowed. "Back to Willy's, won't he be pleased."


Willy was bandaged and not alone. A vampire had beaten the rush by getting to the bar before sunset. From the smell of him, Buffy could guess at his route. He'd come through the sewers and he reeked.

"Hi honey, it get cloudy outside?" The vampire leered at her in a good natured way. "You want a drink, sweetness?"

"Sure." Buffy watched the Snitch go pale. His broken finger was splinted and bound but he was still able to pick up a glass. "That's ok Willy...." Without warning, she grabbed the vampire by the jaw and the back of his head, and twisted. "I'll just take his."

The harsh snap filled the Alibi. Willy swallowed and carefully set down the glass, swaying a little as he fought against the urge to faint or run. "Waddya want? Tell me an go, custom like yours I do not need."

"Fine if that's your attitude, I'll take my business elsewhere." Buffy turned to leave but threw over her shoulder, "I was gonna ask how much you charge for those big blood bags you had?"

"Human or animal?" Willy never had been able to resist the urge to make a buck.

"Animal." Buffy didn't even want to think about drinking human blood, even bagged.

"Ten bucks a throw." Willy saw her pull out a wad of twenties. "And you got the audacity to pay me with my own money too."

"You prefer I hit you and rob the place again?" The Slayer's smile was not fanged, but it didn't make the bar owner feel any better. "Eighteen bags please, mein host, and quick about it."

"I dislike you intensely. I'd like to make that clear." The Snitch whined as he filled two carrier bags. "Here ya go, do me a favour and choke on it."

A sudden though occurred to Willy as he handed her the bags. "But would you mind tidying up before you go please?"

"Oh," A stakage later Buffy was gone whilst Willy, as quickly as he could, brushed the vampire's remains into the street. "Good customer, too. I'll probably miss him and the first I think of many I'm gonna lose. This town is gonna go to hell on a shovel. If this keeps up, then I think I'm gonna need the hoover."

Nine bills lighter, Buffy dropped the bags in back and after checking Spike for smoke, set off for the factory even as the sun began to disappear behind the aptly named ridge to the west of town.


The sun set just as Buffy reached the factory. Quickly she got out and untangled the vampire from his protective covering. He was sleeping like the proverbial babe, or at least he was until Buffy started slapping him. "Come on, you jerk, wake up. I don't have all night."

"Huh...ow!" Spike snapped awake. "What the fuck...oiii stop hittin' me luv, didn't ya like it?"

"Sure I did, being bit punches all my buttons." Buffy's sense of unease over that fact was plain on her face. "Lenny, he on his own or with company?"

"Eh!" Spike looked up realized where he was and tried to get up to run. "Are you bloody nuts? Bringing me back here, you dozy little bitch, what...?"

The slap was hard and Spike really felt it. His head cracked round under the force of the blow and he morphed at the humiliation of being struck by some unidentified chit of a girl.

"That's better." Buffy dropped the tail gate of the wagon and stepped back to let him down. "We're gonna take back what's yours and kill the bastards who threw you out. So how many are there?"

"Three including the big bastard." Spike sneered. "Their gonna fuck you over good, you little...." A raised fist made him button his lip fast.

"You really are whipped, arn't ya?" Buffy lifted the two-thirds empty bottle from the back of the vehicle. "Booze and brooding will do that to ya." She read the bottle's label and gasped. "Fifty percent proof, is that even legal?"

"That's what I said to the bloke sellin' it just before I killed 'im." Spike held out his hand. "Give it back and me bloody fags and lighter, and I'll piss off an leave you to it. I don't want this old place back. I'm 'appy were I was."

"No." Buffy headed for the door, tequila bottle in her right hand the lighter in her left. "Come on Spike, show me what you're made of."

*Bugger it!* Spike somehow managed to get on his feet and staggered after the leather clad girl. *This could be a laugh, either she kills Lenny or I get to watch 'im fuck 'er.*

The factory's three occupants were getting ready to go out. Two bruised vampires who had lost the battle for supremacy post Spike's ejection and the big vampire Buffy had seen Spike slay in the Madgick shop, whose bruised knuckles weere ample evidence of who the winner had been.

*And this time I get to kill him. Maybe this reality ain't so bad after all.*

"Hey, how are you guys?" Buffy took a sip of the booze and had to try real hard not to spit it back out. "You..ahem...fuck... you wanna leave now or would you rather fight?"

"Spike, I told you not to come back here, man." Lenny ignored the Slayer altogether. "I don't care what kinda gifts you bring me, I'm still gonna break your bones."

"Talk, talk, talk. That's all you ever bloody do." Spike swung his fists round wildly and nearly toppled on his ass. "Come on, you wanker, let's be at it."

"Give me a drink, little girl, and I might not tear you up too bad." Lenny extended a clawed hand for the bottle. "I feel a thirst coming on."

The two vamps with him moved to his left and right, anxious to see Spike crippled and for their chance with both him and the girl. This was going to be more that compensation for the treatment they themselves had had at the big vampire's hands.

"I think I like this too much to give it to you so..." Buffy held up the bottle in a toast and took a huge mouthful.

"Why you..." Lenny stepped forward, straight into the tequila that Buffy spat into his face. He staggered back, rubbing at his eyes as the alcohol stung them.

"Second thought, it's horrible, so you have your drink." Buffy's flicked the lighter ablaze and threw it. "Enjoy!"

Blue flames covered Lenny's head and chest as the alcohol lit. His skin began to char as the fire started to consume him even as he screamed . His minions howled, too, but still dashed forward to avenge their Master. It was that or risk him grabbing hold of them in his agony and spreading the fire to them.

Half expecting panicked retreat, Buffy didn't have a stake drawn yet, but that didn't matter, cause she had a heavy bottle in her hand.

The first vamp went down hard, his head bloody from the impact which shattered the base of the bottle. The second dived, claws extended, straight into the now jagged edged weapon Buffy held. She nearly screamed herself when the glass carved through the vampire's face, leaving an eye socket torn open and the vampire screaming on his knees.

Buffy staked him within seconds and the horrific sight disappeared.

"Jesus Christ luv who the fuck are you, a bloody Slayer?" Spike had been in pub fights galore in his time but this was something else. "And if you are, do Lenny before he burns the gaffe down, there's a dear."

"Sure." Buffy carefully tossed a stake at Lenny who lay burning on the floor. Vampire and fire disappeared. "And yeah, I was a Slayer and I still am. I guess that's a problem."

"No." Spike hated the vamps in Sunnydale, they had taken Dru from him. Plus he seemed to recall having a bloody good time with the now very dangerous blond standing before him. "Long as you don't mind me watchin' you work."

"I don't." She staked the vampire on the ground. "We'll feed. Then you're going to bed." She saw the leer and shook her head in disgust. "Alone vampire, you get sober, you get to fight. So no slaying tonight but if your good...tomorrow night you go hunting with me and mine."

Spike nodded. Being good sounded like it could be fun. He hadn't had a good fight in weeks


Leaving the Bronze behind him, Spike set off to look for his girl. He was in a hurry to get away from this hell and back to the comforts of the real Sunnydale like whipped vampires who knew their place, nice hostelries where you could chat to your friends and a club he owned where really stupid girls lined up to drop their panties for reanimated corpses.

*Sure hope to hell Buffy never finds out about that.*

Plus he was missing the vetala something chronic. He hadn't heard a shot fired for two days. It was making him feel weird.

That was probably why he didn't see Marcus and Steve detach themselves from the shadows and discreetly start to follow him. The Master trusted no one, especially not vampires who mysteriously appear from other dimensions and who might leave without saying goodbye.

"If he finds the girl and brings her to me, let him pass." The Master had said to them as they stood heads respectfully bowed before him. "If he tries to flee with her then kill him and bring the vampiress here even at the cost of your own lives."

They knew the price of failure well enough. Stakes in hand, the two vampires followed.