Spike in the City of Angels, Episode Two:
Welcome to Sunnyhell

by John Cope

Part Twenty-seven

Buffy and Giles tried to relax as the seatbelt light went out and the Delta Airways jet they were traveling on leveled out at its flight altitude. They had set off two days earlier than planned to Buffy's dismay. Giles had thrown a total wig at the latest e-mail from Sunnydale and got them moving before the Slayer had even had a chance to read it. Now she was sat pouting, wishing Marty was there and not some stuffy Englishman.

The plane was half-empty though, which she considered a blessing for both conversation and her self conscious. Fewer people meant fewer stares, and thank god there weren't any kids aboard either no hastily shushed enquiries of "Mom what happened to that lady's face?"

Giles had enquired with his usual patience in adversity if she might make an effort to at least look like his niece. They were traveling incognito as family, so naturally she wore the usual leather jacket, grey vest, tan combats and boots but with extra eyeliner. "Shit Jeeves, any girl born into your family would have to rebel or die."

She'd felt sorry straight after saying it. It wasn't Giles' fault, what had happened had happened. So now she tried to break the silence that had fallen since they set off for the airport. "What you reading?"

"This." Giles reluctantly dragged his head from the small handwriiten book. "Journal of Charles Sandeman, Watcher to a Slayer from 1923 to 25. Fascinating fellow and just for once, a good writer, too."

"Wow that makes a change." Buffy had had to labour through far too many journals helping with research. Those guys were long winded in general and boring in the extreme. "What's the connection?"

"Sandeman and his Slayer, Elizabeth von Winterfeldt, operated in central Europe and their chief adversary was Heinrich Nest, also known as the Master." Giles wasn't exactly expecting a big lightbulb to appear over Buffy's head but a complete lack of response was somewhat disappointing. "Which, shocking coincidence, is the name of the vampire Lord in Sunnydale."

"Gee those guys do travel." Buffy sat back in her seat bored already. Traveling sucked, so few planes carried anything to slay. "Must have been difficult a German working with a Brit?" She took in the look the Librarian sent her. "Yes I do know there were two world wars."

"I'm not shocked you heard that honestly, I'm just utterly astonished you remembered." Giles took another volume from his jacket pocket. "Do you want this to read, or would you rather watch the movie?"

"Chevy Chase," she snorted in disgust. "Bad karma if ever I saw it, our journey is accursed believe me."

"I do, I do." Hiding his smile behind his own volume, Giles re-immersed himself in the past where he was happiest. "We'll see what things are like when we get there."

"Sucky I'll bet!"


Willow had done the part with the drawings, thoughtfully provided by Angel, the crying out to Eryshon, the sand and the Latin, and now the hand holding was underway.

Right hand Oz so warm and fuzzy, left hand Browne icy cold!

Weapons in their belts, crossbows on the ground they waited for god knows what to happen when the portal hopefully reopened. If they were nervous it was pretty obvious who they had to blame.

"Question?" Xander had asked ten minutes before. "What if the spell merges our plane with the other one and we get all their vampires crawling out of the woodwork?"

"Not now Xander." Giles had replied as he rechecked the spell. "Look at it like this: for the first few seconds, we'll have the advantage of surprise."

"Great." Xander was about to walk away to help Oz with the wep's before realization struck him and he asked the dumb question. "And then?"

"We probably die."

This hadn't reassured anyone.

Eight people stood hand in hand, well four people, a Werewolf, a trapped demon, and two vampires technically, and together began to chant the words they'd carefully learned. "Child to mother, river to the sea, Eryshon hear my prayer.."

Nothing for a few seconds and Willow was starting to think that it had bombed when there was a blinding flash of light and a very large metallic thud from just in front of them.


Spike found the note easily enough. He had figured Buffy would be waiting for him by the container but the sheet of paper she'd stuck inside the door was good enough for him.

'Gone to the factory, love Buffy'

"Great, back to that old dump." Memories of Dru were gonna flood back and he was gonna hate it, but at least he'd have Buffy with him again. "Whiffs in 'ere, smells of booze and fags an 'as if someone's been having a shag."

Shaking his head as he stuffed the note on his pocket, Spike set off for his old familiar haunt unaware of the two sets of eyes watching him.

"What do ya thinks in there?" Marcus asked Steve the leader and brain of the outfit. "Do you think we should check?"

"A quick look just in case."

The explosion was loud, Spike's head snapped round to see a blue vortex racing up the alley behind him, frantically he ran trying to keep ahead of it. *Fuck it Red can't you at least wait till I'm with Buffy?*

Then another explosion and the container was gone. "Bugger, hope they're outside and not standing underneath that thing."


"Way to go Will you really got that spell working good." Xander teased as the dust settled to reveal something very not Buffy and Spike. "Wanna try for something practical, like a Cadillac next time."

"Or a Fender." Oz winked encouragingly. "That would be cool."

There was a muffled groaning from inside the large metal box Willow had just materialized in a corner of Hammersmith. Instantly, the Slayerettes grabbed up their weapons. Their fingers however stayed on the trigger guards.

"Hold yer fire lads and lassies," Browne commanded easing towards the container doors. "It could be 'imself and Buffy in there."

Angel felt sick at that thought, what if they were...naked again?

Then two vampires staggered out looking massively confused as to how they had got halfway across town.

They looked at the Slayerettes and the Slayerettes looked back.

"I think you got the wrong vampires, Willow." Giles said as he pulled the trigger on his crossbow. "Still nil desperadum, we'll just have to try again."

Seven bolts and an arrow later there were just two piles of dust.

"This will take some explaining." Xander gave the inside of the container the once over with Browne. "Though if the Enquirer hears about this they'll just say it got dropped here by passing space aliens."

He jumped in shock as he realized Browne had morphed, here he was out of sight of the others with an unsouled vamp. A vamp who was sniffing. "Obsession for Dorks man, and it ain't supposed to work on vamps."

"Very bloody funny." Browne seemed to be almost tasting the air. "Spike and Buffy was in 'ere son, but not a word of that to the others, eh."

"Why not?" Xander wanted to rush out and tell Willow she hadn't screwed up to badly.

"Angelus sniffs round in 'ere boy there's trouble." Browne drew a hand across his throat. "We wind up at a funeral if you catch my drift."

"You mean to say...again?" Xander got out of there fast. "Come on people nothing to see here, let's go...let's go do try that old hocus pocus thing someplace else."

*Please god,* Xander fervently thought as he got his people out of there fast. *Let Buffy and Spike not be naked when we get them back, it's all I ask. Well if you could also just jot down the numbers for the next State lottery but hey who am I... *


"Honey I'm home." Spike crashed in through the familiar door and took in the sounds of industry. Buffy was up an improvised ladder hammering sheets over windows. "Be careful up there, Pet. You don't need to do that, you know. We never used to cover those anyway, not much light gets in."

"Spike!" Buffy was on the ground in seconds and in Spike's arms, her tongue in his mouth as she kissed him forcefully. A familiar taste hit Spike's senses and he broke away.

"You bein' drinkin' ducks?" The vampire's brow furrowed with shock. "I let you outta my sight for a day and..."

"I spat ok!" Buffy nodded toward the Lenny-size burn on the floor. "I had to light the guy with something."

"I always thought you swallowed." Spike kissed her lips again before she could hit him and then went on to add, "Very inventive. Was it anyone I know?"

"Lenny." Taking in the pout, she added quickly. "It was my turn."


"We went through hell in that store and you dusted the guy behind it." She smiled and hugged him. "Wouldn't you say fair's fair?"

"Yeah I guess." He stepped back, tight black jeans, black silk blouse, and a black coat handing over a chair. "Did you shop kitten?"

"Yeah," She gave an unnecessary twirl. "You like?"

"Bloody wonderful." Spike suddenly realized that Darla hadn't worn him out after all. "We got time for you to take it off?"

"Vampire!" Buffy giggled and started unbuttoning. "So how was it with Darla?"

He heard what he hoped was a teasing tone and decided not to tell the truth. "Ok."

"All the fucking she must have done." Buffy let the blouse fall open. "And she's only ok."

"Yeah well We can't all...." Spike saw what Buffy was wearing under her blouse and lost the will to speak.

Smiling at the open-mouthed vampire, Buffy ran her fingers over the black material of her underwear. "You like this too?"

"I...like." Spike shook his head to clear it. "Did you go join the Hell's Angels while I was in there luv? Cause while leather is you, this is just...?"

"Too much." Buffy took the blouse off and let the vampire get a proper look at the leather bikini top she was wearing. "It's hardly biker gear surely?"

"No kitten you'd get cold." Spike started to unbuckle his belt. "I take it we don't have all that much time, so will you mind if I keep me boots on?"

"Not at all lover. Bbe as fast as you like." Buffy pushed her hair back from her neck. "After all, all you gotta do is sink your fangs in."

"Come again?" Spike shook his head. "Excuse me."

Buffy turned. Her back was only covered by the laces that secured the top in place, and the fang marks were faded but visible. "For a quickie it sure does the trick."

"I knew it, I fuckin' knew it." Spike started buckling again. "As soon as I heard peaches was here I thought to myself Buffy will be straight in the sack with..."

The Slayer was on him in a second, pushing him back against a wall, her fingers over his lips to still his words. "Angel didn't do this to me Spike, you did."

"ME!" Spike shouted even more confused until realization hit him like a brick. "You slept with me behind my back!"

He wasn't expecting laughter. "That sounds so funny."

"It bloody does not."

"Does too, and you were humping Darla at the time."

"On your orders...and if you think that's any excuse to go jumping into bed with me...stop laughin'..."

Buffy put her hand over her mouth but her chest heaved up and down. "Sorry...but it's just so..."

"Funny!" Spike threw his hands up in the air in despair. When it came to it, he couldn't blame Buffy for it. He was after all irresistible. "He as good as me Pet?"

"He's a damn drunk who only got me off cause he bit me." Buffy noted the smirk that crossed her lover's face. "How come you never...?"

"Pure laziness, feedin' on a vampiress to get her off." He put his hands on Buffy's hips and pulled her forward. "I've always put the hours in baby, you really sayin' you prefer the sharp pointy method?"

Slayage forgotten ,she kissed him hard. His fingers found the laces at the back of Buffy's top and untied the string.

"Not if you're gonna put it like that."


"Ok Willow," Xander gave his best friend the thumbs up. "Think positive, think Buffy and Spike but if that don't work, think big expensive car."

"Xander." Willow looked up from the drawing the sand and the spellbook, and resisted the urge to shout. "You are really not helping."


"Like this kitten?"

"Oh yeah." Buffy's black jeans were off, Spike's were round his ankles her ass was on the table and her legs up over his shoulders.

He certainly wasn't needing to bite her.


"Eryshon hear my prayer."

There was a splintering crash as a heavy table hit the ground in front of them. Two people looked damned startled.

Xander and Oz had been left out of the spell casting so they could cover their friends after what had happened last time.

"Oh my god." Xander couldn't believe what he was seeing before him "Is that all vampires ever do?"

He pulled the trigger smoothly and for the second time in his life reduced a vampiric Jesse to dust. "Willow you screwed it up again."

Oz had the bowstring drawn back to his mouth but hesitated as a nude Amy sat up and tried to brush the dust off herself. She looked terrified and not in the least vampiric. "Xander...Red. What the hell?"

"Yeah." Willow grabbed up her crossbow and fired. "Hell is where you belong."

As the dust settled, she restrained the urge to curse at the circle of disappointed faces. *Ok Browne's probably disappointed for different reasons than the rest of us, but hey, if he wants free shows he'll have to go someplace else.*

"Ok people, it doesn't work. We need a different spell." Willow's resolve face brooked no argument. "Everybody back to the store for research."

Angel went off to get the van leaving the others to try to tidy up.

"Sorry Man." Oz removed the string from his bow as he stood beside Xander examining the table. "I just thought Amy."

"It's cool, your bud's as bad guys takes some getting used to." Xander gave the table a kick. "Pool table from the Bronze Giles, do ya think we just sent someone a message?"

"Lets hope not, eh."


"Not something you see everyday." The Master got up of the ground were the force of the explosion had flung him. Stunned vampires stood round gaping at where their pool table had been.

"Two of my Childer gone!" Darla morphed as angry emotions swept through her. "Who would dare?"

"No one of this world I assure you." The Master looked around at the startled members of his Order. "To the streets my followers, find the human hunters and bring them here and the Daywalker. I would speak to her about the world she comes from."

Running, the vampires scattered into the night, hoping that they'd find their prey before a blue vortex found them.

"Jesse and Amy." Darla let one tear of blood trickle down her face. "How I loved them."

"There, there, Childe." She felt her Sires hands on her shoulders. "When we conquer the other world we may find them there, and if we don't...turn their doppelgangers and start the fun all over again."


"YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!" Buffy screamed as orgasm hit her.

Spike didn't pass out, or puke or belch, he just had a huge post-orgasmic grin on his face. "See what I mean, Kitten? No need for bitin' is there?"

Wiping the sweat from her eyes, Buffy lay back on the table, then suddenly pushed the vampire back. "Fuck you idiot what are doing distracting me when we should be slaying."

"Was I the one who started getting undressed?" Spike started to hastily rearrange his clothing as Buffy tried to get back into hers. "I assumed we were buggering off home, why the hellmouth do we have to slay here?"

"What if the link's permanent and not sealable." Buffy jumped up and down trying to get her jeans back up fast. "Do you really want the Master winning here and then finding out how to open it?"

"No." Spike was trying to concentrate on what she was saying but he was kinda distracted by other things. "Should you really be slaying commando?"

"You think these are gonna come off accidental?" She clipped the front of the jeans together.

"No but they could always split." She turned round to pick up the leather bikini top from were Spike had dropped it. "The material looks like it's under terrible strain as it is."

"You sayin' I'm too fat for these?" Buffy's voice took on a dangerous edge.

"Hell no!" Spike mentally backtracked off the quicksand patch. "You couldn't look any better pet, I'd strip you an shag you right here...if I hadn't already."

"Ok." Buffy got dressed and threw Spike a couple of stakes. "You want your gun?"

"Last resort luv." He knew she didn't like them and was kinda surprised she hadn't bawled him out for carrying it.

"Here." The pistol secured, Spike watched his Slayer hid four stakes, a set of brass knuckles and a switchblade about her person. Then she hung the katana over her shoulder before picking up a crossbow.

"Where did you get that kitten?"

"Bought it."

"With what?"


"What money, you didn't have any purse with you."

"I got it off Willy."

"The Snitch?"


"Why would he...?"

"I posed for his cousin." Buffy saw Spike's jaw drop. "I'm teasing. I robbed the guy, of course."

"Oh that's alright then." Spike helped Buffy secure the makeshift quiver that she'd prepared for her bolts. "We allowed to do crime here?"

"Shit if it helps pass the time," Buffy shrugged and failed to notice the glint in the former highwayman's eye. "Shall we go?"

"Why not?" But just at the door Spike did pause. "Where am I?"

"You're at the factory...oh!" She smiled and pointed back towards what had been Spike and Dru's room in the basement. "I got you drunk as hell and locked you in, you'll be less trouble that way."

"Fine," Spike set off out into the horror-filled night. "I'd hate to 'ave to think of me wanderin' about gettin' into trouble."

Part Twenty-eight

The first two vampires jumped them before they'd even cleared the factory's lot.

"That was majorly boring." Buffy put her stakes back in her pocket and looked down at the dust piles. They almost seemed to run straight on them. "Sorry. I should have saved you one."

"Don't worry luv I think we're gonna get plenty of action tonight." Spike hadn't even had time to fall into a fighting stance before supergirl did her thing. "But I would prefer a stake in the next one."

He took in the look. "Tough crowd in tonight?"

"Absolutely lover." Buffy loaded her crossbow and lengthened the stock. "Tell you what I'll do for you, though, you can have the Master."

"No thank you pet." Spike shuddered at the thought. "I'll reserve the big guy for you."

"Oh well thanks. I know! You can have Darla." The laughter of the Slayer echoed between the abandoned buildings. "No you already had her didn't you?"

"Ha, ha, ha." Petulantly, the Englishvamp kicked a stone across the lot. "But only cause you asked me to and anyway, how would you like it if I'd jumped your alternate persona's bones?"

"Persona!" Buffy looked at him quizzically. "Have you been talking to Giles again?"

"Laugh it up, go on." Spike stepped in front of her crossbow. "And you ain't answered the question have you?"

"I'd be real upset." Buffy looked around as her spider sense kicked in. "Cause she's a nice normal girl who probably doesn't screw corpses and would dust you soon as look at you."

"CORPSES!" Spike would have shouted some more if Buffy hadn't abruptly pushed him to one side with her left arm.

"Daywalker." There were three of them, two including the speaker were unknown to her. The third was Eric Gittleson.

A length of chain dangled from the leading vampire's right hand. "Daywalker come with us, the Master commands it."

"Oh really?" Buffy leveled her bow at the startled vampire's chest. "Sorry, but he's not the Master of me."

Two vampires looked down at a settling pile of ash then ran in opposite directions.

Tough vamp two, as Buffy came to call him, charged forward swinging a tire iron. Eric on the other hand, ran for the hills

Buffy dropped the crossbow and prepared to fight, but a Doc Martin beat her fists to it.

The steel toecap connected with the vampire's jaw, a crunch echoed as teeth broke and the vampire dropped stunned to the ground with Spike towering over him.

"I...don't...like...the...way...people...round...here...are...ignoring...me." Spike punctuated each word with a savage kick to the fallen vampire's ribs. The sound of breaking bones set Buffy's teeth on edge. "What is my problem?"

"Your a psycho loony?"

"You really are making with the funnies tonight, Buffy." He staked the vampire and went and collected Buffy's crossbow bolt. "I mean what's the other Spike's deal? Why is the poor bugger constantly hittin' the sauce?"

"Oh Altie's major malfunction." The Slayer took a very unnecessary breath as she contemplated Spike's possible reactions. "Dru got killed."

"Oh god, no wonder the poor blokes a wreck then." Spike shook his head at the idea, having Dru go off with someone else was bad enough but to lose her completely... "So you slept with 'im out of sympathy?"

"Well I didn't exactly sleep..." Realizing she was straying off topic, the Slayer coughed and started to reload her bow. "Yeah he was just so low that I thought I should help him."

"Fine, charity shaggin's ok." Spike morphed and sniffed the air. "We better be moving. The speed the runt was traveling at we could have company before we know it."


So it went on. Hunting wasn't exactly needed as parties of vamps attacked them over and over. The most courageous died, the cowards or the smart ones ran.

Buffy had a bruise over her right eye where a length of scaffolding pole had caught her a glancing blow. Spike had a bruise on the right side of his face and a conviction that he'd broken a finger on his left hand. They were both feeling completely high on the adrenaline rush.

"You can't beat a good spot o' GBH." Spike took in the questioning expression on Buffy's face and clarified. "Grievous bodily harm."

"You can say that again." A warning look stilled Spike's inevitable reaction. "But you don't need to, I wonder why I never thought of it before."


"No!" Buffy realized that actually she wasn't making all that much sense. "The Daywalker, so much simpler than Buffy the Slayer Vampire."

"And plagiaristic." Spike was quietly pleased with that one, Dalton had taught him some bloody useful words

"Excuse me, fictional characters do not take precedent over real people." Scowling at the injustice of it Buffy strode on ahead. "I could kick his ass easy."

"Celebrity Death Match here you come." She looked pissed at the comment but he didn't care. "You wanna cruise over to main street? I think we offed all the vamps out and about on this side of town."

"Yeah it is pretty dead round here." Buffy held out her hand to him and together the two set off. "We should really fit right in."


The main street area was quiet, too, no traffic moved on the streets and all the areass usually open till late, business's were firmly shuttered and closed. "Nothing like vamps for cramping people's style."

"Too right pet." Spike wasn't surprised. Nobody with a brain cell functioning would be risking a late night drive round this Burgh. "Guess it's dumb idiots who drive in from outside who provide most of their fodder."

"Guess so." A scream sounded out from ahead of them. "Or maybe not."

They ran around the corner and stopped dead at the sight before them.

Jenny and company were backed up against a wall surrounded by a circle of vampires. A van with wide open doors was parked across the street the intended resting place for the hunters once they were restrained.

Crucifixes where holding the vamps back but only just. The vampires carried cattle prods and their leader Tor Hauer a bull whip. He lashed his weapon at the group of mortals, aiming for the crosses, hoping to knock them out of hands.

They were looking pretty ragged. Guy Matthews cross lay on the sidewalk a ripped open forearm explained why he'd dropped it. Amber was down stunned by a prod. The smell of blood made Buffy's nostrils twitch.

"Kyle come over man," Tor shouted. "The girls miss you so bad and the three of us together we'll get the Master to let us turn you easy." He slashed the whip and only a hasty duck stopped Kyle from getting his face laid open. "You don't you'll die hardest of the lot."

The vampires were psyching themselves to charge. Just ten active humans with just three crossbows they could use cause so many were having to cover their front with crosses, the casualties would be worth it for the glory. The electricity crackled in the prods as they waved in the air as they moved nearer.

"Come on," a vampiress screaming as she charged prod held high for a downward thrust as Jenny's chest.

Then the prod skittered across the sidewalk even as her dust cascaded down to join it.

Jenny glanced around and saw that Oz, Devon and Lysette hadn't fired then she look back at Tor and saw the horror on his face as Buffy flew at him, boots first.

Tor was sent sprawling by the drop kick and a stunned group of vampires stood looking for a second at the girl who stood amongst them. "Hey!"

A double side kick took two down and the vamps woke up. A big thickset vampire grabbed Buffy's shoulders even as her stake went home into his chest but in the second he lived for he turned away twisting the weapon from her grasp. Empty handed she faced her attackers. "Come on boys, don't be shy."

Spike as instructed went for the van. Two vampires ran to meet him, huge befanged grins on their faces. "Spike you sober?" The first one shouted contemptuously as he squared off.

"As a judge mate." Spike faked a knee to the groin, forcing the first vampires hands down his head reared back and slammed hard into the creatures nose. Blood ran down his forehead as he grinned broadly. "How was that...and this."

A high pitched scream was the answer as Spike's knee came up for real this time. Then a punch sent Spike back a couple of paces as the second vampire joined the fight.

Buffy slammed her elbow back into the face of a vampire she heard behind her then knocked aside an incoming cattle prod with her left hand even as her right delivered a palm strike to the prodder's jaw. Then two vampires grabbed her arms and held her solidly as Tor blood streaming down his face advanced towards her a cattle prod held firmly in his hands. "I'm gonna ram this right in your cunt bitch."

"Cause you ain't got nothing else firm enough." Kyle screamed as his knuckle dusted fist smashed into Tor's face. "The girls really missin' me?" He asked as his knee came up into the vampire's balls. A staking later, Kyle felt a good deal better in himself. *One down and two to go.*

"Glad you could make it Buffy." Jenny rammed a stake hard into the vamp holding Buffy's left arm's heart. "Your timing sure is impeccable."

"Never thought I'd be glad to see a vampiress." A thud of baseball bat striking skull sent the second vampire down and Larry stood beside her, Louisville slugger raised. "Nice meeting you."

Vampires scattered as crossbow bolts dusted three of them and the hunters waded in with stakes.

They ran fast. Buffy didn't follow being too busy helping her new comrades stake the fallen.

Spike had his second vampire by the hair and was using it's head to beat a sizable dent in the door of the van. "I am not...a fuckin'...drunk." He said over and over in time with the blows.

"Excuse me." Buffy's voice cut through the red mist. "We're finished over here dear."

"Sorry." Spike let the vamp drop the long smear of blood it left as it slid down the door showing him how out of it he'd been. "Did we win, pet?"

"I guess?" Buffy looked back as Jenny and Lysette helped Amber to her feet. "We're all still alive...or at least they are."

"They're....they're coming back." The fear in Jonathan's voice was real, but he had just staked two vamps and held his stake firmly. The group of humans reformed their phalanx but their eyes were on Buffy.

"Good." Buffy looked round and saw twenty more vamps coming towards them. Many hesitated, those were the ones she'd encountered before but the middle group looked arrogant enough. "I thought I'd toted this around for nothing."

The katana left the sheath smoothly and Buffy walked forward to meet her prey the sword held before her in her right hand.

"Do you think that scares us Daywalker?" The new leader was an out of towner an older vamp of near Spike's age perhaps.

"We both know it does." Buffy's smile was chilling vamps at the back of the group started to melt away. "You wanna get to the fight now? I'm gettin' bored."

Vampires spread out in front of her. She stood head slightly bowed waiting but the blade moved tracing across the asphalt in front of her raising a shower of sparks.

"Browne never should have rented us that video." Spike whispered as he watched his breath bated in theory. "It's put the worst ideas in her head."

"Daywalker?" Devon whispered to Oz. "I kinda hoped but I was expecting somebody..."

"Blacker." Oz finished the sentence even as he reloaded his bow. "And taller."

"Girl the Master will burn you for this." Though a foot taller and a good many pounds heavier than his opponent, the cocky edge had gone from the vampire's voice. "Give it up now and maybe..."

"He'll just let his whole crew fuck me in the ass." Seeing as the mountain wasn't gonna come to Buffy, she raised her sword. "Think I best cutback on the number of pricks in town first."

Only one vampire stayed to face her charge and died as the blade sliced through his neck and sent his head spinning for the gutter. It was dust before it landed. The rest ran fast heading straight back to the Bronze.

"Yep Spike's right." Buffy said to herself as she sheaved her blade. "Mayhem can be such fun."

With that she wandered back towards her lover and a group of eleven scared looking individuals. *Ooops face, gotta remember fangs give people the wig, but not if they're in Spike's mouth. Hey wait up I got two Spike's...which means that if I wanted to...God!...Is that you demoness? You skanky little...*