Spike in the City of Angels, Episode Two:
Welcome to Sunnyhell

by John Cope

Part Twenty-nine

"So Angelus as you might expect takes objection to being called a bloody cheat, even though 'e was mind, and gives Sir James the lie. That means he called the daft old bugger a liar in plain English. And so the old bastard goes as grey as his whiskers and slaps Angelus across the face with a glove. Now I'm expectin' claret to start pumpin' room full of people or not but the poof just grin's like the devil and says. 'So Sir James you'll be honourin' me with the name of your second...'

Jenny and her crew having been sent safely on their way back to a private no access for vampires residence, Buffy was walking round the town centre with Spike. He was bored and had started reminiscing about the good bad old days. The Slayer however had other things on her mind.

*Two guys at once.* The thought made her shudder but if it was a naughty wicked shudder or a disgusted shudder she couldn't quite tell. *Some girls fantasy other girls uuhhggh! Which side of that fence do I stand on?*

"So of course 'is mob wants to 'old the duel at first light and Angelus 'as the devil of a job trying to persuade his second, who we'll call old Mr. Farty Watsit-Face, that there is no way that he will stand there to be shot at any time other that midnight..."

*Even worse is the fact that it's gonna be like asking Spike to share me with...sorta like his own brother, or is it? If I can decide that I'm looking at a once in an unlife time chance to do stuff I wouldn't do back home then why shouldn't he? Then again there's the other problem.* Buffy looked around her half-heartedly for bad guys before continuing to brood. *What if they don't get on, what if they fight over who gets to put it where first...what if they get on too well and ignore me!?!*

"So anyway there they all are, the toffs stood out there in the torchlight and Farty Watsit-Face brings up the pistols. They take one each and they stands back to back. Umpire blows the metaphorical whistle and off they goes..."

"Should I let Spike put it there, does he want to?* Self doubt filled her mind. *He's never asked, doesn't my butt turn him on? Angel likes it or is he just saying that cause he knows it gets me off? Not like every other way he takes me doesn't do it for me to. Should I let Spike do that thing just out of guilt cause I let Angel? OH!*

"Fire the bloke shouts and the hankie drops, Sir James gets 'is shot off first cause Angelus, cocky bastard that 'e is, takes his time. The ball goes low and hits 'im in the guts and I could hear the wimpy little poofter yelp from right the way across were I'm standin' with the horses..."

*I like this place, no Giles or Willow telling me to be good, but I do have the conscience thing. But then I'm kinda on vacation in a far off place where nobody knows me and I can do what I like. Violence, kinky sex, no drugs though...*

"Angelus is literally spittin' blood and the opposition's smirkin' fit to burst. Course what 'e doesn't realize is that Angel took the time to learn to shoot, considered damned unsportin' among the duelin' set pistol practice. So 'is ball takes Jamie straight between the eyes..."

*God I still have the Master to worry about.* Buffy shook her head morosely. *How the hell does he do his thing? I mean I should be way more powerful than him and yet he held me like it was nothing. I wonder how?*

"Well after the ponce does 'is impression of the dyin' swan, the surgeon dashes over straight onto Angelus's fangs. The ref draws the rapier 'e carries for such occasions and rushes forward right into a thrown pistol an 'e drops like a sack of spuds. Then Farty catches a glimpse of the bloke he seconded's true face and 'e faints clean away..."

*He just kinda reaches into your mind and everything about you stops, your body goes cold and you just can't move.* Buffy wished she had a spell book, something to tell her how the mojo worked. *But I do have someone to practice on.*

"So whilst 'imself is doing very ungentile things indeed to the mortal remains of 'is late adversary with a knife, I'm clubbing me fellow proletariates about the head with a cosh I carry for such occasions. Blood will taste just the same either way the bloke died if you get em fresh when suddenly Sir James' second comes runnin' at me..."

Buffy concentrated to no effect. *Maybe I need to try getting inside his mind...well let me see.*

"So I get me fangs in the bloke's neck and the next thing you know..." Spike hit the street hard. "Ow...Fuck. What the fuck did I bloody trip over luv?"

Guilt filling her conscience, Buffy went over and helped him up. "Jeez, Spike you ok?"

"Yeah kitten peachy." Spike looked around shaking his head at the perfectly flat sidewalk. "It felt like somethin' grabbed 'old of me feet."

"You should concentrate on where you're going, not telling old stories." Buffy kissed his unbruised cheek glad she hadn't hurt him. "Come on, let's go back to the Factory, check your not bruised anywhere essential."

"Sound's like fun luv." Still shaking his head at the weird occurrence, Spike took his lover's hand and they set off for their temporary home.


The research party had gone on for hours till Willow had finally found what she was looking for. They would try the new spell tomorrow night and just pray that it would work better that the last one.

So it was a tired Angel who got back to the mansion with the dawn rapidly approaching to find his phone ringing.

"Buffy!" He shouted running for the receiver, she'd got back through some how and was calling him. "Hullo!"

"Hey brother, the Slayer in." The voice was unfamiliar but he didn't have to be Einstein to figure out who it belonged to.

"No Treat she's at her Mom's." Angel lied easily enough for the spur of the moment.

"Give me her number man. I gotta talk to the girl."

"No way, she won't want to be disturbed at this time of night. I'll take a message."

Angel had expected anger what he got was a deep chuckle. "Sure thing bro, I wouldn't give my bitch's number to a fine lookin' fella like me either. Tell the girl I gathered those parties she has an interest in and we'll be in town Saturday. I'll ring her tomorrow night round one to arrange where to meet."

"Ok." Angel knew the kind of vampires Treat would be bringing, heavily armed ones. "I'll make sure she's here."

"You do that negro," Treat laughed again. "We is gonna get along so fine."

As the phone went down Angel heard hoots of laughter from what sounded like a hell of a lot of vampires.

He speed dialed the store. "Come on Giles be there...Hi. I'm sorry, Rupert, but we have trouble coming our way. Trouble with a T and that stands for Treat."


The factory was silent but Buffy made a quick circuit to ensure that nothing had sneaked into shelter from the sun. And while her back was turned Spike went quietly off to the cellar to take a look at himself.

He was lying face down on the bed, snoring, and except for a sheet he was naked.

*Got him pissed and put him to bed she said,* Spike fumed quietly. *Undressing him wasn't mentioned. Takin' advantage of the poor bloke in his unhappy state of intoxication, getting 'er jollies by eyeing the poor bloke's bits an pieces I bet, the naughty girl.*

*Curious how a drunken vampire should snore like that,* Spike thought as he tiptoed over to take a peek. *I guess it's just subliminal memory.*

He lifted the sheet grimacing at the faded bruises on his alternate self's back and then just as he was going to look a little lower, he nearly jumped out of his skin at a loud hiss from behind him.

"Spike what the hell are you doing down here?" Buffy was glaring at him from the foot of the stairs. "If you hurt that vampire I'll..."

"Shush!" Spike quickly joined his girl and indicated forcefully with his thumb that they should leave. "Fratricide is that what you suspect I'm capable of Buffy? I mean to say..."

"I'm sorry. It's just I thought with the jealousy and all that..." She paused and threw him a look filled with deep concern. "You are jealous arn't you? I mean if your not...well that's ok cause he is you but then he isn't, he's another guy who I screwed, or rather was screwed by. How does that actually go? Is the guy the screwer and the girl just screwed? Actually quite literally in my case with Angel that first time. Yeah well I think I may be right, I screwed him."

"Please shut up luv." His kiss stopped the angry protest Buffy was about to make. "Course I'm jealous but not as much as I am of Angelus, this was just a spur of the moment thing with a guy you love who was hurtin', the fact he's me twin brother almost just explains all the more why you couldn't resist." He kissed her again. "I am still irresistible, ain't I ?"

"You sure are." Buffy moved closed pressing her body against his, feeling him stiffen against her stomach she whispered. "I found another bed in back, and it's clean."

"Well kitten let's go get in it then."


Spike woke up with his head pounding and a mouth like sand paper. The top of his skull felt almost loose, his brain was throbbing to such an extent. "Never a bloody 'gain." He whined to himself resisting the urge to get up and go puke in a corner. "Never again."

"What the fuck happened?" He looked up and tried to see through gummed together eyes. "Where am ?."

Intense rubbing soon cleared them and blearily Spike looked round. "I'm in the bloody factory, what the fuck am I doin' 'ere? Lenny is gonna kill me."

Then he began to remember.

"There was a vampiress, a beautiful one, you shagged her and she brought you back here and killed Lenny and the others." Spike shook his head wildly. "The DT's on top of everything else strewth mate you've got problems."

His clothes were piled neatly on a chair by the bed. Too neatly for him to have managed it his usual state of intoxication. *Hullo, I think maybe I did pull, this certainly has all the hallmarks of a bird's touch. I wonder where the lucky lady is?*

Pulling on his pants without falling over too many times, Spike went looking.

He staggered up the stairs and out into the factory.

A bloody big burn mark lay were he seemed to recall seeing Lenny die. "Well I'll be buggered."

There was a duster lying on the table next to a katana and a crossbow. It looked like his except it didn't it have a bullet hole where his was certainly unmarked. "What the hell, I left mine downstairs, what the fuck is goin' on?"

A gasp sounded from the room in which the other vampires slept. Spike staggered towards the door and flung it open.

"Oh my god!" He was screwing that vampiress, now, this very minute, he was standing on one side of the bed and she was kneeling on it her breasts shuddering with each thrust. Two closed-eyed vampires at it as it were.

The thud as Spike fainted was audible even through Buffy's blissful state of mind. "Damn we should have lock...ohh...locked the damn doooooor!"

Then orgasm rolled over her and she ceased to care, she just stared at the soles of Altie's bare feet and shouted out her love for the vampire who'd brought her such a blissful release.

Part Thirty

Ten minutes to sunrise and the roof of the Bronze was surprisingly crowded.

Forty vampires, all who had returned of the nearly seventy despatched just after nightfall stood heads bowed before their Master, all averted their gaze from the hideous smoking creature that adorned the cross of iron positioned facing east on the Bronze's roof.

"You failed me," the Master hissed. "I have not the leisure to take each of your lives now but should you not triumph over my adversary tonight and return empty handed again you now know what to expect. Let poor Eric be an abject lesson to you all."

Eric was barely recognizable. Holy water had burned the flesh from his face, his arms and legs were distorted from the multiple fractures inflicted upon him. Secured to the cross with lengths of barbed wire his body smouldered as the holy symbol burned him to the bone.

His Sire, crippled by the Slayer, he had been the expendable one from amongst the previous night's survivors. He had no one to champion him and so the Master had ordered his destruction before the reduced numbers of his brethren as an example. *After all some might say, before I rip their tongues out, that I should have sent my whole force out in one body not in penny packets for the Slayer to destroy. I will learn even as do my followers.*

"Tonight the first of our brethren will begin to arrive from across this nation and find what? Not a town wide open for our kind. A populace cowed and ready to satisfy their thirst but a Slayer and a force of humans inspired by her to seek our destruction." He looked at the shaking vampires contemptously. "This is not the impression I sought to give my new subjects let me assure you, should I need to make further examples, do you think their fate will be this easy? It will not."

He headed for the door of the small hut on the roof were Darla and her favoured Childer waited for him. After he left the roof, a frantic rush began as the vampires struggled to get into cover before the sun came to cleanse them from the world.


"Buffy." Gently Giles shook his Slayer's shoulder. "Sorry to wake you but it's seat belt time."

"Oh Mom...oh Giles...er hey...Already." Buffy could have sworn she hadn't been asleep for almost an hour and for once she couldn't blame a Watchers journal. Sandman was as Giles had said an excellent writer.

"LA coming up." Giles smiled encouragingly. "Old hunting grounds for you, eh?"

"Sure," Buffy couldn't muster any sign of good humour in response. "Scene of personal misery and sickening terror quite as bad as any I've experienced working with you, how I long to revisit it."

"Well I shouldn't think it will be as bad as that time in Shaker Heights when the chaos demons..." Giles began his favourite tale of horror only to have his Slayer pull a vomit bag out of the pocket on the back of the seat in front of her. "Buffy are you alright?"

"If you mention what happened with the demon guts just one more time I will hurl." Buffy smiled a rare and beautiful smile. "And let me tell you my aim with puke ain't a patch on my aim with a knife."


Buffy slept happily in Spike's arms even as the sun rose outside and the humans began to reemerge to count the cost of the night's undead activity.

After the sex the couple had indulged in, they both needed to rest for at least a few hours before moving onto other things. Like explaining to the other Spike what the hell was going on. Like meeting with Jenny to discuss future plans and like meeting with Mayor Wilkins to explain what he had to do if he didn't want his constituents finding out he was an immortal lying rat bastard.

Buffy had decided that last part would be fun.

Down in the cellar Spike looked at the door. Someone had locked and barricaded it from the outside. The note they had pinned to it was unhelpful and worse, in a familiar handwritting. His own.

'Dear Me

You ever have one of those days when nothin makes any bloody sense at all? Yeah! Me too.

I hate havin to lock yer in like this but Buffy's offered to let me do some seriously smutty stuff to her and there's no way you're watchin. I know you've had her mate but I saw her first so tough chedder.

We're from another dimension by the by. I'm you but on the other hand I'm not. We'll explain it all properly later.

There's a couple of warm bags of blood by the bed. I've confiscated the booze in case we need to make incendiaries.

You any moral quarms on killin vampires?

Anyway must close, Buffy indicated earlier that she might well be buggered, I can't think what she could mean can you!?!

Your good friend


Spike just wished he had a drink, meths, surgical alcohol, paint thinner anything. He had finally gone mad and here was the written evidence to prove it. "Other dimensions, what is this an episode of Star Trek? If it is I hope Seven comes through the door, first I'd shag her sense..."


"You all right in there mate?" Spike opened the basement door rather tentatively. He could be a vicious bastard when pissed off and getting locked up had always tended to produce that effect. "Sorry about having to do that but it seemed like the best thing. After all it's annoying having to break off in mid-session to drag an unconscious Doppelganger back to his bed. Why did you faint by the..."

"I didn't bloody faint, I hit my head on the door frame." A tired, depressed sounding voice came from the darkness below. Spike took a few steps downward, trying to catch a glimpse of himself. "Anyone could have done it."

"That's real easy to do on a low door frame like that, I know." Spike lied. "Must have been a nasty shock for you, old son, seein' us like that."

"Who the fuck are you?" Spike heard a more familiar growl in the voice from the darkness. "Whaddya mean in this letter do I have any qualms about killing vampires? What the bloody hell business is that of yours?"

"I'm...," Spike began only to be interrupted.

"You're me but from some other bloody dimension." Alternate stepped from the shadows, he was still barefoot and half-naked but he was morphed. Spike saw that the bruises had gone but that the vampire was out of condition, easily broken if it came to it. "But what the fuck do you do there?"

"I work with a turned Slayer." He saw no reason to lie. "That's the vampiress you met."

"No!" Spike shook his head, disbelief all over his fanged face. "Not in my most drunken bloody rampage would I ever have been stupid enough to have done that. You don't turn Slayers! It's against the bloody rules, anyone who does they get boiled to death slowly in..."

"I never turned her, you idiot." Spike grinned and went on. "The ponce did it....accidental."

"The ponce....you mean?" Spike actually laughed, lack of alcohol and other worries forgotten. "Angelus, oh god, sooner or later he was bound to come a cropper, how many pieces did she tear him into when she rose?"

"None cause she loves him." The grins disappeared. "She has her soul see, so she think's that the wanker walks on water. Of course her demoness loves me which tends to come in handy whenever we're alone."

"Wish I'd had someone like her after Dru died." Alternate Spike went and sat on the bed. "You realize the two of you are gonna kill me in this town...that is if you ain't just gonna kill me."

"Leave it out mate." The springs on the mattress protested as Spike sat beside his doppelganger. "Ok so we land you with a vampire killing rep, hell we don't intend leavin' witnesses an' it can't be worse that the one you've got."

He ignored the faint growl that answered that.

"An' on the other score, Buffy loves you a bit cause you're me and I'd feel...well...let's just say it would be like offin' meself. I've never been suicidal you know not even after Dru left me that second time an' went off with a..."

"Left you!?!" Spike morphed two identical faces locked together. "You mean to tell me your Dru is alive?"

"An bitin'," Spike saw the hope in his doppelganger's eyes and felt a dread begin to fill his bones. "Don't ask me that mate please, I don't think that I ever could..."


"Hi Alan," Buffy smiled tentatively at the Deputy Mayor who happened to be in the corridor as she headed for Wilkins office. "How are you today?"

"I'm good." Finch had met a few vamps whilst working for the Mayor, friendliness therefore worried him. "The Mayor's in his office. I'm under instructions to send you right in."

"Thank you," Buffy dragged her mind back from the horrific memories that filled it. "You're so sweet."

"Oh my," Alan adjusted his tie adding once she was out of earshot. "Think I better go back to using the garlic aftershave."


"Why Buffy how delightful." Wilkins was sat behind his desk, a pile of old books before him. "You really have been a busy girl. My agents report vampire casualties last night were the heaviest on record in this town."

"Yeah well." Buffy shrugged her shoulders. "As I'm the only immortal being in the room who ever even tried, it's not such a biggie."

A smile that could be called evil crossed her face as she added. "Oh by the way, the invulnerability thing marked the start of the hundred days right? So if you didn't ascend then you arn't invulnerable at all. Liar!"

"A white lie." Wilkins smiled back impressed more and more by what he saw. *She sure is a smart cookie, I think she'd look so cute as UC Sunnydale's highest scoring ever graduate in a couple of years. Elizabeth Buffy Wilkins?*

"I have a present for you Buffy." Wilkins handed her a book. "I've collected a lot of articles in my lifetime, I got this from an old Mission that was here from Spanish colonial times. It might come in useful here or back home."

"I don't read Spanish." Buffy looked at the inside cover, *Don Diego Luis de Argotta* "No!"

"Yes," Wilkins sat back in his chair and regarded the horrified expression on the girl's face. "And it's old Castilian actually. But be that as it may, you're not reacting how I was expecting, it's not a particulary dangerous spell and if you wanted me to I can perform it myself...that's if you want to stay here. As I said before I'd be more that happy to..."

The book hit the wall behind Wilkins head. He drew back at the furious expression that suffused the vampiresses face. "You'd offer me that to get into my pants you bastard, how dare you!"

"I'm sorry you look upon me in that harsh of a light." Carefully the Mayor picked up and dusted off the book. "You shouldn't toss old things about like that Buffy, but then that's you young people. I'm old enough to be your father many times over and when I look at you, at your endeavors, it's not lust I feel but affection. I want to be your friend, I'd like you here to protect my town."

"But not like forever," Buffy remembered Faith and how Wilkins had regarded her, had he looked on her as a daughter to? "Cause that might screw up your next chance at world domination."

"No that's gone forever." He shrugged and then gave her a wink. "But there's always the Democrat nomination in 2004, whaddya say back me on that and I guarantee you better grades that Chelsea."

But all Buffy could think about was what this would mean to her Mom, to her mortal friends, and what about Angel.

Wilkins had expected scorn filled laughter at a bad joke not the tears he got as answer.

Part Thirty-one

Buffy took the handkerchief that Giles extended to her and wiped her eyes, black mascara covered the material. "I'm sorry Buffy...if you don't want to go and see your father then I understand."

She didn't respond, just screwed up the hankie and thrust it back into his hand and stomped of to their hire car. Giles sighed as he followed her, her earlier words still rang in his ears.

"You know how many times I've seen him since I went to Cleveland -- just three. There have been three Thanksgivings, three Christmas's and three birthdays in that time and virtually no Daddy at all. Checks were nice though, but you can't hug a check." Her fingers had gone up and almost touched the scar. "A check can't tell you you're still pretty."

"But you are." Giles had wanted to say it but he had his bounds and he could not over step them, he could not become her parent no matter how paternal was the ever deepening love he held for her. "You always will be."

"Well I suppose we could go to the John Paul Getty Museum for a couple of hours, broaden our minds..." Giles looked at the expression on his Slayer's face and sighed again. "Alright I know 'majorley boring' so where would you like to go?"

"Venice beach." Giles smiled as he saw in her eyes the girl the cursed blade had taken from him, it was such a stunning contrast he almost cried himself. "I always used to love it there, we could find a stall that's open and have cotton candy."

"That would be wonderful." Giles put the car in drive. "Tell me the route and we'll go there now."

"Have fun." Buffy checked her seriously slagged make up in the mirror and grimaced. "And still have time to slay, sounds like a plan."


Buffy took the handkerchief that Wilkins extended to her and wiped her eyes, glad not to see blood on it, just mascara. "I take it you being you that I can rely on this being clean?"

"We'll I'd hope so," Wilkins gave her a wink. "I may be a demon but I'm a civilized one, I like to think I'd keep my snot to myself...Speaking of which a blow would be a good idea. I'm curious to find if vampires have mucus."

"Gosh what fun that knowledge must be for you." Buffy wiped her eyes as she tried not to laugh at the concept of re-mortality. "I suppose you're wondering why the tears?"

"Shock is a strange thing, it can take you in all kinds of ways." Wilkins shook his head as he declined the return of the mucusy cloth. "It's a simple spell though, I could do it now if you like."

"If you wanna kill me go ahead." Buffy resisted a powerful urge to hit herself in the forehead as realized what she'd just done. "Just a connection to a prophecy You don't need to know about."

"Pergamum Codex good point, stupid of me." A shrug and another wink met her stunned disbelief. "What you think I didn't do the research when I found out my town had an unwelcome guest? No you had better stay a vampiress till after you foreclose on that particular tenant."

"And then if I can't get home." Buffy tossed the balled up hanky on his desk. "I can always hide out as your darling daughter."

"Not if you treat your room like that." Wilkins carefully scooted the offending article towards the trash bin with a ruler. "Hole in one wish. I could do that with a golf club but still there ya go."

He pointed again to the chair in front of his desk. "Do we have a plan to discuss?"

"Yeah I got a scheme," despite her misgivings Buffy knew she needed Wilkins support to win. "Am I certain I can trust you though?"

"Well I'm stuck here so I guess I might as well make the most of it." Wilkins opened out his arms to indicate the room they sat in. "Nice office in an impressive building, dumb electorate, ok vampires but we can deal. Then once they're removed we can do that redevelopment in the area they currently infest and I do have a leisure firm wanting to put an eighteen hole course in right on the town's outskirts so I guess I'll have stuff to do."

"And maybe you could help people, too." Buffy added hopefully. "Set up a special projects unit in the S.P.D. Try to reduce the mortality rate amongst your electorate."

"It's a possibility." Wilkins adjusted his pens in their holders. "I do know some rough characters who might be persuaded to become law abiding for the right fee."

"Good." Buffy was beginning to think that maybe Wilkins wasn't all bad. *No actually he is but he's a politician which is how he's making you buy into the fact that he might not be all bad. God at this rate you'll be voting for him, walking round behind him carrying election fliers and asking folks to, euugh, "Vote for my Dad."*

"So here's what I'm going to do..." Buffy began to lay out plan A.


The sun had begun its descent by the time Buffy left City Hall. People were scurrying to get stuff done and get home before dark.

"That'll end tonight." She said to herself as she considered the destruction she had planned. Then her head turned to the north as her Slayer hearing kicked in. "Thrash Metal at this time of day?"

There were six cars in the convoy all driven erratically, all had their windows blacked out with paint. They were American Classics but the so were their rust patches. Coon tails hanging from radio antennas and Stars and Bars bumper stickers suggested a Southerly point of origin for their drivers.

People on the street stared at them fearfully and headed even faster on their way.

"Arrogant bastards." Buffy wished she had a brick to throw through the lead cars windscreen. "Driving round my town like they own the place."

They were going to the Bronze, park outside for the three remaining hours of daylight and then provide the Master with his first out of town reinforcements. Buffy watched the cars turn down the street and smiled as a plan came to her.

She turned and did her best Homecoming Queen hop skip as she went back up the stairs to the City Halls front door. *Ok I hate having to ask him, but I'm going to!*


"Come." Richard Wilkins looked startled to see Buffy back again. "Well hi, did you forget something?"

"No nothing." She strolled in looking as innocent as she could. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure." The irritating smile came on full blast. "Ask away."

"If I have to do the pretending to be your daughter thing." Buffy smiled back just a little rocking back and to on her heels nervously. "Might there...possibly...be presents?"

"I'm certain that there might be." A smiling teenager dropped a sheet of the City Hall receptions note paper on the Mayor's desk. "Though that might be a little bit more extreme than what I had in mind. I know the attitude in our country to this sort of thing but really I don't see what an eighteen year old girl would need this for?"

"This won't be any fun then." Buffy's pout was calculated to have the maximum effect on an untrained mind. "I need it for my work honest. First National is safe."

"Alright." Wilkins basked in the smile for a couple of seconds before adding. "But only with adult supervision."

"But I'm eighteen for Christ's..." A stern look from the Mayor made Buffy regret her decision to come back into the building. *You should have just gone and found a brick.*

"There's no need for blasphemy young lady." Wilkins picked up the phone and dialed an extension. "Alan get the Commissioner to send officers Eddings and Seymour round with a squad car. Oh and tell him to make sure it's fully equipped...he'll know what I mean, and that they have orders to provide Ms. Buffy Summers with all the assistance she requires."

"There you go then have fun." Buffy turned to go, a smile on her face, and was almost at the door when Wilkins added, "And be careful of your backgrounds."

"I will be." Buffy remembered another accident and hesitantly added. "Make sure Alan doesn't go wandering near the Bronze ok?"


The squad car pulled up in the lot round back of the Bronze. The cars were parked there in a row, their windows firmly up against the rapidly setting sun. The suns rays would strike them fully though it shone down at just the right angle.

"So now what Miss?" Officer Eddings asked, real fear in his voice. "This place is nice and scenic now but in an hour you don't want to be here."

"That's ok, we'll be long gone by then." Buffy lent through the space between the front seats, the cage had been lowered. "Pass me that pump action."

"What!?" Both officers said simultaneously before Seymour went on. "Girl are you out of your damn mind?"

"No," she smiled sweetly and added, "I believe the words 'every assistance I require' may ring a bell, so gun please...I require it."

"Here." Looking extremely pisse,d Eddings passed the weapon back. "Eight rounds in there girl, bird shot for crowd control, you after anything bigger?"

"No that'll do er." Buffy opened the door. "But keep the engine runnin' just in case."

"What the fuck...?" Eddings began as he watched Buffy walking towards the parked cars shotgun at her hip.

"Dave waddya think is in those cars?" Officer Seymour gestured with his thumb towards the golden orb that hung in the sky. "Work it out."

"Hey guys." Buffy stood ten feet from the first car facing the passenger side window she pointed the gun from the hip and working the slide chambered a round. "Easy way or hard way, your choice?"

The engine roared into life as her intentions sank in.

"Have it your own way." Buffy pulled the trigger and the window exploded. For a second she saw a vampires blooded face then the sun shining down over her shoulder did its thing and fire took the flesh from the creature's bones. Smoke poured out as the sun touched the other vamps in the vehicle and they began to scream. The car slammed into reverse and wheeled out of the line straight into the third along which was trying to back out. Metal crunched against metal and both cars stalled.

"Neat plan." Buffy put a round into the windows of the blocked in second car the greater distance meant that the shot spread more, all the passenger side windows went in at once. The car interior exploded with the vampires as the upholstery caught light. "Wow! I love they way it's coming together."

Despite the pain of his burns, the vamp driving the first car managed to get it started and in drive. As it pulled free of the vehicle it had hit with a rending of metal, Buffy put her next round into the windscreen directly in front of his face. She flinched and looked away as his hands melted to the wheel in the two seconds before he exploded screaming into dust.

She walked around trying to get a shot at the third car even as the sixth pulled out into a handbreak turn.

Her fourth round hit door, her fifth windows the windscreen shattered even as the driver floored the accelerator to run her down. His burning face filled her vision as the vehicle shot towards her. Side stepping like some female matador she took out the back window letting sunlight stream in on the back seat passengers. They screamed hideously as they lit up, then the driverless car careered into the chainlink fence on one side of the lot and as the fire took hold exploded into a roaring ball of flame.

"Not good Buffy." She murmured to herself. "Just three rounds for three cars, wasteful shooting, Browne would be pissed."

Car three's gears howled as the driver tried to get the damaged vehicle started but when it did car four came back with it planning to use the occupants as cover. Buffy fired shattering the passenger windows on car three as smoke poured from it she ran alongside hoping the fire would reach the driver before the other car got onto the road.

Then it spun round and headed straight at her.

"Shit!" Buffy shouldered her shotgun and fired at where the driver's face should be. "Did these guys learn driving at the kamikaze school of motoring?"

The screams that ensued from the burning vampires weren't in Japanese so she guessed her question was answered to the negative.

Car four handbreak turned onto the road and nearly skidded into a wall. Wrestling with the wheel as his passengers shouted at him to get going he watched in horror as Buffy walked in front of them even as the sunlight streamed past her shoulders. "No!"

Then his world exploded as lead shot glass fragments and sunlight tore into his face.

Buffy turned back towards the lot and switched her hold on the shotgun from the stock to the barrel. Holding it like a baseball bat she stood ready. "Third strike home run to win, I'll just have hope they don't pitch me a curve ball."

Then the last cars reversing lights came on and it headed straight for her.

The shotgun blast that took out the offside rear tire startled the hell out of both Buffy and the shit out of the vampires. She looked across and saw something she'd never dreamed she'd see. An S.P.D officer fighting evil.

Officer Seymour emptied his shotgun into the car's windows and then stepped clear as the smoke drifted towards him. He wafted a hand in front of his nose at the reek of toasted meat. "Who'd have though justice smelt that bad?"

"Thanks." Buffy handed him Eddings shotgun as she walked past. "You new on the force? I don't think you must have read the guidebook yet."

"Not everybody looks the other way you know." He shouted after her as she walked off towards the factory. "I'll make sure the rest of the guys hear that the rules might be about to change."

"Good." Nodding to him she turned but added, "Best go home now though things are gonna get ugly tonight."

"No Miss." Seymour whispered as he looked round the warzone the girl had created. "I think they're just about to get beautiful."