Spike in the City Of Angels, Episode 3:

In Hope Of A New Beginning

by John Cope

Part Eight

Carrier bag in hand, Buffy arrived back in Revello Drive to find most of the people who had been crowding the street gone. Many were inside their houses mourning whilst others prepared weapons for the forthcoming night. Others still, Buffy had no doubt, were packing their belongings to leave town until the Master was confirmed dead. She didn't know which of those last two groups she could class as the smartest.

There was a cop on guard outside the Calender residence however, and the respectful nod he gave her showed that her description had gotten round the force. "Hey, how ya doin'?"

"Very well Ms Summers, very well." His night stick had been replaced by a long firehardened stake she noted and the cross round his neck threatened to break her out in hives. "Lookin' forward to rammin' this down a vampires throat."

"Hope to oblige you." Buffy smiled as she passed him.*Only not personally.* "Straight through the chest's fastest though."

Inside Buffy heard the sound of snoring as the hunters caught up on their sleep. Moving with all the stealth of a vampire, she headed for the cellar were she knew her boys would be sleeping. She felt the urge to snuggle even if the house was too crowded to risk the noise anything else might entail.

She was startled therefore to find someone who was still awake. Oz was lying in front of the cellar door working on a number of fire blackened table and chair legs with a knife.

"Furniture from the house over the road." He whispered. "It'll make good weapons."

"Why arn't you resting?" She scolded equally quietly. "You'll need to be wide awake tonight."

"I'm lying down, that's enough." Oz looked totally chilled, a blanked folded under him to cushion against the hard floor. "And I got asked by the Mayor dude to give you this soonest."

Oz held up an envelope, "I just read the cover, I'm glad for you."

Buffy read it and her still heart seemed to clench at the implications.

'Dear Buffy

Well your friends back in the other dimension have been busy haven't they, and taking this into consideration I have prepared the enclosed in case of your sudden departure.

'How to cure a turned Slayer.' Well I skipped all the parts about trapping her since you won't need that and just translated the spell for you. I also enclose a photocopy of the relevant pages of the Don's journal so your Watcher can confirm I've done a thorough job.

Whilst noting that you're obviously very attatched to that rather unsavoury looking character you introduced me to last night, and agreeing that he might not make a totally unsuitable companion for an immortal, I feel I should point out his complete unsuitability for an ordinary human being.

Do you really want to have to make him watch you grow old and die, to see the pain in his eyes, to risk him breaking under it and turning you again?

Take care of this and keep it safe, and let me say how glad I am to have made your acquaintance. You've quite put the zip back into my step.

Yours Truly

Richard Wilkins III '

"You mind me making a point here?" Oz said from the floor.

"No." Buffy was thinking hard about tearing up the envelope only the sad looks she sometimes caught her Mom and Giles sending her prevented the action. "You're my friend, so I won't mind."

"That's a real strange thing you know me already." Oz gave a half smile that almost melted Buffy's heart. *His soul mate here is gone, lost beyond redemption, how utterly sad for him.* The guitarist turned vampire hunter went on. "The line of work you're in will it matter who you love?"

"No." Buffy answered with an answering smile. "Who the hell ever heard of a Slayer dying in bed?" Then a number of thoughts broke over her. "Ok if she got real close to her work maybe but aside from that..."


Tired out after an interesting conversation with Oz on top of a long day, Buffy finally made it to the cellar and gently put the take-out down on a table before turning to survey her boys.

The two Spikes lay side by side on a mattress both facing the same way and fortunately with a Buffy sized gap between them.

They lay still as death, a sight that would have freaked her months ago but she knew now that was how she looked in sleep and she was used to watching Angel lie like that if she woke before him. She smiled as she pictured her alarm call for him in those circumstances, a skillfully applied tongue.

Silently she stripped off her jacket and boots and then tiptoed over to join her vampires. She knelt at the end of the mattress then turned on her side and wriggled gracefully up between them.

Altie was in front of her, the fading bruise on his forehead showed her this, but that didn't matter to her as her arm encircled his chest and her cheek came to rest on the vampire's leather-clad back. She sighed contentedly at the closeness of the contact.

Her sigh became a low groan as her Spike reacted unconsciously to the close proximity of the vampiress he acknowledged as his mate. His body moulded round hers, his right hand came over to rest gently on her stomach and something hard pressed into Buffy's butt.

Wishing she wasn't so tired, Buffy resisted the urge to wiggle it, they all needed to sleep. Soon all three lay as if dead but with contented smiles as they shared the same dream. In which three blondes, a fem and two guys, pleasuring each other into a state of absolute oblivion.

Part Nine

"Have the prisoners brought up from the dungeon, Zachery," the Master harshly commanded the leader of his bodyguard. His temper had not improved at the low number of stragglers who returned through the sewers, he was nearly eighty vampires down on the day and not best pleased at the fact. "Leave Angel and the girl Chase in their cells but gather all the others, pets as well."

"Do we feast Master?" Darla said from the position she had assumed, kneeling by his feet once he had ascended his throne. The loss of her two remaining childer had left her downcast and the smile she now wore was the first that the Master had seen cross her face all day. "That would be good, then we could turn the humans and make more soldiers."

"Who would die in seconds child scarce risen let alone empowered." The Master stroked her hair though to show he bore no ill will. "Rather we will chain them to the walls and doors to provide a shield against our enemies ramming vehicles through them. Humans can be so soft-hearted about their own kind it amazes me, I would not hesitate at this moment to sacrifice five hundred vampires if I might destroy my enemies but they, I am certain, will do all they can to preserve the humans we hold."

"They will still come though, my lord." Darla had seen her nice vampire friendly world almost destroyed over the last two nights. "We will still have to fight the Slayer."

"And in this confined space my power will overwhelm both her and her followers, and they will be as wheat before the scythe." The Master slapped his fist into his palm decisively. "And as more of our brethren gather, we will make this town pay a heavy price for its defiance."

"Why do you keep Cordelia in her cage?" For the first time Darla saw anger in her Sire's eyes. "Master I only ask..."

"Can you not detect that your own Childer still walk the earth?" The Master scowled at the cowering vampiress. "Really I had thought you stronger than this. Willow lives and when she returns as punishment she will see her most precious toy brutally tortured and then consigned to the flames to be burned and lost to her forever. After that I'll have the skin off her from back to ankles with my whip." He smiled cruelly at the thought of the pretty redhead's screams. "Then I suspect that a large poker I have somewhere in my room might answer quite nicely for her crime as well."

"You will not kill them then?"

Patting her head his affection restored the Master replied with unaccustomed softness. "And deprive the last of my favourites to survive of her most beloved Childe. Also having her alive to torture for the next year or two is more amusing to me than to have her dead."

"Thank you sire." Rising to her knees Darla kissed her Sire's cheek as her mind raced on the delightful subject of making her traitorous minions pay. *I note he has devised no torture for Xander, how delicious it will be if he leaves his punishment to me.*


Angel pulled at the circle of metal embedded in the brickwork of his cell wall, hoping against hope that he might tear it free. Despite all his efforts though it wouldn't budge but that didn't stop him trying.

Without Willow giving him his daily ration of abuse the last two days his strength had returned. Three hours before a minion had thrown two warm bags of blood to him before taking Cordie off to the kitchens to be fed whilst he cleaned the girl's cell. She had come back with a strange expression on her face.

"What's up, Cordie?" He asked her when they were alone once more. "You look a little freaked."

"Vampires were being nice to me." She shivered noticeably. "Petting me and kissing me, a couple of the minions who like to rape me hard and fast whenever Willow gives them a chance put me up on the kitchen table and did it to me real nice and slow made me cum and everything they said afterwards it was for old times sake." Cordelia's eyes grew wide at the implication. "Angel I'm so scared about what's gonna happen."

After the girl had been quieted with all the lies Angel could come up with he had gotten to work, but all he had to show were bleeding wrists and a renewed hunger. *Willow's dead, nobody in command wants poor Cordie so they're gonna drain her just as soon as someone gets hungry for fresh blood.*

He looked towards the hole in the wall beyond his cell that led to the sewers. *Buffy you gotta know it's the best way in, come on now whilst it's daylight. Drive the bastards out into the sun.*

But he knew in his heart that she would wait for darkness if she came before that the vampires would fight to the death. But Cordelia at least would have been saved and after all these months alone with her that was all that mattered.


The black windowed car came off I-17 at the Sunnydale exit and increased its speed on the now little used road. The town was dying both literally and figuratively as bad news traveled and most of the traffic there was outward rather than inward. The driver therefore put his foot down, not wanting to miss the fun.

So the road block came as a complete surprise, as the vehicle turned a corner the driver saw two S.P.D. squad cars blocking the road into town four uniformed officers, shot guns in hand, behind them. The cops carefully studying the car before them which having no other choice came to a swift halt.

"We apologize for any delay this security check may cause." A bull-horned announcement penetrated the cars blackened interior. "Step out of the vehicle and produce your ID and you will be allowed to continue on your journey."

"Like hell." The driver said to his passengers, but he knew he couldn't just ram his way through. The cops had the sun behind them, and if they blew his windscreen in he would burn like a torch. However there was a corner just behind to give cover if he could get round it before the officers fired. "Hold on."

Slamming the Mustang into reverse, the driver sent the vehicle slamming backwards straight over the stinger that Office Helen Vasquez threw across the road from behind the tree she was crouched beside. The cars tires exploded as the upward facing metal spikes tore them apart.

The cops approached weapons ready still unsure if the occupants of the immobilized vehicle were human or undead, and it was now that Officer Murphy emerged from his hiding place to slam the Louisville slugger he was armed with straight through the cars side window. "Open up for Mr Sunshine!"

"Let em have it," Murphy shouted almost instantly jumping back as smoke from a burning vampire poured from the car. The fusillade was brief but deadly the cars windscreen destroyed to let the sunlight fully in.

Then the towns tow truck hooked up and shifted the wreck down the road to join the others already taken that day, and the officers resumed their positions.

And waited.