Spike in the City Of Angels, Episode 3:

In Hope Of A New Beginning

by John Cope

Part Sixteen

"You know, I really think I should be cheering now." Buffy looked around the room at her comrades as they went to the aid of the fallen. "But I don't have anything to cheer about."

Seymour was holding his partner's body kneeling there beside him, his face bearing a stunned expression as though unable to believe what had happened. Devon and Oz were frantically working on Hogan, trying to staunch the flow of blood even whilst the other humans helped Kyle and Jonathan as best the could.

Spike limped over towards her, her Spike, Altie was over by the walls trying to untie a terrified prisoner. "Altie, I think you'd find that guy less likely to piss himself if you lose the fangs."

"Oh." Spike morphed and with an apologetic smile to the mortal got back to work. "Don't worry mate soon 'ave you loose."

Original Spike stood swaying a little over the Master's skeletal remains. "Now that's not something that I've seen before I have to say. I though when vamps died that they dusted completely, you know poof...gone. But then he always was a bloody show off."

"Giles explained last time by saying it was cause he was so old and seeped in evil." Buffy kicked the ugly and still befanged skull across the dance floor. "But Kakarkis, Kakisters.....old Khakipants just went out in the usual way so I don't really know. Did we get em all?"

"Think so." Spike shook his fairly whoosy head. "Did ya dust Darla?"

"Nope." Buffy ran through a mental list of vampires slain, it was nice and long. "Nor Willow and Xander or Jesse and Amy, all my friends deserted me in the end, it's kinda sad."

"I'm absolutely bloody gutted for you." Spike had a creeping feeling up his spine. "Blood passes from Sire to Childe and it links back up the chain, which is how I know Grandmama is on the bloody balcony."

"Is she really?" Buffy sheathed her sword and winked at a bemused Spike. "Betcha she's pissed."

"Or shit scared." Spike looked at her smile and felt just a little sorry for the other vampiress who had, after all, let him shag her into a mattress earlier in the week. "Careful Pet, as Kyle's found out she's a mean shot with a table."

"Oh well guess I better show her some moves of my own." Buffy reached into the back of her pants and pulled out her last stake, and raising her voice, shouted out. "Oh Darla honey, come out now and I'll make it fast, make me come get you and I'll tie you to that cross I couldn't help but notice on the roof."

"Your Demoness has turned you into a real evil girl." Spike murmured loud enough to be heard by other vampires. "That's a bloody horrid idea."

"What's the matter Spikie?" Buffy whispered back. "Don't you wanna see me stake your skanky ho, or would you rather give her another good staking yourself?"

"You bitch," Spike replied a little louder. "I only did her cause you told me to, if you hadn't of done I wouldn't have gone near the old tart with a ten foot barge pole and you know it."

"Oh come on a well trained ho like her you'd have been up her ass the second she bent over." Buffy spoke every word with maximum feeling her eyes locked with Spikes. "Course she's probably got crabs and any number of other sexually trans-"

"BITCH!" The cry filled the room and a stake whistled through the air.

It hit the ground three feet away from Buffy's feet, Darla stood on the balcony transfixed with fear as she realized what she'd done -- fallen straight into a trap.

"Shit Darla not only are you lousy with a pistol but you throw like a girl." Buffy brought her own stake back. "Your action should all be more in the wrist, here let me show you."

"That was cheating." Spike didn't need to look over his shoulder to see the result. "You were holding her there and not letting her dodge."

Intensely satisfied with her Slayage for the night, Buffy gave the vampire a hug. "Look is it my fault if she was to lazy to learn how to do that? Face it, with this power I can whack vamps without even raising a sweat...damn."

"You're gonna give it up though luv."Spike reached the same unfortunate fact as his girl just had. "Rather takes the shine of your new powers eh?"


"Remember how your Mom's gonna react when you walk in and hug her and she feels your heart beat." Feeling his strength return as he stood in close proximity to his lover, Spike felt an awakening of lust, bruises or not, pressing himself a little closer to the Slayer. "I might quite like it, too."

"She'll be so happy." Buffy moved a little closer. "But she might express it a little differently than you are, wanna go hunt vamps?"

"Yeah, we better check the cellar again." Spike cocked his ear at the sound of rending metal outside. "Sounds like their gettin' on alright outside, best to leave em to it, eh?"

"Sure thing, ten minutes should be long enough to check the place, I gotta plan." Buffy looked round at the others, first aid wasn't her thing or she'd have helped. Larry was untying the prisoners and to be honest they didn't need a vampiress right now. "You know I don't think they'll miss us."

Spike nodded. "The cellar...there could be all sorts of nasties hidden down there, let's go."


The doors to the Bronze slammed open and a flood of figures came running out. Lieutenant Meyer put down his thermal imaging sight and on his throat mike signaled. "Negative on body heat, targets are confirmed code V for Victor, over."

"Captain Donovan here, teams three and five prepare to engage targets." Captain Donovan commanded the regimental recon element and its sharpshooters. The men were poised on nearby roof tops their high powered rifles replaced by hunting crossbows their marks already acquired the range measured out before night fell. "Engage."

The two teams activated covered the routes leading away from the Bronze's car lot the direction Colonel Newsome didn't want the vampires going in yet. Four snipers per team locked on their targets and let fly.

All scored torso hits but five vampires among the terrified crowd running for the vehicles on the lot sported bolts through lung or gut, only three had dusted.

"Not bad guys but not left of centre, either." Captain Donovan listened for the sound of engines. "All teams get ready."

"Sergeant Saunders are your boys ready, over." Colonel Newsome's voice came up on the net.

"Affirmative sir, we are in position, over."

"Hit them on my mark, over."

"Wilco, over and out."

Frantically those vamps who had car keys tried to find their cars whilst others smashed windows and started hot wiring cars. Fights broke out as vamps got to their cars to find other vamps in the process of stealing them, others just ran round screaming unable to think of what to do with their Master gone.

"Fuck me what a rabble," Newsome said to his frowning civilian militia leader. "Oh sorry, Richard, that just slipped out."

"Is that any kind of an example to set your men?" The Mayor gently chided. "I went right up San Jua....n, a hill somewhere with people shooting at me and never cussed once. Oh look they're starting their cars."

Colonel Newsome's brain was screaming *San Juan Hill?* At him but his military training was ingrained as he barked into his radio handset. "Start your engines now sergeant!"

There was a roar like a prehistoric beast awakening and then a harsh rattling sounded, and around the corner came a sight that filled the vampires with an awesome fear. Three huge lumbering shapes tearing straight for the entrances to the lot.

"Head straight for that car tha'ts reversing Miguel." Saunders calmly spoke into his radio headset as his Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle tore up the car park with it's steel tracks. "And don't you dare turn us over."

They had taken great care to get the vehicles off their transports as quietly as they could and obviously they had achieved surprise. Even in Iraq and Kuwait the Sergeant had never seen guys looking this scared or running this fast.

*Pity we can't use the 25mil,* Saunders reflected as he was nearly jolted from his seat by the armoured vehicle ripping its way over the car's roof. *But we'd tear this whole district apart and the pen pushers might wonder were the hell the shells went.*

"Like I say, any paint work gets scratched I pay for." Wilkins chatted away happily as vampires screamed and ran again, a Bradley caught one figure in its tracks. "Oh now that had to hurt, hey it's working they're running back."

Fleeing as fast as they could run snipers be damned the vamps ran for the alley way that ran past the front of the Bronze. Nobody shot at them though plenty of fingers itched on triggers.

"And now it's my boys' turn." Wilkins keyed his own hand mike. "Headed straight for you Chief."

The vamps turned the corner and ran for the main sewer outlet.

There was a fire truck parked over it.

There were firemen standing around carrying hoses that were plugged into the tank on the back of the truck.

"What the.....?" A number of vampires shouted before the brightest amongst them noticed the priest sat in the cab, waving. "Oh fuck!"

Holy water from bottles burns like acid it'll make a vamp run, use a high powered hose however and you can boil the flesh off a vampire in seconds. There were brief inhuman screams followed by silence.

"Oh god!" Newsome took his binoculars away from his eyes. "That's the most awful thing I ever......"

"Saw in your life?" Wilkins shrugged. *What a sheltered existence you must have led.*

"Ok then, let's establish contact with our strike force shall we, and remember no loose cannons." Wilkins sheathed the sword he hadn't needed. "We have friendly vamps in there we don't want any friendly fire cases at this late stage in the game."

He smiled his special elected office smile at those around him. "Know something guys? I do believe we've won."


"We'll soon be out of here." Angel could smell the fresh air now, and turning a bend in the sewer, saw the change in the light that indicated an open manhole cover. "There it is Cordie, just a little further."

He was starting to worry about her, twice they'd had to stop for her to puke into the drain that ran beside the footpath. It was the filthy air with which the tunnels were filled that was causing the problem, he hoped. *She's been locked up for so long, treated so badly. Christ what might the shock of release do to her, to her mind?*

"Thank god," Cordelia whispered. "I so need to get out of here."

Angel got to the foot of the ladder and carefully guided Cordelia's hands onto the rungs. His senses had been dulled by his confinement and the constant close proximity of the Master's power, so the voice that suddenly came from the darkness startled him just as much as it did Cordelia.

"That's right Puppy, send her up." The Lady Red's playful tones did nothing to reduce the terror the couple felt at the sound of her voice. "I'd like to hunt her through the streets a little before I turn her. Makes it more personal, I always find, than just draining someone in a cage."

Angel pulled out the stake Buffy had given him. "Times have changed Red, I'm not your whipping-boy anymore."

"Oh look, Xander. Puppy got a weapon."

"Whatever," an extremely disinterested sounding vampire responded. "We feedin' or what?"

Angel morphed, and with his enhanced night vision, he saw the redhead leaning up against the sewer wall, a very battered vampire a few feet behind her. The gap was narrow, just fifteen yards. He couldn't believe she'd got that close without him feeling her presence.

Tough it out, his instincts told him. "You remember that guard I killed, girl, you wanna die here I'll be happy to oblige."

"Gosh arn't you the brave one." Willow pouted. "Oh I wish you were Angelus, I'd love to be his toy for a year or two, we'd have such fun. But you're so good and heroic and so not him it's quite revolting. However it's two onto one, and you're the one whose gonna die."

"Shit girl you call what you've left of Xander a whole vamp?" Angel took in Xander's half-crouched stance and shouted, "Hey Xand, how hard of a kick in the nuts did she give you?"

"Hard enough not to be able to say screw you and mean it." Xander ignored a hiss of anger from his new boss. "She'll still fucking kill you though, man, she is one mean bitch."

"He's just so sweet to me, I think I'll have break his other hand to show him how much I love him." Willow slowly closed a few paces on the human/vampire couple. "You're weak, I'm , whaddya you think is gonna happen if we go one on one? Poor sweet Cordelia will be all on her own and mine to keep."

Angel was about to reply when another voice joined the conversation. A strong clear voice. "You know what I find I really don't like? Vampires talking about me like I'm not here. Oh, and bitch? Look what I got."

Willow looked up and recoiled sharply. Cordelia was hanging onto the ladder with just her left hand and her carefully positioned feet, in her right held as far above Angel as she could manage was the crucifix Buffy had given her. "You really wanna fight with this in your face?"

"My, my, little girl, what did I do to you, did I make you so strong?" Willow retreated still smiling. "It'll soon wear off, your courage, you know actually I think this might be more fun."

"Meaning?" Angel got his foot onto the bottom rung of the ladder using his shoulder to support Cordelia.

"Her fear." Willow gave Cordelia a wink. "I have the taste of her blood and she knows it, on every dark night, in every dark place she will fear me. You just gotta love that...and when I take her again the fear in her will be so strong and her blood so much the sweeter."

"Angel?" Cordelia couldn't hide the terror that crept into her voice. "Please make her go away."

"You stay in this town, Willow, and the people will kill you." Angel had begun to worry about that fact himself just a little. "They know about us now."

"For the time being." Willow drew back further but the laughter was clear in her voice. "Five years from now though the dead will have died in auto wrecks and we'll be hooligan kids on PCP, and Cordelia will be twenty-three and still beautiful. God I bet she'll miss the taste of me by then. Will you still be with her, Angel?"

"I'll be here and strong!" Angel started to push Cordelia out of the hole. "And it doesn't matter how many Minions come with you, I'll kill you all!"

Willow made no effort to follow she just waved and gave her sweetest smile as she replied, "Good for you, Puppy dearest, I hope you'll be so happy together. So very, very happy indeed."

Then Angel kicked the manhole cover back into place and the voice of his tormentor died away. *I wonder what the hell she means?*


"Well that's that then." Giles sat beside Jenny on the staircase of the Bronze. The casualties had been carried out, Jenny would follow as soon as she had spoken to Buffy, possibly for the last time in her current persona. "Victory, but a bloody dear bought one."

Hogan had still been alive when they got him in the ambulance, the paramedics had stopped the bleeding and were now racing him to the emergency room. Jonathan and Kyle were in better shape but were still on the way to the hospital along with Lysette who had a bad case of shock from her narrow escape.

Eddings was dead. Seymour had been lead away by his brother officers, they'd get him drunk and try to help him stop the shaking that had afflicted him since the body was zipped into a bag. Jenny doubted it would do any good.

The other teens...well they we're being carried shoulder high round the parking lot by a mass of cheering people. Altie had gone to look for the other vampires. "Safety in numbers, eh Pet?"

Jenny just wanted to cry but forced out. "So it's over?"

Giles nodded and smiled despite his concern for his missing ward. "Yes Jenny, I do believe you've won, congratulations, your town's saved."

Part Seventeen

It was a half-hearted search, Buffy's senses had become so massively honed post-turning that she could detect a vampire a block away, and other than the familiar and comfy feeling auras of the Spikes, the Bronze was vamp free.

What they were, of course, really looking for was a nice quiet spot to release a little tension.

"You're so cool." Buffy broke free of the kiss she was shaeing with the blond vampire. "How the hell am I gonna manage with just Angel?"

"Without your demoness...." Spike's eyes fell on the door of the larder and he pushed the Slayer towards it. "You'll probably feel a hell of a lot different about it."

"Not necessarily." Buffy let her self get backed up against the table that ran in front of the refrigerator and the four microwave ovens that stood one on top of another beside it. "Maybe I got used to being a little bit naughty and having two guys, maybe normal me is gonna still wanna occasionally jump your bones."

"But normal you would have a lot more guilt, might not be worth it, luv." Lifting her chin, Spike kissed her fiercely even as her legs came up and began to lock around his hips. His hands dropped down and gently opened them out. "Let's try something else, kitten."

"What kinda something else?" Buffy had a bemused look on her face as her lover broke clear and went over to the refrigerator. "You stopped for a snack?"

"Wait an see luv wait an see." Spike opened up the freezer and pulled out four bags of blood. "It don't say what type it is, it matter if it's human?"

"I'll just think animal." Buffy played with the fastens on her jacket whilst Spike loaded all four microwaves. She had put the garment on to cover the nasty looking rip in the material of her shirt and the bloodstains that went with it. Now however she wanted to take it and everything else she was wearing off. "Oooohh."

"Oh don't be so impatient." Spike had to turn to hide the cocky grin the Slayer's obvious burning desire for him caused. "You'll get what's coming to you soon enough baby."

"Oh.....nuts." Buffy pulled her legs up onto the table and crossed them before her, putting her elbows on her knees, she rested her chin on her hands and pouted at the Englishvamp. "You really arn't playing fair here, how would you like it if I was this much of a tease?"

"Teasin' can be fun I quite like it when you..." Spike was drowned out by the simultaneous beeping of four microwaves. Quickly he opened them and removed the warmed bags of blood and dropped them one by one beside Buffy. "Drink up, there's a luv."

"Huh?" Buffy stared at the blood then at the vampire. "Are those all for me? You know I feel a little peckish post Master slayage but that would be more than covered by just two."

"And I'm hungry too love," Spike moved back over beside her his mouth moving to within an inch of her left ear. "You wanted me to do something to you, remember? Something we hadn't done before. Don't you still want to pet?"

"But we did that..." Vampiress or not Buffy blushed a little as she recalled indulging Spike in a little anal sex at the factory. "Unless you mean?...VAMPIRE!"

"Shush." Spike looked round at the door. "Jesus luv we're not the only people in this gaffe you know."

"Sorry." Buffy picked up a bag and opened the nozzle on the tube. "Oh well...bottom's up."


Altie heard the shout from his position of kneeling in the corridor, smoking. "Berks, the pair of em, any second now this witch friend of theirs could do 'er stuff and their mates will be getting a birds eye view of em up close an personal."

He shook his head and flicked his cigarette end down the corridor. "It's enough to turn a bloke to drink."


"Ready kitten?"

Buffy nodded feeling the blood rapidly filling her veins to the brim. Vampire digestion was fast, the blood just passing directly into the system. Taking Spike's hand she gracefully descended from the table and stood facing him. "Like this?"

"Face away from me kitten." Spike was morphed and looking her up and down in a very exciting way. "Then lean back against me."

Turning away, her trust in him utter, Buffy felt his hands on her shoulders, then felt them run down over her shoulders down over her breasts to settle one on her stomach and the other on her groin. Gently she was pressed back so that her butt was pressed firmly into the groin of the vampire who was molding himself to her body. He was very turned on, that was obvious to her, as he pressed himself into the sprayed on denim that covered her rear.

Then his tongue gently licked the right side of her neck. "You ready?"


Spike's fangs sliced delicately through her skin and a feeling like a lightening bolt of sexual energy exploded in the vampiresses brain. Then shot to interested points south.

"Ooooooohhh Spiiiiiiikkkkeeee!"


"Bloody show off!"


"Wow." Buffy collapsed face down over the table her breath coming in unnecessary gasps whilst her brain struggled to reestablish the fact she was dead and didn't need to. "Wow!!"

"Don't mention it." Spike leant against the table and checked the varnish on his finger nails nonchalantly. "A nice multi is no more than you deserve for saving the world kitten, you wanna get that out in yer contract."


"Yeah you said that already." Spike gently placed his left hand on her back. "You ok kitten?"

"I think I went blind there for a few seconds, my legs are like jelly, and my underwear kinda needs wringing out I'm so wet," Buffy managed to stop breathing and raised her head a little giving the vamp a smile of blissful satisfaction. "Other than that I'm totally de-stressed and ready to pay you back for your kindness. Wanna party lover?"

"No." Spike noted the instant look of disappointment and went on. "Your friends and mine are not gonna be leaving us here for much longer ducks," then he patted her bottom affectionately and concluded with. "But what do you say that we make an arrangement to meet somewhere private just before you get turned back into little Miss Mortal?"

"Sure thing Mister." Buffy straightened up, a little shaky, and kissed her vampire again. "And when that opportunity presents itself you are gonna get the screwing of your unlife, I won't be taking any prisoners."


"Bout bloody time." Spike stood up as his doppelganger and Buffy emerged from the larder. He was depressed to be down here so close to where his lover had died. "My you smell rather nice Luv, what have you been doin'?"

"Shut up," Spike answered on the once again blushing Slayer's behalf. "Let's go round up Buffy's shopping and say our goodbyes, eh? Just in case."

Heading once again for the stairs, the three walked along easily enough even if Altie couldn't restrain the flaring of his nostrils and Buffy cringed at the horn provoking scent she was giving off every time she saw him do it. *I so need to change my clothes before Angel smells me."

So it was with a horror filled expression that the Slayer turned as a noise like very loud crack of thunder echoed down the sewer behind them. "Shit no!"

A blue light flared in the mouth of the tunnel the Master's servants had dug from the dungeon area to the sewers. It paused then shot forward towards the three companions the whirls of colour filling the room as it rushed forward.

Silently behind Buffy's back Spike extended his left hand towards his alternate self. Altie took a firm grip on it with his right hand and squeezed for all he was worth.

"Willow...your present is gonna get...and oh shit I never told Jenny about Angel and he's in love with..."

And then the world exploded in a maelstrom of blue light.