Spike in the City Of Angels, Episode 4:


by John Cope

Part Seven

"Oh hell, another dead end." Buffy heard Willow before she saw her, then, turning the corner, she looked into the living room. Willow sat in front of the computer with a worried Karen a few feet away, obviously fighting the drowsiness that sought to overcome her. Browne slept on the sofa, seemingly undisturbed by what went on around him. "Where's the damn key?"

"Will don't tell me the Watchers have a security system you can't get past?" Buffy was startled to say the least, the red-haired hacker could usually find a way past any defense. "Are the Brit's supposed to be that clever?"

"Oh I was past their security with no problem but when I got through, zip, nothing." Willow gave the computer a menacing look. "Devamp Holdings is a front, it's registered in London, it hands in profit returns and pays taxes but other that it sell's nothing and it buys nothing. It's a phantom company."

"Giles never mentioned it." Buffy easily lifted one of the heavy oak and leather chairs she'd failed to stop Angel from buying when he'd decided to supplement his furniture after the Slayerettes took to hanging post-Buffy's turning and carried it to the side of Willow's desk. "But then Giles isn't exactly one of the in crowd is he? And they never told him squat."

"This is probably high up Council only stuff, Buffy." Willow felt the tiredness that had been filling her for the past hour gradually growing worse. "I've checked recent property deals and I've checked hotels from LA to Sunnydale, there's nothing."

"They gotta be somewhere, Red." Spike had found a nicely shadowed corner and sat there wishing he could nip outside for another smoke whilst giving his brains a good rack. "We're missing somethin' here."

"Can you bring up the admittance system for Sunnydale Hospital?" Buffy sat up in her chair, a smile breaking across her face as she had an idea sweep over her. "And then show me how to get the computer to refresh every now and then."

"Buffy what have you.....oh." Willow frowned as she typed in the website that provided her back door into the system. "The guy I shot."

"They're humans, Will, not vamps, that means that they'll take your target to get treatment sooner or later. He'll have had a hunting accident. Soon as we see a patient admitted with an arrow in the arm off we go to grab him up soonest." The ferocious look on Buffy's face sent a shiver up Willow's back, forcing her to look away, but she couldn't block out the words. "And then I'll ask him some questions."

"Why...why do you want me to show you how this works?"

"I'm considering these guys are wigged, they're seriously pissed over what's gone wrong. They'll be hanging somewhere round town to find out why I'm not a vamp." Buffy watched Willow going through the steps necessary to get the site to update as she spoke. "If we can get a prisoner we get to know where they are, then we hit them tonight which is why you need to go curl up with Oz while I do this. Get some rest for the battle."

"That's right Willow you need to sleep." Karen made to get up but collapsed back her legs week. "I'll sit here with Buffy."

"Spike, carry Karen up to one of our few remaining empty beds." Buffy commanded running through the refresh program to make sure she had it right. "Willow, check her head please and maybe do a quick healing spell before you crash."

"Right." Karen was lifted up by Spike without any major effort on the blonde vampire's part, and the Slayer vamp was left alone in the room with just her soldier. "I like curling up with Oz."

"I take it there's to be no killin' yer Majesty?"

"That is a safe bet as they are human. We just need a non-lethal way to get at them."

"Difficult, those bloody dart guns could put 'alf of us in the land of nod before we've even battered our way into the buildin'."

"True, but don't tell me you don't already have a plan." Buffy looked round at the stretched out vamp who laid there, his eyes closed and grinning broadly. "And I bet you won't share yet either."

"Not yet Bahadur not yet. I'll ring Doyle in a couple of 'ours though. 'E can nip round a few of me lock ups and gather what I'll need. He'll be here with it well before sundown."

With that the room fell silent save for a click of the keyboard every few minutes as Buffy refreshed the screen.


Spike walked in, glanced around nodded silently to Buffy, and then went and sat in a chair rested his feet on one of the low tables and dropped off to sleep.


The growling was a fierce, savage noise. Both vampires snapped awake, morphing instantly at the sound, their demons alerted instantly by their Queen's rage.

Buffy turned to look at them eyes blazing. "I cannot believe it! I knew I should have killed him, I knew it!"

"What is it pet?" Glancing at a clock he found an hour had passed, he shook himself and started to get up to view the screen. "Who should you have killed?"

Her answer came out as a low growl, a voice filled with a terrible menace. "Riley Finn!"

Part Eight

She was beautiful.

Jason stood propped against a pillar in the basement of the Sunnydale Arms and watched her breathing, wishing that she'd wake up and he could talk to her and try to tell her so.

Buffy's wrists were manacled but carefully, the enforcer had wrapped cloth around her skin to protect her flesh from the steel before locking the iron bands around them. The chains from the manacles led to bolts sealed firmly into the brickwork, the metal carefully tested before hand to treble the normal vampire breaking strain.

If it had been the vamped Buffy lying there then Jason would have been pumping her full of drugs to keep her under control till they landed back in London and her re-education could begin. But it wasn't and that had thrown him totally off his guard.

*What's goin' on here?* Jason was perplexed by the whole deal, it increasingly made no sense. *Alright so our world's Buffy 'as gone against the Council's orders, 'as let 'erself get turned and is the most powerful being in the world more or less, but this girl we're chainin' up 'ere's blameless for that. For all we know she still works for the council, what on earths goin' on?*

And she was beautiful.

Was it just a reaction to the scar? He didn't know.

Jason had worn his like a badge of disreputable courage for years, it defined what he was -- a hard man. Some woman were attracted by it but most were repelled, and the one's that were attracted were usually looking for trouble or running from it. He used them and discarded them and went on with his life.

Buffy was different, she seemed to shine where as when he looked at himself he saw only darkness. He saw her scar but also the beauty beneath and around it.

*So they'll drag her back to London, mess with her head......perhaps.* Jason had read Giles's reports, had laughed along with the others at Wesley's, and so knew that Buffy, however low she might be brought, would sooner or later break free and turn on her oppressors. *And the vampiress, if she finds 'er way back, then god 'elp us, she and Browne will chase us for decades to come.*

Rupert Giles was in one of the rooms upstairs with the Watchers creeping round him, unsure of what to do when he awoke. For all the orders issued by Travers and the Council regarding him, for all their contempt of his Americanized ways, there was a simple truth about the former Watcher, whatever the Council thought the rank and file admired him.

The Master, the Judge, Angelus, Acathla, so many threats to the world overcome. Most would credit the Slayer for the victories won but Watchers not unnaturally took a different view. Giles was a hero.

*With 'is family bein' tied into the system 'e'll be right. A quick jab with a needle to get 'is tongue loosened, and once 'e's spilled the beans it's back to the bosum of 'is family. But watched, closely watched.* He sneered just a little as he considered the old boy network. *Probably already got 'im a room in a private clinic somewhere just in case the poor bloke doesn't get the point straight off.*

"Thing is girl none of them will want you, nasty scar faced thing with your American attitude." He moved a little nearer then knelt by the Slayer's side. "They won't want to be Watcher to that blasted Summer's girl after what 'appened to the last two holders of the job. And that's where I might just come in."

"The fun we could 'ave round the Eastend my darlin'." He reached out a hand to stroke her face but drew it back before the contact was even made. "No not like this, not while you're asleep."

"My my, arn't you the ambitious one." The voice came from behind him on the stairs and it was Albany's. Jason didn't look up but his hand moved near to the hilt of the knife he carried just in case. "From gutter trash to full-fledged Watcher, quite the career change you have planned for yourself, and you're quite insane if you think you'd be entrusted with her."

"So are you gonna take on the job Mr Watchers Council member?" Jason still didn't look at the Watcher, intent still on the Slayers face. "Think Travers will still get you the job after you've failed?"

"Mr Travers has been informed what's gone on, we have a Slayer we can use, we may still recover the immortal Buffy and if we don't, there's always Faith." Albany saw Jason's head snap up as he gained his full attention with mention of the Slayer turned traitor's name. "But you're thinking poor Faith's in a coma and quite useless to our cause but you couldn't be more wrong."

"What the fuck are you on about?"

"Rupert's been so helpful down the years, the concise reports he sent that no one read. I have the spell, I have the orb and..." Albany produced a dark crimson phial from a shirt front pocket. "Kept at a nice body temperature I have this, a second immortal Slayer, a new Slayer called then turned." He saw the horror his words inspired and reveled in it. "Travers has been thinking Jason, Mr Travers wants an army."

The colour drained from Jason's face as he looked at the glass tube full of blood in the Watcher's hand. "Yeah I can see he has, his nasty little minds been goin' full blast, now I take it you do realize he's gone absolutely barkin' mad?"

"Actually I think it's a remarkable piece of forward thinking." Albany slipped the test tube full of vampire blood back into his pocket. "How long does a Slayer survive on average a few months, how much life will they gain from the extra powers? It'll do them good and it's not as if they can't enjoy the sun and live perfectly happily as vampires. Buffy Summers has."

"But we don't make vampires we destroy them." Jason knew the rules as well as anyone, he'd searched lockers for the kind of blood samples Albany was carrying around on his person. "And Faith was a fuckin' psycho. If the spell fails she'll destroy us all, so why risk it?"

"Normally you're right we don't, though just between you me and the gate post some of those vampires we use for training and research weren't nabbed from the wild as it were. And Faith is expendable, if it goes wrong we destroy her, and she won't be missed." He looked down at the Slayer who lay on the floor beside Jason. "You'd prefer we try it out on her perhaps?"

"No, she's done nothing to you." Jason eased the blade clear keeping it the far side of his body from his fellow Watcher. "And you just destroy Faith if it fails, who's now a turned Slayer, destroy 'er just like that. I don't know if you've noticed but the vamps round 'ere 'ave been finding it kinda hard to accomplish that particular feat."

"You haven't been introduced to Professor Walsh have you? She's a very enterprising person, very inventive." Albany shook his head silently considering the reason for Giles's dismissal alongside the nationality of the Councils new research partner. "She can, if necessary, fit Faith with a mechanism that will keep her stable till we can confirm our spell has worked and made sure she's learned her lesson from her near-death experience."

"And that also means we'll have to keep your Slayer there until we're certain we have Faith's soul successfully locked down tight, then we're going to have to try to find the key to send her back." Albany made no effort to show any pity for the stunned look on the enforcer's face at that news. "We'll as Mr Travers has pointed out his alter ego won't be happy and the last thing he needs is angry cross dimensional memos, so back she goes."

"Of course if you manage to catch the real Buffy Summers before then, well as long as we send them a Slayer.." The Watcher left that question open as he turned and left leaving his stunned colleague behind him to ponder on the madness of it all.


Wesley lay in the corner of one of the upstairs rooms, forgotten.

The building was old and the woodwork rotten, and so loose nails weren't hard to come by.

Unfortunately the ability to pick locks is, but for all that at least Wesley was trying.

*I'll be the hero, I'll get out of these and this building and then go find the others.* Wesley cursed inwardly as the fingers of his right hand lost their hold on the nail again and it dropped down his sleeve. *Or alternatively I'll get one of these in me, die of tetanus and get absolutely no thanks at all.*

Shaking his head at the injustice, Wesley went back to groping on the floorboards for the next loose nail.

Part Nine

After Buffy had looked up from the computer screen to the wall clock for the tenth time in a quarter of an hour Spike's patience finally snapped.

"Ok Kitten will you please just go check on the poofter, I'll watch the computer for you." The blond vampire rose from the chair he had stretched out on and moved to stand behind the blond vampiress. "Go on, you're gaggin' to be with him I know."

"Thanks that's...sweet of you." Buffy really could have done without consideration from Spike at that time, she had enough guilt over how he was getting treated without him adding consideration to it. "You're so kind to me."

"I know." Spike squeezed into the seat Buffy had vacated and added cooly, "Well run along then."

"Well don't ya need to know how to use this?" Buffy's fingers went back to the keyboard as her head tried to make sense of Spike's attitude. "You press this and..."

Spike interrupted her. "Luv, of the two vamps who run the L.A. wing of this operation, who do you suppose looks after the computer stuff?"

"Errrr?" Buffy looked at the supposedly sleeping Browne and whispered, "Ok I take your point, but I thought that Cordelia like..?"

"Cordelia's even slower than the bloody Colour Sergeant retired." Spike heard a grunt from the aforementioned former NCO. "Doyle and me do the computer work."

"Doyle and I you h'ignorant git. And I'll give you three guesses, your majesty, what they does with their..." It suddenly occurred to Browne that he was talking out of turn in front of the lady boss. "Errrr playin' computer games, that's 'ow you learned wasn't it mate?"

"Look if you're gonna keep buttin' in, will you please stop pretendin' to be kippin' and just join in the conversation like a normal vampire?" Spike angrily refreshed the computer screen and then sent a meaningful look at Buffy. "You had somethin' you needed to do I believe?"

"Ok I'm going." Buffy half-turned then added hurriedly, "You know what to look for right?"

"Details of when they're gonna release the little bugger so we can go grab him." Spike kept his eyes firmly on the screen as he added, "Go on Pet, you don't want to miss him waking up now do you?"

"No I guess not." Buffy walked away, upset at the harshness, but knowing that it wasn't undeserved. Spike loved her and for the sake of her soon to be unvampiric self's happiness had decided to give her up. She knew how much that must have hurt him. "I guess he has the right to be pissed. I just hope he doesn't stay that way."

"So off she goes back to the poofter cause he's so tall dark an handsome in his mind blowingly depressin' way." Spike broke open a packet of cigarettes as he spoke, no smoking in the house be damned. "You know somethin' mate? I really wish Red hadn't found away to make the git's soul permanent."

"If she hadn't then Buffy would have just been wanderin' round unfulfilled and unhappy."

"Well thank you Sigmund for yer insight, where would I be without it?" Spike wished he could go after Buffy and take back what he'd said in the alternate Sunnydale, but Buffy needed her mind on her job not on her over complicated love life. "Are you sleepin' or not? Cause this pretending routine is really startin' to get on my tits."

"I'm asleep honest, not another peep out of me till it's time to ring Doyle I swear." Browne fell silent as Spike counted under his complete lack of breath. He reached twenty. "You know what your problem is? You never......"


Buffy eased the master bedroom door open as gently as she could and peeked inside. Angel was still asleep in so far as could be told with the undead.

*Ok how best to go about this?* She tiptoed in and started pacing nervously. *Sit by the bedside smiling.....no he'll think he's been sick. Sit on the bed smiling......he'll think you think his hair looks funny.....in the bed with him!*

Buffy pulled the ripped, somewhat bloodstained tee off over her head and made a quick dash to the in suite facilities, a rather old fashioned bowl of water and cold rag, not that it mattered to her. Quickly she washed the remaining flakes of blood from the thin red line that was all the scar she had left now. *Those fang marks are gonna be the stumper, and the fun too, cause he really is not gonna want to admit he knows what that can do to a girl post vampage.*

She looked back at her tee on the floor. *Best move that or, it meaning I'm naked or not, it's a dark brooding glance at it from the Anti-Slob.* Buffy stooped and whipped the garment up again carefully folding it and putting it in the trash before starting to unbutton her hopelessly tight pants. *Did I really fight a battle in these?*

She moved towards a chair in order to sit and get her boots off only to stop and do a double take at the black overcoat casually slung onto the chair. *HEY!*


*Ohh, Mr Hang Stuff up so it doesn't get creased, Mr Please Buffy would you not leave stuff scattered round the furniture like this, Mr Worse than my Mom. I caught you red overcoated.* The smile on the Slayer vamp's face was the broadest she'd had all week. *Oh yeah baby his ass is mine, wait till I tell him he's bang to rights caught....and thus I sink to his annoying everything in it's place level. Darn.*

No she would be the nice dutiful non-scolding Buffy that she liked to be, and also get to, for once, tidy up after her vamp. Opening the wardrobe she took out the coat's hanger and slipped it onto it. *Ok.....pockets! Check the pockets for keys and stuff. Incriminating stuff that won't be there but it's fun to imagine that he had a torrid affair with my alter ego...*

Buffy gave the sleeping vampire the look before grinning broadly at the concept, she gave the pockets a quick pat. *No, not Angel please as if......*

There was a small square object was in one of the two front pockets.

*I wonder what that is? Probably not something he'd want putting away.* She slipped her hand in the pocket and drew out a small silk covered box.

A Jeweler's shop's silk covered box.

A ring box.

*Oh god!*

*A ring box!*

*Maybe it's empty?* She took a grip on the lid. *I should check.*

But her fingers didn't move. *Why does Angel have a ring?*

*Is it for me?*

*Is it an.....oh god!*

Carefully without looking, Buffy put the box back in the pocket and the coat into the closet. She sat down, stunned, but still got back to taking off her boots. "Wow."

Her trousers followed and naked she padded to her own closet whispering, "Oh god, white dress?"

She considered a silk negligee and rejected it.

"And Willow and Anya will look so pretty in pink."

The leather.....her demoness had dragged her into that store and sniggered all the way through the transaction. No it gave Angel a wiggins, which was sometimes fun, but not right now.

*How long has he had the darn thing for? What if when he hears my news he decides not to ask?*

But she wasn't going to frown, or start to cry. Not yet anyway, and the perfect outfit was there in front of her.

Buffy took a silk pyjama jacket from off its hanger and slipped it on, buttoning it quickly before tripping lightly back to her side of the bed and gently raising the blanket to join her lover.

Buffy snuggled next to him, her face pressed against his still back, her left leg atop his, her arm thrown over his so that he awoke it would be in sight with the claddagh upon it and Angel would know that his girl was home.

The drug should be wearing off soon. Soon Angel would be awake again.....and her limited clothing would be on the floor were it belonged. She snuggled closer, a 'low down tickle' already there the anticipation only adding to it.

With that thought she closed her eyes, what would the next hour bring she didn't know. But she couldn't wait to find out.


Oz woke up from what seemed kind of like a dream. He had a recollection of terror, which was not uncommon in Sunnydale, and of a sudden surprise, followed by zip. Looking in front of him he saw unfamiliar walls and a dark wooden door and a neatish painting of a tree on the wall.

*And there's a warm soft someone snuggled up to me.* Very carefully, he lifted the blanket and looked down at the hand that was gently lying on his stomach. *Clear nail varnish like Willow's, charm bracelet that I bought Willow and Willow's hand, this is good.*

*Ok, I'm in a good place here so let's just try to remember what happened.* Logic would have said wake Willow up and ask her, but Oz had the feeling that she'd probably been up all night and so perhaps it would be nicer to try to recall stuff himself.

*Ok, so it started with Mr Treat...."


"Ow." Xander had a woozy headache and a crick in his neck. *And now since that's out of the way where am I?*

In one of the bedrooms at the mansion ,his brain quietly informed him, and shut up cause you're not alone. Gently he moved onto his back and looked at the person lying behind him. *Anya, wow our friends must really have us marked down as a couple. I mean you'd think Giles would have had us put in separate beds even if...oh god was this Willow's idea?*

"Xander....that you?" An Anya-hand traced lightly along his side. "I kinda hope it is...."

"No they put you in with Angel for a change of scenery." Xander caught the hand and squeezed it gently. "Yeah it's me, headacheing but otherwise undamaged. I assume we won, but god knows how we got here."

"There were some guys in black then I don't remember." Anya rolled over so that she was lying beside Xander with her chin just brushing his shoulder. "But it's nice to wake up like this huh?"

"Yeah it's nice. I figure if they need us they'll call." He smiled at her and felt the headache slip away a little. "And we are kinda in bed here right?"

"We are too." Anya moved a little higher and kissed her lover's lips. "I guess as we're in bed and not needed for anything, perhaps we could get undressed and have intercourse."

"Ok..." Xander returned the kiss then added, "I like that concept, but could we make love instead?"

"Sure, sorry technical terminology and me, you know..." Anya rose to her knees and pulled her sweater up over her head. "Condoms in your jacket pocket?"

"Just where you put them last night." Xander grinned as he took in the beauty of his girlfriend, then sat up himself to help her with her bra. "You naughty former demoness you."


*Do I tell him straight away, which will probably lead to a major wiggins, potential heartbreak and no smoochies? Or do I tell him when we're both sweaty and sated?* Buffy couldn't sleep and wished Angel was awake. *Here I am wanting to party in the full-on-Faith use of the term, and with life-changing news, and he gets himself drugged, oooh sometimes I could...*

*Don't mention the ring box.* Though she really wanted to know what was in it, Buffy knew that sort of thing was best left to the guy's own speed. *But if he doesn't ask, then next February 14th he better watch out.*

Buffy took a long, hard look at the back of her vampfriend's head. *Oh look, he's got dirt in his hair from when he landed on the slope, best not to mention that till later. Just in case vampires can have aneurysms after all.*

Buffy shut her eyes, fingers itching to comb Angel's hair out, trying hard not to recall an amusing but horrid monologue about her Sire that she'd heard Spike deliver on her pre-College trip to LA. *No stop it, giggling now is not good, you bad Buffy you. "Not the hair, never the hair..." *...Stop!*


*I'm in my bed.* Angel got that initial information when he opened his eyes and looked around. *Also, I have a girl in here with me.*

Angel guessed the sex of his bed partner due to the breasts that were definitely pressed gently into his back. *Ok either I got drunk last night and some girl got lucky at the Bronze or Buffy's back.*

There was a small, cold hand resting on top of his. *Cold as death, therefore vampiress, Buffy's back.*

He moved the fingers of his right hand to touch the finger on which Buffy wore her claddagh ring, the heart pointing inward was there.

"Angel," an excited, oh-so-familiar voice from behind him whispered seductively. "You awake Mr Sleepy Vamp?"

"Yes." He was confused but awake. "Buffy?"

"Large as life and twice as undead." The thigh that was over his slipped further around as she moved herself against his taut butt. "So did ya miss me?"

"How...?" Angel brought the hand out where he could see it. "How did you manage to..."

"Willow silly." She kissed the nape of his neck, wishing he'd let her free hand go so she could do stuff, her right hand was blocked by his body. "Roll onto your back so we can talk properly."

*Ok so your girl leaves town for a few days with your biggest rival for her affections and when she comes back she acts like nothing happened in anyway out of the ordinary.* Angel brought the hand to his lips and kissed her fingers. *So what do you do? Nothing except what she tells you.*

He rolled slowly, not wanting to throw Buffy off, and found himself with a Slayer astride his lap a second after his shoulders touched the mattress. "So Willow got her spell to work."

"Yep, got me, Spike and a bonus Spike back last night." Buffy worked her hips a little, her sex grinding against Angel's groin and getting the reaction she hoped for. She raised her eyebrows as she teased, "Oh Angel, I'm so glad that tranquilizer didn't have any permanent side effects."

"Tranquilizer?" Angel tried to concentrate, but the fact that Buffy was only wearing half a set of pyjamas and rubbing the naked half of herself against him kind of ruined his thought processes. "I seem to have missed stuff."

"It's ok." Buffy worked her hips a little more, deciding to put off Angel didn't strip her soon. "You got darted by some Watchers who kidnapped alternate me and Giles. However before you panic, which you don't so what am I saying, we have a lead and are fairly certain that the guys in question haven't left town."

"That's good." Angel started to get dim recollections of Treat, falling trees and guys in black. But other feelings were blocking them out. "Would you able to do anything about this real bad taste I got in my mouth?"

"Oh, maybe." Buffy carefully moved up Angel's body till she was level with his arms, then brought her thigh up and carefully wedged her knee against the bed head. The position wasn't exactly comfortable but it did have the advantage of placing her opened sex, glistening with the evidence of her arousal, right over Angel's mouth. "Try this."

She closed her eyes as his fingers caressed the muscles of her inner thighs, then his tongue traced a path to were she needed it to be. "Oh god Angel yes!"


*So ok guys in black suddenly appear.* Oz had the gaps more or less filled now. *They dart me but I wake up here, so either good stuff happened or this is some drug-induced fantasy designed to weaken my resistance to questioning.*

"Oh Oz," Willow whispered in her sleep, arching her back so that her pelvis rubbed against his tensed body. She moaned softly and her hand began to slowly slide down across Oz's stomach towards a suddenly forming erection.

*Sleep is good.* Oz tensed and started counting. *But to much of it can be overrated, and if Will doesn't wake up within thirty seconds, I start coughing and I don't stop till she does.*


"Yes baby yes." Anya had her legs locked tightly round Xander's hips as he thrust into her faster as their orgasms neared. "I'm really staaarting t-to like guys, you knoooooww."

"I'm glad......that you're getting, oh god yes, this new prospect-" Xander lost the power of speech as the two of them crashed over the edge into oblivion.

"I still maintain that men are generally piglike but you are so the exception that proves the rule." The former demoness explained as her breath returned. "I mean you're so nice, it's unbelievable that we ever got to meet like we did."

"I know." Xander eased back a little, looking down at his lover's smiling face. "And let me say that of the demoness's I've met in my time you are by far the most attractive and caring."

"Thank you." Anya ran her hands over Xander's chest, pulling him back down to her and kissing his passionately once more. "And I'm so glad I was a teenager on this trip with all this pent up energy to burn, seems sometimes I can go for hours.....shall we?"

Xander glanced at the stack of condoms, Anya certainly left nothing to chance. "Why not? I haven't heard the Buff-signal so let's make the best use of our free time."

They kissed deeply and got ready to make love again.


Buffy was panting, the oxygen unneeded but taken in as a natural reaction to the sensations Angel's tongue was sending shooting up her spine. "Aaaaannngggel please don't stop."

The vampire carried on, his tongue penetrated the Slayers cold slick core, his strokes first aimed at her nubbin then switching to full deep thrusts whilst his thumb flicked her engorged clit. He had no intention of stopping, not now, not ever.

*Biting!* Buffy's brain screamed to her. *That's nothing compared to this.*

"Come for me baby," Angel whispered before easing two fingers between her silken lips and catching her clit between his blunt teeth to suck it hard.

And for once Buffy did as she was told.


The wolf was pinning her to the ground with its clawed hands.......paws. They were pressed on her shoulders, not hurting her, but keeping her on her knees, her face was pressed into the soft earth of the forest floor.

Her skirt ripped in half lay beside her, her panties had been torn away and thrown god knew where ,she was open and so vulnerable in the cold night air, and the wolf was more than taking advantage.

His thrusts were powerful and deep, stretching the walls of her tight passage to an almost unbearable degree, the harsh fur of his underbelly rasping over her buttocks as his shaft rammed home.

And she was loving it, her thighs were slick with her juices, her moans of pleasure growing more intense as her orgasm built inside her. She brought her hand to her mouth to bite the fingers to keep from screaming as the moment drew near.

Then suddenly the wolf started coughing and Willow woke up.

*Oh goddess!* Willow turned pink at the realization that she was in bed with a somewhat bemused looking boyfriend after probably having a 3D surround sound tecnicolour dream about being taken Wolfie-style by his alter ego. *Oh and I've got sticky panties too.*

Oz gave her that cute half-smile of his. "Hi, sorry bought the coughing but I sorta thought you better wake up before....." He looked down.

Willow's cheeks turned red at the sight and indeed the sensation of what she'd actually done, because it was certainly her right hand that was encircling Oz's cock. "Please tell me that you helped me into this...ahem, situation."

"Well, though I'd like to do that, I gotta say that you unbuttoned my pants, reached inside, and did what you're doing entirely on your own." He stroked her hair clear of her face before kissing her lips lightly. "Where you dreaming?"

"Kinda." Willow so wanted to let go, but then again, her hand started slowly pumping up and down. "Yes."

"Sounded like a fun dream." Oz unbuttoned a couple of buttons on Willow's blouse. "You were kinda growlin' a couple of times."

"Sound effects." The still flustered Wiccan answered then realized how dumb that sounded. *Oh crap.*

"Sound effects?*

*Distract boys, how to distract boys?* She looked at what she was fondling and the blush left her face and she licked lips that certainly weren't dry. "Oz could we talk about this later? I wanna do something....like now."

"Well dreams can be...." Oz began but then his girlfriend a confident smile on her lips was getting up on her knees beside him on the bed and suddenly a hot tongue was replacing her fingers. "Fun to talk about but not as much as that."

*Phew,* Willow thought as she took Oz into her mouth her tongue swirling round his glans as she opened her mouth wide to suck him in. *This actually works......"


Filled with a very satisfactory warm glow, Buffy lay on the pillow beside her vampire lover, purring like a big cat, the pyjama jacket and Angel's clothes were on the floor, her tongue was in his mouth and his hands were caressing her breasts, leaving her aching with renewed desire.

She ran her fingers gently across his head. *Not the.....STOP IT!* But for all that, Spike was forgotten now, her demoness firmly under control, grumbling in some corner of her mind. "Why don't I reciprocate for your generous actions a few minutes ago?"

"Reciprocation is a good thing but I wanna know what's been happening." Angel took his fingers away from his lover's erect, swollen nipples and let them slide lower over her ribs and belly. "And even Slayer's can't talk with their mouth's full."

"True, shame Anne wasn't right about the vampire telepathy." The Slayer gracefully moved across so she was lying on the vampire's chest, her full breasts pressed against his cold flesh. *Actually it's a real good thing she was wrong.*

"You want to stay where you are or do you wanna be underneath?"

"On top." She wriggled down till his erection bumped against her butt. "I know you won't squash me but still."

Suddenly Angel sat up a little, the fingers of his right hand tracing the scar on the white skin of her rib cage. "Sword fight again?"

"Yeah, Master." Buffy took the hand away from her ribs and moved it to her hip. "Come on lover play now, talk later."

"Ok Miss Monosyllable." Angel laughed as his girl gave him the look, then his shaft was in her hand and she was running his glans up and down her slit letting her juices lubricate him. "It a long story?"

"Blue flash, Darla, vamp Willow who came on to me, slayage." Buffy slowly began to impale herself on Angel his thick length, opening out her sex and stretching the muscles of her inner passage. "More slayage, I blew some cars up, I met Giles and Mayor Wilkins was nice to me, more slaying.....ohhh. I rescued you, then I killed the Master, then blue flash."

"Spike behave?.....Oooww." Angel's eyes almost watered as the muscles of Buffy's vagina locked tightly around him. "Hey!"

"I'll have you know Spike was the perfect gentleman." Buffy eased her grip and gently started to work her hips building up a rhythm. Angel moved his hands from her hips to her ass, kneading her buttocks like he knew she liked. "Oh and one other thing Mayor Wilkins...I'd almost forgotten how good this is.......ohhh yeah....Mayor Wilkins gave me the secret of getting my mortality back."



Browne had gotten bored with tormenting his compatriot and was trying to do a crossword from an old Times he'd robbed from Giles. "'Ow bout this one then, former British Royal 'ouse four and six?" Spike made no reply. "I got a S as first letter."

"Saxe-Coburg." Spike didn't look round from the screen.

"Of course from Albert of." Browne's face took on a far away look as he dimly recalled a warm summer's day in the early eighteen-fifties, sitting on his father's shoulders, watching carriages drive past. "From the noise comin' from upstairs......"

"James, do me a favour?"

"Yes mate." The vetala put his paper down expecting to be told to shut up.

"First don't point out stuff I can hear myself, second next time you're out on the rob......Aquirin' stuff that's not been properly locked away that we need for our battles with the forces of darkness..."

"As is only right and proper cause why should we spend our money?" Browne smiled and remembered a dozen or so recently disarmed burglar alarms and a lot of lifted stuff.

"Ours is a just cause, after all, for the good of insured humanity." Spike managed a smile too at the familiar excuse prepared in case Giles found out."Steal, or borrow, a flame retardant suit for me would you?"


"Cause I really want to walk round outside right now, but not enough to die for it you understand.....no not quite enough to die."


"Why didn't you tell me straight way Buffy?" Angel was holding Buffy to him, her body half across his, her tousled, sweat-damp hair brushing his face as her head rested on his right shoulder. "Why wait till we were making love to tell me that?"

"Wanted to get laid," Buffy murmured, her left hand trailing across his stomach. "I knew you'd be all serious and wouldn't want to screw if I told you straight away. My demoness is a slut, or hadn't you noticed?"


The Slayer heard the catch in her lover's voice and sighed. Angel hated the D word. "Well at least I get to be human again. That's good, isn't it? It stops you being Mr Guilty all the time."

"But god Buffy, this changes everything...."

The Slayer raised herself a little and looked Angel in the eye. "No you don't Angel, don't you even dare start with that normal life crap."

"Buffy you'll be human again, mortal again." Angel's face had that same expression that he had worn in the sewer tunnel that day, hurt and pain filled his voice as he spoke. "I wonder if it......"

"IF IT WHAT!?" Buffy snapped back, sitting back on her knees, the sheet falling away from her body, her hands firmly pressed onto Angel's chest. "If you leave me, I'll die. Don't you dare say that to me. You have your soul, you have my love, what more do you need? If you want to leave you might as well stake me now or tear my heart out."

"You deserve a......"

"A life!" Buffy shook her head, unable to believe this, but at the same time able to feel Angel's pain like a weight on her own soul. "What kind of normal life does a Slayer have, Angel? Don't you know you are my life? We've lived together, loved each other physically for nearly three months, and you'd just walk away from that. What's the matter Angel, can't you watch me get old and die?"

Angel tried to sit up but she held him still, so he put his hands on hers and gently squeezed them. "I have my soul, I can't lose it and that's because of you. I have your love, and that's more to me than anything in the world. I wanted us to be forever but now maybe that can't be. I love you, Buffy, and I'll stay with you if you want me to, but please think what you're giving up."

Buffy drew in a hard unneeded breath before whispering, "You'll stay?"


"You'll stay!"


"Oh my god." Her hands went from his chest to around his neck as she moved forward, her lips raining kisses on his face interspersing with her words. "Then...what's...to...think...Angel..I..love...you...so!"

"But will you always?" He saw the smile fade a little. "There's so much I can't give you, what happens when..."

"When I want kids." Buffy settled herself beside him, her fingers caressing his smooth skin as she spoke. "First off, can I? I mean, I've been dead. Let's not take for granted that I'm going to be back to how I was. Second two words, invetro fertilization. We -- eeeuuh -- go to a sperm bank, we get sperm from a tall, dark, handsome donor with a sense of humour and bam you're Daddy Vampire."

"You've been thinking about this huh?" He smiled back at her now, making her heart almost want to beat. "And I've got a sense of humour."

"I know lover, you're renowned for it, which is why the choice of donor profile to match you." Buffy kissed him and the talking stopped. *He'll stay, I know he's not totally convinced but he'll stay for now, he'll give me time. If I put all my heart into loving him, won't it be enough this time?*

*It was supposed to be forever, but that doesn't matter now. She was turned because of me but now she can be cured. That guilt's gone. I'm supposed to suffer and I shall. I'll just put it off for sixty to seventy years. Guilt can keep.*


Oz lay looking at the ceiling, Willow nude and napping beside him a satisfied smile on her face.

He was smiling but in a puzzled kind of way, a request his lover had made half an hour before one flashing back and to across his brain.

*Wolfie style!"