Spike in the City Of Angels, Episode 4:


by John Cope

Part Fourteen

Doyle ran out of the door way down the rather dilapidated wooden staircase that lead to the street and, after carefully checking the traffic, raced to the van.

Of course it wasn't exactly as if Browne had actually scheduled a stop at Doyle's Bookies apartment on his way down to Sunnydale, but then it wasn't every day that the half demon found five one hundred dollar bills lying around unattended.

"He'll never miss it not with the kinda money those two are makin'," Doyle assured himself as he put the vehicle in drive. "An' if he does miss it, well by the time that happens Jimmy will a' paid me out the twenty large I'll be due when the nag romps home. Jesus can ya believe twenty ta one for a horse that good."

Doyle smiled as he considered the benefits of twenty thousand dollars. "Give the vampire five hundred as interest for the loan, take the boys for a drink or two, treat Cordelia to dinner somewhere fancy and pay off a debt or two with cash money..."

He smiled wider at that prospect, he'd been getting a lot of cold looks recently and far more than could be expected from simply working with the two most annoying vamps in town. No the boys were getting pissed off at him for his lack of the holdin' foldin'. "Desperate times boyo, and if that vampires got no more sense that to leave cash in a drawer he sends me to look in....."

"And anyway," he continued as he reached the slip road to the interstate. "Browne likes an occasional flutter on the old gee gee's himself, he'll thank me......Ok maybe I better give him a thousand."


Giles wiped the sweat from his brow and cursed silently. The air conditioning in the bricked up room had been intermittent to begin with but a half an hour before there had been a crunching noise as something impacted with the unit in the window above them and that had been that on the cool air front.

Wesley had nearly fainted with the shock getting ready it seemed to make a run for god knew where. Giles had grabbed him and held him back, whispering, "They can't come in through there you fool, the gap's not big enough."

Now the temperature had risen and the two men were sweating and thirsty but still there was no sign of a direct attack.

*Come on damn you, what are you waiting for?* Giles had been hoping for an immediate uncoordinated assault which would give him the opportunity to put a few more of the opposition on the ground sleeping.

*Oh god why didn't I stay in my own room, we're going to die.* Wesley's hands were slick with sweat as he stared at the door. *Oh come on why don't you just get it over with?*


The knife slid easily through the thin plaster board cutting neatly and silently as Jason dismantled the wall.

It was thin, the gap between the two sheets of board narrow and on the other side of it sat his adversaries waiting for something to happen. All it would take now was a hard blow from the sledge hammer and the inner panel would crash in on them with Jason and three of the most experienced Initiates ready to shoot down the shocked Watchers with dart and stun guns.

Everything over in seconds and without any further damage on their side.

Smiling at how well things were going Jason put the blade back in the sheath he wore on his waist belt and reached back towards the sledge hammer that he'd left by the door.

*Keyholin' they won't expect it, always keep yer eye on the obvious entry point ignore the solid lookin' walls." He groped around in empty air the looked down puzzled, no hammer. "Eh!"

Footsteps in the corridor, the enforcer put his head round the door and opened his mouth to shout at what he saw before him. Albany raising the hammer to smash against the top panel of the door to Giles and Wesley's improvised fort a group of nervous looking initiates and Watchers standing behind him ready to attack.

"Nooooo...." Jason shouted as the heavy implement slammed into the door splintering the panel and sending it flying into the room. He watched his leader shout his men on aiming their weapons as far in through the door as they could reach.


Cursing he turned away to grab his gun off the floor heading as he did the thud of bodies in the corridor outside and shouted to his stunned followers. "ALRIGHT THEN SO IT'S ANOTHER BLOODY BALLS UP, BUT DON'T JUST STAND THERE GAWPIN' COME ON!"


The hammer blow fell suddenly and unexpectedly, the thud sounding far louder than it was after the prolonged silence in the small cramped room. Both the two escapees jumped with shock at the noise, but they brought their rifles up to the ready in a split second, both aiming at the door.

It was rocked back on its hinges and lock by the impact, the iron seeming to scream in protest at the shock, yet the frame only the upper panel giving way shattering as it came flying into the room.

Giles took aim, holding his breath to keep the rifle muzzle steady. This was what he had been waiting for, a chance to further reduce the odds against Buffy. He knew that he was embarking on a hopeless fight but he had to do something to make his wards task easier.

Wesley gripped his rifle intently wishing he was along way away but knowing that he had nowhere to run or anyone to surrender too. Albany would kill him for his rebellion of that he was certain. *Got to make it out of here somehow, Giles will find a way.*

Then darts flew across the room striking the wall behind the turned over bed.

*Giles was right they can't see us.* Wesley began to hope just a little. *Maybe we can scare them off.*

"Of course you can't bloody see them you're to far back." Albany shouted as he shoved two of the initiates towards the hole in the door. "Lean in there and get them."

Giles saw a dart guns barrel come through the door, then a hand, then a wrist, then a forearm. He aimed for the elbow and fired. The dart struck into the targets flesh evoking a shout of pain from the wounded man before the drug took hold and sent him toppling back out of sight into the hall way.

Working the bolt of the rifle whilst Wesley covered the door Giles listened to the thundering of boots outside and something else to. Someone was shouting something from behind him. Grabbing up his other gun he gave Wesley a shove forward. "Over by the barricade quick."

They shuffled forward Wesley keeping his dart gun aimed straight ahead. Just as he was about to turn and face the wall at which Giles was staring so intently another initiate appeared in the hole that had been smashed through the door. Wesley fired on instinct and even though his opponent ducked back the dart still caught the boy's shoulder sending him back unconscious and making the others waiting out there scatter in shock and fear.

Giles aimed his guns one handed waiting for whoever was about to come through the wall to do so. How had he been so stupid? Why had he forgotten what Buffy had told him about the thinness of the walls, about how Kralik had crashed through them so easily.

*If they'd waited they'd have taken me completely by surprise, staring at the door forgetting about the walls. What at idiot I am!*

Then the room seemed to shake as a spray of plaster and torn wallpaper fragments filled the air. Dark shapes emerged from the dust their weapons held to the side to avoid damage to barrels. Giles fired both his dart guns at once knowing that it was probably all over and determined to go down fighting. Wesley fired at the same time despite a loud cry of fear that he was unable to suppress.

"Oh why didn't I stay in my room?!"


Jason had been going to smash the boards through with the sledge hammer and then just shoot Wesley and Giles in the back, a simple workman like plan if he said so himself. Ok it would plunge them both back into unconsciousness and leave them useless for questioning but with the Slayer liable to be back in town and on the warpath questions could wait.

Now thanks to Albany he had no hammer.

So he ran straight at the wall shoulder first, if there was no other way to do it then brute force it would have to be, it was after all what he understood best. Five men all impacting with the wall together, there was no way it could withstand such an assault.

The collision was disorientating, the plaster smashing into dust and fragments that filled his mouth and sprayed at his closed eyes, the wallpaper stretched and ripped on the other side. Yet he went straight through and tumbling into the room beyond trying to find his feet in the face of the two men waiting for him.

The dart guns went off too quietly for him to hear them in his adrenaline filled state but all three scored hits. The range was point blank so even with the Watchers Councils standards of training in more modern weapons it would have been impossible to miss. But Jason felt no sudden pain no drift into drugged unconsciousness, the dart guns were aimed at his followers not him and it was three of them who took the fall, two of them landed heavily on the plaster strewn floor whilst the third toppled forward over the bed.

"Throw em down you bastards!" Jason shouted aiming at Giles's chest. "Do it now."

Giles dropped the gun in his left hand and switched his grip on the right hand weapon grabbing the stock with his left hand whilst the fingers of his right worked the bolt. "I don't think I will old fellow if it's all the same."


Jason jerked the trigger happy to have an excuse to put the former Watcher out of harms way. He admired the bloke and didn't want to see him suffer at Albany's hands. But Wesley was another matter.......and Wesley was reloading too.

*Can't stop now, must go on, no need to be afraid, none at all.*

"What do you think you're doing you little shit?" Jason held out a hand to stay the initiate standing by him from squeezing the trigger. Another two were aiming at the traitorous Watcher's back through the hole in the improvised cell's door. "Give it up and you won't get 'urt."

"After what happened in London do you honestly think I'm that stupid?" Wesley smiled at the look of shock his defiance raised on Jason's face. "Quite frankly I think I'd rather not feel it when you cut my nose off old man."

"Put the gun down an we won't 'urt yo,." Jason lied, he wanted badly to put the boot into the bastard but not at the expense of several hours asleep with Albany in sole charge of Buffy. "Come on mate what chance have you got?"

"No choice at all." Wesley moved his left foot out in front of him as he spoke. "Except the one between pain and oblivion."

"NO!" Jason shouted as he sprang forward to kick the dart guns barrel aside.

Too late, Wesley fired a dart into the skin above his own ankle the drug entering his system even as the dart gun spun from his hand's as the toe of Jason's boot connected.

"What's goin' on 'ere?" Jason raged. "Are you all gonna be like this, you...you little coward. The man who was voted most likely to die a snivellin' failure, stick you in a room with Giles for an hour and suddenly your Mr Heroic impulse 'imself....."

He stopped speaking realizing everyone was staring at him. Especially Albany who was standing looking in through the door. There was a mad gleam in his eye at the sight of the unconscious Watchers.

*Heroic impulses.....* Jason yearned to have them, but he was the Council's man for all that. *We'll just 'ave to wait an see on that score mate, we'll just 'ave to wait an see....*

Part Fifteen

Angel awoke to find Buffy had left the bed once more, though she had exhausted him, seemingly she still had energy to burn.

The Slayer was dressing, she had pulled on a white tee and was now squeezing into a pair of tight black leather pants. How she managed it he didn't know, the leather looked like it was painted on her but all the same there she was doing up the buttons.

They had screwed for an hour following the blowjob, he couldn't call it love making Buffy had gone at him that hard. It was as if she was trying to exorcize something with the sex and his back bore the scratches and his shoulders the fang marks to prove it.

She'd never been so dominant with him before now and he'd really rather enjoyed the sensation but now a quarter of an hour later here she was leaving him again.

"Buffy, where are you going?" He asked worried by her weird behavior since she got back. "Don't you need to rest?"

"To see Willy to the first question, and no to the second." Buffy took a jacket off the chair she stood next to and slipped it on, it was waist length and in Angel's opinion did nothing about the butt problem. "I feel I gotta do something about Giles and me, the other me that is. I can't really sit round on my ass till sunset now can I?"

"And you think that seducing Willy will help matters?" The Slayer threw him a puzzled angry look in reply. "It's just you're dressed kinda Faith like for a visit to the Alibi."

*Why is he railing on me?* Buffy looked down at her clothing which seemed ok to her. "Faith like? Excuse me but is any of this see through? No it's perfectly normal stuff for me to wear since you turned me."

"It's just...." Angel realized that he was fighting a potentially very painful battle. "You don't ever seem to dress like you used to anymore...."

He stopped talking, alarmed by the look she sent him. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to criticize."

"But you do," Buffy answered sharply. "But don't worry Angel pretty soon you'll get your old girl back, course she won't be quite the fuck toy I am but at least she'll dress pretty for ya."

"Buffy please."

"I'm sorry." Buffy looked at him lying there and knew that she was blowing things out of proportion and that Angel was right about how she was dressed, she was kinda Faith like. But then what did that matter she felt right, and leather was difficult to put a stake through too. "I'm still going out though, and I'm not changing first."

"Alright Buffy if you don't want to." Angel sat up on the bed. " If the others are up why don't you take someone with you?"

"I'm ok."

"But after what happened......" Angel left the rest unspoken, Buffy didn't need a verbal reminder of breaking Willy's knees and the way her eyes dropped away from his told him plainly that he'd overstepped the mark.

"I'll be okay and so will Willy." Buffy zipped her jacket up as she spoke at the same time heading for the door. "Do you really think I'd hurt him again?"

"You wouldn't." He replied calmly. "But Buffy are you sure about your demoness?"

"I got her locked down tight." The Slayer promised as she opened the door. "I'll see you later Angel, don't worry about me."

Angel shook his head as the door closed. *Oh but I always do.*


Shaking her head at the way that conversation had gone, Buffy came out once more into the corridor her hands were in her pockets and she prepared to mope off to the Alibi. However she was startled from her planned revere by Willow's sudden emergence from the bathroom.

The Wiccan was wearing a towel and nothing else. Okay the cloth covered her from just under her arms down to mid-thigh but still Willow was crossing a potentially public area in not much clothing at all.

"Hi." Willow gave a little wave. "Hope you don't mind but Oz and I just used the shower."

"Together?" Buffy asked before she could stop herself. "Ahhhhh, yeah well...."

"Saves water, helps the environment." Willow added smiling self confidently as she alibied her friends faux pas. "You goin' out?"

"Yeah, to see Willy." She saw that look in Willow's eyes, the concerned one she got every time there was a risk of violence against the non-demonic. "It's ok, I won't hurt him I promise."

"Ok...." Willow hesitated unsure how Buffy might react then went on. "I can get dressed and come with."

"Sorry but no, I need you to stay here and take over computer duty from Spike." Buffy hoped her resolve face would work. "He's been on it all day......the computer that is."

"Alright I'll do that then but Buffy...." Willow put a hand gently on her friends leather clad left arm. "Please be careful."

"I will, I promise." Willow's smile softened Buffy's mood as it so often did. "You know I don't ever wanna feel as bad about myself again."

"I'll make sure you don't have to Buffy....go on, and we'll be ready later." Willow patted Buffy's arm again and watched her go. *Gee I hope she's all right.*


Spike was dozing in front of the computer screen trying vainly to stay awake. For once even the loud snoring of the suddenly extremely tired Browne wasn't helping matters. *Least he's shut 'is gob at last.*

So despite his instincts, the arms around his shoulders came as a surprise making him jump even as a voice whispered in his ear. "How ya doing lover?"


"Ahuh, and who else round here would be callin' ya that?" Buffy stole a glance at the other vamp in the room. "Spike you haven't?"

"Leave it out luv." Spike grinned despite the tiredness and the fact Buffy had spent the day so far in Angel's bed and stank of him now in his hypersensitive nostrils. "You know my tastes in that line well enough, tall, dark and handsome just like yours."

"Aha and also eeewww." Buffy wrinkled her nose then kissed the back of Spike's neck. "That thought still gives me a mild wiggins, you being my boytoy's ex."

"Well the poof's always had great taste." Spike stretched his tired neck muscles. "Take it you're stickin' with the woofter."

"I'm sorry." Buffy backed away a little but keep her palms on the blond vampires shoulder blades. "But yes....what will you do?"

"I'll have to stay away from you for awhile pet. Give myself time to think."

"Are you going back to England...." Buffy heard the catch in her voice that spoke of tears if she went on and got a positive answer.

"No luv that's Altie's patch remember? No if Sol's sorted us out I'll go back to LA, maybe take a job he's been talkin' about, specially since the 90210 incident."

"What kinda job? I though you and Browne were already whacking uncooperative vamp groups for him....and doing the occasional bit of fumigation when he finds out about guys producing kiddie porn." Buffy kissed his neck again to show her approval for that section of the vampires work. "What else does he need you to do?"

"Guard likely targets from lone hunters.....the less predictable types who don't give a fuck for the rules."

Buffy felt the tension in the vampire's shoulders as she though on that one. "Likely targets.....pretty people?"

"Yeah, I suppose you could say that."

"Pretty girl people?"

"That's another way to put it."

"Who?" Buffy tried to keep the edge from her voice she had absolutely no right to be jealous bearing in mind Angel.

"Katie Holmes."

"Huh." Buffy's jaw dropped behind the vampire's back. "You're gonna be guarding Katie Holmes?"

"She's comin' in to work on a project for Sol, just a cameo whilst she has a few weeks of from Dawson's Creek, he worries about her.....And she is kinda toothsome at that. I could see a vampire wanting too......ooww." Spike jumped and turned as Buffy swatted him on the back. "That hurt!"

"Supposed to." The Slayer was very definitely pouting now. "Just cause I'm with Angel it doesn't mean you got the right to talk about gettin' jiggy with a film star."

"I did not!" The outraged vampire responded.

"Did too!" Buffy's voice rose in reply. "You were gonna say how much a vamp would want to screw her weren't ya?"

"I was about to say wanting to try a taste...." Buffy's pout got even poutier. "Of her blood kitten."

"Oh." Buffy frowned as she looked at the vampire. "So you're just gonna guard her from way back were the vamps would usually work then."

"Havin' the bloke whose arm you're holding not show on the photos might make a girl look silly don'tcha think?" Spike smirked all the same. "But if I wanted 'er...."

"Beast!" Buffy heard Willow's shoes on the staircase and realized this suspicious conversation was going to have to end. For now. "You be good for Willow and get some rest, we got some violence to do yet."

"Oh goodie." He smirked whispering, "Sometimes that can be almost as much fun as sex."

Buffy stepped back a little giving him the look. "I hope you're not includin' me in that vampire?"

"Hell no kitten." Spike felt like dying at the sight of her smile, but she wasn't his anymore, if she ever had been. "You best go."

"See you later," and with that her heart heavy the Slayer turned and walked away.

Willow stood in the doorway as her friend passed by, she could guess what had just happened. She'd known for awhile that Buffy loved two men, creatures of the night if she was being technical about it, and would have to choose. Well maybe now she had.

She herself had to make a choice, a painful choice between Oz and Xander. A choice she'd delayed so long it had almost destroyed what she'd had with the werewolf. But he'd understood and forgiven her and they were stronger and closer now than they'd ever been.

Of course the difference here was that Angel didn't know. Or at least not really.

He knew about the tunnels and what had happened in them, they all did. But he thought that was it, he didn't suspect as Willow increasingly did that Buffy had done it with Spike before she lost her soul.....and after.

*It'll be ok Buffy,* she wanted to say as Buffy walked past. She wanted to hug her friend and try to comfort her but she couldn't, not until the girl asked her for support. *Please let her ask me.*

But Buffy just walked past with barely a glance at the Wiccan so lost was she in thought.

*Goddess, please show me the way to help her,* Willow prayed silently, then looked into the room at Spike who was slumped in front of the keyboard. "And him too.*

Part Sixteen

The blood was rushing through Albany's head as he looked down at the two unconscious men. They had probably ruined everything for him. His numbers were depleted, nearly half his men unconscious. He had been deprived of the information Giles could have provided and he had lost a good deal of time.

This all left him with a strong desire to kill someone. Wesley for a starter, Giles for a main course and then Faith for a suppertime snack.

The casualties on his side had been moved into other rooms in the hotel where they could sleep off the drugs. But as it was they wouldn't be fit for action or even for travel for hours. *Which means we probably miss tonight's flight as lugging unconscious people onto a plane tends to be noticed.*

"They've ruined it all," the Watcher murmured out loud. "Wrong Slayer captured, the girl we wanted missing and now this."

He took the syringe from his pocket and removed the plastic cap from the needle. He cast a venomous look across at the enforcer as he did so, the fellow had dared to lay hands on him, he would pay for that mistake one day. "Leave me alone with them Jason. Oh and ring Professor Walsh and get her to send a van, she's about to get two interesting new samples. She's been saying she wanted to monitor the turning process."

"No way." The statement was blunt and clear.

"Are you defying a direct order from a Watcher?" Albany didn't raise his voice but his thumb pressed onto the plunger of the syringe as he lifted it and pointed it at Jason. A drop of ruby red blood formed at the tip of the needle and then dropped hitting the ground between his feet. "Well are you?"

"Yes." Jason raised his loaded dart gun and went on. "By the power vested in me by the Watchers Council I place you, Marcus Albany, under arrest for planning in contravention of article 15 of the charter to create vampires via the murder of living mortals."

"You have no right!" Albany stepped forward contemplating a dash towards Jason but stopped when he saw the man's finger whiten round dart guns trigger. "I am a fully qualified Watcher, not some student whose locker you can search for dodgy Occult texts. I'll have your job for this you common little man!"

"Cheers, I'll be glad to see the back of it." Jason smiled, the scar on his face twisting the expression and making it seem even more infuriating to the Watcher. "It doesn't matter what your rank is if I finds you in possession of vampire blood, you're out and you know it. Travers don't run the Council, 'e still only 'as one vote and the report I'm gonna make is gonna 'ang ever 'im or you."

"How fascinating." Albany turned towards the door where two of his colleagues stood open mouthed with shock at this occurrence. "Hargreaves kindly dart Jason and place him under arrest would you please."

Jason kept his eye on Albany as he spoke low and menacing. "You've got two choices Mr Hargreaves, take orders from a psycho or from me. Which is it?"

He didn't look at the other Watcher, he could see the look of anger on Albany's face that told him Hargreaves gun was still pointed at the floor.

"Errrrr....sorry Marcus but I think I'll have to ask you to drop that syringe." Hargreaves had completed his studies three years before Marcus but wasn't one of Travers' golden boys hence his lack of promotion. "Jason's right, what you're proposing isn't on old man."

"You're making a mistake. I'll break you both for this." But Albany, as he uttered the threat, was dropping the syringe to the floorboards. "What are you going to do then oh leader?" he said sarcastically to Jason.

"Mr MacDonald." The enforcer grimly smiled as he took a set of handcuffs from his trouser pocket. "Secure Mr Albany in his room would you please."

"If you think that's best." MacDonald was one of the older Watchers in the party, only a year or so behind Giles in graduating, he had been deeply disturbed by Albany's threats to a man he respected. "Marcus, I think you'd better put your hands behind your back, we don't want you copying Wesley now do we."

After Albany was led away unprotesting but with a dangerous smile on his face Jason and Hargreaves stood silently contemplating the future, then Hargreaves broke the silence. "This is a right bloody mess and no mistake, Albany could see us both out of a job. What do we do, cut our losses?"

"Leg it back to England takin' the booby prizes but leavin' the real objective behind, no."

"So what do we do?"

Jason thought silently for a few moments. "We need some info, a bit of gen on the local goings on. Stuff Walsh and 'er whiter than white crew might not know."

"And we go to get that where?"

"Am I the only bugger 'ere who paid any attention to Ripper's journals?" Jason asked, exasperated. "Willie the bleedin' Snitch of course. Send a couple of the older looking Yank's round to 'is gaffe and ask him if he's seen 'er today. The pale girl, not the one we've got downstairs. Give em a couple of fifties to grease the blokes vocal cords too"

"Ok." Hargreaves turned to carry out his orders but stopped and looked down at an object on the floor. "What about that?"

There was a crunch of plastic as Jason's boot heel crushed the syringe into the wood. "I think that's that sorted don't you?"

"Alright." Hargreaves feeling of relief was plain. "Wanting to Sire vampires, the fellow was obviously playing for the wrong team and without the full deck . What are you going to do?"

"Nip down and 'ave a word with our other guest." Jason grinned as he considered the funnel. "I should think she'll be most amenable by now don't you?"


Doyle drove fast for a man only half concentrating on where he was going, for if his eyes were on the road his ears were on the radio. The race was on and rapidly approaching the finish line.

"Come on Parmetheus, come on you bastard run harder." His horse was a length clear but the rest of the field was closing down the home straight. "Come on you fuckin' heap of glue don't fuckin' slow down now.

"Oh Jesus man why did ya put it on the nose, an each way would a got ya somethin'. But oh no you have to believe that eeijit Tony who everybody knows knows shag all about the nags." He was shouting his head off at empty space, if any cops saw him they'd think he was mad as well as over the speed limit but he didn't care.


The van swerved as the second placed horse drew neck and neck thirty yards from the line, cars behind honked their horns causing Doyle to, for a second, switch his attention back from the race. "Hey I'm drivin here....so fuck youse ok!"

"And it's Danny Boy.....Danny Boy coming up on the inside to overtake Parmetheus at the last.....Well it'll go to a photograph but it looked to me like Danny Boy by a nose......"

"Oh shit!" Doyle clicked the radio off one handed shaking his head at the enormity of what he'd done, he knew his luck the photo much show Danny Boy with a huge smirk for the camera. "No money to treat Cordelia, no money to pay off those bastard fuckin' demons.....and no money to repay Browne. Why in gods name did ya put the money on a Greek nag when there was a nice Irish soundin' fellar runnin'?"

*They cut the hands of thieves in Afghanistan!* The more evil and unsympathetic sections of his subconscious supplied. *And have ya seen the size of that knife yer man carries?*

"Shut up in there, I'm tryin' ta think." Doyle knew that he was in a bad situation. Browne could be a lethal enemy, but on the other hand the vampires needed him. "I need to get Spike on side soonest. And if I explain who I owe they might help me out."

He pictured it, all his contacts rubbed out by vamps with a list. *No, no way would Spike or Browne hand over the green to pay those guys off, and to think of the scores the two of them have taken between em, mean bastards the pair o'them.*

"I wonder if Angel......" Doyle pictured his fellow countrydemon. "Nice warm hearted friendly fellow....Always ready with a smile and a song......He wouldn't lend me a fuckin' cent either the miserable bastard."

Doyle just kept on driving he was after all leaving his debtors behind. *I'm so fuckin' dead.*