You Stuck A Knitting Needle Where?!

by Goddess Heather
Series: Knitting Pretty 2

Xander and Spike had pulled grave duty that night and it seemed like the perfect time to start the next lesson. "So now you try, Spike."

"Hum, what was that?" Spike said in a distracted tone.

"Spike do you want to learn how to knit?"

"Yes." Still distracted.

"So Spike, you want to take this knitting needle and insert it up your ass?" Xander asked in a tone that did not belay the purpose of the question.

"Sure thing pet."

"SPIKE! You won’t learn anything if you aren’t listening."

"I was listening!" Spike claimed indignantly, how dare Xander think that he wasn’t listening. Shut up, Spike directed at the voice.

"Well Spike you just agreed to stick a knitting needle up your own butt, I’d say that you where not listening.

God, you sound like one of the slayerettes now!

"Okay, so I wasn’t exactly listening, but I caught the drift."

"So cast on." Xander was just waiting to taunt Spike when he proved that he wasn’t paying any attention whatsoever.

Spike stared at the needles in his hand and the yarn sitting next to him in puzzlement. "Maybe you could explain it one more time?" Spike asked as sheepishly as a bad ass vampire that was really a whipped puppy could.

"Okay, but this is the last time," Xander said with an eye role for emphasis. Spike watched intently as Xander’s hands deftly wove the yarn into a something more than it once was. It was almost like a dance, Spike reflected, delicate yarn dexterously tied and needles quietly clicking together dwarfed by the large hands holding them, too large to really be that graceful, but somehow where. Xander really did have beautiful hands, dark, strong, long fingers that were so graceful to have them running over his body, to feel the heat of them on his skin…Spike, he command himself, pay attention, the whe-Xander is only gonna explain this so many times before he gets fed-up.

Spike had just managed to complete his first effective cast on when the Xander stood up and yelled, "Spike, behind you!"

"Shit!" Spike exclaimed, where was that stake? He looked down at his hand and the wooden knitting needle in it. Spike quickly thrust the needle into the vampire’s heart and watched as he turned to dust. "These things do come in handy, pet!" Spike said showing the needle he had used to dust the vampire. Upon closer inspection of the needle he realized that he had lost what little knitting he had managed to get done. "Bloody ‘ell! How do you cast-on again Pet?" And so Xander told Spike again and again Spike zoned about Xander’s hands a typical teaching session proceeded.