The Experiment

by Jenny

Okay, now this wasn't the date I'd planned to have with the Poof tonight. Yes, it's dark, and oh fuck, is it loud. But definitely not the ambience I'd planned. Cus of course, just as we were leaving, the bint has another vision and Angel just has to respond. I mean who am I compared with a few devil worshiping demons holed up in the basement of a club trying to raise Lucifer to come dance with them?

But then fuckin' with demons is almost a good as fucking the Poof. So I come along. Obviously the Watcher wasn't gonna be left out so we're all here. Sitting in the pitch dark, ears being assaulted by the gut-wrenchingly loud music from the club above us. Sitting here trapped. We'd have been OK if it hadn't have been for the delivery truck. I should have insisted the poof left the manhole cover open. Give us some light to kill by. But no, dark avenger wanted max stealth. So we climbed in and shut it behind us. By the time we discovered there were no demons, a soddin' delivery truck had parked on the cover. We could hear these guys shouting to each other even over the noise coming from the friggin' speakers.

Then Angel decided not to let me shout for the tossers to move the fuck off the cover. Didn't want to explain what two vampires and a nerd with glasses were doing in their basement I guess. But by then they'd fucked off for the night and we were trapped. Till they come back in the morning that is. So, the great demon fighting team are sittin' in a basement waiting for deliverance from a delivery truck. It's embarrassing. Sad tossers hey?

But I'm not that bothered cus it gives me time with Angel and even though Weasel is here, he can't see fuck cus it's pitch dark. We can see of course, we can see just fine, but it seems kinda churlish to point this out to the Watcher. So we don't.

Weasel hunkers down on a stack of papers against the wall and the poof and I make ourselves comfortable opposite him. Angel is lying with his head on my lap. Something he'd never do if anyone else were around. Angel's real careful not to let anyone find out just what sort of relationship we have. Sad really, cus this is just about perfect. But it's always reserved for our time alone. So I make the most of it. I'm running my fingers through his hair, tugging lightly at the strands, then trailing one finger in little figures of eight down his cheek, brushing the tip across his lips and back up again. Just repeating my circuit again and again. Angel's just lying here, totally relaxed and happy. He even catches my finger and puts it to his lips, gently biting the end and sucking at it. I bend over and kiss him in the privacy of the dark and whisper, `Poof!' in his ear. But he'd be lucky to hear with the din from above. I can feel vibrations in my feet so loud is the music. But he does hear, cus a smile crosses his face and he takes my hand and places it on his, oh, so noticeable bulge. I feel a bit sorry for ole Weasel missing out on all the fun, sittin' there on his own…uh huh!

Now that's interesting. Under the cover of the dark and loud music, the Watcher has decided to pass the time in a similar way to the poof and me. I tap Angel on the head and he opens his eyes and looks up at me expectantly. I nod in the Weasel's direction and Angel cranes his neck back to get a better look. I watch with amusement as expressions of shock, embarrassment, curiosity and then lust, flit across his beautiful features in swift succession. Cus the Weasel is sittin' there rubbing himself through the soft material of his trousers.

Angel turns back to look at me and I shrug. I bend down to his ear again. `You're both tossers then.' Angel just smiles and turns back to watch the Watcher. But I notice he's kept my hand firmly on his bulge and is rubbin' it round a little.

The show suddenly starts to get better, cus weasel Wes, after peering across the total dark of the narrow space between us, as if to confirm that it really is pitch black, gets himself out. Now this is a real nice show to pass the time with. He stretches back against the wall, opens his legs up a bit and starts to create a nice rhythm on his cock. Angel is as fixated on the sight as I am. He slides my hand under his waistband and onto his painfully hard cock. Fuckin' waste of time. Old tosser's too fat for that kinda shit, so I unzip him and get his full ten inches out. Angel puts his hand behind my neck and pulls my ear down to his mouth, `looks like he's thinking of you Spike,' he whispers with a grin. God Angel, could you be more wrong? Cus I know exactly what's on Wesley's mind and it ain't a certain bleached vampire. Oh no, I've seen the way his eyes follow the wanker wherever he goes. I know how desperately curious he is just what we do, when we're together. Pity he can't see us now. Cus I'm getting a real nice rhythm going on Angel's erect length. I can feel the swollen rock-hard veins under my hand. Wesley starts to brush his thumb over the top of his cock and I do the same with Angel's. Angel shifts in my lap, turning his head and oh God…the Poof is undoing my jeans and freeing my cock and starting to lick it up and down. Now he's in a dilemma cus he can't watch Wes and enjoy his favorite pastime, sucking me off. Compromising by just using his hand on me, he turns back to watch the show.

Thinking we'd had the best part, Wes surprises us both by kneeling up suddenly and…jees, starting to thrust forward as if in his mind he's got Angel's beautiful hole stretched open around his swollen length. It's too much for Angel who is clearly picturing my arse impaled on that perfect nine inches, cus he sits up, slides under me, rips off my jeans and efficiently pulls me onto his lap, pressing my back against his chest. In one swift movement, he uses his spit to lubricate his cock and impales me on it. I'm kneeling, so I start to lift myself up and down. This is the most erotic thing we've done for a long time. We are both intent on Wesley's face, which is showing the incredible strain of trying to reach his orgasm. I speed up on Angel's cock and he puts one strong arm around my chest, holding me to him. The other hand he uses very effectively on my cock. I'm glad the music is still pumping out cus Angel's started groaning in ecstasy as I tighten and squeeze my inner muscles around his erection, pumping him towards release.

Angel leans forward and takes the side of my neck in his mouth, just licking and sucklin' like a baby at the tit until with an arch of his back, Wes cums in a shooting arch. His cum is pumping out and splashing on the floor. At this incredibly erotic sight, Angel's demon breaks free and his fangs descend piercing my skin. We both cum with matching, powerful thrusts of cold seed, his deep into my bowels, mine onto the floor to pool with Wesley's. Then he starts to feed on me with a ferocity borne out of the illicitness of these acts together in the dark.

Trouble with humans is, they don't last long. In any way really.

Wesley gets himself back in with slightly shaky hands. But I'm ready to go again. I pull off Angel's now slightly soft dick and turn around on his lap. I thrust my tongue into his mouth. I grab his hair and rape his mouth with my hard tongue, giving no quarter. I'm desperate to shag again, and wish I could get Angel keen, but the poof's clearly worried that now Wes has stopped, he'll hear us. Shit, fucker wouldn't hear us if we were tearing each others' cocks off, so loud is the music. But the nancy boy wins cus he manages to turn my frantic kisses into soft lovin' ones. He takes the back of my neck in one hand and rubs his thumb over my hair line, sending shivers of passion down my spine. He bends forward and puts his soft lips on my ear. After a few licks and nips he whispers, `when we get back, don't even think of talking to him, or Cordelia. Get your backside downstairs and spread-eagled on the bed. We're going to play Watchers in the dark for a while!'

So we do. As soon as we get back we disappear downstairs leaving poor ole Wes with the bint for company. And she ain't looking too happy.

`Do you know how long I waited up for you three last night? What an earth were you doing for six hours Wesley?'

`Oh, just doing a little experiment.'

`Err, experiment?'

`Umm, I was testing just how well vampires can see in the dark.'