Spike in the City of Angels, Episode One: A Soul

by John Cope

Part Twenty-one

Spike and Browne both lunged forward to try to help Buffy even though their hands were fastened behind them. Spike hit the ground hard as his legs were kicked from underneath him narrowly avoiding a broken nose, Browne took a rifle butt in the face and hit the ground harder crying out in pain as he landed on his chained wrists.

White smoke began to rise from the Slayer's head and the scream died, her mouth stayed open though as she soundlessly continued her cry of agony.

"What's he doing to her?" Cordelia overcame her fear of the gun Con MacSheehy had pressed to her head and tried to struggle. "For god's sake make him stop."

"God," Con gripped her under the jaw with his free hand, making sure she couldn't get free and that she had to keep watching the scene before her. "Better call on the devil girl, he'll be more apt to hear ye here, and he might accept your services, a fair colleen like you, even as he will your friend's."

*Fuck he's killing her.* Spike was frantic, one of LA minions who had ingratiated himself enough to be allowed to witness his masters power had his foot pressed firmly on Spike's back, a rifle barrel was pressed into his neck. *Gotta do somethin'.*

But he was helpless and he knew it.

Shaking his head trying to get his thoughts clear Browne contemplated struggling up but the muzzle of an M-16 in his face made him stay down, his tongue ran over his teeth, several felt loose, that didn't matter they would firmly tighten in his gums the next time he morphed. What mattered was getting loose, tearing the bollocks of the bloke who had just hit him and then freeing his friends.

Murchad removed his hand from Buffy's forehead, for a few seconds a red blister showed there and then in faded into nothing, The zombie released Buffy's head and it lolled forward, then she looked up again her eyes almost glowing yellow ridges forming over her eyes.

The demon regarded Buffy's morphed features coldly for a few seconds and then gave her a mocking half bow. "Welcome majesty, thy beauty is astounding, now will you serve me, tell me demoness will you obey."

Confused Buffy wondered what had happened to her, at least her subconscious did, her demon raced free rejoicing that at last it had no soul to restrain it. "Aye My Lord, I'll serve thee and faithfully."

She said the words with a smile, they had occurred to her as a suitably amusing response, and though she laughed inwardly she gave no outward sight of her emotions, of how she was gathering her strength to tear her bonds apart. She needed something to gain that edge though, she needed to feed.

"I am amazed that you speak so well, dressed as you are as some modern harlot, truly you shall be a fitting consort for my obedient servant." Murchad beckoned Lord Patrick forward, the vampire stood in front of Buffy and looked down at her as the zombies let go of her arms. "You will sit beside him on the throne at Tara and rule over Ireland as it's Queen."

"Ireland?" Buffy shook her head slightly playing confused, then she looked up at Lord Patrick and gave him a full bold stare . "A fair realm I am told, a suitable place for one of my powers, and with so handsome a mate at my side, thank you my Dread Lord for your kindness."

"Now there is just the matter of binding you to my servants will," Murchad's hand's began to glow red again. "This will not pain you as much as did my first touch."

*No!* Buffy cringed back, eyes frantic, sending out an appeal.......to Lord Patrick.

"Stay thy hand master," even through her morphed features Lord Patrick saw a look of what he took to be gratitude. "She is a queen, without her soul a vampiress, let her decide what she will be."

"Lady, we have been ungracious hosts," Lord Patrick waved a hand and three figures emerged from the shadows, two were vampires in modern street dress, the figure between them was stripped to the waist, a young well built man wearing combat fatigues and military boots. The tattoo's on his body showed where the vampires had acquired him, Camp Pendleton.

"Lady, do you hunger?" Lord Patrick bent low, green eyes looked into Yellow. "I will unchain you if you will feed, show us your true alliance now, your mortal soul is gone to hell to trouble you no longer."

"I thirst good Patrick," Buffy growled low in her throat. "Bring him closer."

Spike's mind went back to an earlier scene in a different place as the young man was dragged forward, he had been sat facing Acathla then fearing the end of the world, this was far, far worse. "Slayer NO!" he screamed careless of what might happen. The vampire on his back slammed a boot into his ribs.

"Shut up asshole!" The rifles muzzle twisted up into his scalp. "Or die."

Twisting his head round Spike still managed to catch an over the shoulder glance that the vampiress threw him, and a smile. He shuddered, with self loathing for not being able to stop her, and with relief. A vampire in the room was soon going to be in big trouble, he was glad it wasn't him.

Browne watched in almost equal horror, and equal relief he had thought at first that they might feed Cordelia to the Slayer. A mortal was a mortal but this one he didn't know.

Cordelia sat on her heels stunned, one line of thought going round and round her head. *Oh god he made her into a vampire, oh god he made her into a vampire, oh god............*

Buffy smelled the fear, the adrenaline, her hunger pangs became a savage growl from her demon. She hadn't fed substantially for over twenty four hours, she needed blood. Blood to strengthen her, blood to help her free her mate, blood to help her kill her enemies. Blood to sate the demon and give her back some kind of control. She needed blood.

"He is handsome, well formed, I shall turn him, he shall be my manservant, the mortal girl my first Lady in waiting, a queen requires a following does she not?" She smiled lasciviously at the Irishvamp. "Unchain my wrists then sirree that I may display my loyalty."

"Unchain her," Murchad commanded. "But do not stand between her and I."

The demon's hands glowed green, fire crackled in his eyes. Buffy's death would be instantaneous if he unleashed his powers.

The handcuffs were unclasped, swiftly the Slayer vampire massaged the feeling back into her flesh and then walked the few paces needed to bring her up close to the terrified marine.

Her cold fingers delicately traced over the muscles of his stomach and through the black hair on his chest. "Strong and tall, a fine handsome fellow indeed, why do you fear me, would you not serve me, be my soldier." His face twisted as her fangs gleamed before his eyes and he struggled frantic to get free

The vampiress kicked him in the right knee and as his leg gave way grabbed him under one arm with her right hand, taking his weight with that one arm her left hand curled around the back of his head and pulled his head down to bare his neck.

Mouth gaping Buffy plunged her fangs into the skin either side of her preys jugular, they closed and ripped the vessel open, hot blood poured into her mouth and down her throat, and the power inside her grew.

Murchad relaxed as his new servant fed, she was a true vampire now no threat to him or his unless her ambition should grow, in which case he would smite her down. The light in his eyes died and the glow dissipated as he discarded his madgick.

Pale and still the body was dropped with a thud to the floor, Buffy wiped a thin trickle of blood from her jaw and then licked it from her hand. "That was good I feel much better now."

She gently eased her foot under the dropped chain. "Ireland you say, wouldn't Europe be more like it? Pat old boy you lack ambition, I don't know if I could bring myself to settle down with a guy prepared to make do with one bog covered little island when he could have half the world."

"Lady," Patrick began suddenly, then a hell of a lot started happening at once.

Buffy kicked the chain up into the air and caught it neatly, whirling round she lashed the cuff end across Lord Patrick's face sending him crashing back. Letting the chain fly she hit Con MacSheehy in the face with it even as he tried to bring the gun up to shoot at her, blood poured from his nose as he took the full force of the blow.

A spin kick sent one of the two vampires who had been holding the marine captive slamming into his partner. A zombie took a steel toecaped boot in the kneecap and as the bone splintered and he toppled forward Buffy seized the two handed sword from the sheath on the creatures back and drew it, it flashed silver in the air as she turned and launched a deliberate two handed blow.

The demon lord had summoned in his power, his hands were coming up to launch a wall of madgick at the Slayer, to rend her utterly. Then the blade of the great sword connected with his forearms cleaved through flesh and bone and dropped the appendages onto the hard stone floor. Murchad's mouth gaped as he screamed and he reeled back towards his throne.

A zombie stood between Buffy and her friends, it was struggling to free it's great sword, but only briefly as it fell in two, Buffy's slashing sword cleft it into two across the waist. The horrified vamp holding Spike prisoner died next, cut down into a shower of ash. As the vetala's guard attempted to bring his weapon up Browne's spinning body took his legs away, he landed on his back and the last thing he saw was Buffy's foot descending to crush his skull onto the rock floor.

Con MacSheehy hesitated, kill the girl or shoot the Slayer, orders on what to do in the event of an escape attempt clashed with self preservation, self preservation won the cocked handgun was raised even as something silver spun through the air towards him.

A two handed sword is an unwieldy throwing knife, but Buffy seemed to have the strength of a dozen vampires such was her rage. the point took Con in the forehead the blade shattered his skull and sent dusting fragments flying through the air, he toppled backwards his dying finger tightening on the trigger to send a pistol shot whistling off into the dark.

Buffy snatched the sword of the zombie she had just killed, stunned silence filled the room, broken only by Cordelia's hysterical crying and Murchad's moans of agony. "Well what are you all waiting for, an invitation? Come on!"

Somehow Spike got to his knees and holding his wrists out to one side shouted, "Buffy!"

The blade came down neatly, the chin shattered, the force of the blow tore skin from Spike's wrists but that didn't matter. He was up like a flash, his Doc Martin slamming forcefully into the groin of an advancing vampire running towards him claws outstretched.

Buffy slashed through the chains on Browne's arms, then easily parrying a slash at her head and trapping her zombie opponents blade forced it down, she rammed her shoulder into his sending him back a few paces and then cut viciously back up. The edge of the blade took the zombie under the jaw and sliced away its face. It staggered back and collapsed to the ground even as Buffy cut her next attacker from shoulder to ribcage putting another zombie out of the fight cut in two.

Browne sized a dagger from a fallen enemies belt, a zombie ran past him aiming to strike Buffy's exposed back. Browne jumped onto its shoulders and with a cry of "Allah Akbar!" slashed it's throat from windpipe to spine and ripped it's head away. He rolled clear even as the zombie fell turning in time to plunge the dagger into the guts of a vampire heading for the dropped pistol.

"No you don't sonny, that's mine." The screaming vamp was kicked clear, five rapid shots rang out, five zombie skulls exploded. The fight went out of the opposition rapidly.

As the vampires ran away down the tunnels Buffy looked round, Cordelia was curled up on the ground in abject horror at it all, her clothing splattered with other creatures blood and gore. James was theatrically blowing cordite smoke from the barrel of the pistol, Spike, Spike was beating a vampire to a bloody pulp with an iron bar he'd found somewhere. Her eye's focused on Murchad, she morphed and with her own human features twisted by a bestial grin she stalked towards the crippled demon, then she stopped as a bloodied apparition rose before her..

The MacSheehy stood before her rapier raised. "Lady, thou art a vampire, a servant of darkness, why? Why have you done this?"

"Duffus you only took away my soul," Buffy raised her own sword. "Did you seriously think that you could take away my Slayer! I'm a queen asshole, do you think I'd let you rule me?"

The warlord launched a lightening fast thrust with his sword, his blade was lighter, faster moving that the Slayer's but Buffy's met it and the fine steel shattered under the heavy blow.

"Give it up Pat," Buffy stepped back a little. "You can die easy or hard, give it up."

The sword came up again, and fell, just before it touched him Lord Patrick morphed, Buffy was amazed to see him greet death with a smile.

Spike found their dumped holdalls, and Buffy's cellphone. He headed rapidly for the wooden door' he had heard slam after the LA vamps had been evicted. They were pounding on them frantically but that didn't matter now. Rapidly he typed in the number of Willow's phone and prayed the signal would get out.

She answered immediately.

"Willow luv, we have one hell of a problem, you know that permanent soul......"

Part Twenty-two

"What do you mean she's lost her soul?" Willow could only whisper, a large mass of vampires were clustered in front of the the building that everyone could now see. "Oh goddess did Murchad take it from her?"

"Who?" Spike replied puzzled. "Don't tell me Giles pulled through in the end?"

"No," Willow looked round at the not exactly un cute as hell demon that Angel had dragged up here with him. "We asked Doyle, why didn't anyone else think to ask Doyle?"

"Cause he's a fuckin' drunk who usually 'as to have a piece of paper in 'is pocket with his name on it to remember 'is own bloody name." Willow seemed to be about to use Spike's pause for breath to interject but he didn't let her. "Look Red just whip out your orb and give her her soul back before she hurts anyone el....anyone."

"I don't have an orb here, why would I need an orb here." Willow turned away from her friends who were all staring at her in horror. "Fuck Spike the spell was permanent why would I need an orb."

"Right pet, don't panic." Spike stood up and spoke decisively into the phone. "Go to Sunnydale, cast the spell, I'll keep Buffy distracted till you get the job done."

"Distract her how?" Then Willow thought and really wished she hadn't read that book on vampires social behavior, but Xander had blushed so crimson when she caught him reading it.....that! "Spike you arn't gonna?"

"Only way to do it luv, sacrifices have to be made, but hurry up." Spike ended the call and hiding the phone in his dusters pocket walked back towards the throne room turned battle field. "I'm not gonna enjoy this at all, honest."


Willow dropped down the slope her friends following, she stopped as soon as they were far enough from the vampires to talk freely.

"Buffy has lost her soul, the demon took it." Angel was on his feet instantly ready to run for the entrance to the tunnels. Xander and Doyle pulled him back down even as Willow half shouted at him. "No Angel, you can't fight your way through all those guys, we can't."

"If she gets out and hurts people she'll never forgive herself." Angel morphed and would have broken free if Willow hadn't stood up and put her hands on his cheeks pulling his face down so their eyes met.

"Spike isn't gonna let that happen, he and Browne will keep her in the tunnels, we need to get to Sunnydale now to get an orb of Thessula. Then we cast the spell and we get Buffy back." She let Angel go and turned to head for the van, then Xander asked the question she had been dreading.

"How is Spike gonna keep her..." Xander went pale as the answer occurred to him. "God no."

The growl that tore from Angel's throat was fiercer than any that the kids had heard, even from Angelus. He would have charged forward if Doyle hadn't have leveled his crossbow at the dark-haired vampires chest. "Big man, don't think I won't do it, if you run out there you'll die, and those boys are bound to wonder at where you came from and come lookin'. You're hurting bad, I know it but I'll not let you throw these children's lives away."

Two crimson lines began to run down the vampire's face. "Oh god Buffy!" Angel gasped out.

Oz took the crossbow out of Angel's hand and set it on the ground. "Will why don't you ring Giles and get him to cast the spell, it's four hours there and back to Sunnydale?"

"It might not work," Willow looked at the cellphone. "All the times the spell been cast that we know of have been at close range, if it doesn't work at a distance but Buffy feels it her demoness may get pissed. Plus I have the practice, Giles doesn't."

"Ok," Oz turned towards his fellow teen. "Xander drive Willow back to Sunnydale. Get on the phone to Giles have him gather everything that Will needs, Doyle you and I will stay here and look after Angel. Browne is gonna be thinking up a way to kill all those guys, we have to be ready to help him to."

"You're the boss!" Xander looked at his friend like he had never seen him before. "Boss."

"Wow," Willow realized she was seeing Oz's resolve face, and liked it, she gave him a quick kiss before running for the van, Xander was close enough behind to hear her murmur. "Isn't he cool?"


'Going postal on someone.' Spike had heard the expression before but not actually seen it in practice, Buffy was slicing Murchad up fine, starting from his legs up.

Browne had got the cuffs off Cordelia's wrists, he'd picked through the various piles of ash till he found the keys. Now she was pressed against his chest, sobbing still but calmer, the vampire was gently running his fingers through her hair, he watched Buffy intently a look of dread on his face.

"Buffy luv," Spike walked up behind the girl carefully keeping out of reach of the sword, just in case. "You plannin' to mail that bloke to anyone in particular?"

"Hey lover, how are you?" Buffy gave Spike a smile between swings, she had slashed Murchad across the face first to destroy his eye's now he lay defenseless, his thigh bones splintering under her blows. "I'm gonna be awhile yet, I don't know how to kill this bastard and since he won't tell me...." A blow sliced into Murchad's buttocks and the demon screamed.

"Yeah luv you keep at it." Spike faded into the background, he'd had years of practice around Angelus, he knelt by Browne. "How is she mate?"

"She's fuckin' scared," Browne was gently rocking Cordelia in his arms. "If she tries to 'urt my Cordie then I'll.."

*Problem, cause if you hurt my Buffy you're a heap of ash.* Spike shook his head. "I can handle this James, but you've got to go along with what I say, here's what we do........"


Five minutes later Buffy was done, Murchad was chopped liver, and spleen, and kidney and a lot of other mushy bits. She tossed the sword down satisfied with a job well done and stalked lazily towards her followers and the rooms only breathing mortal.

Spike met her a couple of yards in front of Browne. "Lover," she growled as her hands found his waist.

Her body molded to his as he took her slight but oh so powerful body in his arms. Their lips met in a fierce yet loving kiss, he let her tongue roam round his mouth even as standing on tiptoe she ground her pubic mound against his rapidly forming erection. The smell of the leather she was wearing combined with the scent of vanilla from her soap, driving his passion onwards. As did something else he had never associated with her before, the taste of blood, human blood.

Still he managed to control the hunger that raged in him, he hadn't fed since Buffy had the night before, he could hear Cordelia's heart beat loud in his ears. He let his hands slide down Buffy's back and cupped the curve of her leather clad ass in his hands pulling her fiercely against him, hoping to make her forget Cordelia Chase even as he did.

Gasping Buffy broke free of his mouth. "Spike, do you hunger?" she whispered low.

"Only for shagging you kitten." Spike saw her glance past his shoulder and the cruel smile that crossed her lips. "Come on baby, it's been to long."

"Soon lover soon," Buffy regarded the cheerleader coldly. "You know she is the only one who left me, of all the people who found out she's the only one who ran, but for all that she's gonna be the first."

"The first what kitten?"

"The first turned," Buffy raised a surprised eyebrow at Spike's unavoidable gasp of surprise. "What you think I should let my friends get old and sick when I can turn them and let us all have fun together forever? Wouldn't you like Willow and I showing you a good time?" She squeezed his erection through the material of his jeans. "Don't be afraid to answer that Spike I won't be jealous, cause you see I really want to know exactly what she and Oz get up by joining in. But that's later, first Cordelia."

Spike played his hand. "Browne loves her, why take the pleasure of being her Sire away from him?"

Buffy remembered the conversation in the cell, she looked at her sworn vampire as he held the shaking girl, stepping clear of Spike she went and stood before the two of them. "Stand up James let me see your face."

Bound by his oath Browne stood, but his left hand stayed locked in Cordelia's. "Yes, your Majesty." There was no humor in the title this time, it had taken on a deadly meaning. "'Ow may I serve?"

"Kiss me, show me your love," the vampiress morphed and presented her fanged mouth to her servant. Without hesitation Browne put his right hand under her chin to raise it a little and plunged his tongue inside.

The laceration was slight but still his tongue and lips were cut a little and the salty taste of the cold blood mixed with their saliva. When she pushed him gently away he stood there head bowed the blood running down his chin. "Thank you Jamie, you do deserve a reward for all your hard work, so take her, drain her, hell fuck her first if you like, turn her to the night and use her how you will." Buffy touched Cordie's hair. "Once she's turned she won't mind what you do."

"Remember though you belong to me and so does she." She frowned towards the sound of the vampires outside still hammering on the doors. "Oh and after you've finished with Cordie please go kill those guys."

She gave Cordelia a slight push with the toe of her boot and with a dismissive shrug offered Spike her hand, "I'm bored, let's go find a bed so we can fuck, after that we'll go find the others and share the good news." Her laughter filled the body strewn throne room. "Do you wanna tell Angel or shall I? I say we chain him up and once the other two girls get their human faces back we see if the four of us can't......"

As she passed out of earshot Browne looked down at Cordelia she was looking up at him, the sobbing had stopped she was as white as a ghost but plain and distinct she said one word.


"Don't worry love," Browne took her hands back into both of his. "It's all just a game, I'll keep you safe till Willow makes Buffy better. I won't let no one 'urt you ever."

Part Twenty-three

Xander drove as fast as he dared and soon had them off forest trails and on the freeway, Willow had been all the time on the cellular trying to get a connection to the store.

Finally she got through.

"Good evening, Sunnydale book store, how may I help you?" The voice was male, American and at first unfamiliar.

"See's?" Willow smiled, realization hitting her, who else could be? "Please tell me Giles is in, I need to speak to him STAT."

"He's here, shouldn't be, he's been fussing over weapons for half an hour now, in my day we just...." See's paused as he recalled what STAT meant. "Giles, Willow needs to speak to you."

"Hullo, how are you Willow?" Giles sounded happy, Willow guessed from that that Karen was there. "Are you on your way back? Is everyone all right?"

"We're ok, Buffy killed them, but Buffy....kinda......" Willow paused then blurted. "Lost her soul."

"W..w...what!?" Giles nearly dropped the handset, his hand went up to his glasses and he pulled them off his face. "H..how, it...it....it was permanent Willow, how on earth can she have lost it, are you certain?"

"Oh I'm certain, or at least Spike's certain, I haven't actually seen Buffy, Spike eeerr......well......kinda keeping her busy in some tunnels whilst we go get an orb." Willow was blushing at the thought of the Spike distractage. "As for the soul well the demon was Murchad, he was one of those dude's who......"

"Go around offering people deals in exchange for their souls." Giles mentally cursed himself for not identifying the demon in time. "Which of course means all he had to do was touch Buffy to take hers. However she must have been far more powerful than he expected and hence she slew him, now as a full fledged vampiress her sexual appetite will be greater that it is when she's human or ensouled so perhaps Spike will be able to...to."

Giles suddenly remembered he was talking to a teenager, one who had gone very quiet. "Ah yes, well, right then I'll get all the things you'll need together, put it in the car and come and meet you halfway, tell Karen your licence plate number, what kind of vehicle, I'll see you soon."

"But...." Willow began. But Giles handed the phone straight to his girlfriend.

"Hi Willow it's me." Karen sounded a little excited to, probably Willow suspected by the thought of action at last. "So since Giles is off and running, tell me what you need and where you are."


As she ended the call Willow felt a lot happier than she was when she started it. "We're gonna get the orb in half the time it should have taken, that means we can cast the spell sooner and get our Buffy back, so now all Spike has to do is keep his end up and.......and I can't believe I just said that."

"Vampires," Xander gave his head a theatrical shake. "They'll ruin your moral standards Will, if you let em. You know what's gonna happen next don't ya?"

"No, what?" Willow prepared for some perversity to be put forward.

"The G meets us and says, 'Come on kids lets go in my car,' ok he wouldn't call us kids but the points there." Xander took his eyes of the road for a second. "Result a four hour journey takes five, Buff gets bored, get's out and does something she'll regret for the rest of her life, which these days is pretty much forever."

"Yeah I see what you mean.......SO DRIVE!"


Giles ran back down the stairs carefully cradling his new age paperweight, the rest of the equipment and the books were in his bag. "Keys Karen, where are my car keys?"

"Locked in the desk draw, and the key for that's in my bra." Karen was standing by the shop door hands behind her back. "Now ask me why?"


"Cause you drive a very old Citroen, and I..." Karen's right hand came round holding a car key. "Drive a Saturn, so guess whose car we use and who drives?"

"But....." Then Giles thought about it, his male ego was bruised slightly but he could see the sense. "Alright, but I must say hiding the keys like that is going a bit far."

*Not if I let you look for them later,* Karen picked up the weapons bag, the knowledge that there were forty vamps hanging round made its contents essential. "I'll go start her up, you tell See's what he needs to know."

"Right," the Lakota was stood by the sales desk, an amused smile on his weathered face, seeing Giles with such a strong woman was good after Jenny's death . "On the map of the cemetery there's a cross marked for a grave we expect a rising from tonight. Ring a couple of the numbers on the list by it, their people who can help, don't tell Buffy you did it. Anya is at the hospital, call there later. Do you need to know anything else?"

"No off you go," See's went and held the door open for Giles to run through. Letting it shut he turned the closed sign round and drew the blinds. Then tore up the list. "Phone for help, why would I need to phone for help? I was slaying when he was in diapers." He put on his reading glasses as studied the map. "To old to slay, one fledgling, no problem."

Part Twenty-four

Buffy and Spike wandered from room to room in the tunnel complex looking for a bed, normally Spike would have got straight to the point and done it on the floor, against the wall, over a chair, but tonight he needed to take as long as possible before getting to the act. Buffy had to be distracted, sex was the distraction.

They two vampires found Murchad's quarters and rejected them out of hand, the rooms might be as luxuriant as the underground location permitted but two rat gnawed cadavers, hearts torn out of gaping holes in their chests lay on the floor. The Slayer vampire slammed the steel door shut and they moved on.

To the room next door, the Lord Patrick's accommodations, Buffy looked around and liked the room, clean, the bed big enough for her purposes, it would do.

Slipping off her boots she lay on her side on the bed, she propped her head on her right hand, and pulled her leg's up towards her chest and then her left hand rested on her knee. She saw that as intended Spike's eyes were firmly fixed on the tight leather of her pants as it molded round her ass.

She smiled as the vampire advanced on her and issued her commands. "Stay there Spike.....and strip."

"Eh." Spike stepped back smiling in turn. "Are you serious pet, you wanna see the full monty."

"Lookin for some hot stuff," Buffy slowly dragged the finger nails of her left hand up the back of her thigh till they rested on her butt. "Please lover, get my motor running right and I'll let you put it any....." Buffy stopped speaking as Spike threw off his coat.

"Let me get me boots off kitten and I'll be right with you." Spike shut the door, no passing vampire was getting a free show at his expense, and rapidly unlaced his Doc's. Distraction was gonna be such fun.

Buffy started whistling a familiar tune, throwing in an occasional line."Looking for the hot stuff!" she looked her vampire over as she did it, mentally stripping him already. The tee shirt clung to his toned torso and the jeans clung to his tight butt, a bulge in the front of them showed how keen he was to pleasure her.

*What a pity Angel isn't here to be forced to watch, or Angelus to join in.* What was she gonna do with that damned vampire.


Browne found a blanket and two lengths of rope and carefully tied the body of the marine inside it, Buffy wouldn't want to see it later of that he was sure.

"Cordie," he said as he worked. "The others, the mortals, they don't need to know about this, not less Buffy tells em. You understand don't you?"

"Yes!" Cordelia was sat with her back turned to him, eyes closed to avoid seeing chopped demon or rotting zombie. "I won't ever tell!"

"Good girl," Browne went back to the pile of stuff that the demon's servants had taken from them, a major kill was imminent, he would need his weapons.


Gasps, applause, all very gratefully received, but wolf whistles!

Full montied Spike was grinding his hips in Buffy's direction, her eyes were running up and down his body and they were aglow with passion, her tongue was running over her lips even as her fingers dug into her leg, the knuckles white as she resisted the urge to do other things with them. His engorged erection was slapping against his stomach as he thrust it towards her.

Finally she couldn't stand it anymore, straightening out her legs she rolled on her back and with shaking fingers started undoing her pants. "Come on Spike, I need you so badly."

Spike moved, surprised even as he did so to see the Slayer roll over so she was on her knees, bent forward her leather covered ass still towards him she looked back over her shoulder and morphing growled. "Take me like this Spike, fuck me like an animal."

Pulling the tight leather down over the cheeks of Buffy's ass wasn't easy, the pants seemed almost made to measure but Spike did it in seconds. Baring her slick core he found her inner juices had soaked the gusset of her g string through, he felt an urgent need to thrust straight home, knowing that she was turned on enough to accept such treatment. But he needed to lengthen the encounter out.

Dropping to his knees behind her Spike used his fingers to gently part the vampiress's silken folds and knowing he had to take the longest time possible over this dipped his tongue into ice cold cleft, he thrust it home as far as it would go even as he gently touched her clit with one of his thumbs.

Bolts of electricity shot up Buffy's spine to her brain, she had never felt this aroused in her life, She squeezed her breasts hard through the material of her top and not caring who might hear cried out. "Oh Spike!"

Pulling her hips back to bury his tongue deeper Spike really went to work, his lover began to pant heavily forgetting in the intensity of the pleasure that she didn't need to breathe, as his tongue switched to her nubbin and with rapid stokes he sent her over the brink, her cries of orgasm filled the room whilst Spike as quickly as he could lapped up the juices that poured forth from her.

He stood up behind her and morphed, with his enhanced strength he tore the leather pants straight down to her knees and the g string clean off, knowing that she was more than ready for him he guided his shaft to the entrance of her womanhood and thrust home into her the cold slick wetness.

Buffy was sapped by her orgasm, her face resting on the sheets her eyes closed, but as she felt Spike's cock stretch out her inner walls to their utmost her eyes opened to reveal her yellow pupils, her hands turned to fists as her nails dug into the sheets shredding them. The demoness purred in Buffy's head as she let out a keening cry of pleasure. "Oh yeeeeeeesssss, fuck me Spike, fuuuuke me hard."

He could do it, it didn't matter that he hadn't fed, that he had to fight, to see his girl changed, that Angel was gonna know. He could fuck Buffy into exhaustion and save the world.

Taking the Slayer vamp firmly by the hips, not caring if he left marks Spike began to pump.


Cellphone calls had kept them in touch, they stopped on opposite sides of the freeway, then Xander chose a quiet moment to cross the road pulling in behind the Saturn, Willow ran for the passenger door even as Giles got out.


"Hullo, do be careful."

"I will, bye

Willow got in and Karen took off. Giles climbed into the van beside a nodding Xander.

"Well that's our part almost done." Xander put the vehicle in drive and got back onto the road. "All down to the fems now."

Giles looked over the back of the van seat at the crossbows sat there next to sheaves of arrows. "Yes Xander, but please make sure we get there in time for the battle, there's a good chap."

"The battle....." Xander suddenly remembered all those vampires appearing out of thin air. "Yeah we sure wouldn't wanna miss that."


Buffy had gotten naked, she hadn't danced while she was doing it but Spike had appreciated the sentiment all the same.

She had laid back on the bed her legs open for him, swiftly he had penetrated her again, she wasn't after pre-show just full on animalistic sex, yellow eye had locked with yellow eye and despite fangs they kissed intensely the taste of blood only adding to their fever.

Now the Slayer's legs were locked round Spike's hips and the smell of blood filled the air, Buffy's talons had left long red scores down Spike's back, he was panting with exertion as he drove home his fingers had slipped between them and he was gently caressing her nubbin knowing she was on the brink.

Then Buffy came and even as the sensations tore through she let her instinct take over, and not ungently the vampiress sunk her fangs into her lovers shoulder.

It had been decades since such a thing had happened to Spike, ok sometimes he and Dru had feed off one another during sex but never like this, never as a master to a minion. The orgasm that tore through him was one of the most intense he had felt in his unlife a hard demonic roar tore from his throat as he came.

Licking the blood that slowly ran from the puncture wounds Buffy listened to her lover purr, she had never heard it before from Angel or Spike and it sent a thrill through her, she decided to do something for him, something nice.

"Swap places," Buffy realized how unfocused Spike's eyes were and grabbing a nipple between taloned fingers twisted it hard. "I said swap places!"

"Sorry kitten, miles away," Spike shook his head. "Was I purring?"

Pushing him back down on the bed Buffy knelt between his legs, her thigh's were slick with a mixture of her own secretions and Spike's as she pumped her hand up and down on his rock hard erection she pondered on just how many times it was possible for a vampire to come in a night, and decided to answer the question and the devil take mass murder.

The tip of her tongue flicked over Spike's glans, he gasped but all the same when she looked up she saw unease on Spike's face.

Her scary fang filled smile turned into her usual human sexy half smile, "Oh come on Spike, you didn't seriously think I was that much of a bitch, did you?"

She didn't give him a chance to answer, caressing his sac with the fingers of one hand she held him steady with the other and swallowed him whole.


Willow looked at her watch again, the mountains were in sight, almost there.

"Keep it up Spike, we're nearly with you."

"You know, it's a pity we're both good girls who wouldn't dream of doing it with vampires."

Willow looked at the principal, and remembered she wasn't her student. "I know, bad girls, they get all the fun!"


Browne had his weapons loaded, Cordelia safely stashed out of the line of potential ricochet, all he needed to do was set the ball rolling.

However what he didn't need was Angel storming in here pre Buffy getting her soul back and getting his arms and legs broken for daring to attack Spike. Buffy might hate herself if she did that.

So he waited, listening intently to the vampires grumbling outside.


Spike's semen filled Buffy's mouth and she swallowed it greedily, this was almost better than blood, almost.

Not giving him time to get over the orgasm she moved up his body and positioning her knees either side of his head, presenting him with her slick Spike greased womanhood. "Clean it lover.....oh yes."

Despite the intense distraction her eye fell on a tube of lubricant, discarded on the floor. That was gonna make things such fun.


"It'll be ok Angel," Oz was sat with his hands on Angel's shoulder's, trying to calm him down. "It isn't as if she's herself man, she's like possessed. No harm no fowl."

"That fucking bastard has his hands on my woman." Angel's growl was primeval. "I don't care if he has a good reason for doing it, no childe of mine gets to walk away from that."

Before Oz could answer a car rolled up on the road below. "Thank god, Willow's here."


Buffy cried out as another orgasm tore through her, Spike's tongue was really working it's madgick now one eruption was leading straight into another.



"Not dead, nor not of the living. Spirits of the interregnum, I call. Let her know the pain of humanity forever, gods-reach your wizened hands to me, give me the soul of........."