by John Cope

The rat had learned to be cautious living in the sewers of Sunnydale. There were creatures a plenty down here for it to fear, hunters faster than any cat or dog, so it watched the still figures that lay in a dry pipeline off the main sewer for several minutes before it dared to approach them, whiskers twitching nervously.

No breathing or movement, one lay on its side the other was slumped cross legged against the wall. Eager now to feed, the rat ran forward aiming for the prone corpse he ran up its legs and torso, aiming for the unclothed flesh on its face.

As the rat lowered its muzzle to sink its teeth in and beginning to feed, it suddenly realized its error as a small hand with black nail varnished fingers closed round its neck and lifted it up into the air. "Your thin little rat, but that doesn't matter some other rat will get to feed and maybe I'll catch that one later."

White fangs tore out the creature's throat and its blood spurted into a mouth that had already dined on two humans that night. The discarded corpse landed in the sewer below with a splash. Then the vampiress responsible stood up and stretched her tired limbs before sitting back down beside her still human victim.

Willow patted her stomach, the leather of her outfit creaking a little as she got comfortable. "A girl could get fat in this town, the hunting is so easy, the competition for food is so much less than back home, and now I have you." She reached down and stroked the red hair of the body that lay beside her. "It'll be such fun.

"You'll know how much I love you as soon as you rise." Willow remembered her own rising, her body just cast into a corner of that ruined sunken church, no one beside her to explain what had happened and when she was noticed...She smiled and shuddered deliciously as she remembered how her new family had greeted her. "I'm gonna be with you from the start, like a sister not a Sire, but where to begin your education."

She had, *Explored,* yes that was the word she was looking for her new acquisition. "We are going to have to do something about your virginity my dear, a mortal I think, a vampire might be to rough the first time. Some boy who'll be told exactly what'll happen to him if he comes first. Maybe your Xander or maybe not he seemed different to mine, stupider, the Slayer's ruined him."

Willow scowled as she thought of the blond girl but then remembered how unhappy she was going to be when she found her shy little friend was dead. "She'll be so miserable, it'll more than make up for her killing my Xander. I don't like her at all." She patted her Childe to be's head. "You won't either."

"If you get your human face back as fast as I did, we'll be off to Mommy and Daddy's house. I had to take some of the Master's favorites with me the last time and I missed all the good parts." Her red painted lips parted as she considered the potential fun and games her tongue darted over her lips almost able to taste the blood again. "We could strip and bathe in their blood, but no they're old and boring, maybe we'll just torture them a little then kill em and go find some kids to do the other thing with."

She looked at the pink sweater and raised an eyebrow. "That outfit will have to go. Mom and Dad probably keep their cash in the same place here and I bet you're just as much the eager saver as I was. Shops are open after dark here too so we'll go get you something to make the boys go grrrrrrhh. You've actually got a slightly better figure than mine being two years older but I'm not jealous, I'm gonna get to enjoy it."

Willow bent and kissed the jagged tear in her new Childe's throat, it would heal as soon as she rose. The cut her claw had made across the palm of her own right hand was puckered and fading already. "Red and black I think for contrast, give any boy a hint he might get to go at it with twins and he'll be off down an alley with us in a flash. We're gonna rule."

"Magick." Willow slowly began to unclip the fastens on her bodice, waiting for vampires to rise could be boring she was beginning to discover. "If what that Anya said was true you can work it, so with my fighting skill and beauty and brains and wit and charm and bloodlust, plus your magick who's gonna stop us, we'll blow this place and head for the big cities, blow as many guys as we want when we get there, too."

"Nobody telling us what or who to do, though." While she missed her Sire, Willow had begun to realize running her own show might be the height of fun. "Threatening to expose me to the sun, not letting me play with Puppy every time I wanted to, the Master could be so mean. I won't be like that to you."

Willow pulled the body onto her lap so that sightless eyes stared up at the ceiling. "Soon now my sister, soon. Who was that boy at the Bronze, the one who said he owned my ass." Willow's hands gently lifted up the corpse's clothes so that her stomach was bared. "Nice and flat, natural toneage we're both so beautiful. If you know where he lives, we'll snatch him take him to a deserted spot and own his ass. I think we'll do him while he's still human the first time, then turn him. Won't that be fun? Our first minion an absolute studlie like that."

But Willow didn't answer, her green eyes didn't flicker, but her Doppelganger's blood roared in her veins slowly working its change.

"Told you I could force you, didn't I?" Willow's laughter echoed through the sewer. "Silly girl, you should have made sure you'd loaded that stupid gun."

The End