Drink Me

by John Cope

Part 16

Irritably brushing Spike's hands to one side Buffy turned and faced the blond vampire, looking at him with some distaste she shouted over the din. "You were supposed to meet us at the Mansion, not be in here partying."

"Ducks do you think I came all this way to see our idiot of a Sire?" Spike bent a little and looked at her with a smile plastered all over his face. "No Buffy, I came here to meet my new little sister. You know something I didn't believe the ponce at first, I thought he was lying, but here you are, all vampiric and lovely."

"I am not your sister, and I object to vampiric." a frown crossed her face as she noticed something. "You just called me Buffy, you never call me Buffy. What are you up to."

"I'm just being friendly Slayer," without making the slightest effort to conceal the fact Spike eyed his new relation up and down. She was wearing a figure hugging black spaghetti strapped top and a skirt which reached only half way to her knee, there was a cut up one side of it reaching nearly to her hip. The shoes she was wearing were tied on with the narrowest straps possible. "You really are looking very lovely tonight."

"Thank you," Buffy looked at his handsome face, his blue eyes, his hair, and tried not to think about what might be under the duster. "I have a honey and don't forget it."

"As if I could little sister," Spike grinned even broader. "Or were you just trying to remind yourself."

Buffy smiled back and with real menace in her voice replied. "No I have every reason to remember Angel, he's just so damn sexy I can't forget him for an instant, and if you call me that again, I'll rip of your leg and beat you to death with the wet end."

"Wouldn't work Sis, you'd have nothing but a handful of dust before the first swing landed." He held out a black nailed hand to her. "Shall we go outside though, shout stuff like that in here and you'll just scare people."

Buffy glance round, no one was looking at her oddly, yet, but still she took the vampires hand and let him lead her to the door.

Once outside in the cool night air Spike turned his smile on her again, she felt like she was melting a little under the beam. "So Angelus is still damn sexy is he, thinking back I can remember times........." He laughed as the Slayers jaw dropped. "What's up luv, all vamps swing both ways, it's tradition, and we're way into that free love thing to."

"Well I am not," Buffy felt somewhat icky at the thought of Angel with Spike, and then even ickier at an unwanted picture of herself with......both of them. "Into either of those things."

"Of course Kitten," Spike tutted sympathetically. "It's that nasty old soul, makes you repress the fact that really you want to be naughty by nature." He moved a little closer to her and she found herself mesmerized by his stare. "Is there any way we could shake the pesky little critter loose, I'm game to help if it just involves a good shag. God what a time we could have together if you had unrestrained access to your full power, we could paint the world red."

"I'm....your......could you give me air here." Spike arms out to either side stepped back. "No it's permanent and I'm warning you I have a stake." She felt around, "Somewhere, ."

"Oh well," Spike mock sighed. "I might have guessed Nancy Boy and you interfering little friends would 'ave ruined things for you. It's a pity, never mind though Sis we can still 'ave fun, what's the trouble then, tell your big bro all about it."

"Angel already told you." Buffy tried not to stamp her foot at the vampire insufferable attitude. "These English vamps have threatened to kill Angel, and you don't like them so he thinks you'll help us."

"Yeah, I never could stand the stuck up bastards," the grin returned. "I mean I'd only miss the poof because he's so utterly thick and easy to insult, but if anyone offs him other than me I'd cry......really though to tell the truth I'm just here to meet you."

"God your an annoying vampire," Buffy pulled out her cellphone. "I'm calling Angel to come over here, it's that or stake you."

"Bleedin' 'ell, do you 'ave to." Spike put his hands in his dusters pockets and sulked. "Why don't we go off someplace just the two of us and get a coffee."

"Why is it when your concentration goes you stop speaking English." The call connected as Spike stood there jaw flapping. "Angel, hi......he's at the Bronze...........yeah but he's here............ok, asap please, he's annoying me."

"My English is perfectly fine, I'll have you know that........" Spike would have gone on but Buffy gave him the look, the one involving the fangs. "Oh now that is impressive, go on give us a kiss."

"Your supposed to be afraid of me." Buffy morphed back. "Every other vamp I do that to is."

"They lack the huge brass balls I carry round," Spike held out his hand again. "Lets go back in and have a boogie before your nonce of a boyfriend gets here."

"Only if you tell me something first." Buffy watched the blond sigh and nod. "Why did you snitch these guys to the Watchers Council all those years ago."

"Because I thought they were a bunch of bastards even for vampires." Spike leaned back against a wall. "They were into all sorts of shit, dog fighting and bear baiting, when they could lay their filthy hands on a bear that is. If they couldn't they'd just set the dogs on a prisoner instead. The tribute the expected from ordinary vampires was teenaged boys or girls and they'd let everyone use them, even the minions, before they died."

"How many were there," Buffy asked in a small voice.

"Fifty or sixty quite often." Spike snarled as he went on. "And they really liked Dru, her being crazy and all, they used to love to make her scream, and as long as they didn't damage her permanently Angelus didn't care."

"So anyway the hairy one suffers his misfortune, when I've stopped laughing I seize control of all he owned in London. A few years later the club turn up there, they had to move around a lot you see. Where's my tribute, give us Dru." Spike looked down and continued low voiced. "Having the hair ball around would send me crazy, hence the Spike. But I don't torture and I didn't rape, ok sometimes I seduce and then kill but I'm a vamp, and they weren't gonna get their hands on Dru."

"Ok Spike I understand," Buffy put a sympathetic hand on his arm. "Weren't you scared, meeting the Slayer."

"Slayer!, hell no I never met her." Spike shuddered at the memory. "What put the wind up me was the three Watchers I met up with at dead of night in Hyde Park, god they were hard bastards, I was lucky to walk away in one piece."

"Watchers!" Buffy mentally pictured Giles and then Wesley. "You mean guys in tweed."

"1919 Luv." She looked blank. "The First World War, they were the survivors, the lucky few, Watchers in training or otherwise were thin on the ground cause like so many others they had volunteered in 1914 and 15, but those who survived had little fear of vampires anymore, and no wonder they'd lived through worse."

"Were they handsome." The Slayer repressed a 'Damn' realizing what she'd just let slip out. She was beginning to feel gibbed about it, where was her hottie of an early 20's type. "Forget I asked that."

"I suppose they were," Spike tried casting his mind back that far. "All I can really remember is they had bloody big revolvers. Anyway I somehow get away with it, they don't cap me in the park. Later a gang of them with the Slayer get to the address just before the evenings victims get brought in, chuck in grenades and go in shooting and staking."


"I said they were hard bastards, they did it like they were staging a trench raid. What I hadn't counted on was that there would be a really big turn out at this gig, well over 100 vamps in total. There was only me and my Minions not there from all the vamps in London it seemed, so though the dust was ankle deep in the end a lot of the bigwigs got out. Their servants sold their lives to force open a doorway. They ain't been half as cocky since then though, kept so low a profile I thought they'd all been picked off later."

"Well they've come out of the woodwork now." Buffy looked at Spike and told him what Angel hadn't. "And what their after is me, a trophy for their cabinet apparently."

"They'll want to use you, to break you to their will. If they do that then every vampire will fear them and no Slayer or Watcher will dare face them," Spike looked at her at the worried frown. "But don't worry, this time I'm gonna be the one cleans house, this time I'm gonna kill them all."

Then he took her hand in his. "Come on Buffy you promised your brother this dance."

Smiling again the Slayer walked beside him, Angel would be pissed when he saw them. But jealousy wasn't a bad thing, it would stop him getting the idea he was the only game in town.

"You know when I first saw you, you were dancing in here."

"Yeah and you set up a trap outside with some big vamp." Buffy smiled to show there was no animosity but added. "That outfit was never the same after that rolling round on the floor."

************************************************************************** **************************************************

"You know it's getting as the vamps outnumber the regular people. I mean no disrespect to Buffy but when Spike gets here its gonna be three of them." Xander was holding forth to a not really caring Willow and Oz, and Anya who hung on his every word. "I mean we're getting thinner on the ground here."

"And don't forget I'm a witch and Oz is a werewolf." Willow suddenly made Xander aware she was in fact listening to him. "Guess that just leaves you and Giles."

"And me, I'm normal now." Anya noticed the deep scowl Willow sent her and whispered to Xander. "Why can't she be nice to me, I try to be nice to her."

"Well having to meet a vampire who's you and from another dimension may give a person reason to feel prissy." Xander shrugged, "Wait until Spike gets here, she likes him even less. You know I can't wait for junior to show, as soon as he does....." He glanced round and saw who was behind him. "Hi Spike.....I'm gonna help him and Buffy show these new vamps the way out of town."

"Hullo people, how are we." Spike could tell that the romantic difficulties he had caused the last time he was in Sunnyhell where still held against him, so he focused on the only unfamiliar face. "Hi I don't think we've met."

"Hi I'm Anya." The girl extended her hand with a smile. "I'm very pleased to meet you."

"1,120 year old former patron saint of scorned women, meet 200 plus year old vampire." Willow chipped in. "She got trapped in a teenagers body and stuck here, but hey now she's trying to be good, which makes all the bad stuff she's done ok."

Spike began to realize that a lot of things had changed round Sunnydale, and not necessarily for the better. He gave Anya his best smile. "Good for you pet, hope your better at it than some I could mention. Tell me is there a male equivalent of what you used to be."

"No," Anya was aglow from the fact this guy actually seemed to like her. "Why do you ask."

"Oh I could have done with him a year or so ago." He turned to Buffy, "Right then Luv shall we."

Putting her purse away the Slayer led the vampire to the dance floor. Stunned silence followed broken finally by Xander.

"She's dancing with Spike, why is she dancing with Spike. So maybe what it says about vampires in those books Giles thinks we haven't read is true after all."

"I like him," Anya had a big smile on her face. Someone had been nice to her out of...niceness. "I think he's cool."

"Did he just insult me." Willow whispered to Oz. "I kinda think he did."

*That's what was cool.* Anya smiled at Xander. "Can I ask you to dance again, or should I wait for you to ask me......."

Part 17

When Angel arrived at the Bronze he half expected to find the Slayer out front standing by a large heap of ash looking embarrassed. He didn't and found that kinda worrying, there was no way that Spike could of hurt her, was there.

Barely acknowledging the greeting his doorman shouted at him he stormed inside, owning the main club in Sunnydale at least meant he and his friends never got turned away. He made his way quickly through the crush towards the Slayerettes table, hoping to find both his childer there.

All there was however was Oz and Willow, smooching, heavily. Angel looked around frantic, what if their enemies had struck and somehow kidnaped the pair.

"Ahem!" The couple didn't break contact. "AHEM!"

Willow looked up startled. "Oh, hi Angel, we didn't see you there."

"I can't think why Will," Angel smiled at them despite his concern and asked. "Is Buff around here."

"Buff as in Buffy...." Willow looked to Oz for moral support. "Oz do we know where Buffy is."

"B's on the dance floor man, dancin'," he nodded in the direction of the floor. "With Spike."

"DANCING WITH SPIKE!" Angel turned and pushed through the crowd again. "Why would she be dancing with Spike."

"Every time that vampire turns up there's trouble." Willow wondered how Angel would react to the actual sight if that's what the thought did for him. "Spike I mean, not Angel, last time he....well you know."

Oz just leaned over and kissed her again, last time had been last time, this time was this.

Passing Xander and Anya, Angel nodded to the teen who gestured with a thumb towards the further end of the floor, and there as far from her friends as she could get, danced Buffy.

His damned childe was with her, they were separated by inches, not facing one and other though, worse in his opinion. The Slayer was dancing in front of Spike just casting occasional glances back over her shoulder, laughing as she did so at the vampire. He was hardly moving alternating glances at her face and at her ass.

Angel walked over and swinging round the girl shouted at Spike. "I thought I told you to meet me at the Mansion!"

"Yeah you did," Spike tried to look round his Sire, only to have move to stay in front of him. "But I don't take orders from you, and stop standing between me and the Slayer. We were dancing here and your spoilin' my view ."

"Dancing, she was dancing for you not with you." Angel leaned down bringing his nose to within an inch of Spike's. "Keep your eyes of my woman or I'll rip them out of your head."

"You and whose army........"

A blond head suddenly appeared between them. "Hey Mr Possessive, I'll dance with who I like, you don't own me." Buffy turned to Spike. "Now William you play nice, you go off and wait by the table while I argue with my boyfriend."

"Sure Luv, give him one in the eye from me." With a leer at the Slayer and a smirk at his Sire Spike departed the field.

"And your problem is." From the set of Buffy's jaw Angel knew he hadn't a chance, but still waded in.

"His eyes where all over you." So were his, she was looking beautiful, and angry. "And you virtually had your ass in his face."

"Bullshit." Buffy turned around."Was he kneeling, no. Was I standing on a chair, no. You better work on your sense of perspective before you try that kind of argument. Now lets get Spike home before he eats anyone."

"Yeah," Angel had a mental image of Spike eating someone, Buffy. "I've been thinking, maybe Spike would be more comfortable staying in a motel."

"Thank you for that, now I know you think I'm a tramp." Buffy was trying hard not to laugh at the expression on her hotties face. "Spike stays with us, so come on let's go home."

"Alright," resigned to his fate Angel followed his girl as they headed for the exit.

************************************************************************** **********************************************

"You mean I've got to be a bloody farmer." Spike's outraged voice echoed down the alleyways as they headed for Angel's car. "Can't I hunt at all, what if I promise not to kill them."

"Not one drop of human blood while your living in Sunnydale." Buffy had her resolve face on, it made Spike think of church organs. "Or should that be unliveing, whatever, you eat with us, you sleep with.....under the same roof as us. If the bad guys turn up we kick bootie, if they don't we party hearty and bond as a family."

She looked up at him, pouting slightly. "You say you want to be like my brother, can't you make just that little sacrifice, just for me?"

Spike looked into her hazel eyes and was lost. "Alright pet, bagged blood it is. But only while I'm here."

He caught his Sire's smirking expression and sticking his hands in his pockets fell behind the two lovers. "Bloody poof, only 'as one facial expression, what the bleedin' 'ell she see's in the dolt I'll never know, waste of a fine woman......should get 'erself a real man.......speakin' of which."

"We can hear you," Buffy smiled at Angel and taking his hand gave it a gentle squeeze. "And he's more manly than most men."

Spike murmured lower. "Yeah, like you've got anythin' to compare the bloke with, now if you'd tried........" He looked over his shoulder a van was coming up behind them, it had its lights out and a door in the side was sliding open. A man was leaning out with something black in his hands.

Angel was just getting his keys out to take the alarm of his car when something slammed into his back, he hit the ground hard with Buffy beside him and Spike on top. "Are you.........."

A burst of automatic gunfire tore the night air apart glass fragments rained down on them as the car was raked. "Stay down for gods sake." Spike screamed into their ears.

Then the van was past, not stopping, the door slamming shut as it sped off .

"Now that was unusual." Buffy struggled out from under the blond vampire. "Even on the Hellmouth I've never been drive by shot at before, I've skinned my knees, its a good thing the sidewalks clean cause I like this outfit, I guess lucky I didn't break my wrists and I'm gonna rip the balls of the guys who did that vamps or not." She gently pushed loose strands of hair back into place. "Thank you Spike, that might not of killed us but it would have hurt, I'm glad we have you around."

"Don't mention it luv," Spike was smiling as he watched his Sire take in the damage to his auto. "All part of the service. Chin up Angel it could have been worse."

"How," Angel knew there was no way he could report this and get an insurance payout, the repair was going to be costly.

"We could have been stood next to my motor," Spike reached for his cigarettes. "I have to say though It's not what I was expectin', it's not very vampiric driving past with a shooter."

"Kids today!" Buffy shrugged. "If your recruiting in LA this is what you get."

She looked at her pissed off Sire. "Come on Angel take us home, if the car still works that is. When we get there I'll make it all better for you."

Under his breathe Spike whispered. "Lucky sod!"

************************************************************************** ***********************************************************************

They'd fed and Angel had shown a very jealous brassed off house guest to his room and now he was sat in just his leather pants watching his girl as she sat at her dressing table, brushing her hair.

"Are you still cross." She suddenly asked. "Cause I danced with him."

"It was the way you were dancing," Angel wished he could see her face in the mirror, not the glamour, she could hide her true feelings in such circumstances to easily. "He was staring straight at your ass."

"Well do you blame him," Buffy put down the brush and walked over to him. She was wearing a silk robe and not much else. "You don't need to be jealous, you get to see it much closer."

Turning she dropped the robe revealing a black wonderbra and a thong. "Rules of the establishment, no touching till I say so."

Angel's mouth went dry. "Buff what are you going to do."

Placing a hand on Angles firm thighs she gently forced them apart and sat back on his lap. The feel of the leather on her skin was so good, as was the rapidly forming erection that pressed against her.

"This," she simply replied, and began to work her hips, Angel groaned and balled his hands into fists gripping the bedding to stop himself grabbing her. "So Mr, are you still jealous of Spike."


************************************************************************** *******************************************************************

In his room Spike tried to sleep, wishing he wasn't a vampire and so wouldn't be able to hear bed springs from the opposite end of the house. "What the bleedin' 'ell does she see in 'im."

With that he pulled his pillow over his head and eventually managed to get off top sleep. and dreamt about the Slayer and a large Sherry Trifle.

Part 18

It was four in the afternoon and the Slayererettes were in emergency session at the Mansion. The Slayer and Willow had come there straight from College, Xander had yet to start his shift at the Peach Pit and the Watcher was on paid leave till his library's reconstruction was completed.

Oz was gainfully unemployed, the band was playing tonight and he was three weeks from a full moon. He sat there waiting for someone to suggest something he could do.

Standing carefully clear of the little sunlight in the room Angel and Spike lurked. Angel seemed more contented that he had been last night, and was visibly yawning, a sight that had the equally tired Spike scowling every time his Sire drew in unneeded air.

"So you have no idea who was responsible for the attack." Giles looked at the three attackee's and their baffled faces. "But we know it wasn't vampires."

"Since I got to be undead girl I can sense vamps a block and a half away. Even walking next to my hunk o'burnin love and blondie over there I'd have known." She looked at Angel and Spike. "You two guys agree."

"No vamps involved," Angel looked at Spike. "Did you feel anything."

"No mate I didn't get a feel all night," he grinned and added. "Unlike some I could mention."

"Spike," Buffy sounded all coy but her smile indicated she had plenty of memories to be happy about. "Behave."

"Is it the Brit's." Xander broke in before the conversation got any skankier. "Could you guys have just been confused with somebody else."

"What, mistaken identity, unfriendly fire." Buffy shook her head. "From what Spike says I reckon those guys followed us for awhile making sure they had the right targets in their sights. I figure it's down to Lordy Boy."

"I concur," Giles looked round the tense faces. "Beresford proved in the cemetery that he doesn't object to using a gun. Angel can you remember if he ever used to employ humans."

"He didn't when I knew him." Angel had been brooding a lot over the atrocities he'd participated in at the club over the last few days, he would have remembered. "But after what Buffy did to his chief goon, he may have had a re-think."

"Guys are we overlooking other possibilities," Xander failed to notice how everyone was suddenly staring at him. "Angel and Spike where there too. Maybe somebody was shooting at them."

"What you think we might have two sets of crazies attacking us at the same time," Willow looked across at the two vamps hoping they wouldn't support that alarming thought . "Got any enemies Spike."

"Not living," he smiled. "Other than the ones in this room that is. What were you doing at the time of the incident Red."

"Smooching Oz," Willow looked at Oz. "He's my alibi. What about you Angel."

"What about you me." The dark haired vampire shrugged. "What reason would anyone have to fire ordinary bullets at me, all my enemies know I'm a vamp."

"The Bronze," Xander chimed in again. "Angel owns the only real night spot in Sunnydale, it's a small town but it's a good business. Have you had any natty little Italian guys wanting to buy it from you, or any incidents with drugs recently."

"Drugs!" The Slayer asked startled. "You think this could be drug related, or somebody's trying to make Angel an offer he can't refuse."

"I'm just casting out ideas." Xander began to notice the attention. "What I can't have ideas."

"Oh your ideas are good," Willow patted his arm reassuringly. "We just don't know what they mean."

"Has anyone been thrown out for dealing recently." Xander asked. "Dudes who might want to get back at the guy who owns the club."

"Not that I know of but I'll ask." Angel didn't do that much hands on management.

"If it's some drug dealer can I kill 'im," Spike asked hopefully eyes all agleam. "Drug dealers and pimps blood doesn't count as human does it Slayer."

"It's an interesting point for debate." Buffy heard a muted gasp from Willow. "One we can talk over later vamp to vamp, but personally I think it's Lordy Boy. What do we do about him, personally I vote we go to LA find him and slay."

"LA is a big haystack Buffy, he's a small needle." Oz startled everyone with this sudden contribution. "How do you know you could find him."

"And you have college to consider," Giles added. "You can't simply disappear."

"Plus they know you Slayer, the vamps in LA." Spike knew how widely Buffy's rep had traveled in the vampire community. "He'd be bound to hear about you before you do him, he'd ever run or send more people against you."

"I'm sorry and I know it goes against the grain but we have no choice but to wait for their move." Giles rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Whatever that may be."

"Don't worry luv," Spike shouted hoping to ease the Slayers worries. "Bloke's a bloody aristo, a nob. He doesn't 'ave my native wit, my intelligence. I'll out think 'im for you no trouble."

"Thanks Spike," for a second the vampire basked in the glow of the Slayers smile then his face fell as she added. "Now I know we really are in the......"