Drink Me

by John Cope

Part Six

"Oh my god!"

That was all Buffy could find to say as she took in the blackened ruin of the school that she had spent 2 of the not necessarily unhappiest years of her short life in. "They totaled the place."

There were other kids stood looking, kids who had graduated who were holding whispered conversations that her Vamp/Slayer hearing could make out. There conversations were like any that might occur post battle, who had died, who had lived, how they had fought. Younger teens, sophomores and seniors to be just talked, louder, about how the hell they'd get the place back in one piece before the new school year started.

Already though that was in progress town and county officials were inspecting the damage, Sunnydale high would rise again. Buffy hoped next years graduates wouldn't have to fight for their lives like this years had.

A few of the graduated teens had looked at her as if to say were where you, she had a reputation as a tough customer, a troublemaker yes but a girl who could fight, where had she been when the chips were down, had she known, had she run. Buffy felt a little guilty but figured being dead at the time of the battle was a cast iron excuse, a pity it wasn't one she could share.

The tingling had subsided but she was glad she'd put on the long sleeve blouse she wore and buttoned it to the neck she knew she'd have had a very nasty case of sunburn otherwise, sun glasses protected her eyes but already she had a faint headache from the UV.

"Buff," the word was hesitant and spoken from behind her, she recognized the voice but turned slowly having been hurt enough by her Mom that morning already.

"Hey." Xander was stood closest to her, Oz a little behind ready to jump in like that Bhoutros Dude if the peace needed to be kept.

"We missed you," Xander said sadly. "Graduation was a blast, we led the class of 99 to victory, Chief Blond Wolf here with his bow and arrow counted many coups and Willow did the 200 meter sprint in a new school record time, the G had to blow up his own library and even Dead Boy was here but no Slayer."

Xander shook his head. "Guess you were to busy becoming Dead Girl."

Buffy flinched as if she'd been struck, she had known Xander wouldn't take what she had done very well, but she hadn't really believed he would be this harsh. She had no come back to make, he was right she had put Angel's life before her friends lives and her own betraying her sacred duty in the process.

She would have walked away and left Xander and Oz standing there if the guitarist hadn't intervened.

"Xander man that was a bad thing to say, you know why Buffy did what she did. It was just for love man, would you do any less for people you love." Oz looked at the Slayer. "You ok Buffy cause I got to say you look good for a dead person."

"Thanks," Buffy though was concentrating on Xander's face as he fought with his emotions. "I feel totally weird but thanks. Xander please understand I didn't mean for this to happen things just got carried away."

"Sorry B." Xander hugged her to him, repressing a shudder at how cold she felt. "But you did a really dumb thing getting yourself turned, if we didn't know the restoration spell you'd have destroyed the town. What if you were so strong the spell wouldn't have worked."

"It did though, and if it hadn't you would have stopped me." As Xander pulled away she asked. "Are we cool?"

"You and I are, though I still think you must have taken to many blows to the head." Xander's face hardened as he went on. "If I see Angel though, on any terms other than when we're fighting vamps, bad vamps, he's gonna find out what I've learned about Slayage." The teen shook his head. "I hate him for what he's done to you, if he loved you he'd have died before he let this happen."

"I'll tell him." Buffy felt better but knew she had to find away to bring Xander round, if he fought Angel seriously one of them would die, probably Xander. "He'll keep out of your way for awhile."

"How's Willow," she asked the still concerned looking Oz.

"She's hurting, she blames herself." Oz wasn't looking to happy either. "Buff if we hadn't have left you alone with him this wouldn't have happened, we could have stopped you...."

"I would have found a way." Buffy put her hand on the teens arm. "You saved me, you and Willow, I won't forget that. What happened is my fault, could you call Willow and tell her I'm going to Giles's and to meet me there in an hour."

"She's kinda avoiding Giles," Oz looked uncomfortable with the fact. "On the grounds that when he finds out what she did he's gonna maxi-wig, your Mom already has."

"They spent way to much time together." Buffy remembered her mind reading activities and would have blushed had she still been able to. "But fortunately neither of them work for the Postal service, Willow needn't worry I'm not mad at her and I'll make sure my Mom apologizes."

*If she ever speaks to me again.*

"That would be good." Oz knew having Mrs S pissed at her at upset Willow a great deal if Giles got equally angry with her he didn't know how the witch would take it.

"With Wesley in the hospital," Xander smiled at the thought of the trampled Englishman. "Cordie's constantly round at Giles's trying to persuade the poor guy to talk his fellow countryman into staying, like Giles would consider that for a second, you wouldn't do me a favor would you and...."

"Show her my game face," Buffy didn't need demon blood to read that one. "Absolutely not."

"Just thought a good scare might persuade her that LALA lands not a safe place for a girl on her own." Xander shrugged. "She's gonna hate you even worse when as I assume Dea...Angel tells her he isn't moving there anymore and she finds her Hollywood dream is gonna be without protection from creatures of the night of an undead credit card carrying kind."

"A good scare might get her out of Sunnydale even faster." Buffy felt a minuscule fragment of guilt, first Wesley now Angel she really was raining on Cordie's parade, LA had a substantial population of Vamps the ones drawn by the Hellmouth to California but who were smart enough to know that Slayer equaled dust. "I know she hates the idea of being poor but really it's you who needs to find a way to make her stay here."

"If you know the location of a horde of gold coinage tell me." Xander knew Cordie was going, no way would she accept a trailer park dwelling and him. "If there be dragons I'll fight them for it, but I think even if I got rich quick Cordie would still be gone. She just can't tolerate the idea of being reduced to me"

"Well if I see her I'll tell her she should stay." Buffy's head ache was worsening being in Giles apartment might involve a high level of noise but at least it would be out of the sun. "I'll come back here tonight and meet up with you all, bye."

"Make sure you eat before you come out," Xander noticed a strange glint in Buffy's eye as she glared back at him and fearfully added. "Joke!"

"I know," Buffy smiled showing normal teeth. "But the look has got real good hasn't it."

Then she set off for Giles, she needed research doing and in a hurry, she didn't need to be shouted at but that would be a prerequisite, one she would just have to tolerate.

*Anger equals growling equals heart attack, time to copy Seven of Nine, but without the really tight clothes.*

Part seven

The most powerful vampire in the world, (Vampiress in fact), looked fearfully up at her mentor and friends apartment. *He is gonna be so pissed!*

Despite the problems telling her Mom had caused Willow, Buffy really wished her friend had bitten the bullet and told Giles to, not like he wouldn't still have majorly wigged but he'd have been round to Revello Drive like a shot and she could have had the shouting thing from her Mom and Giles all over with at once.

Though actually that might have been much worse.

The suns effect on her was getting worse, her head throbbed and her eyes ached, her hands were starting to itch unpleasantly, she needed to be indoors and soon.

"Well here goes." She said aloud as she crossed the street only to pause on the opposite sidewalk as a brunette figure suddenly emerged from Giles apartment doorway and began walking down the stairs, "Oh shit it's Cordelia!"

No where to run the now ex-cheerleader had spotted her. "Buffy wow finally you show after all the slaying is over, my life is ruined by the way and it's your fault."

"I was sick," Buffy hoped Cordie would buy that."And your life got ruined by the IRS not me."

"Sick!" Cordelia gave her an appraising look. "You do look kinda slagged at that, your eyes are bloodshot behind those shades and your pale in a not particulary interesting kinda way, and your hands are really red, what did you do fall in a patch of poison ivy or something. I'm amazed Angel changed his mind about leaving Sunnydale for you."

"Well he did," anger and demon were both swelling in Buffy as she barged past the brunette and headed up the stairs to Giles apartment.

"And don't think I didn't catch that line about the IRS." Cordie shouted after her surprised and delighted that she'd so easily upset the Slayer. "You made Wesley decide to leave but it doesn't matter, I'm gonna be a success in Hollywood and your stuck here until hell freezes over or Faith dies and a new Slayer's chosen, I think you'll find your the loser."

Having already had a bad day Buffy replied carefully looking at Giles home not at Cordelia, fangs would have probably made her scream bringing Giles outside to see the full truth in far to graphic a detail. "I'm sure the movie biz is crying out for you Cordie, first exploitation then the adult movie industry, do have fun and please don't send Xander video's your in, he thinks about sex to much as it is."

"Xander!" Cordie laughed. "He can stay in Loserville with you and your Watcher, you even succeeded in chaining Willow to this place, well it's seen the last of Cordelia Chase."

Buffy heard her turn and walk away and panicked, *I'm outside Giles Condo and I'm vamp faced, God I know what I did may have been wrong but I'm still on your side. Please!*

Prayer didn't help and worse the tingling started again obviously she was slightly more vulnerable to sunlight with her vamp persona on the outside.

*Picture myself looking normal.* Angel had said that to her before finding that the kissage approach worked just as well. She pictured herself, still vamped, she pictured herself some more, no change. *Arrrrgh were's Angel when you need him.*

Then she pictured Rupert Giles horrified face if he looked out of his doorway now and saw a Buffy-Vamp on his stairway, her demon subsided before that fearful prospect. Buffy clamped her stinging hands to her face, this was not good she needed to be inside, and Cordelia hadn't shut the door properly.

Walking up to it the Slayer paused and without knocking or asking permission to enter effortlessly crossed the threshold.

Part eight

The apartment was a mess, not in a dirty kind of way or in an untidy teenaged girls manner like Buffy's room at home, no what made Giles home different was the large number of stacks of books he'd crammed into it, the reference books from the library.

Out of the direct sunlight the tingling faded once more and she seemed to be almost able to feel her enhanced healing working on the skin of her hands. No sign of Giles he was probably hiding from Cordie somewhere, but the door was unlocked and the kettle was whistling itself to the boil so he must be home.

*Oh well here goes I suppose.*

"Giles!, are you here Giles."

The Englishman emerged from the kitchen and looked round he hadn't been hiding from Cordie just ignoring her till she went away. He was tweed guy as usual even though it was Summer and he was on a day off. He looked at her concern all over his face. "Buffy were on earth have you been I've been so worried Willow said that you were sick but your Mother wouldn't talk to me about you."

"I wasn't sick as such." The Slayer decided then and there that prevarication wasn't going to work best to come out with it. "Angel, he needed a Slayers blood to cure the poisoning and I messed up majorly over trying to get Faith's, so I had to let him drink mine and it all went wrong and he didn't have as much control as I thought he would and he killed me."

Listening to the torrent of words Giles just shook his head, "Oh my god....Buffy how..."

"I'm a vampire Giles, but a nice en-souled one." Giles seemed to collapse before her eyes. "Willow found me dead and Angel to stunned to understand what he had done and she turned me, I rose this morning and here I am."


"Yeah, you know, red hair, hacker and sometime witch." Buffy didn't like the color her Watcher had gone. "Giles I'm sorry perhaps I shouldn't have told you like this but hey I kinda think you would have noticed."

"It's...it's....daylight." Giles took of his glasses and wiped his eyes. "Buffy I don't..."

Going over to stand in front of her friend Buffy gently took him by the arm and led him to one of the few seats in the room not piled with salvaged books of demonology or vampire lore. (Mostly spelt VAMPYR.) Sitting him down Buffy having nowhere to sit herself knelt on the floor at his feet.

"Your research guy but this is what I know." She began looking up at her Watcher, unofficial but Wesley having quit the guy with the job. "Turned Slayers keep the extra strength they get when their chosen and also get a demons strength on top of that, according to Angel they can walk in daylight and enter homes uninvited. Both of which turns out to be true....if I was invited into a place when I was mortal does that still hold after I was turned."

"No," the Watcher murmured, "My god I thought that when you were turned due to your nightmares it was just the fact it wasn't real that allowed you to live in sunlight, I thought all those stories where just legends their mostly so old they might as well be. Buffy how could you have been so foolish so idiotic as to allow this to happen."

"I didn't allow it," Buffy had expected anger not a weariness which frankly troubled her. "It was an accident not something planned."

"Faith is in a coma in hospital, you won't be replaced again," Giles put his head in his hands. "Because of what has happened to you the world will be without a Slayer until Faith dies or gets better, dying would seem the most likely event but she could be kept on life support for the next ten years."

"Hey I'm still here aren't I, I haven't run off with Angel." Buffy had a feeling of guilt though because she had thought about it on her way over here. "I can still slay."

"To be an effective Slayer Buffy you have to blend in, to be regarded as a target by the vampires." Giles finally looked at her. "They will know what you are."

Taking a few seconds to think on that Buffy answered slowly. "And what else do vamps want beside blood, they want sex and submission from other vamps and I'm still gonna be smaller than most of them and cuter, if I say so myself, so I expect to see plenty of action....that sounds so skanky by the way, I've gone from them wanting to bite me to them wanting to fu..."

"All right," Giles was blushing. "Point taken there's no need to go into detail."

"Oh I don't know," grinning evilly the vampiress added. "For all I know you might have only had sex twice and..."

"I don't think this is the time or place..." Giles managed to halt what would have been the beginnings of a major argument. "Is your soul permanent Buffy or have you merely been cursed, without any guilt to tie it to you I dread to think of the potential consequences."

"Willow changed the spell or so Angel tells me," Buffy shrugged. "You won't blush I hope if I mention that there's only one way to know for sure. If it works we do the same spell on Angel and he and I live happily ever after."

"And if it doesn't you get your souls back and spend forever unfulfilled." Giles noted how her face fell and wished he hadn't been so blunt. "Im sorry Buffy but you must consider that, is there anything else you can tell me."

"I don't have a reflection and I'm allergic to crosses. I can walk in the sunlight but currently I wind up feeling a little icky, if I get angry my demon starts rising."

"No reflection, that will be a problem." Giles cast his mind back to his studies, interrupted as they had been by his rebellion against the career path laid out for him there where gaps in his knowledge. "Turned Slayers are a rarity and no vampires been stupid enough to turn one for centuries and unfortunately its the kind of information that the Watchers council don't exactly share."

"Oh," looking at all the books around her Buffy was somewhat surprised but then again. "How come you never told me what happened to turned Slayers?"

"It wasn't something you needed to know." Giles answered speedily his brow arched. "Especially bearing in mind who you were in love with."

"How trusting of you," Buffy shifted a little on the hard floor but decided not to take that matter further. "The reflection problem is going to majorly blight my educational prospects and my life, Mom threw an absolute total wig on the subject."

"Strong vampires have the ability to use magick and amongst the easiest spells available are glamours." Giles looked around at the many works available to him. "If we train hard between us Willow and I should be able to get you into a position where your able to effortlessly convince those around you that your reflecting normally by the time college starts."

"Cool, could I be taller and maybe..."

"Thinner!" Giles gave her a hard look. "You don't need to be anything of the kind, have you eaten by the way."

"Yes a nourishing bag of blood, the first of many." Buffy picked up a leather bound volume and opened it, then screwed her face up as she tried to decipher the Latin inside. "Weird parchment."

"It is rather isn't it," gently Giles took the book from his ward, deciding not to tell her it was made from human skin. "It's unfortunate that all the more pertinent volumes we will need are not let out of England and are restricted in access even then."

"And your not Mr Popular back in the old country."

"Quite, what we need is someone who would be trusted to access the records by the council but who would pass the information onto me." Giles paused then smiled. "Wesley!"

"Wesley Wyndham-Price!,excuse me." Buffy couldn't believe her ears. "But he really doesn't like either of us and if he finds out I got turned into a vampiress...."

"Whilst he was still technically your Watcher," Giles smile had a trace of Ripper in it. "It would be so embarrassing for him and guarantee that he would never be assigned another Slayer for the rest of his life. Don't worry Buffy Wesley will be only to happy to help."

"Well blackmail would probably work with the guy." Buffy wished she'd thought of that before but...."What do you expect him to find."

"Your strong Buffy, you died certainly but your not a normal vampire." Giles tried to remember how she had looked game faced in the time of her nightmare induced turning but found he had blotted it out. "I hope that at sometime in the past someone may have found a means to change a turned Slayer back."

"I think you'll be disappointed." Buffy stood up and gently kissed Giles cheek. "Thank you."

"For what."

"For not shouting at me." She had expected it and found instead if not understanding then at least an offer of help.

"I abandoned that approach the day I met you, but I felt like it today." Giles stood up and walked back into his kitchen. "I'll make us some tea shall I."

"Alright, but not the Earl Grey." Buffy opened another book, suddenly thinking. *A hundred years from now I'll be an entry as a Slayer and a vampire...and be here to read about myself.*

Then walking into the kitchen she asked."Angel is a Master Vampire, what am I. Please tell me I'm not a Mistress."

"Buffy your the most powerful undead creature in the world." Giles turned the kettle back on. "That means you can call yourself whatever you like.....though I think the term Vampire Queen would be most suitable."

"Wow I'm royalty.....wait till Cordelia hears....."

Part 9

"Buffy are you mad at me?"

Giles had gone off to the hospital to as he phrased it, "Put the arm on Wesley," so Willow had found Buffy in the apartment on her own.

"No Will you saved me, you've given me a chance to be with Angel forever, no I'm not mad at you." The two girls where stood in the doorway, light streaming through the open door, but Buffy didn't feel in the slightest bit disturbed by it anymore. "It was my fault what happened not anyone else's, you and Oz especially."

Willow hugged Buffy to her not caring about the coldness of her skin. "I'm so sorry you died Buffy I shouldn't have left the Mansion and then Angel was so upset at what he'd done and all I could think was....but you aren't mad at me."

"No," hugging her best friend back Buffy was just glad of the contact with another human being, and one who so far hadn't flinched. "I'm totally not mad at you."

"Your Mom sure was." The hacker hated to have to raise the subject."Was she as harsh with you?"

"She thinks I've thrown everything away by becoming what I am now." Buffy looked pulled back a little from her friend. "That without a reflection I'm screwed as far as going to College is concerned, Giles thinks you and he might help there, teach me magick."

"Yeah, glamours aren't to hard long as you don't over complicate stuff," the red head wondered why the blonds face fell, then realized why and smiled. "By changing stuff to much."

"Oh come on just a couple of extra inches between friends!"

Part 10

The sun was setting as Buffy walked back up the path to 1630 Revello Drive, Giles had dropped her off a block away and she had walked back here not wanting to risk her Mom's reaction if she saw the Watcher. She didn't want to risk her Mom swearing at him to.

The Giles and Willow had had an interesting afternoon discussing Magick they hadn't let her try anything yet but it sounded hopeful, and if she could convince her Mom of this perhaps she might be if not forgiven then at least not homeless.

Giles had reported somewhat surprisingly that once Wesley had gotten over the shock of what had happened he had promised to do all he could to help. She found the knowledge reassuring.

As she fumbled for her key she felt her stomach churn, it was a mix of fear and hunger. Fear of what her mom might say and the lust for blood that came with her demon, she hoped Angel had a good stock of pigs blood back at the Mansion, she was going to need it.

Putting her key into the lock Buffy drew in an unnecessary breath and letting it out slowly entered the house and immediately saw her Mom sat on the stairs looking lost and unhappy. "Mom......I'm sorry."

"I know," Joyce looked at her daughter standing there and knew what she had to do, it didn't matter what had happened, how her daughter had been changed, she was still the child that Joyce had raised. "I'm sorry to for what I said to you, please don't leave Buffy."

"Oh Mom," Buffy wanted to hug her but didn't not wanting to upset her with her corpse like temperature again. Instead she just sat next to her on the step. "Giles thinks it might be ok, the not reflecting thing and aside from that I think after a while I may get used to the sunlight to."

"Good," Joyce gently took her daughters hand in hers, it was cold as death but Buffy was still here with her for all that. "I don't want you to get upset but there's something you have to do for me."

"What, whatever it is Mom I'll do it."

"Angel's in your room, as soon as the sun sets I want him out of my house." Joyce noted how her daughters smile at the reconciliation died. "I know you love him Buffy but having to look at him after this has happened to you is just too much."

"You know he's going to be in my life more or less permanently from now on don't you?" Buffy replied. "I love him Mom."

"I know you do honey," Joyce got up and still holding Buffy's hand gave a half smile as she added. "In a month or so I might be able to look at him without thinking stake, but not now. Is that something you can live with."


Joyce's heart lightened as Buffy smiled again.

"Is it ok if I spend time at the mansion." Buffy was going to anyway but wanted her Mom's blessing.

"Weekends and when you don't have college, but you sleep here for now." Joyce flushed before she added. "Your soul is permanent isn't it, I'd hate to have to explain to your father how you and Angelus tried to destroy the world."

"We think so," this was so embarrassing. "But there's only one way to know for sure, when we're ready we'll have Willow take the necessary.....precautions and...."

"Ok....I don't think I need to know anymore thanks." Joyce put her free hand on her daughters head. "I'll go sit in the kitchen till you have Angel out of here. I'll see you later tonight. Bring anything you need to eat back with you it'll be freaky having blood in the fridge but I'll get used to it, I suppose."

"Thank you," the Angel thing aside Buffy couldn't have been happier. "I know we can make this work Mom."

"I hope so, ask Willow round for dinner tomorrow I need to apologize to her and thank her to."

"I will."

*********************************************************************** **************************************************

Arriving in an empty bedroom the Slayer jumped straight into the closet occupied by her Sire/Lover.

"Hey there isn't really room for two of us in here you know!"

"That's the idea silly!"

And with that there was silence......

Part 12

Two weeks passed swiftly Buffy spent her days at Giles or Willows learning the necessary rituals, and actions to produce a glamour. It had been weird seeing her face in a mirror again though she hadn't appreciated the unhelpful comment from Willow, "Buff isn't that more like the girl from Scream 2."

Evening's alternated between bonding with her Mom or low profile Bronzing with her friends, and the nights patrolling with or smooching Angel. Other times she would be at the Mansion alone with her vamp, though they were careful not to cross the line that her seventeenth birthday had drawn in the sand. So they fed together, smooched together and trained together. Buffy was to strong by far for Giles to teach now and sometimes Angel patrolled with his pale skin a peculiar shade of black and blue.

Patrols were quiet, an occasional victim was found, and every now and then a fledgling rose to immediate destruction but it seemed as if the two lovers were the only vampires in Sunnydale, post the battle on graduation day. They intended it to stay that way, and they knew who to get to publicize the warning.

"What do you two want now," Willy asked as his two least favorite people walked into his quiet rat hole of a bar. Every year he had struggled to build up an undead Custom and every year the Slayer and Angel slaughtered it, he was seriously wondering why he ever left New York. "Can't you people leave me alone for a second ?, there are no vamps here, I can't tell you a thing!"

"Willy your so tense," Buffy smiled at him taking a seat at the bar. "You'll give yourself an ulcer the way your going on, and it would burst, and you'd die and we'd be heart broken, wouldn't we Angel."

"Sure, I'd cry like a babe," Angel sneered at the bar owner. "Since your not doing anything else you could offer us a drink."

"Where'd you get that eye Angel," the vampires face was discolored his left eye blackened. "Jeeze man you look like you got hit by a truck, I can't serve both of you, your ok but Buffy's under 21 and I'm a law abiding citizen after all."

"Two pints of blood barkeeper and make it snappy." Buffy morphed and gave Willy a close up glimpse of fangs and ridges. "Or we may have to take some of yours."

"Holy Mary Mother of God.....what the fu.....how did." He looked at the mirror on the wall behind him. "But you got a reflection, I can see you."

Then he looked at it again, "A reflection of a normal girl, not a vampiress, magick huh. Can you do card tricks or rabbits from hats Slayer, cause you know I could really use a.."

"No!" The image of Buffy disappeared to be replaced a lItle to the left by one of Angel.

"Hey that's good, but you blacked the wrong eye." Willy began to pour the two pints of blood there was no use arguing wIh two vampires. "Something else different about him too."

"I don't have a goatee," Angel frowned at the glamour Buffy was casting.

"Just an experiment," the Slayer shrugged and the glamour disappeared. "So Willy how do you feel about not getting beaten, and that's badly by the way, and helping us instead."

"I could live with that concept." He put a pint glass of blood in front of Buffy and began pouring a second for Angel. "What do you want to know now."

Hoping that he'd hurry with Angel's drink so she could consume her own Buffy asked the Snitch. "Can you guess who's the ruler of the Hellmouth now?"

"You or Angel," Willy sighed, business wasn't going to pick up this fall he could tell. "And by how beat up Angel looks I'd say you rather than him. Domestic violence is a terrible thing Angel you want I should call the..."

"It was a training accident ok," the dark haired vampire snapped. "And this will be nothing to what you get if you don't hurry my drink."

"Ok," Willy slammed a glass in front of Angel. "And you accuse me of being tense, I realize having your chick beat on you must be upsetting but really Angel man you want to take care."

Only Buffy's restraining hand on his arm stopped Angel from going over the bar to do Willy some serious damage. "Angel, play nice, I now your upset about Xander laughing when we saw him earlier, but just drink your blood whilst I speak to William."

Grumbling into his drink Angel left her to it, Vampire Queens were all very well but from now on he was wearing a head guard.

"Your right Willy, Angel and I run this town from now on as far as the undead are concerned." She sipped the pigs blood, no bolting her food, her spaghetti hooped top was silk and expensive, blood stains weren't an option. "Your first port of call for information seeking vamps who'er new to the scene."

"What do you want me to tell them," Willy sighed and then went pale. "If it's what I think it'll be god damned dangerous, pissed off vamps tend to rip out throats."

"If your thinking I want you to tell them to leave town your wrong," Buffy smiled showing enough teeth to make Willy seriously need to use the toilet."You send them off to look for me in some out of the way spot, drop a dime and call us and we go dust them, no come back on you, dead vamps tell no tales."

"And for this I get what." Willy asked dollar signs prominent in his eyes.

"The right to carry on running this sewer and breathing." Angel put his empty glass down. "Your scum Willy and I still haven't forgotten how you sold me to Spike."

"That was a long time ago...."

"Yes, but Angel doesn't forget." Buffy gently patted her vamp friends hand. "I won't be able to restrain him if you disappoint us Willy, go on please say you'll help."

"Alright already," the Snitch took in two sets of fangs and surrendered. "Could you put the teeth away now please."

Laughing both his unwelcome guests morphed back into their human faces. "Pay the man please Angel."

"Sure," Angel threw a five dollar bill on the floor. "So we'll be hearing from you or we'll be breaking your legs, don't ask me which I'd prefer."

"Yeah, any vamps come in.." the snitch mimed dialing a phone.

Seeing them leaving Willy couldn't help fully taking in Buffy's outfit, the silk top showed off her shoulders and the rich brown leather pants she was wearing everything else. "Hey Buffy is it true vamps have a lot less moral scruples than humans."

"Yes Willy but I have a soul," she looked over her shoulder and winked. "Which means I won't pose."

"Just a profitable thought," the snitch grinned. "Now for you and Angel together....."

"You must have a death wish," There was a growl in Angel's voice as he started back towards the Snitch who babbled.

"I'm sorry Angel!" Willy screamed as the vampire bore down on him. "Sometimes when I think dollars my mouth just runs away with me."

"So I'll rip your tongue out." The dark haired vampire morphed as his fury grew.

"Angel behave," Buffy spoke in a commanding voice and the vampire paused. He couldn't believe how quickly, how efficiently Buffy had made him her virtual servant, not that it mattered with the way she kissed him. The power in her was so tangible he could almost taste it in the air.

"Thanks Slayer." Willy felt sweat running down his face. "I promise I won't ever ask you that again."

"You know what I've been thinking Angel," the blond ignored him as she wrapped herself around her lover. "As I can walk in daylight do you think if I created minions they could do the same."

"No, I don't think so." Angel possessively put his hands around his girls narrow waist. "But I suppose if you want to try it........Willy won't be missed."

"Please guys I said I'd help you didn't I," the snitch dropped to his knees behind the bar and cowered into the space underneath it. Then heard laughter and receding footsteps. "Oh god where am I gonna find anyone schmuck enough to buy this place, I need to get back to New York...."

*********************************************************************** *************************************************************************** **

Out in the alley Buffy was experiencing a qualm, "I enjoyed that, perhaps I'm starting to get a little too vampy."

"You sure seem to be getting good at it," Angel gingerly probed one of his bruises. "Now I know what Giles had to put up with."

"Oh please its not my fault your quarterstaff shattered." Buffy pouted a little, she hadn't realized her own strength, it wasn't like she'd deliberately whacked him upside the head. "I'll make it up to you."

"I thought that you did Buff you spent half an hour kissing it better." Angel's mouth hadn't been hurt, but he wasn't about to fault the Slayers aim.

"Love isn't brains, it's blood, blood screaming inside you to work its will!" Buffy smiled as Angel snapped his head round to stare at her. "Now I know what Spike meant, your blood screams in me Angel, it screams for release."

"You mean." He stepped closer and drew her into his arms.

"Oh yeah." Drawing his lips down to hers she kissed him deeply. "Lets drag out those big oily old chains and get Willow on standby to do her thing."

"Your sure..." Angel just managed to get out before Buffy dragged him down again.

"Sure I'm sure!" Buffy did frown slightly as she added. "I can't wait to tell my best friend I'm about to jump your bones."

Then the gold haired Vampiress/Slayer laughed as she added. "We just got to hope she doesn't tell Giles."

"Why not?"

"He's a Watcher, didn't you know."