Drink Me

by John Cope

Part 31

Walking along the familiar corridor that lead to her and Angel's bedroom what she had done hit her.


*I wasn't me!* Buffy's thought was resolute. *My demoness had control of me, she wanted Spike, I was weak but I wasn't me.*

She knew it wasn't much of a defense, but didn't care, her emotionally turmoil stemmed from being turned, Angel might not technically have been the turner but as the turnee she felt a little bit of slack should be allowed her. Slack of a sleeping with Spike provided nobody found out ever variety.

That was her view on the subject, and she was sticking by it.

Opening the door she crept into the darkened room, a familiar voice asked. "Buff is that you?"

"Sure is," her keen senses identified Angel as being in bed, she crawled in beside him fully clothed careful not to touch his leg. "I have so missed you."

"Me to Buffy, me to." She smelled of vanilla and something else....tobacco. "Did you let Spike smoke in the car?"

"It was his car and I didn't want to have to walk home." Buffy's lips found Angel's and with neither of them needing to breathe there was silence for several minutes. "How's the leg?"

"Wounds healed over, splints should be off early next week," more silence other than the faint sounds of tongue wrestling with tongue then. "A couple of weeks on crutches after that then a stick then I'm all better and we go dancing."

"Good." Gingerly Buffy eased nearer her lover, her torso rested lightly on his chest, the faces less than an inch apart."I intend getting us thrown out of the Bronze for dirty dancing at the first possible opportunity."

"Won't happen lover, I own the place." Angel folded her in his arms, his leg forgotten about in the happiness of the reunion. "Did we slay?"

"Totally," Buffy let her left hand slide southwards over Angels hard stomach. "Beresford and his crew plus some major local talent, oh baby you sure are pleased I'm home!"

"You bet, it's the getting used to a regular sex life, and what with Willow looking after me...." As Buffy's fingers stroked him his mind wandered a little. "It was kinda embarrassing."

"Bed baths!" Picturing how red Willow must have gone every time she was faced with an Angel erection Buffy giggled. "I think I can give you something to reduce that difficulty, something real special, and it won't hurt your leg either."

Quickly sitting back on her heels Buffy stripped off her jacket, blouse and bra. she leaned forward again and brushed her nipples over her lovers chest. "I'm expecting you've been a good boy and your gonna erupt like Vesuvius, you have been good haven't you?"

"Willow, she emptied the bins too, kinda made tissue's......difficult." Buffy's kiss stilled him for a second then she began to make a trail kisses down his body. "I don't know why you don't take it all off and get in here."

Buffy dipped her tongue into her Sire's navel. "Can't, gotta get told off by Giles. The Willy situation, hence the avoidance of accidental clothing stainage."

Her tongue's tip trailed a little lower. "Of course I'll be getting told off in a real damp pair of pants with how turned on I'm gonna be after this."

Teasing his girls nipples with his fingers Angel could only wish she had stripped completely, giving him an all areas pass. "I might have to talk to you about that myself once I'm well enough, Sire to childe...ohh."

Flicking her tongue over Angels glans again Buffy smiled and inwardly told herself. *You skanky little vampiress, two cocks in one week!* Then asked her lover. "Would that be an over your knee type conversation."

"Yes.....it would."

Reaching it's destination Buffy's tongue ran from the base of Angel's manhood to the tip, then opening her mouth she swallowed as much of him as she could, and took him in and led him go two or three times licking around the head each time she came back to the tip before resuming the conversation.

"I don't think I've ever been spanked, we talking pants on or off."

"Off of course...." Angel lost the track again as Buffy went back to work. "What....what's the fun if your ass isn't bare!"

Deciding to tease Angel just a little and thinking it rude to talk with her mouth full Buffy paused again. "Something to look forward to then, you know speaking of my ass......with my being a vampiress.....not having any inhibitions that is, why haven't you ever even asked if you can fu........"


*********************************************************************** *************************************************

Having hastily washed her mouth out and dressed it was a highly turned on but unsatisfied Slayer who joined Giles in the living room twenty minutes later. He was alone Spike and Browne having gone outside for a pre dawn feed on pigs blood and a smoke outside of what was in there opinion an over healthy household.

"He's quite a character, but unspeakably dangerous."

"A reformed character sure, and dangerous to other vampires. Did you interview him?"

"Don't you dare start that Anne Rice rubbish again." Giles turned sharply from the table he was sat at. "We had quite enough of that last year."

"Sorry," Buffy had so wanted to find out if she had. "Tetchy much."

The table in the room contained several reference books, a tape recorder, just used, and a stack of invoices and a note pad Buffy hadn't seen before. "What's this?" she asked, picking it up.

"My accounts," a tired sounding ex but acting Watcher replied. "I'm contemplating a change of career, trying to see if I have enough money to maybe open a shop here, selling books of course."

"But the library," Buffy was startled, Giles was just so librarian like. "I thought you were looking forward to it reopening."

"Things changed," Giles flushed, his personal life might have been played out before his ward before but..."A couple of days ago Karen asked me to go to a modern art exhibit at your mothers gallery, we got on very well. So well that our going out together may become a frequent thing."

"If we mean Karen as in Miss Kochanski, then way to go Giles." Puzzled though the Slayer added. "But wouldn't working together be cool!"

"I'm a member of the faculty Buffy, she's the principal. If word got out we were eh, dating, it might compromise her position, but if I have alternate employment...." The smile that broke across Giles face told Buffy all she needed to know.

"If I can pry it from Spike's hot sweaty palm, we have six thousand dollars found money left, it's yours."

"I couldn't possibly, that money should be used to finance our slaying activities or for you kids to buys yourselves things you might need." Giles actually knew it would mean the difference between being able to achieve his goal or not. "No Buffy, that moneys yours, I won't take it."

"Hey, Slayer Central remember, we had to burn it down." Seeing Giles happy had been an objective of the Slayerettes for over a year, this chance would not slip. "I'm not giving you the money, I'm investing it, it's finance for our new Langley. One thing though get Willow to help you get in a stock of computer stuff, try to live by just selling books in this town and you'll starve."

"Alright," Giles face lit up with the broadest smile Buffy had seen on it since Jenny died. "Now despite your attempts at bribery I believe we had a telling off to get over with."

"Ok," Buffy took a seat on the sofa. "I'm a bad person, I let my demoness out, I am real sorry, it will never happen again. If the oily little snitch double crosses me again, I'll just tickle him till he gives."

"Yes, now that kind of attitude really isn't helping is it." Giles shook his head and Buffy tried hard not to pout as the lecture started.

*********************************************************************** ************************************************

Hunger satisfied Spike and his not over welcome companion had come back into the house and occupied the kitchen.

Browne had dug in his luggage and extracted a carefully wrapped tube, opening it revealed a bottle of Bushmills Irish Whiskey, the vetala rapidly found two glasses. "Will you take a drink?"

"Ok," Spike regarded the question and the beverage. "You arn't, are you?"

"Third generation from immigration." Browne smiled. "James Cahill Browne for Christ's sake I might as well be wearin' a green sash so don't tell me you 'adn't realized. Means I know good booze though so anyway cheers!"

As they sipped the powerful spirit, neither vampire wanted to rush such a premier brand, the vetala reposed the question he had put two days before. "You stayin' 'ere mate or goin?"

"Going, but not far." Spike regarded Browne over his glass. "But I'm not sure if I altogether like you."

"Mutual," Browne took a sip and contemplated a refill. "But you can 'andle yourself in a scrap and with just the two of us there'll be plenty of those.

"LA?" Spike watched Browne pour a little more whiskey into both glasses. "I don't want to go far."

"Chief vampire dead, clans in a war to see who takes over." Browne passed Spike back his glass. "And then along come a couple of blokes who don't give a fuck to throw the whole system into anarchy."

"Fair share of criminal types to," Spike looked round, no witnesses. "People the Slayer wouldn't necessarily miss."

"An she's two hours away if either party needs back up." Browne noted how Spike's expression changed at that one, conversations in which,'oh there's no need to bring Angel,' would occur might well be frequent. "Well mate, shall we go do over some Yanks?"

"Anarchy in the USA! I like the sound of it" Spike raised his glass."A confusion to our enemies!"

"And may god defend the right." Throwing the whiskey back this time Browne contemplated the future. Mayhem and destruction, two of his favorites. "This could be the start of a beautiful friendship."

"I really never thought much of that film......"

*********************************************************************** *************************************************

Told off Buffy relaxed, but there was a point that worried her. "Is Willow really angry with me?"

"She's not very happy." Giles was tidying up prior to going home, he had no particular desire to share a house with two unsouled vampires. "She blames herself for your condition still, and as a result feels responsible for what happened to Willy."

"I'm surprised she isn't here." Buffy lifted her legs up and curled up on one end of the sofa. "I think she'd feel your telling off was inadequate in the extreme."

"She's at the Harrises, telling Xander off." Giles shook his head at Buffy's startled expression. "No she can tell you what he did herself, meet her at lunch time at the coffee shop Xander works at. And try not to let your demon rise."

As he packed away his books and picked up his jacket an afterthought came to him. "How stupid of me I quite forgot about another despatch from our double agent, Wesley's found two more turned Slayers you absolutely don't need to hear about but also another, a very long time ago indeed. He's gone to Madrid without sending me any details but claims he's 'on to something', I don't know what."

"Oh," Buffy had a sudden feeling of, what?, fear. "I could be human again? I kinda got used to what I am."

"I wouldn't get your hopes up just yet." Giles headed for the door. "But we'll see, goodnight Buffy try not to get Angel too tired, he is recuperating don't forget."

"Goodnight Giles." Buffy decided to play dumb at the soon to be ex-librarians comment on her love life. Switching the living room light off she went off to find her house guests. She had to get Browne into a room before she could rejoin her formerly recognized honey.

*Telling Xander off, why would she be telling Xander off. Hey did she catch him with......evil girl. Okay arrival of vampiric version of self a shock but Xander's an adult an Anya is kinda nice now....and from a Xander perspective way cute. So though Willow has her reason could there be another......jealousy! Buffy Anne Summers is that anyway to think about your best friend!*

Part Thirty Two

Late Saturday morning the coffee shop wasn't to full, the breakfast trade was over, and the lunchtime rush hadn't begun, so Willow had managed to get a table away from the window and with enough room around her to have nobody in earshot. For Buffy as she walked in these were not good signs.

The red head was sat there with just a coffee she seemed to be miles away, locked in her thoughts, Xander was stood behind the counter making use of the slack time to talk to Anya. Observing them for a few seconds Buffy saw typical Xander and utterly devoted Anya, the guy was being nice to her that was all, scratch Willow jealous.

"Hey guys." Buffy received a smile from the former immortal and a left handed wave from Xander, Willow turned round and stared at her, hard. "Willow."

"Buffy, you're on time, that's good." Willow pointed to the seat across from her. "Take a seat."

*God she is so gonna do the Freud thing.* Reluctant but knowing it was too late to run Buffy sat.

"Before we start do you want a coffee," the hacker paused then added. "No wait silly me, you probably slacked your thirst with human blood on the way over, or maybe you just crippled a couple of people for kicks. I don't know except the if I'm Frankenstein your my....."

"Monster!" Buffy thought calm thoughts, not wanting her demon to even stir. "I wasn't created by you Willow, it was my stupidity and Angel's lack of control, all you did was keep me alive....ish. Do you wish you hadn't?"

"Nooo..you know I don't." Willow lost the angry look as a sense of hopelessness shone through. "But Buffy I need you to understand I can't stand the very thought of what you did to that guy and I don't ever want you to do anything like that again."

"I'm gonna try real hard Will." Buffy stretched her hand out across the table. "But I need help, someone to keep me on the level if I have to go game, think you guys could hold me off people a little."

"You know we will." Willow placed her hand a top Buffy's. "But you have to learn to control your temper, you want to try now."

"What do you mean?" Buffy looked round the shop, no undead or vamps, other than her, no demons. She grew even more confused when Willow held up a hand.

"Oh Xander, Buffy would like to order now." Xander looked at them in a scared bunny kind of way and then as nonchalant as he could walked out from around the counter with Anya just behind him carrying a pad and paper.

"Xand did you forget how to write?" Buffy suddenly noticed how Xander was keeping his right hand behind his back. "What have you done?"

"Nothing, I'm just letting Anya help out." Xander say the look, panic began to set it. "I haven't done a thing...honest..I'm totally innocent of everything, I was nowhere near any grassy knoll."

"Hand!" Buffy extended her's palm down. "Show Harris, now!"

"His masters voice." With a gulp Xander brought his hand into sight. "At least my nails are clean."

Two of the teen's fingers where tapped and his hand was bandaged. "It's just a sprain, honest, no bones broken."

"How the hell....." Buffy opened her mouth wide in shock, and snatched her hand away. "Xander......"

"Xander what, hey it's not that kinda sprain." Putting his hand back behind him Xander made to retreat, only to have Buffy grab him by the front of his coverall. "God, the mind's on you girls today."


"He had an accident." Willow was grinning broadly, this part she could enjoy, what might come later?

"What kind?"

"I knocked my hand on something." Xander turned to Anya. "She's having orange juice plus a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, no crusts, crunchy peanut butter."

Anya wrote and headed for the kitchen, Xander tried to follow. "Leave go. Please!"

"What did you knock your hand on Xander!" Buffy so felt her demoness, and let go of Xander, he scooted back.

"Willow will explain." With that he ran back behind his counter and wished he didn't need the job, if he could have he would have run from the building too.

"What did he knock his hand on?"

"Hit would be more accurate." Willow's voice lost the humor, she watched her friend closely.

"What did he hit it on? Did you guys have to slay whilst I was away?"

"No, who is a more accurate description, though what will still fit."

"Who or what?" Buffy's thoughts of green fields and singing birds began to recede, her demoness to rise.

"Riley Finn, his face."

"Xander punched out Riley!" Buffy looked round at Xander who dived behind the counter. "Why!"

Willow spoke as slow and calm as she could to keep her friend from losing it, the shop wasn't totally empty of people, and post graduation vampire was a bad rep to carry in Sunnydale. "It happened at the Bronze, Riley was shooting his mouth off about you to some guys from college, saying how skanky you were, how'd he knew you were living with this rich older guy, how you weren't really off sick cause he'd seen you driving out of town with a rough looking guy and you were disguised with a dark wig, he wondered how your sugar daddy would take the news."


"Xander overhears him and barge's in, he tell's Finn to his face that he's a disgusting piece of shit whose gonna wind up in prison for stalking. He tells Riley your really sick, your at home at your Mom's house sick in bed."

"Riley laughs and says I bet she invited you right into there with her, sick or not, spread them right before your eyes!"

"The guys around laugh, then Xander punches Finn and breaks his jaw. Nobody laughs anymore cause they all suddenly remember whose friend he is and what might happen when you hear, an what he did on graduation day comes back to some of them to. They back off." Willow saw the signs in her friends face, and waited for her eye color to change. It didn't.

"Is he in trouble?" It came out cold as ice, few creatures had heard Buffy use that voice and lived.

"The doormen know he's friends with you so they threw Finn's friends out, guys from our year all told the cops it was self defense. Xander wasn't even arrested." Willow looked across at the counter from behind which Xander had emerged. "Course I told him how dumb his ass is, and I'm proud of him really, but please don't tell him so."

"Excuse me," Buffy got up and walking round the row of tables that separated her from the counter, Xander made to dive back behind it but the Slayer was faster clearing it effortlessly to land beside him.

Xander had been hugged by Buffy before, okay she'd been warmer but as responses went this was good. "Sorry Buffy, couldn't control my temper."

"No apologies please." Reaching her hand up she pulled him down and gave him a fleeting kiss on the lips. "Thank you for defending my honor, if this happens again remember don't hit the guy so hard it hurts."

Just as quickly Buffy recrossed the counter ignoring the stares of other diners and a speechless open mouthed Xander. Retrieving her bag she found her purse and threw five bucks on the table. "Enjoy the sandwich, Xand."

She heard frantic footsteps behind her as she headed through the shop door and out onto the sidewalk. "Buffy!" Willow frantically shouted after her. "Where are you going!"

"College dorms." Buffy turned as Willow caught up to her. "Don't try to stop me Will I should have done something about this weeks ago, now I will."

Willow stepped round in front of her. "Oh no you don't Missy, your not going anywhere near that college. You kill Finn, an I know that's what would happen, an who do the cops come look for, the guy he fought in the Bronze."

"I'm not gonna kill him Willow." Buffy made no effort to get past her friend. "I'm just gonna give him enough of a hickey to realize leaving town is a real good idea."

Buffy wasn't expecting to be grabbed by the arm and be dragged in the opposite direction to the one she wanted to go in. "Willow, what the....."

"I'm gonna show you why that's not such a great idea."

*********************************************************************** ****************************************************

Fifteen minutes later the two girls where sat on a bench in Weatherly park, looking at a pile of ashes.

"I thought you said you didn't have to slay." Buffy certainly hadn't slain here since the last time it rained.

"We didn't." Willow shook her head. "Peoples eyes don't close you know, once they've been opened. Some of the kids from our year have left town, most stayed. Last night three of the guys from our year caught a vampire attacking a Sophomore from Sunnydale High, they staked it."

"Oh," Buffy shrugged. "Things could get crowded in the slaying fields, though least if we need back up we can get it now."

"Buffy your not understanding me." Willow looked her friend directly in the eye. "If people find out that your a vampiress they won't understand about the soul thing, they'll come after you. Your a survivor Buffy, that means they won't be, and if that happens then...I'm...I'm afraid we lose you to the night."

"That won't happen, not here." Buffy felt guilt flood over her, guilt over Willy, even a little guilt over Spike. "It's not like I was some kinda saint before it happened. Shit Will, I was gonna feed Faith to Angel remember, and when that knife went home.....for a few seconds it felt good!"

"And Willy," the red head saw tears start to run down Buffy's face and wanted so to hold her, but she had to know. "How did that feel?"

"He'd sold me, told those guys where to look. When he confessed at the sight of the hammer I was already game faced, my demoness cried out for revenge." The blond's face became more tear streaked as she whispered. "He was partly to blame for Angel getting hurt Will, so I listened. He screamed so loud."

Taking the sobbing vampiress in her arms Willow ran her fingers gently through her hair, and make soothing noises. "We'll watch you, Buffy, we won't let anything like that happen ever again, an Willy isn't crippled I hacked into the hospital computers, the records say he's expected to make a complete recovery."

Still Buffy cried, she couldn't tell her friend the real reason.

Buffy loved Angel with all her heart, she would have spent an unrequited life time with him, and been happy. He had almost walked away from her anyway despite that.

Spike loved her, she knew that, a devoted love that the vampire probably couldn't fully put into words if he tried. What drove Buffy to tears was the simple fact that she returned that love just as fully but couldn't tell the vampire that, to do so would break his heart as well as hers.

She couldn't hurt Angel, leaving him would be bad enough but for Spike......it would destroy him, that wasn't something she could do, ever.

Knowing these two facts she knew another, from now on LA would draw her, like a moth to a flame, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

So Buffy cried, and Willow held her and tried to make her pain go away.


Buffy was parked by the side of the freeway, her nearly new Cherokee Sport positioned quite neatly in the layby. It was red and paid for by her lovers, though Angel didn't know Spike had that privilege.

A check for $7500 dollars, drawn on an account in the name William Smith. A note attached read simply. 'Found money! get yourself something Sis.'

Angel had taken one look and reached for his own check book, what did she want? "Wheels."

Cheque written out and voila.

She was going to LA, to spend some college break time with Hank, to shop, and catch up with old friends.

As she put the jeep in drive she couldn't help looking in the mirror, at her glamour, she smiled at the dark haired image and whispered. "Bad girl!"

The End........