by John Cope

London 1803

Satan ran her fingers gently through the dark hair, cut short as was the new fashion for men in this new century. Then she let her long fingernails stroke round across the high distinctive cheekbones that had so attracted her to the mortal who sat now before her deep in thought.

The wind howled outside the Inn as did the guard dog in the courtyard below who sensed the evil presence within the building. Full sensuous lips twisted into a smile as she pictured the anger of the Innkeeper in the morning. Already at least one boot had been thrown at the dog. *Poor hound he does his duty well if they did but know.*

Stepping a little to one side she let her hand run along the strong shoulder that was concealed beneath the ragged coat. Such a bold rapscallion this, he had sent her a dozen souls already. Ruffians, murderers, pimps, rapists were his targets. Yet for all that what was he himself but thief and vagabond, and tonight one of her servants had almost dared to take him from her. She could not permit that to happen again.

She stepped in front of him and watched his eyes drift up over the wide pleats of her skirt and the narrow tightly corseted waist of her dress to the heavy full breasts that nearly burst from the confines of bodice of the red silk dress she wore. Then they lifted up over cream white throat to her face, a face soft and gentle now though the eyes in there depths showed the fires that burned in the anti-goddesses heart. They were subdued now those dark eyes but an imperiously raised eyebrow showed that time was passing by too slowly for her. *Why does he not speak?*

A toss of her long dark hair and a near stamp of a foot later the perplexed expression left the handsome face her eyes adored. "Well Duchess let me see if I 'as this straight. You're the very devil in your red dress."

She nodded and curtsied low enough to give him an unnecessary flash of decolletage. "That I am, my ragged sir."

"Very nice they are, too, pet, but I'm tryin' to concentrate." A blood-smeared raise of his left eyebrow emphasized his complete lack of concern at her power. "An that thing that attacked me was a vampire?"

"Indeed." A faint whiff of sulphur filled the room as Satan's anger rose once more. To think that such a petty little demon had defied her. To think that he had used his metal claw to so hastily defile perfection. A cross malformed but still there cut above her prizes eye. She would think long and hard upon a way to make Angelus pay for his work this night. "But he shall not harm you again, I swear."

She leant closer her torso pressed to him, he let his cheek rest on the silk of her bodice as she stroked his hair again.

"An you're offerin' me seven wishes for me soul?"

"Yes William, you have nothing to lose, your soul already stands condemned by your sins." She felt no fear, no anger, just a deep seated sense of curiosity about her in his mind as she peeked into it. "Take the wishes, enjoy your life, it may be long I've no desire to take you quickly from this world."

Her voice was soothing, the accent rich. She sounded like so many of those fine ladies whose jewels William had taken as he road the Kings Highway a pistol in his hand. He should be terrified yet he was not, how could such unearthly beauty conceal a heart of utter wickedness. Could the devil herself not love?

"Alright," he whispered. "I'll do it."

"Oh my love." Dropping gracefully to her knees Satan placed her hands once more upon his shoulders and caught his lips with hers, the kiss that sealed the bargain was long and deep and sweetness itself. No whiff of hellfire here, she was like the angel she had been before her fall. "You bring me such joy. Name your wishes, make them well."

"I would be a vampire." He smiled at the look of confusion that crossed her face. "Yes, like that creature that you drove away tonight, I felt 'is strength and saw 'is speed, make William the Bloody a creature like 'im."

*What?!* She had expected requests for wealth, power, position, eternal beauty or life. She had hoped that he would ask to make love to her on the soft down of the mattress that covered the king sized bed at one end of the almost Palatial room. But never this. "You would lose your humanity, your soul, why would you want to do such a thing?"

"You're gonna take my soul, Duchess, remember?" He grinned infectiously, his eyes looking deep into hers. "An' tell me kitten, would I not be right in thinkin' that vampires live forever?"

She nodded a little understanding coming to her. "Yes, like all my demonic servants though so many of them do not know me as their sovereign or doubt I exist. Very well let it be so and your second wish."

"All remainin' five rolled into one Pet." His lips this time caught hers even as his arms enfolded her and drew her to him in a powerful embrace. When he finally broke free and looked into her lust flushed face he whispered breathlessly. "That your body is mine upon request at any point in time for the next ten thousand years."

"Oh my love." The Devil guided his hands to the laces at the back of her dress. "Make it one hundred thousand and the pact is sealed."

As he began to undress her the dark haired man could only smile in wonder. "Yes kitten that's my wish."


The night seemed to last for days, in fact it did Satan wielding her magic even as she writhed in ecstacy as her body joined with William's time and time again. She enhanced his strength, filled his head with positions and perversions he had never dreamed off and trained him in them all.

But eventually they were at peace, gently caressing each other as they lay near spent in each others arms. Though even she needed to sleep, Satan, her face resting gently against the smooth toned flesh of William's chest, asked softly, "So how would you become what you would now be. A vampire?"

"That git you sent off with a flea in 'is ear tonight," William whispered back feeling exhausted even unto death. "'E said that he wanted to make me like 'im just before you come along to spoil 'is fun. What say you let him do the deed."

"Angelus!" There was a serpent's venom in the word. "I do not know if I could trust him with the task, a vampire is not forever unless it takes great care. He could harm you in the future knowing that you are precious to one that has humbled him, even one as powerful and pitiless as I."

"But what if 'e don't know?" William raised the scarred eyebrow, the cuts had healed to white lines with but a touch of Satan's beautiful hands. "Take me back to before you saved me and let 'im do the job. 'E'll teach me 'ow to be a vampire and every now an then we can meet up an enjoy ourselves like this."

She pondered hard for a full minute before she nodded. "Yes, let it be so. But know that I will find a way to curse him ere a century be past, that he shall suffer for a hundred years for what he did this day. And you, my lover, know that though I am not your servant I will come to you whenever you shall call."


Angelus lapped the blood from the cut he had made in the palm of his hand before he had bled into the wound in the scarred-boy's throat. He would make an excellent Childe, already a killer as the vampire had witnessed and so beautiful. "Darla will be amused to be handed such a toy. And I've many a game of my own in mind to play."

A casual glance at the body was followed by a far harder stare. "Well that's not something that you very often see."

The boy who must have died an agonizing death wore no mask of horror but a smile.


Sunnydale 2000

"Prick teasin' little bitch!"

The remote for the destroyed TV hit the wall of the crypt and bounced off in an unfortunate one piece. Spike went back and to the length of his hideout, duster swirling around him as he stormed up and down. "Make me pop like Champagne will she, ride me at a gallop eh, beg 'er to hurt me. God I hate the little minx... But strewth I need a shag."

Throwing the duster to the ground, he paced up and down unwilling to surrender to his lusts and use the option of self help, then at that moment the memory came back to him as in his darkest times it so often did. *God she'll be pissed, but maybe I should?*

Could it really be sixty years?

Dru had smelled her on him, Dru had nearly clawed out his eyes she had been so enraged to find that he had lain with another female even Satan herself. So he had not called again and had almost forgotten her.

*And I've been so bloody pathetic since Dru left me that I wouldn't have been worthy. And yet I can't believe I hadn't thought of her before now. Not just loving arms by God but a power that can take this chip away and let me show Buffy Summers what she's missed in the hour or so before I kill an' turn her.*

*Best not to mention that to the Duchess though.* A none blond Slayer filled section of his brain cautioned. Then he looked down and speaking softly began. "Oh Peaches I hope you can 'ear me, I know I've been neglectful and you've got every reason to be pissed but a deal's a deal, and if you don't mind I could use an installment now please!"

Long minutes seemed to pass and then the light bulb suspended from the ceiling went out with a loud pop even as the crypt door swung open to reveal a dark shadowy figure standing there arms braced on the doorframe. "There isn't, if you'll pardon the expression, a cat in hell's chance that I'm taking that chip out."

That rich plumy voice speaking perfect Twenty-first century English now as if the owner had attended the finest Private School back in the old Country. Maybe she had, he knew that corrupting innocence was her role in life and where better than such a place to start.

He cleared his throat and almost whining answered, "But Kitten.....?"

"Absolutely not." She stayed as just a silhouette so that he couldn't see the smile of pure triumph on her lips. Had he seriously though himself beyond her power, had he thought that she would not be avenged. These last three years of his so cunningly contrived misfortune had been like balm to the wounds his neglect had inflicted but now he needed her.

Still why not twist the knife. "If you hadn't been such a romantic fool you'd still have five wishes to use, but no you threw them away on a whim. So, my boy, you have no hold over me save for the wishes you cast, and as you can see I have come to fulfill that bargain and that alone."

Distaste filled her voice. "And as usual you bring me to a crappy dive in which to make love." Irritation was added. "A crypt of all places!"

"Limited options if you're a vampire, an the budget ain't what it was." He sniffed, really glad that the lights were out and she couldn't see the appalling lack of decor.

"And the decor." Suddenly some very strange rumbling sounds began accompanied by the rustling of cloth. "I shall have to do something about that this very instant. Oh and while I work take off all your clothes."

"What....." Spike caught a flash of two coal red eyes from the doorway and a whiff of sulphur. He had never seen Satan in her true form and considering the things he had done to her and with her down the pre-Dru decades didn't want to now. Hastily he began to tug off his shirt. "Alright kitten no need to get cross."

"I'm not cross," the devil lied as her hands wove magic. "You know I don't get cross, I just get even."

She paused, smiling impishly. "Tell me, William, does Angelus still suffer?"

"To a degree, 'im fallin' in love with Buffy 'asn't 'elped." Spike's voice became muffled as he pulled his tee-shirt up over his head. "You know I'm really surprised that you let him go like that."

"The First." That had been a disappointment and had proved to Satan that even she couldn't turn her back. Her rival had been there before her fall and might be there after her and was a low down sneaky bitch. "Really I don't know what that idiot creatures game is, stealing a soul to kill one girl. It makes absolutely no economic sense."

"The Slayer, Luv." Unbuttoning his jeans Spike began to seriously wonder if his lover intended to keep him permanently in the literal dark. "Obviously she wants 'er out of the way for some reason, and might I suggest it's probably something she has planned on the big scale, somethin' you might not like."

Suddenly the voice was whispering in Spikes ear, a perfume so arousing that only a devil could have devised it was wafting into his sensitive nostrils and those familiar silk clad breast were fleetingly stroked across his back. "Your mind is full of her vampire, it's because of her rejection that you summoned me. So now are you going to ask me to help this rival for your love? You might find that if she had indulged you tonight you would have bedded with a creature almost as evil as I though perhaps more easily redeemed."


"She is possessed, not herself." As Spike moved for the door hastily fastening his jeans he felt hands like steel close on his upper arms. "You need not go to her, she will redeem her own body. I'll not be abandoned by you again."

"You're sure." He turned and let his arms slip round her narrow waist to draw her to him. "She'll not be harmed."

"Her emotions will be wounded but not her body." Lips now brushing his cheek even as hands slid down between their bodies to resume the work of unfastening his jeans. "Why do you care, she is the Slayer of your kind."

"But she's a useful girl to have around, she saves the world which isn't a place I hate to be most of the time." He kissed her tentatively as his excuses ran out, and felt her warm fingers encircle him and began to gently caress. "And you like it too and you know that's why the First wants her gone."

"You think that the First would see the worlds end?" Another kiss harder and with more passion. "I see your point, humans can be so sweet and such amusing fools. If the First fears this girl then she must indeed have strength. You will stay here and watch her for me."

"WHAT?!" It came out far, far louder than Spike had intended and the hasty follow up of: "But kitten what do you mean?" did him no favors as the lights went up.

Red silk wall hangings covered the ugly stonework. Wall lamps threw subdued lighting out from each of the greatly enlarged crypts four corners. The hard stone sarcophagus had gone being replaced by a large four poster the sheets red and the curtains that hung round it black. "Wow... Great decor."

"It is, isn't it." Satan was in skin tight Versace, red of course, the dress molded to her from shoulder to upper thigh. Her legs were bare and beautiful that fact emphasized by the barely strapped stilettoes that she wore. "But let's get back to your defiance of me. You will stay here and watch the Slayer."

"If you'll.....?"

"Remove the chip." Her hand shot up and caught his head, the face he saw before him did not change but claws dug into his skin. "Like this if you insist Spike, I'll tear it from the back of your skull and lick your brains from it."

Then the pain relaxed and he was pulled by unseen force towards the bed. "Enough of the sound of your voice."

Satan stepped forward and threw back the curtain. Sitting on the bed she lay back the skirt riding up her toned thighs as she effortlessly opened her legs falling back and looking up at the canopy as she did so. The glistening constellations she had captured in the black silk were a delightful touch. "To your knees and put your tongue to more productive use."

Her sex was a well-groomed glistening jewel, without hesitation Spike dropped to his knees on the thick rug that lay suddenly alongside the bed. His mouth descended to the cleft and he lapped at it eagerly.

"Better," the devil decreed gently stroking his hair to show her affection. "By the way, I like you blond, it is a better look. Watch the Slayer. You need not be friend or ally unless it aids your task.... Ahhhh..... Report to me any sign of the First..... Pleasure me once a week for the next year and....."

A fleeting pause in the licking. "And?"

His head was pressed down forcefully. "Don't dare stop again... and I'll take away the chip."

Spike smiled and continued to work, life had just taken a considerably upswing. *It's like a curse 'as been lifted. I feel great......*


Faith kicked the headstone with Buffy's foot. "Damn it!"

Just once she'd wanted to try vampire, to see how if felt to suck on cold cock, to see how it felt to take that mouth warmed length deep inside her. So she'd followed Spike meaning to rape him against the nearest convenient wall and then get the ride of her young life for at least the next hour.

"Demon stealing bitch I aughta...." To say her Slayer sense had kicked in had been an understatement, the rear view of whatever Spikes bedmate was had sent her into a cold sweat of fear. No way was she going in there to interrupt. "Damn it.."

She wiped her hands on the legs of Buffy's leather pants and thought for a second or two. "Well there's soldier boy I guess, oh what the hell a screws a screw."

She flashed the crypt the finger. "That's your only chance of boffing Buffy gone to hell Mister. The shade of that dress," she shook her head, "Who the fuck does she think she is Satan!"

A very loud clap of thunder later Faith was running for the College.

"Yes little girl," a voice might have whispered on the wind. "And you'll meet me yet!"

The End