Faust II

by John Cope

Sunnydale 2000

Being the Devil's playmate had its advantages, Spike reflected as he watched Dawson's Creek on his wide-screen TV, sitting in his plush leather armchair. Alright he'd had to boink her devilishness night after night, time after time, for the month she'd been back in his life but with the way she was put together that wasn't a hardship.

"I wonder if she could be persuaded to fix me up with Katie." But then Spike shook his head, suggestions like that were apt to lead to a room full of sulphur and the decor back to the normal crappy look her Satanship had concealed. "No best not to rock the boat, herself is one of the hottest birds you've ever had anyways."

The fourposter was still there, but the stone floor now looked and felt like pine with some pretty hand woven rugs cast around. There was a drinks cabinet and refrigerator and closets for Satan''s impressive dress collection. A shower, Jacuzzi and sauna had been installed downstairs alongside a heated underground swimming pool, which Spike reckoned was in a different dimension. Across from Spike was the TV,PC,DVD,VCR and Playstation 2. By his side was the stacked audio system that fed the Sex Pistol's to surrounding speakers.

No all in all life was good.

But he still had the chip in his head.

He'd begun to gather by now that her Ladyship had dropped him in it, lead him astray, been yanking his chain over the whole abandonment thing for the past three years. Ok so he hadn't summoned her for a good seeing too in the past sixty but was that any reason to take his unlife apart. *Women!*

So now she had dumped him in this palace of a crypt and was using him as a sexslave, not caring how many times she forced him to experience spine unraveling pleasure as he came in her beautiful toned body. Callously providing him with a constant supply of the most nutritious human blood, uncareingly catering for his entertainment whims, (though she cheated hideously on every computer game), and despite her heavy schedule finding the time to cruelly slept peacefully in his arms for at least an hour or two every night, a contented smile on her face.

Spike was falling in love with her he had to admit it but still she kept the chip in his head.

*Ok so maybe she doesn't trust me, I mean I betrayed 'er love before.* Spike couldn't really regret what he'd had with Dru but had to admit it hadn't been his smartest ever move. Ignoring really powerful demi-gods wasn't a good idea. *But all the same she 'as me on some serious overtime now.*

'Pleasure me once a week,' the deal had been. He almost had bedsores he was in the sack so much, no only was there nightly action but Satan had started nipping home in daylight for what she called. 'Quickies.'

"I'm definitely goin' to ask to take the chip out early. First thing I'm goin' to say when she comes through the door is....."

The door crashed open behind him. "Hullo darling I'm home."

Spike sat bolt upright as his mouth frantically tried to find the will to utter the word. 'I insist you take the chip out now.'

An apple crunched behind him as someone took a bite out of it.

He looked round and as his lover smiled at him completely lost his resolve and almost all sense of reason.

Satan was wearing knee boots, a kilt that came just an inch down her thighs, a white blouse under a tight red sweater and as the piece de resistance a pair of black rimmed spectacles. It was her school miss look, the outfit she used to lead boys astray, by the look of the carrier bag full of apples she was holding it was working.

"Want an apple?" She asked after swallowing the dainty mouthful she'd pulled from the fruit. "I promise it won't do you any harm."

"Ain't you got into bad trouble for sayin' that before?" Spikes borrowed blood was all rushing to his midriff. "Been damaging those poor lads eye sight again eh?"

Smiling sweetly the devil walked around the side of Spike's chair and perched herself on the arm, she put her own arm around the back of his neck and then deftly brought her legs up and over to rest on the other chair arm neatly trapping him. "In reply, no that was all myth made up met who kept their camels in their tents. I'm not responsible for all humanities sins my boy. Secondly yes they are all wanking themselves silly right this minute those naughty boys, it really is getting time for me to take them in hand too, but the part about the eyesight was made up by Victorians." The smile turned from sweet to wicked. "I love the part where we get to the practical so much though."

The vampires hands were by now stroking the devils bare legs from the backs of her knees to the hem of her skirt as she looked down at him lust in her eyes. "They all have such boring little fantasies running through their minds right now, me going down on them then just parting my legs and thrusting home, no thought for my pleasure at all."

"There there Duchess don't you fret Spike will give you a good rodgerin' to take your mind off 'em."

The devil got up and went over to the settee plonked herself down picked up a magazine and started reading.

Spike's eyebrows raised. "And what the bloody hell is your problem."

She didn't look up but Spike saw an eyebrow rise before hearing. "You take me completely for granted, you never buy me flowers, you never surprise me with presents, you never ever take me out. All you ever want to do is shag."

"Me only wantin' to shag." Spike almost shouted back devil or not. "That's bleedin rich that is I can hardly keep me pants on you rip em off so often. I'm nothin' but a bleedin' sex toy to you...." He paused as he remembered something. "An' I took you to see the Matrix three times!"

"Yes I know you did, you silly boy." As Spike watched her shoulders start to shake with laughter he wondered again how difficult kicking himself would actually be. "Oh that was so funny."

Temper rising Spike couldn't help that his eyes raised to remnants of blue tack on the red painted walls of the crypt. The marks of shame where his Jonathan Levenson posters had been stuck. The Princess of Lies of course had seen through Jonathan's spell straight away and spent the three weeks it had lasted laughing her ass off at everyone and everything Levenson related. The vampire bitterly resented that he'd been kept in the dark and included in the humour, Satan, being just a little taller, had actually helped him stick the posters up smirking all the time. He had been aggrieved to say the least when he'd found out why.

"Right then Miss on your knees on that sofa facin' away from me." Spike stood up and pulled his tee up over his head. "You may be liking actin' all high and mighty to me pet but don't forget whose made a pledge to whom, time for you to come down a peg or two."

"If you think your thinking that your going to force me too...." Satan began to search her mind for suitable spells that would make Spike rue his unlife. But then she noticed that he was delving inside a leather bound chest kept next to the TV. "And what pray tell are you looking for now?"

"This." Spike held up a heavy leather bound paddle. "You've been a very bad girl, corruptin' the minds of young innocent lads and takin' the piss out of me over somethin' you should 'ad the decency to clue me in on. So I'm not goin' to fuck you which you'd like I'm goin' to spank you which you won't."

"Are you sure I won't." In seconds the magazine was on the floor and Satan was kneeling ready on the sofa her ass wiggling invitingly beneath the short tartan skirt. "And if I let you spank me Spike will you take me to the Bronze."

"Sure why not, but you won't be sitting down." Gripping the hem of the skirt Spike pulled it up and over baring the cheeks of the devils ass. To his not surprise there wasn't so much as a thong between her sex and the fresh air. "Out without any knickers on again you little minx."

"They only slow you down, though whenever I drop anything and bend over to pick it up those poor boys....." Satan could feel the first drops of moisture beginning to form at her core as the thought of what was about to happen. She hadn't let a lover spank her in years, anticipation began to grow rapidly. "I'm so very naughty, how many strokes do you think will be enough to punish me?"

"How many lads in the class?" The vampire was testing the weight of the paddle in his hand.

"Thirty two." That was a higher number than Satan had been hoping for. She flinched as something touched her bottom then relaxed to find it was just the palm of Spike's hand caressing her flesh. "But if you think that that will be enough to frighten me your wrong."

"Oh I know pet don't worry about that." He walked round in front of her and dropped down on his knees. "Cause we also have a dozen for going out without any knickers on and a dozen more for takin' the piss out of me over Jonathan. That works out at a nice round twenty eight a side. And you my luv can count 'em."

"Hang on a minute...."Satan began to rise only to have Spike who had quickly walked round her put a hand on her lower back and push her down. "Spike I think your rather forgetting whose.....owwww!"

The blow had been delivered hard, there was a loud thwack as the leather of the paddle impacted with the soft skin of Satan's left buttock, a red mark appeared instantly. "So are you goin' to count luv or rely on me to remember?"

"One." Satan squeaked scarcely able to believe she'd cried out like some pathetic human, but Spike had really laid the paddle on hard. She steeled herself not to make another sound.


"Owwww, you utter bugger!" Satan spat trying to keep her temper down. "Two!"

"Don't be givin' me ideas pet." A finger of his free hand lightly rubbed the rosette like opening to the devils rectum. "Just keep on countin'."


Fifteen minutes later the devils bottom was the brightest shade of red imaginable with shades of purple and black beginning to blend in. Spike had administered the beating with the greatest care, alternating between buttocks, switching sides to ensure that the paddle strokes crossed, also not hesitating to pause to squeeze her tender flesh with his free hand and occasionally slip his fingers into her sex to feel her wetness.

Satan had hot almost caustic tears running down her face and was squeaking the numbers out by now. Beneath her blouse and sweater her body was slick with sweat and her breasts heaving from the deep breaths she was being forced to take. It was the worst beating she had received in the whole of her immortal life and she was loving every minute of it. "Forty five!"

Spike was faced with a perfect peach of a bottom which looked like it was glowing it was so red, the crypt reeked of sulphur due to the Devil's tears, his arm ached and he left like an absolute bastard. Satan may have been naughty but that was her nature, she had known about Jonathan and not told him but would he have let on if the situation had been reversed?

Eleven to go and the plains ultimate hell Goddess, his lover was a trembling mass of pain her hair soaked with sweat and with occasional sobs showing how much her strength had broken down under the slow steady barrage of blows.

"Luv maybe that's enough." The vampires question was tentative and hearing himself speak he coughed to try to lose the whine. "Couldn't we save the rest for another day?"

"Are...." Satan struggled for breathe and her voice but her eye's flared with a very definite fire, her mood was being broken, that certainly would not do. "Are you daring to suggest that I can't take it?"

"No." Conscious of being highly flammable Spike took a hasty step back. "No whilst very definitely not suggestin' that you can't take it I was merely wonderin' whether.....You know you might like to waste less Bronze'in' time, maybe save these last few till after we get home."

"Liar!" Satan despite the pain straightened up. "Your a pathetic wimp who can't take anymore, gosh you'd think I was beating you. And honestly you are thick when did you last look at the clock."

"Huh." Spike glanced round at the VCR display and nearly cursed. Satan was messing with the passage of time again which as usual would result in him having to reprogram in all his pre set video settings. He found it curious that that was the only effect that the 'time warps' had on them both. *Bitch probably does it deliberately.*

"Bloody well get back in position!" Spike roughly shoved Satan's back with his free hand. She flashed him a smile as her abused bottom healed the bruises vanishing before his eyes. "An' that's cheatin'!"

"No it's not it's just me making positive use of my powers, no point having them if you don't use them." She wiggled her bum again. "Now you owe me another eleven so bloody get on with it!"

"Do you know how bloody long it takes me to program that bleedin thing?" With a new savagery Spike laid the last blows on whilst the laughing Satan counted.

"Forty six.....Forty seven....is this really the best you can do...Forty eight......Forty nine.....with you being this weak it's no wonder that Slayer always beats you.... Fifty...."

When he had finished Spike threw the paddle away in disgust, had she been acting, playing with him all along. *God I don't know who I hate worse her or me but I might as well make the most of it.* Despite his earlier rejection his hands went to the front of his jeans and he began to unfasten them. He could smell his lovers arousal and so with some degree of hope uttered the invitation. "Fancy it pet?"

Satan looked back over her shoulder and then pushed her bottom back towards him. "Might as well I suppose but afterwards we are going out on a date!"

"Absolutely." Already hard as a rock knowing that the brunette was more than ready for him Spike bent to the task sliding home easily into her wet heat feeling it engulfing his cool flesh and gasping at the sensation. "Dated you will be."

Satan thrust back to meet him and they forgot about everything else.


"Well wasn't that fun?" Satan smoothed her kilt down over her totally bruise free bottom. Spike had just brought her to a satisfying orgasm and now he was going to take her to the Bronze, the petulant look he was casting her only added to her enjoyment of the evening. "Oh come on did you really think I'd just stay bruised and unable to sit down for a week?"

"I suppose not." Spike ran his hands over his sweat soaked chest. "I'll go use the shower first if you don't mind?"

Suddenly Satan's outfit was replaced by a fluffy white towel wrapped round under her arms and covering her torso, her hair was covered by another. "Be my guest though I may have used all the hot water."

"That would be about just about bleedin' typical." In a marked huff Spike set off for the cellar and the shower cubicle.

Satan smiled as she mentally warmed the water in the tank to just how Spike liked it. Then as she created a hair dryer from fresh air she pondered out loud. "I'm going to have to do something extra specially nice for that vampire later tonight but what shall it be?"

The smile broadened as inspiration came to her. "Oh that's just the ticket I'm sure he'll love it."


Showered and changed Spike climbed the steps out of the extended and refurbished expanse of cave that lay beneath his crypt. Satan was waiting for him on the lip of the stairwell, his jaw came down as he looked up. "Bloody 'ell."

Black stilettoes held on with thin straps, pretty toes with red painted nails. Leather pants that looked like they were painted on they were so tight, an inch of bare midriff including the sight of a navel bearing a trident shaped piercing bar, then a tight black tee emblazoned across the very interesting outcrops that marked her cleavage. 'BAD.' Her hair was fastened up threaded with a studded leather head band, her face....Well looking at it Spike anticipated having to fight every man in the Bronze to keep them from flirting with her. *The chips goin' to be a problem.*

Turning Satan gave him the full three sixty. The rounded curvaceous bottom that he'd abused not twenty minutes before looked so cute in the tight restrictions of the leather he almost wanted to tear the pants down and bugger her over the nearest sarcophagus. But he held back restraining himself. *All the same though there's no way 'erself's arse isn't gettin' a good reamin' tonight.*

Just visible at the base of her spine was a small tattoo of three numbers grouped together, six six six. Spike stepped up and stood beside her as she completed her circle. "You look magnificent baby."

"Why thank you dear Spike." She looked him up and down taking in the dark blue tee the black jeans the boots and the coat. "And you look much the same as you have since you invited me back into your unlife. Remind me to take you shopping."

Spike pouted till the devil bent her head a little and connected her scarlet painted lips with his. Teasing she added as the kiss broke. "I'm only joking you look very dishy, I'll be with the most beautiful man in the club."

As time returned to it's true track within the confines of the crypt Spike offered his arm to his lover. "Shall we pet."

Curtseying low Satan slipped her arm inside his and together they headed for the door and whatever adventures the night had to offer.


The Bronze was packed for a Wednesday night, the couple entered the room without any great fanfare and quickly blended in with the throng of young people on the dance floor.

Spike looked round a room full of familiar faces as he danced and gave an inward groan. Over by the bar where a group of trying to fit in guys who might as well have US Army stamped on their foreheads. And over by their usual table where the Slayer, the enormous hall monitor and Willow and that girl she now hung with. Xander and Anya were dancing with their usual exuberance in the middle of the floor. *Great hostile 17 is 'eaded back for the lab just about any second now!*

"Don't be such a silly boy," the lithe figure of Satan rubbed against him hard as she whispered in his ear. "Your dancing with the Princess of Lies, the commandoes will look at you but not know who you are. The Slayer and her friends well....."

She looked him straight in the eye. "Don't you think it's time you introduced me?"

"WHAT!....." Spike noted a circle of stares. "I mean what?"

"Well I don't mean hullo this is Satan she's my girlfriend be nice to me or else. But I'd like to meet the Slayer, this girl you spend so much time thinking about."

"I don't....." Spike saw the look and remembered that Satan could usually read his mind. "But it's only about killin' 'er."

"And turning her and keeping her forever, and doing her every way possible." the devil moved a little closer. "You could have her tonight alive if you're willing to share, I could take control of her mind and draw her to the crypt, we could spend the whole night enjoying her and in the morning she'd leave and just think it was all a bizarre sexy dream."

"No." Spike's demon was jumping up and down in excitement at the thought but the humanity that he'd never lost told him that that wasn't the way. "I'm not goin' to do Buffy through trickery, if I get's it on with her it'll be cause I've broken her resistance down and she's offered me 'er body in exchange for 'er life. Or...."

Spike's voice tailed off as he realized what he had been about to say, then he added. "No I don't love 'er at all, absolute rubbish you suggestin' anythin' of the kind!"

"I never suggested it." Turning Satan ground herself back against the scarcely moving Spike whose hands circled her waist instinctively. "I just said that you thought about her."

"Well she's my enemy, of course I think about her....." The firm ass that was being ground against his crotch was sending the Spike libido into overdrive. Spike backed away defensively and felt something hard ram into his back.

"Hey sorry man." The owner of the elbow exclaimed in a so familiar voice before recognition hit home. "Spike liking the suicidal plan to get re captured by the initiative and sent back to the....."

Xander stopped talking as he realized that Spike had his arms round a woman, a woman with dark hair. Visions of Drusilla closing on him under the influence of Amy's spell filled his head until Satan swung round into view. *Ok so not Drusilla.*

"First off matey if you'd learn to bleedin dance then you wouldn't be walkin' into people, second I ain't worried by any nancyboy commandoes ok."

"Whatever." She didn't look like a vampire, fashionably pale yes but looking very much alive, colour in her cheeks, visibly breathing, and looking him up and down in an un nerving stripping him with her eyes and doing wonderful things to him kind of way. "Errr Hi."

"Hullo." Satan gave Spike a dig with her elbow. "Spike arn't you going to introduce me to your friends."

"Xander this is Sa....Sarah, Sarah this is Xander and his girlfriend Anya." Spike noticed how pale Anya had gone and the way that Satan was looking at her. *Oh shit.*

*Anyanka.* Satan certainly for one second didn't consider herself to be a lower being, but she had been repeatedly amused by Anya's actions down the years, and on a couple of occasions she'd taken the time to use the vengeance demons not unattractive body for her own pleasure. The story of her fall had had most of her fellows in stitches but Satan had just smiled secretly, she hadn't liked Anyanka's brave new world at all, the idea of vampires seizing towns very near to hellmouths wasn't on, it risked the worlds destruction and the loss of her lovely playground. She noted the fear in Anya's eyes and said sweetly. "How charming it is to meet you both, Xander short for Alexander I can guess but Anya what an unusual name."

"It's not shortened." Anya managed somehow to babble out, sweat breaking out on her forehead. "It's all the name I've got."

*Satan, what on earth is Satan doing here, and with Spike. I must get Xander out of here, everyone says how vulnerable he is to demonic types and you don't get more demonic than her. Also I'm scared.* Xander was about to say something Anya grabbed his arm quickly. "Lets go back to the others now Xander, Willow was saying something fascinating to Buffy that I need to ask her about."

Hustled Xander went with, Anya cast a fear filled glance back at Satan and caught a wink and the sight of the lady putting a red nailed finger to her lips. Xander however protested at the virtual dragging. "Hey. I was going to have fun watching Spike's face as I told Sarah that she was dating a vampire."

"And with her dressed like that and the way they were almost mating you think she didn't know?" Anya was panicking quietly, Satan had a notoriously twisted sense of what was funny and the ex-demon could almost picture the range of practical jokes she might face. *And if I tell Xander who she is, he'll tell Buffy, Buffy will try to do something heroic and we'll all die.*

She was also thinking back to a night in 12th Century London and another in 15th Century Muscovy, she really hoped that Satan had forgotten about those. With her steady situation with Xander that would be cheating and anyway she didn't feel particulary Sapphic. *Just my damned luck her turning up.*

*But if you slept with her she might give you your powers back?* A dark section of her brain that still remembered the good old days chimed in. But then the part that had begun to settle into humanity answered. *But how could you stop yourself from hurting Xander in some jealous rage or tantrum, I love him I don't want to be able to turn him inside out for just looking at another woman.*

"But it's dangerous for her, Spike could....." Xander began then paused as realization hit him. "Ok chip so he can't bite her, but still I think Buffy needs to be told."

"Ok I guess, but can we go after that please." Anya really didn't want to be in the same room as Satan if Buffy confronted her. "I'd really like to have sex."

Xander ignored the stares that as usually over loud comment got and just put his arm round Anya's shoulders. As they drew up to the table he noted the usual divide in their group, Buffy looking up into the eyes of Riley Finn from her seat whilst Willow with her back virtually to her talked to Tara. *We're not the closest group of people anymore.*

"Buffy." Xander somehow managed to insert a hand into her one track eyeline. "Spike's here."

"What?" Buffy lost the young love smile that she'd worn all night despite Adam fears. "Is he Jonesin' for a trip back to the lab?"

"He really is a fool coming in here with half the teams over at the bar." Riley from his height looked out over the dance floor and caught a flash of peroxide. "And he's not exactly unnoticeable."

"Well what do we care," Buffy regained her smile. "I mean ok vampires as lab rats leads to uncool results as we've seen, but hey it gets the annoying peroxide mass killer out of my hair."

"But of course he then proceeds to snitch on you for helping him and me for knowing about it." Riley turned his eyes back to his lover and looking down at her suggested. "Maybe you better do something about him."

"Tell him to leave?" Buffy's hand strayed to the bag that was hanging from the side of her chair and Mr Pointy. "Or something more permanent?"

"You can't stake Spike Buffy." Willow interrupted and got a pout in response. "We all agreed he's helpless now and not to be staked. He's not able to hurt us so we shouldn't hurt him."

"He's still a darned vampire." Buffy muttered under her breath catching the frown Willow cast in her direction. "Oh ok, I guess I'll just go tell him to leave."

"If the woman he's with wants him too." Anya just couldn't help herself and had let the words slip out unbidden.

"SPIKE HAS A DATE!" Suddenly not caring about surrounding ear witnesses Buffy shouted the words. Fortunately the music was reasonably loud but still she blushed at the looks she attracted. "Spike has a date?"

"Yes I was getting to that part." Xander had actually been hoping that Buffy might stake Spike and save him from having to tell her. "Seems pretty much not a vampire, beautiful....." He sent Anya an apologetic look but met with an indifferent shrug. "Late twenties I'd say but dressed younger, kind of Faith like but so much classier. And all over Spike in a way that says she's checked out his body temperature."

"Huh!" Buffy stood up slowly. "Your telling me that Spike is involved in some kind of relationship with a human woman?"

"Pretty much." Xander suddenly wanted to be along way away, Anya's earlier offer was sounding better and better. "I believe that kind of things not totally unknown."

"Was that comment aimed at me?" Buffy despite herself gave Xander the very definite look. "Because Angel had....."

"No it wasn't." Xander interrupted conscious of the looks he was getting from others besides Buffy, and the slight confusion on Riley's face, a flush to Buffy's cheeks showed she'd realized her mistake. "It's a thing I've come across a few times during the research but never mentioned it to you cause of ....." He gave a shrug that could only mean Angel.

"Buffy it's out there as fact, there are a few scandalized comments and reports of a trial or two in the older Latin written Watcher diaries and annals." Willow had the urge to mention that Spike was chipped but could see that that wasn't going to be an issue. "What are you going to do?"

Buffy took hold of Riley's hand. "Go dance."


A slower tune saw Satan turn to face her lover and move if anything closer to him. It was fortunate that the dance floor around then was so crowded or the bumps and grinds might have gotten them thrown out for indecency.

Satan spotted Buffy and Riley first. She whispered in his ear. "So that's the enormous hall monitor, actually I think he's rather impressive, big and beefy, I bet he's hung."

"If you like corn fed yokels go ahead." Spike didn't look the though was sickening enough. "But don't tell me you fancy the bloke."

"Nice church going boy, of course I do, I love a challenge." They way she was smiling made Spike hope she was joking. "Contrasting their sizes it's a good job she's the Slayer or otherwise how could she take him all in, oh well if he's a good boy and kisses her for long enough in the right place I'm sure she'd get wet enough. Then there's the actual acts, she's got all that extra strength and endurance and suppleness, and someones been working on him in a naughty drug induced way, I bet they go at it for hours and hours, in all kinds of different positions. I wonder......"

A smile of pure evil crossed Satan's face as a delightfully amusing plan began to form until the sound of vomiting made her abruptly stare at Spike and take her eyes off Buffy.

"I'm sorry." Spike stopped making mock hurling noises. "But to quote the locals, 'make me yack.' I do not need mental images of Gi Joe ploughin' the Slayer thanks all the same. I mean she ought to 'ave better taste."

"Oh like shagging you you ....OWWW!"

Something had connected hard with Satan's right foot. A sharp glance in that direction found her receiving a close quarter view of the apologetic looking face of a petite blonde.

"Oh I'm so very sorry." Buffy was in fact not sorry at all just very teed off that her inner Slayerness wasn't revealing Spike's date to be stakeable by her rather than just by him. "It's so crowded in here and sometimes I can be such a clutz, is your foot ok."

"It's quite fine thank you." The devil glared down at the Slayer. "And on a crowded dance floor these things can happen."

*Ok, posh Giles speaking English lady, whose also a vampire screwin' ho.* Buffy felt something like an icy hand slide down her back, the fact she'd trodden on this woman's toes hard enough to break them added to the slightly sick feeling she was getting added up too. *This woman's not plain old human, there's something else there.*

"Gee that's so understanding......" Buffy broke off for a stare before continuing with faked enthusiasm. "Spike I didn't notice you there, wow it's good to see you."

"Yeah, right." This wasn't right, the Slayer wasn't hitting him. "How you been keeping."

"Very well thanks." She stood there beaming at him all innocent looking and Spike's stomach sank. "Arn't you going to introduce us to your girlfriend?"

"Yeah, Sarah this is Buffy an....." He gave a very grudging glance up. "Riley Finn."

"Pleased to meet you Ma'am." Riley was wishing he'd brought some high tech gadgetry along but on appearances had to credit the woman as being human. And as a result wasn't pleased to meet a beautiful woman so low in self esteem as to be involved with hostile 17. "Spike."

"Now try that once more with feeling mate." Riley was a cornfed Iowan home town boy who wouldn't hit Spike in front of a lady. Or at least that was one Spike hoped. "Because I could positively feel the warmth from you two."

"How sweet of you to say so Spike." Buffy gave the woman who was consorting with her former worst enemy an oh so not fake smile. "Spike and I are old friends," She leaned back in Riley's arms letting her hair hang down behind her. "We go back to when he was a cold blooded killer."

"Well I was hardly qualified to be a hot blooded one now was I peaches." Grinning from ear to ear Spike let his left hand slid down Satan's back and grabbed hold of her leather covered bum. "Not that Sarah here has any problem with my past history."

"As you know very well Buffy cold blooded men can be so hot." Satan began to manouver Spike back. "Which is why we're off now, such a delight to meet you both, bye."

There was a pause as Riley waited for Buffy to spring into action. She didn't. "Your just going to let him go, and what did she mean by 'As you know very well,'?"

"I don't have the faintest and for now she's going but I'll get my licks in later don't you worry." Taking Riley's hand she began to push through the crowd but then as a gap opened in front of her she stopped in her tracks Riley only just avoiding a collision with her. "Woh did you see that?"


Spike concentrating on escorting the woman he'd called Sarah had walked straight into Forrest. He simply looked up and from her limited lip reading capabilities said. "Sorry mate."

And Forrest with a glare just let Hostile 17 walk straight past him.

"We need to go to Giles now." Buffy grabbed Riley's hand and started pushing again. "I tred on her foot so hard I should have cracked bones, I now get to see the results of some Mojo or other, and she definitely knows who I am."

"And we're going to see Giles for?" Riley had intended to take Buffy back to his room and ravish her somewhat post Bronze, however his mission was the fighting of evil. "We have all the information we could need on the computer in the Initiative."

"Do you have 15 volumes of actual mug shots plus dozens of associated volumes of detailed demonic descriptions going back a thousand years?"


As they emerged out onto the street Buffy snuggled up against his side. "That's why we go to see Giles."


"'I'll get my licks in later don't you worry,' you know that might actually be fun." Satan mused from the shadows she and Spike had blended with, being able to read minds across the whole world made for advantageous eavesdropping. "She's rather feisty isn't she and he's such a hunk. I really am going to have fun with those two and the lovenests address is just perfect. So much wickedness went on there in the good old days."

"By which you mean?" But as so very often happened Satan just smiled and made no response to the vampires question. "Oh Satan don't do that."

"What?" She replied innocently, but in response to his pout kissed him on the cheek and added. "Oh come on you know it's less fun if you know. One thing I will say though is that those two are too clever by half and need to be distracted. Do you realize they actually noticed that I'm something not quite human?"

"How is the foot." Sometimes Spike quietly assured himself Satan could be a bit slow. If Buffy saw him having fun it was pretty certain that she'd do everything she could to spoil it. "Maybe you should have faked broken bones and sued the arse off her."

"If I had that much of my valuable time to waste I might, I might do something else to her arse anyway." She offered Spike her hand. "Well now I think we've wasted enough time don't you?"

"Yeah maybe we should." Spike took the hand in his. "We going back in luv."

"Back in the Bronze?" Satan's free hand found it's way to the front of Spike's pants and the bulge her earlier dancing had provoked, she rubbed it lightly. "Oh please it's hardly my scene now is it?"

"Probably not but after all that bloody fuss....." Suddenly Spike found himself back in the crypt. "....And will you bloody well not do that!"

"You prefer to walk, walking would have decreased the time we can spare to have fun?" Suddenly the Devil was handing Spike a pair of dark blue speedo's and a black silk blindfold. "Put those on."

Spike considered refusing or asking why, but what was the use. So as the devil moved around behind him out of sight he stripped and changed as ordered. The devil said nothing until he'd finished tying the blindfold. "Right then let's be off."


The first thing Spike noticed was a very pleasant sensation of warmth all over the front of his body, he took a tentative step forward and felt the crunch of sand under his feet. The sound of water rushing up across sand came from the just in front of him. "Where are we."

"Take off the blindfold and see silly." A voice whispered in his ear.

Spike took the strip of cloth away and saw sunlight.

But there was no smoke.

He was stood on a beach of black sand before him stretched an ocean of green gray waters across which moved random white crested waves heading in towards the beach from where the horizon of a red tinged sky rose up and over him. The sunlight came from a carefully poised ball of literal fire set perhaps a hundred, perhaps a thousand miles away. "Bloody hell."

"It is rather nice isn't it." Spike turned around to find Satan lying on a sun lounger behind him. The clubbing outfit had been replaced by a black bikini, shades rested on her nose, a book marked Jackie Collins and a cocktail sat on a little table beside her. "And who says hell's a nasty horrid place."

"Hell...." Spike looked around himself in awe, dunes and a beach house filled the background, a beach house with a big hammock bed on it's porch. "This can't be, can it?"

"Oh please you don't think I live in the pits full of bubbling sulphur with the customers do you. Their the ones here to be punished not me." She stretched seductively. "I'm hardly the type to wander round jabbing people with red hot pitch forks am I. That's the staff's job. No this is my little get away spot, with different rules so sunlight doesn't burn vampires."

Spike looked at the bikini clinging to his lovers body and decided that this definitely wasn't hell. And he wanted to make it into heaven.

"No." She said reading his intentions. "Here you are in actual sunlight on an actual beach and all you want to do..." Satan ran a hand from an upper thigh up over hip and stomach to cup one of her barely restrained breasts ".....Is fuck me. No your going to have some fun first."

A surf board appeared next to the vampire a wet suit lay on the sand beside it. "There you go and don't worry about the sharks they won't dream of biting you."

"But I can't sur....." Spike felt an annoying little tingle at the back of his neck and knew he could. "But....."

Satan picked up her book. "Go have fun for an hour, run and splash and all that sort of thing. Then you can shag my arse off on that lovely hammock back there and we'll eat and watch my sun set together. Does that sound ok?"

"Ok." Trying not to pout Spike picked up the board and the suit and unsportingly headed for the veranda to change.


Though distance might be growing between the Slayer and her friends she and Riley weren't at Giles on their own for long. Willow arrived shortly after them and a reluctant looking Anya with a tired looking Xander wandered in later.

"So some demon's can look human other than vampires?" Riley as usual was on a steep learning curve. "And if they're not allergic to sunlight can be walking round any town in America. Well that's comforting to know."

"Some can yes," Giles took off his spectacles as he went into lecturer mode. "Some because they are hybrids, some because they naturally look very similar to humans, some because they use magic or sacrifices and rituals to purchase a human appearance."

"And some because they eat parts of dead people." Willow added remembering Oedipus. "Do you remember that talent show guy?"

"How can we ever forget. Never mind the demon the scars of that trauma will be borne for life." Xander barely remembered the bad guy, the guillotine and the dummy he just felt the horror of stage fright. "But Buffster did you notice any Slayer type react when you spoke to her."

"No not really, bit of an icy shiver but no vamp type reaction other than to Spike." Buffy had been looking through the frankly thin numbers of demons human visages mug shots without success. "But nothing that stood up and screamed demon."

"You just got the name Sarah." Giles addressed his question to Xander and the for once quiet Anya. "No hint of a surname that Willow could search for on the dread machine?"

"No it was definitely just plain Sarah." Anya saw the concentration on Xander's face and wished she could get him out of there. "**Wasn't it** Xander!"

"Yeah, kinda, but no wait." There was something about the way Spike had said it. "Sa....Sarah."

"Sa....Sarah?" Buffy closed the useless seeming mugshot book. "So we have a Spike slip, a name that begin's with Sa turned into Sarah. Always assuming I haven't hit him so hard recently that he lisps."

"Or has a stammer." Added the Wiccan who'd reluctantly said goodnight to her so far not included in the group friend. "So we look in the indexes for creatures whose names begin with Sa?"

Realizing that it was going to be along night Giles got up and walked into the kitchen to put on more tea and coffee whilst the slayerettes routed out the relevant books. "Biscuits anyone?"


Spike hadn't had the slightest intention of enjoying himself when Satan had sent him off down the beach with the board. Yet surprisingly enough as he ran back up to the house now with the board under his arm and the water running off him he felt the happiest he had in years. He'd been out in the sunlight fake though it was and the water had been warm. Satan had only taught him the surfing basics too leaving him too progress with practice.

"You know what you could do with putting in here luv." He found her standing on the veranda watching him run up. "A pier."

"Yes, we could go for romantic strolls on it." The Devil was leaning on the rail her cleavage in Spike's face.

"An I could fish off the end." There had been fish in the sea, normal looking ones not demonic monsters of the deep. "Oh don't be lookin' like that luv we can stroll all you like. Meanwhile luv you got a towel or do you want me as I am?"

Satan lent over and ran red nailed fingertips through the vampires blond hair, he was dripping wet but what did that matter. her fingers went back under her long brown hair and found first the bow that fastened the bikini top behind her neck then the one behind her back. Pulling the two triangles of cloth off her body she threw them to the vampire. "See how you get on with that then come and get me."

Spike rubbed the pleasantly warm cloth over his head and then with a whoop went too get.


"Safrazera." Buffy had a definite look of eeeww on her face as she compared the name to a picture in another work. "Two headed lizard demon once only found in the Anseba River valley of Eritrea. Now found in small scattered groups around the world. Can grow to fifteen feet in length. Can only be killed by decapitation but note heads will regenerate if the stumps are not cauterized. Eeeeww I so hope that isn't what Spike's doing it with."

"Well two mouths....." Xander stopped talking and went back to research as everyone looked at him.

"Ignoring the comment Xander just began I don't think that there's any chance that particular kind of demon could pull off the disguise you witnessed." Giles had seen the stuffed remnants of just such a creature in the Cellars of the Watchers Council's Chapterhouse as a boy and not gone out after dark for a week. "What's the next one."

"Satan, see also the Devil ect etc. Mythical embodiment of Evil of both Christian and Islamic Faiths...blah blah....fallen Angel, known as the Prince of Lies because......." Buffy looked up. "Guy, therefore not Sarah even if he did exist."

"Yes but you know bible written by Patriarcle societies and women kept in place." Willow interjected before Giles could say a word. "The Devil could just as easily be a female personification of evil."

"Yes she could but could you really see Ms High and Mighty evil slumming it with a low life like Spike." Xander also raced to beat Giles to it. "I mean please as if....."

Buffy started laughing first and pretty soon everyone else was joining in.


"'Ere what are you....." Spike's actively moving and well lubricated penis was currently encased inside the incredibly tight muscles of the devils back passage. His earlier fantasy having been permitted to come true. ".......Laughin' about?"

Satan who had already been brought to orgasm with oral and virginal sex was very near to her third climax, still she managed to stop giggling and gasp out. "Something I just heard."

"That's.....that's the 'eight of....rudeness." Spike had been right down his lovers throat when he came the first time and buried in her slick core the second. Now the grip she was exerting on each inward thrust had him very near the edge. "Listening too other peoples...."

The Devil went into orgasm the frantic movements of her ass and the tightening of her sphincter causing Spike to orgasm with her and shoot cold vampire semen into her warm depths. Her groans of passion ended with the shock of the discharge and she half shouted in ecstacy. "Oh you kinky bugger.....!"


Buffy looked at the clock on the mantlepiece and sighed. "Two hours and a big fat spanking zero to show for it. We've still not so much as a clue as to who Spike's chick is."

"We are sure she not just some skanky human girl who likes vampires." Willow asked before the implication of her words hit her, but with Riley there and him still no knowing she couldn't clarify with a. 'Ones who don't have soul's.'

The Slayer's smile though indicated that she understood. "It's possible that she's human and just has toes of iron but I doubt it. I really wish I had stepped just a little bit harder...." She tailed off at a cough from an obviously disapproving Giles.

"Look guys why are we going through all this when the solutions so obvious." Xander threw the current work he was struggling through onto the coffee table in disgust.

"And that would be?" Giles was willing to try anything at that moment.

"Kidnap Spike, torture Spike, get the truth out of him!"

"Can we do that?" Buffy addressed herself to the group. "Because too me it sounds like fun."

"We couldn't just threaten to torture him could we." The Wiccan looked around her at the faces of her friends. "I mean we are the good guys after all."

"Yes though I hate to say it." Giles had kept the events in the costume shop to himself. "You are, I'd be more than willing to speak to him alone for you though."

"There are other ways, we have some drugs available for our work that will make people and demons more talkative." Wearing the slightly embarrassed look of the person about to propose theft from the tax payer Riley went on. "A couple of viles and a syringe could always go missing?"


Lying side by side Spike and the Devil watched the sun set over her artificial vacation paradise from the veranda bed. "That's very pretty luv, you wouldn't even guess it wasn't real."

"Well red sky is easy down here." Satan replied only half listening. "Oh that is so very sneaky, darn't face me so they pick on you instead!"

"Eh." Spike bent his head forward slightly and kissed her shoulder, Satan was in front of him and he couldn't see her face. "Are you off somewhere else again darlin'?"

"Oh this whole introduce me to your friends idea is proving to be very boring. Those petty little mortals. Still that's soon fixed." She remembered seeing Riley and Buffy at the Bronze together though and smiled as she though. *But that doesn't mean that I won't be having any fun.*

"Fixed 'ow?"

Satan suppressed a sigh at the concern in Spike's voice. "None fatally of course Mr Love My Enemy. You'll see."


Riley picked up the vial of truth serum VIII from one of the shelves in the supply room that he'd snook into, he looked at it then put it down and looked around him. "What the hell am I doing in here?"


Giles rubbed his eyes tired from concentrating on the notes he was working on. There were a lot of possibilities out there but he seemed to be making progress in identifying Spike's new girlfriend.

Then he looked back down at the blank sheets of paper and the pen in his hand.

"What on earth was I doing?"


Buffy snook towards Spike's crypt moving from gravestone to gravestone. She wasn't doing it out of any fear of Spike just because it seemed to be expected and it was fun to play spy girl. Her mission was to sneak up and peak in and check the crypt out if Spike free for any personal possessions of his. 'Skanky human ho.'

Just a little further, Buffy ran into the shadows down one side of the crypts wall. Then snook round the corner and placed her hand on the battered metal of the door.

A haze seemed to pass over her eyes for a fleeting second. Then she snatched her fingers back as if the metal was read hot. *What the hell are you doing.* She though as she backed away eyes wild. *Why are you trying to sneak into Spike's crypt?*


Willow who had just fallen off to sleep barely noticed her memories of discussions of Spike's new thing disappearing, she was dreaming about Oz coming back and apologizing to her, then making it all better.


Anya felt the magic and realized what it was. She knew instantly that Xander had just forgotten everything about Satan.

But she hadn't.

Careful not to wake the boy lying beside her she whispered to the ceiling. "Why?"

*Dear Anyanka where would the fun be in letting you off the hook.* Satan's words were only audible in Anya's head. *Now don't forget no telling, I'll adore watching you squirm every time Spike get's mentioned, and knowing the kinds of things I could be up to around you. Anyway goodnight, mortal!*

A tear ran down Anya's cheek as she realized Satan wasn't going to help her get her powers back. She had just been doomed to die.


"Well that's that taken care of then." Night had fallen and the lights had gone on in the house behind them. Satan stretched her naked body back against Spike's and turned to face him. "Your all safe again. Your friends are fun though."

"Bunch of bleedin' do gooders but I'd still prefer 'em not to get 'urt." He grinned. "Unless it's by me an' I can turn 'em afterwards."

"Quite so." Satan kissed his lips fleetingly. "And if I don't physically hurt them can I play with them a little?"

Spike reflected on the way that they had treated him since he had been chipped and grinned again.

"Be my guest."

The End