First Base

by John Cope
SITCOA: Buffy's Vacation 2

The formerly quiet club Spike sat in was noisy tonight, which was pretty much a good thing if one considered that it was the opening night for the new extended Palomino Club.

Spike looked round the crowded room and felt a slight surge of pride, the Palomino was reborn with nearly ten times the space it had once had and a whole lot of new patrons. The bar for vampires and their human favourites to hang in had grown into LA's newest night club, still fairly discrete and low key but packed to the rafters it seemed with 'Punters'.

The till was ringing and the band was playing. People were dancing and chatting and drinking and having a great time. The vampires on pain of painful death were behaving themselves and Browne hadn't had to kill anything yet. And so far none of the new human customers had screamed, bled or died......though the night was admittedly still young, but so far as opening nights went it couldn't get any better.

*Yes it could mate and you know it.* His demon furiously told him. *You could be in the upstairs office shaggin' Buffy, you could be in a cubicle in the kharzi's shaggin' Buffy, you could be behind the bar servin' drinks with Buffy on her knees in front of you givin' you a slow blow. You could be a long way from here in the dungeon with Buffy naked and chained to the ceiling her legs wrapped round your waist whilst you......*

"Alright" Spike hissed out loud, startling a couple who where in earshot. He smiled nervously and looked away. It had been nearly forty hours since he'd had sex with Buffy. He was desperate for it. He was positively gagging.

He had danced with some of the girls of his casual acquaintance. He had dragged a shy blushing Tara onto the dance floor and followed that with a rather more willing Red. (And he'd wanted to blush remembering her pert breasts naked in the Bronze in alternate Sunnydale). A couple of times she'd brushed against him due to the crowdedness of the dance floor and he'd almost taken his mind of Buffy.


She he could not dance with this had been made plain. He'd chatted to her about it earlier in the day when she'd dropped by the office to see if anything needed slaying. He'd asked her and her pals to his opening night. "We can have a gay old time on the dance floor luv if you like, then maybe a close dance or two too the slower numbers at the end?"

"In front of Willow." The horror in her voice sent Spike's hopes crashing round his ankles. "Are you crazy?"

"Why not?" he whispered. "Who is she, it's not like she's your Mum?"

"If she watches us dance together, if she see's the way we move." There was an edge of guilt in her voice. "Then she'll know I've cheated on Angel."

*Cheated on Angel!* Spike, hating the sound of that name,got a little angry. "Well hell pet she's your best mate it's not like she'd bloody tell!"

"I know she wouldn't....." Buffy paused wishing Spike wouldn't make it so hard to be good. Wasn't her guilt about cheating on Angel bad enough without her guilt about not treating Spike to the affection he deserved on top? "Look I don't need my best friend feeling bad for me and you and Angel. It would hurt her having to know that, and that would be a wrong thing to do."

"I see. I'm just a quick fuck whenever you have the time." Her face crumpled and she looked down, Spike seeing the hurt he'd caused almost wished he had a stake to use on himself and reached out a hand to her. "I don't mean that kitten you know......"

"Don't you?" She didn't take his hand. "I do what I can to fit you into my life Spike, and I'm sorry if I cause you pain, but don't you think I suffer from it too? There's not a day goes by that I don't think about you, and that I don't want you, but I can't hurt Angel again. I just can't!"

And before he could say anything to stop her she was out through the door and gone.

He hadn't expected her to show tonight but she had and brought her not exactly uncute friends with her. Two single girls a single vampire should be happy to make friends and maybe even time with. If that was he wasn't totally in love with someone else to the extent that even his demon rejected the competition.

*It's the red halter top that's doin' it mate.* He stole a glance at her as she danced. Her beautifully muscled back and shoulders were bare except for a few pieces of red string. And the black pants she was wearing......Well sprayed-on was one way to put it.

The lucky bastard she was dancing with bent to speak into her ear and he watched her laugh then kiss his cheek. *I'm going to rip that ugly Anglo Indian bastard a new.....somethin' for this!*

Buffy was dancing with Browne.

Buffy was scantily dressed and dancing with Browne.

Had she no shame, no feeling for him, for his Sire? Here she was, dressed like a scarlet woman. *Bloody 'ell she looks great in red.* Dancing with a guy old enough to be her father. *If 'e'd got lucky at an early age."

*I know he's always fancied her.* The glass in his hand shook under the pressure of his whitened knuckles. *And I bet with all 'is generosity and kindness and support he's won her over and she's about to lead 'im off by the hand to some secluded spot and let him try out all sorts of mucky Eastern tricks on her lithe, nubile, teenaged body.*

Buffy took Browne's hand and led him off the dance floor. Spike's glass very nearly broke.

Buffy took Browne's hand and led him off the dance floor towards Spike's table. Spike's glass nearly dropped from suddenly nerveless fingers. *She's coming over, oh Christ.*

"Hey Spike great opening night." She shouted to him over the music, Browne beaming at the couple from behind her. "I've got to say you two boys have done a brilliant job here. I really like this place."

"" Spike managed to mumble realizing as he did so that greater effort was most definitely required. "You an' the girls enjoying yourselves?"

"We sure are." Buffy could see she was going to have to do the girl thing and make the peace. "I've danced, I've chatted to some nice scared vampires and I've been woo'ed...."

"What?" Spike looked his partner in the eye. "I knew it you rat bastard you've been after 'er from day one, you just wait till I next speak to Jeannie!"

"What the fuck are you....." Browne began to move forward only to find a Slayers hand pushing him back.

"Woo'ed for you, you blonde jerk!" Buffy abandoned peace making and gave Spike the look. "Browne was telling me that I shouldn't be so mean to you, that Willow won't get any ideas if I dance one dance with you. Browne was trying to be nice to you William!"

"And now Browne knows that 'e lives with a grass." The vetala knew a good hand when he'd been dealt it. "A bloke what would snitch on 'is mate like a shot....Maybe I should leave you to fuck up your own love life in future."

"I'm sorry," was all Spike could say as he was taken by the hand and led past Browne towards the dance floor. "I didn't really mean it."

"Oh so that's why you sounded like you meant it?" Buffy turned him to face her and began to move slowly. "You're such a bad man, willing to snitch on a friend to his girl. Isn't that like a capital offence among guys?"

"I was angry." Spike was dancing in a distracted way tormented by guilt and the sight of a tightly clothed Buffy. "I spoke in haste, it's not like I'd really step outside the code."

"The code?" Buffy danced a little closer brushing her body against his. "Guy or vampire?"

"Both." He tried to close the remaining three inches of space only to see Buffy retreat the same distance with a half-smile. "Oh kitten."

"Not here." She gently ran her fingers down his right arm from the biceps to the wrist. "But I'm going to get away from my house guests and I'll dance with you."

"Vertical?" he asked, a broad grin replacing the look of misery he'd worn most of the night. "Or....."

"Horizontal." She responded giving him the other more special look. "And naked, without any clothing at all."

"And you're not worried about Willow?" he asked over her shoulder as she turned moving closer so she could lean back on the result of her promise. "Maybe finding out?"

"Risk worth taking.....oh you're keen." Her butt was pressed against him and she ground her hips just a little glancing around for any sign of Wiccans. "Is that a stake in your pocket?"

"No I'm just pleased to see you." He laughed along with her, pleased that the hatchet was buried.

"Anyway Willow's in contravention of the girl code." Buffy let slip then cursed mentally as she realized that now so was she. "Errrrrh....."

"Why what's she done?" Spike might have a firm distraction pressed against him but that still hadn't stopped him from catching the Slayers slip. "Come on kitten you can tell me."

*Hell,* Shrugging Buffy turned and drew Spike closer. "Well I guess there's no harm. I think she has a new hottie that she's not told me about."

"What you think she's over Oz?"

"Yep." Buffy was a little sad that that true love was maybe ended but still happy for her friend to have been rescued from the moping. "I heard her talking with Tara about maybe getting past first base, suggesting new hottie loud and clear to me."

"Oh really." Now Spike was not a vampire given to leaping to conclusions but earlier he had seen Willow take Tara's hand and been almost surprised by the tenderness of it. Now loud bells started ringing but if Willow hadn't told Buffy it wasn't for him to go casting a cat amongst the pigeons. And anyway. "But why would she want to play baseball with h...him?"

"Baseball?" Buffy smiled up at him only adding to his confusion. "First base Spike, it's euphothingie, for smoochie's."

"Oh right and fourth base would be?" His eyebrows wiggled suggestively. "Or is that a home run?"

"It can be both, a home run is when you're way keen." A wicked plan began to form in Buffy's mind. "Spike do you like role play, and sex games?"

"They can be fun." Spike drew her of the dance floor to a quieter corner. Concern for Willow seeing her diminished she let herself be lead. "What have you got in mind?"

"I want you to meet a friend of mine." Standing on tiptoe she got as close to whispering as she could over the music. "Betty Louise Plotnik of East Cupcake Illinois. She's a shy innocent girl whose just arrived in LA to go to College."


"Poor girl's never even gotten to first." Buffy shook her head sadly. "And she's so pretty too."

"Oh dearie me the poor deprived lamb." Spike shook his head as he considered the plight of the lovesick girl. "I must assist her with her education. Give her the address of the cellar kitten and I'll see what I can do."

"The cellar?" Buffy raised an imperious eyebrow. "Are you trying to give my poor friend the wig? One look at those nasty whips you have in there would make her run away and cry. No you give me the address of a nicer hideout."

*She really is going to play this seriously.* Spike hastily riffled through a metal list of properties before coming up with one. "I'll ring and leave a message on your cell phone tomorrow telling you where to send your friend too. We don't want written evidence left around the place do we?"

"She'll be there at two and stay till six, I'll leave a message on your cellular detailing your character." She took in the clothes he'd worn ever since she'd first tried to kill him with a glance. "Please try to dress like it."

"You mean I've got too...." Spike suddenly realized that the words. 'Dress up like some ponce.' Might well deprive him of an afternoon of fun. "Get into character, sounds like a good plan, who am I going to be?"

"I'll tell you tomorrow." A swift glance round reveled no Willow or Tara still so Buffy standing on tip toe to close the seven-inch gap between her mouth and her lovers rose to kiss him before adding. "But remember treat my friend nice, no bondage, no asking to spank her, none of this kinky stuff that seems to have rotted your brain."

"I promise kitten I'll behave." Sections of Spike's brain screamed that his character was being derided, that it was all her fault for offering him a chance to spank her after the slap. But the majority pointed out that she was offering him good loving and with a twist of him having to play at seducing her first. "I'll treat dear Betty real nice."

"I'll ring her when I get home then." Buffy blew him a kiss. "I best go find Willow now. Goodnight William."

"Goodnight Princess........I'll see you tomorrow." Spike grinned broader than he had all day. "Or should I say I'll see Betty?"

Part Two

Trying not to get too flustered, Spike dashed around the apartment tidying.

The place wasn't exactly a tip but he wanted everything to be nice for the Slayer who would be arriving in ten minutes or so's time. The hideout was hardly a hideout, it was in a nice building in Santa Monica, his registered address in fact a rent-controlled building owned by the Studio that had come to him with the contract. The windows were professionally sunproofed and he was the only tenant who knew about the secret door that led to down to the sewers and had the key to it.

Though he preferred to sleep in the basement under the office sometimes he needed to get away and this was the quiet spot to which he usually came. Browne used his studio provided apartment for liasons with Jeannie, Spike occupied his when he wanted to be alone.

But now was not such a time, now he was here because the building was an ideal location for a game of seduction. Buffy wanted somewhere nice to meet and this was it. He only hoped she'd like the gaffe. Secondly he only hoped she'd show, if some Willow commitment held her up after the trouble he'd been too he'd be heart broken.

He'd got here straight after he received Buffy's call with his character, she'd already retrieved the address details and had expressed surprise at the high class address in her message. Again he didn't know whether to feel insulted or not at the implication but decided not too offence for what seemed the thirtieth time that week. *I fink she fink's I can't be classie! Me not classie, I'll show 'er!*

A bemused Cordelia had shopped for the vampire that morning and now the seldom used for anything but blood refrigerator contained sodas, low fat yougurt and the makings for ham and salad sandwiches.

Buffy didn't drink so the wine he might have bought for any other guest was still in the store, but he had a red rose in a tall flute glass on the table and a gold necklace he'd acquired a couple of weeks before whilst doing some heavy duty moping in his jacket pocket.

His tweed jacket.

TA. First of all what the hell was a TA? Initially he'd thought she meant Territorial Army and wondered what the hell that had to do with College. Then he remembered the idiot commandos who'd been posing as teachers assistants.

How did teachers dress?

He'd had to raid Browne's wardrobe but he'd found it. A grey tweed jacket, a pale blue shirt and navy pants. Only the first garment was Brown's thank god and he hoped the mismatched colours fitted in with his character.

"Okay books on the table, food in the fridge, no sunlight, sheets on the bed clean and turned back for rapid access, I'm ready." The knock on the door was sudden and unexpected. "Oh crap I'm not ready."

He swung round checking that all the cushions were on their allocated chairs and that there was no visible dust. *Well mate 'ere goes.*

Spike moved swiftly and opened the door.

And his jaw dropped.

Buffy's mouth was dry as she stood waiting but her gusset was wet so these were good signs. She was going to be screwed by Spike, she liked being screwed by Spike. But she was going to make that vampire work first though.

The apartment block was nice, the lobby was beautifully decorated and luxury itself. The ladies washroom she'd changed in had to be the cleanest public facility she'd ever been in. But now here she was in front of his door ready for action.

It opened fast and her eyebrows rose. *Tweed! I said TA not teacher!*

*Pigtails! Sneakers! A teeshirt and jeans, jeans with white ankle socks! Oh god she looks like innocence itself and you forget how young she is.* Spike had never seen Buffy in pigtails before, Spike had never seen Buffy dressed quite so School girlie before. Spike's reaction though concealed by the jacket was very un-teacher like.

*Ok so maybe we skip the TA and have him as a hot young faculty member just graduated from teacher training, yep that's do-able.* She smiled that famous half-smile, then frowned again. *Why are we standing here like this, and is that drool necessary?"

*Say somethin' you great steamin' berk.* Spike screamed at himself. Buffy was standing there holding an armful of books and looked tired, like she needed to lie down, very very soon. *Right here goes.*

"Hi Betty my names William Everidge, I'm to be your tutor......" She was laughing at him. "What's the funny kitten, if you're not going to play...."

"Sorry." Somehow Buffy got herself back under control. "But why are you talking in that funny accent?"

"Funny accent?" Spike realized he was standing in a corridor having a private conversation and drew Buffy into the room shutting the door behind her. "That's my American accent, what's wrong don't you like it?"

"That's an American accent?" She started to giggle again before realizing she was ruining the potential mood. "Spike you can be English and still work in a US College. So be English ok?"

"Ok." Mildly petulant Spike agreed but only on the basis that Buffy was looking so sweet. "Like I was saying I'm to be your tutor in English literature, shall we take a seat at the table over there and get to work."

"Sure." The flat was open plan, the kitchen and dining area at one end and the centre sparsely furnished with a three piece suite and table plus two comfie bean bags. There was a TV and VCR in an alcove in the wall. and over to the side a surprisingly well-stocked bookcase with a second table beside it. The bedroom door she noted was open and the bed ready for action. "It's real nice of you to help me like this."

"Oh you're welcome Betty, after all this is what I'm paid for." He grinned as he felt himself getting into character. "So what is it your studying that's causing the trouble?"

"The sonnets." She had racked her memories of English classes and come up with that. "You know Billy Shakespeare's works."

Guiding her to a chair Spike picked his complete works of William S and opened at the marker. "I know them well, why don't we try reading some? I know let's start with number 18 eh, shall I read?"

*Huh! Hey this isn't supposed to be school.* But since Spike intended to take this so seriously she might as well play along. "Ok shoot....William."

Coughing to clear his throat Spike began slowly.

"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Thou art more lovely and more temperate:

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,

And summers lease hath all to short a date:"

Buffy almost gasped aloud at the intensity with which the vampire spoke. Her right hand drifted towards his left which held the heavy book open.

"Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,

And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;

And every fair from fair sometime declines,

By chance, or nature's changing course untrimm'd;"

*Oh my!* Her fingers gently touched his but he did not look up.

"But thy eternal summer shall not fade,

Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st,

Nor shall death brag thou wander'st in his shade,

When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st;

So long as man can breathe, or eyes can see,

So long lives this, and this gives life to thee."

"Spike.....I mean William that was beautiful, and it used thou, which can be good." Buffy managed to say after a second or two's struggle to recover her voice. Blushing, she moved her hand further and he moved his fingers slightly to let hers slip around his. "And I shouldn't be holding your hand."

"That's alright Betty, it's a very emotional piece." He felt his heart almost beat at how moved she seemed to be, it was almost as if the shyness was real and not acting. She looked so innocent dressed how she was, not the leather clad vampiress or the halter top wearing demon possessed girl he'd seen last night. *Is exorcism always a crime?*

He gave her fingers a soft squeeze. "Maybe you should read that to your boyfriend."

"I don't have one." She hung her head just a little. "I only just moved to LA."

"Oh I bet the boys in Illinois must be missing a pretty little thing like you." She blushed again as he spoke. "I'm surprised they let you leave."

"They barely looked at me, I was too clever and not a cheerleader or something like that. It was terrible." She looked up at him intently as she prepared to play her card. "You know I'm nineteen and I've never even made it to first base."

"First base?" Spike knew the telling line when he was thrown it. *And it's why you were supposed to be English you prat!* "Sorry Betty I'm a little confused on baseball terms still, was the problem your swing?"

"Oh I'm sorry." Buffy leaned a little closer and gently ever so very gently kissed Spike on the lips for a fleeting second. "First base."

Then she put her hands to her mouth before coyly whispering. "Oh I'm so sorry William I don't know what came over me."

"We really shouldn't but....." Raising in his chair he ran his hand up over her shoulder and leaning forward caught her mouth with his for a long powerful kiss. Her mouth opened without resistance and his tongue gained entry. Her response's were brief and tentative her hands resting on his chest. Realizing that she still wanted to play he broke free not caring about the line of spit that opened out between them and went on. "I think you'll find that's actually first base Kitten."

"Oh." Buffy blinked startled at how overwhelmed she felt by the contact, her fingers ran over the jacket to the back of Spike's neck. "It was even nicer than I thought it might be."

"Shall we get a little more comfortable pet?" He stood back and quickly lost the jacket whilst Buffy looked at him all wide eyed and innocent. "Let's go sit on the couch shall we."

"I dunno if we should." Loving her role Buffy continued to pad. "We've only just met. I'm really not the kind of girl who goes rushing into relationships."

*What!* This was not exactly what Spike had wanted to hear. They didn't exactly have all day but before he was forced to come up with a line she added. "But first base does seem nice."

"Well you come and sit next to me and we'll see if we can make it nicer." He held out a hand which with feigned and almost convincing reluctance she took it and followed him over to the couch. Spike sat and patted the seat beside him. "Get yourself comfie there Betty and we'll work on first base a little more.

Feigning nervousness Buffy caught one of her pig tails and brought it round to her lips. Chewing very slightly she looked at him coyly unaware of how close she was to being seized stripped and taken over the sofa as he took in the gesture. "Wouldn't it be nicer if I sat," she stepped round and sat down on his knees, "here?"

"Errrrm yes it would." Spike's demon was telling him to screw the silly games and take her. But he could see that she was enjoying herself. He brought his hands up resting one on the denim covering her thighs and placed the other in the small of her back. "Put your arms round my neck Betty, you can be in charge."

*Jesus Christ girl we don't have all freakin' day!* An increasingly frustrated demoness shouted. *Stop playing these stupid kids games and fuck him already!*

But Buffy was having fun and ignoring the demonesses complaints. Softly she kissed the vampire her fingers caressing the back of his neck as his tongue clashed lightly with hers. Then she felt his hand start to roam up her leg and then up across her stomach towards her breasts, breaking her mouth free of his she looked at him with mock anger in her eyes. "Hey stop trying to steal second!"

"Is this second?" He grinned and the hand which she wasn't trying to stop kept moving to cup her right breast and give it a gently squeeze through her tee and bra. The nipple was already hard enough to feel through both garments and he gave it an experimental rub with his thumb. "You enjoyed first so much why not try second?"

"I dunno." Buffy bit her lip to keep from moaning as Spike applied gently pressure to her peak. *I don't think I should go to second with a boy who's not met Mom and Dad."

"Oh Princess." He kissed her again his fingers and thumb not halting their administrations. The fingers of his other hand wormed their way under her shirt to caress the bare skin at the base of her spine. "Illinois is such a long way to go, lets get to know each other first eh then let your parents know?"

"Well....I guess." Leaning back she brought her right hand round from Spike's shoulder to his chest and began to play with the top button of his shirt. "Would it be okay if I get to second too?"

*Oh please baby go straight for third.* Spike wanted to scream but didn't, instead taking a firm grip on the material either side of the row of button holes and pulling it hard sending buttons flying. "Help yourself pet."

His hands headed straight back to their recently achieved destination only to be intercepted by Buffy's.

"Let me take my shirt off too." Wanting to get on with things Buffy pulled the white cotton garment up over her head and threw it over her shoulder. Her bra was cream silk and clasped at the front, semi transparent it certainly didn't look like the underware of a farm girl from Illinois. "You don't think this looks skanky do you? My aunt bought it for me as a surprise."

"Nice one auntie." Spike felt her fingers brush his nipples and trace down over his ribs. "Kitten turn to face away from me, let me show you second base!"

Grinning Buffy let herself be turned so that she was sat straight along his legs her bottom resting in his lap on something that would have made Betty squeak with fright but just made Buffy wriggle in a nice way. "Be gentle with me please."

"Arn't I always?" Opening the front clasp Spike drew the thin whisps of silk aside and slid the flimsy garment off down his lovers arms leaving her half naked. He traced is fingers up her back and then round under her arms to cup her breasts gently.

He began a soft teasing motion with his finger tips on the skin on the underside of her breasts gently caressing her in circular motions his fingers closing with her erect nipples but not quite touching them. She moaned as the teasing had it's effect and the dampness at her core became a flood of heat. "Oh please Spike!"

Heeding her obvious but unspoken need Spike brushed his thumbs over her areolas bringing a hiss of pleasure from Buffy's lips. She began to retaliate opening her legs and working her hips gently grinding her ass into his groin, the lap dance was more than having its effect. Spike was really starting to think about third.

Fun was being had with the game it was true but Buffy wanted more. Spike's expert ministrations to her sensitive nipples was sending a firestorm of lust up and down Buffy's spine, her nimble fingers found the buttons of her jeans and she quickly popped them and slipped her fingers inside rubbing her clit very gently through the silk of her panties. "Soooo good."

"Kitten." The smell of Buffy's arousal was filling Spike's nostrils. "Getting to third on your own could be called cheatin' you know?"

"Well get there for me," she whispered looking back over her shoulder. "In fact let me kneel next to you and get some action of my own."

With some faint reluctance Spike let go of her breasts so she could stand. Bending swiftly Buffy untied the laces of her sneakers and pulled them off, then pulled her jeans down trying to get out of them without falling on her face as she did so proved to be an effort. "Let me help."

Turning she saw Spike standing just behind her stripped to the waist. "Sit on the couch kitten and I'll do the honours."

Since it was that or risk falling at her lover's feet in a most unseemly way Buffy sat. Spike raised her legs and had her jeans off over her ankles in seconds. "Now then.....Betty what would you like me to do next?"

"Well let me see." Playing ideally with her pigtails Buffy eyed the vampire up and down. "I've never seen a naked man in my whole life, do you suppose you could possibly take off all your clothes for me?"

"I don't see any reason why not. Trade you for those knickers eh?"

"Oh Mr...." Buffy gently hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the pants. "You're nasty."

"Wait and see how much." He grinned as he unfastened his trousers revealing his commando like state.

"Oh my!" Letting the silk go Buffy brought her hands up to her mouth. "Oh my that's way bigger than I dreamed it could be, there's no way I can take all that inside me."

*Oh I like this game.* Spike swaggering a little approached her and very gently took hold of her right wrist drawing her small delicate hand away from her face. "Third base baby, why don't you slide home?"

Gently biting her lip with fake nervousness Buffy let her hand be guided till the tips of her fingers were touching the glistening tip of his glans. "So do I just....." She closed her fingers round his shaft and pumped gently. "Do this?"

"That's the ticket....." His hand released her wrist and he traced his palm from her shoulder down over her breasts and stomach to the damp silk at the junction of her legs. "And I do this."

His fingers gently eased the gusset to one side and traced along her sex, he teased again her simply caressing her labia not touching her clit or penetrating her, leaving her passion to build slowly, hoping to hear her say the word that shortly came from her lips.


"Please what kitten?" She stroked him harder bringing a hiss from his lips. "Ask me properly what you want me to do."

"Put you fingers in me," she answered voice low and full of passion. "Fuck me with your fingers Spike!"

"Your wish," he parted the lips of her hot wet sex and slowly and carefully wormed a digit inside. "Is my command.......hold on kitten!"

"What?" Why was Spike acting so shocked Buffy was rather to interested in the sensations she was feeling to care. "What's the problem?"

"I thought you said you'd never even made it to first and here you are not a virgin." Spike probbed a little deeper into her core. "Curious that ain't it bearin' in mind how sweet and innocent Buffy said you were."

A naughty grin crossed Buffy's face. "Well Buffy's Mom and my Mom are old friends and I'm supposed to be this sweet country gal, course what Buffy doesn't know is I had to leave Cupcake after a scandal when I was caught buck naked being pleasured by three boys at once in the bleachers by the High School baseball park."


"Yep, three." Buffy leant forward and ran her tongue lightly along the underside of Spike's erection. "Mom was hardly going to tell Joyce about that now was she."

"No I guess not," Spike inserted a second finger and began to pump into Buffy whilst gently manipulating her nubbin with his thumb. "But did Buffy mention...." He morphed suddenly careful that his claws didn't hurt his lover as he did so. "That I'm a blood thirsty vampire?"

"Oh my." Buffy put the palm of the hand that wasn't stroking Spike's erection to her mouth in mock horror. "How can she have been so forgetful, ohhhh Spike a little faster, eeerrr how could she have put me in this terrible predicament."

"Fear not fair lady, for though normally I'd have to tear open your throat and drink your blood today I'm prepared to let you off with a damn good shagging."

"What a relief." Buffy smiled as her hand released Spike's cock and she went to pull down her panties. "I'm more than......hey neanderthal vampire.....what the hell!"

Being suddenly picked up and slung over her lover's shoulder wasn't a new experience for Buffy Angel having done it a couple of times. And though true she was nearer the carpet by two or three inches she still didn't like it one bit. "Put me down or I'll bite you on the butt."

"You can't reach mine pet." There was a crack like a pistol shot and a yelp from the Slayer as Spike paused on his journey to the bed to spank her with his free hand. "But I can sure reach yours."

"Beast!" Naughty memories stirred of the time she'd let Angel put her across his knee, he hadn't hit her anywhere near as hard as that though. "Put me down or....."

She landed on a soft mattress as Spike semi threw her onto the bed. "...Else."

"You'll beat me to a bloody pulp." Buffy pouted for a second, but only for a second as Spike stood over her naked, beautiful, and oh so very ready.

"I could, or I could fuck you to death, your choice?"

Spike glanced at a wall clock as he stepped forward. "You have under three hours left Slayer, you really reckon you could."

Rolling back a little Buffy lifted her legs so that her feet rested on Spike's chest. "Well if I don't manage it today then I'll have to come back here again sometime." He stood looking at her as with a smile she added. "Come on Spike what are you waiting for."

Kneeling on the bed Spike guided himself into Buffy's hot wet cleft, she was amply prepared and he slowly slid home even as her stocking clad feet came to rest on his shoulders. Her legs were almost together making her feel even tighter than usual and for a second or three he revealed in the warmth of her body as it encompassed his cold flesh. Then slowly he withdrew and thrust home beginning a steady rhythm. "Fourth base pet, feels fantastic, you feel so good.."

Buffy groaned and let her head fall back, she had been burning to experience this sensation all day, she didn't know how she'd managed to hold out whilst they played their roles. She squeezed in time with his thrusts knowing her orgasm wouldn't be long in coming and wanting him to cum with her. "Faster Spike please!"

She'd teased him for too long, Spike could feel his orgasm building at a fast rate. Running his right hand down her smooth legs he'd delved between them his sensitive fingers finding her nubbin and rubbing it sending shockwaves of lust through her body. "Cum for me Spike.....Oh please now."

As she gasped in her own orgasm Buffy felt Spike lose himself, his cold seed flooding her depths. *I love fourth base.* Was all she could think as orgasm raged through her taking all others thoughts away.


Exhausted by two hours of sex the couple lay together chatting quietly. Kissing and caressing still but not needing to go on any longer.

Still naked save for the necklace Spike had remembered ten minutes before, Buffy ached pleasantly in all the right places. This state especially applied to one of her inner thighs where after a good deal of pleading Spike had bitten her just so she could see if it still made her orgasm.

It hadn't, it had turned her on incredibly as Spike sucked a couple of cup fulls of her rich blood, his tongue and teeth had then moved a couple of inches north and gotten her off in seconds but the biting itself hadn't been enough. *Sad I really used to like those multiples.*

Spike had drunk her blood.

Spike had drunk a Slayer's blood.

Buffy had had a very busy time that afternoon with a vampire whose sex drive had gone into overdrive as a result of the powerful aphrodisiac.

*Something to remember: want a vampire to give it to you all day and night let him bite you just a little first.* She pouted to herself. *Pity I can't get Angel to take even a little nip.*

She'd discovered why Spike had looked at her pigtails with such a stunned expression on his face when she'd arrived as soon as she started to blow him. He hadn't had to plead for long before she agreed to let him guide her head very gently with them, fucking her mouth with slow easy strokes. *I might have to do that again too, he didn't make me choke once he's such a sweet demon.*

She'd spotted the mirror on the front of the wardrobe as Spike was just beginning to flag. For all that the blood was still pumping through his slow circulation and he hadn't taken much oral encouragement to be ready for another round. "Sit on the edge of the bed facing the mirror." She'd instructed him. Then stood in front and backed up so that she was straddling him facing towards the reflective glass.

"Great view of your back I'm gettin' here luv." He had grumbled as she had lowered herself onto him carefully, impaling herself before beginning to work her hips as he slipped easily inside her.

"Wow I look like I'm getting it on with the invisible man." She had laughed, then groaned as Spike's hands came round her body to knead her sensitive breasts.

"And now he's feelin' yer tits." Looking round Buffy's body Spike had been amazed by the sight. "Luv, your boobs look like their movin' all on their own."

"Yeeeessss, they sure do."

"So anyway," she said lying relaxed beside her lover her fingers gently running up and down his chest. "First base to fourth bases for you first time, who with and when?" Her nose wrinkled. "And tell me please that it wasn't with Angelus."

"A girl called Megan, 1791 the year, where was a rat infested house in a Rookery in London." His face took on that look of infinite sadness that he always wore when his mortal life was discussed. "Poor girl was dead of consumption within four years of that."



"Oh, I'm sorry." Buffy was doing a quick mental calculation. "Hey weren't you born around 1776 or so?"

"That's the theory." Spike wasn't exactly sure of his date of birth having never been bothered to go back and look it up in Parish records, which tended to be kept in churches anyway. "And the bearing that that has is?"

"You lost your cherry so to speak at 15?" She tried not to sound too shocked but failed. "I thought they had all this morality going on back then."

"That was the Victorians kitten and actually I was still just 14." Spike grinned evilly at her gasp of shock. "The Georgians were a lot wilder. Life in a Rookery was bloody awful, you lived fast, died young and made an ugly emaciated corpse. Megan was 15 and fancied it, she was gorgeous, consumption in the early stages tended to give its victims an ethereal beauty and she had that in spades. She wanted to enjoy what life she had and I had no objections."

"Couldn't she have been infectious. Not that you'd have known about germs and stuff like that?"

"Wouldn't 'ave mattered, I was convinced I'd cop it young anyway." He shrugged. "And I knew she was a nice clean girl as far as the syph was concerned, cop a dose of that back then and you'd die a lunatic in Bedlam."

"Oh, I had to go and ask for more detail." Buffy kissed his cheek and dared another question. "But I take it as far as guys were concerned Angelus was......"

"First to fourth base, yes the annoyin' puff was kitten." Spike stroked his left hand down her ribs bringing it to rest on her hip. "Now I know that Angel was your first luv but tell me how far had you got up till then, first second or third?"

"Secondish ."

"How can it be ish, was it not quite second or was it slightly third. After all kitten you were a Cheerleader everyone says that owww...."

Pinched nipples can hurt and Buffy had pinched hard. "Were you about to say Cheerleaders are tramps?"

"What? No, as if I'd." Buffy still had her fingers around his nipples and Spike didn't fancy her having another go. "What I meant to say was...."

"That there must have been constant boasting about how far people had got and peer group pressure in the locker room resulting in early sexual encounters?" He nodded that that was what he had meant. "Not in the Sophomore year which is when I had to leave, not sex anyway, and I was in the basketball teams Cheerleader team anyway which means a lot less guys to go round."

A sudden thought made her ask. "Did you see 'Varsity Blues'?"

"I might have done....owww. Ok I saw it." Torture wasn't fun.

Torture was fun. "And you thought I'd wear a cream bikini at fifteen!?!"

"Not really, did the Senior girls......"

"How should I know?" Reflecting on brief snatches of locker room chat Buffy shrugged and conceded. "Possibly, keeping the guys motivated seemed to be mentioned and they were studs, despite the injuries, the performance enhancing drugs and the athletic support garments. But I got out I probably missed out on a lot of good unclean fun."

"And cream bikinis." Spike felt Buffy's fingers start to tighten again and raised a warning eyebrow. "Do that again kitten and you're going over my knee Slayer or not."

"Ok, baby." Laying her palms on his chest and resting her cheek on his smooth cold skin she mused. "I bet you'd love to see me in one, but I can't help but think it might feel ichy."

"And sticky." He added grinning. "But dressing up can be fun with something more substantial in the garment line."

"Yeah like you dressing in tweed like Giles, worked a treat that one."

"Well from what I hear since you girls found out he was singing some nights at the Pump there's been damp gussets all over," he heard a faint snarl that reminded him that Buffy still had a demoness working on her anger. "Oh come on Buffy don't tell me you haven't been to listen."

"I have, but he's old..." His laughter reminded her she was in bed with a man who'd passed two hundred. "And he's like a father to me, I just listen to the nice music and don't think about him naked at all."

"That's the ticket." Gently rolling over Spike pinned Buffy lightly to the bed her hands held by his to stop her pinching him again. "What I was thinking though was fatigues like the commandos wear."

"Fatigues? Why would I want you dressed like someone from the Initiative?" She tried to move her hands and found the pressure increased slightly.



"Teachers assistant, my character for today, rather tells me somethin'"

"Like what?"

"That secretly you wanna shag Riley Finn."


"You fancy the great big streak of piss, you want the bloke all warm and sweaty, you fancy Riley Finn."

"I do not." Buffy replied emphatically, "Have you seen how tall he is, I don't need that good of a view of nasal hair. And he's a creep, and a spy, and so what if he has the body of a tall Greek god."

"So you don't fancy him then."

"Not at all, honest cross my heart."

"And you wouldn't be turned on by the sight of me in uniform."

"Maybe, but not what Riley wears."

"Then what?"

"Navy, white full dress, complete with the cap."

"Ah, yes I see how that might work. Tell me love ever considered how cute French maids look?"

"I might, but first I'd point out that I'd feel sexier and less silly in a sheer baby doll with stockings and stilettos than with a frilly lace cap on."

"Ohhhhh." Spike pouted but the mental picture was luscious all the same. "Ok but I still think I'm bein' done."

"Well." She pushed her arms up freeing her hands to draw Spike down into a long deep kiss. "When sailors are on shore leave they can be naughty. They can hang out in clubs where girls take their clothing off to music."


"During that incident in those tunnels when we had sex you did a very sexy strip dance for me, which I've never had chance to...." An eager Spike tongue cut off further comment for a few seconds. "I guess you remember then?"

"Too right."

"Bring some dollars with you and I'll wear a garter." She snuggled knowing that all to soon she'd have to leave him. "I think we're going to have to be careful for the next week or so."

"Stationary cupboard at the office is nice and quiet." The reply was hopeful and somewhat forlorn.

"Okay where did I lose you on being careful?"

"Well luv the length of lunches Cordelia goes on we can easily get away with it." He grinned his demon near the surface. "Do you want me to tell you a funny story about Cordelia?"

"Go on then, but then I'll have to go."

"I know." But he brightened as he began. "Well it all started one night when these two airhead friends of hers came round to collect 'er from the office......"


Still laughing Buffy now dressed kissed her co-adulteree and picking up her bag headed for the door. "Kitten one last thing?"

"Sure what?"

"Why secondish?"

"Funny story." Buffy smiled as she remembered Pre-Slay times. "I was involved with this guy and we'd got to second, I really liked him and got carried away making out and let my hand drift south, cupped him through his pants and....."


"Got a damp palm." Blowing him a kiss she threw the door open. "That's why Riley doesn't stand a chance, after you've had vampire mortals never the same."

Spike shook his head after she left reflecting on the different sensations he felt making love to her now compared to when she'd been vamped. "Actually Kitten you're wrong, mortal feels just great.

"Just great."

The End........for now.