The Graves

by John Cope

The cemetery is quite by 2 am, and it's then that the blonde man comes.

To Tend the Graves.

Always he begins with hers, places upon it a single rose. Many is the tear of blood he has let fall here. The blow that took her from him seemed to have torn out his undead heart, but now...

He Tends Her Grave.

Next a flower for Joyce, loved as a mother, she seemed as proud of him as of Buffy by the end.

He Tends The Graves.

Then he'll place his hand on Giles' tomb, a fine brave man who's bones lie in a foreign soil. But they are surrounded by utter love, for Jenny rests beside him.

He Tends Their Graves.

Willow and Xander, Cordelia, Oz, Amy, Kendra even Faith he'll sit beside them all. Some lived a full life, others fell tragically young, but here.

He Tends The Graves.

Only Angel still lives, meddling with the affairs of the living leaving him here.

To Tend The Graves.

Sometimes he dreams of his Dark Queen, of going to find her after all these years. But that love was blinded and burned from him by the light of the golden girl who lies beneath the trees, so he must stay.

To Tend Her Grave.

Sometimes he thinks of the sunrise, flying into dust to go to her arms. But what if he could not find her, and if he left...

Who Would Tend His Graves?

Spike tends the graves, and will do so if they last a thousand years.

The End