It's Me, Is It?

by John Cope

"It's me isn't it?"

"What are you talkin' about?"

"Well you came looking for Buffy and settled, you didn't wanna bite me I just happened to be around."


"I know I'm not the kinda girl that vamps like to sink their teeth into. It's always 'Oooh you're like a sister to me' or 'Oh your such a good friend."

"Don't be ridiculous. I'd bite you in a heartbeat."


"I'd thought about it."


"Remember last year, you had on that fuzzy pink number with the lilac that was underneath?"

"I never would have guessed, you play the blood lust kinda cool."

"Eeerr, I hate being obvious, all fangy and grrrhh takes the mystery out."

"But if you could?"

"If I could I would yeah."

Willow looked at the vampire sitting there all forlorn on her bed and her sympathy for him welled up even higher. *What's the matter with you?* Her conscious screamed. *He was gonna eat you, and maybe turn you into a vampire like him......say?*

A question formed in her mind and in her depressed state she couldn't stop herself from asking it. "Would you have kept me around Spike?"

"What?" Lost in his own misery Spike hadn't really heard the question. He looked at her at her sad face and felt a stirring like he hadn't ever felt with Harmony. *Compassion?*

"Would you have turned me after you'd killed me Spike?" Willow swallowed nervously as she whispered. "Kept me around for sex and stuff...?" Her voice tailed off as she blushed at the implication.

*Hullo what's she askin' me that for?* Spike was discovering that there was a lot to like in Buffy's sweet quiet friend, she'd almost got it the last time he'd been in town but he'd been such a damn drunk. So honestly he answered, "Yeah kitten I'd want you with me forever, you've got real interesting potential."

"Oh good." Willow smiled for a second and got an answering grin from the vampire but then to his dismay and confusion she frowned before adding. "Would that be me sharein' you with Harmony?"

"Absolutely not....." Spike began only to be interrupted by a heartbroken cry from the Wiccan.

"Oh right so as soon as something better comes along you'd just ditch that poor vampiress." Willow felt tears coming and fought them back. "That is so like a man, that girl loves you and no matter how much she almost deserves what happened to her you shouldn't treat her like that. It's just not fair!"

"I do try to be nice to her.....kinda," Spike answered wondering where the hell this was leading him and guessing that it wasn't going to do his head ache any good at all. "But Harm's.....She's not my Childe, she just latched onto me Pet and she's stayed latched. I mean I've tried to let her down gently, to get her to see other vampires, I've tried to get me point across but she just won't listen."

"And that point is?"

"Being a vampiress is supposed to be fun." Spike was frantically wondering how he was going to get out of this mess, he didn't need a lecture from a teen. "You know, no morals, plenty of kinky sex with multiple partners, which I know she's bound to enjoy, but Harm just won't see it."

"But you and......"

"Don't say that name!" Willow jumped as Spike suddenly morphed in anger, but a second later his human face had returned. "Me and her being monogamous I thought was unique but then I meet Harmony and she wants the same.......maybe it's me. Maybe I'm cursed."

"Oh Spike, don't say that." Willow scooted down the bed and rested a comforting hand on the troubled vampires left shoulder. "It's not a bad thing, if you were with the right girl."

"Bet if I turned you I'd get a right little firecracker." He patted her hand gently. Willow jumped slightly at the touch of his cold skin but got used to it quickly as the vampire went on. "Shag me silly everyday, dress in a sexy little black PVC dress and stilettoes with a collar round..."

"Or leather bodice and pants with boots." Spike looked at her as she mused on her evil twin. "Oh sorry just a thought, your suggestion sounds so much nicer. I mean in a short skirt with no panties all I'd have to do is bend over and I could get a fuck from any guy who took my fancy." A tear glistened in the corner of her right eye and ran slowly down her cheek. "Just unlive for the moment and not have to care about love or any of this human crap anymore."

"Hey pet what's the matter, you're shaking baby, here...." Spike moved round a little and gently put his arms round Willow. She stiffened but then relaxed, resting her cheek on his leather clad shoulder. "Are you really that unhappy that you actually want me to turn you?"

"Not really," she murmured. "But it would take the pain away, you see Oz cheated on me...kinda."

"No." Spike could hear her heart beat and feel her breasts as they brushed against his chest and she felt so right in his arms. "What did the idiot do that for?"

"He was a werewolf, and he met a bitch one night when he got out of his cage." Willow felt the strength in Spike's arms as they held her so gently but firmly to him. He smelled a little but not badly she wondered if vampire pheremones were stronger to aid their hunting as the scent was a real turn on. "They did the wild thing but I would have forgiven him cause he wasn't himself, but he wouldn't deal." Her voice rose a little as tears really began to flow. "And he ran away."

"There, there," Spike said as he rocked her. "You shouldn't want to die cause of that, you're so beautiful and clever and there must be dozens.....hundreds of blokes out there who'd love to be with you."

"But I want Oz," Willow whimpered she pulled clear of the vampire. "Do you wanna try again?"

"No, not really." Spike rooted around in his pocket till he found a handkerchief. "Here pet dry your eyes."

"Errrrrr..." She regarded the grey white cloth suspiciously. "Exactly how long has that been in there?"

"Oh, well." Spike tried to think when he'd last had mucus issues but couldn't remember. "Couple of years maybe, but it's clean. But still if you like I'll get you a paper one off the dresser."

"I'll get it." She edged back surprised at how much she regretted the broken contact. "Dry my eyes and make myself look less oogiee and then if you feel better we can try again."

"You could never look oogiee and....I don't wanna bite you anymore." He gently put his hands on her shoulders and, drawing her near him, kissed the tear tracks on both her cheeks. "You want to maybe try somethin' else?"

"Like what?"

Spike raised an eyebrow and gave the wicked his best raffish grin, or was it a leer? Then he kissed her full on the mouth his tongue clashing lightly with hers for just a second before he broke contact.

Willow sat stock still for a few seconds then a small smile blossomed and she exhaled the breath she'd held since she'd felt Spike's cold lip's on her's and said. "Ooooh, you mean like have sex. Maybe see if you feel up to biting me afterwards."

"Or maybe not biting you in a bad way at all." His eyebrows rose and fell as he contemplated the delightful little nips he might be able to administer to her lithe young body.

"Ok, cause if you do wanna bite me still.....after." Willow blushed again. *What am I doing, I can't betray Oz no matter what he did to me!*

*Or should I? Payback's a bitch.*

*But you're not, your supposed to be a good girl.*

*And they finish last, I may only get this one chance with a vampire and it's Oz's fault if I take it, but would be different if he were here...*

"Pet?" Spike nervously interrupted her revere.

"Hi, sorry got thinking there." Hands shaking, Willow untied the bow that held the string in her top's collar. "Guess you wouldn't want to start a hundred year relationship without checking on compatibility first."

The material of her top slipped from her shoulders a little as the string slackened, Spike brought his shaking hand up slowly and traced his fingertips across her skin but his expression saddened as he said, "I can't pet. I'm sorry but I can't."

"Don't I look pretty enough?" Willow felt the tears again but somehow held them back. "I bet if I was Buffy....."

"Please kitten understand me when I say you're beautiful and that I'd like to tear your clothing off and give you the shaggin' of your life. And I've never wanted to do that to the Slayer.....exactly." He gently stroked her cheek smiling at his semi joke. "But you're so hurt inside already that it wouldn't be right."

"That's so noble." Before Spike could go a thing to stop her Willow's hands were gripping the hem of her blouse as she pulled it up over her head. The black satin wonderbra she was wearing startled the vamp who stared at her open mouthed.

"I got it one day while I was feelin' adventurous, I don't know why I'm wearin' it now though. Guess I wanted to feel sexy." Her small hands came out and seized his wrists and she brought his hands up to her breasts. Almost involuntarily his fingers cupped and gently squeezed them stirring the fire that was starting to rage inside them both. "See that's better."

"Willow luv you're hurtin' and this isn't going to make things any better." He was trying hard to resist the urge to get to the clothes ripping part, and he was failing.

"Eeeew god what is it with you guys and nobility?" Willow grabbed hold of the duster and pulled it off the vampire's shoulders. "I wanna fuck, have sex, make love, shag already. What is your problem?"

"Alright if you want it." Spike tried to get his arms free but found that he was temporarily at least the Wiccan's prisoner. "You just gotta help me get my coat off and you're gonna get so laid you won't walk straight for a week."

"Promises, promises.....but nope." Willow got above the vampire and pushed him back on the bed throwing one red denim clad leg over his body to straddle the vampire and pin him down. Her hips undulating slightly as she ground her pubic mound against his hardness. "I think I like you the way you are."

"You're into dominance?" The startled vampire gasped. "I'd never have believed it."

"There's a lot I could get into." Willow reached behind her for the bra's catch. "There's so much you're gonna teach me and so much you're gonna find out!"

Suddenly the lights went out plunging the dorm into darkness. "Ohhh shucks I wanted you to be able to see me."

A balled up velvet garment hit the wall behind Spike's head.

"You're forgettin' somethin' love vampires can......" The lock burst on the door and Spike's eyes flashed from the vision of half naked loveliness that had him pinned to the bed to the three armed masked men who crashed into the room. "Oh bugger off lads can't you see I'm busy....."

The End